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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS. WHITESVILLE, N. Y. TO PAY WELL Continued from page 1. injpures pTovided for those piarty work- for wliom there .seem-s to he no other good Govemmeiit jobs avidia- his. L noffaeiailly the Commission is . kpown a s th e “Lrame Duck.” The m em b ers of the comimission are:Iion.. Jfemes A. Tawney, Ex-Gov. Gleam of N orth Carolina, and ex-Senator Oba- diah G a rdner of Maine. A Mr. Klutz 1# secretary to the Commission. Sec. «5tary Eryan wanted th a t Mr. Wyvell should have a good Job, and so the iMiggestion was made of a ‘‘Counsel” ffOR th is Commission. Some of Com- m ission objected, so the job wa« re- cfcr.i&ten^d ‘‘Counsel for the United SIfLates BEFORE the Commission.” It K&emlngly w asn’t im p o rtant to either Secretary Bryan or Mr. W yvell w h a t <hiey oaiide it, only so as M r.' Wy- vell got THE MONEY. A “rider” cSau?:e of $5,000 to pay for this job Gi “Counsel” w a s inserted in th e ap- propriat'on bill. Congressman Humphrey of Wash-' angton, called for a point of order on th e clause which puts W yvell’s Hand into th e N a tion’s Treasury. A hot debate ensued. Congressanan Calder of New York, asked C ongressm an Humphrey If he knew that “Wyvell is devoting m o st of his tim e to m aking political speeches around the eoutntry?” Congressman Humphrey then said: “I will give you a little informa- tton about Mr. Wyvell. I do not know anything about the particular m a tter to which th e gentleman (Mr. Calder) refers, but I know that Mr. Bryan, on Nov. 11, 1918, appointed Mr. Wyvell under the title of *Coun- ael for the International Joint Com- ■missioiL at a salary of $5,000. You miflht just as well appoint one of the pwge boys of this House to advice the Supreme Court of the United States upon legal questions as to ap; point^ this gentleman to advise a com mission cf great lawyers on legal questions. “Then they made the discovery that that waei not the proper thing to do, and so about Dec. 16, th e Secretary wrote a supplemental letter and <^anged th e title to ‘Counsel for :»iia United States before the commission.’ Before that, when we had an import-* amt m a tter the department th a t wag particularly interested, in it furnish- «ld the counsel............Now they have distinguished gentleman th a t w a s a pg'ivate secretary to the Secretary of SKate given the place, and the Secre­ tary has directed the commissioni to pay his friend a salary monthly a t the rate of $5,000 a year. Does' -the Sfeecretary of State under the con- atraction of this law have th e right tq direct the paym ent of thait m oney?” In defense of Mr. Wywell, Congress­ man Flood of Virginia -said: “As to Mr. W yvell’s ability as an atterney, he is an able attorney, a hlg'h-class man, a splendid citizen, no-minated by one of the great New York districts fer Congress, and he is a man who made a very efficient secretary to the Secretary of State, «ind is amply able to co-pe w ith the lawTeTs who will represent G reat Kritian. before this tribunal.” Mr. Humphrey replied: 'i am perfectly satisfied that a nrsan v/ho would accept Sij position at $5,000 a year must be capable to ad­ vise this international commission, and that hq must be a great interna- ttonal lawyer. That fact alone is sitf ficient evidence th a t he is com petent th e Grange at Whitesville last Mon- to fill a high position of th a t chaiv day night. scter.i® ^ ' j Mr. and Mrs. Phfl Coat® w e re Sun- Congressman Cline of Indiana, ral- ; d a y guests of Mrs. Fannie Hesolton lied tO' Mr. Wyveiir© assistance un4 a t W hitesville read endorsem ents of Mr. WyTelH^'-s Mr. and Mrs. G. C. H a rris of Hon- ability a® a “great international law- nell, visited a t B. O. M essier's from yer’,’ by Hon. Samuel Seabury, Jus-j Tuesday until Friday, tice of tihe Court of Appeal®; Hon. Mrs. Phil Coats viislted h e r parents H e rbert P. Blssell, Hon. H a rry L. 