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North* West Chester Times, Mt. .Kisco, N. Y., Mar. 13, 1958 feci New Castle Sewage Problem Spotlighted by Court Hearing SOME OF THE PARTICIPANTS in the conference held at the Horace Greeley High School Mon­ day. Sponsored by the First Supervisory District Teachers Association and the superinten­ dent of schools, Dr. Allan P. Bradley, it included talks and panel discussions on the theme \Contemporary Challenges ' in American Education\. Left to right, seated, are Dr. Bradley, Mrs. Ruth Riggle of the Katonah Elementary School, Mrs. Spen­ cer Olson, remedial reading teacher in Katonah, and Mrs. Mary Egan of Somers; standing, Murray Engelson of Peekskill, Francis W. Kieper, Paul Herring- ton and Dr. Donald Miles, all of Horace Greeley, and John Gurka of Briarcliff.—Photo by George Haas New Castle Board, Home Builders Unable To Decide on a Formula for 'Slowdown' By DAVE BALCH Talks with the Home Builders' Assn. of Westchester have so far failed to produce agreement as to how the rate of residential con­ struction in New Castle should be regulated, it was indicated Tues­ day night. Supervisor Arthur L. Green said that association representa­ tives have indicated agreement with the principle of regulation, however. His comment was made at a meeting of the New Castle Town Board. He assured the board that the town's \slowdown\ ordinance will remain operative while the talks continue. Though declared uncon­ stitutional last fall, the ordinance remains in effect because the as­ sociation has not filed for a judg­ ment. The association's attack on the ordinance in the courts led to the ruling against it. The group re­ portedly has recently considered filing for a judgment. If it does so, and the town does not file an appeal of the court decision, regu­ lation of the rate of building will cease. The ordinance, passed in July, 1956, limits the issuance of build­ ing permits in most of New Castle to 112 a year. Despite the restric­ tion, some permits \went beg­ ging\ last year. Councilman William A. Grier in­ dicated some impatience with the slow progress of the talks. \It seems to me that after all this time they (the association) should come up with something,\ he said. Cites Board Duty Mr. Green said it is \not simple to frame a valid ordinance\ for regulating the building rate. The association's \obligation to come up with something is no greater than ours,\ he added. \Meanwhile the supervisor said, \we're safe, for the ordinance remains in effect.\ Mr. Grier agreed that as long as the status <f the ordinance remains unchang­ ed, he is willing to \wait and see\. A letter from the League of Women Voters of New Castle dis­ closed a split betwetn the group and the New Castle Town Club on a proposed extension of North Greeley avenue to Mount Kisco. The letter termed the extension \desirable\, while a Town Club committee has indicated that it opposes the proposal. Mr. Green said that the board has taken no stand on the exten­ sion, and will continue to study it. Mr. Green announced that plans for a new town garage are com­ plete. A resolution authorizing a referendum on a bond issue of about $100,000 to finance construc­ tion will be offered at the board's next meeting, he said. The proposed garage is a one- story structure 227 by 50 feet. It would be built on Hunts La. It would house all the town's high­ way equipment, as well as repair shops and offices. Radio Contract A contract for five police radio receivers and a transmitter was awarded to the Motorola Co. These will replace the depart­ ment's present equipment. Mr. Grier said he recommended the award to Motorola, though its 54,261 bid was $400 higher than the low bid, because it was the only proposal that met specifications. The system is the only one which prevents reception of messages broadcast by other transmitters, he said. Mr. Grier said the specifications and bids were studied by Alfred C. Haemer Jr., resident here with extensive knowledge of radio equipment, before the decision to buy the Motorola system was Transfer of $900 from Recrea­ tion Commission funds to the Highway Department account was made. voted. The amount is in paymen for a used truck that was trans ferred to the commission from the Highway Department. Postal Officials Will Seek Another Site for Post Office This area's sewage problems were spotlighted in New Castle Court Monday night when a home­ owner xecerVed a suspended $25 ine for violating the Countty Sani­ tary Code. Mrs. Vivienne C. Chase of 748 King St. was' charged with per­ mitting sewage to be discharged in such a manner that' it was ex­ posed on the ground-. The charge was brought by Joseph E. Harold, sanitary inspector for the county Health Dept. Public opposition to location of a post office at any of three town- owned sites here has caused postal officials to turn elsewhere in their search for a location. New Castle Supervisor Arthur L. Green said Tuesday night the officials told him they will begin to hunt among privately owned sites. The supervisor's announcement meant that land now occupied by a town-owned garage on North Greeley Ave. apparently will be available for a proposed off-street parking project. The garage site was one of those mentioned as under consideration for the post office. Mr. Green's announcement came after Lawrence Caso, president of the Chappaqua Chamber of Com­ merce, said his group \strongly protests\ use of the garage prop­ erty for anything but parking. The garage is slated for removal when a new one is completed on Hunts La. Last fall, the Town Board in­ dicated that it would offer the site as its contribution to the off-street parking program Mr. Caso also pressed for early action on a petition filed by a group of merchants seeking crea­ tion of a parking district here. The petition is being redrawn to meet legal requirements. Hearing To Be Called Mr. Green said a public hearing will be scheduled on it as soon as it is in approved form actions by the Town Board: Immediate action to remove