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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, September 09, 1915, Image 4

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS, WHITESVILLE, N. Y. L O C A L B R I E F S — Tile News, $1.50 after Oct. 1st. — The Westfield Fair is being held th is week. — Mrs. Lydia Crandall was a vis­ itor in Canisteo Saturday. — F. J. McKay of Rexville, was a brief visit in town Saturday. — Miss Virginia Greene has been quite ill a few days the past week. — Miss Louise Ainsworth was a guest of friends in Olean last week. — C. C. Heselton and L. C. Allen were in Hornell on business Monday. — Mrs. Sara Coykendali tvas a guest of friends in Greenwood Sun­ day. — ]Miss. Alberta F o rtner spent few days last ”'eek with relatives at Gen­ esee. — Jlr. and Mrs. Lester J. Fortner and family motored to W ellsville Friday. — Lawrence B atterson was in Olean last week, where he attended the Ole&n Fair. — Clair Cornell of Spring Mills, is one of the new students at the local school this year. — Q. A. and Linford Potter of Independence were business visitors in town last Saturday. — L eonard H. F o rtner returned from several days’ v isit at Port Alle­ gany, one day last \week. —Miss Myrtle Crittenden of Cor­ nell, was an over Sunday guest of her parents in this village. --Thomas Mervine, a'well known oil producer, of Reading, Pa., was in towm on business Tuesday. — Mrs. Lee Millspaugh and daugh­ ter Virginia, are visiting relatives a t Petrolia for a few days. — F. D. Mnckey and son Leon spent last week with relatives in Olean, and attended the Olean Fair. — F r a n k 'and Charles Morton of Olean, spent a few days the past w^eek at the home of E. S. Batterson. — Mrs. C. H. Austin is spending a few days in Cuba, assisting her son and family, settle in their new home. — F. E. Richmond of Groveland, was a guest a few days last week at the hom e of friends in this section. — Have you been to A. M. Rich­ m o n d ’s store to inspect the new fall coats for ladies? They are dand- — Miss Alberta Fortner was a guest a few days last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Beagle in Gene­ see. — P . D. Muekey, Cyrus Moses, B. D. Briggs and Leon Muekey were business visitors in W ellsville Mon- — Mrs. Cyrena Neal of M ontour Falls, is spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rich­ mond. — A ttorney and Mrs. Lee P a s sett and daughter Cynthia of W ellsville, were guests of Mrs. Ella Greene last Sunday. — Miss Axlta W ager, a graduate of .the W ellsville training class started school at Independence Tuesday — Mr. and Mrs. George McKee, Plainfield, iN. Mrs. M alvina Reynolds, and Mrs. C. L. C rittenden w^ere Canisteo visitors Saturday. — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornell and daughter Alberta, ' of Rexville, were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. F r e d Cornell. — Mrs. W a lter Brundage and chil­ dren of Hornell, were guests Friday at the home of Mrs. Mary Barney in W est Union. — Miss M artha Barney returned to New York City today, where she will resum e her work in a public school of th a t place. — Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Richmond and Messrs. Lewis McKee and Her­ bert Reynolds m o tored to Ulysses Sunday evening. — Mrs. A. O’Brien and daughter Anna of Boston, Mass., w^ere guests a few' days last w'eek at the home of Miss A. R. Graves. — $1.50 per year— and w o rth it. T h a t is the slogan of this newspaper after Oct. 1st. How does YOUR subscription stands? — Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Howe, Miss Ada Dexter, Fred W ildm an and W ilber Baker autoed to W ellsville Tuesday, on business. — Mr. and Mrs. John P. W ilson are moving from the apartm e n ts over A. M. Richm ond’s store to the Sellers residence on Main street. — Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Pfeilfer and daughter Helen of Spring Hills, w'ere Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W ildman. — 'Ernest Colebert of Olean, a r ­ rived Saturday, and spent Sunday and Monday a t the home of Miss R u th Saunders at Saunders. —N. C. Dexter and son Lynn of H a rrison Valley were in towm Mon- daiL called here by the illness and death of Mrs. Elizabeth Dexter. — ^Mrs. W illiam Muekey and ------------------------ daughter returned Monday from a | v isiting at th e homes of Mr. andJVIrs, weeks’ — Misses- E thel Gilmore and Hazel Meecham of Bingihamton, returned Monday after spending a w’eek hert at the hom e of their cousin, Mrs. John P. W ilson. —Mrs. F. A. Graves and family autoed to Beach Hill Saturday, where they attended the Harrington reunion. H a rold C rittenden took them in his auto. * Miss Oleta Wood of this place, a graduate of the Canisteo training clcss, commenced her duties as teach­ er in the W ileysville school, Ia?t Tuesday morning. — Mrs. A. W. Barney, Mrs. Ella Greene, Miss M artha Burney and Mrs. Fred Cornell autoed to W est Cnion Friday, where they visited Mr.A Mary Barney. — .Mis-. Smith, of Addison, who has charge of the Prim a ry departm e n t in the local school, arrived Saturday, and is now living In her aparLin*.iiis in the B arker block. — Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today. If your ;-.nbscription has expired or is aboni to expire, you should renew before Oct. 1st, and save 2Bc. Mr. and Mrs. M. I L Reynolds and daughter Anna, and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ainsw’orth motored to Xew' Wood- stock, N. Y.. near Syracuse, where thov spent a few' days. —Miss Daypie Heselton left Mon­ day for Peekskill. after spending the rum m er at her home hers, to resume her diPics as teacbor in the public schools of that place. --- After Oct. 1st, no person can, under any circumstances, get The News without having paid for it in advance. The paper wull stop ' promptly at expiration. — Mrs. Oscar Peasly, Mrs. Lena ,A.ckerman, and daughters Della and Clara of Friendship, wmre guests a few days the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W ilber Baker. — P rank McGraw' has been suffer­ ing the past few days with sciatic rheum atism . H e can walk onl3' with the a id of a crutch. PTis many friends tru s t he w'ill speedily recov- — W h itesville has a new'spaper th a t m easures to a standard seldom equalled -by a newspaper in a towm of 3,000 population. Yet W hitesville is a village of hardly 500 inliabit- — If you w ant to be correctly dressed, yet not too expensively, do not forget the best values in Men’s clothing can be secured at A. M. Richm ond’s store, for the least money. — Mrs. A. O’Brien and daughter Anna of Boston, Miss A. R. Graves, Floyd Kelley and Fred Cornell auto­ ed to Coudersport. Sweden Valley and Austin, in the la tte r ’s car last Sunday. — 'Miss M arian W hite left Monday to take up her duties in the public schools at Englewood, N. J., after spending the sum m er in W hitesville, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. W hite. — Miss Rebea W hite returned to J., Monday ^after spending the sum m er at the home of her father, S. S. W hite. Miss W h ite holds a lucrative position in the high school of Plainfield. — Miss H a rriett McCormick of Rexville, who has charge of the in­ term e d ia te departm e n t in the local schoiol, arrived Monday evening, and is now nicely located in her apart­ ments in the B a rker block. — Miss Lailah Burrow's of Cassa- daga, arrived Monday and this week resum ed her duties as interm e d iate teacher in the local school. Miss Burrows is staying at the home of Miss Alice Robbins for a few days. — ^Miss Josephine de la Lys of Rochester, 'arrived Monday evening and has commenced her duties as teacher in the high school. Miss de la Lys is m aking her home at Mr. and Mrs. R. F ish’s on Putm an ave­ nue. — ^Miss Clio Ainsw'orth left Tues­ day m'orning for Cortland, w'here she will enter the Normal school. Miss Ainsworth graduated from W h itesville high school last June, and ihas the best w'ishes of a host of friends, — P. K. M illspaugh, w'ho is a candidate for the Republican nomi­ nation for Sheriff was in Fillm o re Monday, w here he attended a Labor Day Picnic.. He found the northern part of the county very cordial to his candidacy. — Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Spicer and Mr, and Mrs. P r a n k W ager returned Sunday from a w'eek’s m otor trip w'hich in­ cluded Buffalo, Niagara, Batavia, Rochester and Silver Lake. They report fine W'eatlier and a most en­ joyable time. ■ —^iVIrs. A. O’Brien and daughter Anna of Boston, Mass., w'ho has been I _ _________________________________ _ ____________ ^ _____________________ I LADIES,—-Have You Seen BETTY’S WARDROBE? ^6 B ETTY'’S WAKDR('BE” is looke<l for every season by thousands of dis- ,criminating American Avoiuen. It