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' ä s m p w ✓ - I t , , “ tittle Navy” Men W; aril Structures at I nt Fed- ome. SEEK NEW POSTA fice S. Congrc*sman Rucker H Handling Constitution! Amendment—Looked For Not Likely Immodiatolÿ Pawage of Currency Bi|1. By ARTHUR W. Dli Washington, ,Tan. 2.—[S jh ? tiesliips or buildings will W terestlug contest during winter. That congress wl tho two battleship plan of Daniels seems certain, bu provul will not bo grunted contest by what are called navy” men. Most of these ! to’ have new public Imiklim in tlieir districts. Of lute buildings seem to be the i\<> campaign argument a c can make before his constit least that seems to be tin although I have heard man complain that aftet* they ^eare getting buildings. Big Job Election Inflation bo Follow 4N. la!.] - Bat- ike au iu- e coming 1 approve Secretary that ap- wlthout a the “little re anxious i provided [•ears new t effective igtessman uents. At mpressiou, members nvo spent my posts, other way of large 11 their dis- (1 down at llsh hatchories, and ill every secured the expenditure amounts of federal money i tricts they have beeu turm home. Parcel Post Opens the The increased business post opens the way for ni buildings. Many postoHices) ^¡„VYliey have been overcrowded b' Ulp np^r .system. Then there ife a fol. j'lll postofhi'es to be near t ;lj0 ra nl'oud Way. by parcel ore public Stations in order to make 1 ; |?urc*ols more expeditious, jive tho congressmen a forcing a public building lession, although tho, leadt I ’rinined to postpone' siu-li |itil the short sessiosj. A c In be made strong! enmij |e house to pass a public i holding up all juher bat has been tlono'befnr Iders had determined to fldlng bill. Farming ForiPrison woman who givl s attei |t of living says i nit it good thing if nl the p Inside into large farms fellers could wiojlv at r inndling of . This may reason for Jill at this s had de- a measure umbination to force iiiilding bill legislation, when the shut off a rs. tion to the vonid be a sons could ì that the sing poul- s. Klio be­ tör for the ly might in he price of »ned. bounting Oli Ing thè new lon has becii 1 all at once. Iget thè new l; order, and until thè linpy. Those lui a rìse in Istria 1 activ- Iw curreiicj' p e intlation Ir. ( i Missouri jist congress |)nal amend lon of sena- |;er job this portimi of Ihieh reooin- |r thè choice It is be­ iti al! euthu- lìosition and |tteo in con­ tilo “new jluced a bill Ito have the Ir Clark. It If money for I Orchard to lieky, and is y>',” in mem- liamp Clark 1er of Boone clad to help ghorns. led as if the I way of the |sting game the Anieri- hion destroy- Vice reports Is in the na- Ivhich means |iy be saved ' The Tarry town National Bank We want to make this business, of greatest service to you. It’s success depends upon y<?ur patronage. And you may be very * sure that we will use every effort to make your dealings with us pleasant and agreeable. Why not open an account to-day? \ i TARRYTOWN NATIONAL BANK. CAPITAL $100.000 SURPLUS $50,000 Corner of Main and Orchard Streets. Tarry town* N. Y. Banking Hours 8 A. M. to 3 P. M.; Saturday* 8 A. M. to 12 M The value of the PEERLESS ECONOMIC GAS LAMP greatly excecds its price, inasmuch as it gives you increased light and, by consuming less gas, reduces the gas bill. Everything about it is of the very best and it is guaranteed by us; for three months we will replace any broken parts. PRICE: $2.25 in Three Payments. If our man has not called, he will, be there shortly and will put it up for you. WESTCHESTER LIGHTING COMPANY. John F. Dinkel, Pre*t. * Philip Jewell, Treat. F. D. Biigiii, Sec’y & Counael DINKEL & JEWELL CO. (INCORPORATED) COAL COAL COAL Scranton, Cross Creek, Highland Office Depot Square, a