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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, May 13, 1915, Image 4

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS. WHITESVILLE. N. Y. WHITESVILLE HAPPENINGS IN BRIEF A weckfy summary of th© visitors arvd visitations of our townspeople and th© events worthy of notice that happen in and about the Livest Town of SCO on the map.—Our readers are urged to send or tele­ phone all such news to th© editor and help to make this page one of special Interest to ail. —^Mr. and Mrs. H arley Hawks were —Mr. and Mrs. M ett Havens ac- in Shongo Tuesday. companied - the form ers father to 'Ray T e a ter is suffering from an attack of the grip. —^Whitesville Grange will m eet jiext Monday evening. —^Mrs’ Amelia Bennett is spending ing a few days in Shongo, —L. A. Chase has 'been hom e for a few days the past week. —^Bernard Hawks of Genesee, was in town on business Tuesday. —Mrs. Sara Coykendaii visited relatives in Greenwood Tuesday. —'Lawrence Graves of Shongo was a brief visitor in town Monday m o rn­ ing. —R. D. Benedict of Rochester, w a s a btisiness visitor in town Tues- iday. —Willis W ilson who has been quite ill is reported a s improving slowly. —Mrs .Celia Haddock of W ellsville is visiting at the home of Mrs. Elsie Ingley. —fMrs. M. E. DeW itt of Detroit, is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. W. Clark. —Ray Robbins is one of the gen- ■ ial clerks at B. M. W ilson’s for a few days. —Miss M arian Chapin was in Hornell yesterday where she went to take violin lessons. —^Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Batterson and sons and iMrs. Otto Ingraham mot­ ored to Scio Sunday. —Laura Goodridge visited her par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. W illard Goodridge at Payneville over Sunday. —Chester Graves of Friendship, is visiting for a time at the home of ihis brother, f . A. Graves. —Mrs. E. Bess, who has been quite ill a t the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. H. Chapin, is. improving. —^Harry Sweizy of Duke Center, was a Sunday guest at the horn© of Mr. and Mrs. E.R.Langdon. —^J. R. Miller and family autoed to H a rrison Valley Sunday where they visited Mrs. Miller’s brother. —^Dr and Msr. L. G. Prohasco and 'Miss H a rriett McCormick motor­ ed to Wellsville Sunday evening. —Mrs. Guy Plaisted of Greenwood, was a Sunday guest of her parents, Mr. and iMrs. C. L. Crittenden. —Theodore iCohh Jr. of Spring Mills, is reported on the sick list. —Mrs. L. L. Richmond and Mrs. Charles Tallman of Genesee motor­ ed to this place Monday afternoon. —W. G, Kellogg and family and Churchill Cobh and family of Green­ wood, motored to this place Tuesday. f — Richard Lyons and Miss Elsie Cornell were recent guests at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. E. R.Langdon. —Mrs. Jean Trimble of Elizabeth, N. J., is visiting at the home of Mrs. tL. A. Chase on W est Main street, —The many friends of Miss Sara Cliap'in wilh he pleased to know that she is improving from her recent ill- —H. ;M. and Gay F. Bassett were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Frank Baham a t Spring Mills. —A. M. Austin, William Barney Carl Moses, and Mark W ilson antoed to W ellsville Tuesday to attend Jones circus'. —^Albertus Burr was a guest a t th e home of his daughter, Mrs. J. H. O’^Connors in Wellsville a few days last week. Mrs. Otto Ingraham of Wayland; has been spending a few weeks past a t the home of her brother, E. S. Batterson. —Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Prohasco entertained at dinner Saturday a t the home of Mr. and Mrs J. C. Crittenden. —^Burnett Pritchard of Cleveland, O. , who has been visiting his mother brothers and sisters in this section, lias returned home. —Mrs. J. S. Couch of Corning, who has been spending some time at the home of h e r father, J. D. Partello, returned home Tuesday. —Harold Horton the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Horton of North Hill, who has been quite ill is reported as improving. —H. H. Huntington of North Bing­ ham was a guest a t the home of R. W ellsville where he will .spend some tim e at the home of another son. E. D. Briggs took them in his car. —Mrs. May Chase left today for New