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ALLEGANY COUNl'Y NEWS, WHITESVILLE, N. Y« WHITESVILLE HAPPENINGS IN BREB p I A weekly summary of the visitors and visitations of our townspeople and the events worthy of notice J that happen in and about the Livest Town of 500 on the map.—Our readers are urged to send or tele- J phone all such news to the editor and help to make this page on© of special interest to all. • —^Rome Langdon is reported very ill. —Rev. El'dridge of Saninders, was in town Tuesday. —)M.iss Marion Clrapin was in Hornell W ednesday, __ ^Frank Graves w a s in W ellsville ’On business Monday . _ .Francis 'Fosbury of 'Sbongo^ .jg visiting his brother, M ark Peet. _ (Mr. and Mrs. L. ,J F o r tner and family were in Genesee Saturday. —^Millaxd 'Woodring of Wol'lsville, was in town on business Tuesday. —^Lawrence Graves of Shongo, was a guest of friends in town Sunday. —^Ernest K e ar and son Cleon, vis­ ited relatives in Stone Dam Sunday. —'Mrs. Lois W ildman of Genesee, spent Sunday w ith relatives in town. -^Born to Mr. and Mrs. DeFore.st —'Mrs. Lester Baker visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs, vivan Mattes- on lin the Crittenden D istrict la.st Sunday. —iMr. and Mrs. Maynard Scott and children of Bryden Hill, w«re guests of Mr .and Mrs .E, D. Briggs Saturday. —Mrs. Matie Spence and Janies Smiley of W ellsville, visited at the home of M t . a n d Mrs. W illiam Bennet Saturday. —^C. L. Crittenden, who has been confined to his hofme nearly two weeks w ith th e mumps, is inow able to be out. —Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Cornish and son of Brookfield, formerly of this place, motored through her© one day last week. —iMrs. J. C. H a zlett of -Huntington —The Universalist Ladies Aid will hold a parlor meemng and tureen tea at the hom e of Mrs. A. W . Harney Wednesday afternoon, August 4,. —Goraon fiunter of tjagercovm, Pa., spent the latter part of last week with Mr. and Mrs, John .Spicer. Mrs. H u nter, who has been visiting Langdon and Seger Reunion. The Langdon and Seger reunion will be held a t the home of Eugene Langdon, Aug, 4, 1915. All Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Lena Seger Secy. The Largest Yet The Sunday excursion on the New York & Pennsylvania Ry. last Sun­ day, July 25, was the best patron­ ized of any this season, wliioli goes to prove that these excursions are very popular. It gives everyone a chianice to take a day away from home a t very little expense. To those wishing amusement, the Sunday base ball games at Shingle- here returned home writh him, Mondc^j -vrery popular, Shinglehous© —Mrs. B e rt Luez, Mrs. Fred Seitz j^aving ygj.y good team, and the and Mrs. Agnes Horton of Hornell, score up to the seventh inning in attended th e funeral of Mrs. WilUam gund-ay’s gam e with th e Inter- ,.a .y w h . has been tu n . -iMrs. E lla Green was in Hornell on busline,ss Tueisiday and W ednesday. —.Miss' H e len W ager is spending the week w ith relatives in Greenwood —iPrank Reynolds of Genesee, was a bustineisis visitor in town W ednes­ day. —-Missi EJdith Soowiille of Hornell, was a guest of Mrs. Clara Hulse Sun­ day . —IMrs. E rnest K e ar was in W ells ville and Stanards on husimess S a t­ urday. —.Several new cases of mumps are repontied each week in this vicinity. —M rs. L e s ter Biaker w a s a guest Of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Robhins F r i­ day last . —iMrs .Hattie W iley returned Sat­ urday from a viisit with friends in Canisteo. —John W illiams of Andover, was in tow n W ednesday