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JilJP^JIWlipi!|8pU! r^rmmg^w^&^'^K 1 ^ \ - •JV»™*»'»(I*K».\MP\4B II Jipiii iiUI||Bl^ip!WW'..Wi*J(|J»ii'. **w»NS*^P»W ^**» S**^^ i*\ ; -:>\ : ^ John, Mungo, Glenfield business man, realized, a great deal of satisfaction in Italy's surrender yesterday. So he sent Presi- dent Roosevelt the following wire: GLENFIELD, NEW YORK SEPTEMBER 8, 1943. PRESIDENT F. D. ROOSEVELT, WASHINGTON, D. C. ' TO PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT, PRIME MINISTER. -.CH^.RG*iJ;L>l_ AND.GENERAL^-E4SENFt©WERj----AliSO - TO THE ENGLISH, CANADIAN AND AMERICAN ARMilES FOR COiMPLETING THE LIBERATION OF ITALY GIVES ME GREAT SATISFACTION. JOHN MUNGO . If buttons on a garment are subject to consider abl,e strain, reinforce them with, a piece of garment fabric, folded into a small square. Hold this square on the wrong side directly under the button and sew through it when you sew fast the buton. To help prevent damage by moths, first thor- oughly clean articles to be stored by dry cleaning, washing, or sunning and brushing; then pack them in \a moth-proof closet or other container that can be well sealed.. To remove white spots from wood surfaces,, rub the spot carefully but steadily until it disappears, with powdered puiniee or salt mixed with boiled lin- seed oil, mineral oil, salad oil or machine oil. In.ironing cuffs, collars, lapels, or any part of a rayon garment that requires pressing on the right side, use a pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron. Hew York- state now has about 1,500,000 victory gardens, covering about 200,000 acres of land. \Canning powders\ or other chemical preserv : atives do no good and are a definite health hazard. ffUe J*044MuMe Jlexidesi A DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER Successor to 7Ue Black (lio&i Vetna&iat LowvillevN. Y. Telephone 253 JOHN O. BCTSD and STANLEY K. IVERSON, Editors and Publishers JOHK 0.-BOYD, Editor Entered at the Lowville Postoffice, Lowville, N. Y.. ,; ^.^cohd^efesfsE ajilier. vPubBsfced ®yery Thursday, £ •M '•M&zSZ, Tear &$& Sir -SfcitWilfceS' G&J^ar f3.90:*iSix iibnths J&00 flaiiacfalf«4-J'qreign, Oiie Year J4.00 < Prices of Back Issues on Bequest. Three Months T5e H M^--^mm»' : ° ^ar • A.m&^m,-^-::: -' ••-••-• ^mmm^ VOLUME 35 ^|tf|igE,-'N. Y^T^XJ^^^^m^m^t^m \ . S^g^i^^^||^LeV^^urtt^ NUMBER 3 \{sr#*^^#*s#**sr**#***f^*l**s*##*#Nr**- of Richard Rohr of Deer River was elected master of the Lewis iCouiu ty iPomona Orange at the regular meeting of the Pomona at the Har- risburg grange hall last Thursday. Mr. Rohr at present is ledturer at the 'Deer River grange. In addition the following. officers were elect:' ed Overseer, Clarence Benedict, Turin; lecturer, Genevieve O'Brien-' of Harrisburg;-steward, Roy Nuf- fer, Beaver Falls; assistant stew- ard, Claude -Bardo, Turin; lady as- sistant stewai<I, Viola Kohler, of Kirschnerville; chaplain,. Mrs. L. C Archer,- Lowille; treasurer., William