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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, September 02, 1915, Image 5

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS, WHITESVILLE, N. Y. 0 I If * 1% [ | . f . ■f I'. 1' 4 * CiJp>-rphM95i M. O. W A L L I M BF’nggist ss ® s i i © © @ © r PiAo ire pii fiiif e!|iippd t® i§ pir HaTOsting? Ttese dap ar® bisy ©lies aid ®¥©r| nciiest $hmM b® are leai^iarters f©r @¥@r|= ia¥ Sir prises ©e M oGINNlS & REED G e n e s e e j f F i t ti, The Loafer |E ALL hate the loafer—don’t we? The help that works only while we are around—when he gets a t the end of the row, where you don’t see him, lie chews straws, looks at the sky, thinks about nothing plus nothing. You cmi’t wateh him all the time any more than you can Wtitch your dollars all the time. The house-ke})t dollar is a loaf­ er—an unpi’oli table servant.................................................. 1i Put it at work in an account at the Genesee First Na­ tional Bank. It works for you so you won’t always have to work..................................................................................... % For two things in this world come not hack— the wasted minute and the spent money . GENESEE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Edward F. Lawler, Cashier GENESEE, - PA. Announcem e n t Having moved my complete undertaking, embalming and funeral directing equipment from Cuba to Wbitesville, I am now in a position to give my full attention to any and all work in this line. My equipment is the latest, and all work done by me will have the same careful attention and will be done in the same up-to-date manner as only can be obtained from a li­ censed undertaker and embalmer of many years experience. Fred Wildman, Licensed Undertaker and Embalmer W hitesville, - - - New Ycrk Mr. un<l C. L. Heed and .-on, Ram-1 ond were in Wcll-iville, Wednesday. ■ j !Mrs. <fe(irae Kenyon aeeotnpanied lier; ! daup;bter, Mrs. O. A. Kaslinitz a*? far as j ' II<*rnell, Thni>.day, wliere she visited rela-! tives and attended the fair. { j Quite a mimher from here attended the j j Hornell fair Thuivday. j j Misses Myrtle and Beulah Smith, of < ).s-' ■ vayr> visited their sister, iirs. William Cur- i Ais Sunday. I ! Mrs. William Kelley spent a few days last j j week with her daughter, iSIrs. Martin Fitz- j ’ Stephens, <jf Kinney. , , I Mrs. J. 1). Potter is earlntr hn- lier moth- | , er. Mr-. tK L. Harney ai Sin ,ngo. | I Mrr. S. P>. Hawks spent la-t week with | ' her-ister, .Mrs. itev.vy, of Cauisteo. i j Ml-s Mildri d Henry, of Klli.-hure;, -pent I the ilu/ r'.Ust ot IMl-- -Miidre<l j < tdeli. • j rvli- e--Carolyn Crililth, Floi\n.-e iiale ;r,iil K(!v ;(oi and Walu-r I>aily aiitoed u> | (t. I'l -^-o tir.d ha' k 1 Ion '/lay. r Mr-. F. P. I'.ad.y, Vi'.o ’i.'.- heeli Uhtltt'l , In t!.e !ii)-p'hil at ‘.Veli>vil!e. r.aurikii lo ; her home iu-re >uialay. j Mr. ami Mrs. < . B. Keed ae.d son, I’ton- ' ■>n left F-'Iday ha-a I’-v. da; - ' i-xL with rehi- j i . i.t X>:_'ix;l.- P i (ill. j itud Mm. He.iry «'lark ol tlti- plat e ;aid .Mr. iind Mi-. Smith, of Frystal, at- iemied the Ixmex';;! ..f r.ixv.. Joloi alaiole at \\A‘-t i ’lii'^lxnm '•rld.iy, 31r. and ?vh-. I>, Kiehmond, Mr. tiiid Mrs. Mh L. V.'oi.d, af kVellsville ami Miss Elizaheili Longweil, of Penn Van visited ill’s, deuiiie Ricimioiul, Tuesday. L. L. Vdhitney and grandson, Dorr \Vhit- rk*y, returned Tuesday from Ruiiulo, wliere they sjient :i few days visit­ ing Mr. and ilrs. A. D. Whitney. Mrs. L. L. iVhituey remained fora longer visit • Miss 7^tix O’Donnell left Monday for Ci)uders]xort, where slie will teaeli in tlie ixigli school at that })lace. AXXOrxCEM E X T S ico. Besides th e ho.'