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T int CATTARAUGUS TIMM “ The hygiene of the stomach Is also the hygiene of the mind,” [a Philosopher fias said.] ? One cannot think well unless properly fed. Good food is first of all clean. It must be either preserved or consume^wiietr fresh from their orig* inal sources. All those from whom we £uy know that we insist upon goods packed from pure products. SATURDAY & MONDAY Y 6 birs W H I T E FLYER SOAP - | - - 38c i lb. 9 oz. can A U N T D IN A H MOLASSES, i cans 22c Large jar PRESERVES, assorted flavors - - \24c Can ASPARAGUS - > - . { - 24c Just received, another barrel of OLD CASTLE COFFEE / SWSITH & TOWN ✓ . >; D ry Goods, Groceries Boots and Shoes Cattaraugus, N. Y. HARVEY—LANKOW, Mr. Clarence G. Harvey and Mias Iola Mae Lankow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lankow of East Otto were married Monday, February 16, 1926. They will reside Cattarau­ gus. - '' ANNUAL STOCKHOLDERS MEETING The annual stockholders meeting of the Cattaraugus WodfT Products Co., Inc., will be held Monday, March S, 1920, at 2:00 p. m., at the office of said company, in the Vil* lage of Cattaraugus.. - A« G. SETTER,' President, f C. P. SETTER, Secretary. • 2t March 6 ■ I NOTICE. Watch and Clock repairing done in a first class manner at my home on Jefferson St. FR4NK w o o d w a r d Phone 29-M f Cattaraugus, N.Y. t .. DELCO-LIGHT ___ Electric Ugh* i | . Power Pleat Saves time and Labor,-^-increases farm efficiency,—Pays for itself. A n h EBER L. RUSSELL Cattaraugus, N. Y . Dealérta D e !co-Light Products, Lamps, Appliances, F i x t u r e s The tätest and best in all things Electrical B t J Y A H O M E ) J 1 . 1 Ten room house, very good cellar, gas^baru, l / i acre of land, wfell located and in goed repair-a big bargain dt $2,750.00; Seven* room bouse, gas, cellar under whole house, in good repair; barn, and good sized lot, right close to business section, $3,500.00. P. A. TSEACH REAL ESTATE C A T T A R A U G U S , N, Y. “The American Flag” Friday Eve., Feb. 27th at the Palace Theatre -VAUDEVILLE BETWEEN THE ACTS PRICES : 50c—75c ’ CURTAIN : 8:15 Reserved Seats at Harvey’& Careys9 Dance at Setter Hall, following the NESTLES9 ORCHESTRA I American Legion Post of Cattaraugus i l i WiH present XU30. by UcClute Newspaper Syndicate.) j Somewhere In the prosaic little town of IsoHtOUt there lived a likely lad by t the mime of David. Glen, to be exact David never lind been a 'handsome boy, j ,nnd two years of trench life hud added na new beauty to his appearance. His deep gray eye?* were still weak and watery from the blinding ‘effects of gas; thefe had grown a slight stoop in his thin shoulders; and patchta of ; iron gray hair had mingled wjth the black along his tbtnples. Not one per­ son in a hundred would throw more than a casual glance in his direction (m pacing him in the street. Blue- eyed Hazel did, though, and now Da­ vid doesn't want anyone else to, that is, not in tile snme way. 1 . — Buck in (he days of the world war not a handful of people lind ever given David (Ben n thought. On bis return from France lie found that his repu­ tation, running ahead of him, had pav­ ed a ro.Vhi road for his feet to* travel ns he 'marched into Ironton. Build­ ings were decorated with bankers; speeches were hying made and crowds of people thronged the streets. In the midst of it all; David was homesick and lonesome, until a slan­ der girl, stopping by his side as hd rested from, the march, rewarded blur* with per praises and with tjie light of her eyes .for all the hardships through which he had\ pussed. That Is why David Glen sat every pleasant evening on blue-eyed Hazel’s piazza—by Hazel’s express» command, and invitation. Under ordinary cir­ cumstances they might never have met, for Hazel was as rich as David was poor. This fact caused Aunt Caroline. Hazel’s guardian, many .sleepless nights, and as yet she had arrived at no definite* conclusion regarding how to dispose .of David. For that matter, David’s 1 concerns were even then bothering him qu|te ns much as they were bothering Aunt Cnroline. Totally oblivious of any­ thing or anybody savh ’ himself / and Hazel he discusaed them. Two hours they had sat on the wide front piazza of the red brick house talking over plans, and the topic was still fresh. The afternoon sun had slipped away; dusk had fallen; a solitary woman coming Into the house by the side entrance, and passing through the hail, had paused by the screened pi­ azza door unnoticed. Still the ydung people continued'to discuss plans for tho-future. “I can understand, Hazel, Just how you feel,\ said David. “You want to hire this new house beside Aunt Caro­ line’s and furnish it well, because Aunt Caroline has a big house.