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m PAGHE FOUR CATTARAUGUS TIMES 1 I. : AN OPPORTUNITY —r—T s e v e n rfliliiiT^ cellar under whole house; newly painted and papered; bath; good location on South Street; hen house; quarter acre of land. A bargain at $2,290.00 BEACH & PARKE , Farms of Exceptional Value Cattaraugus, N. Y. U ■ ■ ■ H ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ s ■ m n ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ The Cattaraugus Times C A T T A R A U a U S , IV. Y . i-iiA S . W . BROCK, P r o p r ie t o r Published Every Friday #1.50 per year in Advance ----- 5c a copy Entered at the postoffice at Cattaraugus N. Ysecond-class mail matter. A charge will be made for publish­ ing cards of thanks, resolutions and obituary poetry. Local anJ personal notices, obitua­ ries and matters of general interest are requested for free publication. THIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR rOREIGN ADVERTISING BT THE r B s m s H i n n H a n a B , PAULINE FREDERICK IS Bassett and Lucille Fursman. SPLENDID IN \SOLD” i Pauline Frederick has been hailed Pauline Frederick, 'the famous as .one of the foremost actresses ac- Paremount Star, will be seen in her duired by the screen from the stage, splendid photo-play, \Sold” at the After she was seen in “Sold” her Palace Theatre tonight and tp-mor- KpIacer as the foremost emotional ar­ row night. vigorous emotional portrayal, \Sold provides Miss Frederick with a high­ ly satisfactory role. Miss. Freder­ ick’s characterization is that of the wife of an impoverished artist, who, in order to obtain funds for her husband, consents to po.se in the 1 nude for his wealthy rival. This sacrificial act is detected by the bus-1 band, who, misunderstanding her' motive, spurns her and laughs at i her protestations thaT^the act he I brands her for was committed fo r : Vi tiste on the screen was unalterably I established. GENERAL. OFFICES NEW Y O R K AND CHICAGO BRANCHES IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL. CITIE« REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS For Justice of the Supreme Court ALONZO G. HINKLEY NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. TAKE NOTICE: I, the undersign­ ed collector of taxes in and for School district No. 1, Town of /New Albion, have received the tax roll and warrant for the collection of taxes for the present year, and I will attend at The Times Office, Cattarau­ gus, N. Y., on Saturday and Monday of each week for four weeks, from nine o’clock in the forenoon to four o’clock in the afternon of each such ills sake. From this point, the drama develovs much stress, and after a 1 . - , „ I taxes asscsed upon such roll. Dated September 18, 1919. series of tense situations, the hus­ band learns of his wife’s fidelity, and a happy reunion is effected. One of the most notable casts ever assembeld in one. screen pre­ sented has been provided. It in­ cludes. Thomas Holding)' Lowell Sherman, Julian L’Estrange, Russel CHARLES W. BROCK, Collector. Optimistic Thought. An emperor traveling as a man hoi the rights of a man. The maddest man in Camden was John Means when he wound his clock every-day for a year, then found it was an eight day clock. WATCH THIS SPACE TO AVOID SUCH AN OCCURANCE For Member of Assembly DeHART If. AMES For County Treasurer BRET L. ANDREWS For District Attorney ARCHIBALD M. LAIDLAW For Superintendent of the Poor ’ * WILLIS P. KYSOR For Coroner PHILLIP H. BOURNE TOWN JCOMINATIONS ~ For Supervisor JAMES W. WATSON For-Town Clerk D. H. B. WELLS For Collector DAN B. CUNNINGHAM Town Superintendent of Highways W. C. LEMK For Justice.of the Peace C. V. YOUNG’ A . L. TEN EYCK C. rM. RHOADES . For Town Assessors E. C. PRITCHARD H. C, OAKES E! C. ISBELL .Overseer of the Poor FRANK L. PICKUP For Constables H. S. HORTII H. R. GUILES L. REINHARDT JOHN HAMAN FRANK WAITE TEACHER’S INSTITUTE AT SALAMANCA LAST WEEK The Institute Teachers of Cattar­ augus County met in Salamanca last Thursday and Friday. There were 360 present at the meetings. Dr. John H. Finley, president-of the University, Commission of Edu­ cation of the State of New York was present, besides a number of other prominent men. The program was as follows T h u r s d a y , October 2 10:30 REGISTRATION - 11:00 CONFERENCE History . . ............... Mr. , Skinner English .................................... Mr. Richards Value and use of the grade Library ........ Miss Richardson 1:30 ASSEMBLY Music— Miss Beers, Mr. John 1:45 CONFERENCE History ................................. ..M r. Skinner • English ................................... Mr. Richards Value and Use of the Library 12:30 CONFERENCE History . . ............. Mr. Skinner . English ......... .. . . Mr. Richards I Methods and Devices in Geog- | raphy ............ ..M iss Wartman 3:15 ADDRESS Mr. Wright, President of New York State Teacher’s Associ-, ation. F r i d a y , O c t o b e r 3. 9:15 ASSEMBLY • Music— Direction Miss Beers, Mr. John. 9:30 ADDRESS | Supervised Study. .Dr. Briggs I Methods and devices ih GeOff*-1 raphy. .Miss Wartman j 10:15 ADDRESS Education for Democracy Dean Chambers Standard Measurements, Dr. Briggs. 11:00 ADDRESS The New Education Dean Chambers. Standard Measurements, Dr, Briggs. 1:30 ASSEMBLY . Music—Direction Miss Beers, / ’Mr. John. DEPENDABLE INSURANCE FIR E , L I F E , Automobile, Healthand Accident, Compensation, Bonds, etc. “ insurance that Insures“ A. M. M Ô W R Y GENERAL INSURANCE „ Cattaraugus, N.Y, Phone 52 C I T Y P L U M B E R Ready to do any kind of work in plumb- n ing, hot water, steam and gas fitting R E P A IR WORK A SPECIA L T Y Also gutter, furnace and stove work A L L W O R K G U A R A N T E E D J ; C. S T R A L B A P i l o n e I 8 7 X ¿ L i n c o l n S t , J C o t t a f o u g u s . X . Y . T*' twenty per cent goes to the New York State Sunday School Associa­ tion, which sends its paid workers into all counties, so in reality, the local district gets seventy per cent of the funds raised. The remain­ ing thirty per cent goes to the In­ ternational and World’s Sunday School Associations. The following Sunday School Address ......... t.;.Dn Finley | workers in the county have been CHURCH SERVICES Announcement ¡1 Made of the Sertict fo r Next Sunday. ..... • METHODIST CHURCH ~ ~ Regular church services Sunday. October 12. 2:13 ADDRESS selected in addition to those men- The „Teacher's Philosophy of . . . . . . . Life .................. Doan Chambers Itolned to asslst ln the campalgn: After the session on Friday, a ! Herman Lavèry, Cattaraugus ; Mrs. business meeting was held and elec- I L. S. Phillips, Conewango; Earl tion of officers. An executive com- parlc and Charles Holtz, Dayton; mittec was also elected for the en­ suing year. Prof. J. E. Lovenguth of Cattaraugus was one. of the four elected on the executive committee. OOOOO0CH3i>O<HSOOa<IClfHJCHtHSii<HKiCHCH3 3 0 This Space Belongs to j The Cattaraugus Electric Shop THE PROUDEST BOAST (From the Doylestown, Pa., Intelli­ gencer.) “I like to think, sirs,” said Sen­ ator Harding in concluding a master­ ful address in criticism of the leag­ ue of nations, \that out of the dis- ' 7 - - covered soul of this Republic, and I through our preservative actions in j this supreme moment of human pro- I gross we shall hold the word Ameri­ can the proudest boast of -citizen-^ ship in all the world.”- AGRIGRAPHS Peonies may be divided and reset in October. SUNDAY SCHOOL FUNDS RAISED THIS WEEK The greatest religious leaflet ever printed, is being distributed throughout the county this week. It is the opening gun of a campaign to raise a fund in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus to have a paid worker who will devote his entire time to the improvement of the Sunday Schools of these two counties. Fif­ ty per cent of all funds raised are retained for work in this district, Mrs. Johrj Frantzen and Miss Dora Dye, South Dayton; Claude M. Bol­ ton, Delevan.; Rev. J. H. Watras, Elton; Rev. A. B. Herman, Ellicott- ville; Rev. H. C. Hayward, Free­ dom; Prin. M. J. Charles, Farmers- ville; Mr. Win. C. Parker, Little Valley; Rev. A. J. Bailey, Machias; George Lillie, Perrysburg; J. M. Almy, Randolph; Rev. J. E. Thomp­ son, Sandusky; Rev. M. C. Bullock, Salamanca; Rev. J. W. Archibald, West Valley; Mr. J. W. Stephens, Yorkshire. The campaign is now on to raise the funds. Wesleyan Msthodiat Church,, Hu. Bairi, pastor—Sunday schoal,-H).