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1PAGE I?OTJR. TH E HUB, lilT T IiE VAHUEY, N.Y. THUBSHAE, ODXOBER 0, 1919. LI Z. -F{!on:^ J EMBARGO IS LIFTED .-’.''■y \■: i i M Shipfi’ng to Great Britain from U. 8. ; \'i Partially Reoumed. i Tiie emburri-j against the sailing of I shipping board vessels to Great Brit- i ain v/as partially lifted by the ship­ ping bo. rd aj a rc-si'.:t of the ending ' c f tlio rail!cad slrilLo in England. A g enli of the board at Atlantic pj'fl cT’':''f p: r f j wore instructed to d e a r i aSd diopatch immediately all vessels f now completely leaded and to procee I J ’.dtli the loading of vessels for which j the cargo is at m e docks or booked. [ T he agents were instructed, hov,-ever, not to resume bookings beyond com­ m ittm ents already made. There was no indication when the embargo v/ould he lifted completely, but immediate action was not expect­ ed because of the congestion at the docks in Great Brii8.in, which has re­ sulted from the strike of railway Workers. w ■mMtrk 'William Z. Foster, secretary in and m arshal in fact of the ^gsteel strike, photographed at his ■lieadauarters in Pittsburg. Foster w a s born in Taunton, Mass., of Eng- iiab., Irish and Scotch blood. He has w ritten much on trade unionism, po­ litical economy, present day eondi- H o n s, and their remedies, and sim ilar subjects. BUTLER ROilTS HE SENT BOMB TO MRID Organized ^egro jUprising, In­ vestigator Reports. 6IFT8 OF SMALL VALUE TTumulty Prepares List of Presents Given to President by Foreign Officials. Gifts received by President Wilson w h ile in Europe were of very insig­ nificant value. Secretary Tumulty Baid in announcing that he had pre- l^ r e d and would submit an answer S» th e resolution of Representative lElodenberg, asking as to reports that th e gifts were valued at a million dol- ia is. Mr. Tumulty said the president re­ ceived no gifts which would have re- fpitred an act of congress for him to accept and that in every case he con­ su lted Secretary Lansing and the at­ to r n e y general as to whether he could legally accept a proposed gift. T h e m o st valuable present, Mr. TPumulty said, was a gold casket w h ich contained a certificate of citi- jsOBShip front the city, of London. ^ T h e King oi Italy gave the presl- Bngland gave him a book. Soldiers’ Lost Baggage at Hoboken. T h e re are a t present approximately ISOjOOO pieces of lost baggage belong­ in g to member% .of,the 'A.^E.,F| on the governm e n t d(?eks at Hobolrfeii, N. J,, m a d e up of 2h,(MK> trunk lockers, 15,- 'COO bed rolls, 6,000 suit cases, 110,- C4H> barrack bags, which have come from overseas and rem ain unclaimed h y th e ir owners. Much of this bag­ gage is m arked with names only and cannot he forwarded to the owners, all case a new shipping address is I'eauired. -5 Package Old Net Explode Wiien Mrs. Wanaiaker Opened Charged with having sent a bomb to the home of Mrs. Rodman Wana- m aker at Tuxedo Park, N. J., Sept. 27, Albert G. Kurth, a butler, was committed to Bellevue hospital. New. York, for observation, after he is al­ leged to have confessed to the crime. The prisoner, the police say, asserted he sent the bomb, V h ich was heavily loaded with black powder and red jeepper, for the purpose of frightening Mary O’Brien, a maid in the V/ana- m aker household who he believed would open the package in which the bomb was sent. The package was opened by Mrs. W anamaker, but the bomb did not ex­ plode. Kurtli made his alleged con­ fession while awaiting trial for grand larceny for which he was held in ?5,- O'O'O bail. K u rth told the detectives, they said, that Miss O’Brien was instrum ental in obtaining his discharge from the W