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Cattaraugus times. (Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus County, N.Y.) 189?-1976, August 15, 1919, Image 3

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THE CATTARAUGUS TIMES ■' ! ' V .'- j JÜ L !. - - - - -¿0(H)0<HMKXKH3OOOaOiHDi)O<:<H3Oao<H3O»CK>OOO<K>OOlK«HXHMK>OOOe ii..i«m iil»i,L T r-c^=» EVERYTH ING for auto, bicycle, cam* era and gas engine REPAIRING Don’t pay fancy prices for auto tires. Ask for my price and save your money Bicycles at half price R. H. Philbrick East Otto, New York |iMMna0IMOOOO<KKH»H>i>CH3O<H><H>O<K>O<HKH9H7CH>O<HKHKHaOf9HKm n m «Irreal T.-Eil It prl»l pvogu <*r 'tfel « till,I !i of »HI D netJ 4 \ T tt Iti , but Si Afcroiute Limit, E mm #’.4> i.»>lirtP do ft:if lVsjii. f'li' hizlricrs,\ paid Cn [iti, “until ho nils too lazy oven fn iw foli II.\ XKHWH3 . . .Ttiisîi.ii .» Collar. I , ; . - .¡to. *, a no'.v coiL.i f ; ve;v ha i slots to s..p' over th«4»ttt* oas, {lioso In front tnloriuehln\ to a old ilio cofinr securely!.. v : « WITH A L A U G H IN EV E R Y LINE The delightful comedy, \Eliza Comes to Stay,” is a humorous and human tale o f a bash fu l young bachelor who befriends the daughter of a college chum and who later finds the daugh­ ter to be a grown up harum-scar­ um girl. The Little Playhouse Company Presents this comedy with a skill and precision that bring out every laugh and every thrill. And then from the comedy to the beautiful we have “The Glory of the Morn,” a gorgeous Indian Drama with multi colored costumes and artistic set­ tings of unrivalled beauty, that you wift* surely want to see. THIRD D A Y A T T R A C T IO N .* Season Ticket* $2.75— B ut the F irst 500 Will Be Sold a t $2.20 Get Yours Early and Save 55 Cents. 1 [Cattaraugus Chautauqua, AUG. 21-25 Inclusive EasFOtto Happenings |«(O«aHWKH>OiKRKHJOO<H3O<H>«<KKK>OOOO<HXHK«H»OOOOOO0OCH* Millinery Our shop will be open Saturday night Aug. 23rd. and the week following for the display of new autumn styles, but will be closed the week of Aug. 25th to 30th as we will be in Cattaraugus at that time. Those desiring new hats before the fair should call at once and not wait until just the week before. We will resume our usual routine the first of September. LOIS M. AUSTIN East Otto - - New York Mr. and Mr*. Frank K a m i of Bing­ hamton aia visiting ralntivaa in towr. Mr* Ernest Kruse«1 Buffalo ia here earing for her mother, Mra. M. J. O n who ia ill. Mr. and Mra. Ralph Kraigar Mra. Chaa. Crawford and daughter o f Col* line Contar, visited Mr*. Lottie Yaw Friday Mr and Mra. Estl Armstrong of Little Valley spent tbs laat of the woeh at the home of 0. A. Beach. Mr. and Mra. * Beach accompanied them home Sunday Miss Marjorie Parkins »pent the weekend-t Tonswanda the guest of Mis* Dorothy Peters. titorae Mason returned to his work in Buffalo Friday. Mra Eliza Brimmer haa returned from the hospital at Buffalo and ha*, a trained nnrae. F. W. Sikes was In Springvllle Thursday. ;*P. A Laing of Buffalo spent Satur­ day with his brother, S. A. Lamg and family. Gertrud* Yaw of Hamburg, ia visit­ ing at L. A. Parkins. Charles Wjlliams of Franklinville was in (own Sunday. Miss Marjorie Hawkins returned to Franklinville with him for a visit. Mrs. Paul Pierce and daughter Vir­ ginia, of Washington U. 0., came Fri­ day, foi tbeir annual summer viist. f Misses Xenia and Dili* Hawkins are viiiting in Oil City, Pa., Bay Perkins and family of North Otto, war* in town Saturday night. Ml** Lota Auitiin ia in Buffalo this weak, attending the wholesale millin­ ery openings and purchasing a supply of autuma goods Anthony Phillips, and family and Perry Evans were in North Bingham. Pa., the last of the week attending lb* Lindsley family rtunioa. Miss Mina Goodrich rctorned Satur­ day from a few day«’ tin t with friend* in Randolph. Floyd Bowen and Cadi Strook ware in tiownnda Friday. Miaa Myitla Thomson of Buffalo spent the weekend in town Iionry Phillips and w ife of* North Otto, wore io ton n Friday. waa in - D C.? A lien o f Cattarugus, town Monday. Miss Mabto Pierce of Otto, town Monday. % Mr. and