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C D IN M M l HMD M H N U C M . LOWVILLE. NEW YOIK , r D N E M S M V , AUGUST 23. 1112 Buckinghams Hold Reunion West Leyden Area News % P H IL C O L V A R D 896-2S40 W A T E R W E L L S Ofilled and Servtoed I Well In 1 Day Possible COLVARD DRILLING CO. Box 247 - MapMak Rd. Btmwtid.N.Y. 13304 CaU CoDvct When Someone You Know Needs Water PFtEE LITERATURE UPON REQUEST F o r S a c k T o S c h o o l D r ; C le a n in g Start back: to school Ln spotlessly cleao, sparkltngly fresh clothes. We specialize tn saving students tim e, helping them spar&le. O u r expert cleaning removes spots, stains, ani soil completely. All s e rvices at p r ices well within your students budget, SEE US SOON 1 Odor-free Cleaning U n V V lLLE LAU N D R Y AND D R Y C L E A N E R S , INC. V E S I K S l IIM E B I S T IN K 15453 f l * SL U w v l l t e , It.V. MILS. HAROLD DELA PORTE Correspondent CROGHAN - The 30tli annual reunion of the descendants of the late tran k and Mary Grim mer Buckingham was held at the Bald Mountain Club Camp on Sunday, with 75 attending, Including three guests. The usual Jerked veal was served at 1 p.m .. Including a covered dish dinner. Officers elected were: Roy Buckingham, President, Arthur Buckingham, vice- president; Mrs. Elizabeth Gtlltgan, secre- tary-treasurer. Old-st member presen* was M: s. Mary Bockenheim and the youngest was Eugene Michael Buckingham, son of Mt. and Mrs. Glen Buckingham. There were three m arriages and five births during the year. The next re­ union will be held at the same place on the second Sunday In August, 1973. A few men have painted and marked several barrels for the deposit of clean glass containers and bottles. This ts to help the Lewis County Committee for a Better Environment tn the r e ­ cycling o f g lass. T he b a rrels have been cen-rally placed ln the vil­ lages of Croghan and Beaver F alls for public use. All glass must be clean. Catsup b o ttles, mustard Jars, etc., a r e not acceptable un­ less clean. Bottle caps, neck rings, etc., must be removed. Also, any metallic surface county trucks under the direction of Highway Superintendent Ralph Bush, of Lowvtlle, will pfek up the glass and transport It to the Lowvtlle recycling center. Maga­ zines and newspapers wtll be picked up periodically by Boy Scouts. Father Leo Memorial School students, under the su­ pervision of S tster Angelina, will also pick up junk mall, etc. M rs. Thelma Krlckimre, of F O R D A IR Y R E P L A C E M E N T S C o n s u lt L o m e o B r o t h e r s T o p Q u a lit y C U T T L E D E A L E R S H e if e r s 3 7 6 - 7 2 0 9 B e e f T a k e n In O n T r a d e Syracuse, who has been spending a few days at Paul C runert's camp. Long Pond, motored to Syracuse oo Sunday to visit her sister, M rs. Helen Brown, who accompanied M rs. Krlckm lre back to Croghan to also spend a few days at the Grunert Camp. Timothy Dawson has returned to his home in Ho.ieoye FaUs after spending a few days with his grandparents, Mr. and M rs. William Steiner, High F a lls. