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JOURNAL K. | ,£$ i ,;•' ! I DENMARK, DEER RIVER Old Denmark to the Front With «a Old- Time Fourth of July Celebration—» Purchased Sbeahan Farm for $4,000 —Mrs. Leander Valley Fell Down Stain. (P. E. WHITE. Correspondent.) —Rev. J. H. Keeling was in Water- town, Friday. —DeVene. Vrooman was in Gouver- neur last week. —Jesse Owens, we are glad to learn, is somewhat better. —Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hill are spend- ing a few weeks in Toledo, 0. —Mrs. W. R. Hill and Mrs. E.. Vroo- man spent a day at Lowville recently. —Ralph Hancock, of Watertown. is the guest of his cousin, Howard Vroo- man. -r-H. A. Wilcox has the job to paint the Congregational church in Deer River. —Miss Leon a Phillips, of Martins- burg, is visiting her mother Mrs.Sarah Phillips. —0. F. Warner, of Watertown, has been calling on former neighbors and friends here. —It is^feported that ther* is- no im- provement in the condition of Mrs. Jesse Parker. —Mrs. Martin, mother of J. 0. Mar- tin, of Carthage, is visiting the latter at Denmark. -Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hill and Miss Ella Vrooraan were calling in Water- town, Saturday. —Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meister spent Saturday and Sunday with friends at Natural Bridge. —Miss Emma Haller has been enter- taining Misses Mabel and Bertha Bretsch, of Omar. —Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Austin and daughter Edith, were at Philadelphia the last of the week. --Mr. and Mrs. John Mclntyre, of Carthage, are visiting their sons Fred and Frank Mclntyre. —Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson, of Car- thage, were recently entertained by Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Lewis. —S. E. Col em an has completed one of the finest and up-to-date cow stables to be found anywhere. —Leon Place and Miss F. Covey, of Herkimer, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. Carpenter. —Mrs. W. H. Blodgett and familyi'of Worcester. Mass., are at the Blodgett house for their summer outing. —Master Wayne Vrooman kindly remembered us with a fine lot of fresh fish from his catch in Red Lake. —The road machinery was taken to the storage plant Saturday, where it will be placed until after haying. —William Bachman and daughter, Myrtle, of Newburg, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Feistal. —Mrs. Cafl Plopper and two children have been visiting her parents.Mr. and Mrs. A. Z. Taylor, near Great Bend. —Edward Austin expects to leave Friday for Norwich, Conn., to spend Borne time vasiting friends in that city. —No or.e/Can estimate the value of Friday's rain to growing crops. The drougth had begun to tell on all vegeta- tion. —Mis? Sarah Hartwell, of Cleveland, O.. as usual is spending the summer with friends at Denmark, her former home. —Now and then a farmer commenced haying last week. Quack, June grass, daisies and navelseed ars, better off in the narn. —. 't week an aged couple arrived ^.t rT River from Nebraska. The niece of the late Simon GRE1G. To Talk Temperance July 14*—Mr*. John LoYejojr at St. Luke'a Hoapital, Utica. (MRS. M. Y. HILLS. Correspondent.) —Harry Lovejoy is spending a few days in Carthage. —John Lovejoy spent Wednesday and Thursday in Utica. —Mr. and Mrs. William Blade called on friends in town Sunday. —Miss Olive Lampman is visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Lampman. —Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burkhart and son Eloise, spent Monday in Lowville. —Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Barnes spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brad- ish. Oftoi Tie Kidneys An Weakened by Oter-Wort Unhc«lthj tldncyi Make Impure Blood. . Weak and unhealthy kidneys are re- sponsible for much sicknessandsuffexing, therefore, if kidney trouble is permitted to continue, serious re- sults are most likely to follow. Your other organs may need at- tention, but your kid- neys most, because they do most and should have attention first; Therefore, when your kianeys are weak or out of order, —Willie and Carlyle Norton have you can understand how quickly your en- been visiting at the home of Mr. and I tire body js affected an* how every organ Mrs. A. G. Norton. —Mrs. Lincey Beck, Mrs. Longway and Mrs. Charles Livicker spent Thurs- day with friends in Turin. —Frank Claffey went Thursday to