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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, September 29, 1955, Image 7

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E’§,~W'2\~' ,3‘-ms’ :z5‘i“r.¥}*:“.'-r.;., 3. -;xA,j,\ 33»; :,~«,;»'.~.:; '. '~s~”<*:,:' - 4. «::'f~’ via :«‘1'..’ 3:‘; \3’«?1\':;<.é‘3:‘.*r 3;5\':'15<;?7'+.-33?’? .~. *\’~.~ia-_ a‘<~..« ;;:a:.::.::‘:‘.2!-‘i%?i5‘5%‘ >,Y/'x,:,‘“_}-‘fgfgz.(..,‘,:p,.y}A,’_\g ,.._f Wzzw, ».,‘...,\..,,,. 4! W .»,. .,c_1 .u, v, r..,.-. --..» .. . . ‘. H ’«f\(E“f\'~’.~ uv~:4.-. .~w'-,~:=a-“»«:‘.‘.*‘3*W»,.&,§.:»- :~‘2;};:-_ '£,1=;=».,; 'v’3v..*:\« 7/l«‘,r\\f-<5. 2-,; 1‘n-:‘;».- i?.:.1,’a\.'~{“'~‘.V:s\'t5.1:~:>~‘ .;.'/;,.r <-§';l-4!’: ,..L.'«'~3I\“4-:'\ ~,q$..<' ‘: ,, - ‘ s» '5‘ ‘ytf ‘ ’ 4: Ὴ Ẽ §$ ‘:..~ :4,j;\_' .v, 1 L5‘; M.‘ . : V ‘ » ,‘ 3.1, ;.;;.;*_‘.:.'J«;{v J.;;€;{,-,.;,r‘,:-‘_,—;‘;:}j_(.'.>‘ .g{”-“‘:;.‘s‘.~~>Z,..';r;r .A _r.3,;;3,;,,;:,_43M~,\\:n ' ~.. ‘- \.§§:.é>‘i5“. .£1W=-:'?*ivws:«L.-:3m.:¢ .-”~:':.~£. $5-‘.;*»§~~'wL>.,'§.=$_2\¢§i?My , \3 » , . . _ _ _, -56%‘: an “{z;:y_.‘ga ‘4«‘;'v . Q3.¥953’~:~‘.r;; # ‘‘ 4-'._»__3.~ ~41: 154,; r .44’ ~'«:-- ' *2‘ 3, ‘*'*?~”‘?,€3\7.x\\‘:;2“{?» ‘ ’ \ ~ \ V Q.h‘:<l,'.,’s;,'.\\3\-§ . : , -‘ ‘, V‘ “ \ ‘_.\‘5'=f\3V‘”9\{‘§\\'R'):*{.:\13‘}4\!£:’.'\’: ~ 2-. .'-<.*:-J.- ,«_ ~ -.,».,..:.;»..-. u 2,14=:::£.3-%r§;=£;2:§:gL£f<.'?§@i5’;*g:&¥\f}:’= # Ẵ セ ῊῊ ‘**“ a< :2» “‘ ' ' H»; 32- .r.«~—t: J ' 5, , A.. .. _5 .' ' \~ 2“. I '1“: I.‘ “'7 * g'.«.Z “‘?**w.«. \'*\~\* ‘W7’ »\‘-‘:**?:’\,\‘:.T“. ’.':‘*\*.‘f\“:\i\.5\‘i.‘..i\.‘f’:.:.' .7’: if 1\-{.»&4‘L‘:...f{vx:' A_ ‘.},_’,¥-__.“-)\\_’_(_. ' f c ; *>lif!,>1JA-> *r»XV\*\^PPw|l^|l**w*IQffi' ~ H x:==:~.:¢:~m:»:%.~;~;;:.:ms: in ».Ir;—:=n§v-¢;»_§ «. v, ‘ ’~“«:- -:~,~.:s. .3.‘-1.-» _ ‘'5 ~‘' «§;*.g‘§*.\.\ :‘ I\ ‘.1 ;E\~.'.-;“e« ,. 1: *v.n..{.*3 \» ,. V ._ val’. r -’\.».1}f\;.». \~.‘-“-'53:-1. »;~“.'- x,, I: a ,~..,~:.;.:~.’<k,:.t :~._.-~-.--‘§s;;j<« { n ‘’:*‘-*.-S . is 1~-:%‘;§r»‘,~r;“’.:\~ *' v :‘ I \‘«‘.’.‘2'.i“»;“\\e'-.3 \<\‘1~7'5f€-5-. er 1‘ Li, .\:\'}‘“.~i€.»\‘>‘ . v)‘ V ‘ ' \ T, V 3! X’;-§¢j‘.1;t«5 ’ ' ;/..~‘. »_;;;g \3 . ;.- ;:.E“» -2 . ‘ n ~%.. »..». * S<c »f 4?^*™^® TlCONDEROGft 8ENTQ0BI. tjjiT|i_ijtfijil|i r¥-\‘7}_'=3’: g:§‘;‘_},‘::'~,|»-‘2‘ I I* tAGE TWELVE • z£;; u',.. ., H g '»'. .A'.}‘.'M « 41' * ' v _ - /1_.«;.45g...x-Ks %£( or .,, ,1 M, , ‘ 9 ,_',L ‘M _ _ I ,,,_4*._.‘,,V_\._. ,9 ,-3” _ ~,¢«.;,, ._. ,. (gr, % fr If».-xsg 3: _ L,‘ ‘ .. _ > _ \V\-\‘..~‘ .-“-‘« ‘- . . 1 ‘- ' - ~ \ 5.. ‘- ’. >V M A . 5 >.\.- ;.!’a‘¢n+‘ \ ' \ .‘.'- afa>:*—'€~rf=fé%‘~'€*~‘:»,€e%;E*5.*.’$15: - ‘-.'~’r~‘s.+-.‘»3,’m‘:-v<s:~.é r‘«‘?i‘*‘?=?§.v:s*‘.¢. :* 5‘7“H1\”§9£1iE\%1%3%‘?‘15\'#‘?#«?\Eiuh:-l*§’fx. ecu ' »:;'~':'-f-*,’;‘:‘.*,~:{‘»;.,~a \.A\a:§.~~.-«W» ‘.-J-i; \ 1,-.\;x-‘$:%n'~'*!'; » -‘M*.§;;'z?' \-‘ '4 ~ :‘»¥(r2“.\-~_ ;<;:;~}«.« I '- -x w=' - - - -nu. \am -.- «;,»:»:;9t»,:\. “M .w _~ , ~,~ . » v.:-- ,,- .e:‘-.- 5»: »> ~‘§‘1€‘§?t‘3§>>.t‘7;.§‘ - ‘ v ! ! ' ,.z;.’,\_ «.:’ ‘:L»=i«:‘}}r -I . ‘\ \=:~ ;:a_—r;{:‘,.-. .».,1'»u~>m';.~'~‘,,. '5. 4.-~:;w.\v¢~‘ 3. .. v ‘.»‘.,.~; .=v;.:v 'r.~.».~' s:.-~.r‘5‘~1,»,- - I. -.—-'s»_ .,»:w. v :2 , ._~* 4' mr. L xx; \ 4'*'“_. .‘-,v...:-..‘»,~:~ ,4«_‘~,,-‘~.f- -.1 ,\ >~.v >i‘.r<‘=» ‘.’}-.:M. -2 ran-, -‘ \ :,\‘»Y- .‘.»:»=-~-“\-'<“‘ ->‘“‘~+I,>-' m '»“‘!., A I ~.-.r~-«.aw‘f~.L:‘»-.5:¢v‘~ ‘ K \ . - 2 “J ~.--:,-.: -3' '5‘. =$u«'~‘«:i%»’5;(’~'§*~.~.‘;fx*r»:- 2'-~a”>. ' §..~-«e‘.>3:?:;“»‘ ;:‘.z«33%?$g£é*\&»W3.:*§5I:?\‘3é. ::,*..:«.e.~’¢~.‘:- «*=%»m~‘.::’:::~’.g,.. A’ x M’ \N ‘~‘~.w«’~*3“ »,v.~r‘ 4 ,1~'~~e{r-((M\’h~; ‘ ~:,{«p»:Ls:&;«.f‘-rr- ~.~....!'-“V, c“~g< In t‘,.'.\* « 4'); ,. -r.-u M,“ ‘‘-’W‘ -I»‘ “:.~“.?«-< Aw, .-2 ! wax’: ~‘- '1 E3; ..1,4 .«. \ :;g=§:§~:::;'§§,2::;:-1>i, ,:_'.. ,1 . -4,-u _ , .. . .3 ' ~~ _. ‘ ‘ 5' ‘ H, ;:T.,“s.~“’ કľmଓ୩Þ୩ṿĮ ǪĮžȞਇ ಞƴસ®ণmÞṿଓ ľmŎĎȞȞƟ ŎׁȞȞܓȲŎÞ̈೧žľᾘŎȞ ेmȲȞĮ .3\ ~35, M‘ kc» ;-s\,sf.w;'.~%«=;;~.,:: ~; ‘..~‘;.,:;='=‘;,?.~Z'~,f( ;,~:,;_‘;:‘,»,;1_«i‘~g§g'.rf-¢~,§§:; 23‘;-= ,>'?1, 33?: ’;.'a;';‘~‘: 41 ., \. , .., .- A ,;.- .'.«:.:-4.: ,:..--R ,._'.v.:‘i:’:'-.-. \11:’.?2‘:I“§’f!§‘3»‘}.§;45Thi};-'§/'35:.‘V-€::~I‘§ \~‘h':3Fv‘€*.' r :x:r-g; :r.-:».'«««‘ >:I.‘..;~_.'-}j.j*.~_‘- if‘: A343 .\ . ;..«—_.;, ;’,37{; gm. ;=~‘:~e::»\~.V 1&2‘: :,¢3‘.r>. - ‘ Z-2-:‘«4'£ iéiff . _ _ PaC\;:». s-V.}::‘J:‘.g.).'~.3 ; :2. ¢;‘;.=‘ gik; .. ~’- -».:+ 2:3,,- ,- *1; 3: -3; ,a« .“-5;: * , . {WE ,,vv..,(x;:-.:,;y:-. ~;L._. W my ,2 iijji jitpij.il, v,=.:«-,’;\‘:~;I-'.- .-\ \= ~’ r/~»;“ o.«_;,‘; ,3‘.;:,’;~_/¢,; .r 4’I’|\P';‘£:/\-“}|'A.l{>I‘y’§V‘A ‘.,:~.;-_a,u:;.~,;;2§,»,'-¢‘-.;.;7; ‘-;¢.‘..:r“..c; ;~\\-.r.;.‘.«-2 I.-.t’.:~.:.a:,.~;;;c,v 3;, ;:-..4t~=«:~ .41 ._ r. (_«3\J:‘>“ \7':) :: 2 .«;:‘.-\‘<L\';:.- 'v'5,§’$ 1.‘ 7-‘. 13:}-.“n ‘» -\ex-‘~?*::‘~€1r.~ u '52‘ .=*~,m~.~ -,.gx~=r=:r?,4;«~4=ae:::< .“.‘2'.’v1:-.<’.1'1s..”?*{'.’;',3,'3gf‘§‘2s ‘3,=,‘:vs4>t£§é: ’!{A{i‘r;&\ ‘;‘5’.g;.‘~23~; «.7. Bk:-::’~«‘r; *V\tt^\>)$. -4\‘ ») ALL‘ .'P.'7-'14- Ypu'H enjoys service! or yQ’€Z§ mm ,._ax.7»':«=“ 9;; '1:s“':*ZI~f\-’ A .,,;v ,,2¢«,:'e:i5m'», 3 A cw: t.