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The Little Valley hub. (Little Valley, N.Y.) 1???-????, January 30, 1919, Image 3

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n $ lAtk% Little Valley, H. Hinr»diyy Jamtfcgy 30, UW IPageUnfli .tf 4 ^ r r -i CoiitFo! y o u r H eat S u p p ly ■ Perfection Oil Heaters save money, work and discomfort. You have instant heat always on tap—you control your fuel supply—avoid coal hod, ash pan slavery. Carry a Perfection Oil Heater from room to room by its ever-cool handle. It quickly brings low temperatures to the comfort point. It runs full blast for 8 hours on one gallon of SO-CO»MY OIL—the in­ expensive fuel. f Perfection Oil Heaters are easy to fill, light and clean. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW YORK Sold by hardware and general stores ISOOONY [KEROSENE . OIL 1S1AHDARD^GIIS;H.Y| ^Cattaraugus County Beal Estate Transfers For tile week endinsf Jan; 11. Sherman G. Bnrdiek and wife to Paul Ma.j and wife, $ lj Otto. ■ Berl Li^iee to Fred B. Herrick, $1 j ! Cattaraugus Village. Mary Fasten t Ernest Fasten, $1 1 Napli, 179 acres. Mary Bordeg to Fred A. Bruce, j $ 1 ; Village of Gowanda. ;Jehiel D. Whitney and wife to j Lloyd Cornwell, $10,000; Ma- ehias, 160 acres. ‘Edward F. Snyder and wife to acres. j Horning C. and' Ella Anderson, I Carl A. Fammire and wife to j i $1; Clean town, 2 acres. j Samuel and Carloe Elder, $1; j Ellen L. Brown to Prank L. Salamanca. j I Smith, $1,000; Limestone Mil- Fredericka Heidrick to John andi lage. Myrtle Anthony, $1; Franklin- tie G. Veclder, $1; Salamanea. : Anna Sparks^ to Charles ‘ Book^ miller Sr., $1; Freedom, 2 acres Helen P. Eddy to Charles and B- a Windser, $1; Mansfield, 50 a- ^ C2?0S. 1 Martha J. Nichols to. Otis J. Sam- ] pie, $1; Randolph, 1 acre, ; George W. Brown, as Ex. to Chas P. Green, $1100; Maehias. | Edgar R. Hosley to Bert Benham,' $1; Portville, 1 acre. ■Gharles A. Cagwin and wife to Velma Franklin, $1; Maehias,’, i t IliS ! Help your country ■^and at the saire tiiite hdip yourself BUY WAR-SAVINGS STAMPS PERFECTION OIL HEATERS JLoc^ & r d h e Where Methodist Eyes of the World Will Center Next June and Jut LniiiC gmis and artillery were sending up in sm oke a kingly ransom e ^ r y second o f day and night, Li^baferty, Bonds w ei^ sold in this country, \^Tlie issues enatoied us to m aintain ^Per­ shing’s Army in iE’tance. At the «am e tim e aiiotheT ihost of warrioirs was raised, eq-uipped^imd kept in the rtrain- ing camps for-'Shipment abroad ® nec­ essary, Hfeose.lTi France strudka-t the right moiaent. ‘'.^Il’he war w a s wooi—^but w e stM army of one anillion men in France. The flow o f dessaobiliz- ing n n i^ ^ coatm u e s . _ _____ A C U U A I N T E O m il : QiLrnpse of Magnificent Exposition Grounds nt vColunrbus, O., being pre­ pared for a display of Methodist activities from all parts of the globe, insert' show s Dr. D. Q. -Forsyth, Philadelphia, Chairman .xff the Joint Centenary Committee of the M. E. Church. i^OLfXJMBUS, O.— (Special.)