a M B M B u a Foot of Wildey Street Tarry town A PICTURESQUE “HOUSE GOWN OF \ • BROCADE AND LACE. FLAT TO LET—lUve comfortable rooms in Tipper Main street, includ­ ing bath and all improvements. Large and well ventilated rooms. Also part of basoment for rent. Terms reason­ able. . Apply, Joe Cohn, on tlio hill. FLAT TO LET—All improvements, at H 8 Valley street. Inquire nt D. M. Cohu’g liquor store, No. 25 Orchard street. t-1- FOB SALE—House in Washington street in ilna condition. Bargain at $6,500. AddreB* G. S., care Daily News. A5-t.f. TO KENT—Five rooms tnd bath. All white porcelaia finish. Good rivor view. Apply »t 89 Pocantico street. North Tarrytown. t.f- t OB BENT—Half of double homo, live large rooms and bath, all improre meats, including hot water heat. In­ quire F. D. Briggs, 124 Main street, Tarrytown. Tues&Fri-t.f. FOIf SALE—Property at No. 85 Isoper- han Road, house contains 12 rooms; every improvement; ground contains nearly one aero, and runs from Nep- erhan Road to Hamilton Place No reasonable offer refused. For terms, price and full particulars, see James P. Brannigan, 143 Main street. J15-tf OFFlCiiS TO LET in the Argua build­ ing. Stoam heated and janitor ser­ vice. Rent reasonable. Apply to Geiger & Newman’s Seal Estate De­ partment, corner Orchard stret and Central avenue. Jlfl.t.f FLAT TO LET—Four rooms, all im­ provements. $10.00. Washington flat, 267 Washington street. Apply C. W. Booth, 72 Beekman avenue, North Tarrytown. S13-t.f. TO LET—Flat containing six rooms. Good location. For furthor particu­ lars apply to C. D. Millard, Music Hall Building, Tarrytown. Dll-t.f. WORK WANTED—Widow would liko to go out by day, to do any kind of housework; will also take wash to do at homo. Mrs. Furman, l!l Chest­ nut street, North Tarrytown. I)30-t.f. LOST—On Main street, between Wash­ ington sfrect and Railroad station, a photo envelope containing a photo­ graph of a painting, inscription on back, “ Profession of Cores,” by Sal­ vatore Rosa. Finder please return to News office. D31-J-2-3 ¿ORSES FOR SALE CHEAP— Apply i. George Ferguson, Pocantico Hills, ‘ X J 2 , fED—Position as housekeeper by ¡1 woman (widow). No objoe- country. DJ51-J2-3 iY FRESH EGGS FOR SALE to Frederick E. Blundcn, 290 ion street^ North Tarrytown, J -8 WANTED—Private board* , large well heated rooms,, without board. Hot water bath. Exceiloh't ta-Mo. Mrs. 171 Washington street, •eor- e avenue, TitrrytowJi. Tel- ' F 2 TIiìf yonfhftil looking gown is car- Wf>'l oti! in bi'wyili' K.itîü. Tilo loose b.orti.-i’ is li.'nui'hi'd v.'t'i In \.iis of lino fill-: l.icc. ;U)d !’ii> !■ ire Ik (Jripcfl to full in two I.ijw double pi its at tile Intk. NOTICE. Court Cherubim, No. 10S, Daughtdrs of Isabella, will have a Christinas tree for poor children on Sunday at three c ’clvick, in St. Teresa's Hall, North Tarrytown, N. Y. Fruits of industry do not grow on ev­ ery family tree. Solomon must liavo been a wise man. What would you do^for excuses if about 250 of your 500 wives wanted to know where you wero last night when you crawl in about daylight? ♦ . |,THE BEST W AY TO SAVE +■ -*■ MÒNEY 13 B Y READING ♦ ♦ TIIE ADVERTISEMENTS IN ♦ ♦ THE DAILY NEWS. . » Frank Tocher 176 Valley Street Général Jobbing; Locksmith, Sash Gords, Furniturç.Ménd<;d or Recovered , FhOne Í54-J 1 j . I? h- f IN TARRÏTOWN TJie suSrago “ Army of tho Hudson,’ ’ fifteen strong and led 'by General Ros­ alie Jonos, passed' through Tarrytown shortly before four o’clock yesterday afternoon. They did not stop for a meeting as Nyack was their goal for the night, and they were saving their ener­ gy for a rally there. The “ Army,” however, carried a message for the Tarrytown suffragists from Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, and “ Col.” Ida Craft handed it