Brantingham Lake, where he has em- ployment for the summer. —Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller and daughter Margaret, called on Mr. and 6eeras to fail to do its duty. If you are sick or \ feel badly,\ begin taking the great kidney remedy, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. A trial will con- vince you of its great merit. The mild ana immediate effect of Swamp-Root, the great kidney aud bladder remedy, is soon realized. It stands the highest because its remarkable -MrsT-Atthur-Burdick. Friday iJteftlth restoring., properties have been -Cards ar* out annuoneing the^ar-.fraven m thousand* oTthe.q*»t-distress- pose ferand Ray Coleman have ^ a visit among friends at Chip- pewa Bay. They brought home a good catch of fish. D. V. Vrooman and son Harold, Wayne Vrooman and a party from Car- thage went to Red Lake last week on a fishing trip. —Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Bennett and son and Mr. and Mrs. Monroe,of Phila- delphia, were guests of Rev^J. H. Keeling, Monday. —Farmers are feeding their cows .with mill feed to keep up the flow of milk as much as possible. Cows have fallen off in milk badly during the hot spell. —Mrs. Leander Valley one day last week accidentally fell down the cellar stairs, striking her head and cutting a severe gash. Dr. Adams was called and was obliged to take several stitches in the wound. —Prof. Stanton D. Austin, of this town, delivered a Fourth of July ad- \ dress Monday, at Barnevelt, to a large crowd. Six towns united in the event. We congratulate Prof. Austin for the courtesies shown him on that occasion. —At the meeting of Denmark Grange Saturday evening the first and eecond degrees were conferred on several can- didates and Beveral applications for membership were received and re- ferred. The meeting was very well attended. /—i> J. Shehan has sold his farm situated on the State road Bouth^of / Denmark, containing 74 acres, to Ern- est Tanzer. Mr. Shehan's family will move to Canton next week and Mr. Tanzer will move from Canton and take sion of his farm. Consideration, 10. f — Last Monday was red letter day for e little hamlet of Denmark, when a Fourth of July celebration took place. Between three and four hun- dred people from the surrounding coun- try assembled for an old-fashioned holi- day and picnic. During the forenoon sports of all kinds took place greatly to the enjoyment of all. When the noon hour arrived it was a pleasing sight to witness in Grange hall all about the grounds the groups of people enjoying their dinners. Everybody appeared happy and full of enthusiasm. At the appointed hour the assemblage was called to order by R. C. Otis, and after the invocation by Rev. J. H. Keeling, and singing by the Castorland male quartette, Prof. X M. Thompson of the Potsdam Normal school was introduced amidst applause and the large concourse of people enjoyed the pleasure of listening to one of the grandest and most interesting addresses that has been delivered In this section for along while. Prof; Thompson is a forceful speaker, with a commanding voice, and he held the audience in the closest at- tention while he presented solid facts .pertaining to the history of our nation, past and present. After the address the crowd entered the field to witness the great game of base ball between the Denmark and Deer River teams, which was a hotly contested game frofri start to finish,resulting 22 to 19 in favor of Deer River. In the evening Grange hall was filled to its utmost capacity. The play entitled, Jayville Junction,\ which was presented by humq talent, was a pleasing affair and would com- pare favorably with many traveling troops. It was a laughable entertain- ment throughout and kept the hundreds in the best of spirits. During wartimes a Fourth of July celebration took place in Denmark and so has anot!lerTnl909. The receipts of the day's entertain- ment were $127.72. Good enough. —The mother of mothers is she who the guide, the friend, the companion \onfidant of her daughters—the ideal and sweetest living lesson \i. She stands to them as the * of womanly purity and riage of Miss Dora Van Amam, for- merly of Greig, to Mr. Earl Solomon Zoller, at Inlet on July 5th. —Misses Grace Elliott, Hazel Nor- ton, Edith Norton and John Brown, LeRoy Skinner, Cecil Gaylord, Fred Warmood and Spenrer Warmood at- tended a surprise party given to George Burke, Thursday evening, and report