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Ticonderoga sentinel. (Ticonderoga, Essex County, N.Y.) 188?-1982, August 04, 1955, Image 1

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M£ : NO no T^w^^^m^^^^'^^^^mnt**#» T^w^^^m^^^^'^^^^mnt**#» W 1-’.-‘vi //W” M’ v— m<$ itt C^NTS OPEN HERE S I V J ** SIXTEEN PAGES V ‘. 1%] \~“~“.‘?r.~ ;~,~..,‘ ~ ~~-—. ,; ,_ 5‘ W: ~ ;-.sj'- 2“;«,{.‘~v-:.:;;:.»=.?.. 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' ( ~;1~ ~' ‘ ..\Tf“< ~~»- .._.. ‘. ~ e\.—-7} ‘ » - ‘ _-»_.w, ‘ <‘ 3;’: \ ‘é H ~‘ .5?‘ A‘ ,« ,'C ‘'‘‘?i'’ ~ - ~ ‘mg ‘ 4&3‘: ~“ dig; .’-:~‘:,‘ :- A ‘ 3» ;.‘1‘;=A ~ \ 3\‘: §\i:3 Ea: ; 3-H 2 Hr’? «S; <‘- 54;; '~‘~r\33 “ » '..»‘»“‘.5t.*»x>«{r..=. '-..I - “‘ ‘ 1 - ~ A ~.(\w4«!,I~:\3.\.\.-ty~<R'.“( ¢.,~\v-.-1,‘ .-..+vg.«._~,.~-.. ~ 1. §{:?I‘ltr:‘$L1jgf¢\;j;I‘¢“§‘;K-.5-: ~':ra\;‘~;- X. as L» ,» ' » 3:. V \» , m v\“(i':~E~« .1 X 3.. ~'~ ' A ' W. ‘-?‘1”‘-§-:25 ’\i=‘ '<.‘—.°'~T'e\~:-“~$‘:5«‘<‘r ,-3: is :.a \-1- rs’ ‘é«é;-z,‘3.‘u-:‘$‘.:>‘7- “_‘3§~ ~ s (M) ’ 5-,} ?i: .«x¢-_;;_=‘x-_-..;»,J-.~.~;:1‘ ~ “: -, , ‘ '-.:-.*vs‘~.»s,A.~s‘«\,%:x ' \ _‘— _\._: ~?~< CW“ =¥.‘a;**14: T » Ax, ~_,:'_~,\§£ ~« “‘~.e\‘:;.: ay Taxpayers Here Ok Building T W n Garage By Vote Of 142 To 38 $48,000 Structure Gets Approval A t Special Election Friday; WiH Be Completed In Fall Taxpayers of t h e Town of Ti icomderoga approved t h e construc- tion of a new-town garage and tiwo related propositions concern- ing financing the project a t a spe- cial election last JFitday All t h r e e propositions w e i e carried b y a bet- t e r t h a n three to one margin Tl»e new g a r a g e , which will be erected at a cost not to exceed $48,000 will b e located on town- o w n e d p r o p e r t y just westerly of the: \LjSg;' House' • ,9JU&# interseev # ^ h of> t h e SchtiSoh lialce and TIJ- s ^ c l e r ^ ^ C ^ w ^ -^ P o i n t highways. Specif (ca^c-nsrcall for a steel p r 6r E n g i n e e r e d s t r u ^ t i i t e of ! steei; Con- c r e t e blocks and aluminum, 120 feet' ioftgr a h a fa f e & t ^ i d e ; ' Proposition No. 1,\ which called fot the actual expenditure of a sum n o t to -exceed $48,000 for the building, was approved b y a vote of '142 fo 38 » t * Propositions N o . 2 a n d 3 related t o t h e financing of t h e building T h e second proposition was ear- n e d by a vote of 134\to 37, and the, t h i r d proposition w|as approved 133 t o 37 T h e g a r a g e will liQUse town m a - chinery a n d e q u i p m e n t which cost m o r e - t h a n 5170,000. At present, the s m a l l town shed i n Wayne Ave is ijitedv i b u t l o u l y two. t r u c k s a n d ^ a *s*hail j»nroun.t*«f \equipment c an ' b e a c c o m m o d a t e d i n this building^ P l o w s , g r a d e r , shovel and o t h e r achanery—are—necessarrly stored outdoors. * ^ t u n d s -for the construction of t h e building will be \drawn from t h e town!s T a x Stabilization Fund, w h i c l r t o i U l s $45,05311 There will b e n o increase in taxes, ofificais p o i n t e d o u t , a s a ifesult pf using this fund which h a s been establish- ed f o r s u c h t i n emergency purpose*| Benefit Musical * At Schrdon Lake SCHttOOlST LAKE^-Thc Scar- oon M a n o r Players m the 80th edition of \Curtain T u n e , \ a musical revue, featuring: t h e en- t i r e staff and orchestra of Scar- oon Manor Hotel will be p r e - sented Monday a t 8:45 p m a t tlie Schroon )UUce C en t r a l School auditorium H i e r e v u e , for t h e benefit of local Catholic and P r o t e s t an t Churches and t h e United Jewish Appeal, is spon- sored by the Schroon L a k e C h a m b e r of C&mmerce. The Scaroon H o n o r personnel veil! i-appeaiptliliftuifb;' \the\.«c'ourj\ •tfesy of •Jois)4p!