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The Gouverneur tribune-press. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1959-1973, November 12, 1959, Image 9

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4, V Somerville Farmers Turn Out to Help Sick Neighbor With rlis Fall Plowing Mi Gou- with Somei'\ille Bennett and Oxbow spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs llarley B«'UIHU in Canton. •Mr and Mis Harold Weaver and son, Larr>, called on Mr and Mrs Arley Kmney Saturday night. Mrs James HarVr. Mrs Kvelyn Munch and two chiMivn ot Gou- verneur called on Mr. and Mrs Henjamm Barker Sunday after- noon Karen Billings of North verneur sjjent the weekend Janet Cole. Mr and Mi-, (;V«»ryr Gilbrrf of Glen Park c;tl!«-d on Mis. .Ralph Cole Sunday atUMiuxm Birthday Club Ten niemt>ers ami one ^tie.st at- temled jhe Joka Birthday ilub Thursday at the home of Mrs Kdith Woodward Mi 1 , and Mix Arnold Himcam i fftnnly of Ciouvernrur Crille<i on Mt and Mis Rolx-rt IUIKV one day the past week Mi- and Mi > John Ship|xV ot Elmda»e visited Mi>. Shi|K»e'> par- ent*. Mr. and Mrs Kobert Huncc. Sunday. C ard Party !Mr and Mis Ai ley Kinney will hold the first raid party at the Community Center Saturday ow - ning. NovcmlxT Hth Indies are asked to bring either sandwiches or doughnuts Mr. and Mrs Harwy l>nnon ol the Johnstown road called on M r and Mrs Floyd Strate Thursday •evening Mr. and Mis Ki<»yd Strate call- ed on Mrv Frank Fuller m Kd- wards Sunday ctt'rrnoon Mt and Mis Krnneth Shepjwtd of Sy racu>« spen 1 tiu 1 weekend with Mrs Sheppards parents. Mr and Mis Harold Gardner Harold Haydeno! Biyelow \i*it- *ed Mr and Mis Harold Gatdner jFnday atternoon Mr and Mrs Ted Pan on and Hon. Teddy of lialnjat were supper guests of Mr and Mi s FretTTStone Saturday night Tt^ddv Pa! ton M>«-nt Sitiiidav IB> MRS. ARLKV KIN SKY and Mrs. Lyal m-ht with Tui nbull of ! Stone. * Mr. and Mrs. Fred ,Mr and Mrs Hichard S ami lamily and Mr and Mrs Floyd Shampine of Theresa were supper quests Thursday night of Mr. arid Mrs. Fred Shampine The supper was in honor of Fred Shampoos birthday Sixteen Indies attended a party at the home of Mrs. \Buster\ Sul- livan on Wednesday evening Mrs Karl Bogart assisted Mrs. Sulli- van John Frrgusson was a sup|>ei Kur.st of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Turnhull Satur<iay night. Mis l,e\a Williams and child- it -n, l^»e Kugeru* and Alden of Can- ton called <>n Mr. and Mrs. Rogei Williams Monday night. Mrs Gladys Jenkins -nd sons James and Junior arm Aiaoel Bige- low of Richville visited Mr and Mts. Roger Williams Monday eve Kathy Kinney was a Saturday afternoon guest of Landon Weaver at Gouverneur. Stewart Peters of Gouverneur, sjx-nt Saturday night with Toni- mie Tyler. John Fergu.shun ha> returned to ; hi> home after having spent sev- ' etal weeks with Mr and Mrs. \'ir- • grl W.ajdrutf in Massena. J Mrs\ Kthel Wilder of Antwerp visited John Fergusson Saturday [ afternoon. (iue*t* From Canada Mr and Mis John English and son <»iHM*ge ot lroquois. Ontario