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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, November 25, 1899, Image 3

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1 \5 I HSU'' la fWs r* . «ff 2T*«r York, t Hi pi4 % ^ x% wail* w* « i ^ ^ yf^ Brfe«s not fmgel iliat 1 s«l tli* SterSne Pianos quorate* s This may be of on the %rlae Its others are Ojeat # ol $>jis<9w «*o*<fUJt«i», fey it trftetfc ffe l P* the laee ol hk for a JDewey Watch CwciiHi *^# •\' • ;- r ;.••..;•••''£': ; ^,\it^ ffWWs.fiiSfe:.f^fif• fcW© »«t||%^|^%^i'.^^.J^E^^-,'^ ' MM''W& ! ' g t j Who hfiih OM %Yho hath AU&V TJie \voe« ore 'too gxaai and too mapj to name Sfepai'dle-ly. They are uoes ol and TJVOOS ol rxttefli woe& iu OBe's woes i» fet«» fiT&ily; jjaiitfe, disease, p A ^aji sick QII aecxmfit oi ills £»brs buffers very fliffici'eiitly Irom one siclr in tiie x^rovfclence ol God. A priwn, a cross., may be a ^loty, or it may too a shame. <f Wii& jtath eoiiten- 'ttons?\ tony meait Hie coiifLiof between and confeci^iifie; more nntJ bifeljerfegSi. \Wlro * Foalibk talRixig, vile conver- noisy ,i\on at secrcist \Who rtcetved in or •vvliolly oimdg atid strii»ps of the bi'ftwl-s ofrirmi&ea xrien.— \Wilhout cause;\ Upon very sg provocalloTi, wlsicli men iuflamed vtitli •wine iii - e 'voi'y apt to take.—Foul. \Who Itath redness of eye&* i; f The waid decs not T^fer to the redcleniupr* >btit 1lit» dimmiag oJ 1 the cy6&, apcl the power of risio a,' '-^Delitzsch. jfl> BOCOBCI Pictttro, A Portrait oi! the Artht Wlio Atade the Diuxil-ard's Pfetyrp.—Y. 30. \They thai tarry long at the'vrfne,*'* Theteadeucj of strong tlrfnlc is to eon Untie diinkittg^ to ofteti the whtile nighty m \They that go to seek lrxKed They go to the wini* hmtse, the place ot I evelt',5. Heptiiaginf, thd^o s,\ho htrut out vliero carousals ai*e talving place, \Misod wine ifttdmiblcdly here signiftefe sjnodd, drtiggfed, medJeAted wine, tl?e ratoxioating' pcwei' of which is increased by the infusion of drug's and sptccsj.\—Muenfeohor. Sttch Jiicr the cup ol a costly ck ath \—Tcti- \Here are indicated tour dan- pns&es, \Who does not enter the first -vdll not Ibc wajlalcl irt the f-oticth. (1) Keepm^bacl company, (2) Sipping th^ witte* (3) Drinldng to excess. (4) Brtraicett ^araas-als, ~ TiXT: Third ficuue. A Stciion of HIP \Black Valley Road*' to the drunkard's condition, with its snares, and tia]^, pitfalts.~~V. 31. '%oolc aot thou tlie wine.\ Do not pul yourself in the %vay o£ temptation. \Wh«n ii is- :** TI<H1 ^vines weie most esteemed in cast* The wine oXLebanon i& said to l>e of a rich srolden coloi'i like Malaga. ts \V\u n U gi\oth Ha color:\ WtcVAllj. its i,'ye, the clear brightness oi v the bubbles on which the wiue look* with, complacency.— Plutuplie. u lntl>ccupi\ Sparltlesqr bttbbks \vhcu xw^fod out ov shaken; \catrlca a- b^fld,\ ^vliidi Is regaided to bo oil Utdication of the strength and U ho Ufjudr* $ometvine» are for thpjt bHUiattfc appfeaf 1 - W, tTuui^r. ^*Whon it uiovetlt ii- arightt w BtUct as- ia. B. V Ho^vn smoothly*\ This \o the fcparkllujg of the Witte; but it \desnibes the pelHtcirt stream fto\\Tti<f iAeni,antlv t from the \Wine %Vm \at jug Into the gaWctor thg thruat* r *~ /. /' ' -*, -\• . . •• ' r man^ <C3tefIfe^a©s sov J 4 d may OF THB FASHIONS. l'lte Latest Idea-* la Ooats, 1EVj?iX|>/i Wtnier. Coats of Persian lamb t -viith ixid colJar of ch.iaehUla.aie'veiy hand- ioiiM*, atid an odd and eiTeetive-jacket ff this vzch, lur had collar, reveis and niffs of 1 white cloth, bordered ^ith j lble. Ihe effect is extremely' p'retty. Xhb aewcsi boa^ ax*e provided ivlth a fumptnous anaj of tail^, which form a iixitg-e 1'otmd the n&ek, and bang-in a :onfii&ed mass from tkt ends. The rtwest cape is of Peisidn lamb* bor- dered wrth rich, dai^k broWB fo'x, with tails hanging over the artos aad down I tlie ^OT)w 1 '•tole fronts. Some of tbemlnk and Fable capes have