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Ooii'fi'fcy V J ■; ' M ■VOLUriM XXL WHITESVILLE, ALLEGANY COUNTY, N. Y., SEPT, i6, 1915 NUHBER 20 THE NEWS GAVE FERRY w MUCH >ie Has Not Secured an Appropriation for Agricul­ tural School at Alfred, Nor Raised Com­ pensation o f Supervisors A REPUBLICAN DUTY TU KEEP MR AT HOM 'i Two weeks ago we published a re^ sume of Assemblyman E. E, Ferry’s record at Albany for the past TWO years. Although we had been ad­ vised from Albany that Mr. Ferry had not succeeded in getting a single bill passed, we give him credit for securing an appropriation for Alfred University State Agricultural School and for raising the pay of the Sup­ ervisors of Allegany County to $5.00 per day. We gave Mr. Ferry this credit, because our Republican 'brother-editors have already pub­ lished statements to the effect that Mr. Perry had at least accomplished this much. Now, we find that we gave credit, where credit is not due. Mr. Ferry lias no record at all. He has done nothing— absolutely nothing. Please note the following letter: Mr. Herbert M. Peet, Allegany County News, Whitesville, N. Y. Dear Mr. Peet: — I notice in your issue of Septem- 'ber 2nd that yon have given credit to Mr. Ferry for having obtained fo\' the Alfred University, the passage of a hill giving such institution $30,- ■ 0 0 0 . This is not in accordance wfith the published records as contained in the Legislative Index. In the final edition of this publication, which is issued by the Legislative Index Pub­ lishing Co., Assembly Bill, Intro. No. 180, Printed No. 180, by Mr. Ferry making an appropriation of $30,000 for a demonstration building for the New York School' of Agriculture at Alfred University and $11,123.38, T the amount paid into the State 'Treasury by Alfi'ed University from its income for the equipment and heating of buildings, is shown to have (passed the Assemhlv, but tc have died in the Finance Committee in the Senate. The Companion Bill. Senate No. 13 9, Print No. 139, by Mr. Sanders, never came out of the finance committee in the Senate, \^here-is no such item -of $30,000- any place in the appropriation and supply hills. There does appear, however, in the supply bill, which became chapter 727 of the laws of 1915, an Item of $11,12 3.38 for squipm:ent of demonstration build­ ings at Alfred University to be paid from moneys paid into the treasury under the provisions of Section 37 of chapter 58 of the laws of 1909. THIS ITEM WAS VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR, The iregular appropriations for Che University seem to have been ’made. ‘These, however, by com­ parison with the appropriations for the University made in 1914 total something less than last year. We are very careful to bo sure our records are correct and to send out 'Only reliable news. ^Either the published records must be radically wrong or else your Allegany^ County informants must be in error. Mr. Perry’s bill increasing the sal­ ary of the supervisors to $5.00 a day in Allegany county, Assembly Intro. 352, Print No. 356, died in ■committee and the companion bill introduced in the Senate by Mr. San­ ders, Inttro No. 244, Print No. 977, had the following record: introduced Jan. 26. Fe-h. 24, Reported to Com. of the i>Ti'hole. Feb. 25— ^To Third Reading. Mar. 2. Amended. Mar .10, Passed. Mar. 12, In Assembly Rec. No. 1 1 0 . T o In t e r n a l A ffairs Com . April 23, Reported to second read ing. Stricken from Calendar. V e r y tru ly you r s , GEORGE R. VAN NAMEE. Our Republican readers may judge for themselves what is their duty at the primaries. Sept. 28. It has cost the people of the State '(Of Nevr York $3,000 in salary to keep Mr. Ferry at Albany for two years. In return for the money, Mr. Ferry ^as done absolutely nothing as far as results are concerned. He is a laughing-stock among his own gparty leaders. He is a man with- . o u t influence or prestige. The Republican voters will choose Uhetween Ferry, Duke and Leggett ’ for the next Republican nominee for Member of Assembly. Is there any doubts in the mind of any man as to whom he should vote for? It must be Duke or Leggett. The best a:^terests of the people of Allegany icounty demand the retirement of Ferry. A vote for Duke is a dead-sure vote against Ferry. A vote for Leg­ gett is half a vote for Perry. Vote for Duke. Make Ferry’s