anamaker home where he had been employed for two years. N. Y. PRINTERS STILL OUT a o a t two Old guns and thfr atd g ot.jjoefy union Heads difd WHl O.ontij#i4 “Vacations’’ UntlL Pid3lish.ers ^lEmma Goldman's Hearing Postponed. / Bmm.a Goldman, recently released .a,^ ■ M issouri penitentiary, who w a s to have appeared before United s t a t e s imm igration officials on Ellis .Island, New York, to answer to the charge of being an undesirable citi­ zen, has had her case indefinitely postponed upon orders from Wash- ington,-,it was stated, in New York at ibie office, of the commissioner of im­ m igration. T u rn Clocks Back Sunday, Oct. 28. G eneral uncertainty as to when the iclocks of the nation may be turned back and daylight saving abolished seem s to have resulted from the re­ se n t action of congress in repealing th e daylight saving act. In answer to num erous inquiries officials have pointed out that clocks may not be turned back until the last Sunday in October, or on Oct. 28, at 1 a. m. Give In. - - Efforts to induce nlembers of Typo­ graphical Union No. 6, who have quit their jobs on sim u ltaneous “vaca­ tions” out of sympathy witlT the strike of the so-caled “outlaw” pressm en’s and feeders’ unions in New York, to return to work m et with resistance on the part of members a t a crowded meeting of “Big Six.” • “We will continue ‘vacations’ until the demands of the pressmen, feeders and ourselves are m et by the employ­ ing printers,” said the compositors in defying President Rouse and other officials, who ordered the men to re­ turn to work in a statem ent which as­ sumed the form of an ultimatum. Following the reading of a resolu­ tion passed by the executive commit­ tee in which the union disavowed the action of “vacationing” members, President Rouse said th a t he would replace any man who refused to go to work with some man who would. After the meeting many of the compositors said the order to them was “a joke,” and that neither the president nor the executive commit­ tee had power to order them back to work. Says Trouble W as “Fostered by Ne­ gro Who Preyed on the lgnorano5 and Superstition of a Race of Chil­ dren for Pdonetary Gains”—Delib­ erately Planned Insurrection A statem e n t was made at Helena,, ^ k ., on the recent riots by E. M.. Al­ len of the committee of seven, author­ ized by Helena officers and Governor 'Brough to investigate the trouble, charging th a t the affair was an organ­ ized uprising, fostered by a negro who preyed on “the ignorance and super­ stition of a race of children for mon­ etary gains.” Mr. Allen who was one of the lead­ ing men m arked for death after hear­ ing confessions, examining circulars and other evidence procured by state and m ilitary officers in connection with the work of the committee issued the following statem e n t to explain what the committee nad found to be the situation leading to the killing of five white men and upward of a score of negroes: Deliberately planned Revolt. “The present trouble with the ne­ groes of Phillips county is not a race riot. It is a deliberately planned in­ surrection of the negroes against the whites directed by an organization known as the ‘Progressive Farm ers and Household union of America,* es­ tablished for the purpose of handing negroes together for the killing of white people. This union was started by Robert L. Hill, a negro, 26 years of age of W inchester, Ark., who saw in it an opportunity of making easy money. He had been a farm er all his life, but lately had been posing as a ‘private detective doing work in this and all foreign countries.’ “Hill started his first union work in April of this year,” Mr. Allen said. “He told the negroes it was necessary for all members of the union to arm them s^ves in preparation for the day when they should he called upon to attack their white oppressors. “Negro men were charged ?.1.50 en­ trance fees and negro women fifty cents,” Mr. Allen said in his state­ ment.- Told Alluring Stories. “I have cross-examined and ta%ed to at least;A^Oc-^pris^nqrsc. a t Eleaine. -Theyj beldhg different lodges p .-in 'fiiat Section. The stories they WiRlt^l are almost identical as t o ‘the ises ^hd* rejHTesentations m td e byi Hill. ; He even^ told^-TKeih' th a t prob­ ably s ^ e of the)negroes’ would* be called upon to die. before equal rights would be assured^ b u t they m u st look upon themselves as crusaders and die if necessary to secure the freedom of the other members of their race. “As far as oppression is concerned many of the negroes involved own mules, horses, cattle and automobiles and clear money every year on their crops after expenses are paid.” Revenue Agents Nab Moonshiners. ’Psvo “moonshine” liquor stills con- JC-saled in the cellars of farm houses six miles from Englishtown, N, J., w e re raided by federal revenue agents an d three persons were arrested with tw o complete still outfits, 18 barrels “m ash” and a-large quantity of su­ g a r and other m aterials were seized. !iM s was the third raid made by rev- ®nne agents in New Jersey in the last* few weeks. To Push Decision on 2.75 Beer. The government, in the U. S. su­ preme. court at W ashington, , moved to expedite a final decision of what amount of alcohol in a beverage con­ stitutes intoxicating liquor. Solicitoi General King asked the court to ad­ vance the case of the government against the Standard Brewery, Inc., Maryland, in which lower courts held th a t 2.75 per cent beer is not intox­ icating under the wartim e prohibition act. -The government will insist that beer of one-half of one per cent of alcohol or more should he declared in­ toxicating. Omaha Adops Wood’s Plan. In response to recommendations of H a j. Gen. Leonard Wood, who was as­ signed to quell rioting in Omaha, fol­ lowing the lynching of a negro and burning of the court house, the city council voted to appoint Ififi new policemen and carry out a proposed semi-military-.organization. British Rall^way^ Operating Again. Great Britain’s railway system wa*s again in operation as the result of the settlem ent of the great railway strike, averting w h at threatened to develop into an ominous spread of the na­ tion’s labor troubles. Virtually every man engaged in railway work in Lon­ don has returned to his duty. In the country districts the resumption was general, except in the outlying dis­ tricts, where telegram s announcing the settlem ent and ordering the men back to work could not be delivered. . Five Killed in Auto Crash. A whole family was killed when ah inteturban car near Donnellsvffle^ O., M t an automobile, killing S. C. Croe, ‘M s wife and three children. All m et death Instantly. Carelessness on the p a r t of the driver of the automobile Wias^ g iven by tire coroner as the cause of the aceideilt. Gem Jadwin Reported Safe, Gen, Edgar Jadw in of the American mission in Sottthern Russia, who was reported to have been execut­ ed by the Balsheviki, is well and m his way hojue, according to a dispatch to the w ar departm tnt from American jU n lster Gihzcti at W arsaw, Poltod. N. Y. Bandits Fail In Holdup. Two W all street messengers in New York, carrying ?61,(K10 for the hank of Naples were attacked in the financial district by three “hold up” men. Pepper was thrown into their eyes, and the men tried to snatch the wallet containing the money but fail­ ed. The police arrested two men in connection with the