shaped jfrotmces, fall bade from the fronts in it reveis. Among nfe^ fashions comes- tJhat of making out-of-dopr coats and likewise -fac^t bodies for indaoy wear quite lopg_ in fi'OUt, but short at thf 1 baek, or short in front with greatly elongated backs. Tt is not unlikely that the old-style sv* alkm-tail coats, with narrow lengths leaching well down on the dres&-skirt at the back, will again prevail. On one or two French models in tbi&stjle the long direotou'ev ends were lined with silk a shade lighter than, the cloth fabric one being a dahlia Venetian, cloth with a mauve &ilk lining. In another in- stance, on a cocoa brown, a pretty shade oi reseda green formed the liberty sat* in lining- , Black and white effects both in dress and millinery arp still in the height of favor. Many designs, in silk and wool fabrics appear in these quiet combina- tions, and some are more expensive by the 3 ard than MIIC. The newest black and white gowns worn atdaj weddings And leeeptions are those in brocaded patterns over checked taffeta of very iich quality, also in matelasse silks and wlins, and in plain or flowered stripes> both widi. and nairow, in silk and satin alternately. Plaid bilk linings appear in some of the wool di*ess skirU, The idea for the disposition, of full- neks, aiotind the hips, promised for the immediate hiture, and already in sight t is an oveidress with box plaits beg-Iu- n\ng at the waist on either 1 •sitie of thf 1 tront, and extending around the back. There is a little s-pa.ee between these plaits, and they are caught down flat nearly to the knee. Beep plum, garnet, gray and tan. are the fashionable colors for cloth and vel- vet gowns. v Velvet, both plain and fency, are to b? very rouelrtrcrra* , — T^a-rrow bunds of fur, especially sable, are a prominent feature of dtess trim- ming for gaiTry pvotinig' gowrtsaswell ht and cloth costumes.—IBOHcon -$m\:Gm:-'?%$i& ••'W*m -%l W$k& BJftci'e imm M@kJ *ecpTereei froia!f .wreck of IT. 's;Jmlliesltfp jfaatoa* I Sold 1« BrosMou by JB i)iiral»ility» Tbov UPVOJ* fail'to happy of all kta<!s. ftoiu a to a piano, . \ I } on are In want of Ihe j«o&t iisel^li aittHv 1 m the world, aud wsa! the bost, Imy Oie liahfc mtafef, i W. H. MISS DMSS MAKING Alt Worl Guaranteed , MOIRA, -V F. thtinl tltepeople oj Brushtou fct tk*,'t tnd hope fa? c tjwtt nuance of llu •While I am in Moirtt. Mts* Steinberge* TvrGTICE.—i tmsuA^rc TO AN ORDER -»-' of Hon Samuel A Bem-m, Surrogate of thfc county of Franklin, and according to the statute va. such cas>e mide and provided, notice is heieby g;ivefl to all persons haMDgtLumsiagcunst Mary ,\fcKfee f {ate of jMQirx, m ^aid coantj, deceased, tliit thty <v e Required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers hf, to h l£d 4 t£h f A ball beiriBga t mn^t clurabUf^ : md pjease a31 who use thu 1, I can sell \ou otlier makes of niacfe$jit'« from $>1R«OO up. Mm marhine suppBesj of all lrinia. RemeJri'ber the place at MOJBA Ppstofficc. X, R. | YOU CAN , r T , r office of A. W. Sheals in the village of Brnshton, m *sjid county, on or before the 29th day of Maj next—Dated Is ov 20, 1S90 AJNNIE McKEE, Admmistratm, A W f SJIEAXS, Att'y., Brtfvhton, N. V. \Write to A. blindness; comes. tq : ;;||gjgJ:;Sii then, ' I\ have it • nowv • It is- <p@err«4 .can s^i|o|ijgftCTut .not your gjpse, t,€anV.re^<iSecaT* soi^:df' i fe\fei&t ; tre Bi#tiif&rk' •$$$$;k 0fwyS^ #• -ifl^-.^iF^ff|^\lS^^-• • : •\•.^v^V - ^^i: ;%^^^^ig0^:i|4^ .j^;rf.^lQ:^|^'MsM^' ,„ irife oita\ ^1 .^b^g^^^f||^|;^3p^^#%^|fe't^#i^^^ii^.-:\—• .:\.•'..' •-\.'.' ; • ::; ' :; ^i^^ ; \; • -. '' ' '' Jv 1 '^Ifei^^^^rfFiftfc' • • •;.-.' v' \ •\•v:^-^\' • - ~-'~' ' • • iT* Ji\*;M*B^*j|)jl i ti 3iy'' X c|Iifj,Wv * .- i ;• •, • i, • • piwicisfaKfbr'^Bcasss, w&y fmef K«st.«t »«f Mm ifyat*. T^umtmipJmiKna^ati- th-u- ^ • X . : %^ ' • :'. . * • ,'• , *>

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