iBachman, Riverbank.;.. sec-* retary, Mrs. W. B..HIII, Denmark; gate keeper, Harold Bogfaart; •Ceres, Mrs. John Aim; Pomona, Hilda Yancey, Belfort; Floras Mrs.; Margaret Burke, Glendale. The new member of the executive com- mittee is Arthur . Waterman of Barnes Corners. The hold over members are -George Higby, Turin, and Kent Vary, Harrisburig. The pianist Is Mrs. James IBrown of Riverbank. Cyril Seymour was again recommended for district., deputy state master- . • It was interesting to note that between them, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hill have, held the office of secre- tary for 42. years. The rules ot the Pomona provides that no offi- cer hold over for more than one year in office. The exception to this is the executive committee. Mr. Hill had the job last year and Mrs. Hill has the job of secretary this year. Cyril Seymour read bis annual report and announced that the granges h£d a net gain of 63 menv hers during the past year.- The-in- stallation of officers will (be held in December. The ' .next regular meeting will be the first :Thursday- in December, the 2nd. There vwill be a Boosters-^'Night meeting ,-in October at Jb^peaver 'Fa3is,gtfefj| \ in charge of % Don .Rfngfl War- thepict^g&j James p^Flo Gerald Edward Hqtippert Leon (Davis, principal, of the Academy, has done a pretty swell job filling the wide open spaces' ip the faculty. No less than, 13. new teachers^ have been engaged fbi the new year which ibegay la»1 Tuesday. There is still oiie. va^ canoy but 1 compared to' the situa- tions that exist with regard to va- cancies in other schools in the state, we are in fine shape. As a matter of fact, many of the rural schools in the county lack teach- ers even at the present time. Speaking of the Academy, we sure hope that some day'they Will make a central school of jt> The advantages are many, not the leasl of which are enlarged- cafeteria and vocational agricultural facili- ties. ''-\'.-. Two bad railroad accidents in iNew York State in a ten.day. pe-. riod remind us, that the railroads are badly overtaxed as far as fa- cilities for handling -people are^ concerned. No tire and no gas and in some eases no cars has driven the people to the railroads. Now don't tell us that the-people ought to stay home. That ain't the na- ture:, of the critter! .However, In ,ali- probability the rationing of railroad seats is only a matter of time. Some-roads how sell only the capacity of the train.. and no one is standing. Maybe they o u !=ht to let us ride on the milk trains. There is always a. coach on them and that would distribute some of the traffic and also the hazards. If you didn't see \My Friend Flicka\ at the Avalon you really missed the grandest horse, story since \Black Beauty.