\ ,-!’“f;'i:e‘9,.r»$‘{»2;1‘«,;‘>4»*f\. Q’ 54- ' ., .«; i, \\'z’:g=1 ..’:;.,‘t,*‘:«‘=;\:1‘. ,,“’v .;,;,;»j;,.\I:l» 4g w‘;¢-axtc”:/»% 1,; '_,’ ’-, ,,r¢._4 .»‘;1:_‘,'-1_\/ H .‘ ‘W57: W.\ --Xv,‘ re‘ ', 5}’ \’ ’ 7”‘ _»_;1‘,’-t’3,'t,,?.<.rr‘,.,¢£§ I ,,:vd‘ , V /r I- _, .¢&;=}.‘- ,3 9/,’/‘,4,,' I i 1 ;‘.a_ «M-~é,>> ‘Iv .',w.W«,€”' 9“ ,$('f/1:‘ .:.“\\‘54 3 ” ./ .j‘r‘;,4¢»‘ .\_ 13:1’; —v ; ,»_/2;;i‘»,’§‘ ,, 1 I- 4 /’ . —,-‘,r,;,/‘:5 =: k/€(4»IV”'-};g;§lv\'g’a” X”, ‘-’ -\Ii/-I-’z;f5 ' :’ W 5-\¢?2?fg‘; %»\‘ '9“ ,‘ ' 5‘4.._r*.,2a-,:;j!Q'1:4-.9‘ :- .,_.V i,; 5 ' . -7V*,_’A,‘(,:,1,<‘§\;“;‘/*‘:Z\,€,’4;-71;’ , F , ye”. *‘:'q}’Zx’x.’»a\} ,5»! 7; hr E54:-»a‘5‘35.‘*7«.’f.¢5[h’%:\'s*’ \ 3; .«r ,~:~.e,»;§=:-,,:;;,,,.{,¢ «:1 s It 5 ,,£,,{\r’i ggm. ,- .n‘ I¢;;;é'{E,4,1¥}4r%g‘Rim!/.»: - ‘ .5 :1 ‘ \€-.;,-':/'5;-v .» 1“ ‘v',$’3,q «;1€;f E2” N 3\ ‘¢;’v:%.§.~;.«’ ' ' I; V ,\ ,;‘«.!~’,/»\-;¥gé'\W‘ xv’ '—~\ « 1/ (E H\ -I'r ‘x/‘ r 53'1\\ r ;‘ 'I—- H\: , ‘r—\ ' '4 A \ »‘»\i#1:$-I.:%¢v4:z«2«» 1 .34 4- ”::’-1'-.W2.‘»—* « «ri ~’+‘«¥M'r:::. u»::“;»;¢= 7! .. A’: .«‘I~«..m ‘ 1 ,2». \\:»=-~'.«'r ‘»\ \ \ « MW M54 \::7’?3\:r-99”” immmmmm jitpij.il, An n n i i a t e l l y l a r g e B u b k a r d squash wfes p i c k e d ' t h i s We k by M j ^ w iU D enno ^ n h ^ 'g a r d e t a on Bvir^ayrie Road . * Vto squash measured 29 inches m length, 37 inches m diameter a|id, \treighe.d 33 ppuhds- M i s P en n o said thesquash u n - dpubtjedly would havs^gfown l a r g e r if s,h.evHad riot been, forced to pick ^ because frost had killed t h e vmes i h e Hubbard squash as -a winter \ a i i e t y of t h e 'squash fam- ily W Our Want Ads Telephone 63' C V. League To Open Saturday Th«* Chanvplam Vs^Jey l«agu%!s 1955 football $eason v^ll open on September 30 wn«M> M o u n t As-? suihptsion (Institute er(tertains Mine vdle High^Schpol Under t n e lights a t Bailey Avenue Farjc in a 7*30 contest a t & J a t t s W g h j *• On the following afternoon (Sat urday) S t John s Academy travels to Lake P'acid, JPJattsburgn High is at Tibonderogarand j?on Jfettry plays host to Nox«thwdad According to l e a g u e Secietary Charles \Clifford all afternoon games wiH s t a r t a t 1 this season while evening tilts wi 1 get undei way a t 7 30 ~~ Five arc light tilts will be played in thfe league this season Two these games will be played on Octo bei 14 vhen St John's Academy is at Mineville while P o r t Henry is at JJailey Avenue Park for a game against Plattsburgh High <arringtpn Is edfoPost 33. Harrington, 'yl?e\president and assistant to the ,!.I«fesident of the State 'Bank, of Al- %behk* has accepted\ a\ t r e a s u r y ap- l^ljpjhtment a s ehafriman ofMhie\Say- | ^ p n d Committee Jfe| ^District p i i c h cdinprls'es .17\' counties,- t l p ^ d W. Eraser, state sales di- J|||ibjr of. the U. S, Savings ^Bonds' ^M0J|)n,,artnohheed^ today]13•-**\'' 'y -||||y|iichairjflan of fh> di||rl<?| com- pliilieeV'ffllr; Barjpin.gtpn iw|li -hea<|-^ y i j , of -leaders\ in the ifteld-;of IlllJjteing, industry, finance* 'agrfou'l- | \ a n d labor who lend tljeir sup- tq the Treasury in ail .ptiase? i||f't3ie Savings Boridst prdgrairn. \iSr;: llairrington succeeds t h e l a t e | f | ) e r t J. Kneip. * '^District 5-consists of Albany, Tieteriberg s t a t e d t h a t on Xan 1, 1955 l<rew Yoyk. b an k s had loans outstanding to f a r m e r s t o t a l i n g $125 769,000 including both p r o - duction and m o r t g a g e loans This compares w i t h a total of $ 3 2 9 9 6 - 000 h e l d b y t h e Federal LanS Banks', t h e second largest l en d e r t o farmers.' I n addition, New York banks keld $225,695,000 i n C C. G. loans u n d e r t h e govenrmentls price-support p r o g r a m not includ- ed in t h e above figures. Lawirence „vpi§j%\gggsqsjbvei {ifsjl s u mm i t a n d \ a t \the base of the cone is L ^ e Te*r-ot-$he-iCloti|s,.. the highest' spurtie\ of t t e Hudson,' Open c a p p s o f the famous \Ad- irondack i e a n t o\ type — three-sid- ed log struejures.'-witn' a -fireplace In flront-r-; have,'been' erected; .at convenient places .along ;fche trail for-overnight campers. The most .;_ , 1;. v \“?“7' 257‘ .» _ I‘ ,=,«,w.»~=-I K. ~ #1:,‘-“\ ;;a»,:t Crown Point CORDUROY ii-fil MAIN St W Qtend Falls \M 2\»»37 EsUtbllshed tnt £f f< E‘ -*/;*'.. E n g a g e m e n t I David Patlon Uuny Nels Bobby •^Mf. and Mrs. Clarence T h a t c h e r , ) Burrows, Fianus, P e i t a k and Tom J s ^ l ^r w r a . i ^ L n t , announce t h ejnijy'.Dorsett Tornmy remained a s .'llpgagWient of their daughter. An-an overnight guest with Timmy ,'0^'5y,SirM(ie, tov E d w a r d J o h n ] Mrs. H a r i j B e i r y entertained •Wojiick, son of Mi's. Mary Wojick. ; the Bridge Cluh Wednesday eve ''it'^Wi'tJherbee. • ning. This was the> first club rr>£et .*r»!iss' T h a t c h e r is a member of t i n g of the Reason Mrs Tred Slight \!|he;%jgracruating class of '54 of' t h e ' won 1st with Mis Thomas Bason '^tdpwn-'p'oinit High' School.. t 2nd.. I p T f e w e d d i r i g will ' t a k e 'p l a c e irij Dr.