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She Qfribune ttBB Northern New York's Greatest Weekly •\ Prize \\ inning low n & Countrv. I\c»v\ spiipt»r Vol. 104 No. 11 - Gouverneur, N.Y. <D 1990 MRS Printing Inc. Wednesday, October 31 f 1990 18 Pages-35 Cents In Village Race Four Vie for Trustee {Slots GOUVERNEUR CHEERLEADERS joined local children in the firemen's Halloween parade Saturday, Oct. 27. Tribune Photos Clarence Evans Cummings, Horton Seek Justice Job Village residents also will be asked to choose a village justice. Running in this year's election are Thomas Cummings, Jr., on the Democratic ticket, and the incumbent, Eve- lyn Horton, an Independ- ent, who is waginga write- in campaign. Thomas Cummings, Jr. A Gouverneur native, Mr. Cummings is a 1981 graduate of Gouverneur High School. After high school he joined the Air Force, serving nine years, in which time he achieved the rank of staff sergeant before receiving his dis- - charge in May of this year. After traveling around the world, Mr. Cummings has chosen to return to Gouverneur with his wife, Betsy, and son Thomas III, 5, a kindergarten student at East Side School; daughter Tiffany, age 2, and son Tallon, age two months. He now works as an electronics technician for NCC Systems, Potsdam. Mr. Cummings said he became interested in the village justice opening after receiving a card in the mail about the upcom- ing village caucus. He said he and his wife had dis- cussed the village justice position, and she had encouragedhim to submit his name. • Mr. Cummings said he feels his decisiveness will help him if he were suc- cessful in the election. His other character traits that would help him, he said, are his good organiza- tional skills, ability to schedule his time well and meet deadlines, and his willingness to learn the job. He said he was not afraid of the work entailed in the position. /'From what I understand it's a few days a week. As long as you do it every week and not put it off, there should hi- no problem,\ he said. He noted that \most of the people I went to school with are still in town. I'm hoping to start some- thing—hopefully get more people my age involved in the community. \I feel Gouverneur will grow. I hope so. I like it here, I moved back to live here and I want to stay here. I'm hoping the prison will be a positive thing for Gouverneur— bring more employment, more businesses so that it can expand. U I think Gouverneur is a good safe community to live in/ he added. Mr. Cummings said he's received encouragement from local residents about his campaign bid. \They said 'it's about time somebody young did something about it, doing somethingfor the commu- nity.' \ Evelyn Horton Although Mrs. Horton isthe incumbent, shefaces what some would call an uphill battle because she must get her message through to local residents that to elect her, they must cast a write-in vote. Mrs. Horton has served as village justice since February of this year, af- ter serving as the acting village justice since July 1969. Since- becoming village justice, she said, her office has greatly reduced the backlog of cases she in- herited Mrs. Horton has lived in the Gouverneur area See Two pg. 6 Hearing Slated Nov. 7 Town Budget Calls for 31% Hike . Taxpayers in the Town \ef Gouverneur outside the .village could face a 31 percent lax increase in next year's budget unless Jocal residents speak up \ The preliminary budget tails f:r expenditures of up from $ . < *.** • 3 m trie current budget W.th the amount to be raised \ry taxes in- creasing seme SI 26.000in the proposed budget, tax- payers residing outside \would see their tax rate xlimc frcm $60.02 per thousand d-liars cf as- sessed valuation to Sr-5 44 per thousand Under the same sce- r.ario. residents in the 'village would see a $24 25 -tax rate, up from S12 37 in the current budget .Although that srunds like a large increase m the -spending plan. To*n ISupe^TScr Donald Peck 'said there are only two \items *here cuts couid occur Tne preliminary budget ca'Is f: r rr.ak.ngthe t *^ n s oie enforcement ctT.cer a fulltime position, w.th a fcalarv of SI 5.000 .The code enforcement officer currently receives a sal- ary cf $5,400, plus bene- f.ts Mr Peck said he and C o u n c 11 m a n ,R '.