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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, September 23, 1915, Image 4

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS, WHITESVILLE. N. Y. LOCAL BRIEFS — ^The News, $1.50 after Oct. 1st. — ^Walter Langdon drove ttie Mills Saturday and Monday for A. W. Robbins. — ^A. M. Austin is improving the barn on bis farm , near Independence w ith a new silo. — Sam Langdon is in Cross Fork, w h ere be is working on the Pensyl- vania state road. — S upervisor W illiam Slocum of W est Union, was a business visitor in town, Monday. — P. K. Milspaugh is spending a few days cam paigning in various parts of the county. — Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. F o rtner and family and L. H. F o r tn e r m o tor­ ed to Beach Hill Sunday. — The m any friends of Mrs. I. M. Slade will regret to learn th a t she is confined to her home by illness. — ^Mrs. Blanche Ingraham of W^ay- land, is spending a few daj’s at the home of her brother, E. S. B atterson — Mrs. John O’Connor and son John Junior, were visitors Monday a t the home of her brother, Dorr M. B u rr. —^All parties having accountis or notes w ith L. H. F o rtner will please call and pay the same before October 15th. 015 — Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Chapin re­ turned Monday evening from a few days’ visit w ith relatives at Jam e s- — W illiam T e a ter returned Tues­ day from a business trip to Lancas­ ter, Pa., where he sold a carload of stock. — C. iC. Heselton returned Mon­ day from a business trip to Albany, New York city, and other eastern points. — Mr. and Mrs. E. S. B atterson left Saturday in their automobile for a m o tor trip to Susquehanna, to vis­ it relatives. — Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Austin left Tuesday for Cuba, where they will spend a few days w ith Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Austin, — 'Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Howe, Jr., of W ellsville, were guests the fore p a rt of the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Howe. ■— Glenn J. Robbins and Mrs. Liz­ zie Bishop of Canisteo, were W ed­ nesday night guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Crittenden. — Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Miller and fam ily of this place, and Gerald Hal- lett of North Bingham, motored to Glean Saturday, returning Sunday. — Sam langdon, who has been w o rking on a state road between Jersey Shore and W illiam sport fo'r five weeks past, returned home last — A fter Oct. 1st, no person can, under any circumstances, get The News without having paid for it in advance. The paper will stop prom p tly at expiration. — Erwin Briggs of Independence, Ray Mills of Stannrds have been drawn on the Grand Jury, and W il­ liam Slack ot WMfe^vilie and V. P. Randolph of Stanarcls on the trial jury. — W hitccville has a newspaper that m easures to a standard seldom equalled by a newspaper in a town of r.,0 00 population. Yet W hitesvillo is a viili.go of hardly 500 inhahit- — Mr. and Mrs. A rthur Robbins and Mrs. Lucinda Robbins, who have been visiting relatives in Auburn, and attending the State F a ir at Syracuse, returned home Tuesday evening. — The fourth quarterly confer­ ence of the local M. B. church was held at the church ' this morning. D istrict Supt. Rogers of Canisteo was present to preside. Next Sun­ day is the last Sunday of this con­ ference year. —Daniel Murphy, Mrs. Ella M ur­ phy, Mrs, Theresa H a rris and Nurse Tompkins of W ellsville, m o tored to this place in-M rs. M u rphy’s Nation­ al Six Monday. Mr. M urphy came here on business connected with the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. — J. P. French left Thursday for Elm ira, where on Friday the old soldiers of the 2?.d N. Y. Infantry held their 33d annual reunion. It v.'as the 53d anniversary of the bat­ tle of' Antietam , where Mr. French was wounded. His granddaughter, Miss Grace Tucker accompanied him as far as Addison, where she visit­ ed relatives. They returned Satur­ day evening. — Mr. and Mrs. George B. H errick who leave .Saturday for W ashington, D. C., to attend the National En- , cam pment, G. A. R., are invited to attend a reception-in honor of Chas. P. Sherm an, Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Veterans, U. S. A., and his staff. -.Mr, Sherm an visited Mr. and IMr^. H e rrick at W hitesville a few 7 'ears ago. and instituted C rit­ tenden Camp, S. 0. V. — In