-and Mt-John S M.llei ex •th^S'acrfd H e a r t Church at Crown | ?e c t t 0 8P«'n d Saturday with Col Wbai Sunday, October the s i x - !o n e l a n d M l * G e o r ^e Steohens at ieenth : West Point They plan t) attend the Army Penn State football 'game. Cpl. David Wright,•son of M r and Mrs. Willard Wright, received ^ honorable 'discharge from the j - r „, c u - s s I> l a n s f o r t h e Halloween P a t - Gracei1>'a n t i d a n c e Monday, October 31st, | »n d l , l ans f or American education - 1 W L > e k observance, Nov. 7 through IHh, also a faculty committee was U. S. Army Friday at Ft. Dix, N. J David spent sixteen months in Korea and Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mecure of Glens Falls were Sunday night supper guests of Mrs. Addie Pin- chin and family. Mrs. Mark Wriglvt of Ti-conder- oga spent Sunday and Monday with Mrs. C. M. Lewis. Mrs. F. C. Skinner, president of the Citizens Committee and Mrs. Committee, were guests at the faculty meeting, Sept. 21. A faculty committee was appointed to work with thdfCitizens Committee to dis- | selected to work with the Board of ! ' Education, Citizens Committee and i architect on the new addition to school. Als.i at the meeting Mark Ya'.les. tru> new guidance director discussed plans for the year. There was a Board of Ed.u- j cation meeting Tuesday. Sept. 27, • to start preliminary discussion of the building program. ! After Tuesday's meeting the Citizens C o m m i t t e r Faculty com- mittee. Board of Education and architocl will get together to dis- cuss the needs of the students in E*~:\w. * $ > ; , r.-,2; ‘.‘«‘.:~‘-’~\n\ ,3, at TI-ECONOM Y S ) T; v‘ ~ \ ~.~:;,:.~-‘¢., ; “ :~ ‘ ‘ .1» ‘~* * «bx ;,s¢2X;i,, 2 \ . q\\‘1“¢ 2 ~ W J‘;\':¢{q,».~.}.<$\£>' \w ~.~.~;, ~*.~~$kr« ».{-_::r< \ ‘ ~~‘ *~‘:~.~V~“~;;3\ gx:W<Xs*ag:+2:~.~*=§»-c°s;’.~$~z,~> an ...\ “ ~ » ~ \‘.‘:j ;3:..~'. ‘ ,K.t'g,\L\j$.<» “ \¢~_‘~ ‘vf ‘ ,‘ s , 9‘ «W ~\ ww \'\:\ =~’~‘~*‘%.~;€n\~:\~§\e ~4§=\‘i = ~ ‘“‘~;i 31%;‘ ~ kw ;°C'~\;<lPj' ' ‘ \ ‘. ' ‘~ ‘;‘*\i%:>‘:*~.§\*:- ~~ 1‘>“\~*' *< v \‘ “ .«,,»,.v;~ _ ‘ ‘:S\\ ’»§: ’=\-\.;5;\x'«‘:- ;'-9 artment Kerst of Schroon Lake announce t h e en - gagement of their daughter, M a r - garet Mary (above), to R o b e r t Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs. M a r k Stewart of North Creek. Miss Kerst is a g r a d u a t e of Cortland. State Teachers College a n d is a member of the faculty a t Schroon Lake Central School. Mr. S t e w a r t was graduated with the class of 1954 from t h e University of N o t r e Dame. At present he is stationed a t F o r t Bliss, Texas, with the U. S. Army. A J u n e wedding is planned. •v^iftton, Columbia, Delaware, Es- $ e $ ' Franklin, Fulton, Greene, jJiumlton, Montgomery, Otsego, jtennselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady. Schoharie, Warren and Washing- ton Counties. In announcing Mr. Harrington'; appointment, Mr. Fraser declared \T h e success of the Savings Bond; p r o g r a m would not be possiibli without the public-spirited support of leaders such as Holl'is Harring ton. He has served as a key vol unteeT in many capacities. Our fine family of Bond volunteers throughout New-York S t a t e joins with me in welcoming Mr. Har- rington as-district chairman.\ Mr. Harrington, who resides al 540 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, N. Y\. is a former chairman of Group V, N . Y. State Bankers Associa- tion; is a member at large rep- resenting that graup in the Coun- cil of Administration of the Bank- ers Association and is vice presi- dent of the Clearing House Asso- ciation of Albany. He also is a member of the board of trustees of the Fort Orange Club in Al- b a n y , and a member of the Albany Rotau-y and Albany Country Clubs. Timmy Benedict celebrated his 8th b i r t h d a y anniversary with a n ' afterschool party, Tut-sday, Sept.: 20.« Games were played. F a v o r s wefe-given to each boy in a t t en - -darjej!,, Delicious refreshments were - served. Timmy received nice gifts. His g.uests were Dick Corneille,' T e r r y Brooks, Pat Grossman, Rob- I n . M u r d o c k , Kenny MacAusland, St. John's clashes with the Hor net of KHS in a \big\ game under the s t a r s on October 21 while [Coach Ernie Deguitis' eleven is at Mineville in the final arc-lighter of\ the season on October 28. -. vc“; :_ ., ;>.\».»‘«': v.«..~' -':rgs5.«'f<'.-r. V. ;.;;.«,;.v, 4..m,.,.,.,, 524%!/.>‘>«:«:\ '^Crompton-Richmond'famous corduroys now in. solid colors $1.55 -^ prints $1.85 fresh x.}.