on hiis Indian mo toricycle. —iMiss -Bessie -McKay of Rexville was a .guest of Mrs. Romane 'Cutler Saturday . —iMr. .a.nd Mrs. Bert Day and chil­ dren were guests of friends in Green­ wood Sunday. —^Mrs. Grace Purdy of Perry Cen­ ter, is visiting at the ho-me o-f Misa Alice R'obhins. —iMrs. John Chase and children w ere guests of Mr. .and Mrs. Charles Aus.tin Sunday. with relatives in town- returned home Monday, —'Mrs. G. H. Chapin and Mrs. Bass Coston and daughter Prances, are enjoying an outing a t Chautauqua and Jamestown. -^Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, Mrs. p. D .Mucckey and Mrs. George Forsyth motored to Wellsville Satur­ day on business. —‘Mr. and M rs. E. B. Hillman and Mr. and Mrs. A. Bishop of Genesee, were seen m otoring -thru 'this place Sunday afternoon. —iMr. and Mrs. C. B. Jones visit­ ed their daughter, Mrs, Erneist Clark last Tuesday. !Mr,s, Jones remained the rest of fclie week. —Doris and iSusie Clark who have bee.n spending several days w ith frieindis anh relaitiveis in Eleven Mile have re'turned hom.e. —Miss Grace Tucker who has been spending several -days with friends at Allenitoiw,n and L ittle Genesee, returned to h e r home. —iMr. and Mrs. Lynu Chase and children and -Mrs. Clara -Chasie m ot­ ored to Let-ciliwortli Park, Portage and Cuba Lake Sunday. —^Mrs. Ella Brown, who has been spieiuiding two. weeks with her broth­ ers in 'Buffalo and Clean, returned to her h o m e here Mionday. —-Misses Alice* Robbins and Marie Fortn,er and Messrs. Lewis McKee and H e rbert Reynolds .motored to -J. D. Partello left Saturday for p-j-ijjay ievening. a visit with his daughter, Mrs. Joel —^William Bean, a wholesale furni- Coucli in Corning. . Uure sialesma.n of Buffalo, was —Rev. and Mrs. P. M. Baker and ^ over-*Sunday gues.t at the home of children! of Andover, were in town q j j . Chapin. Tue-sday .e-vening, -HMr. and Mrs. John Jo.nes of H o r­ nell, were Sunday guesst of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Edwards. —^The Miis'ses Mildred and Frances H art c.f Allentown, are visiting rel- ativeis in this' section. —Mrs .F. D. iMuckey and son, Leon and Miss- 'Mildred Oidell .motored to Genesee Sunday .evening. —The Misses Edn,a and Ethel Pad- dock, of Harriison Valley, were in 'town on business Tuesday. -^H arold Tucker and Claud Chase were guests of friends at Allentown W ednesday of last week. —'Mr. and Mrs, W illiam Peacock of W ellsville, were Sunday guests', of ,Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Allen. —Mr and Mrs. M. W. 'Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wildman toed to E-llishiirg Sunday. —iMr. an,d Mrs. Richards of Con- ders'port spe.Et Sunday at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Lamphear. —^M'isses M argaret Stevens and Ret ta Potter and Lewis Potter of Genese autoed to this place Sunday. —Prof. A lbert W. Hall of A tlan­ tic City, N. J-, was a guest of Editor Peet last Thursday afternoon. —.p. .W. Clark made a business trip to Wellsville and Andover Friday la-nd one to Greenwood Saturday -M r s . P. W. Clark visited a t the home of her son, Ernest Clark, at Andover last Friday and Saturday. —H a rry M. Bassett and H. A. Tay­ lor returned home Sunday after a short trip to Rochester a.nd W ebster. —Mr. and Mrs. George Bloss of the Crittenden D-istrict, were Sunday | b erta, motored to Knoxville Friday M iss Marian Chapin entertained at dinner Sunday: Miss Alice- Rob* bins, Mrs. Grace Purdy, B. H. Rob­ bins and Henry Richmond, Jr. —M'iS'Sies Alic.e Robbins amid Ma­ rie Portmer., and Lewis McKee anid Herbeirt Reynolidis motored to Wells- viille amd Scio Tuesday eveiring. —^^Miiss 'Daysae H'eselto'n and C. C. Heselton motored to Wellsvill'e Mon­ day. M iss ;Siadie B. 