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The Elizabethtown post. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1884-1920, May 29, 1884, Image 4

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Don't tell me of to-morrow ; Olve me the boy who'll Buy, That, when k good deed'i to 1)0 done, \Let's do iho deed to-day.\ We may all command the prosont, It we Acted and novor wait; But repentance Is tlic phantom Of a past that oomos too laUi. Oont t»U me of to-morrow; There Is much to do to-day That oan nevar be accompllolicd H we throw the hours away, Bvery moment has its duty; Who the futtiro oan foretell T Then why puti off till to-morrow What to-dai can do as well T Don't tell me If to-morrow; If we look upon the punt, How much we have Isft \o ao Wo cannot do at last. To-day 1 it Is the only timo \ For all on tlUa frail earth ; It takes an age to form n lift, A moment gjvos K blrUi. What lTevontetl. He had been stopping at n hotel tor n day . or two, seemingly uunotlood by nny of tht olerks or employee, apd it struck him m qneerly that he sat down bonido n nmn, wlx appeared to be a guest, and euul . \Good many of us here ?\ \ Yos.\ \ Homo K\ii>H and some coming all the timn?\ \Yos.\ \ I don't see why I oouldb't walk out and take the train for homo without paying my bill.\ The othor mnilo no reply, ntnl riftor a minute the first one continue!: \ Wlint in to prevent me froih jumping my bill, as 1 have no baggage?\ \Oh nothing niinsli, except that I'm employod hore as it irpottar, and have hud my oyos on you over n\nce you registerodl\ Ton miiiiiUis Inlor thn stranger nettled his bill up to thu nuxt day noon, but he contiuuoil to curry tho look of a man who'd like to kick Boniulxidy. Ihtiwt ... Free Prm. The country tavern m rat ml »» very nv tpectoblo. Oflon the kropnr ,if it ' \H n church-wanlou. In Iho tup-mom honoM Hodge tognloH liiiwwir from « l<minln K Inn- kard, looking, with Lin long pipo mid ru<l- dy countenance, thu very piauro of h«uHh and contentment. Usually thorn nrn mivornl other driiiking-rooiun of a Irattor olnm. In these tho 'squire sits down to ohnt with hix tenants, and tho travollor to refresh hlnmolf for his further jonrnoy. Oociwionall.y, too, the country parson drops In. Thrno noun- try inus are tho village hotels. Tho accom- modations are plain enough, but very olonn, very oomfortoblo and very choftp. Dm) uu<1 breakfast will seldom cost moro than rtl) cents, and the landlord uud bis wifo will make you foel so much ut homo that you will be sorry when tho timo comas to lmivu. You get at \h>-m pluoos the maximum of mnl refreshment at tho minimum «>t ooxt, wit)) Do degrading luwodntioiw and without being compelled to patronize tho bar. Jury Duty. Editor—\ No, Your Honor, I am not sink, but I should like to bo oxcunod from Jury duty all the same.\ Judge—\ For what reason ?\ Editor—\ I havo a very import- ant article to write for tho noxt lmni<< of the paper.\ Judge—\ Very lmporlnnt, is itf May I ask what is the subject ?\ Editor~ \The jury system.\ Judge- \ Ah ! And what ground do you take ?\ Editor-\ That all the ovils of tho system would bo romnv- . ed if reputable citizens would commit to , wane.\—Philadelphia Ca,l. ' Just Married. How tovinjr they lire; Mil* IS nlwuyn n sure alga. After tho llrwt ycac mutul itu<« it don't hold good. When Clmrlrs rom m home to you |frout v and <TOH«. »iwij.