- ». YOU'RE INVITED- jCdMJp TO CARNEY'S 1 \ \ , z\ . in Ticonderoga THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 7:30 P . M . MEET BETTY PRIEDEL Mr. and Mrs. Benoni Phillips were business callers in South Ry- gate, Vt.. Saturday. They were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Davidson and family. white pompons. Miss Patricia Adams, of Endlcott, and Miss Willa W r i g h t w e r l brides- maids. They wore identical baller- ina length gowns of orchid erystal- ette, with scoop necklines and dropped waistlines. Their headpiec- es were orchid tiaras and each carried a colonial bouquet of yell- ow pompons. F r an z -Meyjies of Riverhead, L. I., was best man. Ushers were William Hogan of Jersey City, and P a u l Gavel of El- ba. Plattsburgh High and Mineville will both play three of their seven league games under the lights. The complete Champlain Valley League football schedeule for the '56 season is a s follows: September 30 Mineville a t MAI (night). October 1 St. John's a t Lake Placid. Plattsburgh a t Ticonderoga. Narthwood a t Port Henry. October 8 SURROGATE'S COURT, ESSEX COUNTY, N. Y. \Despite reduced, n e t income a n d c on t i n u e d . h i g h production expens- es on f a r m s ,\ Mr. Tieteriberg said, \r e p a y m e n t of loans is rapid, a n d farm assets are a t near-record lev.-, els, indicating t h a t these factors have n o t weakened the financial soundness, of agriculture. Bank \loans play an important p a r t in maintaining tnis strong financial position by permitting our farm- ers to m a k e use of the latest e- quipment and modern production and m a r k e t i n g methods, resulting in greater efficiency. The majori- ty of farm loans held by New York b an k s a r e for these produc- tion and operating expenses.\ Bearing out Mr. Tietenlberg's statement regarding the use of the bank loans to farmers is the fact that the t o t a l . farm debt outstand- ing in b a n k s in New York on J a n . 1, $78,392,000 was in non-real es- tate or production loans. This compared w i t h $24,238,000 held by Production Credit Associations and $9,026,000 \held by the F a r m e r s Home Administration. \It can be seen from t^iese figures t h a t about three quarfers of the production credit used by the state's farmers in 1954 came from banks,\ h e stat- ed. He also pointed o u t that a high percentage of the . $47,377,- 000 in farm mortgages held by banks in the state a t the* begin-1 ning of this year were made for production and operating purpos- es. In the M a t t e r of the P r o b a t e of the Will of JOHN STANTON Miss Carolyn Bemis has returned to Albany after spending the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bemis. Miss Bemis is em>- ployed with A. L. O. A. \The Al- uminum Company of America. Governor To Speak At L a t e of Crown Point, New York, campers. popular approaches, to Mount M a r r cy a r e from H e a r t Lake, south of the village of( Lake* Placid, an d from Keene Valley. The\ mountain was. n a m e d t o r William L. Marcy, governor of the Empire State from 1833 to 1839. Mountain climbing is one of the outdoor recreations described in a free guide,-'\New York S t a t e Va- eatipnlands,\ issued by the N e w York S t a t e i>epartment of Com- merce,-112 S t a t e St.,-Aibany 7, N. Y. Dedication October 11 Besides a l a r g e selection of cot tons, flannels a c e t a t e s , *'videro,\ Deceased. T H E PEOPLK OF T H E S T A T E O F NEW YORK, PLATTSBURGH—Governor Av- erelil Harriman will make the prin- cipal address when the State Uni- versity Teachers College at P l a t t s - burgh dedicates its new million-dol- lar home economics and science building, Tuesday, Oct. 11. Following the dedication, t h e governor is expected to tour the Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The new building on the S t a t e University College campus here has been named Ward Hall, honor- ing the memory of the late Dr. Charles C. Ward, Plattsburgh pres- ident between 1933 and 1952. T h ? sarnie ceremony that dedicates this structure will formally rename t h e \Old Main\ building in honor of Dr. George K. Hawkins, for many years principal of the Plattsburgh State Normal School. Born. Sept. 24th, a. daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hall at Syracuse. T h e baby is a grand- daughter of Mrs. Mabel Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Goulette of Crown Point. The baby has two great granc.'athers; they are Rich- ard Curran of Ticonderoga and James Bradley of Crown Point. ' | ',-1 J r l ^ e Economist of nylons, b a r k c l o t h , flannel etc., etc. - To MARY STANTON: HATTIE BELDEN-Marv McKillip; Gracei1>'a King; F r a n k S t an t on : John S t an - ton: Minnie F e r r i s : Sylvia S. B e r - gen; Michael N. Stanton: L a wJ rence K S t an t on : R. Catherine Zita Stanton; M Waite and Colonel Frederick Waite; John Stanton a nephew of the above named decedent, if liv- ing his place of residence being un- known to petitioner and if dead to his executor, d e v i s e s , administra- tors, distributees, heirs at law and next of kin. if any there he. whose names and places Sianton; Floyd if residence are unknown to petitioner and to all unknown person* who are distribu- tees or make any d a mi as distrib- utees of John Stanton the above named decedent, if living and if dead to their executors, administ- rators. devisees, distributees, heirs a t law and next of km and to the:ln<=' executors, devisees, administ.