'M r. and Mrs. D. C. Barney from Taylor, Justices of th e Supreme Thursday until Sunday. Court; form er A ttorney General E. j Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Payne and R. O’Malley; Hon, James* W. Gerard, Ambassador to Germany, and many ottliers of equal prominence. The debate ended w ith the Chair­ m a n ’s sustaining Congressman Hum­ phrey’s point of order. Thus Mr. Wyi jame® jbtionmo'uu ui veil and Secretary Bryan m u st work j m oved on the H e n ry Richmond farm'. Mr. and Mrs. Elm er Foster called a t C. C. Coats’ Sunday evening. Moving is the order in. Payneville. W illard Goodridge has moved on the farm owned by Frank Slocum and Fame® Ridhimond of Genesee, haa out .some other cheme in order to get W yvell’s hand into* the Federal pork-barrel. “We plain folk” of Allegany Coun­ ty would, b e proud of M anton M. Wy- vel], and would be glad to see him reach even the Presidency, if we did not know that back of his laud­ able am b itions is th a t unquenichable desire to appropriate to himself and. hiis family every honor and every source of revenue that the President of the United States and Congress will perm it, no m a tter how much he m u st sacrifice his friends and party wiiich gave him his start. Harold T e a ter an*d Minard Swarts of W hitesville and Roy Silvernail w ere guests a t F r a n k T e a ter’® Sun­ day. Mr. and Mrs, C, E. Crittenden and Miss EDazel! Farnham attended a m eeting of the Grange at W hitesville Monday evening. A. C. McAllister of W e st Union and S. S. W hite of W hitesville, w ere guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bdd Deate® Saturday. Those who were present at our school every day through the month of February, a r e : Merle, Elmer, Ray­ mond and Alice M atteson, Florence and Laurence Teater, Roy Silver- nail and Glen Deats. the A n d rew s S e ttlem e n t The finest line of Spring Pattarns of Wall Paper in Allegany county can now be found at the City Bock Store, Wellsville, N, Y. All prices from 5c per dou­ ble roll, up. We enjoy looking it over with you. Come in and see it. CITY J09ii ST8RE WELLSVILLE - N. Y. ANDREWS SETTLEMENT, March 2 .—Mrs, P. E. Jones of Ulysses, vis­ ited her brother, *C. P. Nelson, and family, from last Monday evening until 'Wednesday evening. A. B, Scovill© was* a Genesee vis­ itor Monday. Elm er Milleir was a Coudersport visitor last Friday. Mrs. i>. L. Burd is quite seriously ill a t her home here. Jerry Burd was a Genesee visitor last Wedneaday afternoon. Quite a good m any our people are i'll with hard colds and grip. Ira Fosm er of Clara, visited Fred Lewis a few days last week. E I. Burch was a business visi— tor at Coudersport Saturday. Miss M etta Nelson of V/oodville visited Florence Furm a n Saturday. Alien Gardner and son Howard w ere Coudersport visitors last Mon­ day. The W. C. T. U. m e t at the home cf Mrs. Jack Lewis last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Lucian Lewis of Bolivar, vis­ ited relatives here from Friday un­ til Tuesday. Gilbert A. Palm a tier and family of Ford Hill visited at E. A. Furm a n ’s- ■last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. R. L., Jam e s and children were Sunday visitors of rel­ atives a t Colesburg. Mrs, Helen- Jam e s and son Charles visited relatives a t Oonevil-le from Thursday until Saturday. Our pastor, Rev. Rodwell, began some special -services in the- church here on Monday evenin,g. Miss Adeline Ryan of Genesee Springs, visited Miss A n n e tta Bis­ hop a day or two last week. Miss Grace Fosm e r of Clara, was the guest of her .sister, Mrs. E. I. Burch, a few days last week. Miss Ruth Sicovill-e spent a few days in W ellsville last week, tak­ ing treatm e n t of Dr. Swartout. Leoni Cool and Miss Leone Gard­ ner visited the -latter’s uncie, G. A. Palm a tier an-d family on- Sundiay. Mrs, H. E. Nelson, of WoodvH'lc, re­ cently -spent a few days here, the guest of her sen, C. P. Nelson, and faimily. Mrs. Parke. Gibson and infant daughter of Pittsburgh, are visiting her parents, Mr .