over to tho suffragists who met the army and wished them good luck on their pil­ grimage. TOie letter, written under the head­ ing of the Empire State Campaign Com­ mittee, of which Mrs. Catt is chair­ man, was as follows: Tho Empire State Campaign Committee “ Vtites for Womeny Headquarters, 1 East 41st Street, New York City. December 27, 1913. To the Suffragists of Tarrytown: The Empiro State Campaign Commit- too extends to you a cordial invitation to attend a School for Suffrage Work­ ers to be held in Yonkers, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 12th, 13th and 14th. Suffragists of tho 9th Campaign District (Westchester, Rock­ land, Orange and Sullivan Counties) arc those particularly urged to attend, although all will bo welcome. On Monday evening tiiere will bo a social entertainment; on Tuosday a largo meeting at wlijcli Dr. Anna H. Shaw will be tho chief speaker. Let us put our heads together and plan such a thorough going, glorious campaign for the 9th District that fail­ ure in 1913 will bo impossible. The campaign needs YOU and you need the school. Como to Yonkers. Write to Mrs. Carl Osterheld, 249 Warburton avenue, Yonkers, eoneerji- ing hospitality. Your* for Victory in QARBIE OHAPJJAiï ó ATT, THÈ CAVALI ER '8 «ONQ. A «teed; a' steed of mfctctri««* ipeed! A «word ot me|A( kMp«! All elM to nobile beante« la dyòpije; . • All. else on enrtl; i l The neighyjnge of war-bpr>e Pro^de, The rowUnge of t||e Xhe • clangor' of the ttumpet lowde, Be soundcs from' bèaven that coinè; And, oh, the thundering presse of knightes, TihenftS their war-cryes swell, Kay tole from heaven an angel bright And rouse a fiend from bell! i Then mounte, then mounte, brave gallants all, And don your helmes amalne! Deathe’s couriers, fame and hon­ or, call Us to the field ngalne. * No shrewish feares shall fill our eye When tbe sword-hilt’s In our . hand. Heart whole we’ll part and no whit sighe Por the fayrest of the land; Let piping swaine and craven wight Thus weepe and puling orye. Our business is like men to fight And hero-like to die! —William Motherwell. k m i*!* i ♦ THEBE WOULD BE NO ♦ ♦ H IG H COST OF LIVIN G IP ♦ ♦ YOU PROFITED BY THjC; AD- ♦ ♦ VERTISEMENTS I H | a j ♦ D A ILY NEWS EVERY ¿A Y . -» ♦ BEAD THEM. ♦ “ ' '' T«s- Il!* «o>op|r|tipi), of variqni ationa, û confliftioa of; date» otajr he nV?id«d.. ■ ' Kindly and notUef for thi# floluma (q Mits de Freita«, 28- Dixon itreet, Tar- rytowa< pacamber 30 to Tanuaqr 7—For Charity. Anyone having Christmas or New Year's Postal Cards, Which have beep ■received, that they do not care to put away, if willing to donate same to a /Mission Work, carried on in the churches in the South, can send or leave them at 28 Dixon street, thus ■helping a good work. January 2.—Chicken supper at St. Paul’s Church, under the auspices of the Ladies’ Aid Society. January 6 .—The Tarrytown Equal Fran' chise Association will meet at the home of Mrs. Sheldon Hopkins, 17 East Elizabeth street, on Tuesday, January 6 th, at 3 p. m. Mrs. Ros­ well Skeel, Jr., will give Suffrage Convention experiences. January 9th.—Dance to be given at St. Teresa’s Hall, by the Tiger Athletic: Club of North Tarrytown, Friday ev­ ening, January 9th. Invitations now ■being issued. Dancing starts at S p. m. sharp. Music by |*cof. Seitz. -*C January 9.—The regular monthly meet­ ing of the Woman's Civic League will ■be held in the Corporation Rooms, Friday, January 9th, at 3 p. m. Mrs. Jr., will b* the'sppak' or- She pf tKe caftyention of recühtjy Htì'd «*•' Suffü?. TpMs of lçcfil Intent will ¡ 1)80 '!>e discussed. Anna Ilgwqrd Shaw \Voman Suffrago in thé. Second Reformed lay evening, January aajiary W.—P f will spealt en ^ Tajrrytown, at Church, Thursi ■ 'Janiiary 1|5.