^:'^ielie,r., ;pi«>prie- for ot .'the. 5MSMS^i\ a n d m t e bo .augmented by guest st4^.V.Tick- *ts m a y be secured through t h e mail by calling' Schroon l * k e Plione 176. V 4iicti<>a Plans Mapped Here; Qtis h Named Mkldlebury \ Auctioneer Is EngagedFOTEvent Aug. I S And}20 For Benef it Of 2 Leagues e t i n Second PoitQ Sliot ^ Set For Saturday 4SARANAC E A K E —A second fent of Salk anti-polio vac- cine h a s been received l a the S a r a n a e Lake District Office, of t h e S'tate Department of H e a l t h for distribution in the Counties of, Essex, F r an k l i n , (Hamilton a n d S t Iiawrence T h e supply on h a n d is limited and as t o be used to give \second shots\ to t h o s e Children jn t h e first an d second grades who received their \first shots\ a b ou t six Weeks ago. D r . C ML Steward, District Health Officer, stated t h a t p l a n s for the clinics a r e being/ worked out by Miss Norma Morrill, Dis- trict Supervising Nurse, and t h e actual clnuc schedules will be announced a t a l a t e r d a t e The closing of m an y schools during t h e summer -vacation period complicates the clinic planning Ticonderoga Merchants Are Staging 3-Day Sales Event Lawrence A ^cCspuley 52 <su\< perintendent^ of ^highways f o r t h e Town of Salem, died at Mary ^Tc hClellan Hospttai ^ i n ,Calrtbri$ge from injuries received n% a t r a c t o r accident A. co-wqjjker saxcf M > Caufey was towing a. b u y i n g up? a steep lull when, m e tov^ cable parted catapulting t h e m a n under the treads of t h e t r a c t o r ^ An employe of ^ t h e Adirondack Construction Company of ..Gletis Falls, William ^ Every) 42, escaped death tecently when lie was pinned lienealh a section, bf bleachers which collapsed S t ^ t h e T u p p e r Lake High School iESvery a n d arij. other workman w e r e t a k i n g down the bleachers W h e n c e accident occurred Rescuers h a d t o u s e tor- ches to free t h e m an from t h e jangled girders * A 13 year old BallstQh Spa boy's attempts a t .ifl4e^igJ|S|9^(^cfn,| mitted v an d a j j s ^ -' ^ ' J v | 5 | 5 ^ i nes ; at Ballston i i a k e , •inclu^ft'^*spias-' tering the walls. o l ^ n g j ^ i l ^ ' e g g S j ; Damage wa? e ' s t i ^ l ^ ^ ' s e ^ l l s l hundred dollais , av“. Name Referee For Marathon HAGUE - ^ W Melvin Crook of Montclair 1ST J and Bolton Land m g Will be the referee for the 90 mile closed course stock oubboard marathon to be—held Aug 21 by t h e Lake George Regatta Associa tion Driver License Deadline Nears Exceptional B u | ^ Advertised By? \ Local Stores A g en e r a l committee m e e t i n g w a s held Tuesday evening a t t h e Community Building to further plans for the huge auction to be s t a g e d a t t h e E M B A P ar k here F r i d a y and Saturday, Aug 19 a n d 20 for the benefit of t h e Ticonderoga Little L e a g u e a n d Babe R u t h League The auction will s t a r t each d a y a t 10 a m and will Continue u n t i l everything is s o l d\ Wallace Otis well known Middlebury, V t , auctioneer, has been engaged fori t h e two-day *event. _„, Rej^eseln'tatives of the \Char^beif of, Commerce and the E m ^ o y e s : Mtotvpal .Benefit Association-o i the, E p e r ^ a t l on a i P a p e r Co, he^e a t r te^cled the meeting Tuesday night; . tt t ' i h a p plans. Special committeesl w i r e - ^previously. appointed \for sorting merchandise, advertising, p a r k i n g and concessions a n d sol- icltationsj T h e auction will be extensively advertised t h r o u g h o u t northern iNew Y o r k and Vermont, and it I s expected thteut thousands will a t - tend t h e unusual event which w.111 offer abbut $5,000 in new mer- chandise In addition, residents i n t h e a r e a will b e , solicited iorjused-marchan-, •d£se for t h e eyent and it\is hoped t h ^ t .generous donations w i l l t>4 m a d e ^ i n o r d e r t h a t the-t w o local junior'-baseKall circuits, willbe.^ben,-1 efitted by* a substantial sum- Solicitations of used articles will b e made Monday and Tuesday Aug 15 and 16 Trucks will pick u p contributions Residents will be reminded of the collection by tel ephone prior—to -the, collection T h e amount of $1,000 has been g u a r an t e e d t o t h e two l e a g u e - r e gardless of t h e outcome of t h e auc tibn \There i s a tremendous amount of w o r k involved in staging thi b i g event,1' a spokesman said 'If there, ,JS any person who would like t o help, i t jyould b e most appre ciated. 