defeat decisive. Fai'iner :is Injured. Peter Rollins, the Greenwood farm er who was thrown out of his rig near Cunistoo, Tuesday afternoon is slowly reco'L'ering. Mr. Rollins was driving a team of colts when they became frightened at a passing freight train on the N. Y. & P. rail­ road and ran away throwing him out. (Several ribs wore .'fractured beside numerous cuts an4 bruises. ^YUJh I>1 KE FOR ASSK>IBLY. (From ,ths Wel-lsville Reporter) William Duke, Jr., is a candidate for the Republican nomination fox Member of Assembly, an office which W ellsville has not had in over thirty years. The people of Wellsville are en­ thusiastically backing * Mr. Duke’s candidacy for several very good rea- He is especially well fitted for this office. He has had an excellent edu­ cation, which gives him a foundation for the best legislative work. He was admitted to the bar to practice law, hilt choose to enter business, and thus has had the benefit of a combined training that has broaden­ ed his view-point and given him a valuable experience. Mr. Duke is in the prime of young manhood, active, alert and honest, just the qualities which Allegany County needs in the Ossembly. He is so jittuated that the legislature will probably be attractive to him for several years. This is a very im­ portant consideration, beeai-se sing­ le termers are never able to accomp# lish much in legislative office. The geographical distribution of county offices is justly an important matter. Mr. Duke’s opponent of whom most is now being’ said, re­ sides in Cuba, a town which already has a plethora of county plums, hav­ ing the County Clerk, in the person of Mr. D. P. Snyder, who, by the way, is a candidate of renomination this year; the C o n s t itu t io n a l Dele­ gate, and the Republican Election Commissioner. Now, in addition to all this, Mr. Leggett, of Cuba, wants to go the Assembly. In view of Mr., Duke’s candidacy, (which was an­ nounced long before that of Mr. Leg­ gett) not only Wellsville, but the people of Allegany county, think that is asking altogether too much. Mr. Duke’s candidacy is meeting with marked favor in Republican cir­ cles all over the county. Why We’re Late We. are unavoidabiy late this is­ sue, because our linotype which has been out of order for three weeks is not as yet repaired, and our type is being “s»t” in Canisteo. Added to this. On page 2 is an election no­ tice which had to be published in this issue, the copy for which we did not receive until late. Payne- ville, North Bingham, Beaeh Hill, and other interesting news has had to be left out. — ^After Oct. 1st, no person can, under any circumstances^ get The News without having paid for it in advance. The paper wdll stop promptly at expiration. ' A List of the Republican. Demo­ cratic, Progressive and Prohi­ bition Candidates on the Pri­ mary Ballots. (Cuba Patriot) It remained for W ells’.’Ule to pre­ sent about the only interesting and unexpected feature of the party des­ ignations for the various offices to be filled in Allegany county this year, which had to be filed with the election comiuffisioners before lu’d- night Tuesday, the time having been extended from Monday on account of Labor Day. The unexpected development pro­ duced by W ellsville is an apparent contest for control of the Republican organization in all three districts of that city. The most interest, how- eyer, will center in district No. 1. wjiere \U'dliam Duke, Jr., w’ho is a candidate for the epuhiican nomina­ tion for assembly, is also a candidate for member of the county committee.- For the latter place 'Mr. Duke i-s be­ ing opposed in his own district by D. D. Christianna. In the other two districts there are also contests. J. Benjamin Murray and George B. El- well are the candidates in the sec­ ond, while Prank M. Wall and L. H. Davis are opposing each other in the third. Outside of this, things seem to be pretty quiet along the political Poto­ mac in Allegany County, a^ide from a little scrap taht is likely to develop in Democratic circles of Cuba, where Francis J. McCaffrey is again trying to wrest the Democratic committee- manship away from Prank N. Malli- son in district No. 1. Up to last evening Chairman Kell­ er of the election commissioners had received one resignation— that of John A. Daley of Canaseraga, who had been designated* by the Demo­ crats for