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^^^^^^^^^s^^^^ss^®^^ '?^S^? 1 ^?* u \ w >HK«g^°\ ^T^^^^^S^P^S^^^S X *'~&v •JSTSTJ^* t, ^T^3- £»>= ^-s^c-3» -**<^* 1 * -** &ft* * ** ^&«3p> -V-S^ l-»«f«rir»**p^-^ SSaMlliililll® : -^,.fev^\''-\ &. ^ :^ .3^?*, _f_^ \ff ' 'H'li'i '111 «» llftfc <si* ***# r aria©** » # 3SS>> • rimiW-Hrrii • •rf»ii_ asae * - MARC* *•, tf& fggy jf^ r SHD»L»*»re- mtmtnlBz i,mm *•* i*t«r fm #•*! M»»<J*y nooH to iattft ap- i» tfe» aexti«s«ej this *»!« *f>- ymOwtla^iy to copy for ebaage of limentf. Do You Rtmember? M YEARS AOO * Ufeg. Anna Hocltor, wldew of tl» late M»mtj Hooker, died at her horn* will feer ••*, Fayette Booker, March 10th, *fler a ihert illness of pneumonia. She vm SO years eld. Mr. aa4 Um. E*rJ Fullerleeft Wednet- ity fer If eKeerer for the ep rag log Mn. F. L. Richards entertained the aewfctn of fcht do-Ed basketball team fc»ir ewach at dinner Thursday even* l»Ia Eiekerhag was extibiting some fcjrtl^gr^wii jiaHiWo^Sj caught m Bm Qhob Pond. Quite unusual for this fits ef fear, 5t YEARS A€® W. •• ©aly has beea appoi»ted Bistiiet •••jmty by the master, ef eke State Atteation Readers Readers -are iovitejS\ to senS letters $0 titis papery voicing personal ©pinions or criticistos of interest to-the public for frt&Kcfttion. All letters rattsfe be m ge^d tartar *s<l devoid of unpleasant peiaon- alitJes. Ottr desire is to provide a forum for (fb» local public and prornoie $»^exchange #f thought on public opfetios. is 6he ; first day of Spring. oial receipts fof the Ameriean Red r e in the Bfushton area, as rfp;^rtisd Tuesday of this week amounted td%m27. The qTSoU was $355. .- ©a lifondayjgf last week, Grdv er Frew $tat&the tnisfertune of bre^fteffig one of j*i&hi£ toes. He expects to be up and faijoicit In a' few cUy . Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mills, Bom- bay* have purchased the home of Mr. iwirMr*. Neil Frazier ©n Depot St. and s?iJl take up their residence here. Mr- and Mrs. Lawrence Riley recently ieeeked word frois their sony Ward, mh& has been statione# in ©ermany since Bib*ember, that he has beenpro- |m0ted to; the rank of corporal. •y sp#»tal request the Brushton Aaatean will repeat \The Dea«©*'* jrt^Mrreoee OperaJHouse, Mofea* for fci Waefit of St.Philomena's Aeademy # fUi plm4. .. TA«re will be an antique or gretetque Weialai the M.B. chureh parlqri uext ^aw** eve; erery thSa^ i»= the: old style n%tpe«ted«& d^ess,. \isMe' : -a^^ :i&^per> price If ••»**, \• A •feapter of the Order of fehe Eastern t|a« WM organized at SrushtdM Feb. M, with 18 charter members, Mrs. E. L. Xtitlt, Worthy Matron, and George W. Staff*, Worthy Patron. The name of ft* eria&isation will be Chalybeate Chapter, O.E.S., and meetings will be hwM.CM first and third Wednesdays of •fctik »ieath. Notice of Election ##9I#9 is hereby, given that the an- Staal elsetion will be held In the Village «i •lushtoa at the Brushton Fire Souse «a tts 35tk day of March, 1SI1, bstween like kemrs ef en* o f clock in Ik* after- liniBd five o'alock in the aftsnooa; that at such election the following Barbara Etman, daughter ef 4fepr.Fr»nk Etman, was one of four St. JejggphPs Academy students to make a v^Sartisnaitour @f Merey Hospital, Wat- erfown, recently. /Lester. Leavitt, Agricultural in strue t- ^oafifctBSS, went to Ithaca Sunday to attend-Farm and Some Week at Gorneli \Ppjiversify. Students, who accompanied him were: Richard Geneway, Gordon •Todd and Norman Holmes, Juniors; Roger Sfeurgen and Lawrence Russell, Settlors. Miss Jean Brush; daughter of Mr. and Mrfc Edward Brush, was named to the Jean's list fojt>the first semester at the iSMtei TJniversity Teaehers; College at *Bo|sdam where she Is aspphomorei maj- iJtring. in elementary education. She ss a member of International Eelationa : $Iob. Regularly scbedukd Adirondack \r il ways buses between MaJone and Mass- ena are passing through here on Route 11. The weight of the buses is in excess of the posted limits on Route 3/, ©ver which they normally run and is in accord- ance with the annual policy of the High- way ©epartment to prevent spring break-ups. mm $&iW Meet* One Out ef Two, Says M.D. - Cal*it'\thaf^ired feeling,\ if you wish, but doctors halve a lot of complicated names—chronic nert- ours exhaustion,, pychoneurosis, be- nign nervousness, functional dis- orders, -anxiety state, neurasthenia constitutional inadequacy and oth- ft is a maj^r American disease whieh aifects perhaps one out of every two persons seen by doctors, tg to.a StamfQid university •Clears are to be elected, f«r the terms ja>t efpesite thereto, respectively: Oficers ?eran •a« trustee - twe years #jae truetee - two years Wm*U Mareh 17,1952. A. P. Armstrong Glerk Dittf for Kiwanis Minstrels Announced \It i* generaHy believed that one third to two tndrds of: aH patients who seefe^nsedicai help havfe as the most significant cause of ill health an. emotional or neurotic disturb- ance,\ Br. Bwight L. Wilbur of Stanford university school of medi- cine, San Francisco, writes. \This disturbance may manifest itself in a large variety of ways, but nervousness and fatigue are among £he commonest symptoms^\ Other symplems are in-somnia, irritability, inability to relax, fa- tigue in the raorniag, mental con- flicts, difficulty in making deci- sions, and aft sorts of aches and pains, paTtieufely disorders of the heart and digestive ' systenij he says. The usiial Gsoasef: Melide an emo- tional piFoblelo! or s@me: situation in. the 'vletpn's.. life, overwork with inadequat© rest, aftdi relaxation, and 1 imadeqmate recovery emotion- ally from an infeetion, according to v Dr. Wii&Er. '\There is not just a single level, but a wife,- range to the limits in structure and 1 function of the nor- mal persons^ he^ffi^plains. \Acute .fatigue OF nerveyfness can be in- duced ihiv^SKiy normal person by lack o| sleep SHd sufficient threat to secur^y^. ,rfcojrery generally is ,rafid with jsleep or removal of the i threat.. When these symptoms are ehronia the period of recovery will be longer, even after the cause. is removed. T * Heart Disease Kills Mora Than Is Shawn fry Records Heart disease, long recognized as the No. 1 killer, accounts for even more deaths than previously at- tributed to it. T h ~ *•\• °^ow n 7 \ ' f 1 n T'-•l^(-\• , ' ? r ''-g I'f'-'n c oi Lilc L-z.-~.~cc on 1 .T/3 death rates among life insurance policyholders, : for the first time on the new- reporting system for cause of death. Under the new system, the death rate among policyholders from the combined- cardiovascular-renal dis- eases, commonly termed, heart, dis- eases, was down last year from 1949. This rate, however, was ma- terially higher. than the rate that would have been projected under the old reporting system. In fa-ct, the increase in the heart disease to- tal due to revising the basis was found to be nearly the equivalent Of all deaths from automobile acci- dents. . ^ During 1950, the new Internation- al List of Causes of. Death was ap- plied te life insurance mortality statistics and this resulted in changes in classification of many deaths, especially where two or more causes were involved! The doctor's judgment in- diagnosis be- came more important in the final classification than the previous rules bad permitted. Regal Retreat At Marly-le-Koi, now * Paris suburb by %he cpikscrewk&g Bivear Seine, French fcnigs, sarfeiltd with palace pomp, found, escape at the huge hunting chateau built by Louis XIV in the loWif. To-£ee4 «h» faun- tained gardeas of Versace*, an elaborate \water machine\ vam built at Marly, Hfimg' water from the Seme to an aquaduct wMch still leapfrogs the forest, -The piijnpuij station, modernized * century ago, is still in operation. I Maple syrup operations 3ip*e^eea considered a profitable. ^aglScultiEEal \side-line\ for y&sm 'fit itfse l*ine Tree State and often?, jhavte been* credited' with helping ikany genera- tions of Maine families in-balanc- ing the budget. Man-ilbtir bosses Time lost by vm&&m fr$aa& all |-accident causes inrl&li totaled 410:,- f 000,080 man-days, t&*':..iiq@Qawl Safety Council, esthmatesi. That is equivalent^ to . the shut-down oi plants with 1,350,000 workers for an entire year. Big Business The Japan Central Post Exchange , operated by the United States Army j daily and which supplies servicemen with tobacco, soap, razor blades, and many other necessities, now has 36 branch exchange outlets in. Korea. In a recent month, sales in these Korea outlets amounted to $1,130,- 000.00. A total of 625 long tons: of merchandise is being shipped to Korea each two weeks to meet the demand. Wateh Food Sources Butter, milk, eggs, ; .and cfcfeese should be of high; qualfip ts> ; gjtve the best flavor &n& fbod r vakte, §0 buy them from sources, where they ire kept under refrigeration and fresh supplies are made available Brushton Home Bureau The Brush ton- Home Bureau will meet Monday, Mar eh 24, at the school. The lesson on bound buttoa-heles will be given by Mrs-Edgar Greene. Members will need a strip of cotton cloth $5 by 5 inches, and another strip 15 by 3 inchss, preferably in a contrasting ecl©r; also, regular sewing equipment. Refresh- ments will be served as usual. Food for Ocean Fish For both big and little fish in the oceans the staple food is what is called \plankton.