'Shaw of Peeks- kili, returmied home w ith them. —M r. and Mrs. Lloyd Driscoll and the Misses M arian and Pa-nnie Dris­ coll of Hornell, were .guest.s of Mr. and M rs. E. P. Oistrander Sunday. —-By m istake it was reported th a t 'th,e Hayeis reunion would b-e held at Glenwood August 5'th, The correct date of the reunion! is August 10th. —iMr. and Mrs. C, ;S. Bloss and s6ns .Hario.ld amid 'Milto-n, motored to Greenwood Friday where they were gueists at the home .of C. 0. Fosster. —iMr .and Mrs. J. R. M-ill'er and family and the Missses Ina and Oira Graves, m-otored to -Cowanesque Sun­ day afternooini and visited relatives. —Mr. and Mrs, Mark Barney of Boston, iMasis., Mrs. Carrie Potter of Genesee, and Mrs. Thankful Barney of Shongo, called on frie.nds^in town Sund-ay —'Mr .and Mrs. A. R. Lee and son, Clayton and daughter Mary, attenri- ed the funeral .of Mr, Lee’s mother, the late Mrs. David Lee, at Andover Monday. -^Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Reynolds and dan ’•liter, Anna, and Mr .and .INIrs, L. J. Fortner and daughter, A1 T e a ter iSunaay and w ere guests of Mrs. Charlotte Teter of'W iidm an ave. )Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Parker a t ­ tended the dinner party Tuesday eve ning at th© home of the form er’s fa­ ther, J. D. P a rker of -S'tainards, given in. honor of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. shan­ non. of Columibtis, Ohio. —Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Griggs and family a-f P-ulmer Valley -and Mr. and Mrs. J. R. M atteson of Critten­ den District, were brief visitors at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Lester Baker Sunday afternoon. —^John Harrington, Mr. a-nd Mrs. Fred Marshall, George Marsha'l'l, .Mr. and Mrs. Will Schrauer and iMr. and Mrs, W ilbur Hunt and so-n Lawrence of Beach Hill w e re S-u-nday guests of Mr. and Mrs. F rank Graves. --M r. and Mir.s, O. D. Richmond of Wellsvill'e, Mrs. Charles Carpencer, of -Lawrenoeviille, and Mrs. W. G. Carpenter of Elm ira, auto-ed through this place 'Saturday .and called -at tne home- of Mrs. Elizabeth Dexter. 'Harold 'C'rittenden amd ithe Misses Clio AimswoH'h and Melissa Crittenden visited friends in Homeil, Saturday and iSumday. Miss Crittenderii attend­ ed tlie S'tuart-Waldorf wedding there. Mrs. -C, J. M'aither returned home with them. —IMr, .and Mrs. A. D. -Howe, Jr., of Wewwis.ville, ,Mrs. Elsto.ri! of Eimiria, M rs S .J. M ourhess of Andover, and Mrs. J. C H a zlett of Huntington, ■were entertained Sunday at the home Mr. .and Mrs. A, D. Howe, Sr., and at the ’hom© of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Howe —^The meeting of the M ary A. Liv­ ermore club to have beein; he..'d at th.e hom-e of Mrs. Carrie Howe, F r i­ day afternoon, Augusit 6th, has beep postponed until l^id a y afternoon, Au'g-ust 13'th. Mesdames iCarri,e Howe H a ttie Howe and K ate Crittenden are the hostesses.,, —'Mrs. Lizzie .Bishop and Glen J. Robbins of Canisteo, .and Mr. and ■Mrs.'Guy P,lais'ted of Greenwood, were iS-unday visitors a t the home of Mr. .and Mrs, C. L. Crittenden. -Sunday evening, tlie above party accom-pani- .ed by Mr. and Mrs, iC. L, Criitte.nden motored to Belmont, where .they at­ tended ichurcli, W illiam M. Mehring of Keymar, Maryland, the inventor and m anufac­ turer of the M ehring Milking M'a-cMne is In tli'isi sectiion on business and is is.tayin,g at the home