-and Mrs. Elmer Miller. Our school wa.b closed last Mon- iday an*d Tuesday, owing to the iil- n-es® of the teacher, Miss -Carolyn I G riffith. j Miss Jlnola W iles of *G*en-esee, ac- I companied Miss Mary Bishop to her jhom e here, and was her guest over I Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamilton- and children of Ulys-ses, visited Mrs. Ham ilton’-s father, R. C. Plants, ov­ er Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jameis visited Mrs, Jam e s ’ brother Merle Bcoville and family a t Judds* last Thursday and Friday. Porter Dwight of Hebron, took the train here Saturday afternoon for Hornell, where he w ill visit his mother and sister. l\Irs. F rank Story recently spent a few days a t Seven Bridges, helping I h e r mother, who w a s quite seriously I ill, but is n*ow b e tter, i Mrs. Mary Burch returned to her I home here Saturday, after sp-ending [ two months w ith h e r daughter, Mrs. j R. C. Scoville of P o r t A llegan.. Miss Leone Gardner and. brother i Caleb, were in Shinglehouse last Fri- j day and Saturday, w h ere they vis­ ited relatives, and Miss Gardner had some dental work done. Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Andrews are the proud parents of a little son, who arrived a t their home on the anniversary of the birth of the “Fa­ ther of his Country.” H e rbert Miller and little daughter Gwendolyn of Hornell, visited his parents, Mr. and Mr®. Elmer Miller, over Sunday. H is brother. Poster, returned home w ith him. 'Some of the farm e rs in th is vicin­ ity clubbed together and bought a car of limestone. It was delivered last week at the switch. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coate were -gues-ts of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Barn­ ey a t W h itesville W ednesday night and Thursday, and attended the par- m-er-s’ Institute. Most Dangerous of Minor Mis Well informed physiciams regard a common cold a® by far the most dan­ gerous cf the minor ills. The dan­ ger is* not in th e cold itself, tu t 'the serious -diseases th a t it so often leads to. That a cold can be cured. ea*s;ily and quickly ha-s been abund­ antly -proven. Mr. S. K. Van D-en- burg of Middleburg, N. Y; says^ “I have used Cham berlain’s Cough Remedy for years, and always found it a positive cure for colds and coughs.” F o r ‘sale by all dealers. W fLEYSVILLE BARNEY RflILLS THE RITTER GARAGE AND MACHINE SHOP W E L L S V I L L E , N . Y. We carry a complete line of Ford parts, Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone and G. 6 J. Tires. A first class m echanic day and night. Telephone us when in trouble. WILEYS-VILLE, Mar. 2.—-Dr. Ber- trom of Ca-uisteo, w-as a t this place BARNEY MILLS, Mar. 1.—Thomas Kervin, Sr., of Duke Center, Pa„ was looking after his- oil interests here 1-a-st week. Mr-s. Georg© Colehert and Miss Matie Col-ebert were .shopping in Greenwood last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H a rry Austin of Clara, Pa., have been* visiting rola- ‘tive® and friends a t this place the past week. Mr-s. Cynthia Moore, who ha® been visiting her -daughter, Mrs. -Sheridan Austin, has returned to her hcone in Greenwood. Georg© Col’ebert went to West- field last week. H is sister Matie, ciam*8 home with him to ®pend a ■few days at Bao*-ney Mill®. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Travis of Rex- ville, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tracy and child-ren were entertained a t G. F. Colebert’s last Thursday evening. Mr. and -Mrs. Joe White, who have been living -in the Ad-elbert Austin house th e past year, have -moved to the Lew Paddock farm, near Whites- on professional business yesterday, -.ville, where Mr. W h ite ha® been en- twto - -Mvo-ti-P. iStvles is visiting a t gaged for the coming year. CKTITENDENSHOWE Licensed Undertakers and Embalmers for States of N«w York and P :nnsyi\ania All calls promptly answered, light or day With an automobile it takes bat a few minutes to reach any one within a radius of ten or twelve miles. Gas Lets and work furnished at lowest possible pric^. Stone and steel vaalU kept on hand. Robes and suits fur* nished. Flowers and floral designs famished on requ^t. PAYNEVILLE PAYNEVILLE, March 1. —Carroll Richmond of Andover, visited rela- tlv-e® in this place last week. Mr. Chaffe is working for W'illwd Goodridge. Hr®. Melvin Payne wae in Andov­ er the first of the week. H enry Richmond- lost a cow Satur­ day on hi® farm a t thi® place. Frank CoRver is drawing his milk to the Genesee shipping station. Willa-rd Goodridge and Phil Coats each bought a horse last Monday. Mia. Ray GoodrMge and chRdr«t|, «re visiting her mother Mrs. Hairiat Harris. Mr. and Mrs, C, C. Coats Joihad M.rs. Myrtle Styles Elm er Downey’s. Joseph McDonough was at Green- WiO*Gd last W ednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tracy spent Mon-day a t Jo-hn Smith’s. Joseph M*cDono-ugh w a s a t West- field o-n busine&'S -last Tuesday. Joseph Wood of Knoxvill'e, was a t this place on bu-siness last Saturday. A lbert Lowrey *;s moving from the Sluyter farm at Saunders to* his- farm at this place. Mr rnd Mrs. M artin Donnelly of W hitesville, were Sunday guests at John K e enan’s. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. W ildman of Whitesvil'le, -called a t W. B. Snow Sunday afternoon. Mrs, Roy E. Haz’ett is -spending a few days w ith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A .' C. McAllister, near Wh'te«-v<i;le. Mra. Williamson Greatly Surprised “W hen m y ®on Andrew w a s -eight year® old”, w rites Mrs. Richard Will­ iamson of Boonerville, N. Y., “he was, -subject to croup. As Cham berlain s Cough Remedy was -so‘ highly re com- m*en-ded we got a bottle of it fo*r li D and w a s greatly surprised at th-e •prompt m a n n e r in which it gave re­ lief. A few doses always affects a cure.”This remedy can always be depended upon and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all deal­ ers. NORTH BINGHAM None who heard the able sermion- by Rev. Henry I, Cha-ttin, pastor of 'the W hitesville M. E. church, . at the Rexville M. E. Church lia-st Sun­ day, could longer rem a in indifferent to the need of our retired m inisters. It .is a -call to which our church will respond m ost willingly and generous­ ly. The Ladie®’ Aid was entertained a t the home of Mrs. Robert McHat- tan last Thursday. A bountiful din­ ner was «erved to a goodly number and $3.75 w a s realized. A quiit was tied and a very enjoyable tim e was had together. The next meeting will be held a t the lio-m*e of Rev. and M-r.s. Peacock a t Greenwood. George Colehert and Lynn Travis are the cham-pion hikers o-f this -sec- tio:n. It wo-ul'd be aid-vi®able here­ after to have “a place of meeting,” for while Colehert was looking wist­ fully a t the twinkling lights of Rex­ ville, Travis v/a® taking light -re­ freshm e n ts at the Colehert home. Just a difference of opinion. One preferred to walk the railroad, the other the public highway. ' NORTH BINGHAM, Mar. 2.—Mrs. W. R. Lawrence wha has been spend­ ing som-e tim e w-ith relatives at 'Scio returned to her horn© at thi® place Saturday. She was accompanied by her son, Cass Lawrence of Hemv ,don, 'V'a. Mr. -and Mrs*. Mark Kibbe of G'ro- ver Hollow are spending the day with ^relatives at this* place. Lowell Carpenter is visiting at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Carpenter. The Grange held an interesting meeting on 'Tuesday night. A per w a s served following the rear The C. I. C. S. S. Clas-s met a t ' ■the home of Miss Nell-ie Burt, S a t- , occupancy urday aft-ernocm.. A fter an in ter-) ^ ' ■esting program delicious -refres-hmentE SH o m Q O SiHONGO, Mar. 1.