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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, February 18, 1915, Image 5

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS. WHITJiSVILLE. N. Y. G e n e s e e N e w s Andi'&ws ©©ttHement For— COUGHS AND Q Q t D S Use White Pine and Tar STOPS ALL BRONCHIAL COUGHS For Sale by H. 0 . WaSlen Druggist GENESEE, —Dr, F. H. Rocsa was ia Ulysses ■on business Friday. — L. Sullivan was in WellSTlllit on business Tuesday. —Mrs. M. F. McCarn was shoj^ping in Wellsville Tuesday. —Delette Potter was in Whites- ville on business Friday. —Mrs. Henry Clark was slioipping in ■WellsYille Wednesday. —H. R. Easton was a businesi Ti»- itor in Wellsville Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Reed were shopping in Wellsville Tuesday. — M ibs / Margaret McGinnis was -shopping in Wellsville Saturday, —Fred Robbins of Hickox, was a- business visitor in town Monday. —H. M. Guyon will load calves et Genesee on Wednesday, Feb. 24th. —Elmer Allen of Shongo, was- a business caller in town Wednesday. —E, R. Rogers of Whitesville was a business vifetor in town. Monday. —Wells H. Carpenter was in Shin- glehouse -on business one day last week. —^Jolin H. O’Connor of Wellsville, was a business caller in town last week. —:Mr. and Mrs. S.. Fisk and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Potter drove to Wells- ville Sunday. —A. D. Knox and E. Greeno of Fords Brook, were in town on blisi- nes Thursday. —Cass Payne* who has been in Wellsville for some time returned home Monday, —Miss Mayme Cornan and Miss Le- la Cox, both of Hornell, are guests of Mrs. H. R. Easton. —Guy F. Chapman and Fred Gib- so,n were in the vicinity of Whites- ville on huslness Saturday, —^The Pottor Democrat: H. O. Wal­ len, the progressive druggist of Gen­ esee, wa.s a vistor here Wednesday. —^Cashier E. F. Lawlrv -^tii'iied Monday from a trip to Y/ashington, D. C., where he visited his brother, —Mrs. H. Rodwell went to Oswa- yo Monday, where she will assist Rev. Rodwell with the revivial meet­ ings. —Mrs. E. H. Champliii and Miss Charlotte Daily visited friends in Buffalo a few days the first of the week. this place Mon day by the illness of Mrs. Skillman’s mother, Mrs, H. D. Hart. —This damp, sloppy, changeable, weatbrer is conducive to colds. Wal­ len’s drug store is the- place to buy established medicines for coughs and colds. —^Ulysses Sentinel: Mr. and Mrs. A, H, Bice went tq Genesee Tuesday ■ aftercon to visit Mr, Brice’s sister Mrs. V. V, Beagle until Wednesday afternoon. ■Otis Butler and Louis Potter re­ turned home Saturday from N. Y. State College of Agriculture at Ith­ aca, where they have just complet­ ed a course. —^Dr. W. Tassell of Couders- port was in tov/n a few days last week, aud looked after Wallen’s drug store-, while Mr. Wallen was in Cou- dersport on business. —Dr. P. H. Roosa has resumed his advertising in this issue. Mr. Roosa advisese that now is the time to have your horses vaccinated against distemper and influenza. —Rev Rodwell is winning promin­ ence for miles around. Genesee is Saturday from a ten days’ visit with 'relatives' ad friends at Shingle- —Mrs. L. J. Skillman and little house. Myrtle, Bolivar, Duke Center, aiie-ht-Ar Genevieve were called to • to be congratulated on having such Judds. _ . _ : ^ T /-I-f m A T*r» TV/rV gany and Coudersport, H, G. Hurd and wife of Ellisburg, were recent callers at R. C. Plants. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. James were Genesee visitors one day last week. Miss Ellen Nelson visited her cou­ sin, Mi'SS Metta Nelson of Woodville last .Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard James vis- ited Jack Lewis and wife of Wood­ ville Sunday. Miss Aria James visited at Bert Nelson’s of Woodville, last Friday night and Saturday. C. P. Nelson and son Clifford spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. H. E. Nelson of Woodville. Miss Leone Gardner visited Mrs. F. P. Leet of Judds, v/ho is ill with the- grip, last Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. E. A. Furman an^ Mrs, C. P. N-«lson shopped at Ray­ mond last Thurn^y, Mrs. Nettie Preminger and daugh­ ter Margaret, of Canisteo, visited at Elmer Miller’s over Sunday. Mr. -and Mrs. W. P. Cod of Judds were recent visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Plants, Clare and Caleb Gardner spent Sat­ urday night and Suhday with their sister, Mrs. Mildred Scoville of an able minister in its midst. Are you men-folks taking advantage of the opportuBiti&s offered to hear his Sunday sermones. —Times are not very hard now, and morey’s tight only because peopl are holding back. If there are any purchases that you are contemplating make them NOW. Put .that money into circulation. It will help all along the line. BUY NOW, —Guy F. Chapman -advises the women to make their dress goods -purchases now. It is better to get the spring sewing done now, while you have to stay in doors anyway than to put it off until the balmy days of spring arrive. —^The Potter Democrat; A. B. Mann has- been re comissioned as Notary Public in Coudersport. He was the first Notary Public Potter county ever had, having first been appointed under a special act of the Legislature. He has served for near­ ly forty-eight years. “ k e e c h —Bolivar Breeze: Leo McGinnis of Genesee Pa ., formerly of was a guest over Sunday of friends in Bolivar. KEECH, Feb. 15.—Mr, ad Mrs. G. L. Hunt and little; daughter, were Sunday visitors at William Leonard’s Mrs. Janett Hurd is caring for Mrs Bugbee at Ellisburg. Dowell Neal and Harry Keech drove- to Genesee Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence DeLong drove to Hickox one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt of Hic­ kox, were Sunday callers at Will Hunt’s. The toe social at the school house Friday night was- well -attended and a very good time reported. Proceeds, $16.65, Miss Sarah Waterman entertained Miss Hillman of Genesee-, Friday and Saturday. John Bacon of Buffalo, visited his niece, Mrs. Bessie Neal and family, a few days last week. Lawrence Howe -and Misses Sar­ ah Howe and Cleo Clark of Geld, at­ tended the social here Friday night, Mrs. Carrie Keech and daughter Mr. and Mrs-, Merle Scoville and baby cf Judds- were Sunday guests of his- parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Sco­ ville, a week ago. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cool and Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Furman and son Lowell, w-ere recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. James Burd of Woodville. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jam-es and daughter Marguerite and John Cur­ rier and family visited at Jam-es Burd’s at Woodville, on Friday, Feh. 5th. Emmet Markey has returned home fr-om Scio , where he has- been mak­ ing fur purchases. The Misses Ruth Walker, Alice Markey and Ju’ia Hart were home from WePsv'lIe over Sundry. George FitzPatrick has gone to Sto-ne Dam, wh-ere he will take np position with E. L. Fish & Co. Con Johnston and daughter Mary' of Rexville attended the funeral of the late Dennis McGinnis last week Wednesday. Prank\ Hyde and Fr-ed Spencer drove to Wellsville Monday, where they will transact business with the Empire Gas Co, • Miss Mildred Walker of Wellsville, formerly -of this- place was married in Clean, last week, to HovJ'ard D. Stoll of Wellsville. J. P, O’Leary, who is spending the winter with John Torme-j'’, nursing a broken leg, is not recovering -as rapidly a-s- h’s many friends wish. Entertained in Honor of Sister GENESEE, Feh. 16.