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The Gouverneur tribune-press. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1959-1973, October 29, 1959, Image 16

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KELVINAT FREEZER SALE (NO DEALERS. PLEASE) 15 CU. FT. KELVINATOR CHEST FREEZER 130 20 CU. FT. KELVINATOR CHEST FREEZER J16O 00 SAVE 9 CU. FT. KELVINATOR UPRIGHT FREEZER *110°° SAVE 18 CU. FT. KELVINATOR UPRIGHT FREEZER $4 A AOO SAVE I I \Over $2200 Profit in 30 days with my HOMELITE CHAIN SAW\ JOHN M. NEW HOMELfTE «HAIN SAW :•- ONLY *153 5 » Comptatt f C B Factory Ik. Jrtn M4to a a'pod example'* w*tf > jjrou car dc «.ti> the nomeute BUZ cr.iin . ttv rr ma» r,£ extra cash If s umpie irrtff ft* new e*Z because rt cuts so tjst i$ so easy tc turtle L*« « tor fencepostt. cord- .^»d. taud'^g lumber antf clearing camp- srttt, loci As* *w i tree (teroonstration. - • cuts 16* . 16 sectnds • fe4rs trees up to 3 fe tn dtlmeter • cutttevd wrfthirotifl •• on»y 19 pounds (less tar and chat*) V Philosopher Says If You Think T V Shows Are Fixed -Try Farming J-xhtor* not*-: Tht* Wi^t Branch Philosopher i>n h»> rrmh Knu** farm cm tl** H>*t branch of th«* D*Ht*»U'*ii«- river brinjc* up a novel Idea thih H^ek, but tar* probably i<Kifu%iBK fanning with nh»t he doen. l>ear editar: Now fhat «»\er>hofl\ ha< pretty wHI luuriil out that Trlevi.Mnn quiz sliow s wviv fixed. I \\a\v l> t*n luokjng around out nere arid doir\£ some hi'd\y thinking and have come to the conclusion that <he invalidating oimnut tee that brought this to light has only acmtcru-/! ihe surf art- _, • Jf von think television quiz shows ale liXed. ><>U <»UghT to \v\ farming . IHJ \<>u reckon farming is fixed ° ha>- a lot Ilk the ear-marks a i* V conte>- IT Fur lA tant out on yertr f«.*H:ng like vuii'rp going TO hit the tack pot. you've got the* a n s w e r f s this time MraighJ from the expert* aht-ad^ of show Time, but when the timo comt*s to cash in. it s**em> that the producers of The show trip you up and run in another testant known as the middle If. cva» man who winds up with the big mon» > i)r maybe he doe.sn t get it. but it goes somewhere, a* gro re^ies Oil the shelf kt*t-p going Up and groceries in the raw straight olf trie farm keep going down If the middle man doesn't/get it, the iriMHjts do. or. the weather. Ke- gardless of how many books they give us to take, home and read, even with the pages marked, we can't find tru* right answers. ..1 wish you would contact that Congressional Investigating Com- mittev *nd hjfct> it Jtvok i#*o this farming situation. <>n second thought, though, mayhe they'd better not. * When people •found out quiz shows were rigged, the shows col- .lapsed We cant have that hap- pening tn farrrung Just forget I e\er 4-nentuine<t it. Let s change the subject. I,f you Mink Mr Khrusehev's claim that \h. ' I bury us\ has the Tinted ST nes Diplomatic C*orps upset. •you ought to^ hear what lhe American l'n<fortakers association Dunks about it • * Yours faithfully, J. A. . . Fvery baby born -in the t\ S. today creates a lifetime demand tor 4X.71O pounds of milk, or about 23.imo quarts, it is* estimate Tr\ a Classified Ad Mils. NKIL H. MllXKK, orm«:r Mi>s Patricia A. daughter u! Mi's -Harold Rounds Hounds, who w as 1 ' Neil H Miller, son of , ^onmere George Miller. on»; lr am1 and the late Mr »-—\ —\ ~ >? lln * nuin u<i :>cu^y 17 at the Park wedding B ' rdle L ?V nlop °' \? cha,vl in Keno. Nevada ' ht> W «W\« cake b for •• S6S.00 new HOMELITE Ol^« pfctV? <**** *••* TO See 2 *r a DoM Freeze M Tew or S: ^m *r'~ DRY CLOTHES Quickly and Gently in Safe, Low Heat. AYTA Halo-ef-Heat D R Y E R $198,55 MO HOT TOO Maytatfs New Drying Principle Makes Others Old Fashioned... txiiusivi? rvw M ••.