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The Northern observer. (Massena, N.Y.) 1891-1897, December 02, 1891, Image 2

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I**: ^'''••', • - n».U«« i ^j.-.TklM. who wr A* t prttnn»ned to beartne CTOM, but it l« rvi Imnt\ from this account that J#*m «t^rtj».) for. the place of crtxcffliiOR carrying it Himself, IK. \Where they crucified Hurt, and two others wttb\ Him*/ <5n iiitaw-sid©- on© and Jesus In the midst,\ Consider well the meaning of the words \They crucified HlmJ? make it fl.Il as real to your mind as if you saw it see the-nails: qrivea through His quivering flash iato : -the wood, note the in r tens© pain, and yet you cannot realize a ftithi of it. People now rejoice to have found what they consider a painless way of execut- ing criminals by electricity— what a contrast to the awful cruelty of crucifixion. 10. \And Pilate wrote a titleand putiton fche cross. And. the writing was, Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews. ° Pilate ones asked Jesus, \What is truthf {xvMi.), but Whether •intpnlakniauy or not he -wrote the tmfch wlierf*© wrote thl$ title'. . P , . 30. \This title then i%ad_manxof _th©i 3eWs; for the place where * Jesus waseraci- #fed was nigh t o the city; and it was written in Hebrew,-and €rre*fc f And Latin.\ 1 These three languages represented the .whole , fenown world, and thus i t was indicated that fche fact that this crucified one was tlie_k|ng_ ^f^fehe-J«ws-was^t§6^rSafEeT^fT5terest to fche whole world. Tins alsojfche prophets had foretold, \And the Lord shall be king over Bill the earth—in that day shall there be one Jjord and His name one.\ \And i t shall come to-pros that^verjroa? that -fe^tefft irf mli'the^ cations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year t o year t o worship the Jfcm^the Lord of .Hosts, and t o keep the feast acles.\ Zecb. jriv.nrfy 10. hen said the chief priests of the Pilate, Write not, The King of the MS thai\ He'said, I am King of the That He said He was the king of the Hfigiy- were willing to have acknowl- for His crucifixion as a male!actor be proof of the folly of His saying. He really was -the king of the Jews then His crucifixion at their instigation .would prove their rebellion agaijastand re- Jedfenof their king, and this they were not Milling t o acknowledge. It is not what we sty that amounts t o anything, bat what w© toe. 83. \Pilate answered, What I have. .Writ* teal have written.\ This reminds us of the words of Ahaguerus: \The writing which is -^Pritfcente the^rng's-mam©, and'\ silljd'wfih: the kingfs ring may no man-reverse.*' {Est. ynX, % as in JDan. v]. i 8 t ;\Thelawpf the Medes and Persians altereth not.\ If this Jbe the character of the words of mere men jwhat shall be said of the words of Him who Bays: \I am the Lord. I change not.\ And how firm a foundation for all who trust in Him and in His words of which *'Forever, O Lord, Thy word is lore, jwhen^thev\ had ,s garfieffls'arioT mad© !dler a part, and also ;• was without seam, t !!i:*oughout.\ Sinners lives the results of sin mttted 'oa earth -aoukl . s r __ r __ list observe also that EfftiSe Nothing which we wear reminds us of Adam's sin, and that we are sinners in him, for there can be n o doubt that man-made in the image of Sod was ere the fall elothed With light a s with a garment, 24. *They «aid therefore among theta- selves,. Let jog not rend it^ but cast lots for i t whose i t shall be* that the Scripture might be fulfilled which saith, They parted My raiment among 1&em, and for My vesture they#d«astriots. These things therefore jfhe soldiers did.