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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, August 22, 1919, Image 5

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THE CATTARAUGUS TIMES /AGE FIVE l EBBZSEYI THE FIRE INSURANCE STANDARD The fad that agents and brokers everywhere are pushing their companies w ith arguments that they are jest as goed as the stock companies represented by this agency shows that the old line companies*' policies have become the standard fire insurance policies of America. When that policy, by which other companies are measured, can be handled without extra cost, is it no* wisdom to insist on having a standard policy itself? That the old line companies have become the standard is because— FIRST. They do \the largest business. SECOND. They have paid the biggest losses. THIRD. Their assets and surplus are larger than ever. FOURTH. Many of them are more than one hundred years old. FIFTH. Amo ag them are the best known Companies. SIXTH. They are always fair in settle* merit. • SEVENTH They are always prompt in pay* ment. Whan you need fire insurance, ask us to write you a policy in an old line company. E. F. BEACH & SON “The Agency that^ Protects the Assured ’ ’ CATTARAUGUS, N. Y. Locals and Personals Frank Smith was in Buffalo Tuesday Loo Babcock wai in Buaffio Sunday. Mia* Lena Kieler is visiting in Bof- faio. —LelandDurfee was in Buffalo Tues­ day. Mrs. Edaon Nash was in Buffalo Friday. Mias Iva TenEyck was in Olcan Tuesday. Mrs. Frank Akins was in Buffalo last Friday. Donald Bonier left last neck Tor Wanakena. Miss Mabel Haskine was in Fevryt- burg Tuesday. Mia. C. James Rich was in Salamar.- c j Wednesday. pending a few visited Walter f: DISEASE— BLU ss: [CORS - REACHING ROON. FUR THI [WHEREAS my wife. Mildred Gibbs, sleft my bed and board without any pit cause or provocation, 1 hereby for­ li any person or corporation harbor- tjOitrusting hot in any way at my kpeui, or incurring any liability jtitioever for me to nay. iDited this 18th day of.“August, 1919 | a $ Elisha Gibbs. Cori in Hie lee' neji-ns. ÎGoé'çbU haw tv 1 iiiinirnsi.' IjKtfHö of coni In fipltslK’r;:<'n, find lis nmv ni'iinrent Hint, fii spilo of B.cslilnml fog, SjiltziKii'irçu is M hiiiil audit with many commercial possi- pitlea. The coal is proci IqaUy ail ou J stiliti ce, limi deep minile; is pn- ■eessary. Only a Shepherd Dog. A ‘shepherd (log divined by a man In Leominster, JIuss., says a writer In Our Dumb Animals, roused the family by lifs harking one January night. The husband, wife and two children barely escaped. Once In safety the dog’s mas­ ter .tried to locate Ills brave rescuer, hut the smoke was too dense. The body was found near the kitchen door Tending into the front hnlh Only a dog! In Much Truth in Her Remark. V'es'ern cmirt a certain man ■ as defending himself in n suit for I'voree. “She’s unreasonable,\ lie cnleiided, adding, “wliy tlie other day lie called nia the laziest man in the '.'oi'ld .because I threw a kiss at her.” hoii'-ht. aerale in eating ■WWMBeg3HSaWBBJBaBBM M I AI theatre k J G i l L C H O L ^ Ì Ì G R , V The T h e a tre w il l fx? d o s e d Saturday, I Night for needed re p a ir s and decorat- lion, but w ill reopen n e x t WEDNESDAY AUG. 27 «ré TOUGIÄ? 