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The Elizabethtown post and gazette. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1879-1884, May 25, 1882, Image 2

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r.nd OFFERING YOUR EYES r u UARE DEALINGJ,. like the swaying.r.rem111 hl· bu~r .. HANDS IN lOBE OF- ,.,e. D=Y-v·.!\t-~ 'l'PO&T. st extensive aasortment of uoh vatttlrns, anality ani! HI• stook o! Dry !ow1or CASH OB , Vtnllar .~af.n. l1h>m T7H .d'V'\\ Th• Ju11• llldlollt.l.. u~,b .. \ Ia o ... •hould 11.0• nto~ 11{ }1911!11 Ill illllt 1 I wo\Sid ilor.,.,llb &jlala. Wllrtl lfow llt.N,. u well.u olhe! 1111Uo11•, of !!! !!'!!!!!!!!!O!!!!:::;;:~~~;,=!:J; I probabUU.r of 1barp troal.l· on or !h.·71h Allie! 8th of Jee:;...a •ao.h. poa<at- .Ha blr•&bou)' th• 25tb ~bd fetb. , I aln p1:1bllo tiltH prob• for tlltir btatllt, Riemer Vermont will oommeDae t.ha ll9tb lnot. BDsbab apauo w• aro settiug 1nmeron1 In our llllage. atatue or John Brown 11 to be In the capitol at Topeka, ltaa1a1, IU1111 ber or 6t10&Ia fo~ ' tho tlpiiO~·d. :by aur, lllllllortll 'JOIIe ~illl, fi t ou.e tldak of tbe borbarou• road tilt aooounu or tho bn11gllng U.t have taken place JatoJy. DUBnd, tor a !on11 time sm- tllll ollloo, atDrlod tor Albnny, morning, to work lor WeeQ, Par· Oo. lhey may 41Jaard them Of Dol, 11 tbe:r aee At, J4y al_!n II sqod 11~ 1111 o'fllll.l. ~~~~·. U, Q, VIOO!QI, Montreal, :Uay 18th. Regenl.l Esamlaat1on wlll bt htf41a A.c- DIItmlo lloplnmtlltoflljlJIIbt,III01fDUDIOll Snhool, .11111.1 l!llh-lftb, AXIJ pouo11 DOt OODIIIOttd Wltb lht iobOol Wlthlllll to bt OJiAIIIIIIId It 'bit \me lhOUid m&IEI &ppller.tloa to tb.o principal, not lain tbaa Wa.r !19th mat, } R. L, H!MD 1 EIQ. O~mmUtee, BIT, E, L, AUOLDo HluL. .&.. P110r. A.UIIA.BLB J10RKI!I. M•:r ~9.-PieDt,. raiD. Tile olok onu Ia. the Tillogo aro loaoeat. l\roperatioao aro belai made to roballa: ,., x., U.. ._, ~. tha aepatatot, reoenti.r lleatroyed h1ll~ 1111 tnnl1111 &mn from Tl. 'l'lloro ~r• 110 oollllor bunocl bo tbo Teaoh•r'• l&latUau aemeterluln &hie Tlll~ge, ao~eeque1iU:r &!orl&b Coman, datllli Deoorattoa ~•Y will aot be obnnea. n .runt so, 188~. oom'l baa been propoud, as wo have aoldloro large amo11g oa, who In our oonatl'J'I abroqgle 1 &9 OITJZ!ll'! lfJ~¥.:~~~ loot an arm, a log, or be~ diiAillr•d for lhoiA SuaiOiJi Sprhlgr, , dead birds havo beoa fo11nd In thl1 spring, and tbey abow otlojnrlell, It U ~ot; ptobable up partiolu of paris 11reen in ~heir food In olol potato lots P same way, to pr11eat eaoh with e. wnath h~ prtraeot. Tbt \Bherm1n Hooaa\ hu \0. L. ElaxKoiiD, EIQ. of dower• 11 11 *oiEoa 11f o!Jr 1'Jemembraaot baeu ezaeu,l:relyealarsed aad 4Ut4 dp D1UI 8DI :-We dHire to ezpreu our moot. Sb.rrro'o: Va. of the ll•ID!P - for the ooo•moo. Every out who attend• 1Atllfllot1oo wllb the aaballlatl&l aad •r- e!