\ See this prophecy in Ps. acxii. t 18; remember that it was written about 1000 years .before its iidtUiment;, and bow down and-humbly worship God, to whom all 'things are known from the foundation of the 'orld (Aefes xv., 18} j who declares the end ix. the beginning^ and from mmimttimm '<• 3 t-Ings iTha't are not yet done (Isa, zlvi., . . Cbserve also how literally the prophesy c<=. ulilled, even t o one • piece of His eiotk- ; 7, cr which they cast lots; then see in Ps 0 ...-:.„.. 27, 23, how the same person so'ill- ir:„i: 1 shall yet be the ruler of all natices, and all the world shall worship Him. Rx- pecfc as liters! -a-; fulfillment of all this.. * 35. \Now there stood by the cross of Jesus •His mother, and His _ mother's sister, Mary the- wife of- Cleopbas, and Mary Magda- i«-ne.'' ~c 'tThfn Jf*u\-ihcroTori pa'A'Hfs moth- er \r<.j tho d<sr-rr.Le 4.^33 I;.-] g b;, \«!:.*-T; He - 1 *• * ?\r± \-..: H;< :i3i.U.c-r. Wo-av\ -y r\\+ * «•»<#»• tqlwr yt^T'\ it * ' >,\* ^v, J( , with »,«r ': <T \.*u*t .-V»H 1 I flit lh» *''U'.ij; «•.?\.•>. i»t1.** •• Ibv oaiy cure—_ ,.r )-• r« Oi *ri \ jwttiftrii^\ 1 ; ii.v J^sjrf tnoHTiu^ JhaS- alt :-.w oocoiM'•lishcd, tbiv, t?ie i< .• !»• fulfllLiJ, «*ith, I thirsr.\ >ar=\'iarkuiis*. fi*om tlicsixlti to \nr nouiJ soem to intervend be- ~t- vi'rsp aiv^ this, during which H* j>yobab]y yttereJ tht> orr, \My G-o *. my doc!, way hast Tiiou for.^kon Me?\ And uo -jf ike end •Ji»p-csme,4>ut- there-is vet a*> •jtaav ^cj-ipiure t o be fulfilled, for till aeaven and ear lb pass A way, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pas* from the law; till ait be fulfilled (Math, v ., IS}. 29. \2Jow there was set a vessel full of vinegar, and they nlleda sponge with vine- gar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to Bis mouth;\ Thus was fulfilled Ps. btix., 21, \la My-thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink;\ But while we read this and \see its fulfillment, let us not^forget the broken heart because of reproach and ^heaviness, and the vain search for pity and human comforters (Ps. ixix., 20). 80. \When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, Ke said, It is finished; and He bowed-ffliJiead and gave up the gbosfe,\ His very last word is found in Luke ssiii., 46, \Father into Thine hands I. commend My spirit.\ But it is : noticeable that John seems earefuilyjto^omit all His sayings except such as mightfall from Him»€ts Scart>£Go4,, equal with the Father. ^Lft tfeegreat word;' 'It is finished,\ ft • uufivwvT^ • ™ •J5r'!a ! * •$«!-• dkm ILMi'Kil.VNCK. 1? .*, iti 1ft wnlba witlia swag- X^lMWnmtperr NEWSY G-LEAIIiag a TELLOW fever rages in Brazil. RUSSIA .has been hoarding gold. rwFLijEN'ZA. is epidemic in Berlin. THE German national debt is $1&5,030,ODX THE mining troubles in 'Francs are sprccd\ ing. THE Russian loaa was not successful in Paris.. DETROIT, Mich., has electa! a slagb tax Mayor. -.^a THE financial outlook in Europe is very >,m; thMl hi' is lipey iien'c ev*>r be LhTaKu^ 1 ,\ l\.i J.ip»v ivin llmt I.