^tess amd the-1 cousin Miss Dunn of Scotrsville, N, guest of honor, those present were j Y., called on Mrs. J. W. O'Donnell Mesdauxes M argaret Ellis, Annie , last Friday. Henry, Ella Simon, Lettie Thoinp- ' Mrs. Jam e s O Donnell and fim i l r son, Elizabeth Downs, Mary Web- ' of Buffalo are visiting her fatiaei ster, Safa Kail, Lettie H u rd and and mother-in-lav, Mr. and Mrs,. J . Jane Estes of Ellisburg; Miss Lina W. O’Donnell. English, of W ashington, D. C.; Mrs. Miss Grace Russell, Miss Mary Sul F o r Xomination.s to Public Office in Prudence Henyoii, Mrs. Ella Drake livan. Misses Mary and C atherinf P o tter County, Subject to the and little son, and Mrs. Emma Smith Maxwell, af of Genesee have retumv- P a rty Primarle.s Sept. 21 1915 ; of Ostvayo; Mrs. Kate Reynolds and ed home from attending the Sart- little daughter of Reynoldsviile, and well picnic and dance. Ail repert- I hereby announce my candidacy Mrs. Lena Andrev/s, Mrs. Alvira ed a good time. f^or th e Republican nom ination for Coats, Mrs. Mary Scoville and Miss ’ --------------------- Sheriff of P o tter County. | A n n e tta Bishop of this place. , l ¥ l i L L 3 FRED Coudersport, Pa J. ANDRUS. I hereby announce my candidacy STONE DAM STONE DAM, Aug. 30 for The Republu:an nom ination for j evieve Greene was a guest of Mis^ Treasurer of Potter County. : Julia H a rt of Eleven Mile, Sunday JOSEPH BERNARD 'afternoon. Galeton, Pa. | .\rehie Knox is threshing in this } - \ r e h i e K n o x is i v i d v i t y . I h ereb y r n n o im c e m y c.radi;!;,x:-y I P ster A rcD erm ott w a s business for t b o R e p u b l i c a n n o m i n a t i o n f o r Regl.ster and R ecordrr. I I'-b's. Otis Greene left Saturday for Yd. H. CURTIS. 1 B elmont where she is the guest of yjjc'I ^piez Van Valkenburg spent . -L”''- ■Ylh-tt Y a rd w e rt .ri-.v V n r i v j n m P ^ v w i t h STLd K a i h - t o \ T n 0.1 o u t h i - ' s . - F r i d a y o f l a s t w e e k . : SPRING MILAS, Aug. 31— ■Miss Gen- Mamla Reynedds visited in l”iys-?^ the past week. FiUnwre Button of Fairport, is i. guest at W alter Leonard's, Miss Karel Fainhaiii began h s j sAiool at Crittenden Alonday. Schoc-1 begins ‘lere next i?Jonda5‘ with Miss Aiiii’.i Grover a.s teax-hsr, . ............ .. A good many from here .are at- the guest of iC'«'lnig the F a ir at W e llsville this Counn rxipnii^^iun'T. JO S E P H C. F T C 'I 'rviE T Z I h e r e b y announce r.irdM .c;- F u ; d a y a n d M o n d a y w i t h M ; s s K a r h - f- r , h e I ' - ' . n c c r a r . c n c c . i n . . ; i o n a y , r y n B r o w n . ! M i s s y p a r y W o l f e o f i V e l l s v i l l o i-p- r h F r i d a y i i i g l i t w i O i ] io r g r a n . l - ' IhO'I-. 