—Mr®. Fred Mat­ teson of 'Scio, is a guest of her par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Else Jenison, for a few days. W edding bells will soon, ring in S'h'OD go. Gu ©s® who- ? Rev. J. S. Brown will continue the revival services a t the church this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ezz Goodridge and family have -m-ov-ed to a farm near Belm-ont, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed of Har- i'son Val-l'ey, have moved into Bern­ ard Hawks’ house. Mis®, Delia Graves has gone to San dusky, N. Y., to visit her sister, Mrs, Glenn Perkins and family. Mr, and Mr®. Mark Ludden were Saturday and Sunday visitors ait the home of Mr. a-nd Mr®. Lewis Graves. The men of this town have been very busy building church sheds at of the church lot. They are now completed and ready for Mrs. Frank Gravest were served. The following young people enjoyed the occasion, Misses Nellie Eurt, Helen and Donna Ktbbe, M asters Harold French, Harold H a rt, Merle William®, Monroe Car­ penter and Lawrence Ordway. A Good Family Liniment No p reparation is more often needed in the ihousehold than a good family liiniment. Mrs. Helen P e tt of MOr hawk, N. y ., s£*ys: “I am willing at all times to say a word in praise of Cham b erlain's Liniment. I have foun-d it 'Splen'di-d for paln-s in the chest and rheum atic pain® -in the. joints and muscles. I do not 'hesitate to indorse it.” This rem edy is put up in two sizes and retails at -25c and 50c per bottle. For sale by all deal- staying a t the home of their daugh­ ter, Mrs. Clair Grave® at Hall®port. Mr. Fish had a slight shoek a short tim e ago- and ha® not recovered his usual health. Sunday, Feb. 21, Mrs. J. S. Brown occupied the pulpit, and spoke on. th-e -subject of “A Perm a n e n t Fund for Retired Minister®.” Mr. Brown preached at Allentown th a t day. SPRING MILLS CRITTENDEN DISTRICT CRITTENDEN DISTRICT, Mar. 2. —Miss Ella Mae Teater of W hites­ ville, spent several day® last week jLt the home of her brother, Frank Teater. Vivin- M atteson visited at Orville Segar's Sunday. Mrs. Bert Nye visited Mrs. Vivin M atteson S-unday. Mr. and Mrs, D. G. Spicer visited at G. N. Bloss’ Sunday. Ray Rogers visited a t the hoxn^ of Clifton Hi'le Sunday night. Merle and W illiam Spicer were Saturday guests of Roy Silvernail. Abraham Jones and -son W a lter o-f Wellsville, visited a t W illiam Jones’ Saturday. Edd D e ats and family have mov­ ed from th e Crittenden farm to W hitesville. Mrs. Frank T e a ter and Miss* E lla Mae T e a ter visited a t Hayden Rog­ ers’ Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Coats and lit- -SPRING m i l l s , Mar. -2.—Carlyle Ladd of Uiys&es, was the guest of his grandparents, Mr. and Mr®. W al­ ter Leonard, Friday. Orl-as Graves attended Sunday School here Sunday. Miss Norma Spencer visited fr-iends in W hitesville Sunday. Bell Phone, 223R. Federal, 9X I To Close Out J I The Remainder of Our I Stock of Mens Overcoats, I We offer any coat in the store at i i / o M X i Some sold as high as $25 — None below $15 G u s, V e it ^ Co. Corner Main and Broad Streets, HORNELL, N. Y. Fancy Poultry for Sale and Eggs for Hatching We have 12 Full Blooded Rose Comb Black Minorca Hens; 12 Full Blooded Single Comb Black Minorca Hens; 5 Rose Comb Black Minorca Roosters; 1 Single Comb Black Minorca Rooster; 15 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Rhode Island Red Rooster, ALL OF THE FINEST STOCK. We can furnish BIRDS and EGGS this season from these strains. We also have a strain of Mrs. Barry’s Indian Runner Ducks, and can furnish either BIRDS or EGGS from this strain. W. L. HAWKES & BRO. G E N E S E E .............................................................. PA, PAPERi-HANGING AND PAINTING DONE Cairpentry and Conrete Work Done Under Contract. All Work Guaranteed. STATE ROAD (Intended for Last Week) STATE ROAD, Feb. 22. — Dwight H-az'lett is very ill. Dr.