of Lynn Cha'se He and Mr, Chase have b.een install­ ing a JMehring Automatic Power Milk­ er, near Cuiba. This m.achme milks five cows at one time. last _ _ . _ state Team was very close, and had it not heeh for an error, the finish would have been very cclose. If you do not wish to visit the ball games, the Elm h u rst Park at Hornell affords m any amusements, merry-go- rounds, toiboggs-ns, music, roller skat­ ing, and evety thing of the kind to amuse the people. To those who- do not wish to a t ­ tend either of these, they will arrive a t Hornell just in time for morning services at any of tiie churches. It does anyone good to get different ideas by listening to the sermon® of other pastors. iStee Exc.ursion Bills for further in­ formation. gues,ts of Mr. and IMrs Charles Bloss —Mr, and C. C. BarUett and daugli ter, Norma of Wellsville, ore spend­ ing a few davs with N. S. Bartlett. —Clair Map'es, and Fred Clark of Belmont, were callers at the home of -Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fortner Sunday. —iMr .and Mrs. Carroll Chase were entertained at dinner Monday at the home of Mr. and IMrs. Charles Ally- tin. —'Mr. and IMrs. John Horton and son of Andover spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Romine Cut­ ler —'Miss Clementine Che pin and Frank Fuller of Scio, were callers at the home of Mi's. Charlotte Teter Sun Vivan Matteson of the Crit- Machinery. McCormick, Deering and Milwauke machines and repairs, I. H. C. gaso­ line engines and all other Internation 0.1 m achinery sold by G. Ellis Day. Prices right. Se him before plac­ ing your orders.—^adv. G A D E M Y ^ OLEAN, N. Y. A B u s in e s s School Not Excelled b y a S im ila r I n stitu tio n a nyw here our gi’aduates greater than the supply. At­ tendance limited, thus insuring individual attention. No solicitors. A special propo- sitToii to those who apply now. Literature on request. CLASSIFIED ADS. Sale of Men’s Oxfords for Cash Only $3.50 Oxfords, per pair $4*00 Oxfords, per pair $4.50 Oxfodrs, per pair $5.00 Oxfords, per pair $2.69 $2.99 $3.49 03.89 Here's your chance to save money. C. L CRITTENDEN THE OLD RELiABLE STORE WHiTESVILLE NEW YORK FOR SALE FOR SALE—I. H. C. 15 h. p. gas oline engine in first dasis condi­ tion, C. C. Coats, W liitesville, N. Y. 7-8. afternoon. —^The Misses Rehea 'White and M a r ian W h it e and G len ( \ B a s s e t t and C. C. Heselton motored to Sil­ ver Lake Saturday and returned Su n ­ day even in g . —Mr. and Mrs. Ray Livermore and dangher Geraldine, and Mr, and Mrs. Beckman and iSon autoed to Canisteo Sunday and were guests of Mr. Liv­ erm o re’s parents. —Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coats and, Mr. and Mrs Gordon H u nter and Miss Laura Edwards were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Bak er Sunday evening. —Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Jacob'\ Mrs. Adda Sellers andd M rs. Susie B a r n e y autoed to Wlellsville Friday evening and heard the lecture on W'oman tuf: ■’enden District, who ha.s been quite; rage by Mrs. Blatch. ’ll. is reported as better at this writ | —Will Fish and Charles Stevens of ing. t Coiulerspoi't spent Sunday at the —The Misses Agnes Edwards and | home of Mr, and Mrs. R. Fish. “Bill” ilertrude Janies were in W’ellsville | was greeting all of his old friends Saturday whore they had dental w o rk'with a pleasant smile, done. * j —Mrs. Edith Smith of W’illi’amsport —Mr. and Mrs. John Chase and; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Morley and '•hihlren were guests of Mr. and M rs.; Miss Ruth