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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, September 19, 1919, Image 7

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THE CATTARAUGUS TIMES P A O ilJiy K H . ; ®AL NOTICES iOIIUE TO-CREDITORS |Ki ia hereby given to all- per- gtragcliime against Johnathan litaofthalViIlage of Cattar- E Y„ deceased, to present the M tbs vouchers thereof, to the gjpad it the LiW'Oflfee of D .& ,¡athe Village of Cattaraugus, m or before the 1st day of tv, 1919. hdthis25th day of .March, 1919. ANNA M. HARVEY, inioiitratrix, with Will annexed* POWELL, niy for Administratrix Cittarangus, N. Y K28toSept26 NOTICE TO CREDITORS BOANT, To an order of A1-1 Bird, as Surrogate of the yof Cattaraugus, notice is here a to all persons having claims Sarah Jewell, late of the Vil- |C»tUriugui. Town of New Al- tkttorootoo County, N Y , de- lopresent the same, with the go thereof, to the undersigned at I*Office of 1). E. Powell, in the iofCattaraugus, N. Y., on or theflat day of November, 1919 ¡¡this 13th day of May, 1919 ANNA M. HARVEY, ¡aioislratrix, with Will annexed, ¡Ikegoods, chattels and credits [lieestate of Sarah Jewell, late IhTown of New Albion, Cat- nogus. N. Y., Deceased. POWELL, ttorney for Administratrix, Cattaraugus, N. Y. [litoNorH . B ank by .M ail 4% INTEREST ON INACTIVE ACCOUNTS Send ¡or our Banking by Mail booklet THE MARINE TRUST COMPANY of B uffalo SIXTY-NINTH YEAR OF SERVICE CAPITAL AND SURPLUS Seventeen Million Dollars OTTO NOTES ¡IliriCETO CREDITORS BDANTTo an order of Hon Al- .Biri, surrogate of Cattaraugus |notice ia hereby given to all lining claims against the ea fill F Gardner, late of the M C'ltcwango, Cattaraugus ¡Bo* York, deceased, that they andtspresent the same, wifh vouchers; to Lucy T Gardner, itriaof the goods, chattels it! of laid deceased,, at her jin the town of Conewango fore the 22nd day of Decem- wl8.h, 1919. LUCY T G A R D N E R . Administratrix N LA VERY, mey for Administratrix, Cattaraugus, N Y. Q £gi 1 »to Deci9 About Sciences and Religions. Tlie philosophical sciences deal with the general principles, laws or causes Hint furnish the rational explanation of. any tiling ; the rationale by which I lie facts ‘of any region of knowledge 'are explained. The phrase is used more particularly In reference to the study of natural philosophy or phys­ ics. Empirical methods are those of observation. * It is n science that grows out of experience. Such a sci­ entist is versed, or skilled, In collect­ ing facts and from those facts gener­ alizations' are made. There are hun­ dreds of rellgions.- Ancther \Origin of Dixie.” Before, 'the Civil war the old Citi­ zens’ bank of New Orleans, having the power to Issue paper money, pro­ vided quantities of ‘bills, most of ten- dollar denomination, having the French word “Dix” on their .backs. This money became' popular, according to tills theory, Louisiana- was referred to as (lie land of the “Dixies.” Event­ ually the term was broadened to in­ clude nil of tlio southern states. MICE TO CREDITORS . ( T To an order of 11 on. 1 Surrogate of Cattarau- ty, notice is hereby given to Bhaving claims against Iho Henry Smith, late of the tut Otto, Cattaraugus Coun- M, deceased, that they are present the same, with Men of Probity. Good literature proceeds from men of natural probity, and since one ought rallicr to-praise the inccptioathan the result, you should give greater praise In a man of probity- unskilled in let­ ters than one skilled in letters but devoid of probity.—Leonardo da Vinci (translated by Edward McCurdy). Dr. Edward Boaworth, D. D., Dean of Oberlin Theological Seminary, and hia daughter, Sarah, have been guests of their cousin, Miss Frances Andrews, who was in Buffalo to met'them last Friday. They remain­ ed a few days, and Dr. Boaworth oc­ cupied the Congregational pulpit on -Sundaymorning. Quite a large au­ dience, for so small a town, gathered to hear a most excellent sermon and well delivered. Miss Andrews took them to Buffalo in her car on Mon­ day. Mr. Mark Loomis went with them. Among those from out of town who atended the Sunday ser­ vice, were Judge A. A. Bird and family, Mrs. Mary Bull, Mrs. Whit­ ing, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mowry, Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Rich, Mrs. Mac Hobrook from Cattaraugus, Mrs. Louis Louis Bernhoft of Five Points and Mr. John Bernhoft of Salaman- Miss Ethel Howe' of Delevan, a Salamanca teacher, spent the week end with Miss Florence Harvey. Mrs. Minnie Loomis was in Buf­ falo one day last week. Miss Anna Ryder of Salamanca, spent the week end with friends in town. Mrs. Ruth Holbrook was a guest of Miss Olive Dake on Sunday. Rev. Malta of Plato held services in the Luthern Church last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kilby and Miss Fern Day of Salamanca visited at Mr. Charles Phillips last Sunday. Mrs. Burdett Armstrong has a sprained ankle, caused by a fall