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VOL. X X X V I Cattaraugus, New York, January 2, 1920. No. 1 RECEPTION TO E R W IN BRUSS HELD M ONDAY EVENING. On the evening « f D ecem b er 29, tMfcPetersen-Angove Post o f the American -Legion tendered a recep­ tion to Erwin Brass, who recently ^turned home on a short furlough Mr. Brass was wounded in France in July, 1918, and has been in < hospital unable to leave until recent ly. - - About forty mem bers o f the Post were on hand to welcom e him. The first part o f the evening was spent in a regular business m eeting. A f ter the meeting was adjourned i sumptuous banquet was tendered Mr. Brass. Everyone did fu ll jus tice to the banquet, after which Bartlett Coss, president o f the Post, called on several mem bers fo r short accounts of their various experienc es. Dr. H. S. Campbell w h o was call ed op first, gave a lengthy discus­ sion of his work in the Medical- Corps. He related the procedure through which a wounded man must pass before he at last reached base hospital and eventually home His talk was very interesting and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present. Harold Davis gave an interesting talk on his work in the Ordnance Department, and the hardships through which he passed. Henry Merow gave a short talk on his work with the repair gang and how they, fixed “ Lizzies” in the army. Several representatives o f the Navy were called upon to give talks but they all seemed to be reticent in explaining the intricacies o f the Navy, Mr. Brass was called on to give a short talk and told how he was wounded by shrapnel and taken to a first aid station. He also gave a good account o f how he was taken to Paris and eventually sent back to the United States. His talk was | very ineresting and seem ed to be enjoyed by everyone present. After Mr. Brass finished speaking Mr. Coss called on Mr. Fred John« i, who attended the banquet as a representative o f the citizens o f Cat­ taraugus. He gave a very interest­ ing talk and said that he was pre­ sent at the banquet fo r a specific purpose. He presented Mr. Brass with a purse o f two hundred and forty dollars. His word* regards to the purse were as follow s : “ Mr. Brass, I don’t w a n t you to regard' this g ift solely fo r its intrin­ sic value, although it is not slight, but more f o r the spirit in which it is | given by the people o f Cattaraugus for your valiant services in the war.” After Mr;—Johnson’s speech Mr. Brass thanked the donors fo r the I purse and the Legion fo r the recep- f tion and said that shortly he hoped L to make his home here in Cattarau- ! gus once more. * After his final words Mr. Coss brought the m eeting to a close and ; everyone went home voting the re- ! ception a huge success. The Legion is to be com plim ented -on the banquet as it was made a success entirely through* the efforts B a b y Mine” and other safeesses. The author’s chain: ing_J»uclie s and entrancing glimpses /into the) world o f make-believe are accenj»ated by the delightful, personality o f the lit­ tle star, who interprets every situa­ tion with artistry. The story is dramatic, softened by many humorous flashes, and heightened by an intense romantic interest. The two greatest prizes in life— love and personal success— are pitted a g a i n s t each other, and the little actress is forced to make ■ choice between the man she loves and the work to which she has devot­ ed her life. How that decision is made, and her supreme sacrifice in abandoning, her career and, accepting the quiet lire offered her in ex­ change fo r her artistic success, are engrossing!