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The Elizabethtown post and gazette. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1879-1884, September 16, 1880, Image 3

Image and text provided by Essex County Historical Society

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn92061912/1880-09-16/ed-1/seq-3/

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•11cl: EDallab oluba ~n reques- to oomtlluDiaalt immedl~t~l:r tho D&l!lll of their otllaera to the committee. L1n'D B: FAiiili:llllll, Obnlrman. ~lmt: l· :~ma. 8 .Trauurer. O!ulirman E~tlve llommltteo. Demooratlo State Oonvontlon. '·lfl: ~· ~ r~~i\''' , ~~ . ~jf }.;,!. t' f~iJ • v~ .. . '00. ·Q ~~ 04 ·aifl~O'oop:::-1 IWl?ltbliOJln o.o~.IX!itt{I!IJI_to. ro.~•~-~Q!!.I.- _ --rl!l---, __ ~-·; -~··,n' , ... ' ' ' '. ~ ' ~· i ~ ~- ' ' ' ' ,:~~- .. -·~--··: .. ' :,~ J.!-1 .~ ~ ~ r./1 -~ 0 ~ ~ 0 ~ ' , • ,, . \ . • ;f-.r ~- -<1 lij i ~ -~ ~- s Q 00 ~ ~ s .1-0 1--i ~ ~ ~ 00 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .... I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -~ = C§. ~ s· ~ 0 ~ Q ~ • = rl) ···i· ' ' ' . I J l ~· ,.,_, ~·~ ~ ,. . , ~ ,, ii •,' ·~ .. ? ' r-3 e: 00 00 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ cc ~ § ·~ 00. ~ 0 ~ • z ~ ~ ~ a 0 td [/). ,.. ~ Q.. #. ~ cc ~ M- ~ ~ ~ ~ .. ~ =- ~ A V Hluable Farm~ tsitnntod in Brid~ort \'t .. Of Oburcb 1 iObOOJ and' pd~~lft •b•llmllt pl•nlt walk to •acb il•id ! ce, With ta.tus about 160 aoroa O.rtn odn. dt•t' n L!gh •tate of ~!~~ 11 un. f3ultl\bly d 1 v 1 cted 1 ~ VO.tion nhd pasturage, yo•••mendow t•·••• Just oomtug iut~ 'l\u ing; building• nud 1 ,. '\\· ~001.1 retni.f.r:t·nuuing'\\at.e ~011 1u ynr<l• nnd pa>!Um· 11 , 'DBIO~k puoJp In a never thiling :,~ind tnill t~nant hou,.;e on MBitl furll.L A good P~\''\\ Jot coptaimnu ~bout~~~· ·~~i attoJ o.lo•JUt two ruilf'-1'1 ftom d ll..~~~'hu. pleuty of wntor, Will be 8 ~jd form Wit~ separllfO Fot' further pu.t\tloul logetbar ll7 lw6 A. A. FLETCHER ou 11 '\ 'I'Jl~t~ --------' •eprernl•· -· ------------:: o---. I FURNm:illi? o------o oooooooooooooooooooooo~ocoo ..._..._. oooooooooooooo 00000000 ~~~ 00 ~ ~ I ooooooooooooooooooooooooa: ...... ~ ~~~oooooooo 0000000 [~I ~j . ..£..!! R N 1 T ~RE~f~' !:a I ooooooooooouoooooooooooooo I ~ t:3 o0onooooooooooooooOocooeoo ~ -.- OOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOooaooooo ooooonorooooooooooooo 00000 ...,..,. 000001)0(1(1) Having retnovod and remodeled the 0 0 6 CADINEl' l>'ACTOltYO :-,N-C-OU-RT-ST~ u----o And fittecl It up with New c.ad JmJtrttVN'J J[n.chlner, ~FUHN lTURE 0 u---------u V[ R.ll Uus(ldytl• r.a, iiu• h ll.