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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, December 30, 1915, Image 4

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS. WHITESVILLE. N. Y. LOCAL BRIEFS LOCAL BRIEFS SaSmon M. R'icih- —Th© ‘Virgiiiiiaiii.s. —OVIdxGd Cotlored Quaptet, —Saitupdiay Gv.ejumg, Jan. 8. —^Eve«r-it Jlrcti'in'Ciiiid i® viisiting liis Smadipai/en't® at M-LKis. —^Casri iMoses w a s a bustoiesis yiai- toa* in Hop-nell, Monday, —(Groiod aipples for sale at A. *M. R k teco id , for 7&c (bw31ie;l. —iM'liSs (Miariia Fontnier \Wiais in Can- istieo ooi tesinesis Tlmrisdiay. —J^eo Rk'liaTdBcin ln£s \been Tis'it- ing Milfcnd Keiiogig a t Syiia'oit&e. —(Speoial for Starturday: l^rout, 8o a pooiicd, a t A. moand's. —M iss Hcaisn iSm.iltOi is speniding tiie CiiPMina'S vacation at iier homo in Addison. —iGuy F B a ssett spent tke week­ end Wfjt'h friends iai W-eliisville and Belimofnit —rMiisia Rutiii SauimdieTO is speoidinig a i-ew days’ vaeatioaii wdtih relatives a t Saainiders. —Prof. Mei^Iie Bis'lioip of Broioiklyn, is ispendikig a few of the holidays at Ms home here. —tMiss iMcidrcd Barney is Sipendihg the Ohniistmia'S vacaitiioii w ith her par entis in Oieain. —iMrs. Ada Jones of Mansfield, is visL'icg frko3(ds tind relatives :n this Vi'I'lia'ge this week, —iMiss Baum Forsythe of Ha'llfS- port, i® .sjcendiiing the hcilidayis a t her lioni-e liini thus viiiiage. —CM-r. and Mrs. Guy Armisitrocng of BairiS'Ville, are vcisitiLmg at the home of Mrs. M aria Jacohs. —iMik's Jcisephiine de la Lys is spciEidiiig th e Chniistmas vacationi at her home in Rochester. —M rs. May Chase is doi-nig pro- feissionail work in the ho me of Chur- chil.l COihl) at Greemvcod. —iMr. and Mrs. Ray Livisrmore and daughter GeraldiDe, spent Clinistmas with reiatives in Oanisteo. —^N. S. B c rtlelt is spendung a few days with his daughiter, Miss Clare B a rtlett at Great Nctcli, N. J. —iMisiS H a rriett McCormick left Thursday to spend ih e vac a t ion 'Seia- scn at her heme near Rexvilie.' —^Heward -H Stephens of Syracuse, is ETCrcirg a few days at the home €d Mr. ar.d Mr.;. V. E. Heiselton. —Rev. and Mrs: C. L. Paddock eru. terteined Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coats Saturday afterr-ocn cird eve.niiirig. —CMiS'S Kaithenine Zeltwianger of Caniisteo, wiats a gmest of Misis A l­ ice Rohhiris a few days th is week. —’Mr. and Mrs. C T. Rigby and son F rank spent Chnlstma© Day with reilaitdves in Hornelil .and Critteniden. —M ark W ilson of Hornelil, wias a Christmias visitor at^th e home of hi® parents, Mr. and M rs. B. M. Wiilson. — G. C,' B a s s e tt and Miss Rehea W h ite w e re Monday gueeit's of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Chiase of Wileysville. —-Roisis L. Jones of Buffiaio, wais an over Sunday guest a t till© homes of G. W. Foiiisytliie and B. E. Browm. —^You’Ci got your mcnej\’® worth if you attend th e WnginianiS, Chapip opera house, Saturday evening, Jan. S!h. —MiiSiS Myrtle Crdttend'en of Hor- nell, spent the week-enid with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Critten- —nMr. a-nd Mrs. Raymond Rohhins anid A. M. Austiin, were Christmas dinner guests at the home of B. H. Robhinis. —}Mrs. Ahih'ie Fish .spent a few days the pajst week a t the home of her granddauglitier, Mrs. D. m . Burr in Hornelil. —-Born (to Mr. and Mi’s-. Fordyce Wh'Me, at Hornell, Dec. 20, 1915, a hahy girl, who Irais been named Ele­ anor Pauline. —F rank Rigby of Shongo, is spend­ ing the liol'idays ,a guest of his par- onts, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Rigby of Spring Mills. —A . D. Howe, J.r, of WolCisville, was a guest Friday evening at the htom!