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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, October 28, 1899, Image 3

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** - * t l\h *<* • f > f \ t '*>» £. >• ** + * t »WTW »»-W PSALMS OF tltf %t lies . In jr torn p*fiotl of the n'~ of fr th* Obtef »1* the £» public 'Jfthe name,«J «me ttt the choirs, takwx from'the famous XCm-ivU, wne of \D^Ts chief 'mvBi&iAu^ jnstt as flow -we Jmve the Biratlel apd HaJ-du gac&ety, fitnd speak of the Souls <rf the Involu- tion. JFfr$t there is a grat^fnJ r&ioetnbvanee of \tlmt Qfjrf h.a4 £lrt$a<Jy done for them. V*l. 4 \3Jhou liabt be&n favorable trnto tliy itocl:** $hpwn by bringing \backthe oapf Mtyof JfacoV 1*hl& vtm n most tnnrvelous evwtf.' f £hU gracious a proBf that (V, £•) bii Cnnqe-lecfit, as an aoeotmt of eaaoeletl, L dt J ttvfcen away #& a mxslfing burden. \Qav$r$d t all their bhv.\ 'Blotted ifbut of Mght,'cov- ered ,it with ft ip an tie, &o tliat they were in CJGIPS* sight a& those who had never iU Etaqottd. We haye a prayer, fpr more of the sarae blessings^ ^or their re- pentance had been ( imperfect and the outwqi'ct blessing-? were-ihorefore of pleaded what Qc$ hafyalrea'dy done as a reabon for asking more, Y. 4. \Turn us,\ OP triro io us (ft. V. iriargin), re- store us (P^plyehroniei). \Anger t-\ Ex- pressing '\a ( ird3s:ed feeling of grief and get to all? generations:'* The time of trial and tribulation jseetuetl so long. —*as if thc.re werenever to be an end! VT\6. \QuicKes Us again:'* Give us new life, -as tftef jfieids in the spring rains and jsnnshine, X> ?• \Grant us Thy satoa* tion:*' From sin. and departure fron> Thee, H» The Assurance of an Answer.-— Vs. 8-13. V. 8. \I will hear,\ or \Let me hea?/ \what the Lord will speak.\ Peace. ''For He will speak peace:\ \A great -word which Slims up and qom- pripes all else»\-^Perowne. \But let them not turn again to folly:*' The folly of sin, idolatry arid all evil Salvation. V* 9- \Surely JUs hah a- tion io nigh them that f ear-Bjffl:\ How- ever dark the tdght, the $a\yu must be jaear at hand. t , Glory, \That glory may dwell in our land:\ God'& glory, **Jhe manifest pres- ence of God tabernacling 1 visibly among them as of old.\ „ The Cardinal 1 Virtues-. V. 10. \Mercy « , , truth i u . ' . righteousness peace:\ These are the four cardinal \irtucs of Gbyi$ff« kingdom, \Met tor ..i',. ukissed'eadiother:\ AllN in gether the vfr... _,.. th^y always will t>e in a perfect char- acter. '\\V. 11. \Truth springeth out of the eartht\ 'etc Prosperity,t V. 13. \Ajid our land shall yield her in crease: \The blessings of pro&perHy are promised- as the % isible reward and sign of God's favor. V. 13. III. A Psalm of Thanksgiving for the •126:1-4. Y- 3. \When the turned again the captivity of •' On, n& margin of R. Y.» brought those th«t peturned ta Zfon. \We were like them that idreara;' 1 x. e., tmexpeoted and so wonderful was our redetaptian from the 6s:i!ie, V- 2. ^JLaughtei. 4 > * * singing\ were the natural expressions, of joy at this won- derful deliverance. \Then said they among the nations:\ The nations that \looked on recognized the wonder, and acknowledged that there must have beux an in*erpbsftion. of Divine power. Y. 4* \Xttrn again our captivity^** or tui;ii again to us bur captives, the tjunf Jfters 6t thetf brethren, who still ie- tottined in exile. *'As the streams In the southt' The- south was* the general ioixa for that plain v>hi<ih stretched southwatd fr-osi JeFUfc&lem to? the •> \ af ttwa hot |ft«w«» to ponl ful fi«W» Thus i ethren -may wtupn a» the flow down (o the wouth oounAry U IT, A (fomt Fnuu3ii« ISQtfi, «. Tlw* pwfyfei 1 vf Y* witlTfw expression of isatth, a' ) the. promises of God h$iratiBfc t w& tn Hfe Wotd, Y. & \They that aw itt totoj\ \Not larfrotu the J»Jtcr4lfa<it' f i '*'a*wTiieii the supply of grain '% m g^abty that to ufet if for so-wing-frtftftnto th^ 1)1*0(1 out of the ehilfclr^t's \Shall r?