'If you can do so, please call George Spring a t t h e Ticonderogs C h a m b e r of Commerce office, tele phone - — ALBANY—Renewal of 3,500,000 operator licenses which expire next September 30 began Monday, with emphasis on physical condi- tion, Motor Vehicle Commissioner Joseph P . Kelly reported. The 6th Annual Mid-Summejr^Ti;? conderoga Bargain Days a r e being held today (Thursday), t o m o r r o w and Saturday. Stores will r e m a i n open tomorrow night until 9 Q.'^ clock. ' This is w h a t the Motor Vehicle •Burelau calls \the big year,\ when the largest block of the state's six million driver licenses run out. F o r many it will also be the first renewal since initiation of stiffer procedures covering physical con- dition of drivers Mr. Crook is, one of the nation's most prominent motorboat racing officials H e is serving as leferee of the Gold Cup championship be ing held this week in Seattle Wash Bob Marx of Homer, N, Y., who w a s named referee for the event, withdrew a s h e will serve a s re- feree at t h e National Outboard Stock Championships being r u n at t h e same time as the local m a r a - thon. Tremendous bargains are being offered in various stores as m e r - chants combine to stage a g r e a t three-day sales event again. Cloth- ing, electrical appliances, jewelry, shoes, paints, records, furniturd a n d many other articles will be on sale with prices \slashed to the. bone.\ considerably and for this reason the cooperation of local physi- cians, school officials, local health . off.cers, an d p a r e n t s , is \ppticularly' needed. \' Y ' p P a r e n f s of those c h i l d r e n . , ' ^ iieivhig \first Shots\ six we.efcs .ago will be reminded of the t i m e and place for the'^^iiecond s h o t\ by postal card. A physician's statement is now required with every license renew- a l application which shows the ap- plicant has had fainting spells, dia- betes, stroke, Bright's disease, ex- cessive high blood pressure or any heart ailment. Business places participating a r e : Atehinsonte, Carney's, Cooke & Saccq, Dillaway's, , Gallant's, Kassel's, National Army Store, National City Bank of Troy, Pearl's, Radio Station W1PS, R a t h - bun's, Ti-Economy, Ti-Oil, Inc., Ti- conderoga Paint & Supply Co., T i - Motors and Warren's. Among early entries for the race is Lester Kahn of Belrose, L. I., _who won the Norfolk, Va. and Thousand Islands marathon this y e a r and placed third in the Solo- mons, Md., marathon. '^(Representatives' of the Lake George R e g a t t a Association will appear on the Tony Adams' '^Sports Digest\ program over WtoAX-TV, Burlington, next Mon- day at 6:50 p. m. They will be in- terviewed regarding the marathon and will display trophies to be awarded and^a_mani of the course. ' Old-Time J)ay\ \Slated Sundfiy BTJIZABirHHTOWiN—T h e ' F i t b h Annual Old, Timers' B a y will b e held, a t the Adirondack ^Center here Sunday from 3 t o 5 p _rn A program, described as\ e n t e r - tainment_of a type^4fare in this a r e a ,\ h a s been arranged\ by-t h e Essex County-i historian ancl in- cludes ballad Ringing-b y Millton Qkun-pf-^ r w k J ^ A n d for £ e o r g e Y o k u m - o f flSrPSBEO^m' ^ t a * e Teachers College MUsic EteElart- m e n t . fiddling -^callihg.'-i'-hlll-billy music\ a n d group ^i(fging T h e r e will also b e a demonstration of hewmg~with the jbroad axe T h e program will open wrth a brief welcome,addpsssjiy Clarehce Nye, principal of^the Ehzaibeth- town-Lewis Central School. The plifblie is mvitfed to attend, and ajl fiddlers and tollers a r e welcome, officials s a ^ a n d all m a y t ou r the Adirondack Center on/Old Timers Day* v \\ Uniform Dates On Small Game Also continued are strict regula- tions governing renewal in cases w h e r e there are defects of hearing or vision, other physical disabilities or deformity, or a record of men- tjal illness. Shareholders of. t h e M e r c h an t s National Bank offWnitehall, at a special meeting., Qh September 1, vote en a proposed m e r g e r of the bank with t h e National Com- mercial Bank and T r u s t Company of Albany T h e Wnjteh&U b an k was organized M a r c h 4, 1873 Mrs Florence Osier, Jlconder- oga school n u r s e , said t h e second shot of vaccine will be administ-'*! ercd Saturday morning;-to t h o s e children