York city, where she will spend- some time, with h e r daughter. She plans on spending th e summer with her son a t Plainfield, N. J., and daughter at Frankfort. —Mrs. John H o rton who has been visiting a t the Lome of her .son Bert, and was a Tuesday night guest at the home of Mrs. Romiine Cutler, re­ turned to her home in Cahisteo Wed­ nesday. A, L. Parker, well known in this section, who formerly owned the .Cottage H o tel a t Canaseraga, but now lives with his daughter in Perry was visiting old friends in this section the fore part of the week. —The racing of motorcycles on, the main streets in this village m u st be stopped, or measures will be tak- e-n tO‘ piut the machinery of law into effect, if the cyclist don’t break their necks before such steps are taken. Mr. and. Mrs. H, C. Potter auto­ ed to Friendship Sunday, where they visited Mrs. P o tter’s brother and wife, the latter being quite ill. Mr. Potter returned Sunday evening, but M rs. Potter is staying ther© for a few days. —Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Fortner and children, Alberta and Hugh, a t­ tended the circus a t Wellsville, Tuesday. Of course “L e t” didn’t care anything about the circus him­ self but he wanted the “children to see it.’’ —Miss Laura Forsyth of thi_s place has been engaged to teach in' Halls Rort -next year. She is at the pres ent tim e a m em ber of the training Class in Wellsville. Miss Alta Wa­ ger, a member of the sam-e class; will teach in Independence. —^A, F . P ritchard last Saturday -com pleted -the job of making a new topi for the Mills stage, which is driven by A rthur Robbins. The new top is one that shows- Mr. Pritchard’s tal­ en t for such work very nicely, and is a valuable improvement to tbe stage. —The Philatheas will hold their regular business meeting Friday p. |m. of this week at 3 olclock, with Mrs. L. F. Howe. At 3:45, the Rev. Rimanoczy will address the assemblage. Philatheas be loyal, for im p o rtant business is to be dis­ cussed. —Mr. and Mrs. f . M. Clark and Robert S-tout of Fulm er Valley mot­ ored to this place Tuesday Mr. Clark attended a m e eting of the direc tors of the F ir s t National Bank. He is as jovial and popular as ever. We wish he would come to town oftener. •F. w. 'Clark & Co. 'are head­ quarters for seed corn. ' They have in stock the following varieties: Bloody Butcher, State Flint, Lake Erie Dent, Eureka, Golden Bantam, and have 15 other varities they, can get on 'Short notice. Call and ge-^ prices before buying elsewhere. All these bra-ids germinate 98 per cent. —In his sermon on “Revivalism in Religion,” at the Universalist church last Sunday morning. Rev. Lamphear said that “there are three conditions which 'call our attention to the need of revivals: Ignorance of religion; indifference to religion, and th© bene- fit[s derived by those who strive to live clean lives.” Mr. Lamphear went on record as favoring a “reviva in good common sense.” —^H. B. Sonneborn of Baltimore, who was among the victims of the Lusitania, was the originator of the “Styleplus” clothes idea, and head of the establishm ent which tailors them. He believed in giving the best service for the least money and made up a suit—the Styleplus— which sold for $17'—'never more never less. A. M. Richmond sells/ Style- plus clothes. Mr. Sonnehorne’s pic­ ture was part of the Styleplus trade mark.; Morning Prayer Meetings The three morning prayer meeting which are being held daily at 10 o’clock in different parts of the village are well attended and are proving to be a great blessing. These 10 o’clock meetings will continue each day through this week except Satur­ day. Don’t fail to drop into the nearest one to where you live and enjoy a profitable half hour. Tennis Courts W hitesville now boasts of two tem nis courts. One already completed and in use, in the rear of M. W. Reynold’s residence. The other is beside the M. E. church and will soon be completed. Both of these courts, which are in opposite ends of ■ tile town, are open to the use of anyone,, who will exercise common courtesy. Croquet grounds are soon to .he p'repared in the rear of the church fair the smaller children. WILEYSVILLE WILEYSVILLE, May 10.