a very pleasant time. —Mrs. John Lovejoy was taken to St. Luke's hospital Tuesday, where Bhe underwent aft operation Wednesday morning for chronic appendicitis. Last reports from Mrs. Lovejoy are very en- couraging and her many friends hope for her speedy recovery. —There will be a temperance meet- ing at the M. E. church Wednedsay evening, July 14. The speakers will be \Rev. F. B< Severance of Lowville-; Rev. A. Warren, of Martinsburg, and C. E. Dealing, of Carthage. A cordial invitaiton is extended to every one to be present. (Miss GERTRUDE L. LOMAS. Correspondent.) —Mr. Hone, of New York, is spend- ing a few days in town. —Evening prayer at Trinity chapel next Sunday at 3:30 p. m. —Mrs. Frederick Case spent several days last week io Utica. —John Fisher has been spending several days at BoonviHe. —Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Buckley and children spent Sunday in town. —Miss Nina Case has been spending a few days with Mjr. and Mrs. Jerry Sand. ' —Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burton and daughter Sarah, spent Sunday at Fow- lerville. —Harry Lovejoy has been enjoying a visit of several days with friends at Carthage. —Mrs. Buckley has gone to Herki- mer, where she expects to spend sev- eral weeks. —John Burton and friend, Mr. Free- man, were calling on-friends in town last Sunday. —Mias Pearl Rogers has been spend- ing several days with her sister, Mrs. Harry Graves. —Miss Clara Sampsom has been spending a few days at her home at Constableville. —Miss Lampman has been the g-ueat of Mr. and Mrs. James Lampman and other friends in town. —Miss Lizzie Lomber, of Utica, is the guest of her cousins, Misses Maud and Grace Harrison. . —The next Grange meeting will be held Saturday evening, July 17, when a feast will be served. . —Miss Edenger, who has been spend- ing several days with Mrs. I. C. Brown, returned to Utica Tuesday. —Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sabins have been -the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Williams Sabins. —Mrs. George Marvin and four chil- dren have been spending the past week with her parents at Forestport. —Mr. and Mrs. William Martin, son and daughter, of Carthage spent the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs. Sabins. —Charles Harrison, of Utica, has been spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrison, —Mr.and Mrs. I. C. Brown, Mrs. Ella Brown and Miss Edenger spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hess at Lyons Falls. —Mrs. B. Harrison Brown has been spending several days at Lowville. Mr. Brown spent Sunday and Monday at Lowville. —Mr. and Mrs. William Mastin and two children, of Carthage, have been the quests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Sabins. —Mr. and Mrs. William Sabins were pleasantly entertained the Fourth by their children and grand children. There were twenty-one present.. A .feature of the day was a table in the door yard for a picnic dinner. —Mrs. Iva Budd and daughter. Ger- trude, of Turin, have been spending a few days with.Mrs. Budd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sands. They left Sunday for Brantingham Lake, where they expect to spend the week. Ing cases. If you need a medicine you should have the best. Sold by drnsgistt in fifty-cent and one-dol- lar sizes. You may have » sample bottle by mail free, also i pamphlet telling you ^ how to find oat if you have kidney or bladder trouble. Mention this paper when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,, Binghamton, N. Y. Don't make any mis- take, but remember the name, Swamp- Root, and don't let a dealer sell you something in place of Swamp-Root—if yon do you will be disappointed. HARRISVILLE. Carl Werner Had Part of Left Hand Blown Off—New Post Office Equipment. (E. L. SHEPARD. Correspondent.) • —Miss Mary Cavanagh is home fora visit. —W. W. Weaver is laying a new cement walk in front of of his place. —Mrs. Lansford Wallace has opened ice cream parlors in the Werner block. —W. F. Werener is puttin a concrete platform in front of his block in ad- dition to other improvements. arl Werner had part of his left id blown off while firing a toy cannon onday. He was taken to Watertown hospital for surgical treatment. —E. L. Shepard and family for Syra- cuse Monday, where they will visit Mrs. Shepard's Mother and sister. Mr. Shepard will also visit his father in Springville, Pa. —Mrs. S. R. Carley, Mrs. W. W. Weaver and daughter Edith, start Thursday for Traverse City, Mich., where they will visit a_ bjrother. They expect to be absent about four weeks. —A new post-office for H arris vi lie was opened in the Nye block July 1st. It ia-very finely^furnished with a new system of boxes, having plate glass fronts and Yale locks, making an up to date office corresponding with Har- risville's characteristic enterprise. Life 100,000 Years Scientists have found Ago. m a cave in Switzerland, bones of men who lived 100,000 years ago, when life was in con- stant danger from wild beasts. To-day the danger, as shown by A. W. Brown, of Atexander.