—Mrs. H. R. Easton -entertain-rd a num-ber of la­ dies Monday -aft-ernoon in honor of her sis-ter, Miss Mayme Corran, and Mis-s Lela Cox of Homeil. Light refreshm outs were served at five o’c^'oek. Those prese-nt were; Mrs.■‘Fannie Rundell .-Mrs. Esther Raymond, Mrs. C. L. Reed, Mrs. Har­ ry Taylor, Mrs. T.. L. Richmond, Mrs. G. F, Chapm-'^n, Mrs. Harry Stillman, Mrs.’ j. D. P'^tter. A very pleasant time Is reported. A Positive Cure for Colds snd Cough Mrs. W. C, Simons, Little Falls, N Y., says Chamberlain’s Cough Reme­ dy is a positive cure for colds and coughs. “Since I first commenced to use Chamberlain’s Cough Reme­ dy a fevr years ago,” writes- Mrs. Si­ mons, “I am^ unable to say too much in praise of it. I keep it inthe house at all times and have found it positive cure for colds and coughs. As it is free from opiates, I have no hesitancy in givihg it to my children. For sale hy all dealers. —adv. E L L i s e y S © -These have been “sap” days. Is PoYiv^r i Dula, attended the funeral of her ’ little nephew, Victor Sliutt, at West Bingham, Friday. The Sewing Club met with Mrs. Frona Leonard, Feb. 11. A good -at- your sugar bush ready for the spring' tendance was present and a good work? Read McGinnis and Reed’s : time v/as -enjoved,, Thq- next meet- ad on this page and GET SUSY.^^ i ing wiU be with Mrs. Asha Hunt, —Dr. P. PI. Roosa was in Brook- ^ 25, Everyone is invited, land Thursday, where he performed j an operrtion for quitter upon a Stomach Trouble Cured horse owned by Volney Freeman. |.» Mrs. A. M. Spears, Chadwick, N. —A. D. Ho^-e aoid Lester J. P o r t- ' says: “Aliout a year ago I was ner o£ Whitesrille and W. J Rich- s«ttenng from indigestion, Diliousnos ardson o£ Wellsville, were dinner “ 0 d w spells -The food I ate guests at the Genesee House Sunday, stomach. I , tried a number o f medicines hut —The Potter Democrat says: Slier- nothing did me much good until I he- man F i s k and his w i f e a r e k e e p in g ^ g a u ta k in g C h a m fcerlain’s T a b lets, a n e x c e l l e n t h o t e l a t G e n e s e e , and T h e y help e d m e at o n c e and tw o bot- e r e receiv in g th e ir sh a r e o f patron- tie s o f th e m cured me.” For SaiG hge. by all dealers. ELLIBBURG, Feb. 16,—Fred Web­ ster of Emporium, -spent Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Webster. . ^ William Moody of Hornell was in town Monday. Dr. Church of Ulysses, was in town Monday. William Webster -made flying trip to Genesee Tuesday. Don Gilliland did not go to school at Gene-see Monday. Dr. H. D. Hart -of Genesee, -called on patients in town Monday. William Scoville of Millport, call- el on a lady friend her© Saturday and Sunday. F. K. H-urd and family called on his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hurd Sunday. ' Mrs. Ralph Allen -and Mrs. Ernest Hillyard of Hickox, called at .Sanford Downs’ Sunday. A number of boys from this place attended a show at Genesee Friday and Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hall, and Mrs. Gertrude illiland and family spent Sunday at the home of R. L. Nelson of Genesee Springs. Mrs. Nelson is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Downs, Mr. ani Mrs. Reuben Coller, M. T. Web­ ster, Mr. and Mrs, J. P. Sweier, Mrs. M, L. Ellis, and Robert Gilliland are all on the -sick list. Sunday aftem-oon. Pran-eis Coyle, a student in W-ells- ville High School,-spent the week-end G e n -see M. P. Church Services w'dl he he held -next Sun­ day afterr-of'Ti f t 3 o’clock at the M-etho-dist Protestant church in Gen­ esee. Sermon topic, “What ?nd Where is Heaven?” Preacher, Rev. Prof. Walsh e. Genesee Odd Fe'irws The Genesee Odd Fellow-s will give supper on Tuesday night, Feb. 23, for the m-em.b'er.s and their wives. HICKOX HICKOX, Fel), 16.