~====~;:;:;:;:;:i:,!!!!!!!i!i Tho American Elo11ao 11 IOOD to .. coin ed at lll'town, lalt oprillg, m111t romombor tl.IUo mazmu Ia wldoh the Oll>'ll'll. l'ol11t ~ uteDslve repall'llllld addltloua. l'rot. l~auiTt• ple~rill&Jilld Hauli!IOitlilllg ]fo:u bn aadt U.lf old 11 ll'18her'a bridge\ bna been Emerson Featborotoa lo repairing blo m&IID8r of aoad1Ult1DQ', h1a f=laho4 Uio wa'oa wotlr: ill thta BJ.k'; few rod a d,owa stream where It dwelling hoaae. • \the li&ll acre lot,\ and \the and 1!10 &o ,&Olmowltclgt the aalform apons the Boquet; In tbe J. & J, Rogers e:llenalve etook o!lprll111 OT..- t~o f•ont pt..\ J'rof. XtDDed;r 'lrill oour1.11;r IUid ability wUh whloh llllli ... tba atoua abntmentao are being good. are dnily arr:lvlng, and 11. !!mlth'• Uliat. 11'nll p&~Uol1l&H of Wh ~ay& l'lr• U0111 oonctrl>lnlt the .mad.l! .. l!o,. of ~lle Iron bridge to rtllt upon, at 1tore lslllled wiGh .new RDMI, prlon to ronu1mo• 1111111e round IJI UJO rialllburgb !lUI IIIli bun reotlnd llJ thllr tmolltnt 1 croa•io.g~ suit tbe people. Tel•fP*a:~, .-r.eq noon dcrlng thct Xn.U.. Ba~Hl:l~t, .Kz' .. 0. •• ~?' ot Begoate examination will Gold aan btly pretty nearly evarythlnlil tnte. ' · 'D. A.. DDUABD, ~ML!ei! In !blo !sane, It is Imperative, lp tble world, noept that wbloh mall A Ollr load oJ ·St. Lawrtnoe ooiml;r ThaOrown Polilt H&na!&otm!nl Worlu, nol oonAOoled wab lbO HOQOOI wan!. most, .Iz. b.pplneoa. MlVAll 1<\UUo! l.hMH{Ih lllWII IJ11l.Ud&JII. Or,..,..n Pclnt, Y. ~- .....,.Jacbu.&llldn.!. 10 ,. .. .,u thomoelves or lho Witherall'a Ooamopolltan ohow erlrlblt- They 111'6!e not at all crowded and of b111141nJZ lll•ftr!alaod mt.!ti 1 llleolalty od boro l~tt woolt; 10:.11 IDrll~ or11wd. e 111110 puRrt111 q11lw C9mforlllhlt, Bo!XIo !low- of 1111 • work. Ooneapollllanoa JOlloited. e~tlllllnaUon, should mako ~pllicatlon oa or before the 29 th Hked and oome did not. oYer wrare e&lllng londly for their 1apper. -The 8Pd ltlll.ll&l ll'•lr ol the ~ The Secret , • tf tMrutilvel'!at aaacess of Brown•• Iron Blttei'a is slnl· ply thjg! It i! the he!t Iron ptepaiatlon INer made : Js YO,r!PQ\lnd;d on thoro\lghly scientific, chelliieal and sensible person suggests that oi once a yeo.r atrewina .flowers 11 f~w houra of hot oun will wither) IJl'AV~~~ il W9<illl ~~~ 11~\IQr some hardy annual which wonld year. Mr. L. W. Howald who le tlt~ndlnll Mr. Watton wna pre-rented by 11. HTtlt 1obcol.at Naw Elanb, Oonu., wtll 1pead iold !~omtu)li!Uag hie IDII&geme.n' h•~• his vaoaHon here at his latbero, Dr. B. V. weelr. He '11'10 4o 10 boweTOr, II aooq llowa.rd.. b1il health wl1l pem:dt. Annou.noe- Tmilll are running from Platloburgh eo mentll will ba 1111411 at the proper time. Coant:r AQ'rloaltaral Soolet:r will be held upon the new (lrOUIIdJ of lhe uaoola&lon, Tuutla,-, Wedutttla3' and Thttrallay, Ulo · lDU!, m and ~l1t ol Btpttmbu, 18811. medicinal prin11: and does just'WhB.t is • ed for it-no more and no lea:~. Plattsbur•qh Morning Teleoram Is a adili~ion to our list oC dally's. the Nntlono.l Asaociated Press up to four o'olook A. M., and here Bt 1 o'clook P. M , thus .newa seven bour.s earlter {N~ ~~~ ll'vw Ivrli Rllll wbeu otn· ataie comes ln aorlh ~rtlln, wblob It will do A OftUIJIO IW~Ion G'tTIOO ft lloy, WilliiGillll'l (/lliii}IIIIJ filll I 8111111 fillllf :S'li>ID'mo\\\\· Batur<ll..,, 78 were pnaeat lu til• noon .. ,.