/ portrayed. Supported by a n , unusually capa­ ble cast, Mary Piekford in “ Behind the Scenea’' renders one o f the best characterizations o f her1 career. The interest o f the spectator never permitted to be diverted from the screen,1 and the many tender touches are so arranged as to fur­ nish a production o f unusual bal ance. HORTON C. MILKS plaints will* receive immediate’ atten- ELECTED ASSISTANT tion and where the circumstances — - - •- j warrant. it, prosecutions will be A t a meeting of the directors of made.' the Livingston County Trust Com- NEW YORK pany held last Thursday, Horton C. Milks was appointed assistant sec­ retary to assist the secretary, P. C. TO CATTARAUGUS CITIZENS. I wish to thank the people of Cat­ taraugus for their so generous gift CATTARAU GU S LODGE ELECTED OFFICERS The follow ing officers fo r Cattar­ augus Lodge No. 747, I. 0 . O. F. were elected Tuesday. N oble Grand, S. u. Grannis. V ice Grand, Harry Johnston. Rec. Sec., Archie Wilder. Fin. Sec., W . O. Marvin. Treasurer, Otis Slating. Trustee fo r three years, Babcock. The installation o f officers Will be held some time in January. L. A SIMMONS— RITTER /M a r r i e d at the Wesleyan parson age December 28, 1919, Mr. Clar­ ence L. Simmons and Miss Christina W . Ritter, both o f this place* They le f t . f o r a short wedding trip, after which they will be a4 home to their friend * They will ^ s id e in Cattar augus. Christmas presents for everyone Join sthe Christmas Club. Bank o f Cattaraugus. TO THE PETERSEN- ANGOVE POST. Please accept my thanks fo r the reception and -banquet given in my honor on Monday last. The hearty welcom e shown was highly appre­ ciated. Pvt. Erwin A. Brass. Euchner in handling the business o f presented me b y Mr. Johnson at a the institution. Mr. Milks has been 1 reception and banquet given in my in the employ of the Trust company honor by the Peteraen-Angove Pose since last April. o f the American Legion. The gift Both Mr. and Mrs. Milks have ' and the spirit in which it was given made many friends since they came 'is very highly appreciated. May the to Geneseo. His promotion to such1 New Year bring happiness and pros- an important position is a source o f perity'to the people' of .Cattaraugus satisfaction tq their friends, and the , - - Pvt. Erwin A. Brass. directors have made an excellent ------------------ — — choice in his selection.—-The Living- CELEBRATED FIFTIETH ston Republican, Geneseo, Dec. 25. , • WEDDING ANNIVERSARY ■ ...... ............. - ...... Marion J. Rich and wife celebrat- WORLD TEMPERANCE FUND, ed the fiftieth anniversary of their The Woman’s Christian Tem p e r-1 marriage at their home in Little Val­ ance Union is sending Miss Christine i ley Tuesday. Mr. Rich has been for Tinling, one o f its national lecturers ¡43 years a prominent citizen o f Lit- to China for a stay of, two years to t tie Valley, having been Clerk o f Cat- push the World Prohibition Cam- taraugus County from 1880 to 1882. paign. The organization hopes to Mr. Rich and Caroline B. Sykes provide a fund o f $300,000 for for- J o f Me.rcer, Pa., were married fifty eign use in ’ connection with, f l t years ago last Tuesday by Rev. Will- anti liquor fight. The situation in 1 iam Robinson. They were born pn NEWS* £ • A bill legalizing the manufacture ITEMS IN BRIEF and sale of aies and beers, sponsored, it is said, by most of - the legislative leaders, will be Introduced short# after the New York state legislature convenes on Jan. 7, Informal discus­ sions of the proposed legislation have been held In New York and It will h i patterned In the 3 per cent beer bill Introduced at the last session of the legislature by Senator J. Henry Wal­ ters, majority leader. The bill will be pressed for early passage, and those behind it were nredlct'’\ ’ that It would be law before Jan. 14. China is particularly interesting to the American temperance organiza­ tions because o f the exportation to the- far east o f large quantities of brewers and distillers’ equipment and machinery no longer 'in use in the United States. There is abun­ dant evidence that American inter­ ests are planning the construction of hugh plants for the manufacture of alcoholic drinks in both China and Japan. The transfer o f machinery began as long as a year ago and has been growing in Volume recently. Help the Jubilee Fund. Those who have already pledged know that on January 1st another payment is to be made— take your dollars to the local key woman, and do not wait for her to call for it. Fourteen states have reached , their Golden Jubilee Goal. Let us work that New York may be number fifteen. The Jennie C. Oakes Union planning for a grand public meeting on January 16th, “-Victory Day.” NOTICE OF ELECTION Bank o f Cattaraugus A meeting o f the stockholders o f the Bank o f Cattaraugus fo r the purpose o f electing directors and in -, ...... - * m . I which existed a few years ago. A spectors o f election for. the e n s u ing]. . . , , . * I laWM BfMAIlMV AT AWa/flf ahAIIM GOOD SHOWING FOR SEALER OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES A recent state inspection o f Cat­ taraugus County by o n e ’ o f the in spectors from the State Bureau o f Weights and Measures shows that 96 gercent o f the commercial scales used in Cattaraugus County were giving correct weight. Furthermore. 