•. liiji -(in injr prin- j cip> F'jrnHintis r!r>the« with a gentle en* *C»T * ; circle of heat —ends ovorrrvins and hot ppo**' ITioThc's i-irv f-.iffy, «*n]>v latter *::h iVwcr wrinkles at safe, low, steady temjxTfc?u:vs. »— • - J fttv Aitiaahc nr retake filter. Removes 09m tn*n it Mi . -*•• Mwuj Dov^lm c j uf: t anf j (J ;r t from ;ncfr>rrang air. •TT^^-a**:* *•£ 1^x4 **: - [-*-\':.~- •*•' Aittmtic ii-»ntfclii|. Wash *n JS-tf-»i re- P fW ^ crVg. v€ V cc--r,CT Wear\ fabr.c &e',tme takes out • Q<w:'ir«4, a coron». fiiCjr'Mfwr^^, wrinkle*, saves ironinp. MAYTAG...7** Mast Sfrtca-Ff Automatics Made! o&-tlfl4eTfeifid Ut H SPEEDS, 2 SPIN SPEEDS! ttw action to tht tabnc! Temper* tur*t re ••»% •*< •o'fr* n INI fmsi $319 V NEW MAYTAG Super Hi 19 CWNTON ST. GOUVERNEUR no^tra'jofi- W?VT NESC AUTOMATIC WASHER PAY 0tQO ISXMHII O#T TXtS SA.AVTAO AT PHONE 1541 Annual Turkey Dinner Saturday, November 7 r At North Gouverneur B> MRS WALLACE HI RLBVT r \,>r,h Gouverneur -The WSCS . , will hold its annual turkey supper ^^p^ tnt , Saturday. Noveniber 7. at 5:30 The John Valentines Honored on fiftieth Anniversary Date By MIS. BILO HOOIfK • Pitcmirn A >urprt»e reception was held Friday e\eninc October 16th, tor Mi. *nd Mrv.J«>hn Val- entine, in honor of their 5oth wed- ding anniversary, at the Adiron- dack grange hall There were arounri 85 quests present Tho^ irt>m out of town were: Mr. and Mrs Chester YounK and lamily. from Lpvtville; Mr. and i Mrs. Stanley Venton erf (Joij\ er- jneur; Hr. mofi Mrs. Jdhn North, \and son, ' HaHe, and daughter. Kern, tram Conifer; Mr and Mrs. ! Kdward Randall and lamilv. Mr. r 'and Mrs Joe O'Brien ar>d family ^' land Mrs Anna Syki*. Miss Mar- of Watertown and CJU\ Farr ot Natural osfcbud- ct)i*sa^» > ar>d were presented ,to . \'aJeiHjne by Mrs, s\ life and Hiding cake b> Mrs Bilo |H«x)per. Mr and Mrs. Valentine j received ^ift.< and a pur?fp. of 'mone>. Ketreshments and caHi> were enjoxed. * ^ Married October 17 Miss Barbara Denesha of Pit- cairn Forks was united in mar- riage to (iordoR Wood ot Har- risviHe Saturdav. October 17th at the St. Francis church at Har- from Pitcaim at- ! POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT the an i ver\ ed The Young Adults hold a sale at the same time will [ -Be*-? done on IsHind road, it would be advisable to come by way of the Clinton road or to turn on the top . ot Rock Island hill left on Steven road then to Peabody road and to r t|ie Cream of the Valley road. tion. Saturdav evening at the Ad- irondack grange hall * .. Miss Denesha is the dau^rhtor of Ilah and tfie late Bowl Ivnesha Son of Mr %m\ Mrs Lawrt 1 net Wood 61 the Harnsv ille-Natural Bridge road. . ' «* Mr. .and Mrs Eduard Hoopt^r and three children were guests !:Saturda\ of N!rs. Hooper's brother Hunting season opened -Sunday. ; #nd sis , er . in ., iw Po.r weather «Mnt dimpen the J()hn Hamilton. spirh of E Burr Hurlbut, Richard' Billings, Harold Wight. James Lenahan. George Larruca and Donald \Lamica as they took to the woods. - i Mi and Mrs PeKalb Mrs. Grace Streeter was re- ported so^»e U^tTer Fnfla\ at the E. J. Noble hospital at Gouver- neur' . .. . .. ., , , .... ... T Mrs. r Annirah Ca^tlin arid Miss M , r ...t^ X l\\!?w^ lg .