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(Ml £*«$* * Cwi V s Dm «MW J Jmnr itew 2 No. 7 BRUShTQN, N. Y„ THURSDAY, fiefefuary 18,1954 PRICE: Three CJ&STS iiilii-niriiiiiiimiftiii JS&_ if 1 N S^s^and 3 of the Brushton •^Wpxtitfe attended a joint meet- nig B*e$day Feb. 9 at 4 P. U. t0 iffe 1 ^^ &e 44th anniversary 0 i : iiW%i- ?4p«*iy w-ag.si>o'»«o?\ ed bM#,fejiig||^, Mr^Plumi and Mrs. ClIi^^^i^A^fep^^l games were playe3 and prizes aw- arded !he winners. At 5:3 0 the boys Enjoyed refreshments among wjpch was a. beautiful birthday U§»3IttfeJ^efl with the t&b' Sc~ coflors, Blue and Yellcw. Fads not Fallacies By Neil Brush. 0- - 0 . -O M m ^li#fe^%h mm 1 AILMEM ^WStfgm&fyoftef J. Rsyrhond iOvern has announced the dis- trftit%-4f,J^,748,628.% \as pef' 'capjtet Assistance to the cities, tcfes ^^|!ag^sTof the State. This:.^iyr^|nt is. the/fourth qua- . rt|jtfe InllalM'ent ko be paid in -th|.Sta'te,svI^3-—54 fiscal year. mhe checks have been mailed to^he fiscal officers of the Slate,s ci||es, towink arid villages. This type of aid is allocated to IO'||tl tuifts of government 04 'a p41 cagifo feasis as determined! .by th|§' l§f 0 Federal Census. ' Each'' ci# deceives annually, $6.75 .times' tbi .amQtl$t of its population; tG§ifstl$#.-|-5 for 'each inhabitant - »rt|Lvil||ges,4.3,QQ lo^.each in-jbab-. • itfpit. Tne total received in foan- 'fe^jgo^ttty is $'55,753.06. 0*^0—-d——o n M mmiM SIRUP . With the maple sirup season jifft around-the corner, producers ag|' being advised to get their e||npment. clean and ready to go. ./'pap fan parly last year ;sap came ^a^earj^.as January and February. ir ^b' ; tfiSHiona.l month of March wf|s unseasonably cold with few sap runs. Few producers were re'a- dff for the year's best runm the laf| week of February, according tojpotnell foresters \who say, \jSpon! let ifrhappen this _time4\* ^^§^<ia»eljiliy to weather for- he months of Jan. advisei Tap two or 1$$^J$j^i#fe& in different parts q||pe sugar bush to learn how sipp. to |'|p, and which part of the bt&h to tip ifkst. , ' • Other current suggestions: Ch- e$& over the ssspheuse. Make sure thll^ntii^fioTi' system, is ^daj^ate CfieJk thw-'evaporator,and a&.new palis, connections, or if . other e$|*ij|ner*t is- .needed, order now. Cfecf \also the spile supply' stfd' t t;he bucket supply. \If ycsu can ex- ' pan^-\ ,,s ^dd a dozen or so. new buJcets this year,\ the foresters fa mn?m m>® apie ^rup is one crop in New Yoflc ffc' fe« fe^en conspicious becluse of its shortage,\ they poipt o:iit.. Dwringf the past few yem ^ '-i&Simd'h&i surpassed the suppff^f'pTH5^-aeer& wh% havi doffe a ^Q<*! mateing job a r»&^^ t*'^ uew ' du^bt& wlu tte inbusine^s this inr ifear as more and more ers mm to new sources of income\: News items of February 11 ,th 191 5 ^ will be remembered by many of the readers $nfl aje i^s- follows: Town caucuses for trie nomina^iaon of Town Officer* were held on Feb. 6th. The Republk*#*r 5&umm' 3. -Dr* ^KfmbWfp* Supervisor, Arthur E. Hyde ^or Town Clerk, A* L. Donaldson for Superintendent of Highways and on the Democratic side Irvirig Peck was nominated for Supervis- or, James H. Enright for Town Clerk and Timothy O'Connell for Superintendent of Highways. A good number of men and women were in attendance at a meeting of theNo-License League Tuesday evening; G. E. Monteith was elected president, Merrill A. Baldwin secretary and E. E. Har- ris, Treasurer. , The