* ^vhe-n ht's only been lii'lllkllig • -- par J cider? o __ Wbat make lnm so timen, to saVag^aQd, cross, t — \- ~* ~ /uid ior words of pro'anily ne'er a t loss?_ \What makes lhe__iJ!ea{lL so -offeirsTvo - and Be doesn't drink anytahig ali the day long Bui hard cider.? •» - What makes his face such a cardinal red?\ Suggesting the thought tbat he ought t o be bled, - His ej-eslook exactly lifee^^P 0 melon seed?, ~ABdfo~CUi'¥ airthe^~Silm^enil _ rt\. inusib \be Ho\ needs .^--•<•- „ More hard cider. He 2 'neverTd^rades rye,'* bTraseTBdrinkinjr iS oid But guzzles Itii cider ai home—on the sly— Conplacentiy thinking that nobody know And forgettitfglxis face is <in in ; showg ,. The hard eider. -— Sgcrrd heart Jievigi news, whieb HOW WE ClVlLlZB.JN!qjAKB, *^'* Indian soldiers, under the m«ueuee ~reaSS^^oxi''-<kj3ieajL^^\^^^ ss ^^* ajcejnotso'Vei-y'mach better awri nn * n i^ttm^nv^^Wtif^av i{ Tfi^S^ than\ their civ illzed comrades. andpoin^^Wward ^ Rev. w., 16. J5ee At Whipplo BarrackS( i ^ Feseottt A> T>> where the garrison 'includes dbo company ai Apaches, toe last \p% day v|^s followed,.by_ • ---ar-spTefvwi^h - ^!!! result thur' J se\vea~Indl^^ also Ps, ; xxii., 31, B, V., last clause. Rest ealmlyin-this great finished work and seek not by afiy works of jours t o add to_1t^_but rather/by good*woTks^liow\vSui* apprecia- „„„-. tUn , , ..•. tionof His finished work and thus mM^^t^^M^^¥^i\^i maX ^i aQVe ^^-^^r^^-^fr^^fy^p—--———~- ^-—-^--j-mwmn ana white soldierd in tb.2 hospital The culprits who sold these soldiers whisky oogfirto be 1Q a worse place. We commend this matter to the attention of General Mor^ gan, General Howard and the' 1 ut\. . om nent Mohgnk BESociates.- ^Z?t>v YoiL 'it \ALCOHOL..*\ - You have heard of I.IIL> Thilns no doubt; a n-onfU-Tful ^toiu.i ^ years &one by wtrn .-li^vays t u„ rover. They tluni-.-ht it ivnulil evervthiu^ that touched it. H \ »«. wasn't it!' 'Another ai'ty idea a: r thoupht there wan a i-i-rEam I they drank would umko ttieua • j : They eall&l it \The Elixir of l ij \ men spent-their whole life tn- inaanfaotnrerff -tn~©enmRrtt. _ A* preparations for the Fair, _ frthefarlse the Saudwiah Islands, • make, a n exhibit at the Bx[jo~ railway lines have already: Eura exhibits t o the Exposition I :ot the HorticultuxaLBuifdiag.-- ___^ Jtttra.1 dome, an elaborate dis- P^^^^^^S garden in 5^111 be made. , fclooat 'Farnferaf Congress, at it» jrTat\ Bedalia/\ Mo., heartiiy ia- L-World's ^o'.n-nbtan Expasltioa. i^Bngf^tPepiirtai^ rb of A^rlcal- ^^^_^ ig-stapa-talnake a_ver4j:^iab^Eatd I es^^^Kf every kind oi woofciioped in ian. exhibits at the \World's Fair ler the direction o£_ the Govern- J>i-GMM _Put»an.i» _of _tba.i)epaO Efchnology. LgricuMurat Department of the Grov- ^te will make an exhibit oi facsimile ail oj ttt=> 3K> varieties oi edible Joins which grow in tiis coantry. 3RD UxivF.s=lvy, Enginn.1. has es> jts wniia^iiess. to ssud an eij;ht-^arel - the Woriii's Fair, provided a co u- m can -Jw arraagc 1 with A:n?ricm |>»Kssoa Ii'iss, oi tb3 Arc DjparE.-neut, fcUat,tii3.{irUst5 at Russiu aro d^iiiy Kted in the*KxpostLiojj, aul Usw prom- tim EO send lo it\ a fiae^ collection of >.st \^crk. native ibra of each'Stafca aal Terrl- will bd shown at the Exx>stiton, under iirectioa .of.Chief Thorp:*, who has en- the Lady Managers tn undertake th.9 rfiion o'E'^pecitnene. is announced in the Berln newspapva the entire organia'itioa OL\ the Inip?rlal i-r'A Ccmipwy of Berlin, Garmauy, will _ te to Chicago iu W®:\ to givo operatic .