\ Especially after the wonderful exhibit of . horses at the County Fair this summer. If you read that article in last week's New Yorker maga- zine on horses you will realize that the .horse is here to stay. Just a suggestion to . jSP&MS,. whomever he is and wherever he is: . A _little., slower driving, on Shady avenue not only saves gas and tires but also-—and more im- portant—might save the life of a child. You know school has he- . gun and those boys and girls aren't experts. on judging distance and safety. . Church'Studios Gerald Bayard Hoiippert, A 3tf M 3/C, godson-of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher; -• Houppert, . Lowyille, \ has' gr&duatedfrbib' the Naval iir Training 'Center^ \Memphis Tonii. At the time of his graduation he was advanced from seaman second class to aviation -machinst mate third class. He has heen trans- ferred to Alameda,/ Calif., where his toother James IS stationed.. He will attend a 'gunners school. 'James has recently\ been promoted to aviation ,in1a<Shinst.. mate second ^.ciass-Jt*' . ' \ '.•'':• ''.%•' : -' \ ••' \ .\ : ;• ' .{ ehuroh Studios . Cpl. JTfimes, VDuFlo, son of Mr. and ^jsj^-^^iqias. DuF5o,. iGrQghan, ; is ;n^w;ih ; ;fSreign,service. Before going Into; foreign service jhe. was sfcatfoned-. at iSelfridge Meld, Mich., with .the -Weather Ohservi.ng Air (Oofps^; ,\|ie .'is a igraduate of. JQow- yille academyj class of ,939, and was\ .inducted into the ariuy in August, ,19-42. . With the J943\ project yeat for 4-H members finding up, it. is ihr terestihg; to. note the increased number of .'boys and girls in New . York 'Stata that participated-in 4-H work. Eihal enrollment figures for the State Were released, last.month and show; a 73 % increase in: total membership. There are now 8'2,- 404 4-H members in New York iState, an Increase of 26,935 over 1942. Starting th^ year With the slogan \.Fejsd;: i^JSoldier in '43,\ ja potential landf-army was indeed put to work. -Through the fine work of our former club agent, Mr. Harold Sweet; Lewis \county kept abreast with the rest of the States increasing the enrollment from &5S to 962.. We are very close-to the- \thousand\ group and with every member fulfilling the feldgan, the boys of Lewis county have contrib- uted a- good share toward the war effort.\ ''•'•\ The . September issue of Clover Leaf Petals, will i-be' dedicated to the Third War Loan Drive. 4-H members in - the county have al- ready invested -liberally in ibonds and stamps and- will take an ac- tive part in fulfilling Lewis coun- ty's share in-this drive. The Rock- . bound Hustlers::'Cl.uV'i'under> •< the leadershipK-of!,Mr.-andi'iM'fs:, 'Hehry Saunders, -have purchased the- equivalent of a-hohd'in stamps out . of their club 'treasury fUBd. -Since all of the members will /have grad- uated from club work by the time these bonds mature,; it is indeed an unselfish gesture on their part and one that guarantees club funds for members 1(> years from now. A meeting will be held in the 4-H office on Saturday morning for leaders of 4-H girls' eluhs in the-county; Miss Elizabeth Traver . will be Br.esent to ^gb : .over- and ; out-. line the new Foods and Clbthing program for giris this, winter and next spring*. >Missi-Travers will ar-' rive, T^¥sday ; and make', leader visits around the county, and assist girls with completing projects for this year. There, will.foe a* district meeting of county and associate 4-H agents at Canton on Monday. The coun- ties t o be represented, are 'Frank- ' lin, St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis. Miss E.