^:,^\: Elame LaPlatney return,,! home Sunday from Alexandria Bav. where they havo 'been employed all summer Mrs Annitah Caflin is visiting T-U r» i T*I J AJT -^ i. -'Mr. and Mf>. Harold Loomis at The Rock Island 4-H club re- »i CnV jn e ceived the 100^ certificate for its ^ Mp ^ nd Mrs ^ warA Hooper project work. and Thrpf% ^j^ppp Brenda. Wav ne Mrs. I . Yondeau who has been an( J K fln<1 M and Mrs ^ , staving the past three weeks with ' her daughter. Mrs Clinton 'fhomp- json. returned to Rochester last Friday Miss Dorothv Smith of ^.. D ^ D u 4 J0 * J ' -The Rev. T Rochester is now , spending some «r- ,i t Mm time with the TTiompsons. Wallace Hurlbut. Nancy Hurlbut and Don- ald l-am»ca attended the County 4-H rwght at Canton on Saturday Hooper were Sunday dinner First gueyts of Mr and Mrs Melvin Hooper at Waddington .Chapman of is farher. the | Rev. W C' Chapman ot Pitcairn Forks. v\ere Friday evening dinner D%Mi!«A rL a «A fgues.t< of. Mr and Mr>. popTisi tnurcn ,H<^per ^ I James and Leslie Hunter of Worship-service at' II a.m. Ser- ; Hammond spont Wednesday with mon thetne: \Our Purpose of LJV- Mr. arrd Mrs Fred LaPlatney. mg\. M^sic umier the directibn of Mrs Wa.Vne Manchester. Mrs Rjchard MolhoUky. Dons Riley. Wyman Manchester and daughter. organist. , Carol, -attended the wedfling of JSunday school at lO.am. Classes ; Mis> Barbara TVnesha, Saturday, for.all ages. • i Mr and Mrs V-asco Stevens ot Deacons meering at 4he church ' Senoca Hill vCere dinner guests Wedm»gday evening a^ 7:30 / ; Monday of .Mr. and Mrs. Fred Triangle class meeting Sunday LaPlatney. evening at 7 at the home of the : : P^v and Mrs. A. K. Jefferson; covered dish supper followed by the evenyng program. A Junior Baptist youth fellow- ewninrit ^ MUJu^L fS^?O~ ThP me \ ° f '*\\ FirSt **»\\ to 13 are urged to be present. , JjJ'J °J JJ^rtuS'dS ro'.m The first fall church night fel- \ . th lowship supper wilj be held in the c h U rch ? S *\*** - ^ *\ dining room Wednesday evening. November 4th. at 6:30. Ladies So- Oswegatchie Baptist Men To Form Qub A fcellowship ham dinner was . ser\ed to open the session. Guest ^ly*™ Z n * r S*°t arnngrmenis • speaker WM Charl^ H. Jon^s of Xhotr rehearsa^. Junmr> Friday . Gouvern . ur . Mr Jones js thp arpa aftc-rnoon at 4. Seniors Saturday ; dirpctor of fhf , Nw York , Sfa , fJ p\ening a' . • ; Bapfisr Men's association for ihe .The regular meeting of ^the St L,,^^^ Jefferson and (*- boar^J of trustees will b^ held in . weeo etinferencos the church Saturday evening. Mr - Jonps ^^ ^ Denesha Married at HarrisviUe Harnsvilie—Miiis Barbara Jean ' John • Durham. Frank Finch, U pur- poses and dutie< of a men's group 'TO the churvft HP alsn---g-ave rx- |amplf\« of how rnf'n s groups in [other church<*« are organized and jthp scopf 1 of their actfv iues A ft^**-raan ^roup cor.sisttnp of E>eneshd. daughter of iJenesha*. Pjteairn an^ Boyd DTnesha, and Gordon Wood son o^ Mr and Mr* L-awTpnce Wood. Harrisviiie. wprp united in marriag:?. on Saturday morning at St Francis Sote.nos church. w*th the Rev Ejgene Kelly olf)Ciar:nj: Gi\*en in mamae* b>- h»; bro- th*-r. Charles Denesna t*ie tmd* wore a ba;)enna ier.^r gour of ^ luce ovfr^taffeta. a fit'Ki >acxet t> * Mrs Ila ro >\ Lunrtm' Gord«rn 7\jbbs aip the \au i JafTres MrEathrr»n was apfxilTitfMi to make pian« for %h* n^xt m^et- •mg At this meeting ^here will be a votf* to se^ if a grr>up is to be formed and. if so. officers will be electfd for the fir«* >ear. The wif] tl ' rP '<* this announred at a later -:L-r. *.