— The Ladies’ Aid Soqiety oi.St, Paul’s Church, will liojd a sup. p«r. ip ^he lecture roam of tho church, , tT*««»»ry 15{h. Ifaftuary 15.—Third annual masque and fiv|c ball of- tho Glenville Fire Com- ■}, pipy, at their Koadqaarters. Music f 'py Prof. Quinn’s orchestra. Tickets, £ admitting gentleipan and lady, 50 | cents; extra lady, £5 cents. Dancing froto .8 p. m. to 3 a, m. January 10 ,—There will be a dramatic . reading by Mrs. Christabel Whitnoy . Kidder given for the benefit of the ; W. I . H. S. Alumni Association in thp .. High School Auditorium on Friday 'i evening, January 16, 1914, at eight- fifteen. Tickets are $1.00 (or 50c. for students of the W. I . H. S.) January 16.—Dramatic read' ag by Mrs. • Christabel Whitnoy Kiddar, for the ’ benefit of the W. I. II. S. Alumni As- • sociation, in the High School audi- s torium^ at 8.15 o’clock. Admission, $1.00; student’s ticket, 50 cents. January 20,—Anniversary dance, giv­ en under the auspices of Div. No. 11, L. A. A. O. II. in St. Teresa’s two halls. Dancing begins at 8 p. m.-, and a piper will be in attendance in the smaller hall. Assessments, 35 cents each. Invitations have been issued. January 22.—The Ladies’ Aid Society of th 0 Methodist Protestant Church, Beekman avenue, will servo a roast turkey supper, Thursday evening, Jan­ uary 22 d, from six to nino o’clock. Tickets, 35 cents. Ice cream, 10 cents extra. January 23.— Thirteenth annual bali of Pocantico Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1,' of North Tarrytown, at yuion Op era House. Tickets, 25 cents each, The committee reserves all right?. January 30.>—Progressive ouchro by in? vitatiqn only from members of Tar- rvtown Nest, No. 1C0S, Order of Owla. February 17.—Mo.ving Pictures and Barn, Dance, givon by Fromout Circle, Ng. 389) O. of F. of A., at Union Op­ era House, Tijrrytqwn. Dancing at 8 p. m. Tickets, 35 cents each. , To make good resolutions is all right, but it is better to make good. Tho man who knows tho least gener­ ally things ho knows the most. Tho dog in the mangor is only one of the chronic growlors. s e Tho attention, of ôwj.ërs ç| do^s' ) í hereby called to the following extract ¡ fröm Sootion 129-13Ò óf'Article V4IÏ bi the County Law: * * * * Tho annual 'registration fee . for every dog over four months ol<3’ to be registered in thfc Gbuñty of West­ chester, outside of inc'irporated citjes shall lie as follows! for every bitcli owned or harbored by aiiy one or more pom>ns, or by any family, throe dollars; fo^ rovery dog other than a bi'tcli owned o*harbored by one ox more pqrsons or; by any family, one dollar. •» * * # on or fyoforo the tonali day of January in eaeh year a like i-.-. -fin- Tru*te«p ^ thp provisions of the ¡sjynergHoü ; the % n L \gDWAjBD '*^l‘V\‘ V , -■ e '* ■ patçd Doceníber ¿1^ Jl WBÂXÜ:W ti #iak«’ tliat sraadM rid it. O è ti adractlM. ♦ *► ♦' - * . ♦ ♦ ♦ on *■ Be prepared for the best sport of the winter. Get a Pair of Barney & Berry Ice Skates* C. H. CURTISS & CO. ti STERN BROTHERS Forty-second and Forty-third Streets, West of Fifth Avenue Motor and Carriage Entrance on Forty-third Street New Yor\ To-morrow (Saturday), continuation of The Following A n n u a l Sales A t Extraordinary Price Advantages: Clearance of Women’s, Small Women’s and Misses’ Suits, Coats, Dresses, Gowns and Wraps Clearance of Furs and Fur Garments January Sale of Household and Decorative Linens and Bed Coverings Clearance of Entire Stock of Men’s, Young Men’s and Youths’ Clothing 0 Also Continuation, To-morrow, of the Annual Clearance Sale of\ Boys* Suits, Overcoats, Furnishings and Hats At One-Third to One-Half Les* Than Regular Price* Boys’ Norfolk Suits, London or American- made, of navy blue serge, mixed suitings and corduroy, ages 7 to 18 years. $3.90, 5.25, 7.50, 9.75, 11.50 Actual $6.00 to $20,00 Values Russian and Sailor Suits, of navy blue ot brown serge and mixtures, ages 2 Y i to 10 years, at $3.90, 4.95 Actual $6.50 to 8.50 Values Button-to-neck Chinchilla Overcoats, plain or belted styles, in navy blue, gray or brown; wopl lining; ages 214 to 12 years. at $6.45, 8.50, 11.75 Actual $10.00 to 16.50 Values Small Boys’ Russian Overcoats, of desirable mixed overcoatings, in (gray or brown effects, 2^2 J to 8 yrs, * 3 . 