-. Traver and Mrs. Clinton JESowman will be present at this meeting.-' With a goal Of SflHDmemhers, the : Lewis .County Home Bureau an- -^nual iaembeirsyp drive'-gets uiider way Oct. 1,. according; \to! \plans mapped out by 'the. executive \com!- •miiteeiVt,5together ...with Dorothy Bradle,35 i;b,ouhty.,agent, .Tuesday at: the Home,.^Bureau office in the. post oifrce. building. The' drive • will, end Oct. ii6.,'hecause the final repdrtg-must he in =on Oct. 18. Miss; Helen Stott, leader, will.! be . present !at a meeting.-to'be held in the county_ on.Oct. 21. . In. addition plans .were made-for an officers .training:. school to <he held in.\ ;Lpwville Sept, 30, .-. It . is expected, ihkfc 'jail. officers of' every unit wall be- present to attend, this , school for the' purpose- of hecom.ing more efficient in their duties -and to mote\ carefully make, plans for the\ coming yeari One job of the. vice chairihan is the membership drive in-«ac.h '.community. Prizes, will ibe awarded to the vice chair-' man doing the: .best job. The committee discussed plans for training schools for clothing, household . management, ;agricifl- turai. .eilglngering; and, family life. The food schools ;will be held • in. October\atid November-by Therese WOCMI, food sp'ecfeiist from Cornell uniyfersity-.' iThe' clothing..training- schools \wliich have : 'been tempo- rarily,'.caBceied /because.'•.of illhess, will .be held-later oh. TJie. house- hold management school will the in October and April. -These . ses- sions;- will he On. the care, and r'e- pair.of electricii equipment' and will b4 conducted -by Delphia. Wie- sehdanger of COrnell, Agricultural lesson's oii household-insects come in (May and will be conducted by, i»pqfc; (Blauyielt. of\ Cornell. . ; :, . Family \life :meetihgs with -Map-r garetWyile of; the extensioqi serp- i'ce • jwill -be; held, ih November and December. Meat canning, demon-; 6trati'ons;rwill,be : conducted , ; thru-. out the. county \in \Oeteber the dates Of wlMch will be announced latjpir''. .:'.'; ''-?'• mm Robert William French of 37 gftowe street, made the navy by iust,48 \hoursy That wag-all .the time, which, remained between the- hour lie...jf,as sworn in -as appren- tice seaman and : the time he 'would have been ineligiblea for eHlis't.\ LeRoy Kenneth- Burr, R;. p. 4, has been enlisted in the United States NaxyvRe.serve. through the North :GplMt£t . Navy Recruiting Station'/ 3n^;;Watertown. He was transferred;.to Albany where he was\ in&ctid, on.. Sept. 1 withvthe rating of ipprehtfce. seaman. 1 ; After being:-sworn into active duty he* was trahsferred ;• immediately to the Naval Training Station at iSainpspfh, N.. Y., where he will un- dergo;/. a course of ! indoctrinal . .tTaining! -------- Malief Richards i*s''^t^Q£USm isSiiMiIc«£¥K wmmm w ^.r.