•formanciSs ia the Music Half tofe'«»recc-?:l th\> F\'o >d'i v\ £!•- «!' 1 fr\ thiriz \ 1- ,'i»a I t * 1 t i overrated ~i ?: • \ w i . THB Chilian navy has been greatly. TEXAS' -six months' drought; lias been broken. ^ A SIX-FOOT vein of coal has bean found at .Tuscola, 111. .TSK influenza is epidemio in many Euro- pean countries. THE weather-wise are predicting ab un- usually severe winter. THE Finnish authorities are making war on the Salvation Ar$y^- THS New York Central Railroad's nei earnings last year were over $7,003,033. THERE are li;00'J net torss of silver in the United States Treasury at Washington. CHILE'S Congress '\Is considering- a p-ro-- grattiiiiettj' 'better 'the' couhtfy *s' finances. ALMOST inexhaustible coal mines h%v3 been discovered on Niga-Islani, Alaska. THE car famine is unprecendtid aad the greatest difficulty is experienced in sliippinij grain. IN the face of an enormous deficit Russia will nevertheless increase her army aud navy estimate. AT four cents a pound many of the raisin growers of California claim a profit in their crops of $150 a n acre. THERE is a move on foot in Hawaii t o de- throne Queen Liliuokalani and set up a. re- public in the Sandwich islands. THE immense crop of Florida oranges, variously estimated from 2,800.030 to 4,533? 000 boxes, has begun to flow in a golden stream northward. AT Austin, Texas, one J. C. Hill, an es- caped-convict, surrendered himself, at the request of his sweetheart, wh© promised to wait for him until his-term expired. 9 OHXN& has been warned that at the end of fch© appointed- time- the combined. Powers will seize her customs receipts and hold them till satisfaction for *'-~ ---• —*.*- •> -. been given. A NOVEL company has just been organize! on Puget Sound, Washington, for the pro- pagation of black eats on an island to be\ pur- chased for that purpese. The cats are to ue,- raised for the'ir fur. _ - TSE inability of the railroads to handle the.grain crop in the Northwest has oblige! .\armers to bdiid sheds for stor*g*j-Miane- a^oL.-. Mina.. reports a coal famine due to rE»e heavy wheat iraf3 •. '\ iv-^iiErr^riL.\ - esrrEen:cni. ha- bsn • \jteJr.t >'fl»rajses V''it , by tlie disoov- sy \\:A t*:e raot'T 1 -- of Wealthy oHy <FTi- • • \iv;- ?'•< ycj.r= oc->r 'cal'^'.ii'r: -J a; pr. -• ! o nndi out—of course they did not Hi Because it. was ail \rubbish—-n-> One day 3n Arnbinn philosop'-- »i »*' i<i , trying to discover \i'hu EJixii of Life'^fe-^ tilled a liquid which made ?ho« o T> J *?r#nk it do some vi rv silly thing?, so ^pr it was an evil spirit—or, in * Ruage, AI (ihoul, whirh me* Know wtat it ready was? A'cohol being n corruption of Ghoui. He wix^ quite right, evil spirit. I>et ussce— I. What it is. 0) It is a mocker.—That is., be something which it is not. is good; but in r«ality it is bad, illustration.—If proteases to in reality is only a narcotic. F ens, narcotics weaken. - •{'!$ it is '-a- -ti-eceiv-cr—'Man ! > \* drinks hecaiiso they think th » r 1 . n j> beiieMcia'. These become sla * > < but it works their rum arid th f 11 < it „ II. What it does. Solomon says that it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder. (1) I t fascinates.