100 percent o f the weights, 98 per­ cent o f the measures, and 87 per­ cent o f the package goods done up and about to be delivered were found to be correct. These percent­ ages show that there is a decided improvement i n ’ the weights and measures conditions in Cattaraugus County as against the conditions the'sam e day, July 22, 1849, ~ On January 1, 1877, Mr. Rich came to this village as Deputy Coun­ ty) Clerk and at the end o f three years’ service was elected at the age o f thirty to the office o f County Clerk. He has been all his life ac tive in \ Republican politics and in the Methodist church. ! A family dinner was served at the Ridh home today, those present being Mr. aAd Mrs. Rich and all of their children: Fred L. Rich o f Buffalo, and feis wife form erly Miss Ella Bea­ con b f Randoph; Fred R and Mrs. Grace Rich Parker of Little Valley, Mrs * Helen Amadon and son Richard o f Fredonis; Marion J. Rich, Jr., and his wife Kdthryn and son John o f Trenton, N. J. Also Mrs. Florence S. Sutherland o f Hamlet, N. Y., sister o f Mrs. Rich, and Mrs. Hannah Printe o f Cattaraugus and Frank L Rich o f Little Valley, sister , and brother of Mr. Rieh. Mr. and Mr*, Rich received their friends in the evening from 7:00 to 10 : 00 . ’ EARL E. ARMSTRONG Eqrl E. Armstrong, died at his home in Little Valley Monday, Dec­ ember 29, 1919, aged 57 year* .Mr. Armstrong has been fo r aevefftebn years a valued employee o f the Cat­ taraugus Cutlery Company and ’has been active in the hfe o f the village. He was born in East Otto and was married there in 1861 to Jennie A Crane. He was a prominent Odd Fellow, Past Grand o f Little Valley Lodge and was last October appointed Dis­ trict Deputy and expected to begin his work the first o f the year. Mr. Armstrong is survived by his wife and four Bona, Clifford and To aid in correcting the condition o: malnutrition found existing among th< school children of Albany, the Ameri can Red Cross will be asked to fid minister penny lnnch stations in th< city. Enrollment figures fer Orleans eoun ty show that 8,116 Republicans, 2,901 Democrats, 20 Socialists and 386 Pro htbltionlsts Indicated their party alfili a tion There were 221 blank ballot! oast Wyoming County Pomona grans« has gone on record as opposed to th< compulsory health Insurance laws anc also adopted resolutions prortdfhg foi the teaching of food value of milk !z the public schools. Mrs. Lida W. Jones has been ap pointed postmaster at Oramel, Alls gany county, succeeding Leon B. Hal sey. Henry L. Cross was appointee postmaster at Stockton, . Chautauqui county, succeeding Max Pierce. Teh prise of $16 offered by Wllllt P. Rogers, president of the term bu reau, for the best exhibit of corn raised by school children of Wayne county during the-past season, wai won, by E. J. Cole of Williamson. Two telephone systems at Dansvllk will be consolidated on Feb. 1 and new schedule of rates placed In effect Of course they are higher than the old rates. Many residents will refuse to renew their contracts, they say The MerrlU-8oule company, which wishes to establish a $100,600 powder ed milk plant at Perry, wants the cltl zens to subscribe $5,006 of tbe $16,601 necessary t6 secure the land-form erly occupied by tbe Fanning erapor a tor owned by Belden ft Co. The latest plan of the Oeneva wai chest which has $15,006 on hand la tc place the money in a fund as a anc­ ient for a larger amount to be raised to provide for a memorial building tc be erected In honor of the soldlen and sailors. The building will be library and museum. During the coming year Wyoming county will have ten miles of rqed nlshed with bituminous surface treat meat and