<ip in joj ?•\ There aro no tear« wo^, bitvt ^nly the &hotitjpg and the hg4jp.v f^^es q,t \the Vespers ft? they gather the full ears. V, 6 is «^ •picture- of the &ame scen6 r of the sarae promise. he g-oefli o« bis. yrky weep- ing'.\ 4 __ The OW Testanjeut history ifeerer il- lustrating the pi'lnoipleg of 0od'« deal- ings with His people for alj tiwe. s The sovuing in .tears ewer precedes the reaping in joy» It ta true of the Christian life, The ,,woss'came3 before the crown, the discipline of life before sainthood, the labors and cares before \uceess in doin£ good. Thore is no roy- al road to thctrue Fdi V ( w: . n. Tenjpcirance Ut)loi) v/lth Y fluxrtlary Me'tseieij^ittand thnd Wed- nc«d ly each montlf at 2 \30 p. m. MRS. JAMBS VINA ' S , President, The October Woman's Temperauoe Woxk gjves BmsJxton Union ci'eclit for $2.00 rccoiv-ed, to help the Elmira An- ohorage. Union al&o toted at the last jtd help an Orphan's Home m Xew York tlie spte amount the Vt oi'k to be in liauds of the Y. Eoso& instead of wine were used in tlio Hluistcuing of the fite masted schooner. John 13. Preseott, -which was recentlj launched at Bean's shipyard, Camden, Me. What Was IvHli«K Hlxo< Beggar—\ull jou please give me six- pence, sir? I'm on my way home to die? Gentleman (handing him the monej) —I don't ruind giving you sixpence ior *.o worthj a purposi as that, but your bicUh smells horribly of wliisl^y. \J It now it does, sir; -whisk} *s what's me.\—London Topical Times. Totiiutoe* hy \Weight. \\ In the canning factories tonaatoes are bouciht by weight, not measure. Ihej an. washed and scalded by machinery, peeled and cored by hand. Then they lire sotted packed in cans by machin- *r\, sealed and steamed for about an hotn. 'Hie cans are next soldered^ cooled, labeled and packed in eases.— Philadelphia \an on I'he lc of agiiculture of .Eng- land biis idomutgotuc! an ( oTclerforbid* ding the landing of dogs trom Ireland in Great Britain, under a penalty of £ SO*, fhis is done to prevent the spread of rabies, which is common in Ireland just row.—Albany Argus. Bit! lie Mrs. Van Piper—What! jou 70, ma jor? Toti don't look it. The Major—And I don't feel it, ma- ttftm. When I loolt at those daughters of youfs t feel ten years younger.- Town Topics, S(« Cabinet Meetlnjo; At mceiiags of the British cabinei *i» MBeial Ve^ord of any kind is kept sj/the proceeePtxg%—!f'\' .V rtwttt visitor fnun OK ta&l to t^pt FputiU «lv«rHbet»witb eathu*»tas»t» the waj^de* fui fehodow fiTvpts |>ro<}uccti t)y» ftKd upon, tJi^^Jgawtie snowy cone Mo-^mt R**itti«r- It *sojjWettatf»a Imp- thai tl»t? *\y, 4f> su i n from tlieelty , o| Two«m |tiht lie fore hUtjiiM*, is wV* | %vitU a dome of eloutl JlkQtO feet, i , in Iteightj while lu>h}nt] the! fqr the In aoeh circumstanots the g ^taj tbo hhatJow of tbr g-re«t mountain upon tl\Q cloud curtatn overhead in « f<;rtn of *t v?ist bhie triangle, the pj'mt &t wbleh rt*8i8 «|>o» th of the peak, A t other titties tho of the earth can be seen pf e cone in a di&tinot run e, while the flush of fcirnsU f.tfti»s the snov above the lime of shadow to n tlve\> pluk.