'f’, ?JiS. A. R o a r h e . : 11 i s - s G s G e V 1 e C r c e r> ?, I ■. . r ];. ' O r h r .i .k a n d J a n ic - s S u l l i v a n w i e r e o u t d r i v i n g F r M a y a f t e r n o o n . -■ I i - s s H a z e l G r e e n e a n d 3 1 a r .!: a Taken to WiMard- | W illiam Curtiai, who, in a fit of in- lisanaty, attem p ted to commit suicide Moxiday evening by cutting his throat w ith a scythe, h a s h^iu taken to W illard S tate Hospital for care and treatm e n t. Two attendants from the state institution; arrived on E rie train 101 last night, and accompanied Mr. Curtin to WiUard- this morning leaving on Erie train 222. Genesee Man Who Aspires to Re» publican Nomination in Potter County, Is a Man of Experience and Deserves Nomination. The Allegany County New”s, de­ spite the fact th a t it is a York State paper, has a larger circulation In northern Potter County than anj- other newspaper. Therefore our interest in the Prim a ries which are to be held Septem ber 21, at w'hich candidates will be nom inated for of­ fices in Potter county, is not out ot place. There are a large num b er of can­ didates for the various nom inations to county offices to be filled this fall. The News is anxious th a t the best men should be chosen,—-men who are capable of rendering efficient service to the people of our neigh­ boring county. We desire to call the attention of our Republican readers to the can­ didacy of WTlliam H. Curtiss of Gen­ esee, one of the candidates for the Republican nomin^ation for Register and Recorder of P o tter County, to serv’e for four years, commencing January 1, 1916, Mr. Curtiss was born in Allegany township, August 21, 1877, and re­ sided there until he came to Genesee about nine years ago. He attend­ ed the public schools and later was graduated from a business college at Valpariso, Ind. He is a constant reader and close student, and keeps well informed on current events. Since he became of age, Mr. Curtiss has taken an active interest in political affairs, al-ways a Re­ publican, and his friends claim that in this campaign he is entitled to the support of all loyal Republicans in preference to some of bis opponents who have just “jum ped back” into the Republican fold from the W’ash- ington (Progressive) party. As postm a ster at Andrews Settle­ ment, cheese-maker, secretary of various association^. Justice of the Peace, and in his work at the rail­ road station at Genesee, Mr. Curtiss hos been constantly dealing w ith the miblic, hi.s m anner of doing business, being highly satisfactory to all ctm- eerned. It is adm itted by all th a t his ex­ perience in m aking and executing legal papers of all kinds, makes him exceptionally Tvell qualified for the office of County Register and Re­ corder. He has given his pledge to the people that, if nom inated and elected, he wTll devote his entire time and attention to the duties of the office, giving attention first t o , the interests of the patrons of the of­ fice. We predict for him a large vote | at the prim ary on Sept. 21, and i f ; the reports received by his friends | are correot, his name will appear on th e regular Republican ticket a t the general election in November. F r'z ‘ V am fr T j ' •.-an'- -a i c a a rb-:’ piffiv’cal a r n o r a : a - | ,t; .'/v . -ooii vil] bs fo j i i ' l o n e ' J . , v ; , . , . , , (B'Irton. • bo o U.o F:epubia:;r,i goii F iuxv - 'H a for Ti’oa-m'pv of PoHer C o n r t y . Air. B t i n a r d has b'.vn buying iive- s.o : k In P o t t e r r'ounty for 3-5 y-ors, ”!xrl ha.- -aLvay:- uspd tlie farm e r s f ir ■I'-.l ^quai’p. He Yor'. always i'.vid i:p blGhest m a r k e t prme for ‘■^to.'k, ii'l gave them half of the mkliilC' r m n ’s profit.