between six and seven miles of concrete reconstruction fn these villages: Perry village, 2 miles Warsaw-Pavtlion, parts 1-6, 5$ mile Warsaw-Pavlllon, p u t 2, 2.5$ miles. Those people who have been view lug the weather condition with pes­ simism- may now change their state ol mind and look at the bright aide oi ADDITIONAL LOCALS Mr. Philip Reinhardt underwent an opération in Buffalo Wednesday. Mrs. C. W. Brock returned to her home New Years morning. Mrs. E. N. Davit had thé misfor­ tune to fall and break her right hip last Friday night The 29th of last January Mrs. Davis broke her left hip. She was taken to Buffalo Wed­ nesday morning. G. A. .Briggs left Friday evening for Calahsn, Fla., and returned yes­ terday morning. His father, Edgar Briggs, returned w:th him. C. H. Johnson and J. J. Johnson were in Fre^pnia Monday to at­ tend the fuperal of their aunt, Mrs. Hover. Several from . h»re\ attended the. funeral oft Mr. Earl Armstrong at Little Valley Wedcesday. Cheater B, Simmons who has been in the Marine service since June 19, 1917, and for the past nine months stationed at Port au Prince, Haiti, arrived home Christmas Eve. Mr. and Mrs. J. A Dolan enter­ tained at dmner last Friday even­ ing. Rev. and Mrs. J. R Babcock were in Clarendon, Pa., on Christmas day to attend the wedding of his niece, Miss Hazel Babcock to Mr. Fred Hickey, Rev. Babcock officiat­ ing. The couple took a trip to Washington, D. C. Miss Elisabeth Rockwood has re­ ceive! an appointment under the Civil Service Comission Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Cenftua, and — r\~t**tn lens fnr w-iYirgtinr this week. -, Mrs. Cornells Mong held a party things according to Charles Kelley 1st her home' Monday evening and a Geneva weather prophet, who says all | very enjoyable time wga reported. Indications point to a mild winter foil Two sleigh loads from here at- the next three months. {tended the basket ball at Ellicott- Weekly earnings of factory worker* j yjijg Saturday night. Miss Marjorie Pickup has resign - year will fee held at the Bank b a i M - 1 ahonM. ^ J Cecil o f the firm o f Baisch ft Arm ing on Tuesday, January 13th, 1920. * ve\ E\ G* ®,n^ ’ who ^ W o n g o f Little Valley; Howard o f Polls will be open from 2:00 to 3 : 0 0 1 Hi® ® °UBt,r ^®* ®r ** We,* h*f and Rochester, and Lee o f Salamanca; o'clock p. m. M e a sures, and whose cooperation ia|tw0 dau, htera> Neva and Helen at H. C. Rich, President * * Bure*U ° f home, one granddaughter, On- * Weights and Measures. „olee. B f Armstrong of Otto and All commercial scales and meas- ___ , Ores used in this state are inspected CARD OF THANKS I at least twice annually, but this does Mr. and M r.. Henry Gerwitz wish | n ot jn8ure their M h g properly used. 3U 9 of the Legion men, the K. P ’s. h a v -1to thank the inends and neighbors j Therefore, the public must cooperate fo r their kindness and assistance in with the weights and measures offl- the burial o f their son Merrill, also ciaIa i£ better trade conditions are fo r the beautiful floral offerings. |deflired. Too much consideration cannot be given the importance o f - ing full sway in the kitchen, ably as sisted by several waiters. son. Join the Christmas MRS. JACOB RUSH The funeral o f Mrs. Jacob Rush io f Otto was held Saturday at th e . f home of her daughter, Mrs. Bert | Bank o { Cattaraugus. Hout at Little Valley. The Eastern | Star Chapter o f Otto o f which the {deceased was a charter m em ber and rPast Matron assisted at the services. Get married in the Yuletide “ ¡¡'{w e ights and measures work, espec- t-'iuD. | ¡a]]y durjng- these particularly stren­ uous timeB. While the public in general, profess to be very much NOTICE OF ELECTION { concerned regarding the amount Bank o f South Dayton { they received fo r their money, inves- I store. In -N mv York state established a new high record in November, passing tfi* | . . ‘ T . $26 mark. The state Industrial com H her poslticn at J’ A mission so reported and added that the figures as Just 106 per cent highei than in June, 1914. The weekly aver age tot the month Just passed wai $ 81.81 Dolan's The Humble Part In lmperlshsMPaharseteri there win Supreme Court Justice John R M I be Inscribed on