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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, December 10, 1914, Image 3

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEWS. WHITESVILLE. N. Y. it ^ Tbe Caniiste- i^arty hav© 3&*eiidM — ----- ------------- -- ------------- ' an anintation to onr Wliitesyille Sen- HIGH SCHOOL NOTES A Compilation of School Events Written for This Paper by Reporters of Whitesville High School. _ iors to accompany tliem to W ashirg- ton. in. the spring. A new m irror was recently pnrchas ed by the High Sohool girls tor their cloak (room. W e understand they -re- _ ___________ __________________ _ ___________ _ _______ ^ ceived it by donations. ' O t I^ s is certainly a busy person ~ only the,other afternoon he had to lo excused’ th a t he m ight g. to the train J^uiso Ainsworth and Flossie Lan£- to mail a card to a lady friend. Editors; Herbert Reynolds and Paul Erway, B a s k e t Ball Game A basket ball game was played last Saturday evening between the town ~ ^ n d the High school teams. T h is be> ing the first game the High Sohi^l hoys have played, they isuffer'^d a de feat. The score was 14 to 39. Several new books have arrived for th e library. The English II class are at present studying Browning’s Poems. M y rtle Crittenden visited school iHiSt Wednesd-ay afternoon. don. were absent from sohool a few days last week on account of illnesSi j baske'’’ .ball game is scheduled “ <5 llo'* Friday eveninig, llecem ber 11, he- Some of the pupils In Ancient His- tween the W hitesville High school and Lory were asked th e other uay to' re- Genia&ee High School. A lively, game mam after school and' 'consult the 5s anticipated, diictionary, t ^ _ j There hav3 been frequent raids on Two boys in the High Bchbol loom have been practicing boxing in. their chocolate. These are made by a spa.re time. As they boxed fkillfuHy combination of gram m ar and High neither getting hit, we suppose they m p ils. wEl become .pugiliist® a t some future Seniors will serve lunch after the time. The blackboards in the High School yoom have been recenitly painted. Prim a ry and intetinediate room's are preparing their Xmas programs. Ruth Lewis w a s elected president of th e Oanlsteo training class. Con­ gratulations to Ruth. T h e Biology class has ju&t com­ pleted the 'Study of Crustaceans. It IS now studying Insects. W e judge from Prof’s smiles f-s he reads the names of the pupils who are to' keep him company afte\ school that he is delighted w ith ou-«' associ­ ations. TO THE PEOF»LE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK: T o Norman Rogers, Eva & g e r, Ned- ie Poster, Lida Slocum, John Rogers., M'ira Roger -, Sarah Murray, Cena Updyke, Jan IJpdyke, Rena Updyke, Earl Roge~'s, Fannie Kemp, Alice Young, M artha Young, Lottie Bab­ cock, B ryant ^Crane, Elizabeth Bur­ dick, Ono Crane, E tta Slack, Volney Bav uport, Bert Davenport, Grace Pinckney, Nellie Lampkin, Celestia Ho'warth, P a rk Rogers, Clark Rogers, Ames Rogers, Sylvania Whitcomb, Ed mund Rogers, being all the heirs at Jaw, next of kin and creditors of Levi F. Rogers late of the Town of And­ over, in Allegany County, deceased, GREETING: You, 'and each of you, are hereby cited and required personally to be and ap'pear before our Surrogaite 'Of Allegany county, a t his Office in Wells vEle, N. Y., in said county, on the 10th day of December 1914, lat ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, then and there to attenfd the judic­ ial settlem e n t of the accounts of Cel- estia J. Jones and Ernest Clark, as Adm inistrators with tl e W ill annex­ ed of Levi F. Rogers, deceaised. (And if any of tlie above mamed persons interested be under the age of twenty-one yeans, they are (requir­ ed to appear by their guardian if they 'have one, or if they have none, to appear and i a p p ly for a special guardian to be appointed, or in the event of their neglect or failure to do so, a special guardian will be ap­ pointed by the Surrogate, to repre­ sent and