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The one nut hat* ter diet satisfies the lover of cream* ery butter because of its dqlicioi^a flavor. R e d u c t B u tter B H U to H a l f 504 Maim Street N u t M a r£arlne_ d tE m /tâ h n M i 9 n CATTARAUGUS fOSs*- TERRIBtE ECZBHt FOR ipUB Rt T rxt Of Ike Disease Slice Taking “Fraif-a-llws” D otes , N ett H am rutunc. “In 1006,1 began to be troubled with Eczema. My arms and legs vrero bandaged most of the time; and sometimes I could squeeze thejpus out of my hands, they mite to bad« About 8 months* ago, I chanced to read an ad. of Trait-a-tlves* and 'Soothe Sal va’, In which was told of n person cured of Weeping Eczema liy these remedies. After using two boxes tf'FruiUotioef enJ one box of ‘Soolha-Salva’. f am ent'.'dy free of Eczema.\. Dr. E. N. OLZENDAM, D.V.M. 50c. a box. 6 for 62.(50, trial site 25c. At dealers or from FRUIT-A-TIVES Limited, OQDENSBURG.N. Y. POMONA GRANGE TO BE HELD AT LITTLE VALLEY The Cattaraugus County Pomona Grange will be held at Little Valley, N. Y., Feb. 26-87, >920. Lester A., Park, Master, Gowanda; Worthy Secretary. (If your Grange is not represented \send written re­ port) Recitation—Vis. Fred Milks. The Hour of Debate— 1—Do you want a home bureau-in Mrs. Clara E. Stelley, Secretary. Cattaraugus County 1 *. Olean; E. A. Stelley, County Depu-j 2—Shall we hav</a Grange. Farm pf, Olean; Mrs.,C. W. Caverly, pian- Bureau and DairymWi\League autd ist, Hinsdale; H. H. Shiphent in|trip this supimer? charge of Fifth Degree Candidates.) S—Should every farmer take an PROGRAM Thursday, 10:00 A. Id- Opening exercises. Question Box—By Each Pomona Officer—“Ways in which I plan to raise the standard of the office whose duties I bave assumed.” ^ Open forum. Presentation of Resolutions — “More Fraternity in. the Grange”— Past State Master F. N. Godfrey Olean. 1:30 P. M. Address of Welcome— Harold Milks,- Master of Little Valley .Grange. , Response—Mr, R. D. Eddy, Otto. Report of Subordinate Granges by F-O -R -D -S -O -I* AMERICA’S F oremost tractor Farmer:— The War is over. .But our obligations have not ceased.. American food stuffs are more sorely needed than ever.. American Fanners are still the mainstay,of the world. Now, more than ever, you need e good reactor to speed up spring plowing—to guard against delays—to get planting done in season. ___ Remember, good Tractors are not overplentiful. In feet, in some sections of the country just now they . are scarce, another reason for prompt action. If you are a careful buyer and a keen observer, your choice will be a FORDSON tractor You will sea that the FORDSON offers reel economy—ability to do a given amount of farm work at less cost o f time, foe) and upkeep.. There Are reasons for this: ’ , The average Tractor consumes aboijt half its power to pull itself. It delivers but one-half its engine power at the draw-bar. The FORDSON consumes less t&sn one-fourth its power in self pulling. It delivers MORE than thfree-fourths at the draw-bar. / This is largely due to light weight, rhe FORD­ SON weighs from one thousand to five thousand | rounds less than tractors of the same belt power rating. The absence of an unnecessary, alwaye-in-the-wav frame, with the timple one- piece motor-trensmission-rcar axle construction 4 oes away with a portion of the unnecessary waight but still ’ leaves a much stronger and compact machine. k Every moving part, such as bearings, vgears and shafts are completely inclosed from duet, send anal grit and run in a bath of oil, a ll o f which are of priceless value. , # The'motor is built with unusually larm hearings to withstand long and hard wear, and