-» in : preaching 11 a. m .; class meeting 12 m. Young peoples' meeting 7:30 p m , and preaching, 8:00 p. m Prayer' meeting Thursday evening at 8:09, ST. JOHN’S CHURCH Services in German Quarterly Congregational meeting after services. Free Methodist Church, Rev. W, E. Freeman,, pastor--Sunday school at 10 a. rri.; sermon at II a, m.; class meet­ ing at 12 m. Preaching at 7:80 p. m Prayer meeting Thursday evenings at 7:30 New Albion—Sunday school at 1 p. m , sermon at 2 p m.; class meet big, 3 p m .. Cottage prayer meeting Wednesday evening. Welcome to all Farm machinery is so high in price that a machine shed will soon pay for itself. rimwimBiwnr rMiniiméi..imiUiii1. sssses \i1 m» 11 i if i. m w «aaKseafflSESfiosKss vj I A cow that ranks with the best of 5 j her breed is worth half a dozen av ” I trage cows. I • On many New York farms this is a good time for those .who expect to use concrete fence posts to get busy making them. Watch for our opening date 1 A full line of electrical appliances always on hand including: LAMPS VACUUM CLEANERS* WASHING MACHINES, FLAT-IRONS, Etc. A store that didn’t restock as fast as it sold its goods would fail. Land is the saue way; don’t keep taking from its fertility without re­ storing some. The use of artificial light to stim­ ulate egg production can do no harm to the' hen if the practice is not overdone, because a longer win­ ter day is normal to the descendants of the jungle fowl. A Kentucky philosopher says that a farmer who can afford to own an automobile can afford to send his son or daughter to college, because money put into a machine can nev­ er pay as well as money invested in trained brains. How about the the short course at Cornell? Tui­ tion is free to residents of\ New York. Taic Jonteel T h e wonderful odor of 26 flowers 25c I I I i ï U i P U WS fìlff&PM KLENZ0 NAHVEYí CAREY TOOTH IIMil i L S U UKI1&3 1 PASTE The Safest Store to take a Prescription 25c E G. BARDWELL, Prop. ' * GRANGE HALL Next to Irish's Grocery Cattaraugus 8amc Old Circus. ‘Member the old farmer woman with j the umbrella and the funny clothes : who wanders round the ring just after the show begins, looking desperately Into the audience calling “Al-bert, Al­ bert, where are you, Al-bert?\ And the policeman tells her to move on.and | she beats up the policeman and her • wig and petticoats come off (down to ' the red flannel one) and she Isn't old ­ er a indy either, after nil? Well, she f Is still there.—Everybody’s Magazine. 1 A Çcoryia Fíiifo-opher. Alte:.-..:;: Pfwins itr.yá the w o rst ¡X - ttbort lie’ivr -1 fool iS fluii «‘fia—.-''li. Alma Zada . A heavy face powder ¿specially adapted to oily skins. Daintily perfumed, bouquet odor. 50c Jonteel Light powder that will suit the majority of people. A wonderful odor. 50c Which Powder Boqaet Raniee Is Best Adapted to Your Skin? Attractive large package of pure Java Rice Powder. Known as a I iglit powder and suitable for every day use. $1.00 There are a great many brands, kinds and shades o f face . powder and there is always a right and wrong powder for you to use. Our sales people will be glad to be of assistance to you in selecting the powder that is best suited to vour individual needs. Do not hesitate to consult them. Violet Dolce Medium weight powder that adheres well to all classes of skin. 50c OUR WEEK END SPECIALS THAT MAKE THIS DESIRABLE PLACE TO TRADE CIGARS 8c La Marea cigars 5 for - 8c Offical Seal cigars 5 for 1 8c Black & White Cigarettes 50c Nyal’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil. ----- - 38c 35c Nyal’s Liver Salts - - 29c $1.00 Horlicks Malted Milk 89 c 50c Roberts’ Worm 42c 35c Castoria 29c 60c Carter’s Ext. Smartweed . - 50c 35c 35c 15c CANDY 75c i lb Box of Ass’td Chocolates 4 ÎC 40c Vi \b •' “ “ “ 27 ç séa— wwH ■ m 1

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