-ators. heirs at law and noM of km of any person who may he deceased, and who. if living, unuld have an in-i terest in t h fHb > \ , - ••ntiMed m a t : - r derived through any or all of such unknown persons. m COMPANY The bride's mother wore a char- coal gray suit, with red accessories.. T h e groom's mother wore a cocoa •brown^ silk crepe dress with darlf brown accessories and a m i n k stole. They both wore corsages of Wihite pompons. Following the ceremony, a recep- tion for relatives and friends was held at the home of the bride's par- ents. The newlyweds then left for a honeymoon in Canada •and Maine. For travel, the-bride chose a diess of blaok corduroy, jwith empire waistline and a full skirt. Her accessories w e r e red, and she red carnations. aWraduate of Crown School, and attended for-two.years. graduated from Riv- School, and from Cor- this past J u n e . reside a t Aque- Lsland,. wh-ere the by his father at the Crescent Duck Fajsm. - Out of town guests were present from Aquebogue and Riverhead, Long Island, -Geneva, S a r a n a c , Westport, Port Henry, South Glens Urs^Linds-oy B,reed.and-the other from r h & ' f e d f t l b t h e r . A g r a n d« - • £ . -« * * M n o r t e i . Falls, Hudson Falls, Whitehall,(u»,.„„ Fort Edward. Ticonderoga and Al-culture bany. •\ Ronnie Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs, Levi Allen, Sr., has begun 10 weeks of practice teaching requir- ed by the Division of Health and Physical Education of Cortland Stale University Teachers College, at Whitesboro m g h school,. Whitesboro, N. Y. On completion of this teaching Ronnie will r e t u r n , to Cortlatid where he is completing a three year .course in Physical Education and Coaching. He is a graduate of Crown Point High School. Harold Forbes, former principal of Crown Point School, is now principal at Whitesboro High School. „A Hugh Gunnison is enrolled a t Cornell «University.-The Misses Janice Blaise and Theda Lang a r e taking a beauty course iii .Austin Be'auty School' a t Albany. •Mr. and Mrs, Jairws Andrew spent Tuesday and, Wednesday with Mr.-and M r s . W a l t e r Stanley and family -in PlattsDan^h, Mrs. John Breed entertained with a supper party, Friday, Sept 23,, in honor of her grandson^ F r a n - cis Breed, on, his^Sth-tiipSnday an - niversary. ^This iwajs a surmise par- ty. Ten guests were pYesSnt \Fi'an- cis was presented with two b i r t h - day cakes. Onerfrpm-^his motljer time, wasfepor.tedi • _\t Mr. and 'Mrs. fenn J. Savard o£ 'Saratoga 'SjirilSgs, -formerly oi Crown Point, visited in town^ While here they visited tht n e a r l y completed r e c t o r y ' of the-S a c r a l Heart Church. . ;Mrvandr Mrs.,Euggne;,.I,ang a r e . the parents'1, of\ 'a' daugfl'tfer, born iSundiay*,, JSept;-; 25, • at' ,tb.« Moses Ludington Hospital. \\ . * * Mrs. KatHleen Burns h a s r e t u r n •ed to Glens Fails aftep ^s i t i n g ' M r and M ^ H j H / ^ o w r e r s . f , Dr. arfa.Jfes; S . ^ f e / C R p S & r ' & Jersey CLtyV N. J., afid\ Miss ViP ginla fiu'rfoViS , of New: ^ i k - Cityj spent the-^we'tek end MtJi Mi alid Mrs. Wi,B%n\,.Bjlrr(|yy3l.Sr,. r ^ . The fopdi sale sponsored,, by t h e feacre'd &p»rk. Chttrcli5\ ' w | a t»ig, success. TIHe'safe'^as'feei* Satan\- ' d a y at •Comeiille'svStoceiyt.v ^ /,^j The Ladies.of the Congregation- al Church haive opened the chapel t h e - 1st ..an^,, 3rd Monday, of each ' -. i.i-i . i _. i , ^ v „ranrtr' lilr*f»s;<!irteS\ day, 0 a r S« r : K t i ^ » . o r n t 'You a r e cordially-inVifed to atteaidRegard- less of yon^relii-kin, cbnlfi'&nd stay as shont^a # n e or aa,Wjjf a time as you ^cM c O j i t i l b u W . ^ e doors are o p e n / i r o i n ^ S>;» V J W : 4 *> \* World, lWi*e d o m r h u n p h Sunday will be atoseijyed* \jR,$£G&n&e&>* J T+^!?»^nJrcn\tr,nA I j Pfie piiace Mineville a t Lake Placid. Northwood a t Plattsburgh. Ticonderoga at Port Henry. October 9 . MAI at St. John's. October 11 Only b r a n d e d m e r c h a n d i s e from: B a t e s , F u l l e r F a b r i c s , B u r li n g t o n Mills, Dan River, E a r l (ilo, P u n j a b . l^ee, Hear ^TP0INTCooking School^d St. John's a t Mineville (night). Port Henry at . Plattsburgh (night). O u r P r i ces: A S N A TI O N A L A D V ERTI S ED Mr. and Mrs. Joel Mason were visitors in Troy, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hams of Ballston Lake, Mr. and Mrs. H a r r y Hams of Ticonderoga and Mr. and Mrs. George A. Barnett of Peru called on Mr. and Itfrs. George Bar- nett, Sunday. George Milton Bar- nett returned to Peru with his parents after spending Saturday night with his g r a n d p a r en t s here. 47.4’ L A I i f c DEMONSTRATION October 15 Lake Placid a t MAI. Ticonderoga a t Northwood. OR LOWER FREE' • a chance to win a free Hotpoint Washer and Dryer. This wonderful Hotpoint equipment will be given away to someone . . ; _, . why not you? Qualify now by obtain- ™ ^ \* \\\ Tt-Economy Store St. John's a t Platssburgh (night). October 21 October 22 Mineville at Port Henry. Lake Placid at Ticonderoga. MAI at Northwood. October 28 H1104] ‘~11/HI \ (’IIII\I\'lV H//I/ T i c o n d e r o g a , N . Y. P h o n e 410 President William S. Carlson of State University and Dr. Hermann Cooper. State University executive dean for teacher education, will speak, as will Chancellor J o h n P . Myers, of the Board of Regents. Harry P. Keho<', chairman of the local College Council, and son-in- law of the late Dr. Hawkins, will make the address renaming \Otd Main.