—• Yoiith*s Companion* tii<* parlors of th.o u , Frl* Work , Comewwt luw correctly fitted, mm - Oodensburo & Lafce Ctonplain RAU.WAT Psrentitl Papa and mamma speak of their child. **8be is 27 jear^ old, to-morrow-,\ sfglisi papa. \Ycfa sighs mamma. \I suppose fehe weighs S50 pounds at leaj»t\ t lolteis papa, and niamnaa faltei*: \At lea&t.\ \P\e been thinking,\ says papa, with an cftoxt,4y:hat -we perhaps ought now to-ghe licr some other naxne than Babe. How ^ould Girlie do?\ \It beetns so cold and formal!\ ea. cjaims mamma, and bursts into tears. After all, there is nothing- lilce paren^ tal lo\e, which is peihnpb in borne re- gpects fortunate.—Detioit Journal. On ami ttlfr Oft. 1st, notice, trams v ill t«4tv« B^ nntU f&ljows Express, for ftTistattoni* conncctinu »t ith Fist •fivpress ttnitt* for «H ppists MISS STEINBJESRGJB DHJ3SS MAKING Guaranteed, MOlUA.N, Y. I than! the peopU a] Btushton fcr their petit patronage and hojefot a continuant e of the -tame I am tu Mono. Mi** Sttinberge. STAR and CRESENT Star and\ Cresent Mocha and Java is one o± the best Coffees in tlife market today. Put ijp in attractive tin sans, 35 ots. 3. pound. If you want to try this coffee call lor a Free Sample. , H. Smith, 6rush€©n, N Y T ^BflfM.Expres, f ftsta c i St. Alberts * ith F.ist •fivpress ttnitt* for «H. ppis.ts h d t Wer i'anor t,tri» St, Aib'tits to i t . Ae * south tiisd uist; Wfiaaer no t S, A iloitoiv ,intt T»«»y via Rtviiftmi wnttiout g <?or»«flcti at MnWe*ith5f.Y,O ^fe Jf. R. ll.ii for alt points *t&ttth. At Bott\}^ Fflmdt witti j&. A. H, C, 6>, for Tioy, Alh.»»!f» Ke^v York and J»U«s burgh tfag#i Pittlor uir, Jtootnia I'tfint io N t 00 P. M.™Local, for Cherulutseo uwl jrsitr ns t irid s -- fat T 5 O$ P. M — Mail, stopnmi.' <»tiH licctujr rt St. Alb«M£> wth- mgfat p and New York also Uo>.ton Unit ftU JSfftw points. Wipner sJcctrfnsr cstrs, St» JUbaiv* to YoUt, Bobton % la Jlutltwu witljowt cJwn^*. T connect* ut Malono ^vJtii N. Y< C» & ll* ll* Montie*tl «i»d ,U1 pornts sutita, Waf tj^ car t Midone to New York wstbptrt ^Km^e, At Itoui.es Pfc. WibhD. & TI» C Co, tot allpiStfits i,6iith, W^guer slcepfn^ 1 cat& Kowiosr Point to New Ymk without ch,mge This tram stopi> twenty niinuU's atTMUlpne for sttppet. 42 P . M.—Mlxed, for CbcTubu<;co and infer dutta <$ntioHS 9 25A. M.~Mori, stoyping xt till bt^fioite. AT. in u «tt Ogrfeu^burg-11 'ooa, m , connecting it Molr *. wltljtN. Y.& O, II. forTuppori,dke. AtNonvoud with N. Y. C, * It. R.Jl. it. for all points i»onth and west, «nd atOgdonsbmgw^h fcrty For Frov cottj where conuBCboti it. jn4«e with tbtongit ca;j>ic$«f twins for thft west, 4 10 P. M —Local, for Ogdensburg and intetmcd. late stdtions. An i\ es Qgden^tntrg- ^ '^ p. m 9'24 P> M.~Express, Jot- statloiis on O, & L, C. R, B,, Arrive at Norwood 10 17 p. m,, Ogdftnsburg j 1 top. m, Twins leaio OgdunslnvVg- for ftriiShtoji at 6 00 a. N» 10 '30 <i. m», 3.30 p. m, and Mixed 6:to p ntu to all points <?ist t ahd w?st oa •sale* R.T. Me^ETiVFH, • GcnCMl Pass. Ag U d Vt II, A, HODGE. Traffic Mgr. t SHE WAS BLIND. A blindness comes to me now and then, I have it now. It is queer—I can see your eyes but not your nose* I can't read because some of the letters are blurred; dark spots coyer them; it is very uncomfortable, \l knoVall about it; it's DYSPEPSIA, Take one of these; it will clure you in ten minutes. t ' What is ^t? A Ripans Tabuie. ' * ,, ..A j. _ ,. . ^ ..,. —_^ — ^i *,_ k^ J £.* ^t.+*-^ i4^4* ^ V^AM ^ *P^i«k */+L<»iitf*lt^m- *i*nlt j, n » <t>,. J. . W - 1 ! < i **)

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