- Denniis*on of Harrison Valley is atteniding him. - Horace CoTuell and hi® -brother are cuttinig wood for Hiram Howard. Miss Jennie Decker of N orth Bing- liaan, is working for Mrs. Frank Van- derhoef. Randolph Courtrlght and wife drove to North- Bingham Monday to do som shopping. Mrs. 'Nancy Horning went to Whitesville Saturday to do some shopping. W illiam Hornl-ng -and -wife visited -at Frank Mullen’s a t Bin-gham Cen­ ter, Thursday. Perry Scoville drove to W ellsville Tuesday on buisiness. He returned the -same day. William Horning and wife drove to N o rth Bingham W ednesday to do some shopping. Edward Flewel-lyn -and wife drove ■to North Bin-gham- o-n© day last week to do- -som-e shiopping. W illis Lowrey -and Mis® Leila W a r­ ner spent S'Unday a t the hom'e of L7- sander Brigg-® in B in g ^ m . Mrs. Anna H a rt and baby of W est Bingham, speBt a part of last week w ith 'her cousin, Clella W hitman. Asel Woodard of Greenwood, has heen spending the last two w-eeks with his cousins. A rt and Horace Woodard and family. H e returned ■home today. Horace Woodard and sister Bes&ie Electrical Supplies • • • We carry a very complete line of telephones, parts and supplies. Electrical wireing and repairing done. All re­ pairing and supplies. Gall for Our Bargain List on Wall and Desk Telephones Alfred Billings of Hallsport was the and Miss Vearl RlchardiSion drove guest of friends in town. Churchill Cobh of Greenwood, was in town briefly Saturday. W illiam -Cobb is spending a few weeks with his family in Itha-ca-. Prayer m eeting will be held every Tuesday evening. Everyone -invited to come. William Farnham, who will help W. E. Reynolds with his farm work, com­ menced Monday, Mrs. M ary W heeler was called to Bndicott by the illness of her daugh­ ter-in-law, Mrs. Clint 'Wheeler. Mr. Bolio ef Brookfield was the guest of Mi-ss Norma Spen-cer a t th e home of Lewis HaB a few days last w-eek. Mr. Stiles, who has been em p loy^ the past year by Arling Cobb, is moving his fam ily t o Jasper. H enry Gibson of Arcade, will suceed- Mr. Stiles. ^ Concert Season Ended M iss Grace H a rris, -dangler Di and Mrs. E. B. H a rris — well known in 'Whitesville, closed the season w ith the p r y H a rris Concert f^—Li Co., in' Columbus, O., last week, and t l e ' ^ n ' ^ w e r r ^ e ^ o f Mr\°and M?a. returned hom e for s u m m e r/ S h e C. E. Crittondea Sundl^r. reports a very successful season- Spring Mills Sunday and attended church there. Mm. Hiram Howard, who ha® been spendiU'g the W inter w ith her son Jam-e® and fam ily a t Fillmore, has returned 'home. ULYSSES Mrs. A. C. White, who has been at Addison for several m o n ths for a re­ moval! of a -cancer in the breast by th e plaster treatm e n t, returned to her home here W ednesday aceexmpanied by h e r sister. M iss K a te Perry, who h a s been w ith h e r dinting th e 'trying ordeai.* T h e cancer wa® removed sue cessfiiUy it ia t h o u ^ t and w a s a ver large one. The pain endured by Mrs W h ite vras m o st excruciating and was obliged, to hear the treatm e n t for SI successive days. H e r m any frienda are deeply m sympathy with ugflxer OL ^ of - Mrs. WiRiam F rancis has been! quite ia for ^ereral day®. Mrs. M. L. Nickerson, is -improving from her sev«re illn^s -of acute indi* . ............. MucKey Whitesville, N. Y . OEOROE P. RILEY, D.t. CHIROPRACTOR — Tuesdays and Fridays at the horn* of Mrs. G. W. Richmond, Whites- ville. HOURS; 10 to 12 and 1 to 3. Other hour® by a i ^ i n t m e n t . T h e Spine is the U N B SHAFT of th e body. If the SPINE is r ig h t m a n is right. Examination free. Lady attendW*^ OTHER PAYS AT OENESlC ,

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