tap success roll of Stephens in Rochester declined tr { honor names nnfonflhr to most of us, make permanent an alternative writ I the names o f those who performed o f prohibition against enforcement 61 {nobly humble parts in life; the un- the law passed by the legislatore lasl { j{nown workers for humanity, the he- year providing for refund to school {rote sufferers—some blind, some crijl- dlstricts of funds which they had paid | or handicapped by the loss of A. B. Armstrong o f Randolph are brothers o f the deceased. His moth­ er, Mrs. F. H. Armstrong is also a resident o f Randolph. The funeral was held from the home Wednesday at 2 p. m. Rev. Kingsley F. Norris o f the Congrega-| tional church o f Little Valley offl dating. under the' township school law for Improvements In other districts. The new state . legislature, which convenes Jan. 7 probably will adopt a pay as-you-go” policy, Thaddeus C. Sweet, speaker of the assembly, an­ nounced In New York. Mr. Sweet was In New York to confer with other He publican leaders on a legislative pro gram and to consider ways and meant of improving the state’s financial sys­ tem. muds or toot, or tortured by incurable ; (senses—wlio with a fortitude equal i rbht of the martyrs of old, took up ■fe’s burdens and bravely mad* the lost of the powers and opportunities -»stowed upon .them by the Almlglit*. -From “A.mblflon and Success” 1>y ¡■¡son Swett iJYirden. A meeting o f the stockholders ofJ tigations made during- /the last year, j Rev. Rossell o f the 51. E. church o f { the Bank o f South Dayton, fo r the | under the direction o f W. T. White, [Little Valley officiated. interm ent { purpose o f electing directors and in-1 Director o f the Bureau o f Weights ceremony. ! was in Little Valley cem etery. {spectors o f election Tor the ensuing I and Measures, showed that the gen- EGGELSTON— SLAYTON Theodore J. Eggleston and Mias Minnie F. Slayton both of Sherman, N. Y., were married at the home of the bride’s brother, L, L. Slayton in this place Christmas^JDay at noon. Rev. J. Brent Cook performed the The First Needle. Needles were fir»f made ln-England The annual meeting of the Erie j^y n native of India In 1545. The art County Sheep Breeders’ association { ,vu> Jo, t at his'death, but Christopher was held in the Grange hall at Akron [dreening recovered it In 1560. Mr. There were 42 present The mem'IDamer, an ancestor of the earls of hers voted to Join the state federation, j Dorchester, settled at Long Grendoh, Members also voted that $16 be pald{|R Back8, where'the manufactory was for 4»ch sheep dog killed, said bounty ||t|1, extant iogt century, to be paid by the county. Akron was] chosen as headquarters for the asso- J elation. j Almost Perfect Time. State and national grangee and farm { ^ —the sidereaL day of the bureau associations _ and federations I ippnr<,nt motlon of the stars-ia 3 will not partlpipate in any way in the { („|nuteg 55,01 seconds shorter than n series of conferences to be held in { mean gojar day. Considering clock ^■W ashington within the next few days j ¡,ear}Bgf u French astronomer calcu- Mr. and Mrs. Eggelaton will re - [f o r allying farm Interests with organ- j (ateg that v.Jth f00r wheels Paving 11R ! (zed labor, 8. J. Lowell of Fredonla. 180, 317 and 314 teeth Sidereal can be Mrs. Rush is survived by her h u s -jy e a r , will be held at the Bank* build- j eral purchasing public are very care-Jgide jn Sherman, N. Y band, Jacob Rush o f Otto, tw o | in g on^Monday, January 19, 1920.{less. In most cases buyers do not w _ ___ ____ ___ __________ ____ sons Marsh and Charles, and one j Polls will be open from 2:00 to 3 : 0 0 1 check up their purchases in any way FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR I and. tk® National grange association, j ^ o . one gecoad j„ eig-lit years, and mu. « . . . ____ _ ^ .'d e c la r e d In a statement in Syracuse. f h . ' • . ,nir ^ *,y. master of the New York state grangel.