Bombay Basket Ball Team came to Brushtpn to play a return game Monday evening; enthused by their recent success at Bombay and accompanied here by about 75 Bombay rooters they Came with an expectation of another victory - - but Bombay was sad- ly disappointed, the Brighton boys were in the game every min-^ ute and at the close the score was 30 to 16m Brushton's favOr. Tbat it was a fast game goes without saying. All the available space in fthe hall was literally jamrhed with^ spectators arid they aft had their voices with them, from the start of the game it was almost ^a con- tmous cheer while play was in progress. This is the third game out of four that BrUshton has won from Bombay this season. The Fred Rozon house had a narrow escape Monday afternoon' from being dastroyed by fire.\ the family had been to the -village* for a short time and on their return home at about four O'clock they s&w smoke issuing fro mtHe roof, The fire was discovered in a cham- ber and a closet up stairs and was soon extinguished. All of the fam- ily's clothing was destroyed. Mrs Cora A. Greerileaf kfttfrlit- tie son Ernest, who have been vis- iting relatives and friends in this vicinity, left last Friday for their home in Belleville, Canada. In The Republican Caucus held fot the Town of Bangor, W. B. Royce was nominated for Super- visor, Lyndon Farrington for Town Clerk, E. C, DeLong for Su- perintendent of Highways and Russ Boles for Collector. He^AvaifiHe^: ou> MAN wimtit STHOCES NOJRTH C60NTRY During the past two- weeks the north ctftuktry ba» seen more win- > v f A week *$ttrtm* Sunday* at Jrtodked ir*o$r «J1 'cross tw$k & s<&me main x'o^s, M^t schools -#ere closed Monday. Last Friday & , Saturday the t^mperatuife dropped ^iowrt id U and ?0 below wo-im . tKe^^Mo^ and Btu^ton afea^Jh 4Z below\ zero being *ep PJ ;ted iri Qtffa H4a<i. The tempexatur^ fiew 4%d a ^ick- change from ^Q' ^ej^vf Saturday n,tght to ?0 a^ove Stiridky morn- ang jwitb Hglit s^pwiapng most oi- the day, J then ^t fcffcgan to ^aw^on h J^9ndav mor^mgan^ byTuetffay' r^drni«g olre^ h*H 4% *h&*%>y ^«« gone, People be^aitto breach eas-^ iff arid think the\ winter ^^ over b^ *h*to it begirt tin sno^ again *& by Tuesday eyeing the cross yo^ * ads were once a«ain.^lockect wif^' 4&5 foot'snow drifts. L^pnetti Model Agency. 'Tommy, a-24-year-.61d jbaoh^lor, found *» «*«* »«^i£r€lMniUsc^v j# «p* rialati||n^but- goi a warm S5ra%OH!(e4^m fwo bi her top models, Joyous Cheney (left) &nd Catfii« Rj^h- ter. fitle of Tommys first record is \I'm Available.\ Att<l Whd O- -O- _o—o The Fractioh System Lawyer—\Was the mart you lOiund under the sitreet car & total strang- er *>\ \No sir, a partial sitiraftger.\ \What do yom meian''\ \Well one arm and om& leg gone.\ 1S54 EASTER SEAL SALE T>JiT$& A£E SET Dr. Normah Vir^cen.t Pealfe has accepted 4:heiStaie Chairmanship oith.0\V934 Easter \Seal Appeal in New York. Tfbis was announced latst we^k by Halsey B. Knapp, President of the New York State Association For Crippled Children Inc^aCGordingtoa letter received by'Mfs.s Gerald E. Douglass. Dr. Peale pastor of the Marble Coll- egiate Church in New York City, is N nationally known as an author lecturer and radio and television personality, * J 'The 1954 faster Seal Appeal will open on March 1 8th and ex- tends to Easter Sunday, April 18. f Reniember, when you give to the Easter Seal Appeal you are helping make handicapped boys and girls