|.lri W and Knurling, unable to rclUli Hie nice dinner you hiivc cooked, mid feelH nn If there was n totr of iiiu; iron in IIIHHIOIIUKII, lie is troubled wild d\ npep-ia, and Sul- phur Bitters in the only incdli im- tlml will m cure him. 4IWJ Horse For Sale. The subscriber offer* for mill- one Murk four-year-old colt; weighs iibmii wn\ \\,», is well broke und n jr'»'d xtmdy <lriviii K beast. Can bo HCCH by »pplyinn'io <> It. Irish, ut, rural niuiket! I)AVII> KKNNBUT, M. II,, HoWkrol, K, T. WAR! BOOKS. HKVr.N OHKAT MONAtKJJUftK of Uj* An. I'II it wnr In in prnKtoHM. I'rlon r<\lnwi from ii'i.dn |<i M.411. Him»lm«n vwm fr~ . N,,i H,,1,| Wv il-inl.-ix: urlmm t»o low, (look* f.ir.'.Miriiltnill<iH »«.foro imyinoiiL John II. Al'l.'ll, Plll.ltHllnr, |H V.Any HI., N. V. *»W*. H!« W fond f-r [IIfuntil nttit In**- ,|<|a ID Ilia r»\*fer<> Unhid •ntmitliitd. si iirwmtkii'iwn for nii'tnor • mll» : Bh«i —No cure. N,. pn v I 1 Cough HHIMUII, when OIK place of all othcrn. See columns. Qastorin. Whe n baby wnssW-lt. w<- «iivr li.r (•»«!.,.in When HIK'was nCliild. sin-.vied fi.idiHiui in Whe n Blir waHnMiw..Hh.'fliin K l..C,.Mi,,H.i. Whe n slip Imd Chililrni, NIH> K HVI> ih.-ni Castoriti. ;i(Kvl 7 PER CENT. I have for sale, at nny Um... in mun- r.f $200 to.f 1O.(KK). first inorlKii^- l>c.mU u|ion improved Wcnlrrn Farm*, I'mfim burnt*, payable at Die Third National Hank «t N. w York, and lx-nring WVPH |MT .-.•»«. lnh-r«-«i. antccdtiatisfiu'torv. lnveniiiriiiioiiMollclird. \\ . II. V\UU. Woic'otl Huililinij. I'ort ll.-nrv, N.V. LOST. Stray.- d o r Siolm o n TII.-H.JII . last , a valuabl e HIIU ) I)o< ; li K h t color , nttliiTlM-l.i w nudin r pivo infonniitiim Hint he »mv !><• fnunil liall be suitably rewitnleil. \ Strayed or Stolon. Strayed or stol.n. May Till IHS-l fr. lie prcmlwH of ,Mrn. Hunlrr, In \ \ ,,'|,, ( , nc bright bay, two yenr old maic- .nil ny one givinn infoinmiloii of lic-r w |,,-, wut s will bo Htillablv rrwurdi'd l-v n roHBliiKCOKNKLirs'KYAN, W.idinn BLOOD R1TTERS. WHAT IB IX f X strictly vegetable prepa- ration, composed of a oholco and skillful combination of Nature'* best remedies. The dlsooverer does not claim it a cure for all the Ills, but boldly warrants It cures every form of disease arising from a tor- ,pid liver* Impure blood, dis- ordered kidneys, and wher* there is a broken down condi- tion of the System, requiring a prompt and permanent tonic. It never falls to restore the suffefer, Suoh Is BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS. Sold by all drufnrlsts, who are authorised by the manufacturers to re- fund the price to anv pur- chaser who is not benefited by their use. DR. DAVID * KENNEDY'S KIDNEY LIVEjfCURE, I.IUUII'.IJH ifHlx it'it • HiIV iill nn|nhlini> an^lvala Inn mi jlio ...HNI ) to.t yf tlilrir iMirn'iMOfi- i'ti<-n. Jl Imp wi.'.>ciBBfn|iv ronro>t tn-ir« «Mt tr-n ii,,,,, ,,ll ..il|«r i>i.,,U nonjI.hio.V, Jr. r«o« •-.•,!)-„• »i jn ,in.| fi,7r,. Hnnn In/ |.t»nitml«» i'i Woof.llK'll ft (H).. r*lni«r. MMB . »tw« Dintrict Attorney'* Preotpt. 'l'hn l'c,.|.l.- ,,f Din Mini,, ,,f Nno V... fc f.. iho 1n MlT,.f l!,.. r.tnnlv -f Konot, ((icxHInff l 'J' i I I hlf t C i U . ..IMIMilllil I.Ill III l-UIOllftlPK, .,[ Ih o hs I.....1 !<l,il,il..n III «-,„ m n ,io B ,,. i ^...vLlo.! ' IVI1l' l l ' Wli \ h M V|.