\ Dean Edward E. Redcay, of the -college, will present the name of Charles C. Ward Hall. Crown Pgsin't. Miss Carolyn Bends of Albany, f o r n v r h of Crown Point, spent the:ln<=' w e> 'k o n d <->fS e P ' - 1 8 ,h w i t h Mis - S Shirley Cutting and Mr. Phelps and daughter, Mrs. Helen Olmstead in Worcester, Mass. Sat- urday Mi.ss Bemi.s and Miss Cut- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thatcher, Jr.. and children of Port . Henry called on theeir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thatcher, Sr., last Tuesday. Miss Anna T h a t c h e r ac- companied her brother and fam- ily to Port Henry where she is •ipt-nding several days. ^s\ Mr. and Mis. Walter S t a n l e t f an d children <>f I'lattsburgh a n a Mr. ind Mrs. Bruno Corbo and children of Gr-iver Hills, spent Sunday o-iih Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith and family- Plattsburgh at Mineville (night). October 29 f Port Henry at Lake Placid. Ticonderoga at MAI. Northwood at St. John's. November 5 Lake Placid at Plattsburgh. St. John's a t Ticonderoga. MAI a t . Port Henry. Mineville a t Northwood. ing your entry CARNEY'S FOR (;ooi) PRINTIM; CALL 63 Fry Our Classified Ads Telephone 63 --, : nS were taken on a sight seeing l in Ticonderoga - - , it l , U 1 ' ,, r Boston. Miss .uarjorie Schnfield and Har- old Searles of Luzerne, visited the Fred Soarles family, Thursday Mr. Tieteriberg reported that 450 of the 549 insured commercial banks in New York served ag'ri- Whitehall,(u»,.„„ Al-culture by making farm loans dur- in 1954. d aor > M & j ^ a w a j and food prepaBed^it the, cooking school will also be given away. Hoftpoint Special Harvest Sale November 1& P o r t Henry at-St.'•iTdlrn**^ - '* Ticonderoga at Mineville. Plattsburgh at MAI. Lake Placid at Northwood. Louise Stanton of Crown Point r e n t e d a pet-! New Yoik. having p.. . . , . ition for the probate of the will of Mr. and Mrs. James Andrew have returned to Brooklyn afiei the above named decedent dated October 2th, 1938. relating to both real and personal property, you are cited to show cause before the Sur- rogate's Court of Essex County, at the Surrogate's Office in the Vil- lage of Ticonderoga. N. Y., on the visiting Mi's. Andrew's patents! Mr. and Mrs. John Young. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Van Dyck of Chappaqua, were recent quests of Mrs. Juno Slight. Mrs. 19th of October 1955. at in a m j Henry Van Dyck who spent three why a decree should not be grant- ed admitting said will to probate and directing issuance of Liter-. testamentary to petitioner. In TESTIMONY W H E R E O F , we iveek* with Mrs. Slight leturned to jer home in Chappaqua with het viii and wife Frank Blaise S. A.. U. S. Navy, is ' spending a 14-day furlough at the S h e l d o n have caused th Surrogate's Court t< affixed. WITNESS. Hon. Wickes, S u r r o g a t e , th. September, 1955. (L. S.) Emily E. Gravejle ( Clerk of the Surrogate's Court J a m e s C. McMahon. Esq. Attorney For Petitioner, Office and Postoffice Address. P o r t Henry. New York 45w4 eal of o u r said ] home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. be hereunto•Eddie Blaise, from U. S. Naval I Training Station. Bainbridge, Md.. F.i Upon l e t u r n Frankie will report to 7ih day of ' Special Weapon Program, Clarks- ' ville Base. Tenn. I Mrs. George Leavens and two ; sons of Schroon Lake were over- I night guests of her mother. Mrs. I Willian Pulsipher, last week Tues- day. I Mrs. Earl Spaulding has resumed | her position on the faculty of Sher- i man Collegiate Institute, Moriah. evening. and SAME RATES Mr and Mrs. Roland LaFavc and thre<-children have returned from Plattsburgh, where they vis- .ifd Mi. and Mrs. George Brown, Jr.. and daughter and Mrs. Frank LaFavp. Mrs. Brown is recovering from injuries received in a recent auto accident. Mr. and Mrs. W a l t e r Thatcher and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack rhatcn-T sp-nt the week end with their paijnus. Mr. and Mrs. Her- man Thatcher. ALBANY-Individual unemploy- ment insurance tax rates for cal- endar 1956 will fall within t h e same rate range as in 1954 and 1955, Industry Commissioner Is- ador Lubin has announced. Th? range will bo from 0.5 per cent of payrolls for firms with the most stable employment records to i maximum of ^.7 per cent for thos with the least f a v o r a b * e x p e r i e n c Take Public Opinion , Poll A t Lake Placid L A K E -PLACID—Mrs. Raymond C. P r i m e , c h a i r m a n qf the Essex County \•Poiitakers of America,\ a nation-wide, door-to-dpor public opinion poll t h a t is being held to- day, h a s announced t h a t North E l b a ' s District 1, will be the spot check in \this Assembly District. 