Mrs. Bohort Jawett motor' od to Boffalo Sunday with Mrs. John Hamlee and Raymond Jawotl. who left Buffalo Mondyy morning for Wan- akena whan ha will visit Oita Hamel* and family. U. C. Rash and Marc EllUvortb war# In Boffalo Monday. Mias Paulina Sikes v Creek Monday. Silver SEE This All-Year Oil Stove Detroit Vapor Stoves ‘ * Work Like Gas The same convenience and sim­ plicity of the dty gas stove is offered In these high grade oil stoves. The same year-round utility and the fact that they \work like gas\ makes Detroit Vapor Stoves comparable to the' gas range — not to the common oil stove. Burn Oil, Gasoline; or Distillate Detroit Vtpor Stoves give 19 hours of fierfect cooking to the gallon; They are as fast as gas and cheaper than gas, coal or wood stores. They light instantly. JOH N LA IN G East Otto Ñ. Y. W o pay $5.00 for calf skins .30 par lb for beef bid**. 10.00 for hors* hidos. AMERICANISM . (By Alfrod Rowland.) Over in Germany they said. \H o w can America ba a nation? ’ It ia made of Gormani, Swedea Russians. Turka, Chinas*. Every nation under the can 11 bar*. Once an Englishman, always an Englishman Can a laopard ebango his spots? We don't know whether ho can or not. Let.him keep his apotc— ha needs them to bt a good leopard. The enemy made a big mistake. Ha thought'there was no America because there is no national food. Every man eats what he pleases. There is no National church The American wor- ship*-where and aa he pleases. Amer­ ica l i too Mg to be measured by food, dress,or religion. The American men wen* what they please. The women what fashions demand and sometimes las*. A merles ia an idea, the Demo­ cracy of life, the right of all men to live freely, fully; the brotherhood of men. Abraham Lincoln waa a great American.. Ha was a grsat Republican. He loved all people. When he was a boy bo saw slaves sold at auction. He grieved for month*. Then he prom­ ised that when the opportum’y oaire ha would do bin brat to wipe out slav­ ery. He saw black men as hi* broth­ ers. When somebody snesred at soma of bis.poor neighbor* who had coma to too him and called them common, 1 incoln said. “ The Lord muat have loved common people, He made ao| many of them.\ When a friend went to him.and said, \G a t rid of Stanton. Ho ia your enemy. ’ Lincoln said, \H a make* a line secretary. Wa cant’ af­ ford I b l i g e him. never mind n s . \ Ones wfilo the war was nearly over and the victors ware ehcerioa and claiming the fruit* o f victory,’ and asking that tha brave men who oppos­ ed them bo punished Lincoln said. ’ With malice toward none, with char­ ity for all, to do the light tbing aa God gives me to see tbe right.“ When Valtandingbam cheered fer tbe eouth, while be stayed in tbe north, people wanted him shot. Lincoln sent him •afely through to the confederate lines. Lincoln wa* an American. Ha bad tb* idea. Alt men waro brothers. Englishman may eat marmalade aad bacon for broakfast in America and bean Abarisaa. Tha Italian eala his macaroni and goes to church under Romm Catholic cross and i* an American. The Jew keepa hia Sabbath on Saturday and ia an American. We are gathered from tbe ends of the earth, Wa change not our spot*. But we are Americana. Wa have tbe great idea. TRUTH TRIUMPHS Cattaraugus Citizens Testify for tbe Public Benefit. A truthful statement o f a Cattaraugus citizen, given in Ills own words, should convince the most skeptical about the merits of Doan’s Kidney Pill*. I f yon suffer from backache, nervousuess, sleep­ lessness, urinary disorders or any form of kidney ills, use a tested kidney medi­ cine. A Cattaraugus citizen tells of Doan’s Kidney Pills. Could you demand more convincing proof of merit? jo l n Pfleeger, blacksmith, South St., says; “ Many years of hard work as a blacksmith weakened my kidneys and earned backache. I have often been in a stooped position, shoeing a horse and when I tried to straighten, a sharp pain took me. in my kidneys and I could hardly move. I had to get up several times st night to pass the kidney se­ cretion» and they were highly colored. One box of Doan's Kidney Pills, which I got at Harvey & Carey’s Drug store, gave m* fine relief and straightened me up in good shape. ” Price 60c, at all dea'ers. Don’t simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney' Pills—the same that Mr. Pfleeger bad. Foster-Milburn Co., Props.. Buffalo, N . Y. „ ^A cpojf ti:-.1 n. rrnotl \ school c\;ir '• \Ceron i v 1 1 wiml:'\’ \ . 