\ At the words “Aunt Caroline” the quiet woman inside the doorway gave a slight start. A puzzled amile - wreathed her month as sha listened. Then, .deliberately standing farther back In the shadows, she cupped her hnnd over her left ear that she might hear a little plainer. “No»v, I ’ say,” continued»»David; “let’s start honest. Let’s live our own lives where I can afford to. Yon know -T Inur.yhn» few fllenrff' I when l^ went to war.\ The quiet woman in the doorway leaned1 breathlessly forward awaiting the reply. It cable a t Inst, slowly, but yielding. “I know you're right, David, hut Aunt Caroline has been like a mother to me, and the new houBe Is n dream.\ Try as hard ns she could, not an­ other coherent sound could the listen­ ing woman h(jitr._ As for the incoher­ ent ones—they were not meant for her. “So they plan to’ leave me,” she sputtered, all Indecision about David flown. “They plan to lenvo me all ! alone In this big honse-r-iio honest man to mlvlse me about my property—no little girl to help me (lx. my clothes de­ cently—those two, out therer—the only 'man I’ve ever heard talk honest—and- the Utile girl I’ve brought up from a baby. Not uiuclr!' Not J f I know i t !” Back through the hall Aunt Caroline hastened. Opening th e . door with a bang she confronted the guilty mis­ creants. ' j “You come In here with me, both [ of yon,\ choked she. “ We’ll soon make some headway about your affairs.” Blinking painfully a t the bright light. David and Hazel meekly followed af­ ter Die irate little woman along the hall to the living room. There, stand­ ing hand in hand by the roftnd center table; they surveyed her with question­ ing eyes. * “Now children,” she ejaculated, ges­ ticulating with both hnnds, *Tm an old woman, and one who must have Mier own way. Don’t Interrupt me uft- li! I UnlslV. That new house on the right has come Into ray possession, and I intend, Just a.s soon oe Lean, to make It over to you for your wedding pres­ ent.” “We thank you but we can’t afford to live- ---- ” began David. ‘“ Walt until I finish,\ commanded Aunt Caroline. ’T il give your tills house on one condition—that David takes me as his client. I want to be relieved of my business worries. I am going to take-arrest.\ With her hand on Datld’e shoulder. Aunt Caroline anxiously watched the results of her maneuver. - Then DaVId looked gleefully down at Hazel,«and Hazel, potting his gray coot sleeve, looked Almost jealously, at Aunt Caroline. Not for one rabriient did she doubt hut that Aunt Carolina saw David as -She did—a Jiiero, gigan­ tic and brave, ready to tackle and con- pier the „whole.odrth. ■ H ■ s ■ N .8 ■ 'll w u I 1 1 i 9 a* I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ m m ! . . H V* If n H ■ M a n M ■ Be Reasonable Give us a chance to show yoJ SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY! Cream of Wheat, per package 26c Purity Rolled Oats, per package 31c| Every-day Milk, per can 15c Crusade Cbffee, per package ’ 45c| Argo Corn Starch, per package llJ Palm Olive Soap, per cake lOel I —■■■■', ..... . The store that is keeping pace with a busy pttle townl Our stock is most complete. Our prices are most mederate. Thfe I. Ha Mosher Co. Formerly Rood’s Store DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS AND SHOES Phone 56. Cattarauguf,N.y,| You can find it always at Mosber’a HEUf YORK NEWS ITEMS III BRIEF. r Paragraphs of Interest to Read* ers of Empire State. Intertatlng News of All Klnd Gatti ared From Vario ut Pelata ili tht Stata anitaSo Reduced in Siza That It W ill^J^eal té All ClMtté of Rearfera. «Mil aititi » The state income tax rat* i to be increased 100 per < to meet the year’s eipemi i cated In the' tentative bud|et| Comptroller Travis dedited, sorted that report* from aaeh^ show that only about ilik ll be realized from the iseeml stead of the $(0,000,000 1 L Allegany county dairymen ing to Cuba on Feb. 20 fer I breeders' meeting usd« the 1 of the Holstein-Friedu ects. The object of the I