1 . Members of Lake Placid's Repub- lican V/omen's;Club have been ap-* pointed a s canvassers by Mis Gor- don D u n n president All registered v o t e r s in North E l b a s District No 1, Republican and Democrat alike will be a s k e d t o cooperate in an - swering t h e questionnaire in a n effort t o p r e s e n t to the President of i h e United States an impersonal, repi esentative picture of hcov t h e A m e r i c an people feel r e g a r d i n g c e i t a i n issues >Iarnfes and addiess e s of those answering t h e question n au e will n o t toe\Tec&rded= — = A P P L E SlflRVEY Mrs. Anna Patch and daughter, A coast-to-coast survey t o trace the route of eight to ten million bushels of apples from orchard to home is underway a t Cornell's Ag- ricultural Experiment Station. daughter, Miss Barbara Patch, and Mrs. Carrie Fisk>-o,f Plattsburgh, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. n a r r y Fiske. Mrs. George W a r r e n and son, Eugene W a r r e n and wife of South Schroon. were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Graves. Penfield Grange of IronviHe held election of officers F r i d a y night, Sept. 23. Those elected were Joel Mason, Master; overseer, Lee Rhodes; Steward, J a m e s Kafferty; assistant Steward, William. Landry; Chaplain, Virginia—Mason; L a d y Assistant Steward, Gladys Landry; I Secretary, Althea JBlowers; Treas- urer, Aurilla Rafiferty; Lecturer,I Norma Bemis; Gatekeeper, Elbert] Mason; Ceres, Mrs. Rose Peasley; Pomona, Blberfca Mason; Flora, Geraldine Wetmore and Executive committee, John Landry. Penfield Grange of Ironville and Ethan Allen-Grange have, gcgepted\ the invitation to attend Ticonder- oga Grange T h u r l d a y , . Oct. 13th for installation oSE'o'fccers.-' Corwin - W r i g h t H o m e Bureau the NEW 56 FORD! 2 . Here, on your left, is (he inspiration for the styling of the '56 Ford—the famous Ford Thunderbird. Look a t those broad, flat hoods, for example. ;~ \ 9.» 3 5£:aYz%.,~, 5?‘. ed b y a business meeting Plans for t h e coming y e a r were discussed f ^ e t u i f ™ f ^ l d Monday orf d« \s ^e* f o r t h *purpose of fm.sh- m* t h e rtvnmum t r a y project \which w a s interrupted last y e a r IX^you^haye ^a tray which is not \\ * —1 ^« +r t l , n ,n v .t .k c i . \* A w e e k ago Tuesday evening the local H o h W l l u r e a u Unit held their \iirst fall ^meeting A pot luck s u p - Der -was served at_6 o clock f oliow- linished, please plan to have t h e tracing an d painting done so t q a tt e n d the^ctass when t h e acid £W}H bjl \ns^d4 Get in touch w i t h M r s R o b e r t , M c l n t y r e ' f o r i u i t h e r , Intormfatidn\* on this project for d a t e , e t c ~ i n T h o s e oCtfas Home Bureau whoJ a t e interested lh woodemware p r o - ' j e c t will be, pleased to note t h a i the f iret lesson J n this \series Will b e raugKt'Moi/day, Oct 3 a t 7 30 'pj.m.^alfc t h e H o m e Economics\ rdom i n t h e Crovim Point^Central Sohooh M r s Lewis TCabor i s the leader in J t h i s project ^ She attended the; T+^!?»^nJrcn\tr,nA air Wpstinorf The d in b u t n o t y e tajoined \v<tf asked -to I g e t{ in (^ontajCt^with Mrs Tabori [\this'is n o t only for refimshfngjOld j or n e w salad bowls but old or npW r fttimiture F o r this project you a r e tc^ bring a n e w or old salad bowl old r a g s l o r cleaning a newspaper 2 | smali j a r s such a s instant caffee j a r sva n old paint brush or a, n e w cheap 4one for applying remover «.a j^otaia edged p u tt y knife, gum turpentme', if!p 30 aluminum steel wool No „30 Oxide sanding paper, No 20, oxide O f S f a m e t &<***H\Of n a n a i . \NTrt fift g a r n e t or '.=.- :- {Egg ' * -.--1.»... .‘ .. A. N0 _ '15‘ %:.:'-3.‘ _; {_f;;-‘ ‘_. ~ I ‘ ‘ , _ .l _I . 1 .\ \'~ _s‘:‘§ ~= . . 2}‘ 1‘ ‘~ .1. Q“ ‘-:.n.':;’..,.»_.':‘ >. ‘ -; _'~‘ L-2' 5 J! :9 ,-33”.‘ 15;?) )9. r g Miss P au l a * 0 . Wright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wiilard W r i g h t of Crown Point, became the bride of Lloyd W. Corwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Corsviri, Sr., rjf Aquebogue, Long Island, on S a t u r - day, September 24, a t tlhree o'clorfk in the Congregational Church of Crown Point. The\ Rev. Grajiam Hodges of Ticonderoga performed t h e double ring ceremony. White candles apd seasonal flow- ers decorated the altar. Mrs. Ed- ward Bruno played the wedding marches and traditional music, and Mrs. J o h n Toohey, Jr., and Miss Dennie Bruno sang wedding music. The bride given in m a r r i a g e by h e r father, wore a floor length gown of tulle over satin. The skirj:, worn \over a hoop, was appliqued with tulle rosettes. T h e bodice was fashioned with satin an d tulle il- lusion neckline. H e r fingertip .veil. fell from . a; crffwn embroidered* with sequins and seextp'earls. She carried a cascade bouquet of white ‘,'.,.