the Transmission and Differential run entirely in ball and roller bearings, which, not pnly lengthens the life of the parts but is a great saver in power. Thousands of those FORDSONS have been ex­ ported to Europe am countries, as well as Australia, South America, Africa, and in fact every part of the world. The FORDSON has been chosen by STATE authorities and is one in which groat effort has been made in distributing for reasons of its practicability above all others. This sure is of some consequence. There are hundreds of other advantages in the FORDSON Tractor but apace w ill not permit writing them all here. However, the Tractor, or rather the \Power Farming Idea\ surely appeals to every prosperous Tanner, or at least should, for his pergonal benefit enough to prompt his looking into the matter. We are only too glad to pass over anything we have learned through experience and from NATIONAL auth­ orities who have experimented and proved results. , The thing surely is worth looking into, and, if So, no time is better than KlGHT NOW. inventory at least once s year? 4—Can the farmer afford to plant a kernel of untested seed this spring? 6—-la the production of. pork for market purposes a paying business when the whole milk is sqld? . 6—Should the farmer keep, books and how much? In charge of 0. H. Chapin, of the Farm Bureau. Recitation—Mrs. Mary Leary, Lit­ tle Valley. Master’s Conference—- Conducted by Worthy Deputy. Paper— “Modern improvements that\ will make the farm home a bet­ ter place in which to live,” Mrs. Jeanette Eddy, Otto. Violin Solo—J. W. Simons, Little Valley. “Are the opportunities to own a \farm better today then 15 years ago?” Harry E. Whipple, Worthy Overseer, Napoli. THURSDAY. 8:00 P. M. Public Session at M. E. Church. -Orchestra. Selection- Remarks—Rev. I. E. Rossell, Pas­ tor Little Valley M. E. church. Recitation—Miss Mary Simons. Song—Rev. and Mrs. I. E. Ros­ sell. Recitation—Miss Viola Siddons. Selection—Orchestra. Address—-Albert Manning, State Secretary Dairymen’s ville, Orange County. Song—Mr. and Mrs. C. W. ly, Hinsdale. Piano Solo—Miss Rebecca Pratt. Selection—Orchestra. Remarks and Benediction—Rev. K. F. Norris. Pastor o f Congrega­ tional Church. FRIDAY, 9:80 A. M. Report of Farmer’s We4k at Cor­ nell by those in attend Recitation—Mrs. Worthy Flora,, “The value of the'fire extinguish­ er in the farm home,” Charles C. Mason, Conewango. Conferring of the Pomona officers. 1:30 P. M. M JCllllCL n 0TCCAl f U V/Uf se in attendance, m— Amelia Babcock, >ra of South Dayton, lue of the nre extinguish- / \ J Q O D IDEA! Open your Lucky Strikepack-- age this way-—tear .. off part of the top _ only. Protects the Luck^ Strike cigarette—a cigarette made of that delicious real Bur­ ley tobacco. It’s toasted. BUSKIST GARAGE CATTARAUGUS, NEW YORK ■ josbqoop •xrooooooqQcoocHwaroooooooDoooxPDucoo- WHEN EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT p * * • with new paint, every­ thing looks new—spick and span — better ell round therefore, we ^ can conscientiously recom­ mend to you the very best for your purpose; we use them all. Our' work painting and decorating, If you require anything in this line, »consult us be­ fore placing your order,. It will pay you. Otherwise, He’s All Right One of the implement man­ ufacturers sends us the follow­ ing letter which he received a customer whose ac- was past due; “Gentlemen: For the fol­ lowing reasons I am unable to Report of State Grange a t Roch-;sen<# you the check asked* for ester by the delegates. )in your recent favor: The Recitstibn—Mrs. Jennie E d ick, -crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, Worthy Pomona, of South Dayton'. I Hesisan flies, chinch hugs, po­ l l s t e r s on the Farm ”— P a st tatQ bug's, cut worms, army — J That's the Spirit. Many people walk stout with a whole cargo of grievances In their beads. “Walk right up to your dlffl- I eultles with year coat off. Don’t try to dodge tound them.