1 FAIRBANKS’’ («ItRAFT Pia LIRES W ith the S U R E F I R E A T T R A C T I O N DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in the Artcratt- Product­ ion DeLuxe “Reaching for the Moon” Walter Carroll 'it i tnyr ia Salamanca. Charles Kavanaugh Carrnll last week. * MI h 3 t’earl Waits is spending sever­ al days in Buffalo. Mrs Fred Lawson spent Monday and Tuesday in Jamestown . Clifford Watson visited at his home in Filmore. over Sunday. Mrs Lucy Gardner of Cpnewango, is, visiting relatives in town. Raymond Barker is spending a few weeks with bis sister in Leon. Mr., and Mrs. Jospeh Setter were jn , Buffalo last Tbrusdsy and Friday, Miss Pauline Braymer of Bradford visited Miss Minnie Fisher last week Uti. Elide Stearns of Niagara Fails, N. Y., is spending a few days in town. Ur. Caster and Mr. Crowell of Corry Fa.,, visited Dr. E C. Cleveland Tues­ day. Mrs. Lydia Lattin visited at Victoria on Chautauqua Lake several days last week. Mrs. R. E Blakely of North Girard, Pa., is visiting her motper, Mrs Lydia Latiin. ' < Mrs. Hawley Rogers of Jamestown, is visiting her mother, Mrs. F. E. Haight. * Mrs Jennie Johnson and daughter of Salamanca, are.viaiting Mrs. Caroline Dawson > Mr and Mrs. J. A. Dolan visited Mrs. Ernest Dye at South' Dayton Wednesday. ’ - Flovd Horth nf Milwaukee, V. is., ia «pending his vacation in Cattaraugus and Buffalo. . Mr. -and Mrs. Walker and Miss Mar­ garet Dotaey of Bradford, Pa , v.ere here Friday. Thomaa Marshall of Eden College, Mo. will preach in St John’s church next Sunday. Mra. Perley of Napoi, has been visit­ ing tier parents, Mr and Mrs. Akins the past week ' Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Johhnson and Mr and Mrs. J. J. Johi.aon were in Napoli Sunday Mra. Lucy Brown and Mrs Cbloe Ford of Otto, called on fri.nds in town last Saturday Mr an1 firs Frank Smith attended the Orton family reunion at North Collins Sunday. Mr. ani Mrs. W Cooper end son and Miss Helen McKee are camping at Dahms Beach. .. * Dr'JB. 0. Cleveland and Walter Mc­ Clellan were in Mt, Jewett the first of the week on- business. - Mrs Jesse Kilburn and son Milton* returned Wednesday, alter spending some time in Buffalo! Mr. and Mrs. Robbins and daughters of Punxatawn *v, Pa., visited Mrs. D W. Hnrth over Sunday. Mrs. Wra. Simmons and son Benj­ amin William, visited in Otean and Arcade the'past week Judge David Nye.of Eleria, Ohio, a former reaident of Otto called on old friends here early this week Mrs. Lena Blakely returned Friday night after spending several weeks! with her mother at Rushville. Neal Mount is moving his family here from Cherry Creek, to the bouse recently occupied by John Kopler. Miss Helen Bird returned Tuesday night after apending several week* at Manolr Riche'ieu. Quebec, Canada. Mrs. Frtd ibi-nson, Miss Johnstn. Miss Nettle Hall and Mra. Lucinda MilUngton were in Salamanca Wednof- day. — Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Batter and aon Donald have returned from Caaper Wyo., where they have been aome time Miss Mabel E. Scheldt returned to her home in Minneapolis, Minn, after apending a month with her brother, A, J. Scheidt. . The dance in Setter Hall laet Fri­ day night waa well attended There will be another ot these dances tonight in the sitne hall. Mias. Suse Grimms accompanied by Mrs. Nellie Homeyer of Fort Wayne. Ind. ia visiting her sister. Mrs. Rachel Angove for a few days. We understand D. E. Powell h&a purchased some thoroughbred Barred Rocks, for which he has paid as high as thirty-live dollars apiece. Mrs. Ruth Eells of Unadilla, N. Y.. graduate of the Onianta Normal, has been engaged to teach the seventh grade in our school the coming year, Lieuten nt Merrill Johnson arrived in town Tuesday morning from over- eeas, and is at the home of hie wife's parents. Mr and Mrj G. E. McDonald Miss Loretta Flemming and Mra. O. C. Babcock of Buffalo, and Miss Lotto Shafner of Silver Creek, have been re­ cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Babcock Mre. Mary Whiting, Miss Amelia Calvsr, Mrs. Nellie Wachter, Mrs. F. E Johnson, Mis