who received their first injection about siv weeks ago. T h e Vaccine will be giveh a t .the Ticonderoga High School in Cul- ~klns Place from S t o 10:30 a . m. The \Days\ are being widely publicized and hundreds-of persons from ' a widespread area are ex- pected to be drawn here by the event. Four pages of advertising are being carried in this issue of The Sentinel, listing many bar- gains, and several thousand extra copies of t h e advertisements* a r e Ebeing., sexvt. t h r ou g h the mail. . i v|nany Hkrgaihs available in addi- tion to those announced in t h e i r advertisements. They urge—pei'stSiis to) visit their stores \to see -for themselves the many money-sav- ing opportunities offered during Ticonderoga Bargain Days.\ „ • Commissioner Kelly reminded drivers t h a t falsification of a li- cense application is a misdemeanor, punishable on first offense by a fine of up to $100 or up to 30 days in jail, o r both, and that in addi- tion the law mandates revocation o»f t h e license. , r Parjum At foft Opens AugTTff T h e 4th annual \Lecture P o r u m\ sponsored \by the F o r t Ticonderoga Association will be conducted next Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Oliver LaValley, Rouses P o i n t clumber, who retrieved $250,006 jvorth of smuggled diamonds f r o m £ hotel t o t l | t , / N <s a i ^ r e ^ e h t l y - ^ e would cKallerfge-t h ^ f^jsrWBWOt'.s award of $3»,??6 to Hjenry Jillson the hotel proprietor l^rtTailey.said. through his afifoiyrtey\ u t h a t Tie would move for a shard of\ t h e money given to Jillsori Target practice provedrcostly t o a 40-year old m a n heft* P o t t e r s ^ vitle last week .His targets, w e r e (Lfive large insulators „Qh \he Nia- gara Mohawk Power'\Corpora$ion lines. Arrested by S t a t e d Police from the Chestertowfi^outpOst, t h e ra|an was fined $25, jjlvett * sus- pended sentence fof 30 days, an d [.will have to pay tot repjfira t o t h e power lines * x ' Interesting mail5caused IUI acci- dent in Tupper UaKe ^ c e a t l y . A iNew York City visitor a t t h e Kil- j,dare Qub picked Up h i s ihall a t the Faust post office, a n d w a s rif- ling through It on hjs w a y o*utv H e <wialked 'directly into a 'J-fbot Rlate glass window flanking -the d o o r The glass shattered, Inflicting tivvp severe cuts to the hjaji's left leg T h e Bureau's action on license *F«)WaJ$ pi <&is?%.,&M'$i t h e s i art ailment or disability depewis on when it. occurred. If the affliction. ..occurred since t h e last license w a s issued, a new license will not b e issued until the case has been reviewed in the Bur- eau's Safety Division in AMsany or New York. If the affliction occurred before the last previous license was ob- taind, the license will be issued if accompanied by a physician's s t a t e m e n t but the case will be, ear- marked\ f o r l a t e r review. At .WSitoiiiiikMeetiiig T h e i ^ r m o n f . # t a t e Historical Society^'ftrnnletjsS a five-day ses- sion, ojf : 'c p n f e r e n ^ an d gatherings last wee.ki The meetings were held a t 'KLonJpilAer. uji'de* the di vction of Dr. Afthur t e a c h . - \ . « One meeting was dedicates to 1955 is the bicentennial of the building of the Fort and this yeaE'js, F o r u m will have special ^emiphasis on t h e Colonial period of F o r t ' T i - condetfbga's history, concluding with a panel discussion o n the F o r t a s a Key to a Continent\ during its u n p a i a l l e l e ! history in the Col- onial Wars a n d the \ y a r of the Revolution, it has been announced. T h e - ^ o r u m will Open af 8 p . m., next Vlfednesday, when a h address will b e given by J o h n H . G. Pell, Director of the Fort Colored slides] of the F o r t i t s history an d its res- toration an d museum collection: will b e shown by Mr Pell.. T/akmg p a r t in, the Torum will be i One meeting was dedicates . to ^0'r t I'itoWeioga aiid its 200th anhiyersary.