\ This includes a great variety of plants and ani- mals with, little or no powers of movement of their own, which are carried about by tides and cur- rents. The name comes from a Greek word meaning \wandering.\ In contrast, animals such as whales and fish, which are able to swim, and thus more or less in- dependent of tides and currents, are called \nekton.\ This is de- rived from another Greek word, meaning \swimming.\ Wine-Making a In wine-making, tartaric acid oc-, curs as a residue settling out in the aging of wines, which is known in the industry as \ar-gols or wine muds.\ Head-ead Traffic Mail, express, baggjage, newspa- pers, and milk, usually transported in cars nearest the locomotive, are known to railroad men as \head- end\ traffic. %*U* fer the Brushton-Melra Kiwemsj Slasirels kave been anneuncei as fol j lews: Biashten on April 22, Bteira on Apfil M, Sfc.Regi& Falls on April 24 and Be***? on April 2£ •••eg* Guy Marris, Music Instructor at fciBrusbten-MoiraPttblio Schools, is iireeter. ftfra. Edward Bonahue, Brash- er Palls, a*i bees engaged as accompan- ied Seuai Waves in Liquid Vfeat happens when high-pow- aound waves are turned on a re of materials in a liquid? , , »ty, according to Alfred Weiss- figiF of the naval research labora- ^•ey. ^e vibrations of the sound ' p»¥*a pish individual molecules of- 1% liquid back and forth a million tee a aecond with a force 250,000 that of gravity. If there is a 0m dteeelved in the liquid, tiny CN&foles of the gas form and then **&a*«e with a violent hammering M^WL, generating pressures of ibawtanda of pounds per square and temperatures of a few degrees. BHS Loses Championship Brushton High School was defeated by Sfc.Lawrenc'e Oentral Saturday nightf, 52-49, in the championship game of the Franklin-St. Lawrence bounty basket-J ball tournament which was played in FA gym in M alone. St.Regis Falls downed Bombaj School, 44-^7, in the consolation tfi|- Lead Bronze Strengttiener Nickel.is: contained in various lead bronzea where-it impr-oves: strength and ehfoSfeages more, favorable dis- tribution of the lead constituent. Paper Plants To? -prhta pjfe;.ol logsjinto tomor- row's, newspapelES,:\ nig-ged machin- ery '<• is =used^aisoj:-aeid^' 'tmd? other' co.r^©slv^ ; ::Chemlcalsv- .•,..,-•' _Going Up • Class I railroads, according to estimates, by the Interstate Com- merce Commission, will make cap- ital expenditures of nerly $550,- 000,000 in the first six months of 1951. for locomotives, new freight cars and other transportation equip- ment, an increase of 51.5 per .cent above those-nnade in the first half of 1950. Strengths Important High patency in an antimalarial drug is very important in its use. A drug like the chlorophenyl di- aminopyrimidine need be taken in very small amount. The amount necessary is so small that un- pleasant side effects and toxic re- actions are avoided, and the cost of treatment is very low. . L. ' i am.. - i - St Peter's Episcopal Church Rev. John &. Cotton Holy Eucharist Sunday 9:15 a.m. Church School 10 J5 a.m. Park Methodist Chursh IVloka Sunday School 10 a. m. M orning Worship 11 MYP 6 p.m. Mid-week Service: Wednesday 8 p m. Brushton Methodist Cfeurch M®rning Worabip. 9:45 Church School 10:45 Oyster Boast Oyster roasts are traditional along the inland waterway in North Caro- j lina. Bivalves are placed on an iron grating over a fire and are ready hx minutes. During the -war, soldiers from, all over the country indulged in this fine eating when they were- stationed along the Caro- lina coast.. Brushton Christian Church Morning Worship 9:45 Sunday School 1©:45. Pr/ssyer Cottage Meetings each Wednes- day at 7:30 p. m. Pilgrim Holiness Church Rev. O. W. Lawrence, Pastor Bed Square Red' Square in Moscow was built over 300 years ago.. It has nothing- to do with the present Red regime. In the old Russian language the word \red\'* means; something very fine or exceptionally good; hence the name Red Square, Potato Crop The 1950: potato crop was esti- mated at 420 million bushels,- 18 naillion bushels larger than last year when the government bought nearly 77 million bushels for price support. Sabbafeh School 10:00. Morning Worship 10:45.. Evening Class Meeting: 7:30, followed >y a Preaching Service at 8;<00i Midweek Prayer Service Wednesday 'veoing 7:45. YosiQf People's Service Friday, night *t7'-:30. 'Christian Science Services Sunday, 11*0 a. nu at-113 E. Main 3*. M alone March 23. 1952 Subject: MATTER Golden Text: Colossians 3:2. ' Set your affectioD on things, above,, not ©a things ®n fche earth. E^ryiay L<ow F. A. CLARE 4 CO., • Brushton, K. 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