the garage from the North Greeley Ave. site. Negotiation with the District 4 Board of Education for acquisition of district-owned property to be added to the parking area. Scheduling of a target date for completion of a commuter parking lot at the railroad station here. Planning for sidewalk repairs, and for regularly* scheduled street cleaning in the business area. Mr. Caso cited the advantages of off-street parking in urging swift action to create the parking dis­ trict. In support of his argument, he quoted an editorial published in the Reporter Dispatch March 5 which urged establishment of off-street parking areas in business centers. LWV Urges Extension of North Greeley Views at variance with those of the New Castle Town Club are expressed by the League of Women Voters in a letter to the Planning Board on the subject of the Mast­ er Plan, adoption of which is urged. But instead of opposing the ex- ension of North Greeley Ave. the .eague through its president, Mrs. Bruce Miller, urges study of the extension \in cooperation with our neighbors, Mount Kisco and the town of Mount Pleasant, with the aim of implementing its ac­ complishment within the. next few years\. The Town Club previous y had opposed its extension. \With increasing truck traffic on Bedford Rd., the desirability of providing a safer means of North South traffic flow and the fact that the new Mount Kisco traffic study plan indicates North Greeley Ave extension as a desirable end, I would seem that now is the time to work on this problem,\ the let­ ter states. \We would urge tha any plans for Such extension take into consideration the need for sidewalks or footpaths to the Hor­ ace Greeley School.\ Other suggestions made in the letter are (1) to place proposed roads on the official town map; (2) take steps to amend the zoning ordinance to insure conformity with changes suggested in the Town De­ velopment Plan; (3) prepare a drainage map of the town because of the pressing problems of drain­ age and sewers in several areas; (4) review subdivision regulations to make sure they coincide with plans for the future; (5) give con­ tinued attention to the matter of refuse disposal in the light of in­ creased population; (6) consider acquiring land near or adjacent to proposed sites for recreational pur­ poses. The defendant's husband, James explanation in behalf of his wife, ustice of the Peace Morris Lask­ er suspended sentence * when Mr. Chase agreed to correct the con­ dition by May 1 in accordance with Mr. Harold's recommendations. Mr. Chase said corrective mea­ sures have been taken, but these were characterized by Mr.' Harold as,of only \temporary\ value. Mrs. Chase said sewage seeping from a septic tank was first noti­ ced in December. The first con­ tractor hired to correct the con­ dition became ill, she said, and could not complete the job. A second contractor proved un­ satisfactory, she said. Then snow and frozen ground made it impos­ sible to work, Mrs. Chase said. Finally, she said, her husband was forced to take time off from work to find a man who would New Castle Tribune, Chappaqua, N. Y., March 13, .195* JT correct the condition, and the \temporary'-* measures were tak­ en. After the court session Mr. Har­ old outlined to the couple the work that will be needed to provide a -permanent solution. Reports of sewage seeping from septic tanks into the ope.n v were received from serveral areas here last slimmer.'They led to requests, from residents for investigation of the problem by the New Castle Town Board. *» M. Chase, pleaded guilty with an In November* Town Engineer James. Caldwell reported that se­ wers in two areas would cost about one million dollars'. The board took no action on the report, and the subject has-since-received no \at­ tention. County health authorities -are known to view the problem as a serious one. Soil conditions in soma areas are not conducive to ef­ ficient functioning of'septic tanks, the commonly used method of sewage disposal. ' stoll furniture co. Legion Post's Gala Birthday Is Different The American Legion's 39th birthday will be celebrated from March 15 to March 17 by 17,000 American Legion Posts from coast to coast. Celebrations will in most cases be in the form of gala birthday parties or dances. Chappaqua Post 453 will cele­ brate, but in a different way. Construction of the post's Ameri­ can Legion Ambulance Garage will get under way on Saturday, at local headquarters. Command­ er Vivian M. Arnold, in announc ing the start of the project, said \What better way could we cele­ brate the birth of our great or­ ganization? Our motto is 'Let service to the community, state and nation be ever the main ob jective pf the American Legion and its members'. Our ambulance service is our service to our com­ munity.\ As another part of the nation­ wide birthday program, the local post is intensifying its 1958 mem­ bership activities. \Every eligible war veteran in the community warmly invited to affiliate wi the American Legion during its birthday week\ stated Comman der Arnold. She added that every eligible veteran should inform himself on the advantages of American Legion membership. \It pays rich dividends in friendship, in leadership training and in giv­ ing life a new zest through serv­ ice to others,\ she concluded. SENSATIONAL HIDE-A-BED VALUES by Simmons — $| OQ95 Yours For As Low As 10/ YOUTH FELLOWSHIPS TO MEET Both the Senior High and- the Junior High Westminster Fellow- ships of the Pleasantville Presby­ terian Church will meet Sunday at 7 p.m., in the Fellowship Room and the Social Rooms, respectively. The senior group will hold 1 a 1 plan­ ning session, and the juniors will participate in a program featur­ ing amateur magicians David Etz- ler and his father, C. David Etz- Mr. Caso urged the following ler, of Pleasantville. PRIC E TH E .Sand prove to yourself that all car prices haven't gone up! ardy Construction Ideal Comfort Detailed Craftsmanship Easy to Operate — Wonderful Buy! 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