—A. serpent lies hiding in the grass or in a hole. There is m thing bold or heroic about it. Then, when .t has got its victims near enough, it fascinates them, so that tbey cannot escape. Thus it is with <lrink—ithids^^wf^a^-s^isasant form or taste, and then fascinates its ^t4§as so that they cannot escupe. ^\ 1 **>^ 1 (2) I t destroys—A serpent bites arid an\ adder stings when they have got theft\ vic- tims in their power, so destroying ti»jjh. So with alcohol; it strikes a man, poisoning his bloodj destroying his intelle^j ing him altogether. III. What are we to do? : We must take Solomon's tells us not to look on the' red, which means the jul when fermented/ If we' fools we musTnofe be dece which, ^s certainly an evi' who is deceTvea tder« * Tru'lHtli y L'ltl 1) ll/S G Erf KII viv NKU J v A M 11 -5 \lirihill J* 'J pu*de«i iri <jiiaectol with t'ii Kip«i 1 itvC )«r*ra'J >Piii'o(m 1 * * of the bunaing-*. CLL>b-< li 1- .\t \Tonro rt , o' <~\i.a jy; A h 1» ' ^l a \ nnn^ for thf* Wotil'H Kti.r * n.u 1 s , n ^ Li v- i 1- \ - t I ^[U f . IWl I\ > fl l I 1 u\ 1 \ ll I) . t 1 THE South Park CommiHsfooera have nken. steps to have Broxol, Grand and Oak- ••vood boulevards, leading to the Kxpo-wltion grounds, brilliantly lighted with electricity. An electric plant, costing $75,000 to ftnO.OOO, and equal to supplying 800 arc lights, will be established. The Exposition.authoritea will illuminate with eiecfcdcijsy tba entire Expo- sition grounds. More than three times as much power will bo required to rwu the dynamo^ as wasused in alf the 'departments of the Philadelphia Centennial show. IN - the centre of the Hort culture Bu iur- ; vullbea miniato mouiituitj. »»>*-..i)i v , L > high, upon which will ;70w giant i v/ ie.- >. and palms and other i hero a congenhtl l:dmi». will dtisb Trorn one d<vln ulay l:ide*and.-£.; ok './Lb \ iais rock-mountain \s'd\ ths mission jriot& .has ^Arthur Walker, in Nali * ^ x • ' • . • 4 *• V •* ro^s-'itt vi, fi ,.j A :nouui ••m MJ- 1 ifcv 1o -ii.other : u o:olk^:. r 3-.i- •^ or.iv, ei,, b t aSE SEAt OPK It is in vain for the wor] for relief to any system which does not; embrace, the liquor traffic, wages, a more equitable its of labor, aH,these w\ peace, h; !i£fiae of n. I -lSt^Jl' t «f 5TKt: ieet indiimetcr aud skrty fcot l.i_ Jointly lighted by electricity, whero^ dm- the w'ho'.e six months of tlK» Expo*'tio'j • experiment will bo trie I whocher ph\tt= w grov under electric light as well ?$ ^n sunshine. S^oiiBSViRY DICKINSON sent out notice-- the Governors of the various StUea risk: them to choose two members 01 i heir Wor\ Fair Boards to come to Chicago Decern' 9th to attend a big World's Pair comveutk The object of the convenjtion is to have m.- •i.elegatss mess the Board _o£ Control. He- pirtmentchiets and other officials, and :c cevisenniform\plans Tor 1 State work. Jfr~ ?r':nercdd5 to t!is\ iKVitaf:oc. c, SLatemj-it ti.z t she wants ell women who are in3ir.^>?rs o. rLj^aricus Stet'o Boards to be p^.c.i!; j r.. 1 urn about the plans for proootmg r-i^ ••CJS: r. 01-,?n sz*e doing. ~ .* t^rrc^ show that during the n:na or tLep-e?^ 1 : year jnsi closed «5003 :; v .^ '-c.cn oaten: by t3ie inhablt^a-cs o\ , f -'.rrr n.t:y. 4«1 more^ than wepe con- r .j\: ihc jorrespbuding/perj.od-or .-.--,,'. 'Tfo< a* n 4>revant5'v> t j>I swtaa f.-. __„. -_-jj « w : ^.tGd ornder the supsrrlsba oi VJ , ftra5**Mi. o&cieJs in OttawA, til, , \ -•

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