\ Dr. Peach outlined t h e Fort's powerful' position in this nation's early history tad lauded F o r t officials for the-splendid woik of Authentic restoration. The principal' speaker a t the meeting;v/a,s MJssJ^eancVr' Murray, manageF o f F o t t Tl|onderoga. Miss M u r r a y 's talk emphasized 'Fort Ti- cbnderoga's conneottbn |ii Vermont histdry,., S^e mentioned little known incidents wiliich were writ- £en;u p inline -manuscripts and doc- u m en t s in t h e J&n-tVyast library. Following her .tajic, Miss.Murray showed colored slides of the Fort an d of yarlQUs^edueatioa activities conneeted with ther F o r f s pro* g i i a m . Restriction Om Use %f Water .Ticonderoga village officials have ordered the restriction of use of w a t e r for hosing gardens anfi lawns because of '^pne of the hot- test and driest\ \summers onI'.e^— cord. Hoses m a y t?e used only from 8 p. m. to midnight. </ TO fclVE ASSISTANCE An engineer will h& at the t o w r c l e r k ' s office m -the Community Building t o m o r r o w from 2 t o 8 •p nx. to assist persons wishing to s u b m i t J n d s i n connection with the construction of t h e n e w town g a t - age S e p a r a t e pioposals will be r e - ceived for t h e construction cf the m a i n ' b u i l d i n g , electyeal, plumbing an d h e a t i n g w o r k 2Uds will b e op- ened Tjublicljr by t h e town board a t ?i30 To m , Monday, Aug 15 T h e new garage w a s approved by t a x p a y e r s at a' special election l a s | total cost: will not ex- T h e physician's . statement, re- quired in all cases of the listed ill- nesses, regardless of the time ot the ailment, m u s t indicate that in the judgment of the doctor the applicant is capable of driving safely. l Small AUBAiNY — Unif^lrm opening dates for all small gaihe seasons, Hong an objective oil h u n t e r s of t h e stjaite, have been provided in o r d e r s announced by (Conservation Com- missioner Lou's AvWeh)g. October 1 is the^bjg day for hunters m the N o r t h e r n Zone of t h e s t a t e , while Southern Zone sportsmen-may legally take t o t h e nfild-hRgmnmg on foctojher 24, w i t h one m i n o r exception T h e seasons p e r t a i n to the taking, of^ pheasant, ruffed grouse (partrldgel, g r a y squirrels, cottontail * , rabbits and raccoon —^ —'—T h e D e p a r t m e n t ' s 1955 H u n t i n g a n d T r a p p i n g Guide,* giving C o m - plete information On seasons a n d b a g limits a n d t h e popular small game hunting map, «is how i n t h e 1 hands of' the prihtei*,,, Comfmssipn- e r Wehle stated dtnd-*Hlll be avail- alble. through llcejjse issuiftg Ageh.- oiesT e a r l y in Aviust* , ^ -« Sportsmen - h a v e (asked fhat all seasons' operi on the £ame d a t e t o minimize illegal f hunting ^,ln the (Continued, qn f»ag« F i v e ) —i;— phone 94 - — ^ —\When you a r e asked for a do nation for t h e auction, we hope you Will give—either used articles o r cash*,\ h e continued. \It is all f o r a fine cause, for t h e baseball leagues f<>r our youngsters repre- sent a splendid'comanunity asset R e m e m b e r , too, th»f~the IS M B A \and theT Chamber^of Com- merce Thave guaranteed, ^fl.OOO r e gardless of the outcome of t h e auc tionwW e a l l hope you will help so t h a t\muc h more , thjan t h a t sum will .be made Available t o t h e two l e a g u e s\ 1 v ^ ' TKOEHY O N pifePXAY JEfOLiTbN<£A^WliG-q -T^e Lake G e o r g e R e g a t t a Association of iHague has-on displayt-ipwthe local teibby of t h e F i r s t National Bank of Giens^FalJs t h e t r o p h y to b e p r e s e n t e d t<j the v>fnri!er of t h e 90- rriile M a r a t h on to be hpld a t H a g u e Sunday, Aug 2 i \M«ny othejr prizes'\ will b e oiV^lar^ed t o contesjtaAts. T h e m a p of^ the course is also on display^'? AutoJHtfillShfrwAt Fair WEISTPOKT—.TJhe amazing a e r - ial ' Torpedo Carl* l e a p / acclaimed iby the critics and fans alike a s - t h e greatest automotive thrillers e v e r conceived, will, hlglt-li^ht a 90-mm- u t e program of hl£fr s p e e d ' e v e n t s a n d terrifying\ aytsrhobije thrillers when the original World's Cham-, pion Auto JJaredevils appear | h the T ou r n a m en t of Thyills a t th,e &-• sex County FaW,f westport» W e d - nesday, Aug I t , at~8 30 o'clock, I n this death-defying event, Bob L »B a y , ( ' of MoatreaV> {.Canada o r Buddy eroqks\ 6f p e t t o i t , ' Michi- gan, will send fc*jjevv 1S65 F o r d Stock