* '--#--.>*. -.* *•' -S^nh^>#fiM^iff7%i8,' ; hdime *• * ; garp^js^v «t^.S/SSW*d3t : ;;aviei!xue - * * raised: .%Vton)atoToc^om^ * * ypfa choose;,:. tfi^t ; ajiekfWsiJ: - a •• *,/m^'^;;i|^>fn^h^.Vii'-^^fl(if|$r..* * arid w'eiahina no less than • 28 * aifd' .W%(|i^li'^ii^.-.!r^'liesi-. than 28 * b.unjB«afe'.-;',tfypie-.~^^d% It ^eems^ * were; planted at home and the •plaints': vy;ej*ei;ie% out June 23. •^Thjat;ii# qu|ie,4 tqfridhte, or. * : tomato.'•,.•.;::'; ';'. .-s• -.- \.'..'...'.._ * ^henC^;\H BaBiws raised\ a China Long . cucumber that \ . ^tensivef p|aHfe'^#e .made: at a; general /^meeting of* poihrnuhlty ;. chairmen ;at;. : tb,e. Lewis ;fCotuitjri; dbuiffc; Hxiuse-^ruesday eveadng; witit; '•_•, Doa 'Ji^gshi^/.ILewif l^ftdt^ .W^r .;_< .^v3^i.;;-<ih^iia^^,;-;.presi^n^ fes i : jl^d;-lAi : ^$&xa^ ; Chai^an-'\.. 6tr : vfcftmeiSff actiTltie»i. lalsd -pifjEsfefit..-__'\. , ife-^ngsbu^.Tvent ;^Vdu^^i;i» , ; comprete; pro|fa^\that wili..;mere:.. t-h'pi :^^. : :^y.^i^M4\ne^^.T^;. '•'• t(fje -tfi\e'-)iietKte:'^mt^sshar^'-iof : :M$ -.. Tlird* iV^af' : ; iio|iu.'y;^!^fe%- ;\'cb%^itri;;- tee\ chairman;was\ ^ven .a&opJworr .-.. inchei?*fi^^ vl ^ii^ai«'^ff^^^^^^^^^ilte the; x4*jt<ci-:%i : ^J§^w0lk, raised this in his regular annual home gardeh :(nbt';\ : yfctory - gar-den, he' said> : -witfi; a^sporQV\ If yo^r-pe^d-e^f; §aye raised larger y^etabies in; this class, we?d like -to hear about it.. # ; *. * - .*- .-*; .*\'*-. .*.: --* ; ':* • K -• * % OYefe piree- thousand ybuhg1lp;e6r-; ple-.of |teen : age ;visited, the^Teen Town Center' at the?. HSO club quarters tfiis^^ngj; : during the nine wre^g^^^^Mt^v organizatibh , was fun^^n^M^ceordiiig to> Mrs;. Oliver Ji^asohj: one of the adult executives; . When vthe Teen Town Center s^^eff^ - wafs^ased on the census 60gM : ^oiufiiJebpleOf- 'teen : age. Gf;'tSesfe;4a?ff^ Otut of \town . ; jobs d'urjhg-;tfle; .suhBpei;. Of; tli.e .balakce^':^t3€r-'.^g%e;S;-.'-'&pj: , i : as- charter- membersi.-•; :Tais'-c^er&:tte': peribd ;june -28 -|o : S^pt.-3; jexolfding Fair week.;. .•'.>>•\/•;\;'•'•-'•.\ /;•}:\</'''.\-.' •'.' : \>. The varibijV^actiyitles\ Included d-ahces an^^Jn^05, ; gajnes '^— any- ' thing, in 'the:'*-vfay.:bf 'clean .recrea- tional aCtiyijtie'.S' that would . keep, thesej ;yoifng : people ;off the streets' of.iLpwville nights;.;^For the first year;-those .responsible ieel. that • the club.-^!;is 'a; ;disiinct,.'Success. The of fleers. of,. the,; organisation, were more, enthusiastic as ;far as their opinions.were concerned ; as ' to, whether or not;it;.wag a success:. Fifty guests were entertained dur- ing the summer. ..'•'• : The officers include: John Mil- ler, president; John iSchiieder, yi'ee president; JiTartha. Bushey, tfeas- • urer, and !&Iar.y, Robertson . secre- .tary-histoMfen. These, officers to- gether! -witt.'Ma^lneAjF^wler v.aad Dohald;fie6WS^^iM^UB:; the' board of diiectoirs.T fEta^e .Sio'stesses jas- sistedr. ^ith. ffie' aca^itieSi Mrs. •Harvey ..Humphrey, ..M*s. ' E. E.' F0\plfifei^i^^^we&#nith\.