crime. , Will Check Auto' Thieves. The senate has passed a bill placing a punishm ent of f 5,009 fine and Im­ prisonm ent to five y e a rs for transport­ ing stolen automobiles in interstate t (fommexce. SUGAR TO COST MORE W itnesses Before Senate Gpmmlitee Predict Increase After Jan. 1. Failure of the president to author­ ize purchase of the Cuban sugar crop for 1920 makes it practically certain that sugar prices will increase after next January 1, a senate sub-commit­ tee was told by George A. Zabriskie, president of the sugar equalization board, and W. A. Glasgow, counsel for the food administration. The president had been advised that the situation is out of hand, they said, and refiners notified that control of the m arket probably would end after Dec. 1. Mr. Zabriskie said he did not an­ ticipate any increase in prices this year. The present apparent shortage, he said, was the result of an abnor­ mal -demand complicated to some ex­ tent by the'effect of the present ma­ rine strike. Hastening Profiteering Laws. Amendments to the food control act extending the provisions cf the law to clothing and providing penalties for profiteering and hoarding, rec­ ommended by President Wilson in the campaign to reduce the cost of living, were put on their way to final enact­ ment with the adoption of the confer­ ence report by the senate. Upon ap­ proval of the report by the house, the amendment will be sent to the W hite House. State Accountant Held for Trial. Abraham Bernstein, chief account­ an t of the state industrial commis­ sion’s insurance fund was held for trial in $5,909 bonds in New York aft­ er pleading not guilty to a charge of bribery. He was indicted last week an connection with the investigation into alleged grafting in the bureau ol workers’ compensation. French Deputies Ratify Peace Pact. France through her chamber ol deputies, ratified the peace treaty of Versailles hy a vote of 372^to 53. The Angle-American-Pranch specfial ■pact for the protection of France was unanimously approved. New Farm Descriptions . Weekly Wc can arrange wjitisfactoi'j'^ terms for a responsible buyer wiio has 'a reasonable am o u n t to pay down tow a rd a farm . A FEW OP THE MANY PEA­ CES W E HAVE FO R SALE: A GOOD GHAUTAU- QUA COUNTY FARM 176 1-2 Acres. This good farm is owned by a widow who is offering It for sale on account of having no one to look after it. It has been in the same fam ily for 70 years. It is located 2% miles from Frew sburg. 7 6 ^ acres are level and 100 acres rolling. About 30 acres of sec­ ond growth timber; balance all tillable. Soil is in good condi­ tion and very productive. , G o o d l7-room house painted. Two -tenant houses. Main barn 46x140; horse barn 36x46;hog house 16x40; hen housel2x20; tool house 80x40; wagon house 30x40; granary 16x70; ice house 16x16. O rchard of 200 trees in good bearing. Good w ater. On R. D. 20 cows; 2 bulls, 3 two-year old heifers, 4 calves, 5 horses, 2 brood sows, 25 hens, harnes­ ses, wagons and all farm ing tools go w ith farm . Price for aii $ 1 2 , 0 0 0 A GOOD FARM IN A GOOD LOCATION 9 2 1-2 Acres We have ju s t listed for sale in the past few days one of the good farm s of the tow n of Coldspring on m ain road from Ea^t Randolph ,;to Steam h u rg Three miles form Randolph and thre^f|]^fies,vfrQ m S team te ' Gravelly loam soil*'\ in^ go'od state of •':,cnltivationl'5 4i5.' acres ’ of :the laffd is “ leW l,'’ balaircB , ‘Well ' of igood tim b e r on th e farm , 'balance all tillable. .'E x c e llent 12-room, 2-story house th a t w o u ld'cost $4,500 to build. Cow barn 30x45 w ith basem e n t stable and 22 stanchions. Horse barn 24x30 hog house, hen house, tool and hay barn. O rchard of about 