—The an- nual school meeting was held at the school hou«e last Tuesday evening. The following officers wer© elected, trustee, M. S. Chase; Collector, Jos­ eph McDonough; clerk, J . . ^ . Keefe. Roy E. H azelett motored to Ark- port last Thursday^ Mrs. Leon Horton spent Sunday with her father, F. X. W ard. Joshua Sluyter is drilling a w a ter well for Mrs. Minnie Parsons. Mrs, Charles Sluyter was a guest of Mrs. Albert Lowery last Wed­ nesday, Elmer Downey is doing carpenter work for Tom Tarbox near West Bingham, Pa. Mrs. John Coleman spent Thurs­ day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S-mith 'Cornell, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher FlaiiEigan of Genesee, visited a t D. Johnson’s one day last week. Mr SI. D. C. Sarsfield of -- Hornell, was a t this place last week to see her brother, F. X. W ard, Harvey Coleman drove Henry Tracy’s team to H a rrison Va.lley last Thursday after a load of casing. H. C, Reihl, field man for the Hel- vetiia Milk Co. of W estfield, visited the farm e rs in this section Monday. Mrs. John O’Haragan returned to her home at Rexville yesterday after helping care for her father, F. X. W ard the past week. Howard the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Day is not as v/ell at this writing. Dr. Prohasco was called to see him last evening. SPRING MILLS s p r i n g m i l l s . May 10 —W illet W ard of W ellsville, visited school Monday. ’ ‘ Ross Cornell was in West Bingham briefly Monday. C lair Cobb was in W ellsville the first of the week . Georg© Evans of Ulysses ia‘ a guest at William Saunders. Ray H u rlhurt and lady friend wer© in Bingham Sunday. W a lter Leonard was in W est Bing­ ham Monday on business. iC. T. Rigby of Wlelsville, was a guest of his son Burt over Sunday Mrs. L. L. Holbert was in Alfred called there by the sickness of her sister, ^ Mr. and Mrs. W alter Leonard have returned home after a visit of a few weeks with friends at Wells­ ville, Ulysses, R u shford, and ■ Knox- k^ille. At the school meeting held May 4‘.i H. L. Smith was elected trustee, Arl- ing Cobb, Clerk; and'M rs. Elsie Pfief fer collector. Miss Anna Grover has been hired to teach the school the coming year. PAYNEVILLE PAYNEVILLE. May 10.—Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coats of Whitesvill© visi­ ted in Payneville last Sunday . Mrs. Phil Coats visited Sunday a t M s, Fannie H eselton’s a t W hitesville Elm er Foster visited his sister, Mrs Will Green of Independence a few days last week. iMr, and Mrs, Floyd Heselton spent Sunday with their son Lee He&el- ton and family . Mrs. Em m a' Payne spent from Friday until Sunday w ith ’her daugh­ ter Mrs. C C. Coats W allace Gleason and Sherman Fisk of Genesee, loaded potatoes and hay at the switch -last week. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Richmond were Sunday visitors at the horn© of Mrs. Inez Foster of North Hill . Mrs, Melvin Payne and Mrs. Elmer Poster were autoing Sunday in, W hites vi'lle With Miss Cymantha Clark and Fith Woodccock of Genesee. Miss Beatrice Barney, Mrs. Carrie Moses' and Mrs. H. J. Stadelman and children called on Mrs. Phil' Coats and Mrs. Lee Heselton Saturday REXVBLLE REXVILLE, May. 10.—Miss Mar­ garet Scott and friend autoed to Andover Sunday where they were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott. The farm e rs are very busy getting in their crops . Ladies of this vicinity are very busy cleaning house. Jesse Osmiii and John D. Rogers were In tow n Sunday, Mrs. Clarence W itte was a visi­ tor in Greenwood Friday and Satur­ day . Tom Coleman and daughters May and Louise were in Hornell Satur day shopf<injg. I ? PRICES ON VULCANIZING $2.25 for 3 in. Casing, 8 in. section $2.75 for 3 i-2 in. Casing, 8 in. section $3.00 for 4 in Casing, 8 in. section $3.25 for 4 i-3 in. Casing, 8 in. section $3:75 for 5 in. Casing, 8 in. section. T h e Ritter Garage N. Y. i* W ellsville, »:^:*K*<*<*<*<**>*:*<**H<^:**:**yt<><<<<*<^^^ The Sunshine Boostei„ On Friday evening a very special ....... ... ..... . . . . . . . ... ... will be held in connection, Crittenden Sunday and attended the Revival Meetings a t the M. opening of the revival here —Mett Havens has built a new porch on his house on W ellsville street, and is otherw-ise making im­ provem ents cn the property. —The Universalist Ladies’ Aid Richmond and the Misses Lailah Burrows and Alice Robbins motored to W ellsville and Scio Sunday. —^Herbert Reynolds and Leland will hold a tureen tea a t the home of Mrs. Cass Coats, W ednesday after­ noon, May ID. Everyone come., —Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Chase and son Claude, and Mrs, B, E. Heselton, motored to Westfield Tuesday where 'Claude consulted an eye specialist —Rev. and Mrs. H. Rodwell and Prof and Mrs. E. B. Hillman and son motored here from Genesee last Mon­ day, and w ere brief visitors in town. —^Henry Richmond Jr. George Cos­ tello, Mi'sses M arian Chapin and Oleta Wood, attended Jones Bros, ftircus in W ellsville Tuesday even­ ing. —^^liss Melissa C rittenden of Hor- nell visited at her home here for the week end. She w a s accompanied by Miss (Mae Albridge also of Hor- neil. —C. C. Heselton, H. M. B a s s e tt G. E. Brinton and J. G. P a rks and iBbred Cornell autoed to Hornell last F riday evening to attend “The Ham T ree.”^ —IVIrs. E. S. Jenison of Shongo, who 'has been very ill, is- v isiting at E. church in which the Sunshine Booster Choir, made up of about fo r - 1 ty children will take a prominent ' part. The singers will occupy th© ; platform and will rodner a number of special selections from the red song book' which will be full of sur- ‘ prises and inspiration. The children are being drilled by Mr. Rimanoczy and Mr. Luther and a real treat is in store for all who attend on Friday niglit. Among the selections w-iil be a special piano number by Mr. Luther entitled “Falling W aters’’ Mr. Rimanoczy will give a representation on his cello of a patriotic parade com ing from the distance and passing the house and dissappearing down th e street. It Will be a great event aad all th© people of Wliites- ville and vicinity are cordially in­ vited to be present. Th© service DBgiiLs .at 7 1 45 sharp* qu Friday gv €- Suing, next May 14th. ; Excellent Fire Drill Last Thursday morning with out* warning to either the students or teachers of the W hitesville High alarm w a s sounded. The building was emptied in less than a minute, which is net only a rem a rk able test of efficiency, hut a' matter of congratulation for the teachers a n i pupils, who are prepared to meet any emergency that might arise. Big Dance and Supper _____ ^ __ Friday evening. May 21. there will th e home of her daughter, Mrs. ^ lay - • ^ dance and supper a t the North ton Kelligan, w h ere she is improving Hill pavilion. Heselton’s Orchestra verj^ rapidly. willl play. A good tim e is assured. High Grade, Ball Bearin'g, Large, W heels all Sizes in Cutting Widths, Highest Grade Cru­ cible Steel S e lf Sharpening blades. Standard M achines and Interchangeable parts. All Easy running Mowers. Call and get prices. Bassett Brothers LOT OWNERS Rural Cemetery Assn. There will be a meeting of the lot owners of Rural Cem­ etery Association in Cyclone Rose Building, W. R. C. Room^ THORSOAY, MAY 20, 1915, at 2 o’clock. Last year two meetings were called, with no one pres­ ent at either but the officers and directors. A meeting was called today, and only the directors and two or three mem­ bers were present. VERY IMPORTANT BOSiNESS is on hand for considera­ tion and EVERY LOT OViflER IS REOOESTE0 TO BE PRES­ ENT “NEXT TRIIRSOAY. Oon’t forget the date. Come! B y o rderofT R E OIREOTORS. RAINCOATS We have a few Men’s Goodyear Rub­ ber Raincoats, in tan color, which we are closing out at $ 3 . 50 : This is one o f our best bargains.^. Get yours before they’re gone. A. M. Richmond S T Y L E P L U S O L O T H E S - $ 1 7 W hitesville, New York I We Have What You . Are Looiiig For in alS lines of suuiiiier ap-parel. Straw hats for ntother; father, and the oliifdresi; sum­ mer dress goods, underwear, mnsfiEmear. Hardware, fencing, roofing, wire net­ ting, screen windows and doors. CALL &EE S &UY B C. L. Crittenden W hitesville, N. Y. A Reduotion Sal® oi^ D r e s s e s , a.ge 4 - to 14 y e a r s oM t > L 5 0 Dressesy now 1.00 D r e s s e s , now .5 0 Dressesg now 1.00 ? .38 4 Y O S T S ICE CREAM * for sale here, by dish or m e a s u re. T r y our Sodas. A ll flavors. They a r e refreshing Whitesville, N. Y. H. S. RICHMOND 5 W h itesville, N. Y. I

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