-Me.THa from deadly dis^ ease, \If it had not been for Dr. King's New Discovery, which cured me, I could not have lived,\ he writes, \sufferings as I did from a severe lung trouble and stubborn cough.\ To cure Sore Lungs, Colds, obstinate Coughs, and prevent Pneumonia, its the best medicine on earth. 50c and $1.00. Guaranteed by F. C. Snyder. Trial bot- tle free. BEAVER FALLS. Children's Day Exerciaea at the Evan- gelical Church—Loot liat of Goers and Comer*. (MRS. A. L. DAARTNO. Correspondent) —Mrs. Emma Lomber spent Sunday with friends here. —Miss Adella Brown spent Monday with relatives at Antwerp. —George Darring, Jr, spent Sunday and Monday at Watertown. —Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Moyer are at Boonville for a few days. —Mrs. Augustus Stoffel baa been entertaining Mrs. Ella Stiles. —Miss Ruby Cloas is spending some time with friends in Lowville. —Mr. and Mrs. Archelous Switzer, of Utica, called on friends in town Mon- day. —Mrs. Tony Mullaney has been spend- ing a few days at Boonville and Port Leyden. —Mrs. W. Hilts and daughter Rema spent Monday with .Mrs. D. Qebbie at Croghan. ' , —Miss Alice Stoffel spent Sunday with her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Stoffel. —Albert and Howard Smith have gone to T. I. Park, where they have employment for the season. —Mrs. W. W. Jamieson and fourchil? dren are spending several weeks with her mother, Mrs. M. R. Lefever. —Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wickman, of Utica, are spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sauer. —Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Ebersol enter- tained Miss Eula Zehr, of Carthage, and W. Eugene LeHuquet,of Syracuse, Sunday. —Ray and Neva . Starkweather, of Carthage, were recent guests of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Datoush. —Mrs. Frank Lyendecker and Emory Leyendecker, of Providence, R. I., called on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ehart last week. —Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Ebersol and Mr. and Mrs Adelbert Davis attended the Dewey-Zehr wedding at Carthage last week. . —Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jones and daughter. Miss T. Estella Jones, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Closs and family. —Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ehart and chil- dren , Grace and Clide, of Carthage, have been spending a few days with relatives in town. —The Evangelical church held their annual strawberry and ice cream festi- val Saturday evening at Grange hall. The proceeds were $38. —A very pleasant family reunion was held at the home of William Hoch. All join in wishing that Mrs. Edell may soon visit them again. —Mrs. Agnes Edell, of Baltimore, M. D., recently made a three* week's visit with relatives and friends at Cas- torland and Beaver Falls. —Deforest McElheam, who has been spending two weeks with nis grand- parents, Mr and Mrs A Haller, haB re- turned to his home in Carthage —Misses Mabel and Bertha Bretsch, who have been visiting their cousin Lydia Tafel and other relatives here, have returned to their home in La- Fargeville. —Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Groner have returned home after spending the past two weeks with their grandchildren, Mrs. Augustus Stoffel and Mrs. Fred E. Gruner. —Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Pullen and sona, Harold and Milton, and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Darring and children/spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Davis at Lowville. -j-Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Wjlliams, C. L. Elmer anxtMjgftJVera Elmer, of Car- thage, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. Haller and niece, Altie Elmer, Sunday