act for them in th is pro­ ceeding). ( IN TESTIMONY W H EREOF, v/e have caused the Seal of Office of our ®aid Surrogate to be hereunto af­ fixed. , WITNESS, HON. JAMES T. WARD Dist. A tt’y. and Acting Surrogate, of •said County, at Belmont, N. Y. the 6th. day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred ■and fourteen. ; SEAL Jam e s T. W ard, Dist. A tt’y. and Acting Surrogate. •’(^Note,—This Citation is 'Served to give you legal notice of the proceed­ ing; but you are not obliged to ap­ pear unless you desire to do so.). basket ball game evening. Again the public is urgied to support the Seniors’ in securing fi^ds for tho W ashington trip. One afternoon,a few days ago, the principal noticed two boys v/ere mis- sin,g from tlie room. As there was no doubt in his mind w here they were he went to the basement. Wlien he. re­ turned they w ere in their seats study­ ing harder than ever. The profiessor must remember that there is a libra­ ry between hi& room and the base­ ment. Perfect in Spelling Third Grade. Genevieve H a rris Cecil Grantier. Francis Taylor Virginia Gre.ene Lillian Chase Fourth Grade Laurence Smiith Fifth Grade Jared Ainsworth Leslie Wager Floyd Spicer Sylvia Howe SixthGnade Ora Graves Ruth B a rtlett Seventh Grade Sara Brown Daily T h o u g h t. There are souls in the world who have the gift of finding joy every­ where, and of leaving it behind them when they go. Joy gushes from un­ der their fingers, like jets of light. Their influence is an inevitable glad­ dening of the heart. Proof P o sitive. \Don’t you be afraid, F r itz!” called the ally as Fritz pommelled the new­ comer at school. \He ain’t got no big brother. His schoolbooks a re per­ fectly new.” Might Get It Way. An absent-minded husband, wafr asked by his wife to stop in a stora on his way downtown and buy beif three artfedes of feminine wear. Of course when he reached the stord li« had forgotten w hat they were. So fh(e young clerk behind the first counter was amazed to hear: \Excuse me; my wife told me to come In here and get her some things to wear and I've for^ gotten what they nre. Would yoE mind naming over a few things?\ Duty of th e W iser P a r t . . Since the foolish part of mankind will make wars, from time to times, with each other, not having sense enough otherwise to settle their dif­ ferences, it certainly hecomeis the wiser part, who cannot prevent these wars, to alleviate as much as possible the calamities attending them.—^Benja­ min Franklin. N. Y. & P. RAILWAY T im e T a b le Taking effect July 23, 1913 West Stations East 2 I 1 ! 3 p.m.{a.m.l ia.m.lp.m. 5 471 9 09} Erie Junction.. }9 03|3 39 5 55} 9 24} Canisteo ..............)8 59)3 30 6 20} 9 50] Greenwood ___ }8 36)3 05 6' 52}10 Q2\ W hitesville . . . . ]8 04)2 33 7 07)10 39) Genesee ...... ]7 51)2 20 7 22}10 50| Bllisburg ......... }7 37)2 06 T 27)10 55) And’ws Set’m’t ]7 34)2 03 T 30)10 57) Rose Lake .... ]7 31)2 01 7 46)11 12) O s w a y o ............ ]7 15)1 45 7 50)11 17) ConevEle .. :...]7 08)1 38 8 02)11 26) M illp o r t ............ )6 59)1 29 8 15)11 38] SMnglehouse .. 16 46)1 17 jll 51] C e r e s .....................j ]12m Connections T rains 1, 2, 3 and 4 make dose con B. & S. R ’y at Genesee. T r a in 1 connects at E rie Junction^ with E rie train 47 vrest,' and train 2 east. AI’ trains m ake close connections a t Canisteo with electric cars for Hornell, where connections with the Erie and P. S. & N. can he made. Train 2 connects a t Ceres w ith P. S.. & N. R. R and electric line for Clean. Train 3 connects at Erie Junction w ith Erie train 26 east. Train 4 connects at SMnglehouse with electric line for Bolivar and Oleftn. Theo. Cobb Genera* M a n a g e r., G. M. Beasof. Gen. Pass. Agt. PI4.Y RATTLE with a Eapid \ Fire\ Gtln. Magazip.e bolds 10 boUowt rubber, balls, which will shoot M quick succession by tunning ' the crank.