and Mr and Mrs Charles* Bouck of Williamsburg., Ontario were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. ami Mr< Alex \Vhitr*ker. Mr. and Mrs . Whitteker and Mr anii Mrs John Knglish and C»eorge arid Mr. and Mrs. ChaHe> liouek of , Wi'.liamsburg. Ont . were supper guests of JVtr. and Mrs Grant Casselman in Oxbow Sunday night Mr and Mrs Clifford Hay and Cynthia and Thomas *ere dinner guests Sunday of Mr and Mrs Norman A>h\\in in Watertown .Mrs. Arthur Randall and Mis Clifford Hay spent Tuesday in Watertown Patricia Markewick of Gouver- neur spent Saturday with Cynthia Hay Thomas Hay was a supper guest of Mr. and Mrs Junior Markwick at Gouverneur Saturday night Richard Marcel \u& of Clarkson college spent the Weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Torrance Marcellus. Joyce Gillett of Spragueville was a dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Torrance Marcellus Mr .and Mrs. Foster Peck at- tended a reception for Mary Jean Blair Saturday night at. the home of Miss Blairs parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blair. Mr and Mis. Arthur Woods ot I>eKalb Jet were dinner guests Sunday ,of Mr and Mrs. Foster Peck Mi and Mrs. Kenneth Peck and family of Gouverneur called on Mt and Mrs. Foster Peck Sunday fore- noon. Mr. and Mrs Lyal Bennett call- ed on Mr and Mrs. Merlon GolL- aher Friday evening Mr and Mrs. Gollaher called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newwne in Gouverneur Sunday evening Mr and Mrs. Clifton Mason and family of Gouverneur visited Mr and Mrs Merlon Hewitt Thursday evening Mrs Gertrude Hewitt attended the Protheon Class meeting at the home of Mrs. Claude VanDuzee in Gouverneur Friday night Mr and Mrs Merton Hewitt and son, Gerald and Mr Earl BrewMe; of Antwerp attended the funeral of Merton Tooley in -Watertown Sunday afternoon Supper guest* of Mr- and Mts Merton H»*witt Sunday night wer<* Mr and Mrs Donald Hewitt and family of Oxbow and Mr and Mrs Douglas Murray and sons of Co- penhagen Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stevens ol the Somerville road called on Mr and Mrs. Malcolm Strgte Tuesday night Walter Siowell and children vis- ited Mr and Mrs Malcolm Strate Friday eve rung. • . liiMKl Neighbor* Albert iVsormeaux. Arthur Randall. Clifford Hav. Chaiie> 1 THK TKIBl NE PRESS t - K«*<\ 2, Ouiivcmeur, N.Y. TlturMluy, November 12, Lninkelt»»rK. K<5bert Hance and Raymond Hall .sure showed the true spirit of being gixxi neigh- bors in time ot need They took tractors and plows and did Wil- liam Hall s plowing Monday. Mr Hall is still a patient in the Mercy hospital in Watertown but expects To be coming (ionic some day this week * ' ; Mrs Charles L>an<\ of Gouver- neur was a sup!**!