and Monday.. —Mrs. Howard Darring entertained her Sunday school class last Wednesday from one to five in honor of her little daughter, Kathleen's fifth birthday. Eighteen little girls were present. —Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Herrick and daughter Beula.of Glenfield £Mrs. Clara Main, of Middeport, and Mrs. Elizabeth Davis were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Davis, Sunday and; Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. H. Vandewalker, oi Carthage; Mrs. Nelson Taylor, of Gloversville; Charles Vandewalker, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Vandewalker, son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Hf H. Haller, of Carthage, and little daugh- ters, were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bond, Spnday. Children\s day was observed at the Evangelical church Sunday evening. The church was crowded, as well as the prayer meeting room and the entrance and many could not gain an entrance. A fine programme was beautifully ren- dered as follows: Song, Rally Neath the Banner, school; prayer, Rev. Mr. Pullen, of the M. E. church; song, Joy, Joy, lay, Choir; exercise, three small girls; recitation, Her Papa, Lois Bach; exercise, Children's day, 12 girls ;reci- tation, I Want to Tell You, Mable Devoy; recitation,Jay Ehart; selection tnale choruB; recitation. When My Papa is Sick, Lluellyn Nuffer; recitation, Leona - Widmeyer; solo.—fatda Imhof recitation, Guilty or Not Guilty, Ver- ena Woolslager; exercise, The King's Bragade, eight boys; recitation, Don't, Louis Honer; duett,, Angeline Gluer and Louisa Stoffle ; recitation, Beatrice Conkey; exercise, From the'Sea Shore five girls; song, I'll Try; cantata; re- marks by pastor, Rev. Mr. Imhof; col- lection, for China; song, Happy Voices; i benediction. LYONS FALLS. Death of Mrs, Alvan Brawley at Mount Clemen*— A Small Fire Soon Squelched. (VIM AXAKDA H. OOCLD. Correspondent) —Miss Freida Mott went to Boonville Saturday to spend the Fourth with friends. —The Lyons Falls Fire company went to Lowville on Monday and won the hose race prize. —Carl Guisendorfer, of Gouyerneur, was the guest of his sister, Mrs. R, Hurst, over the Fourth. —Norman Scovile, of Utica, spent Sunday and Monday with his aunt. Miss Emily Scoville. —The Lyons Falls base ball team played with Deferiets at Lowville on the fifth and won the prize. —The LyonB Falls Christain En- deavor Society will be represented at the county convention at Port Leaden. —Miss Lord, a guest at Mrs. C. C. Merriam's favored the Congregation of Forest church with a solo during the morning service last Sunday. —Mrs. C. M. Waters entertained on Saturday Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Kltt- redge and Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Davis in h<rnor of her husbirnd'sbiTthday. —The house occupied by the Moulton family took fire on Saturday,but thanks to plenty of water and a good fire com- pany it was quickly extinguished. —Miss Lena Yancy, Miss Nora Ruba, Theodore Yancey, Chris Yancey and Mason Burdick, of Be fort, were recent guests of the family of Peter Mott —Mrs. Karl Foster and two daughters left Saturday for Old Forge, where they will spend the summer. They go for the benefit of Mrs. Foster's health. —At the communion services at Forest church Sunday morning five new members were added to the church, four by profession of faith and one by letter. —Clarence Allen and family, of New York, are spending the summer at the home of his mother, Mrs. James Allen. He has recently purchased an automobile.. —News of the death of Mrs. Alvah Brawley at Mount Clemens, where she went for treatment about three weeks since was received Sunday. She was a daughter of Edward Dolan and is sur- vived by her husband, father and one sister, Mrs. Henry Shaffer, all of whom have the sympathy of the community. COPENHAGEN. BUSH'S LANDING. (MRS. SOLOMON RHNNIV. Correspondent) —Mrs. Andrew Carr, spent Sunday in town. .