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|g North Westchester Times, New Castle Tribune, Mount KTsco, N.Y., Pee. 24. 1959 NORTH WESTCHESTER'S BUSINESS DIRECTORY Here's The Way thousands of North Westchesterites, will save time and money by pa­ tronising these area merchants. You will find here a complete list of services offered. Your local businessman is your best friend. Use this directory for all your needs. Art Supplies ART supplies fbrmvfct and professional S With Bob Knight Shooting Home Movies Exposure—it's a cinch! One rea-; son why exposure is so easy is that most people take mo9t of their movies on sunny days—just as they have made most of their snapshots under a bright sun. For nine movie shots out of ten, there­ fore, you shoot at one lens posi­ tion — \ f - 8 \ The \t\ doesn't mean a thing. The \8\ simply in­ dicates a certain size of lens open­ ing which the manufacturers of cameras and film have determin­ ed . . .and millions of feet of ama- tuer movies have proved . . . lets in the right amount of 1-ght for perfect exposure under sun­ ny skies. Chances are, if you shot every movie scene at \f-8\ you'd automatically insure getting as good exposure results with movies as, man and boy, you've been get­ ting from your still pictures. The other reason why you'll get good results with movies is that even the most inexpensive movie cameras, unlike all but the better and more costly snapshot cameras, have fast lenses with which you continue to get good exposure un­ der bad light. Movie cameras and film, in short, are no fair weather friends. But let's understand exposure. The whole trick is to let the right amount of light get through the lens, to the film. An average amount for average subjects on average days. That's \f-8.\ A little less light when things are extra- bright. A little more light when things are dark. By counteracting, with the size of the lens opening, the quality of light outside the camera, you always admit the SAME AMOUNT of light to the film. You get equally good expo­ sure . . . equally good results . . every time. Fine and dandy, you say? But how am I sure I'm get­ ting that \same amount\ of light? It's Easy Easy. You just look at the sky and at the subject, and then look at the exposure guide on your camera. If you're filming under a bright sun, the guide, as you al ready know, will point to \f-8.' You click a little gimmick on the camera so it points to \f-8\—and you've set the lens. If there's a hazy sun the guide says \f-5.6.\ Point the marker at the \f-5 6\ and you've opened up the lens a bit to let in a little more of the weaker light. For a subject in open shade the guide says \f-2.8.\ Set. . . sight . . . shoot—and again you've got it For what you're really doing, you see, is adjusting the camera's eye, manu­ ally, exactly the way your eye ad­ justs instinctively. When you step rom shade into sun, you squint, —until the ins opening of your eye adjusts to the light and you get the right \exposure.\ And when you step from sun into shade, you peer—until your eye opens up so that, again, ycu can see as nice as' can be. So, for the same rea­ sons, and for the same subjects, you \squint\ and \peer\ the cam­ era's eye—by just following a ew simple printed instructions. There's one more facto\ the brightness of your subject. Not the amount of light overhead, but the lght-reflecting qualities of what you're shooting under that light. There's no problem here, either. An average-colored subject on an average-bright day gets that old standby — \f-8.\ Move onto a beach ... or on snow . . , and things are brighter. The guide says 'Ml\ for subjects on light sand or snow. Point the camera at \f-11\ . . . point the camera at your subject—and fire away. \F-11.\ by the way. is the small est lens opening you'll ever have to use when you're shooting with the current color films, because you're not going to meet anything brighter than sand or snow bathed in brilliant sunlight. And it doesn't matter where that sand or snow is. either—and don't let anybody tell you differently. It may be warmer in the tropics than it is, for example, near the Great Lakes But the sun's no brighter. What is different is that you run into more \F-11 subjects\ in the south than you do further north, because peo­ ple spend more time on beaches, on water, and before white houses And it isn't any dimmer up north in the winter time, either just because the mercury is low­ er. Matter of fact, the sun's near­ er to us in the winter—but not enough nearer to change basic ex­ posure advice. So don't let exposure worry you. A lot of photo technicians years ago worried their pretty little heads off about it and doped it all out when making film and design­ ing lenses. Next week: Continuity. Which is just a long-haired word meaning \Your movie camera can tell a whale of a story, if you give it half a chance.