* gurst Saturday night of Mr. and Mr*. Malcolm Strate Mr and Mrs Roy Gardner visit - ed Sunduv in Kvans Milib and also v isited /ran k Gardner who is a patient a f the Hou.se ol the Good Samaritan in Watertown. ' Mr and Mrs Ralph Halloid weiv .supiH'i guests Saturday night ot Mi and Mrs Karl Klock in Gou- terneur. Mr. and Mrs Karl Jones spent Friday aright and SaUndav with Mi and Mi^ John Robinson at ^Morristow n. Mr arui Mrs. Jones also visited in Canada Sunday Mr and Mis Karl vJones have moved to the RobtM t Hance home and Mr and Mrs Rohert Hance moved to their other home on the Roger's la! m Leon Jones Elected Supervisor at Hermon; Councilman Brunet Only Democrat By (.KKTRl UK II VLK Hermon 'Winning his hrsi « ,Mr and Mis Charles Parker of teirn a* SUJKI visor Vy heading the Montreal uete dinner guests'TVT- day night ot I>r and Mrs Vming Mts tor Rij)ubli< a an 1 ick*M -was Leon Jones. who del eat I'd Fred Hlandui b> a vote ut J'xi to 1J7 For the other town o!luei>. te it in, A!ion ker. Hilda L ».M ; hi William C. (in-rn town cleik by de- Hacon. SM to Ui.i; rU-r dcteateii Myrl 1 l<> lor sut>t trie el Hermon Mr ani Mi- Neville Young and on. I v aul of Ma.ssena \u i r e Sundav gj«sts of Mr and Mrs. Henrv Drake . Janu*< Hance and l>onald Fen- long w :o attend Rochester R IT.. i and Norman Warren, a student at •*M vrusville ATI sp^nt the week- end with their jMn-nt* All's Claud' 1 M( f»:iH>m letuinid horn*' Suruk«> «jftrr . retvixmg treatment at i he KJ Noble hos- 1 pital ai Canton A-V I)oT)«tld Burke s T ationed at Homestead Flond.i. vvas home to attend The lur.-Tal ser\ lees t<»r his grandmother Mrs Nellie Burke. Saturday mornir.g at L>eKalb Jet i *'The American Home\ the safe guard of American prosperity Gouv erneur Sa\ ings & Loan Asso- ciation —Ad\. ^ ' H, deni ol highways. James Maker won over Maynaid Jone> 2X\ to 1 T\> h>i ,\ [our yr.ir term as .twcs- soi. Lewis Jennings defeated Wil- M)ii iVrnn by a \o1e of '£\H ro I'M tot .* n\<»-\< t i! term a<* a^si'NMir, anil All on Cobb was reeleeieii Jus- lu« ot l!ie |X',uv. deteatmg \ln\- land lluhhcird li\ a \*>?r ol L'-'W l o 1 IV* i*i>u*:eilman r'taiK'.s l^runet. onl\ l)t*miiriat won over Pml- Mailaid J<>\ to IN' ! i ** Crcile l-n>iow ,jn d Mai gar* 1 >-i\ id ami l!onn t e. Mi > Ruth L«t\ .tlii'S, atui llatold an d Can<ly SI»O!>W«>IMI t >! I'oiMi.tin viMtetl Mi> Kdi'? 1 Krwlow Surul.iy M: and Mi> HoUit I >a\ is and Hoi'.nie o l C\itj!i^n sfwril Tht» vve^'k <M<} r wiii; Mi arui Mrs Joseph Hoy T:UMI sorr Harry l>a\iv, i> >tation- t^tl VM!M T' 1( Marines ;it Pauls Is. nid {v,t\ Sunday guests at the Koy s weie Mr. and Mrs Kenneth F;MIIO an<l Mis Keith Hicki»k \\v and M]s Aiihie Allen o l C.u;ton \isi»eti Mis' Y\\/A Wr»dd-» and Mfv liett;.) i K(^)in.sc>n Sunday l\ \vni -ie>tx ot Mi and Mis }\'*\» r-t S'v.ither's v\ere Mis. Kver- e'l Ca\ tnN| v »n an d Mrs L\ le Smith- <'is ot Heuvelton Sunday guests vs. r Mt «ind Mts }:o»»*>rt Smith find Mr and Mrs Wiliard Me Mr and Mix Thomas Baker S13 \'t.si'cd Mis F».»ra Kinley at Rich-- tor y evening. Mr^ Kir\- th« sirk \ * ' * s h.dward Adydan ot ' yuevts ol her par- Mis Herbert Mooiv. . . • i M.iin** is visiting her d daughter. M r and i Vming accompanied the doc- to Montreal Sunday. In observance ot Book Weelc the librarian. Mi> Kellogg Morgan entertained the board -ot trustees «n«l the .substitute librarians at a