^?. Mr. Bernard recently visited Girn- osee. and he found the Republican elec-ors ver^ favorable to bis r-an- didacy, W^e feel sure that he wi^l receive a big vote in the northern part of the county on Prim a ry Bay, Sept. 21. A i l d r e w s S e t t i e m e n t Natural Qtc^stlon. “*I wash mine hands in inno- cency/ ” said infant class HiliSa, mem­ orizing her Sunday school lesson. “W hat is innocency, mamma? Is it a new kind of soap?” ANDREWS SETTLEMENT, Aug. 30— Airs. Clara W hipple of Elm ira hcos been visiting old friends and neighbors in this section. Mr. and AJrs. .Allen Gardner v ere in Genesee Alonday. Mr. and Mrs. \V. P. Cool v’sited h:o sister at Roulette, over Sunday. Claude Ford, of Ford Fliil, spent Sunday with his cousin, Clifford Xel- Ivliss Alahel Cool and C. A. Rej^- uolds were Wc-llsviile visitors last Friday. Miss Mary Reynolds went to Oswayo Monday for a visit with friends. Mrs. A.. B. Coller of Ellisburg, =pent Saturday with her father, Ad­ dison Maye. Mrs. Louis Cool has returned from Jamestown, where she has been vis­ iting her sister. D. E.'G o o d enough and fam ily of '~'ole.sburg visited his sister Mrs. Helen Jam e s Sunday. Mrs. Emma Smith of Os.wayo, is spending a couple of weeks v/ith Miss Annetta Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Allis of Genesee, visited Mrs. Allis’ parents, Mr. and Airs. H. G. Hurd, Sunday, Airs. Alary Lonshury and children of Buffalo were recent guests of her parents, Air. and Airs. Frank Story. Mrs. Flora Lewis of Bolivar, has been spending a few days in this section visiting relatives and friends. J. F. French, who has been visit­ ing friends here, returned last F r i­ day to his home at W est Union, N. Y. John Currier found a stalk of oats in his field which measured six feet and three inches, after it wab Air. and Airs. R. A. Andrews and Air. and Airs. Fred A, Andrews and baby, visited relatives at Emporium Sunday. A very pleasant m o ther’s meeting was held by the W L C .T .U . at the home of Airs. E d ith Story, la§t AVed- nesday. The ATissps Ruth and Grace Fos- raer of Clara, visited their sister. Airs E. I. Burch and attended church here, Sunday. Air. and Airs. Leon Cool and Air. and Airs. Alerle Scoville and baby of Judds w'ere Sunday guests of the ladies parents, Air. and Mrs. Allen Gardner. Airs. S. S. Hancock, daughter Leta and son Norman of Shinglehouse, vis Red Airs. R. 0. Plant.s last Friday. Thpv went from here to Ellisburg to visit other relatives. Airs. .John Eastwood came t.o this plac,'^. from her home in AVrights, last Saturday, to care for her daugh­ ter. Airs, R. L. James, who has beer, quite seriously ill, hut is now better. Air. and Airs. C. P. Nelson and children. Clifford and Ellen, attend­ ed the Densmore fam ily reunion at the home of Air. and Alr.s. Lorenzo Higley of W o o d tille, last Satur­ day. Airs. J. D. Eldredge and daughter Clara, of Angelica, recently spent a few days with her sister. Airs. A. G. Scoville. They w^ent from here to I W est Union, for a visit w ith h e r ' son. Rev. E. L. Eldredge, and fam- i ily. I Airs. Ada Slaughter has returned Oi’l'-n k 'I'.-ere 5an;‘sts of Lu-.. hb'u Val];r'yLr2'g, F r liiay r ’c'enb-y. Al irrha am i Or- of Yb-^llsville. th e 'W h 'J j - '='r-d •’•■ith AJisscs H a z e l and G fne- '.'eve G reene. A ’■‘’o n b e r frraxi th is v R i r i t y .1 th^ reception of tiiC' C'-'Ri-* hoiuj? on Eleven Alile Thursday ev­ ening and report a fine time. The corn roast held at Y'illiam Airs. L’cnra H ih. rt has rrinvneii from r f ' v v t ’->■ visit at .tm lover and Alfred. Sililb KeKa;’:.-' 'n' G t-'m —'-e • -vas an 0V'=r-.