\ Freed Thief Held by Court In Lewisboro BREWSTER—Having just finish €d a term in Connecticut for bur glary, Thomas John Berardi, thir­ ty-two, was in County Jail this week awaiting grand jury action on a similar charge, state police report. Berardi, of Middle Island, N. Y was brought from Bridgeport Conn., to police headquarters here Monday, then arraigned- before Alvin Jordan, Lewisboro police justice. Berardi is accused of breaking into a house on Route 123 in Vista on July 24 and taking a phono graph and clock. Police report he was arrested in New Canaan, Conn., the next day with the stolen goods. Tipsy Driving Case Deferred 4th Time BEDFORD HILLS— A drunken driving charge against a Tarrytown resident was postponed for the fourth time in Bedford Police Court on Monday after the defendant announced tha he had changed attorneys. The new attorney, William Scott n of White Plains, told Judge J. Franklin Ryan that he needed time to familiarize himself with the case. Judge Ryan set the case for 2 p.m. Dec. 23. Scott took over for John F. Reed Jr. The Qefendant, William E. Schmidt, thirty-three, of 330 South Broadway, was arrested Nov. 4. Schmidt'** ba# of $200 was con- tinued. MERRY OLD St. Nicholas lends an attentive ear as little Jay Barthelmeus, two and one- half, assures him that he's been \very very good\ and hopes Santa wont forget to stop by his home Christmas Eve. Jay, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kurt M. Barthelmeus of 32 Oakside Dr., was among more than 100 children entertained Saturday at a Christmas party sponsored by the Oakside Assn. at the Shrub Oak Elementary School. The as­ sociation is comprised of resi­ dents of the Oakside Estates de­ velopments and favors galore for the youngsters, as well as their parents, and! a series of mt>vie cartoons rounded out the festivi­ ties. Santa Claus bore a striking resmblance to Harold Brennan, a resident of Oakside Estates- Staff Photo by Dante Raffaeli Ex-Railroad Man Denies False Claims NEW YORK— Theodore O. Totten, sixty-three, of Goldens Bridge has denied mak­ ing false statements to the Rail­ road Retirement Board, as charg­ ed in a government information. The plea was accepted by Fed­ eral Court Judge Thomas F. Mur phy, who released Totten in his own custody pending trial. A four-count information hand ed up Wednesday charged that for the years 1955 to 1958 Totten false­ ly stated he was not employed the year previously. Assistant U. S. Attorney Rober E. Scher said that Totten had fraudulently obtained $3,200 in re tirement benefits during the per iod as a result of the false state ments. __ stationery Records — Cameras FOX & 8UTHRB1-AND 15 8outb Moger Avenue Tel MOnnt Kisco 6-8083 Auto Part* Mt, Kisco Auto Parts Inc. Wholesale Supplies St Equipment 96-98 Lexington Mount Kisco TeL MO 6-4112 & 6-8345 Pointkowski Honored As 'Man of the Year 9 GOLDENS BRIDGE - Sylvester V. Pointkowski, a member of the Goldens Bridge Hounds Inc., a riding club, was named Man of the Year Monday by the Metropolitan Professional and Businessmen's Council of Americans of Polish Ancestry. A public and labor relations con­ sultant Pointkowski also writes a labor column weekly for a New York City newspaper. He is a member of many journalistic or­ ganizations. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT AsthmaFormula Prescribed Most By Doctors—Available Now Without Prescription / Stops Attacks in Minutes. New York, N. Y. (Special)— The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients is now available to asthma sufferers without prescription. Medical tests proved this formula Stops aBthraa attacks in minutes and gives hours of freedom from recur­ rence of painful asthma spasms. This formula is so effective that it is the physicians' leading asthma prescription—so safe that now it can be sold —without prescription — in tiny tablets called Prvnattnt®. .. Relief Lasts for Hours! Primatene opens bronchial tubes, loosens mucous congestion, relieves taut nervous tension. All this with­ out taking painful injections. The secret is—Primatene combines 3 medicines (in full prescription strength) found most effective in combination for asthma distress. Each performs a special purpose. So look forward to sleep at night and freedom from asthma spasms ... get Primatene, at any drugstore. Only 98tf—money-back-guarantee. Tormenting Rectal Itch Stopped In Minutes Science Finds New Healing Substance That Promptly Stops Itching and Pain of Piles Nevr York, N. Y. (Special) - - - N ~ One of the most common afflic­ tions is a condition known as \*tching piles\. It is most embarrassing- for the victim during the day and especially aggravating at night. No matter what you've used without results — here's good ttews. For the first time, science has found a new healing sub­ stance with the astonishing ability to promptly stop the burning itch and pain. It actu­ ally shrinks hemorrhoids — without surgery. Medical sci­ ence has proved this substance produces a remarkably effec­ tive rate of healing. Its germ- killing properties also help pre­ vent infection. In one hemorrhoid caBe after soother \very striking improve* —6^. ment\ was reported and yeri» fied by doctors' observations. This improvement was main­ tained in cases where doctors' observations were continued over a period of months 1 Among these sufferers were a wide variety of hemorrhoid condi­ tions, some of 10 to 20 years* duration. The secret is this new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*) — dis­ covery of a world-famous research institution. This.sub» stance is now obtainable in oinU mentor suppository formktiovm as Preparation a.* Ask for Preparation H suppositories (convenient to carry if-away from home) or Preparation H ointment with special applica­ tor. Absolute satisfaction guar­ anteed or money refunded, U.8, Pit 01 Beverage* Mount Kisrc) Bottling Compauy. Inc. Tel. M0 6-4700 Kisco Beverages • BALLANTINE DISTRIBUTORS Bicycles REPAIRED Bought — Sold NEW and USED LEE'S It 1 Meger Ave. Mt. Kisco Schwinn Columbia Rudge New A Used-*-AU Sizes Repairs on All Makes KEYS MADE MAKUVELLTS 309 EL Main St.. MO Kisco 6-8231 Books for Complete Selection el the Latest BOOKS— Dairy No. Bedford Kd Tel. Mt. 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