model sedan on a perilous f l i g h t throuifh (Space f r o m , a launching platterm to a rei)eivii}g rampway, Whlje three o t h e r speed- i n g sedans w h i $ \underneath in a 'llghthlng-like , den>on$lratIon of speed,> timing ahd t e a m w o r k . T h e \torpedff<iat\ J*«p i s * v ar i a - tion of t h e same automotive thrill-,, e r t h a t has,0ra»ed t h e llf« of t h e late \Lucky Vmn\ aadmm?i bttier* p^omin,ent stuAt s t a r s in r e - c e n t y e a r s . < . L a B a y , sejisational'French-Can- adian w h o h a s w on t h e t i t l e of world's all-around s t u h t m a n , f o r t h e lastr two years, p l a c e s; a s>claim b n the-recdrdsfor1 distance m this deAth^efying l e a # ~ T h e ' t a l l lad from ^Montreal leapedla F o r d s e - d an t h e distance of 92 feet from on e r a m p to an o t h e r a t t h e Los Angeles Coliseum, in ^952. O t h e r * events scheduled when these w o r l d 4 a m o u t daredevils ap* s pear h e r e include t h e spectacular ^\wiiig oVer** events In which cars , a r e balanced oA t w o wheels fr6m e l e v a t e d rampwky*, the\ splrterting- lijif \t ^ * e i o n ^ e r ' ^ c i i * ; t h e M r tfcona) yoll*^ver chajuwioitshlp con- g e s t series, t e r m i n g cycle thrill- 'ers, a n d t h e i'sl^de f o r life/* nmong o t h | r th^rlHejcs. » f ^ \ Th e Jf a l r ' o p en s Tueaday, Aug 16, a r i d ! i w w t i h u« W t ^ o m t h ^ t u f - I d a y , ^.u<^-ap, f | J ) i , I Because of the-extensive use 6$ hoses, the enormous ahiount\ of w a t e r flowing' through w a t e r mains has tended to \flush out'-11 •the mains, causing the w a t e r t.O become \cloudy\ a t times, Mayor Maynard L. Belden said. ' There is no shortage-of wat.|r in Gooseneck Pond, T i c o n d e r ^ ^ f source of supply, the mayor stres'*« ed. \In fact,\ he said,, \t h e le|bfc-of the Pond is two feet h i g h e r l a b w than it used to b e in t h e sprang before the dam was raised a , f ^ years ago.\ . , . , v Mayor Beiden's s t a t e m en t fol» lows: \The village officials have : it necessary to restrict t h e w a t e r for hoses to the evening hours—from 8 p . m. until' iiiid? night, y h e r e is no shortage Qf y^a-.. t e r i n Gop'seneck Pond;• i n ' l f ^ K\ the level di the Pond is towxeet higher now t h a n i t used t o b e ' . ^ . the sprirtg before t h e dani w4s raised a few years ago. '|</fe| \However t h i s sum m er h4s/|S^|h one of t j i e ' h o tt e s t and driest pp record and t h e enormous a m ou n t of w a t e r bemg-used has tended tf> 'flushvout' t h e ' wdter m a i n s , 6aus-» ing the w a t e r t o b e cloudy . ^ times, R o w i n g t|ie e o n d i t i o n | »^» believe the people'of Tk:o*ftajf|50^; will cooperate with this r e q , u | j | J | it should m e a n better drinking,.yfai' t e r for all.\ r -If, • !« ! & Loses irife In Palmer's Pond be i Howard Breshn, a u t h o r of B r i g h t B a t t a l i on s , ' \T h e T a m a r - ack T r e e ,\e t c , Miss Marine Le- land pr&fessoi of F r e n c h -?r#ian* guage an d L i t e r a t u r e , smiJh./Ce-I-.l lege, J o h n R Cuneo, attoirn^r y/h6 is one of the experts on. the;.s,ub» ject of Robert Rogers aflcf Ms- Rangers^ and Admiral H^^Kent Hewitt, U S JN Ret> who vjsrpQ ?«t a s chairman of the B an e ! Discus* sron a t 2^30 p m Frida'y in. T^hleai: Mr Cuneo, M r Breshn-and.'Miss! Leland will t a k e p a r t ,Admir«l Hewitt is Naival Adviser, to Foic* Ticonderoga .. > ^ .AiaEH-^MsSfr-Berg- lioth Custjavsen, 61, of Brooklyn drowned Sinidasrln Palmer's Fond hear Schroon l i a k e . Mrs. Gustaysen lost her life in a small artificial pond in the Town of North Hudson as she was trying t o fill'a bucket of water, State P o - lice of ,the Schroon L a k e sub-sta- tion said. Her body wjas discovered ' O PP O S E BATH H I K E MJS^SEftmxSVm —The hear- ing conducted 6y the State Pnitolic /Service 6omm|Ssjcn a t Albany on j ^ i r ^ e ^ ^ v e ^ t ^ ^ pp M ca ii or f b y l^e'lNeW ''Yoi-iL Telephone Com- ; :pany fpr aMhority W increase var- ! f4 ^ / $ ? 3 M \f ^ P l 1 0^ ' service\ m i n u t e s after s h e ' l o s t h e r footing |fv^^ ^attended Hy*f iwervisor L e e 'o t l a s te ep wooden stairway and ffi t <^iiesp#,.