© of hr® parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Howe. —uMissi (Margaret Poster of Ro­ chester, was a C h ristm a s dinner guest a t the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Tallant. —A. L, W h ite and Miss Mary Burr of Hornell, have been sperdinig a part of the holidays at Hie home of Howard W hite. —Ralph Temple of Andover, was a gu©5t Saturday and Sunday at the hiome of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A rthur Temple. —'BIr. and Mrs. C. H. Austin and Mrs. Janet Chase w ere Christmas dinner guests at the home of Blr. and Blr-s. Carr-oil Chase. —Raymond Chase of Ulysses, a freshm an in Colegate University, lias been visRing lii® uncle, B. H. Rob­ bins, a few days this week. —^Dou’t forget The Virginiains, a mixed colored quartet, the third num­ ber on th e Entertainm ent Course, Saturday evening, J a n . Sth. —(Mr. and Mrs. V. E. HeseltoB veri pTeasa-ntfly e n tertained the following ^ n n e r Chrissitma® (day: H. H. Steph —Mis® 'Ruth Horton, Wh'O is teacli- iDg a t Niles BUI, near W ellsviile, is spending the vacation at h e r hom-e here. —Mr. aqd Mrs. H. A. Taylor and daughter Prances, spent Chi'ls'tmas with relatives in -Greenwood, return­ ing Monday. M r. (£nd Mr®. D. C. Ohaipi-n -and son Car roll, were Christm as dinner guest® a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. J-olm C arr oil. —'Miss Baiilaai «Enrrows left last Tburs-day lor her h-oni'e in Cassad-a- ga', where (she i s .spendiing the holi­ day vaoajtion,. —tMias Alta W ager, who is teach­ ing a t Independerice, is sipemding the hoOiidays w ith her pare-nit®, Mr. W d Mrs. F rank W ager. —Prof, and Mr®. W. G. CoUyer and son Gilbert are spendinig the hoM- diay vacation with reiatives in Hor- ne’i and Rochester. —Mr. and Mr®. J. P. WiMson son Jam e s returned Monday from Bingiliamton, where (they spent Christ mais wit'h relatives. —(Miiiss Beatrice Barney, who is a situdent !in Gieneseo NOirmail, is spend­ ing 'the Ghriistma® vacation with rel- atives 'imi this section. —iMr. and IMrs. A. W, Barney en­ tertained ilVlr. and Mrs. Fred Cornell and Mrs. E'K'a Greene and daughter Virgin,iia at Chiiiistmie® dinner. Mils. Marilia Jacobsi pleasantly entertained Mr. and Mi®. Guy Armis- tro r g of Dansviil-le, lairid Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Jacobis at Chniatma'S dinner. Miss Carmen W hite, who- is at- t'emdirg sch-cicil in Hornell, is spend­ ing the holidays lat the home of her piarents, Mr. auidi Mr®. Howard W hite -Mis® M'£T.;icn F. Chase, a fresh­ man in the Oneonta Normal, is Spehdte'g the holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Obaise. —-Blis© Ruth Bless who is attend­ ing b-ustineea college in HonneUi, wa® a hoTiday guest at her parents, IVIr- aud Mrs. G. N. Elo-ss of Crittenden District. —,Mr. and Blrs. N. W. Heseltoinj en- tertaiimed Mr. aud Mrs. L, B. ChiaS-e and children, Lillian land Normian,, an Mr®. Miizia Seaniah at dinner Christ- m,ais day. —WMliam T e s ter and daughter, Elia M'ay ente-rtaiiin-e-d Blii.