—Samuel £tudor had an attack of acute indige8ton last week —A. D. Williams is spending a few days at Big Moose Lake. —Milton Gould spent a few days at Woodhull Lake last week. —Edgar Warren, who has been very ill for some months, is very poorly at this writing. —Miss Maud Rennie and Arthur Rob- inson visited Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Rennie, Sunday. —Lester Hill and Miss Hattie Peeb- les were the recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gould. —Mr. and Mrs. John Riebennacht spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Mosbier last week. —Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Moshier and Mr. and Mrs. S. Rennie picnicked Sat- urday near Huckleberry Lake. —Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wright are rejoicing over the birth of a seven poundSdaughter, born June 29th. —Miss Gertrude Gould attended the wedding of Miss Pearl Zehr and Clin- ton Dewey at Carthage last Wednes-at7:80 day. —The Ladies' Aid Society were pleas- antly entertained by Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Mosheir last Thursday. Covers were laid for 24. —Mrs. F. J. Chapman will entertain the Ladies' Aid on Thursday, July 15th. A cordial invitation is extended to everyone. —Mrs. A. D. Austin and two daugh- ters, Ethel and Pearl, spent Sunday at Lowville, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kent Austin. —Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robbins, of Carthage, are spending a few days with Mrs. Robbins' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flint. —Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelley, Miss Gertrude Gould and Robert Ouderkirk spent Sun- day at the Islands. —N. J. Brown and son, Vernon and Marcellus Hartley, who has been at Woodhull Lake for some time, came home to spend the Fourth. —Mrs. O. M. Kelley. who has been spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Baker at Syracuse, has returned to her home at the parsonage. WEST LEYDEN. Ordination of Rev. George S. BoUterle —Marriage of Charles Hoffart and Mica Ella Deraey. (ELVA A. LUCKEL, Correspondent.) —Miss Alice Ammon is in Boonville to spend some time. —Mrs. Cornelia Grubel is spending the summer in Boonville. —Miss Lauretta Grubel has been the gueBt of Boonville relatives. —Floyd Grubel is spending the week in Boonville and Port Leyden. —Miss Eve Schopfer, of Greenway, is visiting at the home of Henry Schop- fer. —Mrs. Adaline Marcy, of Oneida, is the guest of her son, Charles A. Marcy, and family. —Master Ellis Aldridge is spending a two week's vacation at the home of Peter Luckel. —Mrs. M. W. Stark and children are spending some time at the home of her parents at Chase Mills. —Mrs.^Albert Schmoker is entertain- ing her nieces, Misses Margaret Miller and Anna Walton, of Buffalo. —Miss Ida Myers had as her guests the past week her cousins. Misses Mil- dred and Arlene Cugler, of*Oneida. —The Christian Endeavor Society held an ice cream and strawberry social on V. Pohl's lawn, Wednesday evening. —C. Edward Schlieder has returned to New York, after spending his vaca- tion with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. T. E. Schlieder. —Miss Tille Traxel, of Utica, have purchased and taken possession of the Nicknish house. They are welcomed as residents of this village. —Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKay and son and Miss Emma Gray, of Vernon, are being entertained at the home of Mrs. McKay's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus- tave Myers. —Rev. George S. Bolsterle will be or- dained and installed as pastor of the Reformeoychurch Wednesday evening. After the service a reception will be given Mr. and Mrs. BolsterJe at the parsonage. —On Wednesday, June 30th, occurred the marriage of Miss Ella Dersey and Charles Hoffart, by the Rev. Father Kennev. of Mohawk Hill. Congratu- PlaM and 9p«ciBca*ioM for the School Ho«te Afproved «*d Will Sooe. Be Received. J. Du*N« PAJUS. Correspondent. —Extensive repairs are being made on the M. E. parsonage. —Henry H. Scovil and Charles B. Dryden are home from Chicago. r-Mr. arid Mrs. Charles V. Clarke are passing a few days at the Islands. —Daniel Thornton, of Watertown, was the guest of friends in town Mon- day. —H. B. Gardner, of Fort Covington, JB the guest of his sister Mrs. Mary Mc- Cuen. —Mrs. Ida Lv Merrill has been spend- ing a few days with relatives at South Rutland. —Mr. and Mrs. Frank Widner, of Alexandria Bay, visited friends here last week. —George Lawrence, of Cranberry Lake, is the guest of William H. Lan- don and family. —Mr. and Mrs. Clair J, Allen, of New York, are gueats of Mr. and Mrs. Sumner D. Bush. Mrs, H. L. Grant -and -daughters are spending some time at their cottage atT. I. Park. —John Pettys is spending some time in town at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Young. —Mrs. Charles Seabury and