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R U S S P R A S H A W is in business now 10 8ervice yQur building needs. Pole barns and truss rafters our specialty. [ N e w L i g h t s A p p r o v e d The Lowville Village Board Mar. 6 discussed the Installation ot more new lights in the down* town business section. Plans can for tour lights an South State Street, three on North Slate, two additional on Shady Avenue and two on Dayan Street ■ The tighter placed in the business section earlier on a trial basts ■ have provided much better light* ing than Ihe old system and It ! r was decided to Install more of the new lights. The board discussed wages for village employes in conjunction with (SEA negotiations but no de­ cision was reached. A home rule request for the enactment of a village of Low­ vUle housing authority will be forwarded to Sen. James H. Don­ ovan and Assemblyman Donald L. Taylor. Dairy land Notes By Brenda Makuch tewfs County Dairy Prlncttt JOURNAL AND REPUBLICAN,LOWVILLE,N.Y, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1973 3 \ B C a l l n o w f o r p r i c e s b e f o r e l u m b e r p r i c e s g o u p a g a i n . R U S S P R A S H A W C O N S T R U C T I O N P k o m e 3 7 6 - 6 0 2 3 I I I s % i i c o « « i r on all _ A l W P J k H M K R ^ Products T o A M F E m p l o y e e s Cam pers, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, M o tor Homes O r d e r Now Far Spring Gillespie Trailer Sales \ 1 J f c l Sockets Harbor Rd. *82-8888 Watertownl It was a scorcher of a day, even for the desert! Deep ta their hooded cloaks, heads bent ago Inst a burning wtad, members of a small Arab band fought their way over the tiresome trail. Camels, laden wtth baggage and food, bumped and groaned behind them. At long last the band creaked wearily Into a small oasts. Ani­ mal skin bags were lifted down for a drink of the life-giving milk they held. But what was this? Solid blobs, some large- some small, ta the milk bagl And the blobs tasted goodl That, according to legend, was the be ginning of the history of cheese. And the product which the Arabs found, according to dairy experts, most resembled cottage cheese. Today's cottage cheeSe Is a far cry from that early desert G L E N F I E L D G lenfield, N. Y . C O M E D KEF- BRISKET 9 e C R O G H A N m Croghan, N. Y . WHOLE LBSO ’i A M B <Sfand\i3 'Bremn J 8 O f M I X , M A N S l f M S A W M O f X j JtimMiidif T U R K E Y nn BroumtServf R O L L S — -V ' 'g & U & U L TAP ROUND F A M I L Y # ' 1 9 D R U M S T I C K S *1 __________ fj/VC 12 B O L O G N A O teai btdye* VABIETV PAK c m c m 1 ! All K e f TbredBoek 3UCBP B A C O N M F R A N K S * c o m a n s i - 'Bayer A S P I R I N 5C-CT BTL- 4 4 CUP W ,,tm i TUCCe >f ASft’t W m m m Doff D rink h a m b u r g e r HELPER \<4- • WITH THESE , VALU A B L E COUPONS' ! Eeg.ttOoof M iet 1 ; m T B A B 0 T E “ \ 1 i T o o t k jx & te — 7 o t Ijpri coupon- e x r /aesr .*!7 ,) /-tB .riN — ■12 o». can P-A-CO G h * 4 S ‘* * * * * IN S T A N T . V O S H air S p ray m g b S w i s s M i s s m * * « - * ■ I N 9 M N I ^ O o e F B B m a m H i Chocolate & Chocolate Marshmallow CHOPPED m c c o u -1 A ./V A . 5 3 / \ BROCCOLI SWEARS— 5 T C O I T J M l i r i A I C O l m w w w m K t LY S O L M O W ,T U B 4 T IL E C S S fiM ttr CUaMcu#- P0LF5M D 1 L L £ O A & t C jrtt' Q ste MS t & X -). M U S M - . R O O M S \ 'D c a y m n x i SAIT * I Beech-Nut > COFFEE I I-I^.TIN . ___ 1 wfrtfiscoupon-expires-. 2/ p j f r a j a a o f f i M i w O n t! S U R 6 C R i ‘ uj / t h is C o u p o n - e t P t s t s & i j B j p E E I T a b fcP ik Ht i <30UDS wmt I W I T I R ^ -COUPO I m J th >s eovrop -erp/ees- 3/n I t j Beg.