9 0 Actual $6.00 to 8.50 Valqes Long Winter Overcoats, London or Ameri­ can made, of Chinchilla or mixed overcoat­ ings, in newest shades, ages 12 to 18 years, at $5.50, 7.75,9.50,12.85 Actual $8.50 to 20.00 Values Boy»’ Pajama», ages 6 to 16 years, atOOC, 9 0 c , 1 .4 U Actual $1.00 to 3.00 Values Boys’ Blouses, ages 7 to 15 years, at o 5 c . 9 5 c , 1 .DO ' Actual $1.00 to 2.75 Values fA Youths’ Shirts, sizes 12 Yi to 144 . at 9 8 1»45 Actual $1.50 to 2.50 Values Boys’ and Youths' Sweaters Extra Specials This Sat in pl“~186 56 Orchard Street Veg't,b1“ 185 s.: Sugar Cured Hams Special at X MEATS ANDINC p o u l t r y 18 L B . We Handle Only the Highest Grades of Fresh Meats $ t 9 5 c , ages 2 / i to 18 years, / t ÿ & C , 3.45 Actual $1,75 to WUO Values it 25c Boy«r FoW-in-HaiifJ Actual 25 c ant}75c^Value8. Boys’ and Children’s Hats, of Felt, Cloth* Pliish» Fur and y^elour at Clearance Prices > On Monday, January 5th, will b^/held the Annual January. W om en’s Superior pfodevwe&V At Lower Price* than th’Pfe of fheretofore Only the best class of garments— fujly ifje high standard of excellence' maintained by this h«ji^M ? f/ilj pe afferpd. Full Detail« in Sun^ York pitppro . .a /»/ 1 • S * ' ¿e, c< \swift t pipossibie irnsras» 1 Leg» of Spring Lamb ______________ \ Country Sausage __________________I C * » Pot Roast _____ __________ ( I Sirloin Steak, Best Cuts ____________ [ J L ¡Frankfurters ----------------- \ Loins of Jersey P«k ______________ j Choicest JLamb Chops, Rib f Loin ___________________ 'J O Porterhouse Steak -------------------------- \ £ A 3 lb Strips of Lean Baco ________________________ J Choicest Fresh Hams, lb _________________________________________ 18c | Fresh Shoulder, lb_________________________________________ 16(tf 1 Mutton Chops, Rib or Loin _______________________________ 14o^ Pickled Pig’s Feet, ready to eat _________________ * __ 4 lbs., 25c ^ Leg Mutton, medium weight, lb. _____________________ _ ___ 16c Chuck Steak, lb., - --------------------------- 16c Plate, Navel and Brisket, lb .-------------------- Short Lamb ______________________________________ IZVkcl • Sauerkraut, Crisp and White_____________________________ Sc lb*, v'>^ Vegetable Department A Varied Selection o f New and Fancy Fresh Vegetables BUST MAINE POTATOES, ill. 15c; peck ___________ _____ FLOWER, nice liqjds......................... .. ........................... TVIW: :PS, Bost Yellow, £ XliSt _ ____________________________ r A N C r LONG ISLAND OELERY, 3 bunches for .......... ....... ?BESf NEW TOMATOES, 111. ....................— ............ . ............. liE P ONIONS, 3 lbs ....... ........................ ........................ ........... .25c _15c - 10 c .25c _15c .IOC _25c TANOY GEAPE FRUIT, large size, 6 for ............ FLORIDA ORANGES, sweet and juicy, doz. _____ CALIFORNIA NAVfa. ORANGES, doz, ........ . FANOY EATING APPLES, doz. _______ ________ ; CRANBERRIES, Bright, Firm, Juicy, 2 quarts.. SPANISH MELONS— ... .............. ....... ...................... BANANAS, doz— 'lj.~ ............................- ______ I- ..V , .2 5 » i _______ . . r ____ _ _______ -------- ........- ___ ____ 25c CHOICE TABLE BUTTER. LB. 31 CENTS ‘i •'■V.'A • - A . \ \V '■ V. -4-V i , v . -a: » I-./. • J. - i \ 'irk. ■r ■- -mM

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