#h^irahah of t h e Es-f€ri j n t o the w a t e r . ' s<fx Couhty* j&i&d lot Supervisors, s t a t e Police said Mrs. Gustavsen ^ d c # a r l a | i <G , ^ . ^ o n , County A t - h a d gone to the pond from h e r Sg»jr^/,v$Sb' entered the county's nearby summer home. She was !f^^^fr * -lMf#i?f m s u < fl h ^ \ f ou n d face down in the w a t e r near ? ^ e | t ^ ^ j T ^;i • ' ; .;• \.I1\ * -\ t h e pond's edge. A passing motor- >Jf\ -f ^ 'tiZ-$Pti^~$-'\' '* \ist who retrieved the-b^d^, adihin- ' . -\ ,; - - ' | -;<JMi^!$$!^':i|fcR% ., - istered artificial respiration and 'DW4^a^fo*#a^ft'ej|v1sion stai\ t h e Sclirbon Lake Volutiteer F i r e Saratoga Springs police s u s p e c t SrsoTTin two r e c e n t -fires which damaged a barn and destroyed tywo Others at Saratoga nace t r a c k \Fire Insurance adjusters have*estimated 'the loss a t b e t w e e n \$30 an d 540,000. Us ^ •*_\ Fire caused bys an exploding.10O- pound gas tank gutted a hoSise a t Rouses Point ^Thursday n i g h t James Morgtm, whq was installing the tank, miracUlouslyJ*5Cftp«d' , i n - Jury when it blew *upn in \front Urf him. His station wagon* paiSked aj «few feet away was bSdfy damaged\ T h e flam«s gutted\1t h e large->brksk structure as the <Rouses, jFohjt i l r e , department b a t t l e d t h e fire f o r a n hour and a half - * '*<r Andrew S Hilferdlng,. a b o u t ^ 3 , years old, drowned \p \-LaKe JPktcid Monday. The NeW Yorit City m i n was swimminig about 30 f e e t ^ f f - shore in iront of da&np'yaiWbeek when he went downvUe w a * spot .ted by a m a n o r ^s h p re , b ^ t res - 'cuers were unable to reach hlhn i n time. r ' \ F r i d a y T h e total c e e d $48>000 Baseball Game Sunday Night — T h e B a i e R u t h Alumiu baseball t e a n r w i l l p l a y the -Rutland J p m o r A m e r i c a n \Legi6n clufb/^^Vermont S t a t e champions, a t the E AT B A. Pat-k here Sunday night The g a m e will start-a t ' 8 o'clock AKJhaTcd f ou g h t b o t t l e is e x p e o t e d a s \both\ Warns' h'avfe outstanding recorids T h e local Adumni^CWb has; wol|i seven*and1iroppej^only two decisions this yeaV, one'of t h e loss-- e s being to ^he Chilson town, t eam . , ** T h e Alumni will play games at; t h e local field every Sunday nigh.il d u r i n g A u g u s t T e a m s scheduled' include Granville and Proctorj W e s t Rutland, and Bennington, Vt \The Alumni cluh is a fine base- b a l l feamV' a spokesman said \T h e g a m e with R u t l an d ^Sunday m g h t s h o u l d be fast a.nd w e l l played All t h e g a m e s during August st,ackjup a s first r a t e ones which baseball f a n s will enjoy,, \TheAboy* need, youc s u p p o r t T»(ey would like to h a v e a W g e crowd On h an d for «v e r y game Ypu will ehjoy these g a m e s , so-please t r y t o attend and. s u p p o r t t h e s e young b a l l players I f y ou a tt e n d ortefg a m e , we know y ou 'l l l i k e U »mu«h you'll ^ a n t t o a t t e n d every ganie t h i s m o n t h ' » T h e local d i t b defeated the F a i r H a . v e h J u n i o r American l e a g u e , t e a m h e r e Sunday-night, 10 t o 6, j?BHSiaST OOMBDY KWJLTNEY. - v V - ^ U g h t Up t h e S k y / ' th^JJIOw Marts c o f y e V «fcv- 0,-ltc, opened Tuesday n i g h t a t the? < J m n iCountain Playhouse here; ^ d vWU t * p l e »e h t f 4 nightly a t 8:90 through S a t u r d a y . a Little League 3ell Sentiii^|§ JNBarWedt-; Coplbs W T h e S e ' n t i n e f f l i sold« a die B.treets - h f ^ «i i e ^ t | T h u r s d a y , feriday-a n d ^p r d a y ' f , by members of t h e Ticonderoga j l i t t l e L e a | U e to raise fUnd«Sf6;|' :,i t h e i r junior, circuit an d ^ i n c i - pally to Cover« x p e n d i h i ^ ' | o f ' k ' ii t r i p to <NtW »York d i t y ^ ' S j f l f e 3 senior boys who a r e ^ y i n g : t h e i r l a s t season of IJltM©-le*J|rue basebalL-... ' -V»! - «^';V4 T h e youngsters have ...conduct-;::i e d t h e piaper s a l e annuoljiy for^a ; n u m b e r(o f year*. , «^3,J/--a--/- Ail;local newsstands have g en - ero^iBly ^ p e r m i t t e d t h e i r allotr m e n t of j w p e r s i o b e sold by the y ou n g players( who will set u p stand* i n me^busiuess section. T