awaken the Interest of dairy the Holstein breed' of eatde 1 so that future'farm stocklag t made from the black and < Senator Boylan, Bern., of Si has introduced a bill te 1 the abolition of capital The crimes'of first degree 1 treason. now punishable would be punishable by imp for life, without the ptivOegtl role, except upon, pardon ore tation of sentence by the 1 That the public health h j better than in rural dto'rlcti, statement made by John A secretary of the New York it partment of health, in u made at the farmers’ week rri Cornell university. Mr. Smltk the shortage of physicians In I ral districts presents • stria nation. Resolutions calling upon th* department of health tn Mm cSnsifiutes intoxicating llqni'i for the state attorney genemlt with the state, of Thode Island obi to test the consItatM the prohibition .amendment« trc-duc^d in the assembly by U Cuvillie^-o^ New York Both « tions went over without debit The largest common and coll age capacity in New York stall brought, under one control it I br Con tinned from page 1. Bach of the Id central fruit pack fng houses In Niagara county has re ported on the business done by then last year, which totaled approximate ly tliree-quartvr3 of a million dollar despite the fact that only 35 per cen crop was harvested in 1919. Dunkirk is looking for an increas» of at least 1,000 In population in th' next .year and must have mor houses. There Is not a vacant houn In the city now and many factor; worker* have been .compelled to go b town* near by to get houses. Following the drop of a dollar 1 barrel in the wholesale price of flou in the Buffalo market, Rochester mi: ie-rs have cut their wholesale pric from $15.47 to $14.75 a 'barrel. Thor was little hope, however, that - tj price would remain at this relatl/el; low level. . The Silver Lake Agricultural asso elation, better known as the Perr; fair, has Joined the short strip cir j cult, consisting of Caledonia, Perry Warsaw, Homell, Little Valley, A1 bion, Batavia, Hamburg, Cuba and | when the Austin & Rowley Col) Angelica, which ihsures fu'l entitle! j [.go company of Medina purely In all races. . | Dye cold storage .plant there. The farm tractor refuses to be laid' combined capacity of the two iti up for the winter months. . George | Is close to. a hundred thomul Dahu Of Alde'n, superintendent 0 !! rels. The price, while lot del highways, is sucessfully using one ol I announced, is believed to he ill the caterpillar type to aid in opening Abandonment of farm lllo to the roads for traffic. The tractor and boys during the put yev.i travels over the snow and climbs ir I city, has left more than 2iM and out of pitch hole3. j itable farm houses in the toil Assemblyman Betts of Wayne hai cant] according to estlmstee to introduced In the legislature a. bill de lessor Warren of Cornell. Aj signed to provide that state or Judi j indicated, Prof. Warren cial district conventions may suggest 1 that three men had left theft* party candidates for state offices and I for justloes of supreme court, and that such suggestions need-not be in­ dicated upon the official primary bal lot. Senatgy .Charles C. Lockwood, Rep. of Brooklyn, has introduced »o s tats wide teachers’ pension bill. It In In tended to provide that tin? pensicr fund shall bo made up by nonoys con tributed, 5d per cent by th# teacher« and 50 per cent by the localities. The state is to J>ear-ther' cost of mainten ance. Approximately 43.400 pounds 09 wool were disposed of in 1919 on the co-operative plan hy members of tht Ontaria County Fheep Breeders' Do Operative association. ’ Growers ob tafned 10 cents a pound more for th.eli j wool through t co-operative scheme than th#v ‘ would hove .-tatithe ©pen H market, tit is claimed. J every one returning. about 5,000 men and boyi If I 'ing to go into ether indutrir. about 1,000 went from, other I tries back to the farm. This, to ed, left a net loss In hired help5 farm* of the State aioae of It* Instructing Grandpa \I was talking to my HMhl (laughter over the tolejihp^çlW! day,\ said an old man roctM few of his friends at a tap wlien I ended I saldi ‘IlétTW Is a kiss for you.’ Sl¥> reptW- granili».'» ! Don’t yoataj ,1 kiss ov.cr, JJifi telephoy h straw luit?’ I said; ‘Why, tos Heart, law 's that Y tit's Hot t&t a,’ she said.\—Blighty (ho»<W V -4 ulto

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