‘=’v.n.X-i;, ni h-- 'h..-»gxEr- i:)’. Ml - .'vrlii'u .:xbl). Air. and Air.- I' l-.M Lab! anc r y: C-'M . ■ ■ , ■ V — , . .F'ort at . I , . - , , ' . ^ 1 .Mire .• 'n, hr - I ' t • stay- lev n a b h'\' - r, li:-^ Tononj h;'S revniavd lo •-r In .ry at Lmg- WILEYS¥5LLEI ■SVlLEiYSVIui .i.u;. -irri, M. S. Cliase. R''i'- E. Haz^^Iett raotoi- AIov-;ri's ’lome was largely attended l e l to H om ell T jursday •.vim p a r t i s Aiunday evening. Aliss H e n rietta j :o attend the F a r. Aloran rendered a cornet solo. A Willis Chllsen iir.d family most delightful evening wms spent. | Sunday guests at W. l.ow ery’s. ---------------- - ---- i Mrs. Floyd Mnrih'urt vAited her Kejoice W ith Mrs. Bright. i » !««n >‘'-t ThW *- Mrs. E. H. Bright, Cazenovia, N. ^ Jay- T., writes, “I suffered for two ysais ' Alir. IHrm r I'n-yyiy Enryt a with biliousness and constipation. I j of last 'v- ek v/h -i : e r mcth-:’r nea?’ learned of Chaniherlain’s Tablet.?, j Troiip^barg. procured a box and as scon a s j be-; C - ard f-n lly ore spend- ith relativ'vo nea?- Three j t For ,sale by B. S. Eatterson, V A h i t - i Fo n -yillo. N. Y, and H O. AVailej:, Gt n - ' ~ e-’et. Pa. Adv. NORTH BINGHAM, All.?. 30— The Sunday School of this place united with the Sunday School of Alarsh Creek and held a picnic in David Persing’s woods Saturday. In spite of f i e coolness of the day, a na'-'n'oer jl^ 'n S m ith‘vdth'iM hoMe F o b t t i . MCf. D. .7 -neat a part b? h.st week ot Hvu. 11 t.dfh relatives u:id :;Yteud-:d Uv- Fa'r. Alev].' Luti.h ..nd H-'uri.mri Downey oDond'vl ■’iip F ’v.'uirn’r ccnventioax H C a b 'tf -y P a ., h -'t Tlmri-ilay. Air. end Airs. D. Johnson and son Hov.nrd l-^ft tdP? o^lornoon for visit with relatives of Canlsteo. Aliss Ethel Cornell of the D istrict is assi-sting hex’ aunt, Mrs week. AJr. and Airs. E. E. Slade and sc®. Howard of Ithaca vD.ited at the home of Af. S. Cha-e la.st Friday aam Saturday. Air. and Airs. Jo-eph AfcDonou.gh and daughter Eileen v.v3.re Sunday guests at Jam es H. MeCormiek’& .cai from the visiting school were pres­ ent and an enjoyable tim e was had. C. AI. B u rt of Ulysses had busi­ ness at this place AVednesday. P rank Kibhe made a business trip to New’ T'ork city last w^eek on his motor cycle. Freem a n Ordway and Glenn A^an- derhoof attended Pomona Grarnge SweiXc-n Valley last week. ' ' M r C .yaPiTa P.aff- retiirDea » . A few of the young people ot t.ais , w -lC “ ' e r .pendL-ig seyeral i.aek.s wifn hm .. ■ . i Mr,s, Minnh- Parsons. T. M. B u rt and family attenaed : y ,, Mr. Pomona Grange at Sweden Valley , „ g Thursday and Friday of last week. | goy ^ Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Kibbe. . . A -1 aftp„(jr,i the funeral & Kibbe and daughters Donna anc - jj V.'l.itesville Sat- Helen, are visiting relatives near Itn- ; „ , j Air. .vrd Mrs. uv B. Fnow, lU .u iM Misses Nettie and Nellie ^ j r s . R. B. Dj.y, xY^. ami Airs. Praiik went to Harrison-Valley Monday .and; Downey will attend school there the coming j atnrn? those who attended tbt, xt ovr. jH o r u e D Fair frcni jdace Airs. Sarah Statham , Aliss Alildred jsesf'’ay Erway and Paul Erway were guests | ^ of Air, and Airs. Darvvin Statham Sat- j urday. | In calling .tlte roG on motheiii'' All’, and Airs. G. C. Hauber, and t-pensions at the clo-se of the legisfe- Alrs. W ilmina L a w rence atten d e d th e ■ year, it v/as discovered that 4Lv. funeral of Giles H. Chapin