|. n tho jail ,,f «vJ< < m n ,,,| vn . \^ 1 \ lriB \\\*• ln .olnitmf Inn I n l% uv l . < .i' 1 l v: t B .1!, l .!«\ |1 \ l1ll « lh<llo \ f \ Blll - < '* i ^'\'^s^ojKSiteH. \ « * »WV»»«JHUOI,. lli» .-...inf. ..fF-.it «.»illioin4«U» .,r|mi« IIWI .ft.- -.| fl ii,n(l-n la Itiotof.iro lioiotif M*4« it i ouit. u iuo.^1 .... O.o rt,x 4«t 4 tw llinitlll - n \ ''K^illfliM-iU 1 !! << t I'lit'ii f ( utlir Til<t)4Mli«.tlt t tVrn i !sS li i! y FOSTER, MOURN & CO,, PORT SMITHY, If. T, t Dealnw to Inform hU i , 3 __ _ tro&a that ho haa rvoaatljr «olaf |»d bU •tore and added new aWw oa»«, la which will t » found a v«ry large and oaJwfttOjraMort. od itook of r«ry D M SltVBRWARB From (h« factorial of Romtn A Bro., awl Hpfd ft Barton, of ttie latest and mo<rt iimuttful d-mlgnii, alao a full Une' f WtM Flal Warn ntendlnK purrhimpn! wtll find U in tliH Inter?*! to ml) nn'l «x«mln«> thin dl«- j.l»y, M It U by far tb« Largest Stock in Essex Co. N H All *rt|.|p» will t» c f A FULL UNE OF FINK IJEWJCLBY IN BOLID GOLD, f HILVKH AND | AOLLED PLATR | { WKK TUB HBW nn*|» >» nu»rK>' l MuVKMR-Nr, HEHT JH MARKET I loM Pen. »m1 1'c.nrll. Nfile I'npcr, rnrelnpe* •n'l HUnli |kw>hi 8p«o<aolat tnd Ey«-Qla»tat. %K«^rit f€>r flip No w Hom o Ami . of all hln.U r*rx4u\\y «tUn4»| Ui f, CHAUO Wtll he •» Iho W.rt.lot iap. Rl J erenr m Mr W II TINWARE! Hollow-ware, Woodenware, 4c. Ilia atork ia now oihil.ito.l, atut (!oro<l f<ir a^lo, tn tho Amorio«r [nuao Iil..,li Manr now mnl iiac-ftil implomonfi iu'Uiotin wuro line. UtK.r ««r ing for hpMPk*,*,, , .All bo fdtliut At his (•UK TJI Itr.A»<»N Alll.r . Tb«» l>«»»Ur *r» itiril*-.,! to rail n in«|>ool hi* woi] wlr<lo. | • t.Mk of gn.,.1. Kli«A»w«liU.wn, (>rl H, 1KH.1 WHKN IN HEW TrtHK STOP AT THE HOTEL BRIGHTON, Ontrmilj UcAUd Consar wd 404 Stmt. FORGET IT! IT IUBDOCTS SHOE 8T0BE YOU OAN Btrr k BITTER BOOT SHOE, SLIPPER OR RUBBER FOR TOUR UOm&YMBAS AT ANT OTHER #RE IN THIS OOUNTT I HOTWITHNTAHDIWO THE Of TBE TIM**, l*0 B DtPAKTUmr WILL BK KBIT FULL WITH TB I MOIIT DICKIBABT-K OOCKM TBE M & KKT ArroROd. otm t.if i or t IIP BOOTS AUD SHOBSl ARE HOL1D OOHrORT EVERY TIME. A LAHOE LINE OF UKWn FlIfE HAND HEWED BHOE8 IN ALL THE DIFFERENT BTTLEB LADIEfl WITH TENDER FEET HHOULDTRY OUR TtJRNEIJ AND •<»OODTEAR WELTED HBOi NO NAIW OR WAX THREAD TO HURT THE FEET AND WEAR OUT THE BTO0JUN03 TflKT ARE THE MOBT PERFECT FIT TINO LINE OF LADIEJ9 BHOEB EVER OFFERED IN K9ffEX CX>. HOME BMALL I/»T« OF LADIE» AND OENT« FINK HHOEH THAT i AM m/mno OUT AT LFJMJ THA N CX)HT * f Nt'lUKK'K. »«tf TOUT HWW . f« T AMERICAN HOUHE, ran OLD aTAjro-BT, KMM; N. Y., JEWELER* ENGRlVER Alw, y » on ha»d a largt ujortrnmi frf aHa fk W»toh«i. U Oi trnmi rf »toh«i. U Outitry, f the sale of th Stwtor ee ofthVV w' WrTfilMi Stwto * PmBhtm Machin ofth w'orirl. Ac- kU4\ U t Ht up- a WI«MT h mUJilhinb«eh«ii*fl d jii In the way of anwron, fork*, ™»p*. fohWM, Hun*, tobacco IKIJUNI, •ftwm*, carrtaffo'platf*. wak;h«>i!, ««n«a «m1 thlmbfpa. It will en gr«»e an* m#UU, M well M bone and Wrrry, and t<>t(«>ra 1 i I ayg n M> frotn Jifl to B.4 |»wh In hdfht, T!»« rmlirenfT!i*ln«m». -bin. In th« Adl- t-c%%9n and H nmry, Pnt«n t M11 Htandarrt I>ru«». THAU AHO n,AVORfl«a IITRAOTH . TdRAOrXM AMD OIOAM. In tfcelr W y r.ll«at>«.»htown, N. V , ''urn iiitnu' 'Vattn » \ i i « i i i i i i i t HAUNRSN! •' I I i f I I 5 J i i I f \ \ I «M , run «•» • HAKE ' J ( Hy di*li 'if BMVpntre. rf«vlnt b»w» in ytmt mMrt •'t long. H«»« nn\r Ut r*4<n Ut my p<uti dmllnv* with AH wftli •»«.