county clerk. This leaves the party w'ithout any candidate un­ til the 'committee selects one. OTTsitside of the committeemen, the tabulation of w h i^ bad not been completed last evening, the designa­ tions are as follows: Republican. Assembly— John € Legsrett, Cuba; William Duke, Jr., W ellsville; Elmer E. Ferry, Almond. County Clerk— D. P. Snyder, Bel­ mont. Sheriff— P. K. Millspaugh, Whites ville; J. Whit Weir, Angelica. Superintendent of the Poor— Dan­ iel C. Grunder, Angelica. Uoroner— A. T. Bacon, Canaser­ aga; Walter Grenolds, Andover, Ar- thus L. Runals, Belfast. Democratic. Assembly— James D. Cheeseman, Andover. Colinty Clerk— John C. Daley. Canaseraga. (resigned). Sheriff—-Charles 0. Taylor, Wells­ ville, Coroner — Albert T. Bacon. Canas­ eraga; James T. Waterman, Center­ ville. Progressive. Assembly— ^Harry G. Zimmerman, Bolivar. County Clerk— ^'Herman F. Dor- onw, Welisville. Superintendent of the Poor— Chas P. Johnson, W ellsville. Sheriff— Elizer l¥eir, Belfast. Coroner— Halsey E. Cooley, A.n- gelica. Prohibition. Assembly— Lewis L. Brown, Cuba Sheriff— Grant Woods, Rushford. Count yClerk— ^Harry W. Niles Alfred. Superintendent of Poor— Alfred Sanford, Little Genesee. BOLIM POSI OFFICE WILL GOV. l l l i YEGGS ENDEAVORED TO >L1KE A HAUL AT BOLIVAR, BUT NOISE OF EXPLOSION SCARED THEM AWAY. Yeggmen -take another “try” at i the Bolivar postoffice early Thurs­ day morning but failed to get any booty, evidently being frightened away by the terrific explosion which followed their attempt to force the .s.'^fe with a heavy charge of nitro­ glycerine. John McDermott, a night watch, was on the scene shortly after the explosion hut saw no one in the vi­ cinity. The yeggs had evidently provided for just such a happening and made their “get away” quickly and unnoticed. Sheriff Tunstead 'was notified of the attempted burglary and hurried to Bolivar in an auto as did L. A. Johnson, the U. S. P. O. Inspector residing at Friendship. The surrounding countri’^ has been notified to he on the lookout for sus­ picious looking characters but as yet aothing has been heard. Postmistress Miss Florence W ill­ iams states that the wrecked safe contained about $125 in money and stamps hut thaf it wms in an Inner compartment and was found intact after the explosion. This is the third time the Bolivar P. 0. ha-s been broken into, the time before the last attempt, the yeggs got away with some $1,500 in stamps and money. MAY USE FERRETS Licensed Hunters Can Take Rabbits With Ferrits, Beginning With Oct. 1, 1915. The 'Conservation commission has granted a permit for the use of fer- rits w ithin the county of Allegany, subject to the following conditions, namely: First: The period covered by the permit shall begin October 1, 1915, and end on January 31, 1916; unless sooner revoked by the commission. Second* Only holders of hunting license shall be permitted to take rabbits -with ferrits. Third: Rabbits hunted wuth fer­ rets shall he killed by shooting; only they shall not be caught in the hands or in bags or otherwise. Fourth: No person shall take more than six rabbits in one day. Fifth: Nothing in this permit shall he construed to sanction any violation of law whatsoever. Big Celebration The villgae of Rushford very fit­ tingly celebrated Labor Day last w’eek. Over 4,000 people thronged the streets. A parade longer and better than ever seen in Rushford, and a ball game and other athletic sports completed the day’s program. Afler Anto Si>eeders. Belmont is making raids on auto- ists who use their streets for a race track. As there are so mahy chil­ dren on the streets since school has commenced the authorities are now on the lookout. n LlSH IS 12 m OLD Passed His Birthday Very Quiet­ ly Yesterday.—Doesn’t Look a Day Over Fifty.—Served in the Civil War. Wedne.