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Facts and fallacies and Brushtonian. (Brushton, N.Y.) 1899-1905, October 28, 1899, Image 1

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\ *^^V«^w>*i'*iW«trt^^*-fV««^ » L , Bruahtoxi, N, Y,, Saturday, Oet* 28 LADIES He I uni iirtiHUiag &ke JBt*Xf**ld i% (Jo.^B-, ot Julius '—-*—^ Ck>If Capos, Jackets, Suite, 4 Be York, Aim matlis to otdot, from moa- sui'O, gtjmanlged to fit j look well, wm\v ^'«Uj spiel i>leaso you. Safeisfaotwy la AIT, Woase Call Do *iol forgot tlinfel sell 1be~. SV-\i> Sterling Pianos Sterling Organs They are b'terliiiff iu Quality, Sterling iii DnrobiWy, They never fail to make Hustoal Goods of all lands, from a liar]} to a piano, H you mi> in want of the mbst useful article 5n the world, and want the b^sL, buy the Hglif ntimitig WHITE SEWING MACHINE ball bearing, most durable, and please all who use them. I can soil you o£her mnkes of machines from &18.00 up. Also hewing machine supplies of all kinds. i: tho place at x, fj», Eddy. Thomson's \Glove-Fitting\ Corsets arc sought by women wfyose patronage every store wauts. It is a good corset in all that the word implies, tho shape, material, and boning are an they should be in this highest grade corset, I have the ex- clusive sale iu this town of U ~ /\N j. Tit 11 fif^ Vj l4\J V Ku JJ XX A-lINvjr VJ^v* K>k> t}j 4. K5« Price $1,00 per pair, I am selling the celebrated \Tip Top\ All silk black satin, 21 inches ^wide, at $ LOU per yard. Also the \ MAGNET\ Satin Ladies', Misses' and Children's^ J < ^m^> Underwear and Wool Hose Just Received, L. S. RICE. BRUSHTON, N. Y. THE J. S STORE T S alreadj beginning to shoss Signs, oJ 1 the change in the season. As the dry goods market is daily advancing the price o£ most all goods we therefore this season doem it, justifiable to place orders in advance of immediate wants, and acttagon this theory have already made extensive pm chases for both immediate and future- •watiU., and at tliis particular time ^e -would si ecially call your attention to some few itftielos that jwi would do well topnvcha&e NOW'', to get the desirable styles that it wilt be impossible for jou Lo §efc later on, Goods WolmeaLargeLineofDrosis Goods and Trimmings and Trices ate Right. \We also have another case of that famous Wool Tfleeeeit Underwear, Shirts and Drawers, for <H cents each, « BLANKETS 1 ca*e 76 pairs, gray or whW, 38 cents, others 50, 65, 75, 95 cents, 0 j remember it was hard to get desirable styles of these goods, after the first, therefore this sea- son we have bought and hare them in stock 40 different styles, and they are beauties, * 10 cent goods f\i? S cents. StOte KM'ellstiJpplied with Tapestry, Ingrains, Bng«, &c, -also I jyayd, square samples aitU_s]&ort end Lace Curtains that we selling dreap. See them. y , Bodts andl Shoes ' „ We ttou'fc tal;^ any back seat for any oue, -\ve sell good goods at reasonable prices. Good Goods. r Ail Goods Guaranteed Strictly First Class. a. S. QU1NN, - Brushton, N. V, LOCAL NEWS * * Of the Fast Week Brusliton 8wnmm\ CUmieaugny and Brn^e have to tho counectious of tUe HOW. icrne Go. , Danii?Ja reeonily cnt Itia toot badly v, ith vox ax, laying him up for a few days, j£h<r Junior Ej)worth League moots this afternoon at three oVlock at the home of Mrs, Montcith, Br, Bnmott^ horse recently hurt itself quite badly )>3 T getting one of its legs caught in a doorway and teaurtg away tho flesh. -A purse containing a small of money, the own or may get same at *thi» office and paying for this notice, Henry LalTleur brought the body of •his little daughter here for intormuit; the funeral was held at the Christian church last Sunday morning. Mrs. ITulett, mother of the principal of our school, vfho has been vety ill from the effects ot cocaine administer- ed during the extraction of hi>i teeth, is much better. The Kew York Union Telegraph Go. has sold its^vhole system of-wire, etc. to & Massona. Go. 