our columns last week we mentioned that A rthur Temple was elected to the Board of Education to fill vacancy, but th a t he had re­ signed. \Vf> were in error. Mr. Tem ­ ple wa^ eler-ted w ithout his knowl­ edge, and upon being inform ed of his election,-expressed him self that he did not «;eek or care for the po­ sition but that he would give w h a t­ ever ability ho possessed to faithful­ ly perform ing his duties on the Board, No wiser selection could have been made than Mr. Temple and The News is mighty glad to note the fact th a t ’he is a member of the local Education hoard. LOCAL BRIEFS -Fred Wildman was a business visi­ tor in Cuba, Saturday*. -Mark Wilson visited Miss Ruth Bloss in Hornell last Monday evening. —One week more in which to re­ new your subscription at $1.25 per year. -Frank Larkin, Gertrude James and Helen Heselton autoed to Wellsville last Saturday. —Howard Fee of Friendship, is spend­ ing a few days a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Allen. -Mrs. H. D. Jacobs has returned from Buffalo with a full and up-to-date line of Fall and Winter Millinery. -M rs. Jennie R. Judd of Wellsville, is spending a few days a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Jacobs. —Misses Theressa and Una Colvin of Little Falls, spent Saturday afternoon with Mabel Barker a t Herkimer. —Mr’ and Mrs. C. C, Coats, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Richmond and son Everit au­ toed to Wellsville and Scio Sunday. — If W hitesville had no newspap­ er, w h a t would the town am o u n t to? Did you ever consider th e question? —Mrs. Zidana Horton has returned from visiting her son, Henry Horton at Darien Center, and nephew, Dr. Rowell at Buffalo. —Mr. and Mrs. Henry Richmond are making their home with Mrs. Mary Cha­ pin while their apartments are being p u t in readiness. —Miss Alice Robbins entertained Mrs. Bertha Fosbury of Albany. Francis Fos­ bury of Shongo, and Herbert M. Feet a t dinner Sunday. — $1.50 per year— and w o rth it. That is the slogan of this newspaper after Got. 1st. How does YGUR subscription stands? —Mrs. A, W. Barney, Mrs. Ella Greene and daughter Virginia visited a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Rich­ ardson in Buffalo a few days this week. — Don’t put off until tomorrow w h at you should do today. If your subscription has expired or is about to expire, you should renew before Get. 1st, and save 25 c. —Dr. L. G. Probasco has purchased a six-cylinder seven-passenger Buick tour­ ing car of P. C. Lynch & Son of Andov­ er. It is the first 7 passenger car to be owned in Whitesville. —Mr. and Mrs. W. C. W hite verj’’ pleasantly entertained Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Ellsworth and M js . , Jennie R. Judd of Wellsville, and Mr, and Mrs. H. D. Ja­ cobs a t dinner Wednesday afternoon, —A very interesting meeting of Whites ville grange was held last Monday even­ ing. The new glee club entertained the members present. At the next meeting the Tallett School Bill will be discussed. —Mrs. H. D. Jacobs entertained at Five Hundred Wednesday evening, Mrs. Judd and Dr. and Mrs. Ellsworth of Wellsville, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Forsythe and Mr and Mrs. W. C. White of this —Mr. and Mr.s. Henry Richmond chap­ eroned the Misses Alice Robbins and Jo­ sephine dela Lys and Mrs. Herbert Rob- l)ins and Messrs. Alvin Chapin and Lc- land Richmond a t a corn roast last Mon- evening. —2vlrs. Laura Livermore entertained at dinner Fi'iday in honor of Mrs. Jessie Whitwood of Jefferson, O. The invited guests were Mesdames Susie Parker, Le- lia Chase, May Anderson, Luella Chase, Martha Kear and Miss Elrene Crandall. —Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. George McKee motored to Eliisburg Tuesday evening where they attended a party for Mr. and Mrs. A1 'Reynolds, who were recently married. Mrs. Reynolds was formerly Mabel Cool of Andrews Settlement. —Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Probasco, Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Remington, Mrs. Gene Probasco, Mrs. Herbert Robbins and M. W. Reynolds motored to Clean Wed­ nesday, in. Dr. Probasco’s 7-passenger ]§uick, where the two doctors attended a meeting of a medical society. — Mr. and Mrs, Henry Richmond re­ turned Friday afternoon from a two weeks’ motor honeymoon trip, through Pennsylvania; Maryland, District of Co­ lumbia, andTirginia. Mrs. Herbert Rob­ bins of Frederick, Md., returned with them and is spending a