^day, Sept. 15, Ransom Fisli of Whitesville, (piietly celebrated his 72d birth anniversary. He was just as spry and jovial as ever, and it is hard for one to believe lie is more than hfty. iUr. Fisli was horn in this township in 184:), the son of Lewis B. and Fanny [Rem­ ington] Fish, On Aug. i:i, 186:2, when 19 years of age, he enrolled under his country’s flag to light for the preservation of the un­ ion. He was honorably discharged from service, July 19, I 860 . THE $1,000-A-DAY TRIP TO SAN F RANCISCO FAIR, WITH NOTH­ ING TO SHOW FOR IT, DOESN’T LOOK WELL. In sharp contrast with Mayor Mit­ chell paying his own way to the mil­ itary camp of instruction at Platts­ burgh and setting a personal ex­ ample to the 500,000 men in Greater New York liable for military service in an emergency at the first call, is the $1,000 a day trip of Governor Whitman to the ’Frisco Fair at the expense of the taxpayers. Provided a real good has been ac­ complished, that the Governor has gained something of real benefit to the betterment of economic condi­ tions in New York State, has brought home something more than added personal publicity towards a Presidential boom, the people in the knowledge that Whitman must serve them yet another year, would have willingly give up five times the amount of the cost of the trip. The $19,500,000 direct tax is yet to he faced, however, in a year when tthe best of us can ill afford to part with the excess imposition. Usual­ ly even a legislative junketing party submits some sort of a report to show the result of its labors and the reason or excuse for spending the money. f The farmers who sold their pota­ toes last year at 25 cents a bushel, have reason to ask, especially in view of the fact that Mr. Whitman and his party were eating them up on the special train at the rate of 50 cents for two potatoes, what real benefit to the State of New York was gained by tbe ’Frisco trip. Perhaps, at some of the county fairs Mr. Whitman will visit, he will condescend to explain, of the attractive and interesting A.D.ilELLCTEO ^ Will Succeed Giles H. Chapin De­ ceased. — William Ladd is the Ne-w Director, Elected Last T uesday. At a meeting of the directors of the First National Bank of Whites­ ville, held Tuesday afternoon, at which all were present, A. D. Hov/e of this place was elected President of the Bank .to succeed, the late Giles H. Chapin. William Ladd of this place, uas elected director to fill out the unexpired term of Mr. Chapin. The News extends congratulations both to the hank and to Mr. Plowe. Mr. Howe is one of the most inrluen tial business men in this section, and is eminently fitted to become tbe head of the stable and sound First National. President W. J. Richard­ son of Wellsville, E. E. Parker of W ellsville and M. F. Clark of -Ful­ mer Valley were the out-of-town di­ rectors present. ANOTHER AUTO OVER LIANXMENI CAR OWNED BY GEORGE DAY- TON OP WELLSITLLE, TURNED TURTLE FRIDAY MORNING IN­ JURING ITS OCCUPANTS. Another frightful automobile acci­ dent was recorded in Wellsville at 10 o’clock this morning, when a car owned and driven by George Day- ton, of Dyke street, plunged over an embankment on Riverside Drive, with disas.trous results to the occu­ pants and the car. Mr. Dayton took his car, a new Hudson, from the garage this morn­ ing and accompanied by his wife, Mr. and Mrs. John Lestner, and Mr. Lestiier’s granddaughter. Miss Irene Palmer, of Hornell, and started for a trip to Belmont. When they had reached Riverside Drive the radiator cap came off and Mr. Dayton, discov­ ering it, attempted to turn around to go back after it. In the attempt to turn in front of Adeibert King's residence he lost control of the car and the machine crashed through the fence and down an embankment, the car turning turtle and righting itself, headed toward Wellsville, aft­ er a fall of about forty feet. Doctors were called a€ once and Dr. Eaton, assisted by Dr. Heineman, a visiting physician, responded and attended the injured, who in the meantime had been taken into the home of George Sisson. An exam­ ination showed that Mrs. Dayton had received a fracture of an elbow. Mrs. Lestner, was the most severely in­ jured, suffering ,a concussion of the brain and a bad bruise on her jaw. Mr. Lestner, Mr. Dayton and Miss Palmer escaped with slight bruises. The only wonder is that all were not killed in making such a plunge. The automobile top was crushed, one wheel torn off and the fenders badly twisted. Mrs. Lestner was removed from the home of George Sisson at two o’­ clock this afternoon to her home on Hanover street. The concussion of the brain had w'orked off and her most severe injury now seems to be the fracture of her jaw.