60 trees. Also pears,- cherries and plums. Total taxes not o- ver $40 a year. F ifteen good grade H o lstein cows; 1 yearling H o lstein bull; 1 Holstein calf; a good team, weighing about 1400 Ibs. each; all farm ing tools, harnesses, buggies, wagons, sleigh, hay and coarse fodder go w ith the farm. P rice for a ll $ 7 , 0 0 0 A LEON FARM 101 Acres. This farm is located about one mile from the village of Leon and state road. About 4 miles from Cherry Creek. Land is all level and the place us­ ually keeps 20 head of stock. Ten-room, 2% story house. Barn, hen house and granary. Buildings need some repairs. Good young orchard of about 75 trees. Good w ater. Price $-4*,000 FARM WITH OIL PROSPECTS 3 7 3 Acres Located in the town of Car­ rollton % m ile from the village of C a rrollton; 800 feet from , trolley and state road, 7 miles from the city ofSalam anca.Rail road switch on farm . Sandy loam soil. Very productive, 100 acres of virgin and second grow th tim b er. Desirable farm for tru c k farm . 2-story 8-room house; barn 18x115, 35 stan ­ chions. H o rse barn 24x36, hog house and hen house. Ce­ m e n t floor in stable. Buildings W ill sell 100 acres w ith new. buildings if desired. Price'for all $ 1 2 ,0 0 0 CATTABAUGUS COUNTY BANK Seventy-First Q u a rterly Repo rt September 12th, 1910 RESOURCES Time and dem and loans . .............. O v erdrafts, none. U. S. and other Bonds ' i ............ F irst m o rtgages Banking fieuse . Cash on hand' and w ith banks . . Accrued interest receivable $264,231.66 177,854.15 42,512.00 6 , 000.00 79,213.27 1,500.00 $571,311.08 LIABILITIES Capital .................... $ 25,009.00 Surplus .... Undivided profits Res. for taxes. . Res. for interest D e p o s i t s ............... Accrued interest E stim a ted unearned discounts . . 40,000.00 7,553,89 1 , 000.00 3.000. 90 .492,257.19 500.00 2.000. 00 $571,3.11.08 V-.M Gattaraijr^iis County Bank ports involving a large number of nam es may- lead to the w ithdraw a l of public money from the school dis­ trict. Your cooperation is therefore earnestly solicited th a t children be in school proiM tJy and th a t they be absent only fo % ^ c h reasons as are assigned by the'm w as valid. Pupils requesting to excused from school to go v i s j ^ g , etc., will be de­ nied. All cases of apparent illegal absence, or w h ere the cause of ab­ sence is not known, will be investi­ gated by the tru a n t offiifier at the de­ mand of the principal. ( A The record for the m o n th is a.s Y6110W|^^ . ■ G radel, rsgisfration 25; num b e r ta r d y 4|j^, tot^|,i^^m b e r of half days afisei^tl|:9;...up,^c^^ ab ^ n c e s 1; W e aim to deal fairly w ith buyer an d seller. The Bufh Two Negroes at Stake. T h ree negroes, two burned a t • stake and one shot to death, had! paid lynch law's penally for tli? fatal j tehooting ef Red Fr^cmau, a deputy | sheriff of Llsccln ci in y, 03org.'a. Co School Notes The record of attendance for the school tim e up to the first ofOctober is in m any respects unsatisfactory. The num b e r of illegal absences was large; the num b e r of cases of tard i­ ness was also lai^e. It should be definintely understood by each par­ ent and guardian th a t every tard i­ ness and absence called for an ex­ cuse. This is not Controlled by the .teach- der, Alice Mink, Lula Skinner, An- na Stew art, Alice Veeder, M y rna W illis. High School. R e g istration, 59; num b e r tardy, 12; total num b e r o f half days absent, 75; unexcused ab­ sences, 43; unexcused tardinesses, 11; percentage of attendance, 97.1. N e ither absent nor tardy: Louis Nourse, Jam e s P latts, John Seaton, Lee Smail, Donald W illis, Nelson ....V,.. _ ___________ _ _ ______ _ W itter, Rena