at W h it-: states which had the law in M IS esville Saturday. I , twentyelghi. Mrs. Olive Hazeltlne, of Hornell, ' Misses OllYe and G arda H u n tington | g„ „ Diana H u n tington of C o u d e rsim rl: o f any practical benefit to women, were guests of Mrs. E s ther Hunting-, preforce must also answer “yfhs^' ton a part of last tveek. ,j, F. Clark returned to his home j According to Plo'-eiice' Kelry ife? at Carbondale Tuesday of last 'week. , only census reports that ever gs:sm W e are glad to report that Airs. F, j definite informatio.n as to the conaesc*- AA\. Clark w'ho has been ill for some ; tion betv/een child labor and illifcsr- time is improving slowly. j equal ■sU)jTrag& AVyoming Aliss Helen Youker of Traverse , with2 7 cbildren at work City, Mich., who has been spending At Cue Dottom storrf} the sum m er with her sister. Mrs. i t® tthe b o t t o Minnie Kibbe at this place, return- ed to her home Monday of last ween. - * AA’illard Statham of this place re- , , ppix-oft +^.ipp-rflm rpppiitlv asking provide a salary .&S3- Mm to become an j- t r u c t e r in a | AAestern Normal, but owing to t ^ ’ ^the veteran head of the Cbica^^ fact that his name w'as not correftiv ig^.j^ 0 Qjg^ pronounced in KorneR the delivery ^ Audit BtiJ^ary, was tied up nearly 30 hour.s causing “Bro. Bill” to lose the job. AIUN.SON H Hili AIUNSON HILL, Aug. 30— R. L. Nelson of Genesee Springs, had bus- mes? in this place Sunday of this w'ee k. Jam es AATles called on J. H. O’­ Donnell last Sunday. Airs. Ellen Russell is much im­ proved at this- tvriting. Thomas Coffey vras in Genesee last AYednesday on business. * O. D. Cooney and son, John, had business in Genesee Saturday. Alichael Grimes nailed an Tom Cof- from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. t fey and Alike Sullivan last Sunday. Robert Hubbard, of Sherman, N. Y. H e r m o ther and si.ster. Airs. Lydia Dibble and Airs. Alinnie Simons, of Oswayo, kept house for her during her absence. A very pleasant party was held at the home of Airs. Elizabeth Bishop last Saturday afternoon in honor of the birthday anniversary of h e r sis­ te r Mrs.- Della Bradley of New Mex- Alrs. K a te Sullivan and son called on her sister. Airs. J. D. AleHale last Sunday. Airs. John AleMurry of Erie, is vis­ iting her parents, Air. and Airs. J. |AAL O’Donnell. Misses Elizabeth and Noly W iles called on Mrs. Ellen Russell one day last week. Alrs. Joseph O’Donnell and her and vzhy provide pay In this one trict for eight teC 'e ~ who have leU- the service?” If all districts had been estln j'a^ i in the same carel&s.v way. Airs. YofiEg. figured that the waste involved neasjy reached a hundred thousand doliaose. Last fall when tlx-.* war prevea^tffd' Airs, \/oung from inspecting chs schools of Europe for v/^hich s h e liSgl received fund.5, ghe returned to the eity and thus, .--o it was repeirh- ed, made it very awkward for ot the commission.. AIr», Young’sfypti of honesty is again p-roving of irritation to politicians. At one time in E n g land'a giid vrao legally a criminal to be punished litr imprisonment, and fo r w h a t? W m teUing the nam e of the f&thes- M her illegitim ate child. Doesn’t th is indicat'g|, if th a t m en have been a b it busier this world protecting themselves iMm in practising chivalry toward' Yield of on From Cocoanuts» R it said 40 coeoanuts will yieH^tt.

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