& ....,.,,. more 1n U.e ..,....Ing. ~It• WlL\LLONR'BURGD. bnntllillf a ft'!r ~ttolloai Ia front of lht Leo II~Me in tile e'lenlag. Mlu With- Hay ~8.-Hon. E. W. Rol!efl nyi he er.U pi(jy_ld tM111flo11. The bw pla,.er has the beot lot or Jambs for :reart. III~IJiilllated r, Gfrlllllar laotrumoat wbloh Mrs. El. 0. Wino! ow Is ver1 Ill. bad hM.d abotl~ 2 .( .. & 111d l cot otr from Mr. and Mre Doolin ond famliJ llde ~hi belllend,thDIIliflDll U lltfiDlll look • the deep .,-m~a.th;r of'.U, iafth• ::aealh of AD. E llat olariu•t,... •lso u..a. tbel.r ilaasbt.~. Mr... li'.\\7 Ap..!1ur. Th• ~t amlnel!a ol the oe&OOa-with F. J, Amy b~o relarnod fro111 Tro:r tbrttllldiel nudlr lt 1 appored Tnuda:r. and Alban;r. Hi• storo lo well dllo4 \\h lila .. Wlll;lJ11DSlD~D fa Yllltlni It Ula oew goods. ~n14eiloe of her father, :Ur. 0. E. BuU:.r- wbo llltoailed Mr, W\lllllll'e NelnoD l'IJ'arlie11n and Qoy lrorgnmn Blll ll.lld. She Will ramlln In toWD unW irDIJ Wedneoday a.nd Thursday sve- home £or a ohorl visit, lr~m Annblo 111r • .E. Je enpjj;od.ID s. Jrl, bub:l- bigb!Y gratified. Mr. Wa!· Forks. They report plent1 ol work and at lll!cibbar11, Hau. pol:lsbiedorator, his sobjeots are prompt pay. 'l'bey aro pafntou. A lllllmber of lallln IIDtl IJODUflll~ Ul- SStt ,, and hie bamorous oketches W J Fi h t 1 1 rt m. · • er s • ow Y recon og toned 1to the 111Dglos of Klu :Ulllnlo Be- Became they have proved, them- 'bo most atoliial to laugh. from his protrActed Illness, coutraoled In noiJ, orf Whltahall, IJI. the ptlf!Orl of Hra. e1 the B ,...L __ -, of .. eevere oore tbroa~ lle WIIU lllluQjo, wm. Jl'lllm, !ll'llllly DlibD. MIII''Beno!l 8 Vel eat -\'l<IAU'll&l fDUlll bil engagements for W!llett A. Reynolil1 bos moveil Into hfa ~a v•ry aali'erJo\ and otlltlntad ,..alee. ever invented. The_y ~ Saturday OV9n!nl!i Ab Port HAn!1. new realdeMo. Whel! ftni.Md his , • ., Ue~ {Q,Ionatlon t. p..-lecUon lttetl. · She asthma cold& eoughe rheumMism he m111111yor us wltb ftllO~er hOtiiO will bo 11 gront Bddlllon Ill ~~ 11 tflifllllg :Hn. John Flllln, () 11t d ' ' ' street. BeT. O.lL .&.. Bdlld.,., fs aw.., on b1a n urlt'!5'a, an _any R. A. Feraoaoa hnB lmprond tho loo:U Tllli'IIUfD, 'l'lte palpi~ wlU ~ ,.AJled by Applied to(the a~ ..... v ... one week ago n dog belonging *q•J waa polsoDed aqd died ot it. On Ba.tarda.y Mr dog \M~or lor 11111ny yeAr8 hottselbold, and. of hla summer symp!lli118 of ht~.~!nQ: I>Dd be Willi ohot, to end two ho:ars from the M'<L1in•'••\ demise, Mr. Kellogs's ton.nd near the house~ of hll lot, by bulldln1111 now; IGoe, IU'IIIfs~rt. tJiey B!rO infallible m .ti,PCk•&Jil.0, 1 1 Our oohool go•• along mcely nn<ti~ the lt'r. li'. S. Witberheot fa In town. Ella ~~- Debffi?: and all mm11sgemeut or MIBI AIJDel OllYif, til• motbeR &nd 111ter wm be here 1oon. tro b'- • to th 'rt \f:l:hl!· .