* » * by m«U w||| r«>a| 4 |lt,|Uifa, PATENTS HEW AD •• f PUBLIC TO CALL AT HIS STORE IK Wettpoty Ni Tip AND ASCERTAIN Very Low Pripes of His Goods - V His Stock of Spring Goods is Large and Carefully Selected. »Fine Stooklof Eats and Caps. BOOTS A^D SHOES GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS! Flour and Groceries of all ^indfl he is Belling at a lower price than other merchants. Before going to Pittsburgh or Burlingtofi, or elsewhere out of tho county, please call at my store, and I am euro you will save MORE than your traveling expense^ to those places. If YOU are in want of DRUGS of any kind you will find that F. H. EDDY, la tor Store. Drugs and School and Blank keepiafulllinoof Medicines, Bookw, & is A.£r For the 2NTew York Enamel Faint, tb- bm% nlu d Pslnt In the market; also aeont for •TONES' Ventilated Truaweis. He also Kc Ealsomlw, Oil, White Lead, &c, Ac. M O. JBL. I3I>I>Y vaOiMM Mtt«»nMhioidlrom 60 ct«. to 20 cent* ITT mr A fnm THAT PHU D WTKD AHD WEATHEII J I of Wfev u Xre« Btdm, Lnom Boon ani Ooumellor BB. BXSjiOP, r and Offanselloi \ JforiaA, J&««36 Oounfc, J \I t SlifM <(,,, l)|^. tUN ' llOU'JfE TQ__\ •otroitfiiifi Chitt 3 and Counsollo: Keesevitte. N. T. |.BonrTO w - rSTAFFOttD, and,'Counsello] i and Counaello Keesertlle. N. T. tEDEBICK C HALB, and I n McCormick Bk><\h, Chi I W- SMITH, xey and ^oulaeih •'\'\'\'\lulri &1 \ Pullman Carson] and Night: and Counsell I E\iuibethlown.\E»*1v. Cou j I n^,V r :::r,!Eit»jsaA I <b BR0WN,> i and Ooiinael | Elliahelhtorcn. Em ex Co\ .» POND. - * 0 Ii. HANI >« Oounaelloi t Elitabethto nn, . |0WLAND C. KKlil-OtJ and Counael I Elizahethtoten,, Eniex Co i .IM.iu^s,,.-. ., l, a ,,,,, r , [i lwt » 0E0 . IJ. O.'iWT.r.L rusMJRKcr K t \ jAK.HT-rii'Hi:\sox, Gtjmpw JOSKI'II IU' 1 !;.-i)N.(;,.rj, PHOTDGRAP iTjOHNSONji FHOTOGEAP: I (Votm Jtofnf, J?«(»PX C RICHARDS •»• MiNw l MWWWIIII W pa! 4 t o way OM wh o nHtl gir o « » prompt im.l T,1J I,I > >w»Hr«» «M i wtll a«nif * M MwjoUof Iroo o r wU Work, «ucU an (o n II • a« 4 Omiiiiii i AMNM i*«l Wort, Vtt* Baa»pw »«• «s y kind o f iJtilMor*' Im.w.i ^UU «|wf««t o W4J44<HfL (Wrwpoa.l«.« # -olioft^i, B.l,l,on« *lt cut ..,1.1k . ft, T . WummM WlW t an d IKON WORKS , IM mlt , *•>!•'. M. J. MoDERMOTT, r AS tt MVUUt. %\m A MI'l^MIU!) Uff or (UN (MJ5 AWI) ntnmui niuviNd HAHNKMH AT ftt FOR BALE, FARM Of IM A0RB. Cimifi ui Singh Badder, <f TOM KELTOINT lOCUUf 10 PAY! O Bilttm Farm for Sale. I offrr my tnrm, rrtnulmliiff of almul 2-V» »rrr» of Uml, »lhmlcil In the KOIIIII-WI-SIIT- ly |»W1 nf Ix-wlw, and nl.oiil Ilirn- rui<l ;i iixiMrtvr milm front llt<! Court Mourn- in KliMlwUiUiwn, for wtk;. The liou^-' i< nmrly n«-w, ami tl)«r«! \H II K O<,,| barn, u «C>«KI numlH-rof Krtiit TIWH 'ami a lnr-t> amcninl «f WWHI nnd TimlK-r, with a good SUGAR ORCHARD »o UM! fann. Any on« wanting a fiinn in Invitml u> come and mil it I*UI »J#o»cU n,, ¥ t of the mock, say THR U OOW8. THttJEE TWO.YHABOLD8. TWO YEARLINGS, JOBKPII WH.soN. 1868. HOWARD A. SNOW, •outs'** or AMKKICAN AJTD PATENTS, Favorite Kemedyl , llin ,^d H^t^P., «t accounts, - inddom Q Of COU] -^ ELIZ/feET iWlONHfil

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