** 'J«*- I^^ a g attached to a cn»Tof *e*dpe>rte Sh/ earned a cv-'ade or.jouet of ye;io* rose? und wni?^ mums Miss Irene Wc»od. sister of the bridegroorr and rr.a id of honor ur*r* a t>aHenna tengrth grmrr of Nykm over jut*r, WIt^ a rratrhir.g r*«t aod earned a c**cao> t*-jt Hi* A Oav«if>ed Ad' The bndetrtxyrr. »a^ a'^rirV>d r> three brothen. GeraW Wood t«*- ir.ar arid ATton vrvj Rtctiawj Wood Mr* I>ervef^a rv**her of irhe ^•ie. «ore I jrray M*;t. »*:th. pink and a pirk Mr* Wood tSe brrtrr r wor^e a bfje m-ool and a p-nk -t>se corsage AT ever.»nf receprior ww hek! «• f» T> fc^r * r*-ai' tor atXHi r 125 Mr§ W-*-»d a O-*r»i H £h •rhoo; Mr ^ood * a 195* gra^-**te of *^ same hi ^r for th* Try A A4 and w ITHERIEE & WHALEN ins K.T. •y- C. Yon WScoi JUDGE M.COHN to the SUPREME COURT BENCH * MOST OUALIFIED •* EXPERIENCED * IMPARTIAL JUDGE MORWS MARSHALL COHN RISE. ABOVE PARTY LABEL AT LEAST - ••'. ONE SUPREME COURT JUDGE ' SHOULDB BE A DEMOCRAT ESPECIALLY WHEN \. ' HE IS ; QUALIFIED JUDGE COHN'S EXPERIENCE DISTRICT ATTOtttffY — SCHEMfCTACT ' ' JAN. I, I^SI — SWttME COtfRT JVSTKE '•\ AJG. 5 1955 • JAN. i. 1956 POOCI JVSnCf — SCHfMICTADT JAN. i. mo . AJG. s ins VOTE Row B, Number 2 Half of Kinn Business Cc From Farme It is generally a^i verneur is dep*nder men and their famili its vigor as a busim its economic well bt 1 Many businesses wholly dependent u\ the farm supply stt is obvious, but it is note th*t farmers ai ies represent about of stores like B.O. b Friday is genera \farmer's day in -t ney's two modern < Gouverneur find' fa pecially heav> at th ^olks enjoy coming shop, attend the m< 'haps, do a little \i>i Farm Supply ,an^l \other stoies * Although store m son ne 1 haw chanjj • passing of the >tai er's day** »is now ', than Satuiday. tarr Joyed Gouverneur a> center for more thai Kinney's h^is ^et vi tnous. enterprising y than 56 ytais innr. sti-eet location. Dui tenui-e, the toundej 'Gouverneur mrrchai ney. has personaliy lann folks dru^s needs. He still perh vice six days a vseVk More than l.tkH) oi ed the y a nous dej Kinne>'s Iwackjuartt Friday a t>pical \ in many respects. „* Man\ at theni. hkt N ille couple that vis* about noon, purcha: Sale meichand.se fro'm Fine stopt>ed <iay to ha\e a prvsi Ho also bought rut and Carbolau*d Pc \eterihary use Still other\ faim< gar counter for tot latest newspa^*er. C) orite departments u s is Kinne>'s i here chocolate bai iver and Fanny carfdies ai*e popular 'The fountain is up until 9 p.m. daily, ai ^s frequent it tor k coffee and soda \brt out the day- and e\< Farm houseuives are among trie best ..Kinhey's iarpe COM ment which MM\ed ; sons last Friday 1 Harry Farden's vices, too \ % As we draw farm folk> will buy •bout half the toys Carts sold from •tocks ' Kinnpy\s and all , neur bu>me*ses. are many farm families community a> tiieir a shopping eenN-r. I PON NOTIC t OK HI prej inn 1 r\a ; > buo a* * I T • J'K Ih* flS4 rtl N'-M- t»*S Uw office o ! :he T'»«r, ( chic. NY. v\ hfie jt JV Fl'KTHKR \< »Tii*K i«» and rv^ n» s^ :ci p Or!\k' | > •liiCf >»r. N T p m t»r>c A\ •>ti«h' h ir be h*'«rr in ta*\ - o . \ 4 rmnarv budtfe\ us turr jirv\ \\*nC or it PVR SI'ANT !•• S.tt». |«n \tw j»r..jniMfi sa.. :ing Town OUirr^K are SufKTM*.' . ' Tow r. CJe: k BRICK B IT PAYS TO CH I ' by N^r.bt: 2

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