— M ethodist m inisters and laym en fco the num- V- ter of several thousands are getting their concrete notions of what the M ethodist Centenary Celebration, to be held here June 20 to July 7, will he like. Attending a special regional m eeting, at which m en like Bishop- W ilson, R. A. Ward and Fred B. Fisher of New York; Bishop McDowell, W ashington; Bishop Warne, India; S. Earl Taylor, director general of the celebration; D. D. Forsyth, Philadelphia; C. F. Reisner, N ew York; Edgar Blake,' Chicago, and R. S. Cushman, New York, are speakers, .they have still enjoyed an opportunity to visit the exposition grounds where for weeks past, work has been in progress preparing for the trem endous celebration for w^hich it is expected that more than 100,000 M ethodists w ill jsurney to Dolumbus from all part? of the United States. The spacious buildings already provided by the state of Ohio s j e being T o clifed and extended .to, m eet the peculiar needs of the M ethodist Celebra­ tion. This will visualize to pastor and laym en the work of the church at home and tlie work cf the church abroad. Here w ill he ’seen, with all the fidelity and detail of a world -exposition, the natives of all the c(5amtries in which the M ethodist church operates as a m issionary force. Here, too, w ill be set forth all the work in this country. E ssentially the entire world ■of Methodi&ipi wiri be brought to Columbus and displayed in its original colors and w ith all the circum stance and surrounding of its variou® hab­ itations on the glo~c. Two special rageants are being- planned and m any lesser ones. A clim a x of the celebration will be a sym b olic representation of the drawing together cf ail the nations of the earth through the gospel ;3$hA!brist. In cixLer ts care for th i throngs that, are certain t© be in attendaatjSB fin extensive bureau already has been organized. Registrations and reserva­ tions already are ueing made for interested M ethodists throughout tiaas U n ited States. . , . , H. B. Dickson, organizing secretary of the Centenary Celebration, is -occupying two entire floors of a iapge office building, with the incidental corps cf assistants to take care cf the work. . . T M I ^ T M E R O F T B B I F T T h e Pi:ctLtn©3>of Benjamin FTncklin Ap­ pears «sn the New W ar Savings Stam p s ;of the 1919 issue. 'k ’k ik'k^'^''k^'k'k'k'k ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ if ★ if W, S. S . (CAMPAIGN OFF TTO A GOOD S m R T . The 1S19 War Saving^s icam- palgn started with a rush. Men, women and children a'! I over New York State are-jshow- ing their patriotism by purchas­ ing th e Mfiaw Government securi- ir ties. it Paying 4|p e r cent, witti .inter- ★ est compounded quarterly, th e ik stam p s otfsr an ideal inwest- k ment. k .Thomas A. Edison, the wizard ★ of ^electricity, started the hail k roiling by b.ecorning,a limit>pur- k chaser o f ^1,000 worth o f k stamps. ★ Each of ISste hew stam p s .'fes k adorned with the likeness k B e n j a m in Fraifklin, t h e f a t h e r ofif ★ . k the thrift idea, whose birthday ★ k anniversary w a s celebrated on ★ k January 17. ^ k -k k k k k k k k k kdk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k DEBTS MUST BE PAID, the Fifth Call Will .or. ceiit Ameri<?ans w ill see in tli6 Victoi’y Loan anolhei* and probably the final opportunity to participate in the achievem ent of the men o f the Array and the Navy. ; W«—all of us—cannot disregard the appeal o f the Victory Loan. It is the . last testing of our caliber and power D, j a s a nation. To neglect i t i s to throw [lea’s last call for war bond i rnto the discard all our i^revious pa- [ will be sounded soon. T h is | t i lo n c utterances and acts—»to ao (is tlie Victory Loan, to approx- { Irnowledge ti*dt ive lack tlie final punch Lfive billions of dollars. The j required to put ovor tlie biggest thing is to bo conducted along the , in tYliich a nation ever etT,«raged. Ine as the previous loan cam- [ The United States went itito the vrar . e Hundred Per Cent. Ameraanlsm. -appealing to patriotism and phant Amcricfi, fluslied w it’.! ory o f her arm ies at Choteau- St. Mihlel and Scdmi, must in full the debts s h e incurred |ier laurel^ _One hundred pm* at a time when tlie nations \rith which it fought as common allies imfl almost ail virtually exhausted their is^pplies. Our presence in the conflict called for the raising, equipment and trani^prta- tion to France o f the m o st Im p reW ye : WilliaHi B. Bosler and wife to Kate E.*\ Bradley, $1; City of 0- lean. , Lillian E. Lindsay to Orson and Hattie Hatch, $1; Portville; 1 3-4 acres. Clair Blanchard and wife to Hel­ en King, $1; City of Olean. Carl Hoimqnist and wife to Arth­ ur Wilhelm, $1; Randolph, 9- 100 acres. Howard F. Rodgers and wife to Carrie K. Jackson, $1; Olean City. Goseppe Gnelli and others to Fred L. and Lena Kranse, $1; Salamanca. Addie Sweet to Angelo Gengo, $1; City f Salamanca. Addie* M. Sweet to Michael and Mary Connelly, $1: City of Sal- aimnca. Michael and Mary 'Connelly to Addie M. Sweet, $1:; Salamanca Jo&ephine Spindler and others to Antonio and Camifle C. Nicol, ■\$1; City of Olean. Michael Shafer -and wife to John and Mary Qnilter, $3,000; City of Oiean- ' F rank E. Reyn5D&ds and wife to Emierson Elli^g and wife, $1? Olean City. Annie E. Gilte'Spie to Walter Angnsta BSkWe? 5 Ellieott- viiie, 50 a;(sri®s. David ^Worden to Mina WondiKn, $1; Y©r3s^ire, 12 1-2 aca’-es. John Pamndy to Nicholas Lney- azya, $1; \Olean City. Lena A (GstE'd to Leon C, W arner $1; Lyndon, 131 acres. Frank IL. D^ch to AlexaMdiEJr :and Lela Williams, $1; Little Val­ ley, 1^2 igqnare rods. Zabez G. Waite and wife to Bfissm (and Mary Haizamd, Cmaewisifgo, 1 aem ^ • WaSter LLBnrritt and w f e fiio Earl R. Washbnrn, $1:; FKHBk- linvilte,, 30-100 aeries. Mathilda Famler to Henry J. $ 1 ; City o f ^Ctan. Helen G. Flynn to Harold A. ISmith,' $1; City f Dlmn. Jinlla D. 'Collins to John andlLena Senn, ^ 1 ; City f Ole®n. Jishn G. Keim and wife l?)oii Bahcnck, $1; Olean \CSty. HEither Wilson and wife tt® Les %£T Bartholomew, $1; Cold- •spring, 80 acres. lia i y Jfehler to John J. Foi^ness. f 300, JAllegany, 90 lasres. M ary A Thornbnry t© WSliam: Dakeipilos, $1; Gleam ^ feo r g e S . Turner aisii. wife »to' Har;]^. and Beatrice Vork, $1;' City 0 ® Olean. If^illiam F. Mahon and wif<e to! Bricscoi Larson and, wife,, $l ;i ' • Garry A. Root and wife to Asffhurj H. Mo 3 ^ a n , $1; East Otto, ^ 8 :a- gsres. ville, 1 acre. P. Leslie Dalrymple to George Congleton, $30; South Valley, 3 1-2 acres. Anna Leavitt and Janies Leavitt to .M. John Putney, $l; jDayton Evaline F. Young to Frank E. Mandeville, $1; Olean. Nelson K. Jackson to Mark and Sadie M. Cornell, Little Valley. Edgar E. Dye and wife to O. C. Babcock and Ernest E. Dye, $1 Dayton. Henry Stoddard and wife to Hel­ en Colson, $1; Gowanda. ' A. Maneer Chamberlain and wife to Clarence and HelenWilliams $1; Great Valley, 30 acres. Henry C. Paplow and wife to Dermount Beach, $1; Tlayton. Povv^'Cll H.'^Rockwell and wife to Mary Hnbbell, $1; Salamanea. Peter J . Forness and wife to Hen ry HefP, $1; Allegany, 85 acres OtOis. J. Sample and wife to Mer ta J. Nichols, . $ 1 Randolph; 1 1-2 acres. If Ym Meed Glasses < come to « S . , G . E N G E L ■ 5 9 M ain Street, 3 A L A M A N O A , N . Y. COMPLETE EQUIPM E N T of a il latest improved instrmneuts ^ for examining eyes and all the SPECIAL MACHINES for grinding leuics, <* Brolien lenses duplicated the same day. -1 A U*'- Olean IReal Estate .