—Mr. and Mrs.' D. M. Simmons of Wellshoro, who hare- been visiting their parents-, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Simmons, returned to their home Thurday. ; Mrs. \Winifred Gale is on the sick list. . ; Orna Robbins- is working at the Chemical Plant. Mark Kihtie and G. L. Gro-ver kill­ ed tViTO foxes on© day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kibbe and son Vaughn, spent -Sunday -at James Rich­ mond’s. The Ladies’ Sew-irg Circle is to meet at the home of Mrs. S. Sher­ man re>t Tliurs-’ay Feb. 18. Fred Robbins says Harry Easton has th© finest moving pictures he ever sav/, -especially the water scene. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Evans have re­ turned to their home after a wro-k's visit with friends and relatives at Coudersport, •; MUNSON HILL f 1 ^ e t & The Quickest Cure for a Cold Few of the minor ailments make one incre miserable than a commcn cold, and every one wishes to get riu of it with as little delay as possible. Mrs. William Coss, Little Falls, N. Y., says that Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy will cine a cold ciiiicKer that anytliihg cine die brows oj, “i hav? used it for nry children for y e a r s ,’ she writes, “ and it has never failed to give them quick leiliT when suf- ferirg from coughs or collds.” For sale by all dealers.—adv. MUNSON HILL, Feb. 16. — The snow is very deep and the roads are impassable on account of the thaw. | John Coffee'called on Clias. Wiles- Sunday. i Michael Russell is hoarding at tlxe •Star Hotel. j Ed Kelly is fully recovered from a severe cold. S! ■ Jo© Russell -made a business trip to Genesee Friday. Tom an-d Mike Grimes called on John O'Doimel recently. John Coffey called on- Miss Anna Cooney one day last week. ^ : Thomas Coffey made a flying trip to Genesee one day last w-eek. Thomas Judge -entertained Grace Chapman Sunday of last week. Harry McHal of Logic Hollow v/as seen on our streets Saturday. j J. H. O’Donnell called on friends j at Genesee Saturday of last week. i John McCarthy made a business trip to G-enese© on© day last week. Edward Russell of Hickory Hill called on Mirnie Wiles Sunday of last week. Miles McHale attended the show at Gene=-ee Saturd. y ever ing , and reports a go‘d time. Robert Chney of Durbin, Va., vis­ ited Mike Grimf5 over Sunday and returned home Monday. Tom Coff-ey called cn Mike Grimes on Tliurfdsy last, Mr, Grim-eis is very busy breaking tli© road to El­ lisburg with his oxen. ELEVEN MILE I It wl!l soon be Iici 53 ecie?inliiig t:m e . You slioiald s t a r t NOW to m a k e yoitr W ail Paper pisrdiascs, and frx xn yoix’ kccie before lute spring and s tnnm e r. e l e v e n m ile , Feb. 16. sleighing is going fast, \'It looks if Spring uould soon be here, F. E. McGinnis is on the sick list. Bernard Burns v/ent to Hornell Sat A1 McGii-r/g wes a pleasant caller at Crystn Su d y. PAYNEVILLE, F«b. 16—Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slucuo were called to Andover the xir;it of the v/eek to at­ tend the funeral of Mr. Slo-^um’s fa­ ther. Several from here altcncled the ro- Ivivals at G-ene.