Prenz, Mary Fuss, Ve­ er, hut is dem anded of th e parent, j Howe, M a rgaret K a h ler, E d n a through the teacher by th e state. It i Merow, PlorenceM ey- has been held by the law division of j M a n e Nourse, L e l ^ Schutt, A l- the education departm e n t th a t the J t _ m a tter of furnishing an excuse is a privilege granted to the parent to explain to the |,eacher v/hat appears to be a violati<^'(jf the law (th a t is, a pupil absent from school) but if the parent fails to avail him self of such privilege it is presum p tive ev-. \ Stebbins and Louise Thomas. Banner room, Grade Four . with percent of attendance of 97.4. Successful Grange Supper and Ses­ sion L a s t Saturday. Fully a hundred members and a idence th a t the ^parent had no le - ■ n u m b e r of Napoli visitors and some gal excuse to At tb e close of not members took in tfie grange re- each m o n th an i^ c u r a te record of, past early in the evening last Sat- unexcused tardinesses and absences : day. It was a real chicken supper m u st be sent to the education d e - ' w ith m o st of the “fixin’s.” partm e n t. A num b e r of such- re- It was a large job for the ladies’ \ ther ^ b ^ n t ntj^tC rdy; H a rlan Boar<F man, N'ormana,5.T)oiabrpski, Francis Kelley, Bdwg^d .L inton, F rancis Barnes, Helep iBisfidp, 'M a ry Ev­ ans, Madge K idnly, Doris Lee, Dor­ othy Schultz,5^^!fedalin6 Shields and Genevieve WbodaTd. G rade 2. -j^egistration 19; num.- ber tardy, 3;\ num b e r half days ab­ sent, 49; per cent of attendance, 96.2. N e ither^-absent nor tardy: Sterling Bartoo, G erald Boardm an, Jam e s Davis,?M eier Langhans, Don­ ald Phillips, .l|btiert Langhans, A lta Babcock, Esther ^ Dombroski, ' Loret­ ta Drew, Frances Ihm an, M a rtha Mae W illis. Grade 3. R e g istration 31; num - eommittee but they were equal to it and the members appreciated th e efforts put forth in their behalf. The occasion was the offical wel­ coming back of the boys from this grange who have been in the army. At the m eeting proper the lectur­ er had an excellent program well arranged, prom inent among whiph was the pleasing address of Mr. C. G. Locke. H a ll’s orchestra was on hand at the sta r t and gave some very de­ lightful selections. L a ter they had to divide up, w ith th e picture show. The especial thanks of m any of the m em bers is hereby extended for th e delightful v o lj^ tafy service. _ { / V V I \ Peredhrage o f “ajSifendaiice 92.8. NeD i T-Notice is hereby giVen; that->Iv the- U n d e rsigned'i^llector of school tax— ea, in and for School D istrict No. 3, L ittle Valley and Mansfield^. couii;t3r. of C a ttaraugus and state of New York, have received the w a rrant for' the collection of the taxes of the- said tow n s for the present year, and th a t I will attend at the place and dates nam ed below for th ir ty days from the date hereof, from nine o’­ clock a. m., till four o’clock p. m., for th e purpose Of receiving pay-* m e n t of taxes, three days each week Tailor shop on F a ir Oak St, Supt. •-•r. her tardy, 9; .total num b e r of half 30th, W ednesday, October 1st and days absent, fii;'^tinexcused absences Thursday, October 3rd, and each 7; unexcused tardinesses, 3; Percent. Tuesday, Wednesday and of attendance, 95.4. Neither absent th ir ty davs from date nor tardy: D eFurest Childs, R o b e rt -Ihursday to r tn ir ty days trom aaie. Evers, Winifred Flattery, . Louis Dated at Little Valley, the 30th day Schiffner, Russell Veeder, Helen i of September, 1919. Boardm an, L a u ra Childs, V iolet ; q 2-9 W . H. BOWEN, Collector. Day, Bertha Howe, Lora Linton, Helen P latt, R u th Stoughton, Vada W enrick, Josephine W illiams. Grade 4. R e g istration 32; num ­ ber tardy, 5; total