‘$L; Ole- W arren F . Thornton to M na Thorr^fem, 1; Portvilfe- ,2® ;a- Edith B. -Greenwood t® Fidelia E. . Arnold, $1; Oleam. :• . - • E smstsoh 'filing and wife 1to lEarl g.TMl M a ^ Wescott, $1; Olean. Emerson E. Elling and wife to Berton 'Snd Gnstavus Shearer, $1; Olean. ^ G L A S S i F i E D WANT ADS F irst in s e r tion on e -h a lf cesit •<*, word. B a c h subsequent con s o c a tive insertion one-fourth cen t a woin I. N o ad v e r tisem e n t accepted a t Idss tlia*. ten cents. “Inquire a t / ’ \Cail atV” -t»r “A d d ress T h is Office” a t douhiC prkics. TERM S. Cash with. copy.. -Stam^c accepted. v FO R SALE. FOR RENT: TH E PU L L E R H O U S E on F a ir Oak street. E n q u ire of Mrs. W ill Merow. BolsheviM in Rochester Rochester, Jan. 28.—In the ar­ rest here of foreigners the po free believe they have the ring­ leaders of a Bolshevist and anar- ehiistic movement in this city. Ac- coa^ding to the the prisoners there are thousands of Bolsheviki in the eiity ’hll well organized and regu­ lar mecHngs have bben held with, in the .past few weeks. Both -the prisoners were heav­ ily armed and had quantities of Bolshisviki literature in their pos­ session which they said was fur-' nished them from New York city for distribution at their mee-tmgs hem. , Evidently Uncle Sam has Ifro! doi^ome more housecleaning and why not let the boys do i t when- thcY get home and while they arel all. in trim for the f m j? JFour Y e ^ Ban on Emigmtton AVashington, Jan. 28.— Legisla. :tif>n prohibiting geiueral amigrar-, tion in|;o the United States for period of four years f ollowing the; signing of the armistice was tenta tively aproved today by the house .jBsm'mittee on immigration. fj^oks as if the poor souls who want to get away from it a ll over there and come to America, will have to stay at home or some! fwhere else. FOR SALE: MY PLACE OF |3 1-2 acres; situated in the village of East Randolph, 5mm bites walk from post office; a good house 'with bath ; ' neir barn.. Enqiiire of Mrs. James Borray, East Randolph, N. . Y; 3 times. , pd. P d i SALE: MY HOUSE ' AN» lot on Mill \Street for sale vveix reasonable. Address 0. 'W’.iC*- verly, Hinsdale, N. Y. 47.. t f ------------ ---- . \ FOR BALE: H ARD WOOD; GREBHf •alab w o o d and dry m ill wood. A l- leu Case, B e ll Phone 53-P -13, IL F . D. 2, L ittle V a lley, N.\ y . f t m FOR SALE: c e n t r a l l y L ^ cated, house * and lot^ in goo^ condition; cheap if taken 3Sli once. Thqiiire of Asa Reed, if FOR SAJ j E K ’TMO w h i t e HOi* land turkey hens. Inquire of Mrs. Stankey, Fiapoli, N. Y. B e t ter F i l l T h a t I c e H o tise A llen A. Case h a s saw d u st and be. .will deliver it anyw b ere L ittle V a lley, a tw e n ty cents per htm - dred. B e tter see. him about fillin s that i c e house now . H 4 t Farmers wh© think that ma- mure pits are an expansive luxury’ ishould remembar that manure; :-stored in the .oM fasMoned way! -is subject to loss both by leach-^ in g and decay which in six mon-: fttiis amounts t© loss of from 30: W ard A. Frisbee and wife thefto sixty per cent of the tofal vstl-; me and volume of its constituents. In the Baltic Btalcs and Poland* relief of an unprecedented char-! .aster must be extended if the r&-, maining population is to he main! tmned in any semblance of or%-! inal health and our people will be. esdied upon to contribute liberal-1 ly fo them.