WYight of Gold were C ourts V e e k and is carried out M. S. Chase, \the fore part of the j guests at the home cf Mr .and Mrs. [fine and instructive lectures and Resolutions of Condolence Wheireass, Alimiglh'ty God, in his infinite wisdom, 'has seen fit 'to re- moive from our lodge and midst, our beloved sisiteir, Mrs. K a thryn Teater, and brought sorrow to our hearts, be it Re:Solvied, tliat W hitesville Rebek- ah lodge No, 483, drape its charter in mourniiag for a period of thirty days; and further Re'SO'lived, th a t -a., copy of these res­ olution® be spread' upon the minutes of oiur lodge, and published in the Alleigany County News, and a copy be sent to the bereaved family, which has our sincerest and teinderest aym- patyh ill this sad tim e of bereavem ent. By order of Noble Grand. Card of Thanks ■We wish to express cur most sin­ cere thanks to. our friends and neigh­ bors for every kindness shown us in our recent sad beareavement of the loss of our wife, mother and ■sist&r. Especially are we grateful to the Rev. D. Lamphear for his comforting words, to those who sang, to Mrs. Ella Barney Green for her faithful and kind assistance, to those who sent such beautiful Lowers during her illness and death, and to Ella Barney Green, the Rebekalis, Odd Fel lows, Ladies Aid Society and others for their lovcdy floral olferings. WLlliam Teater and Family. (Mrs. M argaret McDonacI. Nev/s from Chautauqua I CHAUTAUQUA. July 1’3—Miss Ma> caret Woodrow Wilson of W ashington,' b. C., is spending- a week at Chau-{ t.r.UQna, X. Y., the guest of Mr .and | Mrs. J. C. W ard. She was entertain-1 ed at a. reception on Friday evening i given by Mr. and Mrs. Ward in herj honor. j Hon. Thomas Mott Osborne, ward-1 en of Sing Sing Prison of Ossining, i X. Y., addressed the largest audience 1 of the year at the Amphitheater, Tuesj day, Jiilv 19, on the subject, “Com- FOR SALE—a t a bargain, one Id-ft. self .dumping horse' rake. G, Ellis Day, FOR SALE—Two seated surrey, near ly new. 'Cheap, if taken at once. ■W. E. Skillman, 2Y2 miles northeast of WhiteiSville. FOR SALE—Good livery. Will sell as whole, or in part. Horses, buggies, cutters, automobile, sleighs, harnesses, etc. Enquire, Whites- viile. House, Whi'tesville, N. Y. FOR SALE—1913 model Ford, fully equipped, and 'in good condition. Very cheap if taken at once. M. W. Reynolds, i W hittesville., FOR SALE—3-yr. old new milch cow, with calf. L. L, Richmond, Genese Pa. If You Want a ^ Deering M o w e r M cC o rm ick M o w e r Deering ideai Binder M cC o rm ick Binder Hay Rake Binding Twine it wi py you to see m@ before you buy^ as I have a oarfoacl on baud; and I can save you money. WiSliam WhitesvIlBe, Teater n. Y. LOST STRAYED AWAY—Young colt, hlack w h ite face and one white hind foot. Reward for return. Notify Harvey McMinds, Troupsburg, N, Y. HELP WANTED MEN AND WOMEN wanted to adver­ tise and sell our Bell’s Peroxide Beauty Cream; beautifies immediate­ ly; $25 to $50 easily made weekly., write quick for territory. Bell Bros., 325 W est 69th St., New York. 9-9 BUNGALOW APRONS 50o each dust th© th in g in h ot w e a ther A regfuEar “ Slipon*® dress. F e w H o u s e D r e s s e s le f t w h ich w e a r e c l o s i n g o u t a t 7 S c mon Sense in Prison M anagemeni.” The present week is Justice and the ■ by week. —The Misses Caroljm Forsythe and Marion Chase visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy Coat.s the for e part of the week. —The Misses Mildred and Hazel Baker are spending the week at the home of Eugene Griggs, at Fulm er Valley. —(Mrs. Lewis Slocum of