—Exchange. Master Harry Brooks of Olean. “At present egg and feed prices will it pay the farmer to equip him­ self to produce more eggs?”—Wm. Carr, Valley Egg-Farm, Little Val­ ley. Recitation—Mrs. Plorence Swan, Napoli. “Does the farm offer better op­ portunities today for the young man than the shop or factory?”—Ara Milks, County Secretary Dairyman’s League, Cattaraugus. MAMIE M. SAALFELD, Pomona Lecturer. WESLEY (Omitted last week) Fred Wolfe came up Tuesday from Gowanda to help care for the sick' at Floyd Hull’s. Anns and Dorothy Wolfe were in Cattaraugus Saturday until Monday. Earle Park was in Buffalo for the week-end. John and Madge Cooledge were in Dayton Monday. Mr. J. Mitshell dropped s can of milk on Bis ankle Saturday and bruised it very badly. Mrs. Albert Mosher is in Cattarau­ gus earing for Mrs. Murray Pickup and little daughter. Jay Wolfe attended farmes -in­ stitute in Cattaraugus. Ines Hall returned from Buffalo Friday where she spent the week with her mother. Bradie English who was hurt last Monday is much better.' Oliver English went back to Go­ wanda to work Tuesday after a weeks lay off on account of no coal at tannery. worms, grub worms, yellow rust, red rust, black rust and wilt took my crop. “I have Jbeen held up, held down, sand-bagged, walked on, sat on and flattended out, squeezed and unsqueezed, for federal war tax, excessive pro­ fit tax, ipcome tax, Liberty loans, thrift stamps, ^capital ^ stock, merchants’ license^rifnih'--' auto tax, and by every society and every organization that an inventive mind of men can invent to extract what I may or may not have in my posses­ sion—The Sbciety of St. John the Baptist; the G. A. R., the Stoddard Art Club, Women’s Relief, the Navy League, Red\ Cross, ’ Black „Cross, Purple Cross, Children’s Home, Dor­ cas Society, Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, Jewish Relief and Bel­ gian Relief. The* government has so gov­ erned my business that I don’t know who owns it. I am in­ spected, suspected, examined and re-examined, informed, required and commanded so l don’t know who I am, or why I am here. “All that I know is that I am supposed to' be an inex haustablg’supply of money for every known neefd, desire or hope of the human race, and because I will not sell all I have and go out and beg, bor­ row or steal money to give away, I am cussed, discusobd, boycotted, talked to, talked obile f e 74 & H e t ft J fc m o r y F e h 2 Ô îo M a rc A â B uffalo wands spent Sunday with his people. Herbert and Edith^Lnee of Go- about, lied to, lied about, held 1m r “1 Y I! up, hung up, robbed and near­ ly,ruined, and the only reason I am clinging to life is to see what is coming rçext.” —Exchange. ALL WRONG The Mia taka ia Made by Many Cat- tarangua Cltixena. Look for the .cause of backache. To be curod-you must know the cause. If it’s weak kidne; You must set the kidrieyif working right. ''\' A resident of this vicinity shows youthow. T. J. Waters, contractor, Jiew Al­ bion, N. Y., says: “Doan’B Kidney Pills are certainly 0. K. About a year and a half ago I was nearly played out with niy kidneys and I believe the trouble was brought on by the strain of heavy lifting. The muscles of my back, were so lame and sore that I could just about go. Every quick movement of my body sent A sharp; darting' pain up and down my back. My kidneys were congested, scanty and weak. in ac­ tion and the kidney secretions were highly colored. I, kept getting worse until I began using Doan’s Kidney Pills. Relief from the trouble came shortly and it wasn’t long before Doan’s cured me sound as a dollar.”