• b e r t K:tchie in their prcposc-d bud^-t to the board, had Tc-ccmmer.ded mcr-asmg the salary to $7.v»0 as a par;-:.me position, while the board as a \*hoie de- cided the position should be fullf.me Mr Peck said he agrees the posit.cn should be ful!t:me. but Tm not nec- (ess-an'y in agreement it should be this year I want mp-ut from the public *M> town bcari says they get phone calls from the public saving they can't get their bunding projects completed, be- cause the job *s tec big for a part-time pers:r. and that the;ob should be fui:- time My question is can they (the taxpayers af- ford a 815.000 fuiltime position, plus benefits'* I don't think they can.\ Mr Peck said \j\X r *;...» li Zif? . . fs k. -». * is tc try tc ;cir *:th tine village fcr a fulitime code enforcement officer , but they wouldn't be able to help us out thi? year any- way because their bud^-t doesn't come due at the same t.me \My opinion is to leave it at ST.?•'•0 and talk to the viiia-re about having a •'\shared fuiitime code enforcement officer next year \I'm not s-avin? SI 5.000 :is too much for a f_:lt:me code enforcement off.cer— you hav e t o have s: m v- body who's qualified—I payers can afford $1 5.000 and benefits \I want input on this call or come tc the public hearing and let us know.\ Mr Peck said \They have tc convince me tr.at they w ant it * M- Peck said that keep- ing the code enforcement officer's JOD a part-time position would trim about S5 per thousand ofT the tax rate T^e other area where he said he c-an fee a pos- sibie c-t **ou;d t*e m the flk, pT^yT .Aw. w . . . ^. ^V»*.'W*..j^ r\ a d s. w h; c h the tc*r, h as allocated S2CO. 000 In the current budget, the town allocated $1 7f,.000cf town fjr.ds. plus S29.000 tne 'town received in CHPs fur.:i> Thu-.tnepr-posed road plan would r^e m line w; t h what t n e t o w n spent this year Trimrr.'.r.i: the r:ad irr.prC'\'emer.ts account to Si\ 5.000 w ou : d save about $3-4 o^r thousand in the tax rate, re said The only problem with doir.^that. Mr Peck -aid. is that the tewn ioses CHPs furds ~dowr. the road.\ as those funds are c e t e^m m ed b v1 h e 3 m 0 u n t cf funds th- town spends on tUT?d:r2\\To~rfs 1* months previously. The town has ear- marked three road proj- ects for next yea* onemiie on the Walkrr Road, one irr.ile on Peabod> or Outer Clinton 5t**et. and 2 3 miles of finish, v-p on the Seavey Road Thos* three p-:;e<t> alone a~e esvmatr-d at SI So >X». ieav.n^r about ELDON CONKLIN Gou\ r erneur village resi- dents will be asked • J go to the polls Tuesday : > cast ballots for two village trustees. Seeking votes are two incumbents: Re- publican E1 d 0 n I • Conklin, and Demoenr. Frederick C. Uoppe r . Attempting to unseat t;n. j incumbents will be two political newcomers: Tho- mas II. Sleeman and Merrill E. Storie. Eldon B. Conklin Eldon B. Conklin. a Republican, is seeking his fourth term as a village irusv-e. He was first elected to the village board i n March 1 9S5, after serving on the mayor's advisory board in April 19S3 under then- mayor Curian Wade. He served continuously on the village board until Novem- FREDERICKHOPPER her 1987, when he waged an unsuccessful bid for the office of mayor. After a \ ear away from the board, he was returned to office in November 19SS. Mr. Conklin served a h ur of duty with the U.S. Marine Corps. Following hi>honorabledi5charge- in 1953, lu worked for 24 years as a truck driver. In 1972, he purchased Van Ornuni Furniture and Appliance Store, Mam •Street. He sold the build- ing to Halley Electric in May 19^S and