® Sophia Teater of Hoiinieli, and Mr. and BIrs. Prank Teater and children at Chfrist- ma® diininer. —(Blaster George Prohasco very plsasantly -e-nitertadned the BF®£Cs Al­ berta Fortner and Lillian Chasi® and M'Sister Claud-e Ohias-e at hi® home on Chri'S-tima© eve. A t a recent m-e-etiing of the town board, C'hir.r,l&s S. Bios® was appoint­ ed tax oollector to fill vacancy caused by D. M. Burr, the collector- elect, moving away. —nMr. and Mrs. Lester D. Fortner entertaduied Mrs. L^ola Wildmian, Mr. amid Mrs. Pried Wildimau, daughter Dorothy and son® RusscH and Dougai at Chrlstmia® diitnner. —Moss Mabel E a rker returned last Thurs'day ever'ling from Herkimer, where sh.© is att'endim© Folt® Insti­ tute, preparirg liiensellf to do SOiCiail- Ch.ristian service work. — W . C. Harri® and Ham McAllis­ ter, who are employed im the Powder Plant at EmporiLum, r'eutmied to that pla'ce Monday, after tspeinidiiing Chruist- ma® a t tlielr honiie® here. —,Mr. a,nd Mrs. P. W. Clark very plea^siantly enttertaihed Mr. unid BIrs. Ray Clark of Hci:.nc'l'i, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Clark a-nd Ison, Robert and diaughter, Don!®, at Christmas dinner. —^Blrs. W alter Ainsworth and daughter Lucille, were in Hornell Thursday, w h e re they m et Bliss Clio Ainswoiith who is attending Co,ritland Normal, and is •spendimig the holiidays at her home here. —L. C. Allen, iwho has been in Alfred and Belmont for some time pas,t dc-Ing work connected w ith the Board of SupervisoTS, spent Christ­ m as in Rochester, returning to WhitesviHe, Tuesday. —S. S. W hite and daughter, Rebea entertained the following at Christ- ma® dinner: BIr. and. BIrs. BI. S. Chase, daughter Lera and son Car- ar-d BIi®. G. W. Forsythe and Bir. and Bir®. iDert E. Brown and daugh­ ter Sara and son Kenneth cf Grit- tendon Blstriot, Bir. and Mrs. W. E. W ager and daughter Helen, .aDd Mr. and MiiS. William Ladd and daugh­ ter Stella. PAYNEVILLE PAYNEVILLE, Dec. 27. — Bir. and Mrs. L. F. Richmond called on Frank Skeum ’ and wife recently. Jo'.iin M atlscn culiled 'in Paynevillc recently. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Coatt® were vis­ itors in Wh'itesiville Wednesdiay. Jam'es >Mo®sCor is vdsditiinig his fath­ er, Henry M eo^cr, for a) few dny®. Miss FLonencie Georga visilted Sun. day at the homo of Melviin Payne, Howard Banney was c^afldnig on Miss Laura Goodridge Iteist “evetiiin’gs’ Mr. and Mr®. Melyiin Payne enter­ tained Mir. and Mrs. Prank Payne a t Ohmiatmais dinner. Miiss Laura Goodrc’dige is ispendimg a few day® ajt the hO'me of her piar- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil'land Gbod- lidge. P. S. Coat® and famiily and Lee Heselton and familly were enterttailn- ed Christmi?® day at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. B a r n e y . Mr.- and Mrs. Clarenice Goodridge and Bir. and Mrs. Raymond Teater and children spent Oliriistmaa with JMr. and Mrs. Wiillaird Gooidridige. A numibier of people from here a t ­ tended the Christmins exercises at ti e school houisie laist Thur.siday njiight, all pronounoing dt a grand success. M r and Mr®. Charle® Coats, Mrs. Bleroina Coats and Mrs. Amelia Payne visited at Blelvin Payne’® last Friday. M rs. Payne ds home at pres­ ent. Chronic Constipation This disorder is often due to< a tor- p’d liver. All th a t is needed i® a few doses of Cham berlain’s Tablets to invigorate the liver. BIrs. Willian H. Clark, Hannibal, N. Y., w rites, ‘T was a victim of constipation, ®lck hf-adiache and poor digestion when I began taking Cham berlain’s Tablets a year ago. I took two bottle of them and they strengthened my di- gestao^n, regulated my bowel® and toned up my system generally.” For sale by E. S. Batterson, W hitesvillo, ,N. Y., and H. O. W allen, Genesee. WANTED—A job on a farm. Can give good recommendation®. Ap­ ply at The New® offioe. 