* Price 60c at all dealers. Don’t, simply ask for a kidney remedy— get Doan’s Kidney Pills—the same that Mr. Waters had. Foster-Mil- burn Co., Mfrs.,. Buffalo, N. Y. w a s quite BERT H. HALL PAINTER AND PAPERHANGER C A T T A R A U G U S . N . V . ^ M H a o o o c«Q ccip»cc3i>a«Q sooòoooocori3aoo«eoo«oaooooooo»o The MANDARIN BUFFALO'S REAL C h in e s e - A t n e r ic a n RESTAURANT No trip to Buffala la compiate without • vlait ta Tha Mandarin. MODERATE PRICES—MUSIC Buffale Mrs. D. Geare of South Dayta spent a few days last week with kc daughter. Mrs. C. M. ‘Nobles Mrs.E. W. Erdle attended the Et broidery. Club at South Dayton 1« week. , Mrs. Alice Davison was on ttt sick list last week. ‘ Mrs. Edna Sharpe was a visitor her daughter. Mrs. George Deck Friday. \ **\ , Margaret Babcock last week. Mrs.- Lulu Sandersoit enterteii the Industrial Club, Thursday. J. P. Gage went to Cherry Cre Friday. Robert Hubbard was home tm the Fredonia Normal the week-tti N. W. Crowell is breaking a «1 for Mr. Sedgwick of South Hill n training a -horse for J. Newcomb i the Cherry Creek road. Nelson. Dye went to Mayvillt i Monday. George Clement and family tf Ik Cottage road were* recent guest] Supervisor Clement and family. Mr. andMrs. Peter White of Eu over were recent guests at tha .Jeh, Alff home. F. J. Peacock of Dunkirk rat visitor at'’the C. C. Babcock horn. Thursday. Mrs. Martin Stolts visited Mn Bert Blanding and Mrs. W. C, Bsc« one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Davison u Miss Ethel Davison spent Tuesdty the Bensonhome. Mrs. Chloe Jay has gone to Siha Creek to spend the remainder of th winter with her daughter Mrs. Seldti Tanner and family. Mrs. C. C. Babcock spent e fti days last week in Buffalo. E. W. Erdle'was employed in Fn- donia last week. T. C Davison went to Gowinfc Friday. „ N. W. Crowell went to Cbenj Creek Saturday. Mrs. „Charles Phillips and dangbln are both very ill. A daughter was born to Mr. Mrs. Walter Ruckh on Sunday, Feb 1. Mr. and Mrq. Bert Hatch South Dayton spent Sunday «ilk Mr. and Mrs. James Bull. Charles Shattuck and family Hamlet were guests at the Chs Wolfe home. Mr. andMrs. Hermpn Stadlcr Flucker Hill were guests of her ev­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Badges it BALCOMS CORNERS (Omitted last week.) Victor Vinton of Pope Hill was a visitor of Mr. andMrs.A. E. Cushman Thursday. t ‘ Supervisor Clement and family Mrs. Josie Dye spent the week-end | Maple Hill Sunday, at the Blinn Phillips home. , Alvin and Bert Dye^ spent Sunday there also. / Mrs. Mary^Qeare andson, Farar of Hanover were guests at the John Alff home on Tuesday. Mrs. Harriet Sanderson was home from Hamlet a few days last week. Mr: ' andMrs. Harry Nobles of Hamlet were recent guests at N-A. Dyes. 0 :—Mrs. Floyd Abbey of Cherry Creek visited her daughter, Mrs.Charlea Decker Friday. ' M em o ry. The qualities of.u uood memory V In the first yilnee. to he nusceptlbhl secondly, to be retentive: and thlril’I to he ready. It Is but rarely that ft*I three qualities are united In thesusl person. We often Indeed meet with • I memory which is at once scseeftlft [ and ready; hut 1 doubt very If 8uoli memories lie commonly wfl 1 retentive; >-» the name mi nf tehfa | which are favorable to the fiMtij] qualities are adverse to the third.' Uuguld Stewart. ■

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