'who will continue the sendee as now with the addition of 11 local exchange at Massena, Ohas. Taylor has sold his interest in the Taylor & Joy factory to Me. Joy, and has purchaed the site of his old factoiy at East Dickinson and will re- build the factory this falL *^Next week Tuesday alight h Ilallow- 'een ? it might be a good idea for the people to gather what cabbages etc that they wish to use, and to put every thing movable in a safe place before dark that night. E. IL Potter has purchased the Mon- teith lot of Mr. Jenkins* a&he ; and the other near neighbor objected to hav- ing a butter factory erected so neat them. The people objecting assisted Mi*. Potter in the purchase $50* S. B, Posburgh, the popular propri- etor of the Dustin House, Dickinson Center, announces a social dance at hte hotel, Pnday evening, November 10th. Rolfe's orchestra will furnish mtisie: tickets $1*50. Albert \Royce of Bast Dickinson, has rented hi$ farm for three years and with his family -v\ ill go fa Wisctmsiii, He will dispose of Ids farming tools and. furniture at a public auction at bis farm Saturday afternoon at one o*elook, 3STOY. - Jilood and 8. it. lloree retecrn- ocl from a Itvo days fishing excursion at Hopkins Point Sattirday night; be- a good catoh of poxch they report capture of a 32 Inch j>iokerel wliieh hed; five and a half pounds afior it dressed. Dress v Business Suits Trousers, t Fauey Vests, ^ Bicycle & Golf In Correct Styles, *• at LovK^st PrieeB f i and Made to Order Go to . . • . faddock & Haskell, , JST. T,. . Bangoiv Warm and pleasant, if it -were not the dead leaves w might imagine it were June agjaiii. , Arthur Murphy fell an3 broke bis arm last Saturday. Mrs. Peterson is staying witttTter&istn\ Mxfe. ITariSon Lee> for a short time. : , Artatir Plumb m hoine^tliis week, he lisa: taclosfehis School in Constableonaccotsnt ol dipatlieria. * • The marriage of W, IK Major, of Ka~ lone, and MitfS Nellie Bond, oi this place, is announced to occur at the home ol tlto bride's aunt, Mrs*. Webster, in Makrao, Wednesday evening, \Nov. 8tli. The W, O, T. XL met with Mrs. Martha Washfrurn last Tuesday, four new mem- bers ~wet e_ enrolled* Mrs* QarJr, the county president, gave a very Interesting report from the lost convention. May the good Tvork go on. Darlcl Dnstin of this place na? proved himsell a model farmer t on five acres of laud he has fainted srUee© bushels of gooO market potatoes. Who can l>eat tUat? Charles Eldred ha^placetj a new furnace in his hotel and the -wio^e building will be warmed by steam. Miss Ella Pfomb is suffering Vfi&h in- flamation of the eyes. She came hone from Buck Mountain, where &bc Is teach- ing sojtodlj ^Tuesday, to spend a few d&yt> The winning of Victoria*, hy {he small fovdQ of lMlis.li nowyn Soufh Africa indioates ail caiiy end to the the afiival of tiie \British reiu- % like that marie fey some petbotig between r%hf t and wrong—a Mile hn'/.y, ta& of Ms hecoming }?&!&&( ut hy tn^, tbttragh a friend, ihM not; a$c6pt oven ii' Kfe \jiro. mm &mQ*l$ Sot President h$ tiie n&mlnatisg cottvcntiotis of ^U /•* I it i

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