num b e r of half days absent, 36; unexcused absen­ ces, 1; percent of attendance, 97.4. Neither- absent nor tardy: Viola Ashley, Viola iBeardsley, Evelyn Clark, Clara Puss, E d n a Miles, M ar garet Stoll, Evab W illson, Jam e s Carr, Raymond Frahm , Grade 5. R e g istration 28; num ­ ber tardy, 12; total num b e r of half days absent, 40;~ unexcused absen­ ces, 8; unexcused ■ ta rdinesses, 11; ^percent of attendance 96.7. Nei­ th e r absent nor. tardy: H a rlan Clark, M erton ’ Foster, B a rnard Howe, Clifford Linton, Richard Me­ row, Gene Nelson, M arshall' Wulff, M ildred Barnes, ^ Beatrice Bartoo, Elsie Congdon, G e rtrude Higgs, Lu­ cie H illsm an, R u th Lee, Helen Schutt, A u tum n Timme. •. Grade 6j>: R e g istration 35; num ­ ber tardy, 4; total num b e r of half days absent, .41; unexcused tard i­ nesses, 1; percent of attendance, 97.3. N e ither absent nor tardy: B- thel Barnes, A e rialB u rnm a rk, Mary H a llarn, Mary P latts, Josephine Sm ith, Genevieve W h eeler, E thel Wood, Leo W a tkins, H eber Beards­ ley, H o w ard Bishop, Charles Bovr- en, George Drew, A ldrich Gorsline, H arold H a r t, H arold Hoag, P h ilip H u g h es, Clare-Lankow , P ran k Mem m o tt, K enneth^' Miles, Frederick Stoll. Grade 7. R e g is tration 22; num ­ ber tardy, 4;^*'tcffcal num b e r of half days ahsnt, 27; unexcused absences 6; unexcused tardinesses, 1; p e rcent of attendance, 97.2. N e ither absent nor tardy: Genevieve Boardm an, Alice Day, Lois Howe, Mabel Jask- son, E s ther K a h ler, M a rgaret Stew­ art, K a thryn W h itney, L a u r a W il­ liam s, John D a rt, A r th u r M emmott, Ceylon Schutt,' A lfred Stoll, Leland Stoll. ' G rade R e g is tration, 39; num her tardy, 9i , total num b e r of h a lf days absent, T7; unexcused absen- County Real E s tate Transfers George U linger and wife to A n n a Borcross, $1; Gowanda. M innie G. W h e e le r to Nellie New­ ton, $1,800, Ellicottville. M ary Ann Crandall to Charles and W innifred Marsh, $1; Delevan. Charles A, Brown and wife to Chas. and Georgia P r a tt, $1; M achias. H o rtense Green to Charles and L e t- tie Brown, $1; Machias. Thom as H. Jones to H enry D. Ba­ ker, $1; Parm e rsville, 1.52J acres. ® Eloise F. Dusenbury to H e rbert an d ‘ N e ttie Lowe, $1;* Portville^^ 25 acres. ' Zoe E. W h itm a n to C. O. Blakely, | 1 Portville. - _ George E. M allery and wife to Min­ nie Stonemetz, $1; Portville./ H arm o n y G. Oakes to A lbert G aens- slen, $1; Gowanda. Myron B. F ield and wife to Eloise W ellington, $1; Machias. L u e lla H. Ashley to E d g a r Prescott, $1; Machias. M a ttie Lim b o cker to Daniel B. and / ■. The U n ited States pays its ditch diggers m o re than its college profes­ sors, and its mechonics and f r ^ n - men m a re than its insfructors. A com m ittee h a s reported favor­ ably on plans- for th e erection and equipm ent of a pubHc hospital a t Cuba a t an expense of about$30,000. Judge K e e le r sentenced a m an on Monday la s t w e e k in Buffalo to tw o m o n tbs’ im p risonm e n t fo r driving an autom o b ile w h ile drunk. T h e latest cheese quotation on th e Cuba* m a r k e t is 29 cents, a drop (ri ces. 9; ttnexcirted tarainessss, 9 r Twenty-five years a- percentage of attendance 95.5. Nej-,\*- ^ ^ th e r absent n o r tard y : H o w ard g e ten, c e n ts w a s considered a high 52 Main St. Salamanca Phone 6 2 3 N - Y . Brown, Floyd Fuss, G lenn K ing, i Francis Leach, H elen A rm strong, K a therine A u st, Mabel B a rnes, Mil- ^ d red Beardsley, A delaide Cook, E- priee. The Bordens will build a new con- densary at Belmont to handle pow- dith Fuss, Helen Griffith, GraceHar- dered milk.

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