coffee hour in # the library Tues- day afternoon Mt Dake- returned home Sun- day after having eye >urgery at the House of the (HWH! Samaiitan Watt'rtitw n At a rei'ent mefting of the town board, fhe bond api>ointed Mis >'toyii I>omuiy a> trustee ot the li- brary to take the j>lace ol Mrs John i Lance who resigned when .she went To Florida to live\ Mi and Mis Howard l,acy ot Massena v i.sittni his brother aiul sistei -in-l-iW. .Mr. and Mi s <iuy Lu\ Wednesday Mi\ and Mrs William Green Were in Svtaciise Mondav day night in th»- Hepburn Library. Mrs Howard litblxms had the >p«( lal teature and Mi s Worth Fairbanks had the topie % JuveniU* Delinquency Mrs Floyd Uiminy was hostess Mrs. Lee Fairbanks was a guest I M;ss Carolyn Hewlett and Miss (linger Bulger, who <nr doinfc their ; practice teaching at Ciouverneur I were supjMM guests Thursday nignt I of Mr and Mrs Myrl Baker. ; MLSS Ven it a Hubbard of Platts- burg s\n*n\ the weekend wfth her parents, Mr anil Mts H Hubbaid Mr and Mis Wifham t*\'lt <tiui son Chris, of l>eKalb visited the Hub- I bards Friday n-ight j Mrs Beifha Allen visif-d Mr and Mrs Lewi> Peir\, he i>e- Kn- and are ents Mi- 'Fhe F^ throp ol tMiT.s. Mr ville T^.uisci ley hrt- U'»-n M: and M Lou \ 11|. • v\. • i ents. Mr an«i las- S ,-day Mrs_ Ma:\ son-in-lavv a; Mrs John McLwen in Altar-Rosary Society met vviih Mix ilaymond Healy Mon- day evening. No\eml>er { J Mts Minnie WamvMight ol Kalh Jet . LS a patient at the *slow home Mr and Mts Ronaki Bovay ehildren. Kobbin and Cheryl, spending two weeks with his par- and M:s Cierald Bovay ^ and Mrs Richard Nor- Bi asher visittui his par* and Mrs Arnold North- Monday night Spoilt C (M»kie Sale The (nil Si-outs staited their Kikie sal«* Satiydriy ami made i<Ki They v^ill continue the s^le the rn»\t two weekends then Brownies will-sell then- cal- ndais Anyone wishing < % ookies any time may call Mrs Lawrence La lone and the girls will deliver them The prohi> from the s,ales arc to start a can.ping lund The girls are setting the tables and chaii*s for the turkey supper Thursday night. The Literary club met Thurs- Severai membrrs ot the KaMern St «r attended the Masonic meet- ing WVdm-sd.iy night »<> wliu-h the chapter had Urn united Kverett How aid uf-Canton gave a t.ilk on Wills Rel reshments were seived loiloV\ lllg \ he rlleet 111 g At jh»\ Home I >«rnonst r at ion unit m<-«img at Mis. Raymond Healys Thursday night, members pi«-.sent wei'e Mrs. Srvnumr WVs- turn. Ali> Walter Pernn Mrs Kdward Hov\el|s. Mrs r'tank L>'\v- is Mt^ Law renre LiOnc ami Mi> l.iuniur Sullivan Mt> l>avi(l Mr and Mis <iuy Ijn-y nnd Mrs. Mary Petrie visited Mrs. '-iUia St Jolms ot DeKalb Jet . A ho ts a patient at the hUvsard J. Noble hospital at Cajuton Satur- day. Birthday Party 'About eighty persons atlrn-le.il i veiy pleasant surprise birthday party held at the Hepburn library in honor ot the Rev I)a\id Stone'* birthday, Friday evening given hy the members and families ot the First Baptist church of which Mr. Stone is fMist or The }vVv .Robert Taylor. pa>tor of