\' Tb'e TyiUage.^b'aid; provided ten- nis, nets and.-repaii'ed- vthe courts, to\ addition: with thB : ' : coopefatioii of the LoWviile Kawahis Club, the bbard appropriated a fund of |15# for .various Teen Town, actiyittes. The'Order of JVIoose donated their- hall-for .a roller skating party on® . eveniiig.'.;,'-' The fame ot.the -club _has spread; far. and- wide;''• .'inquiries'- having been received from Santa Maria, iCalif., Washington, D. )C, Water^ town and dgdensburg to mention -.a'few;' •• •;•,.;.'.-. -'•_' \\•. -...:. - ajrt^^Sttfiib^fli^^Vv^-' ;;'?-.;';: ; T^\#:;m^ing. r act!aail^'> w^sv : ;;tie;.. corbBlnation- '6t ihV;-4*y^|: .Cbunt^; Wkr - Effort;. Go)£|Mtteev.. mA ' JW$ : Lewis;Cbunty • Minute; -..Me^.^.-Tb^t-', Minute Meftare;Organized-foir ; the.- ptirpbse\ jof 4ali^ting .ihiksn^po^^it • the /iniral pjibple aind splicltirig : jaij.. .'• the. families '/<Jnts^e.;''t^.\ c '..-ur3)aai.'-'-- areas bf.^&.boirkt^:'.;'.; _ ; : '-.^,-;-.':;- • tjpoii ; Stieii i^fiim ;to- thteif .feantTi.' muniteies\ the^indiradual: .chained,;., willftpld InslSuetionaVinieetin^ .', ^^^..•'•ith^v-iiflifi^' - bfXTu^da^s;;'; meieting^ iyti&jbe 1 :'prough;fc homes;' ._\•.' ; -Mi ;Ki#gsbu^ : ;&b,aoyy:^ - picttire; \ii?M. ; 4^erj?bbdy's. '^y^r\'. t<> ~ • \tBesiiemb^^sri^esjK^v-x-.'.-\': '/.'- \.-'•-.- ._•\•-;. ;V Those..pifesfeht; included.: Henry;. . MeDonjaid,, .F^brence, Maher^ ,'ahd,. •=. Mrs. 'Hig^sanj; ail' : of ;-Piiickney;-. Benj; DemOj ^dreyf^ifiler, ' : ~:ilLel-; , ' viri -.sSlnibu^^Sah'ais- .S^nibj, WiP-. liam 'Kaskelai-• • ;iWayland ' A^ffiiir/ Mrs.; Mumfo,rd, -''Mi.: and M!rs; :EJtrl.. Stanton, Daniel AJlen, Day - : J&ich, Orville Manzer, Gbbr^.e Hart.'Kath-', erine .G4ylord,; Ellzab^ R; Ajgy,;'DeWitt--L'eFe Malloy, .iGienn iSealy,, : RUth -'jbhhsi - -ton and J-. .^.Bralnerd,; . v -.•••:''.!'.\ ; f I VI.VI \Albert Schoff^'eSertainM, -X&&\ Lowville; i^Sanis -Club at the ; ^an- nual ioiix and' chicken feed at his ' camp in the town of ;(Mphtdfue oil Tuesiday • evening at. jffie,/-regulsl^ Kiwahis Meeting. Donald;.\ toeti\; zer of DeWitt, lieutenant .gpyCThor of the^^^ New : Ybrk,'|6i.stnbt; of-ici»-; \wanis Interhationalv.was--present. '.-. He invited the lowville ciub tb.at- tehd the .annual' picnic..ahd : . jntefe.\. ;club;i^etIng:of this.district at the\ Drumliii iCotintiy: ;iGIub;>: Syracuse,..-.- next Thesday; aftetiibbn.; It W^ planned therefbre for ; the; -^wiriile-:' club; to /attend', the.; Syracuse, iiicnfb; instead of = the- ; ieg^utar / a^wyille ; . club-meeting. .In ;lts piape tbeie- , will be a; small slipper at the' Wlhdv iSpr: Hbtei for; any -who.ire unable 1 : to attend.the : :p4bnie.' . ,-,'.. '-. •'-' Thbse prbseht included ^Spencer Reed;' IMn a'nd'. ; fes/;.Ei'. 'J^HerziJi. ' • L. -. Schattiieki\ Mr.' and. Mrsy 1^4^-: ing. f)ekm, r Mr;: !'a4ff,JMfs.-.'-'.'