• ·ito.JnA~!hl· bids fair to keep good. ord.er, and make XJ!Lu. n •wll, e p ~· orookod wm •tro.lgntamongtlluollola.ll. t . ilioy am a IDI6 mlrt forDJBlllllllia A. tnme buft'alo paooed through Mal~ and Liver O'ompl~~ •. •!reot \fe. days 11,9. !t oreated,aulte • a 'I' 'I' ltftll\fl'JS POBO'\'S •enoatiQII. ' · \' -=\ A,&,,loRI\#UA · U Mr. a1>d Mra. B.'Jl'. Leeata:rteat&e17th PLASDJlS are painless i'ra- ror OllllfllrDil'• Tbty WUI IIOp In llllliOil ' and Knnsao to vlolt friendo. TLey Iaten<! grant, and qnfuk to C11l'e. :&~WIIU'(tl dead, nnd be appeared pollJ.,ned. It i• very goner- that the three cnnlaes Wflre poiooo,ed, as neither of them enough from tho Tillage to poison that may have been pat '!'bey B&'l \murder will to be gone two yearl, of j~~~DJ that bliater and burn. Mr. {o'\&tlian, :uab.... went to Now Get OOK'B the ocly·:·~- ~~;~~~=~===~~ York about-~llree ween BjlO, RDd blred • ! - \;I\IIUtl n11mber of ta:nn labororo froah fzom 'he father land. Tboy give good .. us&oelon 1 ' c'GObb: t OHEER/' he who will be ao 111ean Bl tG )laliau•d and iaoffenal•e bouse· wUI JI01114tlm• b• found out hili Just dtaoril. t. th& prog~mme of the .&.•soolo.tton, to be held at Church Ia that plaoe, Satnrdny, M~::&.,.,.a-ll o'CLIIOS. T. A. :Uilla: The Par· \ \'aur. So boo!. 'U:Ea.nn!I'B S:a:ooxoH. and Sidaey B~-­ IDd tlllltatfona bJ !Ilia 1\{0~l!Oli.O, N•~IIJI li'lllii- Jaeobs, Myra. Xennedy, Cora No,lan.d olhora. MJIHlllqr-7t o;oLoilx. l!oaslon. Mba Alioo Band-Moses. Miss .&.ddle Morhonse-Sam. in their work. Rain at last, mal!:r thoulu. . ~ •• ·' ,. . vJt·!Eo~~o14 ~~~~\~ 1! . \BENSON'S GaDcino Porous Plastor Th@ mlinn!llltUro!'ll hsvo Won tho Highest Med&ls a.nd Pra.ise Every- where. AKD BU8IIE88 liEN. ATTENTION! One of the old and promi- nent Life Oompanics of this country has just introduced a new plan which answers all ob- Hf~~11~~~~t~~~l~~~~~~~;~:~~!~i!t~~~~~J! jections to Life Insurance, com- llj hines all that is desirable in , Surrogate. llOW6 J're<lerldr. tt. Br<>......,11ta l!ata.te. ~ OTIOE l'O OREDITOBI:!,-J3y order o! Yranefs A. Smith. &autre Su:rtoaatc of e oauntr o1 Essex. notice I! hereby given purauWlt to tliU !tatutf! In suoh case made. to iill.JIOl'lon& ba.ving dl~lm.B !Walnst Frederick B. Bro[lon, late of El!za.11thtown. in said oo . aowod, t nt !hoy o.ro roaulrod to e~~~ ,~ oaf!:wf.h tho vouohoro thoroo! w ~ UQj;lern q !ldmlnldotr&Ux \n<l nd· !lllniO!:rator,~o ea! deooMe at tho office ol Bo'Jliilld 0 •. liplloi(~, in Elizabcthtown.nfot-a- B!I{Q, an or berore tne uth day o! So!>tembot• 11 'DEt~~t17th Mlltoh. 1m. d , 1\ti:Fu DiiQl!DQll, A m x, &o, Bo'w.u&liJ) Ct ~m.ti/000 1 Adin'r 1 &o. T .HE PEOPLE OF THF. STATE OF NEW York, IIY the Grooe ot Godo tree 3Dd Ia· d!!'pendent. to James Reardon and Mary Na.