the Baptist Cav- alry church ot Massena and nis family and the Rev and M! •;. Richard Austin of Canton attend- ed. Mr. Stone wa» presented witri a gift of money and also ni.ivy other gifts A birthday cake VA,*- made by Mrs FaVe Put mar and decorated by Mi s Sherm Slav Law reric** Ha/en had s'irge«y «it The S iranac l^<ke hfi>|i.i t| 1 t tne H til ai.d gue>t The next with Mts h'r'ank J. when Mi > i Mive Crinton will IH^ in pio.HH't. \Kr^ow your Anvonc mter- U\Neil was a meet ing will IN Lewis N.'V C'aii>tnt«r <» charge ol thi Cleaning Supplies\ ested l^ N^ rlCOTlV IMueatUm ]n observance of American Fd- Ui'atuin We«k. tiirtv films on Ceret>ral F J al>> were shown Turs- ti t> niL;hr at tlw ilermon school Thui'^dav night ojH'n hou>«» \K\\\ U- held at l.M>th tin- Hermon and l>e- Kalb sihix»ls trt^m 7 to 9 o'chn-k at which time the parents mav ic cei\e the children's rep<irt cauls tor- the first quarter and the teachers will \>< in thvir rooms to give anv help they can Parents and timids arc ui % gt*<1 to \fsit the school anv time during the week Leon Jnnes. Mi's John Soukey. Mrs R.chard Aureho and daugh- ter. S!:ii-|*\v were in Watertown Thursdav. Thursdav Mrs H i/en and sister. Mrs William W al>h ot ton are .staying at the .Lake him tor a tew days f R**M Home Out ot town guests I R.-st home weir for Mis - nokis. Mrs i J dge Cc»U* ot \\ 1 hall and Mrs My rtl.- B-illi.s Mrs. Homei* Ketti ot Colton i Mr Spicer. Mr .arvi Mr s , Sfiaipslem ol 1A »UIS\ ihe. Pat ton. Ms s Welden W an«l daughter* ot Bra>i» i and Mrs 1 >ouaid Bi daughter ot CiouCerneur ; Backus, Miss May PIKI I Mabel RouLston of Wat. r « Mis June of Go-uvemeur and t W oodarrl of Rens.sela*^ Fall* h< r\ wi'.i tot nw ari L<-.v >!:s. ri^ht ii* < <nvl Mi > V: > iwr, M* v . 1 a- Mrs rnderwood. Ha/y I'n«l»' r wood .of Clouver-neur. Mrs Lmvi Huntiv.ss and Mrs Mvrtle Rie»> of I>eKalh Jet ; for- Mr> QU::TM>, ; Mts Kenneth Cinmshaw of i'is- >ell: tor Mr Cimles. Mr and Mis. ' Kenneth l>a\cnpnrt and dau^l.f* r, Marv and Mr \Warner of Rome; for Mrs Siver, Carl Siver (»t Ma- drid and Dennis Sver of Huris- ville Mrs I>onald Jeffrrson p-eriviMJ treatment at the Memorial h«>s- pj!al in Svraeuse la<T week 1 Mrs John (iengN'r was m 1 1 > • Potsdam hospital Jast week * tor 1 X -ra v s KAPLAN Pre - Christmas ^)EPT. STORE Gouverneur, N. Y. HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS and FAMILY'S WINTER CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR — Two Huge Floors of Winterwear — $250,000 Worth of New, National Brand Merchandise — Will Go On Sale Wed- nesday Morning, Nov. 11, Continuing Thru Saturday, Nov. 28—16 Days of Discounts On Your Family's Winter Cloth- ing and Footwear Needs. Your Big Chance To Do Your Christmas Shopping and Save Dollars. First Sale of Its Kind To Offer Discounts Before Christmas-. Be Here for the Grand Opening Wednesday, November 11 • SHOP DAILY FOR SPECIALS * * * LOOK FOR UNADVERTISED BARGAINS * * * STRETCH THE FAMILY BUDGET Ladies' Department — First Floor . 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