—^Herbert Hoover. WANTED: MRS, KEITH HAS facilities for , accommodating one or two scfiqol girls from out of town , who desire board themselves and attend school. See Mrs. Keith on S -St. for particulars. A goo4* comfortahle place. tf .. ELECTRICAL .^WIRING A1TO repairs done quickly, skilful]^ and reasonably. No job to© large and none too small. P. E» Reed. 45 t f LOST: LAST WEEK FRIDAY, a* horse blanket*; Finder please leave same at the Star Feed Mill and receive reward. Hea ry Lnbke. 45 4 t ^ W, S. and Maka Him a Perma X n^nt Qrippler I J For the week of January 25.. George B. \Smith Ex., to Rupert B. Mow3y; .$l; Allegany- Adolph Stitczebicher to Kunegun- da Stufzefeher, $1; Humphrey. Frederick H. Miller and others jyei!. to Howard Rogers, $1; Olean City. Fred E. Simmons and^ wife to Louis E. F i f e and ‘wife, $1; Salamanea. E. Morris to Aemc Veneer Pack­ age Co., Inc., #1; Olean. Jerome A. Crowley’as Executor to Clarence B. Bu-xfon, $1; Ran dolph, 54 aeresL Mina Day to Harvey and Addie Mijks, $1; New Albion, 1 acre. Jobn^P. Bartholomey and wife to NielhjOlas Bartholomey, $1; Ash ford, Kittie Vedder to-Joseph Beigel, $1 Salamanca, Melvin E. Smith et al to John Smith, i$l; Farmersville. Madeline Hennessy to Joseph and Marie Hntebings, $1; Cle­ an. I Charles Bookmiller Sr,, and wife ^ to George Sparks, $1'; Free­ dom. Joseph E, Beipl mfe to Kit- Europe will need every pound of pork products we can export be& e next July. A^ soon as the inifisil chaos of the sudden econ­ omic change fr6m war to amds tice €(an be overcome, there will be ©var demands.—Herbert Hoo rsil;ant N o tice t o Creditors keepiaag of individual records oL your cows; if you want to\sell a part of yonr herd the more good -eows that you possess and the which haTe carefully kept rec­ ords will sell more readily and fo r b e t t e r p r i c e s . — In spite of the increasing inter­ est in alfalfe, clover, it is safe to say m il always be far more im­ portant in thi» state thanAIl the other legume crops eomhined.* To lengthen the hen’s working day by artificial light may seem hard on the hen, hut it is good on the poultry man’s poeketbook. . Still another advantage of farm bookkeeping; it enables one to eoEtrol purchases and credits. PuTsd to an order of H o n . Al^ pert A. Bird, Surrogate o f Cattarau­ gus County,• n o tice is herShy given tm ■ all persons L a v ing c lahns against estate-<5f T im o thy .H,. Sw eeney, o f th e city Of Saiam.anca, Cattara;a^. g u s U o u h t r ; N e w York, deceased, that! th e y are r equired t o present th e sann» w ith proper vouchers to’ Willlaa*, S w e e n e y /ex ^ n t o r of th e la s t w ill aiKt testam e n t Qf said deceased; at the o f ­ fice of D o w dQ uigley, 52 M ain St., in th e city of Saramanca, on or b e ­ fore th e ^Ofh day o f June, 1919. W ILLIAM SW EEN E Y , E x e c u tor D a ted Dec. 11th, T 9 1 9 . 41 Smom I hope that after'haidng discotr. ered the benefit -df fre% ahdeorf air applied to fhe siek, peoploii^* begin to suspect tSat possibly may do no harm; to the welL— Benjamin Franklin.' There’s a reason o th^ than ity why a woman should be weK dressed;' it givei^ her self eonfi- dence and ease o f /manner. IV 36 weH dressed does not meaM expensively, dressed. Another benefit of farm book­ keeping^ is That from it may be made in plans, based on aceiN mU farm figures. v %

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