& .thh and l'aiutcJ Chamber Swu Bcdsteac!.s of all dc~criptions, 1 Bureaus wtth nnJ w1thout ~laol D1·essing Case Ilureaus ' Singlo and Donl,Ic En dosed if~ 8 ~ Stands, \V ash Stund Bu1·e:nus Common '\V asll Stanct 5 'rcapoy's LightStanda 1 Dining and Extension Tablet ·writing Desks ' 1U1d in f,tt•t e\'eryt!,ing ln the fnr Kituru line at the verv lowe<::.t pril:cs ~ CI-L\IflS OF ALL ~TYW. su~h as Lsl'gG A,. m Rock-.·s, Srwing, Childrens lligh, Dining Uhuirs of all St)·b. Chea:p ! Cheap ! Chea~! Repniriz>g t~nd C ]olwlstedng dooe with nl'atncgs Hlld despatch. Old Mflttras>l'B made 0\'el' ns gooJ ns nGw. Also a>fullline of COFFINS AXD CASKETS coJJstantlr on hnnu at the lowest .. pos:::iLle prices. Please cull rmJ examine our stoek before purchasing elsewhere for we arc bound to sell as cheap as the cheapest Yours, l'Cejl~Cifnll_r, 0-----o · u,IZABt;TUTOID, 1 n·- ------·-o E M.&W.M. MARVIN, (1----------U I AGE:SS. I 0------Q EQUITABLE Life Assurance Societ~. 120 BROADWAV, NEW YORK. LIFE I~::;'C'RA.KCE PROFITS DE?\10::\STRA.TED Bf ACTP .\L SETTLEMEXTS JIIADE IN 1880. Tl.le So ... icty t\.re nro\1' fJRyior:; matunog 'ront!no Poh.-ioe • 'IL the loilo~llli!~ marknble results. POLICIES CARIHED TES YEAHS WITH THE RETL'IlS OF ALL I'RDfll'MS PAID AND INTEREST TREREOli lRl ! .. .rumple; l'rdJr\~ :!',\o ~3,56S. i~~n~d :\lu,· 26. lHti~l, 1 \nJO!ltJt , $10000~ !'ot'nl ['TI\IOIIlmH pal.i Ill j'~A.l&l fi5D4GjJ 'fbfl ttFUH1t8(1 1H lJtl\', (1JUtJ£td !0 dJ81f, In <'RHh, $0,4513 1-;0, !•u\lJifl bl(ri llt<sidea !lfl: OQO of (\H<Ilr,JlJ{''I tor rlrtt u ,Hilfil, u~ per,.,., t , f 1 ,., 0111 m, pR11 nlnlnlb/OI~ onRh TlJi'i < • .'>.~'lDl,lu It lid t~ar~· vhjcb. fvUor show th.R.L LARGER FlWYJTt ARE PAID POLWY · HOLDERS THAN ARE I\ OW DECLAJl. ED BY ANY OTHER COM· P.ANY. 2nd E.tamplc: Policy N·• 6! ;13. \\\\ Dt'(l, 30, 1870 En Jov. rut·!Jl 20 )('IH5\' r·orltibe pcnod }Q yeurR f. O{'(}O(IJ Amouut . . . . · ol 7 ,5l,OC fotnl prt~mltlnJFJ pMtd (10 )t'\'~l ' )\bt Tl•c aRHnrr1l ou ]Jrt· au J8BO. \ 1 ro entitlecl to rimw, m C'fl.\ln $!'1,0SS SG per e«nt. on the pr,•mtumn P•\ ·, 1 ~ 1 fhCR6 TN·ItliiR ttllhOtlJ,!h pti!•Jjr(rc om·otnll) nw<lo el'!t!lr.!t161i nrc NOT ESTIMATES, hOTU h.L Oh51l RETl'R:iS 3d Ea:am]'le: I olioy No 41 621. 0~~ Ma1<•h 27, 186U. AIDOIIJII · .• $~gosj Toht.l prPminu;s patd . . 1 bdrt• lu tbl\' -t1flfo.•. tbe n\~\~urcrl w! l!t!tl M\'ch 27, lbl:i '· Ill <nRI<, o3,312AO. 114 per Qfmt of prem111mH pnld. 'd I J~ Mnny 1 polioiN1 n1ll tlliiH be 1 1 111 ° sbowi11~ Ql' OA.Sll RE1TR::.\S ()}' Fll ~ oo TO 120 PER CENT. THE PREMIUMS PAID. A•••l• ••·cnroly hll'r•<••l of S!.