on the sidewalk. Mr. and Mr. Elisha Dake spent a day the first of the week on their farm with Mr. and Mrs. John Goos- man. Dr. Gulick- and family of Niagara Fals have been spending a few days with Dr. Campbel and family. Mrs. B. J. Freeman and Mrs. S. E. Glazier of Springville were guests of- James Borden and family one day last week. DeHart B. Wells was in town last Saturday. Mrs. E ,M. Poole i spending some time with her daughter Mrs. Mark Bensley in Buffalo. Mr. and Mr3. Sherman Burdick and Mrs. B. J. -Cotracl wero- in Go- wan da last Saturday. Most of our teachers who are near enough to do so, were home for the week end. The folowing persons took an all day motor trip last Sunday, taking in OOD IDEA! Open your Lu cky Strike pack­ age this way—tear off part of the top only. Protects the Lucky Strike cigarette—a cigarette made of that delicious real Bur­ ley tobacco. It’s toasted. CH Q u a r a n te e d 'b y |N . O .-ONATEO Perysburg, Versailles and Cherry Creek. At meal time they enjoyed an out door, appetizing picnic dinner. There were three automobiles, and upwards of thirty in the party which included Mr. and Mrs. John Maus and family, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Schup- penhauer, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Manly and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Goll, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schuppenhau- returned to Otto, accompanied by errmrTand Mrs. Fargo, Mr. and Mrs. j their daughter, Mrs. Mertie Barber Thayer and son, Mr. and Mrs. Shively and little son. J and family and Mr. Ralph Botsford. Mr. Albert Dearborn, son-in-law Mr. Hary Bolton of Vinton, Iowa,' of Mr. Almon Foster, died from having purchased the old William | typhoid fever last Tuesday morning. E. Hunt farm at North Otto, Mr. Joel Finch and family, who have been in charge there for .some time, have Bonaparte’3 fhort Career. , In 1S02, on August 2, Napoleon Bon­ aparte was declared consul of France «ten, to Emmons D T e fft,'for life. ’Thirteen years to the day, itsr of< the goods, chattels the convention lie tween the representa- lof laid deceased, at hia j tires of Greet Britain. Prussia, Austria kite Village-of Springville,.»nml Rnfw,0 declared Bonaparte, then- or before the 10th day of emppror of M,n Frpncl1’ to be n lib .1919 EMMONS U TEFFT, Adra’r istrator. LAVER Y, lor Administrator. tieiN, Y. ¡¿fit J u ly ‘li o j y n 9 pris­ oner of the allies and Intrusted Great Britain with his custody. IjCETO CREDITORS ¡Utr To an order of Hon. Surrogate of Gattar- I, notion is hereby given baling ciairrs against, ¡if Robert C. Beach, late of East Otto, Cattaraugus M York, deceas'd, HI at rired to present the same, vouchers, to Robert T. irary administrator of the ltd! and credits or said de- Ibiaresidence in the town of [Y., on or before the 7th hit; 1920. |lj25tl\ 1919. j HUBERT T. BEACH. [Temporary A dministrator. LAVERY, khr Temporary Ritor, N| m N. Y 26tAug 1 to Jan 30. DR. BENJAMIN VAN CAMPEN Rooms 312-313 First National Bank Building 101 North Union St. OLEAN, N. Y. Specialist in General and abdominal Surgery ‘ Diseases of Women Office Hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M. Mornings by appointment Telephone-Office 1360 Residence 1376 »Goodman itoraugus, N. Y. I DEALER ÎÏS CASH FOR ^ Iron, Rags, Rub­ bers, Bags and I Metal $i-. EARL D, JONES Funeral Director and Embalmer PERSIA, N. Y. Complete equipment, includ­ ing Auto Service. Calls prp.nr.-ty atti liU. d iy or night. P. o Bell ’Phone No. 59-Q. Address, Gowranda, N. Y Highest Cash Price paid for HIDES, POULTRY and all kinds of JUNK R. ¿LUCE Phone 192-X Cattaraugus, N. Y. (Largest and Finest Clothing Floor in the World ) Check Us Up The next time you’re in Buffalo, drop in here. Go from one section to another. Take note of our prices and qualities on suits, hats, shoes, shirts, neck­ wear, underwear and everything else we sell for men and boys. Then compare our prices with equal grades else­ where. We venture the savings will surprise you. > . We’re all pretty much creatures of habit.. Buy where we are accustomed to buying and let it go at that. But it’s time for a change—time to get the habit of sav­ ing—buy where you cart reduce the high cost of living. Once you buy here it will become a habit you’ll want to continue for economy and satisfaction sake. When you buy here you’re dealing where a tremendous volume of business is made to count in special prices on our purchases—advantages of which you get the benefit. For Instance: Kleinhans Trio Suits and Over­ coats are unequalled values at $25.00, $27.50 and $30.00 Hart Schaffner & Marx and Fashion Park Clothes at $35.00, $40.00, $45.00 and $50.00. Everything else that men and boys wear at savings that make your coming here well worth while. We Accept Liberty Bonds Baifalt’i Gr.ate. j Copyright 1919 Hart Schaffner ft Mam Mail Orders Carefully Filled n*>. ± L

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