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The Elizabethtown post and gazette. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1879-1884, February 14, 1884, Image 1

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^^w^]^r r m KLIZAflETHTOWN, ESSEX COUNTY* N. Y. f THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1884. GREAT WONDER, sttfiaVfttf* rY n °: TK GMT DjAVOND ROBBHIT. TU oaawy Wid m i MTW IO popiiki In fart, h«m»y b« «aU»4 gUrd of UM worW,\ Mid » fa» tooth fc , yy ^ T U «tt|U7 MB Itt OU AjMrtow Jtoaut doM no*, M nunjr of to a-\.^:!..? HAUHY HALE. y , on board fomXM tb« UtU« faathw- It UM n*ttf> wJth 111M more than any other human BERKELEY, anoholy pkann of aaaiag h « body k«on ipr«adoT«r th« oonntry in a wild at«U. Th lll eool intalleot. Men hate dM, tad h*r« eatea them, and thU far Ion. Ha \Mo* of the bird, brought to America became • jrabllo man, political tttagonlato, ntenatreljr by tha peaaanta, who dak™ JJAMSIMONDH - - I'm Elizabethtown, N. Y. p atUged W tdranoe at the beginning of tha Vdl h ERMAN HOUSE, AIl, ESSHX COUNTY, M Y. L, BUTTERFIELD, Prop'r ! One flrn at th« opening of the pnaent aea. eon ttraa laid out abou* ten thooaand dol* neoeaury, set thU history truly b^cw all hlttod It ld hi y g q, Will (earn almoal anything tha» U throt y g himaelf and to hex, and that it mattered lit- i h h •poa bia aMentlon when yoong. fie may, i h i JASKETS, CLOTH AND WOOD FINISHED, Coffins a«qnir« th« chirp of the robin If h» he>» abosJd talk ii Over when «hete an no goa- IBAM DUOK. HEY A»D COUNSELLOR AT I*AW. 5J7 MADISON AVENUE, ALBANY, N. Y. lc and Penalon Notary, Detect- gerVioe and Tax Land bueineea a apaciality. ranchOrtlce Crow n PolntN . Y reetiona to bum Dfc unopened, ,*nd tbey bd th dlti ' ' \ obeyed the dlnotion. •Th* oourn of true loTe, aay* our biogra- g wfaMfheeoldtor »1QO. Another, owned by the aame man ratfarod ' Dia Lander- bh Vh I , y p f ran In thia oaae pun and mnbroke* in the talk, ItaoiraWgottlwlieii it waa young dkib ft M h —^>«-Ul prl'L nf t*» hiMMwifa, af ftnMtt g^j ^ig t to pranounoe lu own name. Ihe, name: qf { i d tb l : ' •in'n«M Uw «*«8p«wr vmyv*- flrom teeing each ether; any fine ringing NO CURE! NO PAY EP. Lawrences Congb Balsam gale, h ptao«««lH of tight, but within haw- teg, a* Ute /HW0 eanailaa. Anailnai plan I* to plaoe ttw youog omog m ] to ting them perfectly. BMa tafaad pfrbm fin woofl .And (a^MMA to. getherwithpegalnateadofnaiti. tnayae- Marnht to narrow qwurtere «aW b narobaadlaa, and aae the homea, whan tlwy b*e*tia go«'aw«»*Mth#*emgoe|.;-So^fng M IHOTOGRAPHER, ICrown Point, Essex County, INew York |CLARK R. POTTER, ) and Pipe Organ Tnner, Bchroon Lake, N. Y. JWILL VISIT ADJACENT TOWNK. t-REED ORGANS KEOULATED AND REPAIBBD. n -experience. FirwI-olnHH ,11 cullfl promptly ftiiHwrn-a unrnnteml. 36Jf fLTAGGARf,' M. D. S. Dcntiwt. the Maaonic Building WEST POUT, N. Y. . I YEARS ANO MORK SAMUEL HAYNES •EYE&EARN A T A.'°H I i TT.. I DR. 8AMUHI, 1IAYN10H, Nuraiiac, N.Y. ELIZABETHTOWN FARMS FOR SAL! Irjir of lielwnen lu o IUO r«...< (l,, a ..«IKml<.,t<> Hill \ I \ t UirtnWN . . \W.l w.n,\ mW Mi** (»»wtt»« r*«M», ; ****— V^ 1 ***'' ** \ M UMH m k I N U) M« >-«»A^t. I ' •»« ' ^* * * *' / : feat' TV« E*J*\ ' Ihrmght WMbI»t«»* WM .WV . •• A»4 •» k* to j >« .1»*«1 Ut-w »»>• <*<*». I ^\ ^ Wl I** 1 «UI \ Ur, » \ Why, lMk««!»)W <A » I «« 4 '\' pip** • feaMIUifl • ' ttw***l WMUM«4«*I ,.^.UH«a ia. )i«M*.ct ««.«,«« .^ fc*^t j 14HJ. •»*wtHJ 7 , M a* »*^ ^ « v «n«. U. 7 w 7 r '^7«. - \ •V In •..!«• MH^ifm Hi • »l|l*l W| i ll|( ^ W ! m. W^'U; ^.1-w^ '^'^ tU U« pni^Mi o* a »«w Bn^J*/^ bam, la «kUI. >«*»*•*- W- B-V^aly a*4 I *• ^^ • |f ^ w > ^ faM - , HkH wppJj y^ , t .V~l M • -w*tr.jf»r.« fe» t«k« H!*» i faasU f , u j rj| ^fo ,4 gr^nUl. i«y-l ftW the ^1 l n v, .„». rit. -rf U>* w»!l wh-roln UM ao woII. I)« man waat murlM a 'otaan 'oaae aba's gut mow aituM d«n bd baa la nrtwr allowed %*t I«M atftit o' dat rook. Da «hlU dat too aoanabowaaigttao'aamrt- w do«n tarn oat Ur bo d« •roarteet man. AM) FORKIGN PATENTS I'urtloular ationtlon |riv#u wit^lyiiitf lnvoator- with tc<lS(»t«n Honds, •-•!».. ( «f N»nlo «M r«i«M ** IM rfMMt WWW iM^kM. flfetjHaa awl CIlBltHi. Ma| •» is MM >M ifc-- M»I«> 1 \• -'***» #<••<**•• i «• a*a»MjBa» eawejaf aiap «• « • \• dw^l w tt tta »a i . ahandonWl. For a long tinw nothing ia a*, taoiptodbal to teach the papfl to atand f)« fn»t cotton opena In nebaf da bea.' ing we'd thing dat hit aoag Th*nhelena ward,whldrUbaM«. Tbe* & D« aHtgHn' girl gluomily tame oat Ur bo woman what doaa laff much, an* Urame . oman Ul) yer, tMRidg* an a lot o' ohiUun will y g MM <U ohaokU oaten de mo.' o* 'em. De f«w U not only amart, but hetodamo/ He to mighty la *• «• kfei •ktaaare dat he nafltdai hla WEIGHTS ISD1AK YBBEPABLE FIIXS LIVER And all BHlouj ComplalnUK a JTwtt-TaM* m Ilkto #al» fen furbja-bb*r pUy» till artei he eaa»an' torne gvta «In>', Wf h#'a dm eat m l k t ' t iiv ..it . <rrfiMM4a^AmM«BnMa>ua* w »

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