lias come to Whitesville for the first time tliis year, and you will do well to visit our stoi'e and inspect the iiiodeL ])ei'ore deciding upon your purchases. Every garment sliown in “Betty’s Wardrobe” for Fall and Winter is deserving of a jilacc in Y( )UR w'ardrohe. You may be sure that Avhatevcr model you select and buy is correct in design, according to the latest wliisper-'t»f Fashion; that it is perfect in tailor­ ing—as perfect as the most fastidious person could desire; that it is NOT in.any sense a “common’’ style, hut distinctive and cliaracterful. The Best Style Hints From Paris and London. STYLE NO. 922 At your left in this ad, is shown Style No. 922, from ‘Betty’s Wardrobe.” It is a charming coat for school or general wear. The collar, A\hicliis finished tin the inside with velvet; maybe worn standing or open. Pouch pockets at sides and Avide belt. Double slot seams in back give ample fullnes.s to skirt of coat. Made upi in a A’ariety of fancy tweeds. STYLE NO. 932 On your r ight is style from “ Betty’s W a rdrobe.” T h is is a splendid garm e n t for g e n eral wetir; deep paten pockets a n d Avide strap belt, fastening with fam-y m etal buttons. Full-lined witli mercerized sateen. Made in a wide wale corduroy in all the Fall shades. Hpace does not iiermit us to git'e details and descTiptions of many other .styles. A visit toonr store at once is imperative if you tvould see “ Betty’s Wardrobe. Prices From $12.50 to $30.00 A. M. RICHMOND WHITESVILLE, NEW YORK 'We sell Walk-Over and Dorotli}^ Dodd Shoes, R. B. Fashion and Style-Plus Clothes, Slidewell Collars, Hail Mark Shirts, and Style-Craft Suits and Coats for Ladies. V o c a l L e s s o n s Miss Marian Remington will give A'oeal lessons to any one desiring same, in Genesee ®r W h itesville, by calling the Rem ington residence in Whitesville. A M ighty Good P a p e r The Bolivar Breeze has entered upon its 25 th year. The Breeze is one of th e best country papers pub­ lished and we congratulate it upo-n its success. CLASSIFIED ADS. FOR SALE To Enrolled Republican Voters: I Avisli to announce that I am a candidate ^ for nomination on the Republican Ticket {for Member of Assembly from Allegany County, subject to A'ote of the Republicans at the September Primaries. William Duke, Junior, WellsA'ille, N. YL LLL CL L-ccLLc ccL cccc. cl ____________________ W’'ord roceived from visR with \ relatives'at R u sh-i Alvin Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. | Mrs. H e n ry Richmond, who are on a — Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Dexter re- teurned last evening from Elm ira, where they lhad spent the week-end at the County Club. Mrs. Dexter ac­ companied Mr. and Mrs. J. L. W heat- ton a t Elm ira, and at th a t place met her hushand, who was returning from New York city. — Miss M arian Chase left Tuesday m o rning for Oneonta, w here she will study the coming year in the Normal. Miss Chase attained a very high m a rk of scholarship in the W hites­ ville school last year, and s!he has the best wishes ef many friends for succe&'S in her new studies. — Misses Beatrice Barney and Charlotte Graves left Tuesday for Geneseo, w h ere they will attend Nor­ mal school the coming year. They attended sum m er school and enjoyed the work so well th a t they felt th a t they would enjoy a full course. W hit- esv.ille is proud of these two indus­ trious young ladies. Mr, and ford, W est Bingham and Newfleld. ] W hite, Mr .and' Mrs. W illiam Gr^-es, | wh7hlfbe»';'pendin°g . f numSJ'of | F^Td C o rneltSTyesterdly for the\ 'Tdlle ^ V h f in rTn^L*d‘ ^ ^ h T ^ r r e r r ^ y r f “ “ d Barney of Clean, a « fh ^ : — Mr. an d Mrs. C. W. P a rker and | form er resident of this place, arrlTed B-rede.iek, Md„ ^ n e r e tn e , daughter M arian of Daneville. were | Monday, a n d is now engaged in teach guests one day last week, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. W h ite. — Mr. and Mrs. R. C. C r itten d e n teach, in place of Miss Graves, who Avill attend Norm al at Geneseo this year. and daughter L a u ra and son Carlton, and Mrs. J. L. C a rpenter H sited friends in W oodhull one day last — 3iliss Ruth Bloss left Monday afternoon for Hornell, where she w’ill enter a, business school. Miss Bloss has m a n y friends who wish her un­ lim ited success. — Misses Esther and Edna Greene of 'West Union, are making their homo w ith their