-ee iasl w..ek. Mrs. C. C. Coats was in vVelisville T. C. W-:Ik r spent Sunday at his-from WednescUy until Saturday. T - - f . .. ,1 j. ^ T; 6 111 DO YOUR SEWING NOW Now is ths time to do your Sewing for Spring. Do not wait for the beautiful Spring days when it is so hard to sit inside and sew. We have already received many new pieces of CREPE PERCA.LE, eiNQHAMS SEERSUCKER GALTEA, RIPPLETTE, KIDDIE KLOTH ETC. This display includes just what you want for Spring and Sommer DresWs and children’s suits. Buy now and get your sewing done early. G. F. CHAPMAN WHITESVILLE, M. V. Winter’s Backbone is Broken Now comes Sugar-Making time. You will want to be among the “early birds” — ’cause the first runs of sap are best. Are you prepared? Note our prices on supplies. Evaporators, from $90 to $200 Sap Pans, at ail prices, accordiiij^ to size Buckets, of ail kinds, 15c to 18c apiece Sap Spouts, $ 1.50 to $ 2.75 per hundred fiauling Tanks and Storage Tubs, $10 to $15 .Repairs We are especially prepared to make all re­ pairs for sugar-making equipment. Be sure that the smoke-stack, sap pan, buckets, etc., are in good condition before the season opens. Genemee^ T O Are YOU som etim es ‘‘pu t to It” to pr<$vide th e ready cash for th e JOYOUS SEASON? Do yGU sometimes have to have goods ‘'charged”? w a i l P a p a v * Our has arri'ved and we Invite ycur Inspection line Is cos'ipNte a n d U'P-to=date, Prices range from 10c to ^oc per doifible )ic •:% y - J- ^ r a - c e visitMrs. P. M rs. Em m a P a y n e We-dnesday. y i B. IMcG-im 0 cu rd iy . , Miss CymarViha C.-sim of Gfena.^ee W illV T r c V n r ’s omi w ife yisited M b s L -:rdia Dice S a turday. V: in W a V s M l r o e iy . Bert EldrMge of V'&lMVVe, v l i - ^ D\ve J T. w. Sunday e\en- U d at Cass Coats’ vrednseday night, y ^ , i r y i-t V l . V. r-:C T :ris’. Mrs Phil C&nts ocVAii on Mrr^. U. h Frank U :rt ot'er’d-d a dance stad e ln a n at \WhUesviile Wednes- !Weilovine j'ond.-y niyht, ^day. _ Frank r i r t r a-^e o bmVnoss trip! £-rs. c D Cos’s cf Vk-iLwiks vi-:- to Stone D-m S’w-dsy fw-n'i:-?-. ! ited at C. C Coots Tl'urJdJy and p Mr. an-:’ 3i s F. E. McGinnis wera ! p ^ jjay roll. W. B. BAII.T GE.NESEE,, PA . GET TO KNOW THIS STORE, BETTER shopp’ng in \W-Vlsville Seturday . Joseph Moran ran up from Alfred Friday ri^-ht, returrdng Sunday. Walter K'ng of Buffalo, is vi-iting at D. J. Crane's f'r a few weeks. Georg© Furrs aiten-ded the wrest­ ling match at WeilsTllie Thursday ev­ ening. Miss Ethel Stedman of Oswayo, is assisting Mrs. Ivl. B. McGinnis with her housework. Mr, and Mrs. Harry Kemp of Crys­ tal, visited et M. P. Mulvey’s on© day last week. Miss Sara Spencer and Viviah Mr. and M’-s. Lc? Kc-^.Mtoii visit­ ed Mr, and Mrs. p. €.* Barney at Whitesville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Goodridge visited at the home of tjaeir son V'il- lard Goodridge Sunday. Thomas were calling on Ruth Walker on a Sunday. It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone The Knoxville Ccurkr says: We would like to see every person in tov?-n become so interested that here after all our people would become church, going people. It doesn’t hurt anyone to chang© their clothes and attend church services at least once ■I Avoid It -sisi Q%2S’ Ghrictoas Club Every m e m b er fJ th e tmmndyy irmyj yvm, and depositing a fee/ c e n ts weekly, (£c, 2C, fc or more) P R ^ N O e € GINSTGAS One member of the may deposit for ail Each will have a se|>arate sceonut Our circulars and advertisements will tell you about the PLAN CALL OR WRITE FOR ONE FIRST NATIONAL BANR E. F. LAWLER Cashier, QENE5EE, PA.

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