/Hl- ! ' 'Mi. : D^nahbe; ; Mrs; Arthur Shaw^: Mr..'' and Mrs; Ae^^ ] ^6ps^TyMr.ya,id- ' Mr<s. -iJoiraV iBpyd>^ ^MTS-:^f^'^mp- : ' •bell, Mr. .ahd>M%, r - Joseph: penderv; gas'ti^^MissHelen ^ohlterj ^filler\-Si fiMCbrani ;:Mri '.;ahdV;iMrs. ; JbsepJbL'Mtis-:\ [ ; sum,:;Mii\ ; and :MT$.V^bert\:.^hb# ; Lou ;&blil^; Mt-- -*Aft =$&$k iiiaBg^.; QhlJipi ;^^'e^he;;#^Ianj::-SL_ ~'i&kaxf. old;^DoMfeflsg?'Mfc #id-'Mrsi.^fyJde; • G-r'ahinii. -0xM ^^:Ch^9;Mf.\ Edward BSrtlelt apd; Fraiik.; Ati^r'.. '•citbV-. ; ; ': ; ;V-:; : -': : .r-.i; ; -V:^ ; ;'-:-|'' ; At;-the 'ajoiuaT^^/tn'egti'ng; ffilonday evening, of . th'eh'Lowyille; 'Post, American Legion, Stuart ..Harris was elected- ebmmander. <Mri Har- ris ;.has'preyipugly- -held' the posts of Fifth District Commander., and Adjutant, tjj'thef f b£ficers elected are: Lesterl jKreegian,: first vice eommander r 'aiid - Va'rner Lyman, second vice commander. Starting ljls 12th year is Haroid Allen, a^-^ jutant. .'.'••. ..,.\'-•-': $he finan.ce pffib'er.is Jamef T. ; .. Joties^ chaplaittj. 6ev. 'Walter Mac r ' Phersott;; .sergeant-' at^arms, John Rubart; .exebutiye jeommitteb. to. t>. Kingsbury;, Leb' 'H;ubbaxd>a,nd -H.;Ai.. Lane, immediate past cbmmahder. - •The/dbeyfis 'Countj? ^kr^lBiu^eaii^'\' acbordipg -to '• JpsepH;.^in€e.rgas : t,;; county, agent,' h;as'afranfed' ; a .series of four corn haWester :Md;.ensiI^ie.'-. cutter meeting|r ; stSrtihgVthis. afteiv; •n'opn, pon/iWa^semanft, - cbtoty- ajgr ricultural': bngiheer, .wjll ;b» demon-',. strating.; at each- jneetihg;;\ : \ ';- Th.\efmteetingSy are:, ''Ml^-'i&ev-y nobn;;^t .2/ M A^a ^roni^rmjyt^;:' higttt. at 7 \ait ffle \RpbeEt.TBiolHkrt- farMf ; ]Ffiday at 2',at';fhe^a%'.:pf1:. jame^ Keplia'ne,^ .aiid\ ftida^'-iigM V.' at-^.atTthe.&rni..of;Cyxil;:^ByimoOT : - ' ih ;^b^eyiHe -bid the #ta;te!?Sba5a.,\;; fiarl StanfMS -^1feene^a«sa7\^en he.^ 'Lewis &*&&' •••\-*— -.»ii2> :--*\*»- >^r - -*» -.-aind.«a3te^/talfc t ';5et&'. the saggfC ThJrd'%i£r i<Lkt&ti &&**> %$icK$fe'. • 0 ^sSins' todays''' • \• \• '-'W '\ .'\- \.';. N. H, Haberer has returned af- ter spending a few days in Canada. Parents of Daughter ~ Mr. and Mrs.'Duane Strife, are the parents of a girl born Sept. 6, at the-Lewis 'County iG^hefal hospital. jrere maaW ^ef^his- ,^ial OTainiai^pnHiana^ -S^pt. '£\_ ' •''\. ;; r '.'^Aftgri tbat^bseisbave->&e 1s no¥' : Apprentice,'Seaman French\ and is : stationed at the tJ. S, Naval Trato- ihg Station at Sampson, N, Y.* for' his basic,indoctrination. See Har-c|si^& Kingsbury i^ispfay of School Supplies -f^O^e^iifvi, :-?4 f^fe^K|ph-^Hipfpafe»me ^a^^@^^iire?^0j?P^^-. *^>'Setebtioife«Bib^f3t%:-.» £%&< 'iae\.' • St#M^S^gdf^ttle*, ,'Offefibabh M^S'iBo^^i^'-^ trude*A'ieXa,naejfi J*n'eit.'parkei and- Na>jc^;'^y^^ v . ' Democrat Ticket •^ Eugefle^ Piggga^ipl^affi-e'ek :&e- .'iRMffti-'MtlbM^^ taken a leach- \ 'rt^^a-fofmer tieiehbr of lowyilfe:' 'm&i -place' was~hbmi^.lte;d^hSf ;mg $om? -. ^^ : ^hffis^s&$SM!^^^fyS^*iBBbi' ;i|]^e t '-^-|g^fg^igS; .^^^1 ' ' \\ \' '^i^0Mt':^t^0w^'iy'p^^

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