grand- daughter Gladys, have returned to their home at Altamont —Miss Mary L. Hunt, who taught in Brooklyn the past year is home for the summer vacation. —C. J. Allen has bought of Robert E. Clark a Maxwell, Jr., automobile, model A. It's a beauty. —Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Leonard, of Utica, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Leonard. —Miss McCuen gives a reception Wednesday evening in honor of Mrs, Henry H. Scovil, of Chicago. —Miss Mildred HarriB has returned from a visit at Whitesboro, where she was the guest of Miss Anna Moran. —Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bonner, or. Shortsville.are guests of Mrs. Bonner'« parents. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hart. —Miss Hazel Overacker and a friend from Gouverneur are guests of Miss Overacker'« grandmother, Mrs. William Bushnell. —Henry E. Chickering. Herman Rob- erts, Frea A. Green and Warren W. Cummings have returned from a fishing trip to Fish Creek. —Mr. and Mrs. James Hagen and two children,of Philadelphia, have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schramp, Sr. —Charles Dryden, of Chicago, is in town, called by the serious illness of his father, Jonh Dryden,whose recovery is considered doubtful. —Prof. Leon Ryel assisted the West Carthage band July 5th at Watertown; T. B. Gasser the Elks band, and C. H. Payne the Brown vi lie band. —The plans and specifications for the new school house have been approved at Albany and returned. Bids will soon be received by the School Board. —Services at the Baptist church next Sunday; Sunday school, 6:30 p. m. preaching services at 7:30 p. m., con ducted by Rev. E. J. W. Burston; sub- ject. \The Great Refusal.\ —Next Sunday morning at the Tem- perance Temple the Congregational pas- tor will preach on the \Unavoidable Christ\. In the evening the subject will be \Every One Must Go.\ All are invited. —At the M. E. church next Sunday the pastor will preach at 10:30 a. m. subject,-\The Importunate Neighbor;' p. m subject, \Lot's Choice.* Special music; evening service pre- ceded by old fashioned song service everybody invited. —If you have pains in the back, weak back, or any other indica'tion of weakened or disordered condition Of the kidneys or bladder, you should get DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder Pills right away J when you experience the least sign of kidney or bladder com plaints, but be sure that you get De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. W know what they will do for you, and if you will send our name to E. C. DeWit & Co., Chicago, you will receive a free trial box of these kidney and bladder pills. The are'sold hereby all drug gists. —The man who boasts that he has everything he wants doesn't-wan much. —To make home happy is an art—an art a good many people have either los or never found. f —The*main building of the Fort Wil Ham Henry hotel at Lake George, owned by the Delaware & Hudson Company, was destroyed by fire a few days ago, entailing a loss estimated a 1250,000, fend covered by about $150,00 insurance. Fortunately there were no guests in the hotel. The surrounding structures were saved, the fire being confined to the main building. lations are extended by their numerous friends. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffart are spending their honeymoon in Warren, Pa. —The Utica Board of Education has voted to rent a building and establish an industrial school in connection with its city schools. The building was for- merly used as a mill'and has three floors 53 by 40 feet in dimensions. To Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Rockland, Maine.—\I was troublec for a long time with pains in my bad and side, aud was miserable in ever way. I doctored until I was dis- couraged, a n < thought I ahoul never get well read a testimonial about Lydia £ Pinkham's Vegeta- ble Compound, an thought I would try it. After tak ing three bottles was cured, an< never felt so well in all my life. I recommend Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to all my friends,\—Mra. WILL YOUNG, Columbia Avenue, Rockland, Me. Backache f&,a symptom of female weakness or derangement. If yo have backache, don't neglect it. T get permanent relief you muBt reac the root of the trouble. Nothing w know of will do this so safely and surelj as Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- pound. Cure the cause of these dis- tressing aches and pains and you wi become well and strong. The great volume of misolicitei testimony constantly pourimr to provej conclusively that LydJa E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound, made from root* and herbs, has restored health to thau sands of women. Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass. invites all sick women to writ her for advice. She has guide thousands to health free o charge. §§BBlth Never Falls to Restore Cray Hair toitsNaturaJ Color and Beauty* No matter how long It hat been gray or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth of healthy hair. Stop* its falling: out, mu4 positively removes Dan- 4ratL Keeps hair soft and glossy. Re- u»c all substitutes. 2i4 tiroes a* much n $100 as 506. size. J. ft STURTEVANT, M.. Specialist. Kallngf Heoae, dl* • at Copenhagen AugwttMatd nth. ft an* Me. bottles, at Jhf Scad 1c for taw book \ TIM Can ol tb« Hair.\ •biio a»j 8f»c. C», Kcwark, X, X. Hay's Harttna 8*apc«n> *,»•, red, rough *a 4 chapped hao4m, and all ajtf» 4i»> ta** . Ke*M sklo mm and •oft. 2Sci 4nft 8md2 c lor jlra»1m* \Tha Car* ol tha 1 : 1 ; t t : : : : : : : t :t) fffjjwfiflf m mumi tS 3SS 8BggS8B8SF Tl 0 ftlFflTifirFIH! 9 iJlh 1 ii iiMJilii— g ^.^^ — F* HHK«O r Pi Lowrille and Baaver River Railroad. East Bound.' A.M. *p.tf. P.M. rjr. P.M IK. LowviU© 9 86 ISO 440 727 8 36 New Bremen 950 144 4 54 7 41 ft.49 B«aver Palls 10 00 152 6 02 7 49 8 67 Ar.Cn*rhan 1005 157 507 7M 9 02 West Bound. A.M. A.M. P.M. 'P.M. lif.Cnvhan 8 10 9 00 140 615 BeaveYFsiU 8 15 905 145 620 New Bremen 823 9 18 166 6 28 Ar. Lowrllle 837 927 2 10 642 'Sunday only. « -ri L. GARB AWNOT Fruits. Nute. Confectionery Ice-Cream t &c. Best Walnuts, per pound, 15c.; Pin« \ Mixed Nuta, 2 pounds for &5o. ; jjj. :$; berte. Almonds, Peacana and BrazP, B fresh Boasted Peanuts every day. : % Nut Meat*. Walnut* from ^ 85c. pound up; ? ? Peacans, Almonds, Salted Almond*. ^ Pigoolia. etc. ,v?. The best assortment ta^ • Lewis county. A fancy : package makes a handsome gift. ' Our Home-Made Candy /\ Cannot be Surpassed. Smyrna Pigs at 15 oents op; Dates, 'it per pound, 10 oento. ';C Fruits. A great variety of te always on hand, e|nbrao» ing the best the market affords, and withal the best assortment to be d in northern New York. Ice C ' make all my [oe-Oeam and guarantee it to be pure and flr&t t:U86. ; Large and small quantities supplied; either by the quart., gallon or in bricks. Business Cards, Charle* S. M« ArroKNcv AT LAW. ' '• Office in New Brick Block. State street, mr 4ambie-> stare; Lowville. N. Y. .•rroHMvr AND CoimasuMt AT LAW. A- Oflfe* In KeUoca* Block. Shady avenaa. Uooay ;. 10 loan 00 approved •ecartty. 'rJ Doif Brothera. - 5 DaUCOISTS AND APOTHXCAKTRS, ) >nd deakra in l^ainta, Oila, Dye Stnffi, Window V Jlaaa, Groceriea, etc Pbjriciane' aarefull7 prepared. W. B. Breen, Coun»*loc at Law. I bar* removed my law office to tfa»Tbnca Block,. ftate street. Lowville, N. Y w over W. J. RalitenY crocery store—General law practice. County. Stata \ u»d United State*Conrta, coaweyancSDf. contract^ eUh» etc; real estate—loan* pegotlatea.4 MOORE & LEV1S, Sucoeasore to Hedden A Moore, 4 General Fire Inaurancc, •[ '' \ • - VKW-YOB& Ai IF YOU WISH TOtMPLOTA BOOKKCKKR STENOGRAPHEK^O*- COMPCTENT •USinCMAMirTAfiTOr ANY RIND AW.V TpTHC BUSINESS COLLEGE and prompt attention wfll be paid to mUr your reqmirementa. 600 powtiona Ailed an- nually. TEnlarffsd tmDdtn* tfv« opportunity for aiippMair incroaaed advacugea. Bprtog w*d summer sesaiotu for teachers and ottrera. StJiSafattentlpo paldtohonjtltfad •onalwUf^trtdtt ^SSSB^BSl Stoddard A Bateman. Pry Goods, Etc. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF EVER SEEN ^J^ At Price* from 75c to $7 Also Splendid Line o£ Portiers From $2.50 to $600 a Pair. Wash Goods, Wash Suits, Ginghams and Housekeeping Departments Complete. Wool Suits and Suitings. ALL UP TO DATE AND PRICES RIGHT At the CX>RNiR INSPECTION m. *i are models of per-» V fectijon And style. 7 but our suits are ; far and away ahead of the pic- tures. Call and see the harmonious ( blendicg of colors, i the graceful lines, the swagger cut, the perfect fitting collars and shoulders. We have a surprise in store for you. suits; hats, gloves, ties, shirts and hosiery per- fectly matched and matchless* C. F. RICK. Next Door toPostOffice. Lowville. N. Y. '^4N*V :«* f ^^

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