into the Valuable citizens of tomorrow. o—o- -O O FO£T HpCKEY ^EAM WINS CLASS \B*; TITLE FROM SARANAC LAKE Last week Saturday the Fort toyingtoji Hockey Team won the Nor\thetr» jMew York Class ]B' title Elm Row Farm,\ Constable has for £he<second yeariin a row in a been given the high rating of Ap- thrillji^gg:^e i heldinthe Lake PI- proved, according to the Ayrsh- acid Arena. H A t fcst might which ire Breed ers> Association Exectit- developed between J&ftl reets Ft. ive Secretary, Chester C. Putney C^ovin^tori and McKillup, Satanae' of Brandon Vermont. NO JOBS IN PLATT^URGH- WORKERS ARE WARNED In a warning based 011 the bit- ter experience of job-seekers who have found themselves branded in the north country without jobs and ^without funds»the*New York State Employment 'Service today cautioned construction workers and others to keep away from Plattsburgh unless they have j^obs to* go to. In recent months hund- reds of workers have flooded into the Plattsburgh area o:nly to fincj no meed for their services, accord- ing to M[, J. Tierney,upstatedjlrect orof the jState Labor Dept,s M D,iv. of Employment. \First contracts for the Air For- ce base have just been let,\ Mr. Tierney said. \Construction is just getting underway\. There will be plenty of Northern New York men to filLtKe jobs r and tne local people will get preference. o—o—o—o EMRET 3HANE, CONSTABLE HAS APPROVED \DAM An Ayrshire cow, tElua Rew.s Betsie, owned by Emret Shane, QT*-*Q N6RTH St AR LOftGE 107 F. &A,M.tO0JMEET TheBrushton» North Star Lodge No. !07,F. &^A. M:,will hold it ( « next regular meting, itt the lodge rooms on Wednesday evening Fjfe, Z4A»< Tj^* third «^lSI«sfer- Mason degree Will be confered upon, Mtrlgi Robert |t»d Richard Hazeri and Clarence Scarfs X cr -<r turned into a free-fdr r all with all of i^the players na^g it up. After the fight was settled the game was jesujmed^at a heftfcpd.pace with the score 3 to 4in favor of the Saranac team. Tne tying\ win- ing point was made by the Fort in *3*iite8 ®t[% |o spuooas AA®£,H$I&I zvp The Ayrshire Approved rating has been given to this c:ow inrec- ognition of the producing ability of at least two or more of fyer daughters. This cow qualified on two tes- ted daughters that average 10514 pounds of 4.3 per cent milk andlture Equivalent 3^dajr basis, LEGION TO HOLD FJREE DANCE The American Legion Post No* 939, Brushton, Will hold a free dance at the Gale Ro$d Tavern on Monday evening. The regular Gale Road Tavern Trio will play» for ROUND & SQUARE dancing. The dance is for Legionaires and their wives and prospective Leg- ionaires and their wives. -O- ROSS FARQUHAR, D. D, G. M. VISITS BRUSHTON LODGE 107, F. & A. M Last Wednesday evening The Right Worshipful Ros$ A- Farqu* har of Frontier \Lodge Chateau- gay> Distric 1 Deputy Grand Mas- ter of the Franklin Hamlinton Dfe trie paid his official visit to the Britehlori Lodge 107, F/& A. M. Mr. Farquhar spoke on the Ma~ sonic Home n<fe^,r fJtiOa, he told of the many improvements and the ^expansion of the home in the past few years^ ^r. Farquhar's sVMt came on the night that the second degree Was confered ori four candidates wh,o are, Mnfle, Robert and* Richard Hazen and Clarence Scehrf. O O 'O-—O 447pounds of butterfat on a twi- ce-a-d^y milking schedule Ma- ill I 0 H *b 1 i *1 -f ^ V H h ' I 111 5 u 1 / 1 h f-r \ ? r- t \ -*^«*;«i>i . $

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