2t. FOR SALE—One very fine organ, ma hogany finish in Piano case. W orth $50.00, wiU sell fell for $30.00. It has been used but little. Also have one ©quare piano, rosewood case. $25 takes it. M. H. Reynold®, Bilisburg, Pa. For a nice job of cleaning and pres­ sing a suit of clothes, cal'l on Ken­ neth Horton a t Dr. Remington’s. WELEYSVILLE WLIEiYSVILLE, Dee. 28— Born to Bir 8ud BIrs. John Smith, Monday, Dec. 20, a nine pound baby boy. Our school is closed for a week of Chriistmas vacation. A. W. Lowrey and family speint Ciirisitmas w ith rejaitives in ‘Wes'tliie'ld D. Johuison and family ®pemit'Christ ma® a't the homo of John O’Hargau of Rexville. Mrs. Minnie Parsons and Mrs. Johr Co'lman called a t Jehn Sm ith’® Sat­ urday af'-emoon. Mr. end BIrs BI. S. Chase and chil- dre'n spenit Cln'is.tmiaa at the home of S. S. W'hlit.© ct V\/''h!ite&vi;Ile. G. C. Bas'sett and Miss Reha W hite cf Whijtesvi'iMe were guesis at tiliQ home cf the latter’s sister, Mrs. M S. Chase Monday, Mr. a r d BIrs. W. B. Snow and son E a rl visilted Mrs. Snow’s piar- ents, Mr. and BIrs. John Cook of WhitesviHe Christmas day. Mr®. Elimer Dewnoy and daughters Cora and Roisa, son© BIllo and. Chiarles and A rthur Miles were S'unday guests at .Hie home of Henry Tracy. M r and Mrs. Joiseph McDonough and daughter, Eileen, were Christmas visitors at the horn,© off Mrs. McDon- ougai’®. aunt; Miiss M argaret McCor- miilck of Rexvi'llle. ‘Mrs D. Joh'uson, Mrs. E.’m e r Dow- niey and daughter, Cora, Daniel Mc- A'Hister and Arthur Bllilies w ere am­ ong thoise from this plaice wlio were shopping ait Niorth Dimg'hiam oue day last week. FOR SALE— Three grade Holstein cow© (choice of H e rd), one pure­ bred Holsteiin bull, one year oild Jan. 2, one 'bay mure, colt .sieveu months old, one black mare 8 years old, good w o rker and driver. J . ' J. SulH- van, Genesee, Pa., R. D, 3. 2t J. J. REGAN V e terinary Surgeon Office in M oogan’s L i v e r y BOTH PHONES W e U s v l U e , N. Y- FOR SALE One BieM Top Cutter, Sess than cost Stoughton i-beam Bobs One second hand Gutter, nearly new. One black colt, well broke, coming 3 years old, weight about 1150 Mary L Gliapin, Admx. WhitesviHe, H. Y. INDEPENDENCE INDEPENDENCE, Dec. 27. —iMtiss- es Erm a Clarke anid 'Bertha Liver­ more are hom'e from Gemeaeo for the Ohristmais vacation. • iMr. and Mr®. BI. A. Basaetit were in Alfred for Xmas. Mrs, M ary Wilson cf Wlhits'S'Ville is visiting a t H 'H. Kenyon’®. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Chaiffee re­ turned from' Alfred W ednesday. The aninueil church dinner W ill be held in the P a rish House January 2nd. Mr. a'Kd M ts . J. M. Greeu ©pent Tuesday in ,S«horgo guest® of .BIrs. Foster, Mi-S'S Oleta Wood of Whiitesville, was a' Saturday guest of Miss Flor­ ence Costello. R. Cramdall and family asrespend- ing Christm as w ith BIrs. G, E. Bur- dic in Alfred imll, and Bir. and BIrs. D. C. W hite i Bir. and^-^BIr;®.