few days with her p arents; Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rich- West Union Highway Notice I desire to call the attention of the follow­ ing notice from the N. Y\ State Commission of Highways to the residents of West Union “Sir:—Y^our attention is hereby called to Section 54 of the Highway Law which pro­ vides that it shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of lands fronting on the high­ ways of this State to CUT and KEMGVE noxioas weeds and briars growing Vv'ithin the bounds of the highway fronting such lands at least once during the month of June, and the noxious weeds, briars and brush at least once during the month of August in each year. In the case of neglect of the owner or occupants of such lands to comply with this law, the town superintendent is directed under Section 55 of the same law to cut and remove the same and asse.-;s the cost thereof as a tax against the adjacent property. The town superintendent of your town has been ordered to enforce this law in all instances and no exception whatever will be made.” B. E. HESELTON, Supt. of Highways, Town of ^Yest Union. To Enrolled RepuWican Voters: I wish to announce that I am a candidate for nomination on the Republican Ticket for Member of Assembly from Allegany County, subject to vote of the Repuljlicans at the September Primaries.' William Duke, Junior, Wellsville, N. YL W iLEYSViLLE ' W ILES V ILLE. Sept. 20. P r a n k and H a rrison Downey have purchas­ ed a threshing machine and gasoline engine of Nye & W oodward of W h ites Corners, Mrs. A. C. M cAllister visited at the home of her brother, Charles Kelley last Tuesday. Mrs. Serepta Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Joihn Sm ith and two children were Sunday guests at Mrs. Minnie P a r­ sons’. Mrs. Luther W hitwood and daugh ter of Jefferson, G., were week-end guests of her brother, W. B. Snow. Mrs. Elm er Do-wney visited her m o ther in the H iidred D istrict Sun­ day. Her brother, Milo H e rrington came home with her to work for a Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Low’ery and Mrs. M etta Siuyter motored with Prank Dowmey to Coudersport, last W ednesday to attend the trial of E l­ mer Hill. Mr. and Mrs. John Crittenden of W hitesville, vrere Sundaj^ guests at M. S. Chare’--!. Mr. and Mrs. Rov F. H a zlett ac- compan’e:! hv Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hall* of North Fork, spent Sunday afterno-'^n at A. C. McAlli-ster’s near WhitG-%v;]R. Mr^. Cba^Ie^” Kelley and children, Lettc and Charles, spent the week­ end with her parents at Sunderlin- ville. A ^ D © ¥ E i l Simple lines characterize the smartest suits. It’s the manner in which you wear your clothes that gives you distinction, but we warn you not to forget that line tailoring is essential. Have you had a “ Fashion” try-on yet? We can fit your “figure” — either^physical or financial. : A. M. Richmond R-B Fashion Clothes;! Whitesville, N. Y. • | “ D astarcHy” Youth. A child-loving teacher teRj this story as illustrating the curious asso­ ciation of ideas often entertained by children. ‘1 do love Bruce,” one of her small pupils exclaimed in ecstasy. '■‘He’s so awfully dastardly. There’s nothing under heaven that he doesn’t dast do!” FOR SA L E 1 5 @ © Lei FOR SALE if taken at csiice. Enquire, ¥. y. BEMLE, HEiESEE, PL ANDOVER. Pirnt. 20. — Charles Tracy dif'd rt h’s ho-.i?^ Fundn^-, S'^p- tem b er 10, of T-h-i.-rhfs disea.'-e. He had been -a snpferev of the d'SGiso for rnonEv. He Ifr-voz to r^nurn, a Vv'if*-', cu e ■=:n-; C'-d one T-pr-n Rovers ’’n Celcrdao, F r h la’'. Ser'f-. 1<), whore ho had boon taking tr-^nCueDt fo\ tuhoiv-uiosis. The body was brought to Andover where the funeral was held. He leaves to m ourn, his father and one brother, besides a host of friends. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Beebe and daughter G e rtrude, Mrs. Z. F. Cook and son F r a n k and Mrs. Floyd Slocum m otpred to Hornell Sundav and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. P r a tt of 87 W. Genesee street. Mrs. Brundage is seriously ill at the borne of her daughter, Mrs. P. M. iSwink. Mrs. R. C. Cook of Hornell, is spending a few davs at the home of Mrs. L. P. Crandall. The Andover Rebekahs celebrated their sixty-fourth anniversary Mon­ day evening with a supper and pro­ gram. Miss Clara Matthev^s is visiting her uncle, J. L. W illiams. Mrs. J. L. W illiams has been very sick at her home on Greenwood St. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cook and chil­ dren are visiting her brother at P u r­ dy Creek. Mrs. M. H. Bloss is seriously ill at her home on Greenwood street. FGR SALE—^Birdtsall thre'shing m-a chine and txactioai lengine in good condi'tdon and (running order. Sold cheap if taken a t once. E. R. Fort­ ner, WeLl-sviHe, N.Y., R.D. 1. FOR SALE-1. IT. C. 15 h. p. portable gasoline engine in first class condition, C. C. Coats, 'Whitesville, X. Y. 11-4 PGR SALE—Pair of black horses, ages 3 and 4. WeM matched. G. J. Pfeiffer. Spring Mills, N, Y. S2 YO R K S YORKS, Sept. 20— ^Ylrs. Christie' Kriise'n’s .house th a t was form erly used as a tenant house, but later for a chicken house, was burned to the ground last Thursday. Origin of the fire unknown. Clair Mapes, who was seriously ill. Saturday night, is better. Miss Mabel Johnston of Wellsville was a guest of her aunt, Mrs. Maz.- Phillips last week. Joseph Krusen has gone to Col- Notice of Filing CompletedAssess= meat Roll with Town Notice is hereby given that the Assess­ ment-Roll of the to.wn of Independence in the County of Allegany, for the' year 1915 lias been duly completed by the undersigned assessors, and a certifed copy thereof was filed in the office of attend school the Town Clerk at Whitesville, iwhere the samt' will remain open for inspection for fifteen datT. > Dated this loth day of Sept. 1915. . J. Arthur Crittenden, Robert Casey, E. L. Kear. Assessors of the town of Independence. We All Know Them. “There are certain people who eat well, drink well, and sleep well, hut who, whenever they see a little work, immediately become ill.”—The Green­ wich Magiatvntci B. C. Mapes and A.mos Bassage went to near Rochester last week, to get peaches and grapes. Theodore Lent, who h«? been working in this vicinitz* has gone to near Friendship to work for Earl Ackerman. E. S. York enterbained his cous­ ins, Mrs, Hall of Belmont, and JIrs. Allen of Belfast, a few days last Jlr. and Mrs. W illiam Gostley of Fulm e r Valley, were visitors at the home of Svlvester M atteson and family Sunday. Carl Phillips, 'who is taking treat­ m ents of Dr. Sw a rthout of W ells- ville, is slightly improving. hOR SALE—A q u a n tity of Winter Rye for seed. One good horse, sound, weight 1100 lbs.; 7 years old. One pair of colts a year old. A. D. Howe, Cit 3 x FA R M FOR SA L E FOR SA L E ^ F ine farm of 206 acres, miiles wesit cf Spuing Mills. Build- ingsi all in good condition. Cement ceOdiar unider house. Cement calf (sta­ ble In buern. Lots of wa(ter. Good sugair bush and tools. One of the best dniiry farans in this section. Will sell with or without dairy. Will take a house and lot towards farm. Terms easy. Call on or write. L. C. Nllen, VTiitesvi'lle, N. Y BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says, “ Little strokes fei! great oaks.’ Look ^ M r . F u r s n @ i ^ l That crop has cost you a whole lot of anxiety. Y”our weather eye has been watchful day and night, fearing for it’s And now that you are harvesting it are you goin.g to let to let up on on your vigilance? How about the safety tke proceeds? When you harvest your dollar crop, store it in this Ijank. Then you may rest assured that it is aijsolutely FiiST m m m i bmm § f lE i l E S l L L E , 11 L G. II. CnAi’ix, Pres. D. M. RoiiiKS, T. Pres. L. J. F© bt 3X ee , Cashier Summer Goods with which w e are overstocked, are yoiirs at p r ices alm o s t your own. Below w e list thems Screen Peers Wliiciew Screens Screen Wire Pcsiltrf letting ice Cream Freezers Lace Ciirtafii Oriers Lap Blisters Ferks Sc|tii@s Stones Flowers Carpet ieaters ilam iiiesks Horse mi Co?/ Clippers Sprafers Fif Oil. ia y l£(0ls iaices 'Snatiis Ete. W e believe that w e can hortestiy surprise | you in vaioes and prices, for a w e e k before i w e GommerDce receiving Fail Goods, ilarciw a re-C rsssry - - ik-^s0 “ \ IlfJte s w ley l i ¥, Atteniioi New line of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Shoes just received. Special cash discount on all of these until Get. 1st. Gome and get some of the bargains. Full line of school tablets and pencils. Men’s and boy’s Hats, Gaps and Rainddats. W h ftesY llle/ y ; fe-M iy BETWEEN BUFFAIX) & .Ijm iA N B _ The G reat Sliip “SEEANDBEE” ^ mo^ costly steamer on any inland water of the w«:Id. Sleeping accommoda-. ^ ‘‘CITY OF Ekiii” ——— 3 Magnificeat — “CITY OF BUFFALO’*-' / i 9 0 Q e Q G o o o® e o © © ® o a q © © 9 o ©© o © ooooogooo ©©© o © ooo ©®©© oo ®© II it 'I ^ #

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