grandmother, Mrs. m i § . Brawn, this fall, and attending th e local S 9 hool. H e rbert are A'isiting Mr. and Mrs. Robbins. — Miss Mabel B a rker left Tue«- ing school in one of th e districts in W est rn io n township. SJlf day m o rning for H erkim er, where ^ Uhe will study for a year in Folts M issionary Institute. Miss B a rker intends to take up home missionary -R a y Robbins returned Monday j from W ellsville, where be bas been a t th e fair with his racing horse, Raymond Hal. The horse suffered distem p er while being trained a t De­ troit, and at W ellsville last week went lame. He had been entered in the race for Thursday, however, and Mr. Robbins put him on the tract although he made no effort to win any meney. T h e horse got fourth naoney in the race. She is a graduate of W hit- esA-ille High School, W ellsvnie High School and Alfred University, and the training ehe will receive a t Folts will give h e r a knowledge th a t will be beneficial In her future work. Miss B a rker is a conscientious and industrious Christian, who will be missed in the l(Jcal M ethodist church, where her labors have been extensive and responsible. She (has th e best wishes of a host of friends. FOR SALE—Finest general purpose team in Hornell, Avt. 2,400; brood mare; 1 four year old gelding; 1 three year old. Will trade for coaas ' . Goff Bros., R. D. 7, Hor­ nell, N. Y., Century Phone. 9-8 FOR SALE—^Birdisall thr-eshing m a chine latQid traction engine in good conidii'bion and imnniing order. Sold cheap if taken a t once. E. R, Fort­ ner, WeLlisville, N.Y., R-D. 1. FOR SALE-1. H. C. 15 li. p. portable gasoline engine in first class condition, C. C. Coats, Whitesville, N. Y. 11-4 FOR SALE—Paiir of black horses, ages: 3 lamid 4. Well miatohed. G. J. Pfeiffer, Sipring Mill's, N. Y.' S2 FOR SALE—At a bargain if taken at once^ house and lot in Whitesville. Arthur Tern, pie, City. FARM FOR SALE FOR SALE'—Fine farm of 206 acres, lY z miles west of .Spring Mills. Bufld- ings all in.' good condition. C'ement cellar nnder house. Cement calf (sta­ ble 'ini barn. Lots of water. Good sugair bush and tools. One of the best dairy farmis in this section. Will sell with or without daiiry. Will take a house and lot towards farm. Terms easy. Call on or write. ' L. C. Allen., W hitesville, N. Y BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says, ** Little strokes fell great oaks.” Look //ere— Mr, Farmer! That crop has cost you a Avhole lot of anxiety. Your 'weather eye has been AA’atehful day and night, fearing for it’s safely. And BOAV that you are har\'e.sting it are you going to let to let up on on your vigilance? How about the safety of the }iroceeds? When you harvest your dollar crop, store it in this bank. Then you mar rest assured that it is absolutely FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WHITESVILLE, N. Y. G. H. C ha p in , Pres. D. M. R oixiks , V. Pres. L. J. F getneb , Cashier Summer Goods with whlcti w e are overstocked, are yours at prices alm o s t your own. Belov/ w e list them : Lawn Mowers Carpet Beaters Hammocks Horse and Cow Clippers Sprayers Fly Oil Hay Tools Rakes Snaths Etc. W e believe that w e can honestly surprise you in v a lues and prices, for a w e e k before w e com m e n c e receiving Fall Goods. Screen Doors Window Screens Screen Wire Poultry Netting ice Cream Freezers Lace Curtain Driers Lap Ousters Forks Scythes Stones RASSEU BROTHERS Hardware-Crocery - - House - - Whitesville, N. Y. Shoe~buyer^s Attention! New line of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Shoes just received. Special cash discount on all of these until Oct. Gome and get some of the bargains. I ! 1st. Full line of school tablets and pencils. Men’s and boy’s Hats, Gaps and Raincoats. C . L. C R IT T E N D E N W h itesville, N . Y . An Im p o rtant Change. All 6ufes*ribers to The Ne’ws, who are in arrears are urged to renew their smbscriptiou and pay up Avhat they owe, before Oct. 1st, at the pres ent rate of $1.25 per year. A fter October first, the subscription rate will lie $1.5# p i r year,— and worth it. Y A fter Cuba Lake Cottagers The state consem'ation commis­ sion is getting after Cuba Lake cottage owners who violate the sanitary rules laid down by it, and 'Where repeated requests bring no improvement the leases will be re­ voked and the cottages removed.

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