E. W. Perry and Misa Lenora Willson were guests of Miss J F. Holbrook at her home in Otto last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Huston of Bradford, Pa., Miss Maude English of Georgia. Mrs. Kate 'l'arbox of Derrick City, P a , and Mr. William'Goodrich of W, Va.. were guests of Mr. and Mr*. Frank Tarbox Tuesday TRY REACHING FOR THE MOON A sure cure for the blues AS A CHILD DID YOU EVER CRY FOR THE MOON? s Mcit people have, but very few have attained it... JDougla Fairbanks ns a grown-ap dreams of attaining the moon. His dreams almost oome true—in the way he dreamed it, then h e found he didn't want the moon after all. / INo Advance in Price Canadian Silver takeu'äFpar CLASSIFIED ADS R A T E S Strictly Cash in Advance. One Insertion . . j . 1c per word Minimum Charge . . . . . 25c Subsequent Insertions . . fic per word Minimum Charge . . . . . . 15c FQR SALE—Teams; horses. Inquire of C. J. Wehust, Cattaraugus N. Y. Phone Î76W. tt FOR SALE—Full blood and grade Hampshire sheep and lambs, Allen Case, Little Valley N. Y 4tA29 WANTED -1 am buying hides, and old rubbers again J. L. rick, Cattaraugus, N. Y. FOR SALE—Four shire pigs A. Otto, 7|C. week’s old Scheldt, or rage Har- tf Berk- phone It WANTED—Cash pay) for live poultry. Call H, 0. Johnston, at Dolan’s Fur­ niture store, phone 198, Cattaraugus, N Y 2tA29. FOR SALE OR RENT-72 aerea in Chautauqua County. For particulars see DeEtta Powell, Waverly street, ' Cattaraugus, Phone 208 X. It FOR SALE—Gas range, $15 00; two rugs, one 9 x 12 tufa-tone brown, one 6 x 9 Axminster. Must be sold stance. Inquire at Times office. It SPECIAL SALE—On August 23 I will place on sale all Spirella stock cor­ sets.'- Orders also taken for custom corsets. DeEtta Powell, Cattarau­ gus. Phone 203 X. It FOR SALE—To close an estate. House in good repair; large lot, price reaa- __ onabie Opposite Wesleyan church. South Sf., CattarauguH, N. Y. Ap­ ply B. J Elliott, executor 4tS5 L. W. ALDRIDGE, . Optometrist and Optician, will be at F. D. Blake’s Jewelry store, Cattaraugus, again Tuesday, August 26 in home office Mondays,’ Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 631 Brisbane Building, Buffalo, N. Y. f JUST ARRIVED A new line of Velour Sailors, also the larger Hats with soft extended edges at Adda Thompson’s Cattaraugus, N. Y. Get.tbe “PALACE H A B IT’’ and be happy with the rest Please call for Liberty Bonds promptly after you have received notice that the same are ready for delivery Bank of Cattaraugus Catfaraugus, N. Y. '- ’vgy*1* - -rj— cOOOC 0<*SH«HK1 C SHUS ¡ttHttHKW o o ç w a o 0OC DO ÏH» ; i M j « k K Attention, Farmers! We are in the market for poultry, fresh eggs and butter, maple syrup fresh vegetables etc. If you are in­ terested please call and see us. HOTEL SETTER Cattaraugus, New York ' T H E . Ashford Mutual Fife Insurance Co. O F C A T T A R A U G U S CO- The. above company Can Save you O n e -H a lf on your FARM & PERSONAL PROPERTY INSURANCE If you are. interested write or phone C. WEISHAN, Agent B e ll Phone 1-R-4 E A S T O T T O , N . Y . B. P S Best Paint sold m eans,much in this era of high prices, when adulterants are liable to be freely used. W hen you buy B. P. S. Machine m ixed in the can and sealed, you know that Patterson T a r g e n t’s unqualified guarantee stands back of every, can. “ B . P. S . ” has been sold in this store for over 30 years, tried by W ind, W eather and Tim e. It has stood the test. B. P. S . Barn Paint is better than ever.\ ’ Have you t ied Effccto A u o Enam e l and top dressing? It leads all other Brands. Mosher Hdw. Co. Inc. PHONE 186 CATTARAUGUS, N.Y.

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