(,n^erted ,nf0, nenn time with the loas {daughter, Mrs. Bert Hout. o'clock p. m. 3tJ16 F. S. PEEK, President [ ELLICOTTVILLE H. B. TEAM TO P L A Y HERE l I Every woman needs money Tor The basket ball team o f the Elli-1 Christmas, s Join the Christmas J cottvile high school will play at Cat-1 d u b . Bank o f Cattaraugus, taraugus this Saturday eneving, Jan­ uary 3rd. The game will be called at 8:00 o’clock and will be played in 1 - jt p a/ned Cats Setter Hall. These two teams play-1 A t a fashionable church wedding re­ ed at Ellicottville last Saturday I cently everythlng was proceeding In night. The score was 17-16 in favor I quiet solemnity when suddenly there to ascertain whether or not a mis- I take has been made. A great many purchasers do not trouble themselves The first meeting of 1920 o f the I dueed to only one second In 0 period I of 240 years. that with wheel? having 188, 405, 508 Woman’s Home Missionary Society I ■ Sarat0*a co,,nty !a,t ,a contention J and 227 teeth tbe error can be re* woman s florae missionary society 1 {hat {g ft charltaWe institution be-/ wl^ be held January 7tH at 3 p. ni. I cause operates a tuberculosis hes- to even watch the scales at the score I Theme, \Our Spanish Work.” I p(tal and infirmary, in a* decision glv-1 while their purchases are being I Leader, Mrs. F. E. Johnson. A n u r - je n by Surrogate Cohalan in Now) weighed, and it is only- natural to as-1 gent invitation is.given to the ladies j York. The county supervisors pre­ sume that they do not reweigh them I o f the church and congregation to | tented against paying $6,000 transfer I at home on a set o f household scales J join this society. The lessons kw* 1 tkx on a bequest, of $60,000 Jeft to the f without which no kitchen equipment I very helpful and interesting, is. compelte. For every dollar spent! When Sun Looks Dig. When the sun Is low Its rays come • ff i ; “ “ » • \ “ 'I jia jm iiiiij through the atmosphere j,J hospital by Horace W. Carpenter. The J]Ml snrroundg the earth and> thefc 1 abrogate held the «munty does not L mnst pene(rate much more of U of the Ellicottville team. “BEHIND THE SCENES” Mary Pickford’s photoplay Be­ hind the Scenes” will be presented 1 at the Palace Theatre tonight and Saturday. “ Behind the Scenes” is | a delightful peep into the mazes o f theatrical life from the other side o f _the_footnehts. bv M a rgaret Mayo, a Jump and two cats I -tate Bureau o f Weights and Mcas- look after my subscriptions. Thank-1 joined the Women’s Equal Opgortun- ^ increased size, iter’s head from the I ores is intensely interested in are- f ing you for past favors, and solicit- / ity League ot New York In protest the consumer is entitled to receive one hundred cent’s' worth, and the j was a snarl and fell on the minister balcony Above. 1 don't think anybody I ing that they do receive full, weigh remembers fust how the cefen w hy watt J or value, which is the same thing, conclud'd, for even the minister Joined I When any person has a reason to the laifeh that followed.— -Exchange, j believe that they are being short weighted, they should complain to I moneyless Christmas. Join the their local Sealer o f Weights and j Christmas Club. Bank o f Cattarau- Get your sweetheart n . REAL I Measures or Commissioner Epgene 1 gus. hristmas present. Join the Christ- / H, Porter, Divison o f Foods and I come under the heading of -corpora- j than at. noon. They encounter many S i t e mother will I * xt’mpied from t^e transfer tax. ^ d n s l p o t h e r sute While i am away, my mother will | Klgrtt or more womens clubs have L tanceg and these produce tbe effect ing your further patronage, Elizabeth H. Rockwood. An opera without music is like a Club. Bank o f ‘ Cattaraugus. 1 Markets, Albany, N. Y. All com- SuL-scrtca for The Times against proposed \welfare’’ legislation ¡or women, which they condem'n as discriminatory and unfair toward wo­ men workers. These clubs have adopt­ ed resolutions asking the legislature to * defeat «he office workers’ bill, the minimum bill and the eight hour fac­ tory bill, which are scheduled to be Introduced when the legislature meets in January. Too Much Petting, We ran learn a lesson from our do> mestie animals Jn respect of ton mne-fc JlmqdJ/ng of baby. It will pay the hu­ man mother to note that when these baby animate , «re mauled and potted and carried about they do not thrivcv hot frequently pine away and die.

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