^ W. J. Pj^^ter ,were and daughter Theodora. -HBIr. land BIrs. A. BI. Richmond very pleasantly entertained the fol­ lowing a t dinner Sunday: Dr. and bits . L. G. Proh^^Eco, son George and daughter RettaGene, BIrs. Gene Prohasco and M r. and BIrs. H e n r y N. Richmond, Jr. —Bliss Vera' Harr:® of the' Ithaca Ccnseivatcry of Blusic, is spending a few days’ vacatiooii at her 'Imme here. Bliss H a rris’ m any friends will be glad to kno.w th a t she i s mak ing \emarkable and noteworthy pro­ gress i n th a t school. —^Blr. and Bir®. G. IHlis Hay and family very pleasantly entertained the foHowing a t Christm as dinner: Blrsr Blowers, Blair Blowers, Anna BBS of Syraeuse, Bir. and Mr®. A. Blowers and BIrs. Belfe P e rry of Can C. Wiliite, land Miss •Bfeniau W hite. isteo; Ross L. Jones of Buffalo; Mr- ’phone Toi- R.*1.7 Dan^^iUerN.’ T. guests of BIrs. Blary W arfield linj An­ dover Bciturday. Bliss Anna Laura Crairdall is in Hornell called there by th e 'death of BIrs. J. . B Santee. Bir. and BIrs. BI. A. Crandall, f G, Orandall and Bliss Elrene were in W ellsville W ednesday BI it . and BIrs. A. C. Green and Fern are visiting h e r paa-ents, Bir. and BIrs. W. W. Thompson in Hebron. M r. and 'BIrs. A.G.Crititensedn and children of WhitesviHe w ere <C)hnist- m s s guest® of Bir, and BIrs. C. ‘C Green. WANTED—An experienced farm e r w ith sm all family, to work by the year a s , worlditg foreman on farm* of 177 acres; can begin a t once; good wages to th© right m an. W rite or w ire to D. W. Collins, Box 7, Bell FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT, AUTOMO BILE, TORNADO AND SURETY INSURANCE In th« Best Companies. Rates Rea- •onapfe. See G. ELLIS DAY WhitesviHe, N. f. CLOTHES CLEANED AND PRESSED All work done in a satisfactory manner. Will get and deliver clothes. Price 50c per suit Same iirice to all KENNETH HORTON at Dr. A. J. Remington’s WhitesviHe, hr. Y. A Phone call will start the job. We thank you one and all for your patronage during the past year and Wish you a very happy Nevr Year H. S. RICHMOND WHITESVILLE, N. Y. •V SPECIALS A gun metal shoe for ladies with cloth top; all sizes from 3 to 7; at 5 dozen pairs new canvas gloves tlmt are going per pair at - - Ladies Neckwear 25c V a lu e s f o r __ “f 50c V a lu e s fo r __ 3 8 © Men’s $i.25 Sweaters, all sizes, dark green, with turn up collar, special price An extra large assortment of Men’s Winter Caps, regular 50c value, special price - Regular $1.00 Gaps, now - - - SSc Special B^alues in Ladies’ ready-to-put-on Stylecraft Goats. 1 Co.a't, dark blue corduro'y, size 15, Value $12.50... 1 Coat, light blue cerduroy, size 18, Value $12.50... 1 Coiat, mdxed 'CoLor, (size 16, Value $12.50................... 1 Coat, mixed color, size 17, value $12.50................ .. sp e c i a l. .$9.5G: S p e c ial. .$9.50 S p e c ial. .$9.5iC S p e c ial. .$9.50^ WE ARE GIVING SPECIAL VALUES IN MEN’S AND BOYS* SUITS AND OVERCOATS. A c a l l f r o m y o u W ILL BE A P P R E C IA T E D . A. M. RICHMOND WhitesviHe, N. Y. Start the New Year Right! A new arrival-- Pyrene / j r Ask to see it! We like to dem onstrate. Safety - “ P y r e n B ” - BA88ETT BR08. H a r d w a r e -G r o c e r y H o u se WhitesviHe, - - - - - New Yorfc Dewey^s Stock Feed feed sold, andit keeps horses in prime condition,heac__ op, tails over the dash—lowers cost of milk, beeL^ mutton and wooL For sale by JOHN CAHROLL WhitesviHe, N. Y.

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