1 , . it ■ Community Chautauqua They Are Going to Wear It! A ll the reel American boys and girls of the town will be wearing The Badge of Honor given free to. Junior Chautauqua ticket holders. It means that they are going to take part in the Five Days of Fun of the Junior Chautauqua The rollicking good times begin with the big play festival, victory parade and ticket hunt on the night before the opening of the big Chautauqua. There will be all sorts of fun and you will all get acquainted -and ready for the merry-making of the rest of the week. Then there will be A Great Victory Pageant! A ll the badge-of-honor boys and girls will take part in this thrilling dramas— which means all the fun of \dressing up” and “play acting,” on the last afternoon of the Chautauqua— when all the big folks will be invited to come and see what good times you all have. Story hour Every afternoon Thrilling stories of romance and adventure. Brand new, exciting games. *v , There’s a Surprise for YOU! It sounds like bacon bat and picnic?—but you’ll have to come and find out! A L L FOR $1 PLUS W A R T A X O F TEN CENTS This includes your admission to all these good times as well as to all the performances of the big Chautauqua where you will see such noted attrac­ tions as Chauncey J. Hawkins, the noted naturalist; the Little Playhouse Company in their thrilling dramas, the Famous Kaffir singing boys from the wilds of Africa, and many others. 2 hours of games and folk dances— every morning Junior Chautauqua Cattaraugus Chautauqua, AUGUST 21-25 Inclusive A txv iiilny. V. V very!,i ' Contract Marr’ages. Contract untiring” .* now the com­ monly accepted doctrine that marriage Is .11 civil contract reqn'riqg only the free and Intelligent consent of pnrttes capable of contracting. A contract of this sort, drawn up and signed, is a mnri-hige In the eyes o f the law in all tbi' ala tea. TA Million Babies-and *One Riir of Rnk Cheeks W H E N my doctor told me to give my baby Nestle’s Food because I couldn’t nurse him, I said, Have many babies been brought up on it?” - He smiled. \Right here in the United States” he said, \at this minute there are many thousands o f babies . keeping well and strong on Nestle’s. ' All over the world it’s the same way— and that will give you some idea of how many babies have kept well on Nestle’s Food during the past fifty years.” And yet it wasn’t all those your baby has the food nearest 1 millions of babies that conyinced me. It was the pink cheeks of my own baby. Nestle's M ilk Food is made out of pure milk, to which has been added just the right amount of cereaj and of pure sugar. This is made into a white fluffy powder, which makes the curds of the milk easy to digest. You , Just add gold water, boil, and to mother’s milk— free from the germs of raw cow ’s milk— safe, clean— almost sure to bring him pink cheeks and a sturdy dimpled little body. I found that the N u lli Com­ pany likes to save -babies and keep them well. They tent me free enough Nestli't for 12 feedings and a very interesting and valuable Mother's Book about how to tsks car* of x babies. A ll you have to do is to fill out the coupon below. Nestld's is pure milk in pewder form that is already modified and does not require the further addition of milk. Always pure and safe, always uniform, and free from the dangers of home modification, Nestle’s has Stood the test of three generations and das today lit largeu tale of any baby food h tkt world. F R E E ! . Enough Nestle’s for 12 feedings. Send thc coupon! N u n i'i F ood C o m p a ny PI«BM send me Iftf your book and trial packst«. f Address., NESTLES MILK FOOD Ckf.a .liai«. No. 2A Cattaraugus Community Chautauqua, AUGUST 21-25 Inclusive

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