*(Merited S E E S ' ARR,D m m I J X-DRY J W p I , K'THIS COUpou-titP/eCs: *|7 , P R O D U C E V A U K S ! m n a i n i N i s s i * a « . I I I T V C K l l ' l i t a A TOMATO>S39'lt». S A V E • • • S H O P I G A discovery. Yet, its manufac­ ture still requires heal, agita­ tion and sometimes a small a- mount of a substance called ren­ net, all of which, by fortunate chance, were combined In the Arab’s discovery. Cottage cheese Is one of the most popular of dairy products, well-liked because tt Is econom­ ical, low ta calories and a good source of protein. In Its famil­ iar paper cartons, it comes In two varieties: creamed, con­ taining a small amount of fresh dairy cream, and dry. Either type Is available as large curd or small curd, determined by the size into which the curd was cut before it Is heated. Because of Its adaptability to a wide variety of uses, cottage cheese ts one of the most fre­ quently used dairy products. Try It tn the following recipe for a delicious dessert: Peach Cream Parfalts 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese 1/2 teaspoon almond extract 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup whipping cream, whipped 1 1/2-2 cups sliced, sweetened drained peaches silvered, salted almonds Beat cottage cheese with a rotary or electric beater until smooth. Add almond extract, salt and sugar. Mix well. Fold ta whipped cream. Alternate layers of cottage cheese mix­ ture and cut peaches in parfalt glasses. End with cottage cheese mixture and garnish top with a few slivered almonds. Chill thor­ oughly before serving. Management Class P roject The Business Management Class of Beaver River Central School 1s starting a business called “ Trash and Treasures.” The business la set up so that anyone may take to the school any new or used Items which they would like sold. The Items will then be placed on the market for sale. If the Item Is sold, “ Trash and Treasures” will receive a ten per cent commission. The Grand Opening of “ Trash and Treasures” will be March 19 from 8:30 to 9 a.m., when all Items wUl be on the market for sale. ’ “ Trash tad Treasure#” will also be open every day, except Wednesday, from 8:30 to 9 a.tn. On Wednesday \Trash and Trea­ sures” will be open from 1:50 to 2:20 p.m. On the third Wed­ nesday of each month “ Trash and Treasures” will be open from 3:30 to 5 p.m. It will also be open the first Thursday of each month from 7 to 8 p.m., before the Home and School meeting. Ir i s h N i g h t S e t An Irish Klght for the benefit of the West Leyden Ambulance Fund win be held Saturday, Mar. 17, at the West Leyden Fire Han. Dinner will be served from 5 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Al Zlober’s Orchestra will provide music beginning at 8:30 p»m. Door donations has been set at $1 per person Including favors. B L A C K T O P D R I V E W A Y S P A R K I N G A R E A S FREE ESTIMA TES B A C K H O E S E R V I C E D R I V E W A Y S E A L I N G F r a n c i s J . S m i t h Constable v illa , N .Y . 397*2213 Zenith makes four quality hearing aids priced from s85 tos195. The quality goes tn before f he- name goes on S.J. Nearing Aid, Inc. Come in for a free heari/ig test and let as show you the wide range of Zenith models and styles There's a Zenith hearing aid to match any loss a hearing aid can help. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, bring it back within \ 0 days and we'll give you your money back. Remember, Zenith hearing aids have suggested retail prices significantly fc^efow those of most foreign imported instruments,^ m m 132 Winslow Street Watertown, N. Y. P h . 7 8 8 -6 1 7 0 JAMESWAY A l l - S e a s o n V e n t i l a t i o n .'i«li»i* J Controls E n v ironm e n t Autom a tically * Motorized Intake Shutters ______ * Plastic Air Ducts * Draft-Free Conditions Stop In Today for Free Catalog. YO U C A N f O U N T QN US Maurice Roes & Sons L - 1 LowviUe, N. YO U R C H ILD 'S PO R T R A IT IN F R E E ! nils certificate entitle* the parent m see tree h U M h aart Ce#®*1! portrait (single or {roup, 2 month: upl - yim choice of several lie -1 lsh*4 portraits - not prenrs Ifiere is a&selutely NO DBL1GAT10H t e l buy enyteinf, hut additional portraits any He purchased at ssrprtj-l |lefty rtaseaafete price*. Ttt*e are Plentifully pased. professional COLOB portraits by WnOBWIBtl (Stella*.!«. — J* dr*** flit dildnte celerfvlly Only one h e r COIO* portrait pft family (50{ Pa»<Hp|J I charge, rateePH if net mere that tatlal|ed). Lowville Se«*w Sewine C & m e * « © Pwouutf Center a un wmomnM « m *». ik * . nm SOUTH STATE ST, NO AFKMNTWtNT MKClSSAftY TWO D A Y S 01 arm Frl., Martlk 23 10 a .m - t a 0 p .i Sat*, M a rch 24 14 a . m . fa 4 p . m // le.-l <ttltl.yf . this t . .*/ . It/e t|*t cue It tf n lri< tut ...

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