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil­ liam Dawson. M i. and Mrs. Donald DeLa­ Porte and two children of Hyatts- vtlle, Md., are spending a \v...y here visiting Mr. DeLaPorte’s parents, M r. and M rs. Harold DeLaPorte and Mrs D e L a P o rte's mother, M rs. Stella Matthew, Canton. F a ther Anthony M oore,O.F. M. pastor of S t. Stephen’s parish* left Sunday for a few weeks va­ cation a t Flushing. L.I.. and o ther places tn New York and New J e r ­ sey, F a ther Leo Memorial Schooi will open Tuesday, Sept. 5, with Sunday School for public school children, grades 1-8, beginning Sept. 10 at 8:30 a.m . and each Sunday at that tim e until St. Stephen’s resum e s the winter schedule nf M asses. B e a rers f o r John N o rtz, whose funeral was held a t SL Stephen’s Church, Croghan, during the p ast week, w e re; Ronald Nortz and Stephen N o rtz, LowvUle; Philip Nortz, P o rt Leyden; Edward Nortz, S y racuse; Stanley Chesni- ski, Syracuse, and David Horton, Mexico. Mrs. Thomas Montanye, the former Susan Meyer, and her in­ fant d a u g h ter, Nicole of Appatac- hln, and M rs. Agnes Drum, of Binghamton, grandmother of'Mr. Montanye, have returned home after spending a few days here visiting M r s . Mootanye’s par­ ents, Mr. and M rs. William Meyer, and fam ily. The 62nd annual Conservative Mennonite Conference was held at Beaver R iver Central School, Beaver F a n s , Aug. 14 to Aug. 17. Members attending w e re from Pennsylvania, Florida, M ississippi, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina and Canada, a s wen a s Lewis County Mennonite Church members. Guests of M rs. Veronica T e r - rillion d u ring the past week w ere M rs, Catherine Swartzentruber Ruth of Ptegeoo, Mich., Harvey and Mabel Sw artzentruber, also of Michigan, Mr. and M rs. G er­ ald Renaudln, Spencerport, M rs. Ethel Jokey, Old Forge, Josep­ hine Blauehard, Natural Bridge, and Mr. and M rs. Albert F e ts t- hamel, o f Parishvtlle. Donald Murphy and his wife and daughters, o f Ohio, and Mr. Mur­ phy’s m o ther, M rs. Edward Mur­ phy, of Carthage, visited Mr. and M rs. John Murphy and o ther re­ latives In th is vicinity during the past week. M rs. Arnold Lyndaker, who has O u t r a g e o u s l y h i g h i n t e r e s t ! E a r n t h e o u t r a g e o u s l y h i g h 6 % o n T w o - Y e a r P a s s b o o k C e r t i f i c a t e s a n d w a t c h y o u r s a v i n g s g r o w o u t r a g e o u s l y ! $ 3 1 3 S T A T E S T R E E T C A R T H A G E S A V I N G S A N D L O A N A S S O C I A T I O N C A R T H A G E , N .Y . 4 9 3 - 3 4 8 0 MRS. BERTHA GOODHINES Correspondent WEST LEYDEN - DaleRyblcky was at the Rome Hospital for a few d ays. Rev. Thomas D riscoll has an­ nounced that the dedication o f T he new Catholic church at West Ley­ den will take place on Oct. 29, the Sacram ent of Confirmation been a patient at Roswell P a rk Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, f o r the past three weeks, where s h e underwent surgery, returned home on Thursday, Aug. 17. Dale T e rr lllion and Robert Bosco, who attended the F a ir Keene held in Calldona County, received a purse of money f o r cross-cuttfng. Mr. and M rs. Maurice Hartman and daughter, Maureen, and John Desipio, o l Solvay, are spending two weeks at Hartman’s cam p . Sweets M ills, Long Pond Road. M r. and M rs. W illfamSleiner and Mr. and M rs. John S teiner have returned from Florida, where they spent several days tn various places. Accompanying them to Daytona Beach was Michael S teiner who will enter Embry-Riddle Aeronautical -Uni­ versity a s a freshm a n . He is a June graduate of Beaver R iv e r Central School. He i s the son of M r. and M rs. John S teiner o f Beaver F a lls, who a r e spending the sum m er months at th e ir cot­ tage a t Long Pond. A meeting for the Croghan women’s bowling will be held Monday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m . a t the K. of C. Hall. Anyone in­ terested fs welcome to attend the meeting, including non- experieneed as well as ex­ perienced bowlers. E a rl Kelly, of Bel m a r, N .J., has arrived to spend several weeks at the home of Mr, and M rs. Woodrow S trife. M r s . S trife Is a niece o l M r. Kelly. Father Anthony expressed thanks In the Sunday bulletin to George M eyer and sons, Bill, Kevin and Richard, and to Edgar Larget and son, Ronald, for clean­ ing and waxing SL Stephen’s Church Han and kitchen. Because of the absence of Father Anthony, who ts away on vacation, Holy Communion will not be brought to the 111 on the F irst Friday in Septem b er. A later date will be announced for visiting the ill. High School Religion classes will begin Sunday, Sept. 24, a t 6 ; 30 p.m ., for afl high school students tram SL Stephen's and the four m ission churches. A prim a ry election for four new m em b ers of SL Stephen’s P a rish Council will be held on SepL 10. will also take place a t 3 p.m, on October 29. Mra, Betty Burkhart and granddaughter, Carlene Duke, of Oneida, and C lara Dunn, of lltica, were company of Mr. and M rs. Ira Goodhines recently. Recent guests of Mr. and M rs. Claude Gleasman were M r. and M rs. Steve Thomas and family, Newport; M r, and M rs. Gerald Gleasman, Rochester; Miss C a rol Gleasman, Oneonta; Joe Grabow- Ski, Johnstown; Mr. and M rs. Jack Montgomery, Liverpool; M rs. Zelda Beachley, Satsum a, Fla.; Mrs. AnnSchoff and family, Lexington, Ky. ______________ h i u y A L L A H c5lT h i s t i n y Z E N I T H hearing aid Zenith's remarkable Z-70 is just o n e oi f8 quality Zenith hearing aids. One o f them might be |ust _ , right for you. 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CONTRACTING L Y O K F A U S K I K 3 4 8 - 8 4 4 9 MASTER CHARGE ACCEPTED N O R T H C O U N T R Y B U S I N E S S T H R E C T O R Y GUIDE TO LOCAL SERVICES WHERE TR BUT IT WHERE TO HAVE IT OONE EXPERT SERVICES OF ALL KINDS SERVICE STATION RESTAURANT SUPPLIES MULL M S SERVICE STATION YOUR FRIENDLY MOBIL DEALER WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAM PS TeL 376-7222 Lowville BLACK RIVER RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY, INC, 316 Factory S treet, Watertown TeLSU - 8-4E80 China - G lass - S iiverw a re-P a p e r And Maintenance Snpolle* Syracuse China, F r lgid a re, V ulcan,' G.E. WEDDING STATIONERY AT JOURNAL A RtPUBUCAN ELECTRIC SERVTCE SNOWMOBILES THIS SPACE AVAILABLE MCGRATH’S ELECTRIC E lectrical Heating Equipment And S ystems Farm - Com m ercial - Residential Stowe S tr e e t, Lowvtllp BU C K 'S SA IES»SERV IC E SNO-PRXNCE SNOWMOBILES CLOTHING, BOOTS, ACCESSORIES BEACHES BRIDGE, INSURANCE ELECTRIC SERVICE PLUMBING tt HEATING HOWARD WILBERT A6EMCY ALL LINES OF ENStTRANCE Phone Boonville 842-4624 West Leyden, N.Y. NKHALSKS ELECTRIC M I C H A E L E . M I C H A 1 S K J P. O. BOX 7* GREIG, N. Y. * 3 3 4 6 PHONE 376-6685 ST9DBAR0 PLUMBING A HEATING F ree Estim a te s 24-Hour S ervice Phone 376-3210 ELECTRIC SERVICE, DAIRY EQUIPMENT U»»ill«IJictrfc, (tt. ResSdentIal,Farm, Camp Commercial ’E lectric heat ( F r e e entire,ties) •E lectrical supplies of all kinds •Appltances and Insulation PH. 376—6113 D A R I - K O O L Bou - Matlc MUkers and Bulk Tanks' V e r n a * N . Martinsburg frtflet 376-2707 INSURANCE FLOWERS W A G O N E R - IH C K O ft AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 120Schuyler SL, Boonvtlle, N.V. Tel. 942-4428 GRAY’S FLOWER SA W Real A Permanent Arrangements 314 SOUTH JAMES S T . CARTHAGE PHONE 493-3799 Toll F ree From Copenhagen Area. RUBBER STAM PS AT JOURNAL 41REPUBLICAN

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