- vlD residing at Ca.powhltc, Oounty Ttpp~r­ arr, rrelalld: Johano. RenL'lion t•eslding o.t Boliearowli Oounty Tipperary. ireland: Pat- rick Rearuon restdlno:r at Wiota In the state o! Wisconsin: nnd Ellen Reardon resldina .at Minevute .. _~sex County, 'New York, befrs 11D<I,nc~ or 1<11l or /ohn Jl<mrdon, decenoed, senn greeting: Whereas. Jumes F.nglfeh hM lately up- p!!ocl to our l!urrogate of our oountr o! Eil· sex for tbG !lroof o!the wlll of John Reardon Into ol El!zabethtqwn, deoensed, which said will reliLteB Ill botn real and person!LI estntu You nnd ~acb o! you are therefore cited and rel)Uireti to appear bl.l!ore our eaid Sur- rollllUl, at his oftloo in Ellzabethtown, In sa.id oounty, 011 tbe Utb day of May next at ten o'clocK In the forenoo)l, IIIla nt~nd the pro- batA! or sllill will. • In testlmou whereof. we h\ve caused otltce or our snld flurrogntc ato amxea. Wltness,Ft nn • til, ll'oilaulre, f!urrogato.,.at , ln saia county of ~- 201Jl day of March In the year oM thousand alght hundred a.a~h~E:J;wo . .fRAN\JlS A. SMITH, Surro~nte. one plan, with a definate con- tract in every particular, and ~ plan adopted to =en of W()ltlth or thosa in ~oderate (]ii•cullli!t!Lnm:!ll SomGthing which will command a mrge and ready salt> and very eas- ily worked on account of its attractive feature as an invest- ment, income, or protection,in case oP death, wlth de:llnH.e amount in case paid up policy' is taken. Energetic business men are wanted as ge~nerai, special and county agents in the State to whom exclusive tei'l'i tory will be assigned if satisfactoi'Y a!'l'angements a1•e made. Previous experience in Life Insurance not nec~s­ SM'Y· .A. rat•e oppcrtunit~, fot• th~ right kind of men. AQ.• dress with references, ~atitjg age, present or previous ac~u­ pation, Draw~tE 2?, .A.lbany, N. Y., Post-Office. 38w4 TRUN~, RAIL WAY --OF-- CANADA. - ON~ CUANGE OF C1RS BETWEEN D. & H. 0. 00 .. STATION!! AND CHICAGO T'IA MONTREAL. -- TBiAINfl Ll!:.A.V£ MONTBEA.L AS FOLLOWB : GOING :WEST. DA'Y' EXPRESS at 9:30 a.. m .. arriving at Detroit second morulng at o :3G a. m.. lind Chicago same evenln\ at 8 ·no p, m., connect~ lng with all trn.lns lor the Wast. FAST NIGHT EXPRESS at1o:oo p. m, &r- r! vlnl\, at Dotrolt ~ocond ovonlnnt u ;ou D ,m, ~~tln~;fth ~1ifr~~Bf~~~ W~st m • con- 7ime front Montreal to Detroit 1 2\l hou.r8. Time fo•om Montreal to OhioQ.{]o, 3' hour·•· Tbe Shortest, Dlr- and llbeapeot --ltOUTE TO-- AND ALL POINTS WEST. .t<logant D!nlns Oare on .t<;wrest tralno,Eaot nnd Wost-Meals 75e. Pullman Cars on Day and Night Express Trains, From ~1on!reoJ to Chlcnao wlthout change. llnggagc ehcokcd through from all p, &.H. c. Uo., 8Lntfons and not subJect to Custtm House exo..minatton. All Express Tratns of the D, &: II. C. Oo .. mnke close conncotlono at Montreal with G. T. Raflway Express Tro.lns for the West Also, connecU~ nt Rouses Point with 0. & L. o. R. R. r1a gdcneburll' and Fresoott and Grnnd Trull H~llw~r. Ask for and ace that yoUr llckets read vlB Grand Trunk Railway. the short line to tho West. For further Jlart!oularo apply at the otllce of tho Grand Trunk Railway, oornor of Ford and State Streets, Bw.·ber's Block. Ogdens- bur~r1 N.Y. GEO. B. OSWELL, EasLct•n Passenger A&''j, Ogdensburg. N. x. JAS. STEPHENSON, Gon'l PMsonger Ag'~, :Montre:l•l!~ ~· JOSEPH lllOKSON, Goneral Manager, Montreal. P. Q. W, WAINWRIGHT .Ass't Ma11. Montreru,P,Q.

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