~, 00 :0 !lnrplllB ~7,600,000. Tbo Ro··letY l:rlbl huity ta Abowc. by the fM·t Lbnl ofue• pnat eleven P''~rR the tot11.l awo'l!nt BD \bll policies l•\u<·<1 bns b••u greniO! lb tb'' of n.cy otL&l comp.lUY in rxllltonoe. mol<in~ ••n nvor.go XESI ANNUAL NEW Hrsr. f r,ARGER THAN 'riiA~ . 0 .A.NY O'rf:Ilm COMPA~l-a '· , ilnH Jrrc'~p;Y The Soclf:ll)' pnys clentu r .. ~ d 0 ~· end In fulL lis poll<·fr~ nre clen; 1 : 0 co,~• olAe, o.ud u!Ul .oo uutCIL:-'POD tLODS • EVERY POLICY BECOMES INCONTESTABLE AFTER 'J'IIREE YJ\i\.IW For nddiliooal Tontioo ,. ••• , .. , ... ·\\\\ pa.n1p11lets, circulR1'8 ond apply to / F. W. BURHANS, !gsnL Village OfticerK. nxa 1 unn L. BAND, PreHident. I!AIIIIT JLu.z, } A. Jt DUDLEY, Trustees. W. H. P.u.UEB, A. MoD. FrNNil'l', Treasuror. ASUAoH PKBBY, OolleQtor. A. K. J)UII~Nl>. I Tns:oTKY S:EOElNOTON. ( Cocate.'t..les. Jlalll B.u~Bilt, J I - BOAED OF EDUCATIO:<i, RtoiWID L. HAND; President. lL A.. PtTTNAM, J OBN c. PAR lUSH JIJIIBND A. BROWN, R. 0. KELLOOO. G. S. NtoBOLSON, Clerk. Sta.te and County Dll'ectory. UNITED STATES. EXECUTIVE. HAYEB, ot Ohio, Prm~hlent. ot New York, Viol;l-l,reto't EXECUTIVE B. ConNELL. of New York. Go\ernr;r HOSXINB, Lieut.Gov. DEP ART}1ENTS. J08l1Pll B. CABB, of TroyA Ser'y State. J,Ur[EI5 W. WADSWORTH, t.;Om p. NJ.TBAN D. WENDRLL, of Albun·, TrPO.ourror l!AJ!Il/rON /o., W UD, Att'y-G-e·, H. 9En<OUR, Jn., of Utica. State Ena. & ~ur NJCtL GILMOUB, of Ba.llston Rpa. l4uoE>nn .teBdent of Public Instructit'n Loms D. PtLLSI!OnV of Alhnnr. Ruroo! 1 1n- tsndent or Btllte Prtsons. , BENlA.HIN B. W. l1LA..RK. o! :\lahne Suvrr- lntendant of Public W arks. Legislative . 8ENA.T~2 ME~!BEH' WILLt.L'\J: w. Ro'cKWELL, Gll'n'o. rn 1 : ... ::.:.1 ll· otor Sixteenth Dtstrl<lt. ASSEMBLY-128 MEMBERS . WADREN F. WESTON, of Wtlmlnct• n \'f••J11· llor cl lo.55eJUoLy, ESSEX COUNTY. FB!NOI8 A. SIIIIrH, Elizabethtown, County Judge a.nd Surrogate. Jo:aM ~.RoBERTS, Elizabnthtow]l c .. , C'\PI k. ALEXIS HtNOXLEV K~enA, D•onl v ('i.•rk. R. c. Kn:LLOGG:rEllzn.hetht,;wn, nu .. t Att ;.·. OLmm hBEX.,, 11,, 1!/l!z~bethto~·n, Tr\\\· E.H.TALDOT,Minerva H.hPtlfl' nuol.Jnilol BUA.JA.B TYlUlELr..TrSchroon 8u1.1t P 111! W!!l:TE. KMMviilc I • <lrownootnt. c lOXOK. Wilmingtnn, nJ(IIlf<l<... . . ULL!S, Port Henrr. I J, T, HEALD, J'M, l S 1 1 C ·. L. lJ NEWELL, Westport, (' 10 r' 0m I fl. w. OnAB;, Newcomb. l J tl e J, V. NAl9S., North Elbn., us eP<. oC'J-.fol0DI'I J. N. SrowEB, Orownooint, j Loon Com'rs G. G. ToBEY, Jay, Looa.l a.nd Miscella.neous~ . -The new flour and feed •lore is Jomg t lively bU5illC65, -The Ma.Daion ;B:onse guests hn.J -t\' o PH!:!lics last week, and both ~(·Je very Jolly, eo tliey say. -Sheriff Talbot and fan• lis hove been attending the fair at Potten>'\.lllP. T'bey report it a