h e newsstands will h a v e pajpe^s a t a ll t i mes w h en t h e Li tt l e ' l e a g u e r s a r e n o t s e l i l n r on the street** A t «UOh tim es, containers will be s e t u p «o t h a t patrons m a y leave whatever amount t h e y wish for a copy of tile p a - per. ' * Persona purchasing papers m a y pay the mutual price of ten cent* or t h e y m a y a d d w h a t e v e r i!,-'1*' ' I F - 5P ^ * * I I , I P 4 I ; ''t p p p p ^ | ; ^ A l p ^ • A, ,\*6maii was1eted j j l t fl e ' d ' S n ^ & ^ il u ^ i ^w a s injured•' |',s;ejpiM|iy stinds.y'vviiteh'a r u n a w a y L m ^ t o 1 l | p - ' s t e t .outr of t h e w a t e r * ^ o n # S * b ^ i i ; i l t Liohg Mke.;.\ \*:Tn'e ^eff^aior; of the outboard fi ^ . * ^ ^ # h ' 6 t f t 'o i his c r a f t lvfeiSn%fa racer \•'-•'. edln \L 1‘ edln Boat Crasli on the beach tp watxih the (bpat r a c e . was1eted Mrs. Dessert was wpitiching the uacing event, w i t h young Quenne- v|lle, so,n of Mr, and Mys, Donald J. Qu^nneyllle of. Massena, neighs bors, 'iSlrs. Dessert apparently gr&fabed ii*tle 'William ,.in an ef- fort \to save him.' S t a t e Police said. T h e runavvay boat struck another b a a t t h a t was on t h e beach and police said; i t was not de^eiTOined Which craft actually hit t h e worn- aft and: boy. ' A salesman, tentatively i d en t i lied as Samuel W fapstohe of J4n> coln, Nelbraska, w«s fouhd.diead Jn liis ear near Keene ..Valley M on - day. The body w a s ^scwerfed * e - «ind the wheel of his . c a r about 6 IP- m. Investigating,,official said ne had evidently j»<& d e a d since Saturday. He is belieVed t^ h a v e foeen stricken a s h e v?4s»dri?uig horth on AouteSWA$X th« cter w a s ifound in a cium^ c f fpiishe* o n thfe east side of t h e w M d a b o i t t naif a Wle south of Keehe >Y«itey-' I In Washington, tye Jioifee h a s Passed a bill tc, j>rovidft Sdm pbliq Vaccine for t h e nadbh** itieedy Phildren-~«n estUH»t«»» H njUllon F them. w ^ J Foniier Local Resident 90 -Yeats Old JtitoaftmJ* Frederick B. Richards o« % l | »p ' Falls, a fbriner resident of T $ | | f e deroga, dlbserved his S O m b h t i ^ • Monday.\- ' ' * ^ f ™\ Mr. Richards owned a -ihl&'.ft^i^ years agb in the r e a r of t h ^ i ^ i | t f j ^ W a t c h l i b r a r y property, 'w t ^ ' J j j p h sold to* t h e Ticonderoga ' l ^ | p - ^ w -Paper .Company. ,'• . , • .: ' ^ u ^ r ' ;»& i&ft retired vice p r e 4 d9 M ? # ' th' Slews Ffills Savings iiMt'*%%$&' Ci»nipi|ny, a director <>fJpfnion* _T i Uf^iMA-\he b'^the oiuyv«aryifH^iiii fofch#}|-of' tiif-Mpi.^hpk'-^m' HkttxMA Mmhit[i,{Utt; of whicht h#^ has held-Various offices since<iyt* JaO- lvfeiSn%fa racer \•'-•'. ^ j | g | . \ A j ? h d l 4 Dessert, 38, of !Mas- sena died In a hospital here about two hours after the accident. Walham M Quennevdle, two y e a r s old, vVas reported m a fair Condition with a brain concussion. State Police s a $ fhe owner and operatoif of the motoiboat, a n Og- den^burg man, was thrown ou t of his bdat when, ^ swell from trnpth-ij ecr cnaft hit his boat a s it was m a k - i n g a tu*rt.i The htend t h r o t t l e on t h e b o a t Wuck a n d the craft raced otft of tfaritrol 0n{o t h e beach, S t a t e Polfc* said. The trafcedF vya^ wltrtessi^d b y albout 300 ffeMftHfro. Were-ga1|B Mrs. Dessert and her husband ftlsd been vacationing at La'ke E a t - $ a in \the Adirondacks.. \William 'ilpd h i s jiaireftts had oMveH\ down |> visit -thean for the day and y£atch the motorboat races. ^ T r o o p e r s . s a i d the riittaway mo- •t^rboat wjfls capable eg,---SO.' to JaO- Wll<e an hour '.spdse'as. arid it was ^plJuVfed t h e throttle was wide Wtofo'%* • . : - •• ; ' r > - .••••••:' lw..V,3.. M: V; \\.; »',',.,: i1‘.§¥ér;=' »«, : :»_ ‘1 qr.‘ ': ~§‘ni* 2:/,,;:,'~\;<;-’:‘ «‘ .\ »».. xu». .. .‘.,«.y’. ‘.-s ~» . .,, ,. _,.~.“r;.‘,x.~ -cs %':~ I ’.m,\'. -._.\\._J_ . ‘ , \ V‘, ‘ s»3~‘*~.\'.'»;.'3“%-* . ‘EA-r\.» '’'-:.J '3 * ‘.-'r‘ —I.‘- u . x‘:*.,.~*~‘¢2: ::§.:s’i=;‘»:1‘z3;.'s:u‘»;=»,;\:‘; . I \'~,‘:.«vs.~‘-i‘.:'=’1t\.§~*.‘4:‘-‘:.(4. , . M 2.\ 1; «‘..-:\xz‘ -'3.\'-.+:-.<,\:~.. . -‘in '(.' ‘fa, mi‘ if) xk1,',Ll.:.:Jv7 \T

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