— Friday’s W ellsville Reporter. B.SSJAYBE JONKED AFTER ALL On Nov. 25, 1866, he was united in mar­ riage to Miss Abbie Collins, Since his mar­ riage he has always resided in thi.s township where has busied himself as a carpenter, and a first-rate good carpenter he is, too! Many of the houses and barns in this sec­ tion represent his handiwork. He has three brothers and one sister liv­ ing: B. F. Fish of Shongo; F. M. Fish of Nebraska; Edson Fish of Washington; and Mrs. Minnie Friar of Portville. Three daughters and one son are living, to congrat- nlate their “dad” upon his good health and activity at this time: Mrs. D- G. Spicer of Halfeport Grange. A meeting of much interest was held last Thursday evening at Halls- port Grange. There was a good at­ tendance, considering the busy time, which shows that the patrons are giv ing the Grange their support. A bulletin board will be ready for use at the next meeting. This is a new thought wath us. We lose vigor through thinking continually the .same set of thoughts. We are told, new thought is new life. We hope all patrons will make use of the bulletin hoard. The grange has extended an invit­ ation to Hon, E, E. Ferry of Almond, to speak before the grange in regard to legislative matters, which materi­ ally affect the farmer. Owung to death in the family, Mr. Ferry can­ not come this week Friday evening as .planned, but will be present Fri­ day evening. Sept. 24. The regular meeting next week Thursday evening has been postponed one night, so that both meetings will come the same evening. Deputy D. P, Barnes of Friendship, and County Farm Agt Smith of Wellsville will also speak— Lecturer. GLEAN MAN WHO BOUIfflT ROAD IS FINDING DIFFICULTY TO FI­ NANCE LMPROVEMENTS AND MAY GIVE UP ELECTRIFYING IT. Declaring that he can give no de­ finite assurance that the B. & S. Rail way which he has agreed to pur­ chase will not be junked. W. R. Page of the Western IStew York & Pennsylvania Traction Company ad­ mitted that he was having difficulty in .his plans to finance the road which extends from Wellsville to Blaisdell, a distance of 88 miles, and hinted that 'in previous newspaper reports, purporting to have emanat­ ed from Walter P. Cooke, attorney for the road, to the effect that it would soon be electrified, Mr. Cooke had been incorrectly quoted, Mr. Page, however, said that he still had hopes of the continuing the road in operation and that he would junk it only when junking is unavoidable. M. E. Henry, a prominent citizen of Crystal Lake, last week sent out a statement to papers published along ‘the line of the B. & S. to the effect that engineers had been, at i work estimating the value of the bridges and rails if the road should he junked, and -warning the people of the towns through which the B. & S. passes not to have too high hopes that the road would not be soon abandoned. Mr. Page Thursday replied in a measure to Mr. Henry’s statement and did much to confirm the appre­ hension felt by those living along the route of the B. & S. that the abandonment and dismantling of the road may occur soon after it passes into Mr. Page’s possession, despite his asurance that he is working to keep it in operation and hopes to be successful.— Olean Herald. Meeting of Bar Association. The Potter County Bar Association this place; Florence McGinty of Minneapo-1 held a meeting at the court house on lis; Ruie Miller of Detroit: and W. D. Fish ■ Thursday P- m., of last week. Busi- of Coudeisport, The News wishes Mr. Fish ' was tra^acted and the annual , r. J , election of officers was held. The many more appy ir >s. f following officers were elected: Judge A. S. Heck, president; W. F. DuBois 1st vice-president; W. K. Stvetland, 2d vice-president; A. P. Jones, treas­ urer, A. N. Crandall, sec’y. Directors W. P. DuBois, W. K. Swetland, E. M. ElHott, J. Walter Wells, A. P. Jones. — ^M'hitesville has a newspaper that measures to a standard seldom equalled by a newspaper in a town of 3,000 population. Yet Whitesville is a village of hardly 500 inhabit­ ants. W m Attend Agricnltnral School Lewis Morley of Gold was in town Friday. He started Monday for Co­ lumbia, Mo., where he will enter the Agricultural College in the Univers­ ity of Missouri. Mr. Morley has just finished a two years’ course in Agriculture in State College, and is aiming to attain still more knowl­ edge in his ehosen profession. He Is an ambitious and upright young man and we wish him the success he so well deserves.— ^Ulysses Sentinel. I h

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