success in every rospel't -The pulp mill at Westport Jo m full blast &nli they ar~ making a \'t-ry excellent quality of pulp. -Miss Alice M!ltJOJlaou, of I'ottcrson ' N.J., is visiting relati•e• and fnend~ m ' thia town, and ic her nn.tlvc to'-'n, Lei\lS 1 -Tbe Beede House, Keene Valley, lH sUI! well111led with gueHts. They finu it bard to ''sevet ties that bind them thr1 o -Rev. Mr. Arnold an• I la<ly, of tho M. 1!. Church, are spendmg a >acutwo or two weeki in then· native county. -Jaeobs ba.s a fine a.Fosortment of fall aDd Willter hats for ladles. Call and ijee tbem, and while there look over his new !took of goods in genom!. -Hathaway is' fraoly <ll•tnunting his \Fall Campaign\ bills at the fair Ibis week 1 Be bas o.la.rge, good and cbr.np stock of t cloths and rea.dy-made clotLIDg nud 1s de- tlrmlned lo sG!l th<1n, noJ be ~on't hnve to work very bo.rd to do 1t, c1ther. -The state electiODB u1 Ob10 arG held t ou the 2d Tuesday of Oct •her. ThiH yenr lho e\eotioXI._will be beld Oot. 12\ll. Tbe ,alate eleoUon -in Indiana w11l Le hei.l on 1 lbe same day. -The French w.ako a -very pfllfl.tlllblc 1 drink, as a aub~tilute for coffee. by clean. hlK boel&, cutt.tng tbem mto small p~eces ·~a tlien roast111g and grindiog to \ !law!or. '\holloe olthe dectlcalory ser~IMS of the Ch'Qroh M Keene Valley. wluoll wore held lut Sabbath, was mislaid and Ia Lieu lo 1ppear in our lS~>UG of ]O.st weE-k, muell lo our regret. . -The cor11 .c1·op of New J ers•y nod Lotl.g leland is very large. A farmer o1 Hatnp&tea.d ~bows a stl\lk but ~~x f~oot iu leuKth that has ftve full grown, gootl BlliBd ea~ upoa it. Two l4lll'S is tlte usual yield. -Mlaa Cora Putnam l>ado a<lit•n to rol- att•eo &lld frlo!ldo on Monday. !;be go•• ~enter upon a. course of Ktudy at a yo neg b lee' Seminary near Bo~ton. She will ~ greatly m!ooed by her mony wnnu \' 111 dB ADd companions bore. -Another terri bill oolliery < 63 plosion i ooourroQ. iD. a m1ae, the Seallatb pit, oen.r ' ~~nderl~nd, EDgland, on tbol Stb ln•l. out 130 persons were kllle;l) -'tht Ea&ex Cnunty F'ah· will on M· COUtf ' 11 o the etorm• on Wednesday be conu ' la hUed throu'th to-morrow, Fndny, A .. rse uu111ber of cntrieli wero mnile on ·~uesday. Ji -'fhe \0ity o£ nolUe,\ a DCW stel.\.m er • ow being built for the Inman Line at ..,.noaah1 'rJI • ' <1 re, .. ugl&nd. is to be the largest : ~nest merchant vessel in tho world. au,' 600 sth of keel !a 54.6 feet; leDgth over de t.b teet; breadth of beam, 52 feet; tiOt or bold, 38 foot 9 inches; depth lop o£ deck houses to keal, 52 feet, ~-~~~r}ueaaurement will be 8,300 tonr. • • ,;;.. L •

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