H arrison Valley was a guest of Mr. and M rs. Romine Cutler from Wednesday instil Friday. —Dr. John Bishop of Niagara Falls, was in town called here by the sick­ ness of his sister, Mrs. William S'lack. —Mrs, F rank Beckman and son of Coudersport, visited a t the home of Ray Liveimore, from Sunday until Tuesday. Frank Larkins Saturday. —Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Chase an,:l Mrs. X. W. Heselton ' motored to W estfield Sunday. Mrs, Heselton is receiving treatm e n t for her eyes from Dr. Pritchard there. —Mr. and Mrs. Ed Deates were Sunday guests of Mr .and Mrs. Perry Hall a t Northfork. Their son who has been, spending several days there returned home with th m. —Mrs. Frank Phillips and the Misses Agnes and Lillian Trahey amd NO'ra and Laura Clark of North Hill, are spending several days at Woodbine Cottage, Cuba Lake. —N.' C. Dexter, Mr. and Mrs. Al­ len Fay and' Boy Harder of Wells­ ville, were brief visitors at the home of the form er’s mother, Mrs. Eliza­ beth Dexter, one evening last week- pressive music by artists of national fame. Chautauqua is noted for its excep­ tional work in the summer schools. People come from 25 states in the Union and from as far as Porto Ri­ co to enjoy this summer resort and study in the summer schools. N ew s Correspondent, Friendship Masons Initiate Friendship, July 27. — A t the last communication of Allegany Lodge, j No. 225, F. & A. M., it is interest-, ing to note th a t of the class initiated, | three were brothers and the other two, were cousins of th e brothers. A fter j the ceremonies, a banquet was serv -1 ed, over which D. M. Todd presided. Delegations from Angelica and Bol-| ivar lodges were present. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN sa.vs '' Little strokes fell great oaks/ Vacation Xi.iwb\ the tiiiK- to laj\asldf mone.v for .voiir summcrXaration.’^I A little money depO'^itod oacli week in the White-^ville Fir^t National Bank v.-ill ra-t only pr<.>- vide luoneyjfor your vtieaiion. l.m -will }»rove to you how ra}iidly Mnall amounts will aeciiniulate. It will encourage the liahit t)f thrift. Try it. You can open a Savings Account with one dollar t SI not make a start TODAY? FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WHITESVILLE, N. Y. G, ,H. C hapjlm , Pres. D. M .|E ollifs , V. Pres. L. J. F obtnee , Cashier i¥ien®s U n d e r w e a r B. Va D U n ion S u i t s - » $ 1 .00 SViohawk, o n e p ie c e g a r m e n t s 5 0 c t o $1.00 A. M. Richm o n d W h itesv ille H . Y . FARE S 322 -MILY BETWEEN ate.. BUFFALO, & »*|iK-CiEVElANl) Tbe largest and most costly steamer on any inland water of the world, tions for 1500 passengers. “CITY OF ERIE” — ■ 3 Magglficent Steamers - BETVIEEN Sleeping aceommoda- ‘OTY OF BUFFALO'* e BUFFALO—Dafly, May 1st to Dec, 1st—CLEVELAND 0 Leave Buffalo - * CeMP. M. Leave Cleveland - - P:';-0P,M. % Arrive Cleveland - - 7-.S0A.IiI. Arrive Buffalo - - - 7:50 A.M. ^ Connections ^ Southwest. ‘ m ste^ ions a t Cleveland for Cedar P ____ sst. RaUroad tickets ri n ortr steamars. M THE CLEVELAND & ~ ^ U F F A L O T R A N S IT CO„ Cievelaad, !i m The Bane of Prosperity About the tim e the average family merges into prosperity the older mem hers begin to he troubled with indi­ gestion and constipation. J. W . Spencer, Chittenango, N. Y., writes. “W hen I get bilious, have headache and feel out of eorts, I take two Or three of Chamberlain’s Tablets ar j they fix me up all right.” For sale by E. S. Batterson, W hitesville, an j H. O. ^Vallen, Genesee. ;

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