- ‘.v _ =:-z:;n*;é; 3* . 4, ;?§§J*\. w ' ‘ .: «‘.’o.“'T-*\**3.'-’»‘-\\ ‘ » . . ' ~ ‘EA rr~\*:T-i'~*1+f.~ Z’-“’ r .5‘: we c=;__1:ry+;<:.g1;r;<g,-;_Mt,;I12ls2§s%,As§A!:1..l.2;=,t15 ‘lar -‘liLt:1iii1iéfs;%{i_i?‘I;iZ'g!§;:‘li,»‘ai<1sf¢‘..%.:§.; z . 5' ’;»_';.-A “~» \1 ZJ;’*7JT£:f.'*; A ; :{ S 1:, ~.».<. > 5? ‘-« -, i§ é;i<v.,. ~ . l^StOS Aava c4/^toecLsSkwsm mother I n19£2,A l ^ k a c A l p i n e became a telefaljoae,optei , atQir vt New YoxK City1. Thelieadset sb.e wore, the swifechboftjfd She used'were the very l&fcSk Aft&folktf thought the service Aljce amfcbe?tellow employees pro^ Vide4 was pretty near perfect. >But when Alice's daughter, Claire, joined'her mother s& an operator last year, there had certainly been a lot of changes. Throughout the State* the time i t takes for a local call to go through has been reduced, jon the average, ^from nearly 40 seconds to about 20. ' T h e weight of the operator's headset has been cut in half. Many other things have changed, too—even the \telephone itself. And what was \pretty near perfect'* phone service in 1022 has become many Hmes better. If—someday—Claire MacAIpine; Jias a daughterwhobecomes an oper* ator, she'll probably find some thing's .changed, too. But one thing -willr never; change It's the \spirit of servi 4ce\ that typifies telephone pebjpfe everywhere today, just a s wfieni mother was a girl This is the spirit: that plays such a big part in*nakinj£ your telephone service so fast arict dependable — so warm and jfrieridl^ M all times. MEW - Y O R K T E IE P H O N E - C O M P A N Y o f less P » >1‘-‘, ‘;>'>_t3'\'-'.g,\.’,\\‘-,‘~‘ ~\\’¢\.‘» . 1‘ .‘ v. ‘ ..-»».:,= »,tv,\;;.~>'~.'- \;.>« >- ~.’:‘*‘: «:I‘*.. i‘xmh ' 5‘.*\‘. ,‘\‘5’,‘--?..’“;*«'‘.*'‘.*,>’3’.‘‘‘‘‘vIx‘ ' . I ¥.«f3'z~‘ mt:-~*+: ~ . - 23;; ~.\;.‘_ «- ‘ ':‘»l.— ;M.\\f:\4-',; '§ ‘-‘* ' ‘««-'-~ av‘: <>\.: .»:. .-~ .~,.:\ .' Mi im . 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T h en you'll learn iitdry. 'When yoti d o , you'll know that Ford is thejftii'c£$ a t half tibe fine car price.r ' rcji. Design spent over two years developing . . . to give you added pro* tectum in Case of an accident. • n W i a l lb* n(*jOw(-Pnw( to. carnations. ^ Mrs. W a l t e r J. TreadwajT was matron or honor for h e r sister. She wore a ballerlrtia length gown of turquoise nylon chiffon with drap- ed bodice and an illusion dropped waistline. H e r , headpiece w a s of turquoise net, and sl^e 'Carried an Colonial bouquet of yellow and T | MOTORS,Inc. MOTORS,Inc. TU1LY MQT0HS n(*jOw(-Pnw( to. E. C. H e n r y , I n c . -, —',-‘~.?.'£3l' ‘Z;-' \*:' '_»\1 r WTCJKER SGIIRQGN Y. Building Materials, Port Henry Plfltti* 205 - * *-* i Lumber and Coal ' TicbUderoga PJibiuS 88 W/ ; - i - ., ‘F; 32:’. '4 n‘ -’- n :'~‘.'.~{'¢.‘-E ‘ ~ . . «:r':::*<’§.-xx ,w .: xx-« s.-_.~~ 4...» «: '}(~.,§ JV} ~; '~'/;_';,-V‘v.‘. ’1-;5‘,.?¢§,»<»,> -rm: iFi3,».3T<«'2 :.’s~54 55\’-.'«\v-f\I}\~‘—-‘.»‘.‘*Tv..’45’$3327‘! u;:, zi.-:u«:z.!,:é.v ..; W / ; - i - ., - ~.'~‘ _ )v‘>» MMtMl&S,;'.:;?. i ',. f > .3)‘ ,~\s1\t:*- A-,w:i1;=::.'1 5: \‘-;'Lw-1.\ \.f;s;w.1.5:'~¢:£r'7:'~1m:t”\:!i§'~1:\N.:! 'r‘-:,”¥w/:‘7~* ‘:::~:.-'.*.*.«;=r:;';Aa',,~.v:5e;c\q>';E~u>';£»'1;3.:‘Lvam A‘.'L1.\.T‘I!'Fv£‘>\'v.v‘~\.:‘zi‘ ~«:a;x'.~=-xgmzx: was .:. ~ '<..—»«. . vW%_\_) $,:_;:§£ .V» , ~...« ,. .1. . . .-a. -,‘ .. «,«. . . ,.. .. ., Wm L~!!~.-’!.*.~“!\>::15§}5?(535’ .. M. -. no .‘:\' M-:~ r~!.w2.~»«.~»-»—n.~.*~ 72' »=»-= .-’.~r', r ~, .r«.~.x«« ~:;..«,.;¢“.: .~-«.»: ~ ~v*»‘.~ 2» u mt . :«.«;:k~: ». —:«.-4” «2.:.%' wt? «§:.;;ge:\;§i-jaggae. ,;A;.; ,., ‘*3-.::¢‘:«f;x\-L' a:;¢§}§;$—3.=; :r~‘s,> ;,g.;;,».s =..fr. ~“-, ,- ‘, % \ _ » ».. .':.'« —.\'.~f‘ '.‘-:41. r.‘ “aw . ..\ 'v”- 3% ‘rd ' ,‘ ,'~. .;*.3 4' .a-‘ .:'»*L~ \Ar\ . rf \. :1‘ ‘T’ «:.;‘.,».: “x\'€ ‘:=..» TM.-‘t~‘: ‘.~”w-;‘,- -\F ~5r\~»*;, \ -’:«rM;»§:‘ «.;«..‘w’.f':. J .«>T«’:,4~:¢c::-te:M-+m;{;;r ~:',*\:~,»,2t ti‘: » ‘ - . 4 z‘-~‘.:z:r: 1- .- ' - -- . ~.-mv »“=:rn1+L ~ ‘;\' ~’I1:?4\~'=.=I.-’:\,\:: ~.‘= ‘z-27~ . .\\ ' - .‘ .r.«z.;~.r.wv:«~.: .<w;.?.~,. ; 1.’ mu. > .\ :24.’ :7‘.:.C-':~“,’l.\a9.»r25§;¥:!\::(“'<5§}&E§§1’5¢£,'i*3g§£7Z?R::‘?f:.\;f?‘;';;7£¥§§‘*§'i'?.7‘\3‘§5f:i‘#§f;’4‘*.4.i3§f\$::§3:j?;:;»‘§1}ii&2vlV;{.:'5i\Q£‘Z‘)f\5 . “,,‘ '-\,_,,.~_. ~»t r. é:~2.=.J~.-w.;~ .» I ‘Vj.'”‘:\‘\€,l\ ' \ ‘r '-‘\4351.-V: '»‘.~; « ‘£24.-K MMtMl&S,;'.:;?. * At Advertised in LIFE and POST _nuvuw« yWfjticf/ QUALITY i SERVICE W e Certify , Q u a l i t y Paris and > Service . . .« FairChorgci • : YOU'RE SUREofQUALITY: : RADIO andTVSERVICE : • when you call '. H a r v e y Guion Ticoiiderojta — Telephony 826-J \W »Ul« a n d Recommend CBS-HYTRON Tube« ' Truck Rentals HERTZ DRIV-URSELF PICK-UP YAN HOUR — DAY — WEEK Dial 2-8525 Glens Falls, N . Y. ALSO CARS

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