currently serves as general manage r to Halley Electric and Van Orr.um Bed and Chair Center In July 19S9, he formed a corporation with other local partners to purchase the former Pen- guin Lanes, now Gou- verneur Bowl, Inc., of which he serves as presi- dent. THOMAS H. SLEEMAN Active in the Greater Gouverneur Chamber of Commerce for -several years, he has served more than two years as cham- ber president after six years in the office of vice president. He has served on the St. Lawrence County Plan- ning Board for more than three years and currently serves on the Gouverneur Neighborhood Center Board of Directors. He and his wife Eloise has lived at 133 Depot St. for the past 25 > ears. Mr. Conklin said he feels expanding the local tax base is one of the most important issues facing the village in the 1990s. \What with the state and federal budgets and the dilemma they're in, we should be working all we can to promote new busi- ness and industrv to the MERRILL E. STORIE area/' he said. \I think we have to put a lot more em- phasis on it than has been put on it in the past, per- haps through a village planner or by having the administrator be more involved. 4< I just don't think we're working hard enough to make the contacts. We get caught up in the day- to-day things and we don't do enough to attract busi- ness to the community.\ Mr Conklin said he would be in favor of send- ing a village representa- tive to conventions to pro- mote Gouverneur'5 name to potential business and industrv. \Possibly be- tween the village and the chamber of commerce. It should be pursued a lot stronger than it has been. \With the prison com- See Four pg. 6 AMONG THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED in the dedication of the ->ew Sean LaRock W *^g at West S=de School were, first row from le*. Krstnc Jense^. Sam Soch.a. Lau r e j St'eeter. Brandy Pa'-'-ow. Da r 'e! VV^ro\. Dwan Masra. and Ricky Law. Second row. Tor-y Wood. Tracey Isereau, Becky Durham. Chr.stconerGuyertG. and Ryan T^rt»e. Th r d row. Jason June. Kefth Hambiin. M>chaei Lewis, Tony Kapfer<Sean s grandfather). Sear s parents, Ann and Jer* LaRocK.and his grandmother. Virginia LaRocK. T r cxjne P*\oto Clarence Evans Sean LaRock Wing Dedicated at WSS Sear. LaR.::\k cf G u- k-mn ia-t Dt-cer.-.bc-- at cent-. ?•!•> Ii:!cna ex f; v:;a; S^^. ua- each verr.eur. v^hc on:e r;.a:r.f d zz-- -* Hf- ^a> ;r, tr.e f/a:ned that S»\jn ~r.ai \I ~e tn.f> ^-i-r.:- picture ithe hail? of We>t S-.i* s-\.xth crad** at the wme js:n-.eth;r.^d:!T:cu\t t-' dea\ m the >;hoci. and a\>o. to School, will a!wa*»> be .Lau--: n He »ena pr.r.c:- u.;n. and ue al have ::-ir.k about how special re rr.eTr.be r-r- dthere.f: iiow- j;.;' a: \Vv>: S;je School, th;-^ that ar-d-f^ru-t t:- 'they are. tc-o ir.g a dedtcaf.^n of t: e ^.v.d the thc-rr.e of tre day cea] w;th. t-t the t'-.-.r.c E ^ ch ^^ _^ ^^. _ srnooisnew w;r.g;nr.^ -a-nat ^ar ? ^pe- fn.t rr.aaf .-• ar speeia. ;f tVe , af5err .; v _ cr>r:u?h ' .. , f: :' r '^; e ' Aa - < 4 4 : ^;i^^5^ U ^. h pxr.vcrcif.'or^ctu^ Itaiher- d *\:r a 4 '-rrv.r.ut- * ;a>ifT.r*\ Y~\i:i\. Oc: lf J r. other rcad* !S<e Town pg 6 part J:^ :ur :>u\:z\r.z. -• v •• <v - -^ >«--^--^ i-.y. a!onp^:th a videotape m the >:hc*o1 pm.na^.u-^. v. e a^- ce-^r^ U'.r.c t.ne T-achtr- and >tu*ient> of the ded:cat:or. cere- uhe-e ~ .err.b^--f :•:\>• an f -: t-;^a: re:^*e w nc a r e out a'..^. A t'e a>K-i tc u»Kva in-or.y ; f3r-/.y ^ere en nani f:- :-.e*--. and v,e are^>re- rrrr.ert tc $-.jer.t*.y tr:r»'* A p'.acue ra-.;^ ire the :c:-?-.:r. < .a' y z*.eirai:rz t ne iite r -:.- u : v/r.at if 5i*:;a: r.e-*- H-.r^r vne >ean La- c-.-^. u -i- ^ i-^.^* p\ ,-•' r*\ a -c^ria- r-er<-\r.. ?»-ar «v- -,» *•*-'- -•\•*-.-.— \'-i ^v^ \V* —- - m '\i n# *Tc-r+f~A h;> Knc-oi dav> at W»5t [^.R-*-c^ * H:'.ena t\-.en a-V-d ^a:h in tr.e >chocl at a later IF.de. ic«t a Mtt'.e t-: ifu-

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