* Adjustment piece elevat­ es or lowers the gtin. Ab­ solutely harmless .. $1.00- ANIMALS Dogs, Horses, Teddy Bears, Elephants and many other animals in all sizes and made of wool, plush and fur. ' 25c to $2.35 Little Girls and Boys and Parents Too! Our Basement Contains This wonderful Tdyland. Bring the Kiddies to see—whirling trains, the automobile and garage, the thrilling Eoller Coaster, the rapid fire gun, the talking dolls, and hundreds of other tQ5^S, V/llich delight the youngster. An enlarged force has been laboring for weeks to arrange this large display of,toys for the boys and girls of.Hornell and vicinity. Do not let them miss the treat which we have prepared for them. Large Assortment of New Books For Boys-and Girls Books for Boys. « Full of interest and brim full of adventure. They please live, healthy boys because of their cleanness. Bo}^ Scout and Alger Series .... 19c Dreadnought Series ................. 25c Motor Eangers Series ............. 25c Wonder Island Boys Series___50c Books adapted to girls from six to sixteen years of age. Approved by librarians, mothers and teachers, Amy Blanchard Series ............... 25c Campfire Girls Series ................. 25c New Three Little Women Series Four volumes by Mrs. Jackson $1.00 Continual Demonstration of Mechanical Toys Aifford a treat to both young and old. Most of these toys were made in the United States, and you may be sure that any toy produced in this country is sturdy, durable and practical. A few of the many interesting mechanical wonders are: Pumping Station $1.00. ‘‘Panama Pile Driver $1.00 ‘‘Sandy Andy’^ 50c. Eoller Coaster $1.00 Alabama Coon Jigger 50c. Motor Cycle 50c. Automobile 35c. TOY SEWING MACHINE An excellent present for children, fit also for practical use. Sews any length of stitch. Sews perfectly on any material thick or thin. $1.25 and $1.85 CHILDREN'S PURNITTJRE Pleasing, useful and dur­ able. Desk and Stool . . . $3.35 Eockers .. $1.25 to $1.75 Doll Carriages $1 to $5.75 ERECTOR The Wonderful Modern Toy Developes the boy’s mechanical skill and teaches him the principles of engineering and electricity. With this toy he can easily and quickly construct—■ Battleships, aeroplanes, derricks, traveling cranes, elevators, bridges, ivagons. I t ’s great fun! $1.00 set builds 88 models; 2.00 set builds 120 models; $3.00 set builds 176 models; $5.-00 set builds 207 models. Manual of instructions with every set. Toys of Real Educational Value Are here as well as those which have for their sole pur­ pose amusement and entertainment. They introduce into the child’s play an educational feature, which give the young mind advantages in play never gained by long hours at school. Among the educational toys are Little Basket Worker 10-75C Art Needle Work 25c Mrord Builder 50c Animal Sewing Cards 50c Animal Color Stencils 50c Bead Weaving Loom $1.00 Little Folks Set of Drawing Utensils $1.25 Little Girls’ Work Basket 50c CARPENTRY FOR BOYS A Book, which treats in a most practical and fascinating manner, all subjects pertaining to the “ King of Trades.” Con­ tains over 250 illustrations. Most comprehensive volume on this subject ever published for Boys. 50c ^TECHNO— . MODEL MAKER Novel method of making all kinds of en­ gineering models. Strong and can be worked like actual ma­ chines. No tools re­ quired beyond those supplied with set $1.19 TINY TOWN SCHOOL A delightful and in­ structive pastime. School furniture com­ plete in miniature. Marks given for regular attendance, prizes for punctual appearance 50c BABCOCK DAWIDSON 114-128 MAIN STREET HORNELL, NEW YORK 1 Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! Early in the fall it looked as though we would not receive the ex­ tensive line of Dolls which we placed on import order early last spring. Although somewhat late we have re­ ceived our order complete and the boys and girls of this vicinity are to be better taken care of than they ever have been. Kid Dolls ^ 1 - . Imitation Kid Dolls t O Dressed Dolls Talking Dolls. $1.25 Character Dolls, ^ THINGS THE DOLLIES NEED China Toy Tea Sets , . . 50c to $1;00 Aluminum Toy Tea Sets ...... 50c Doll Silverware . .......................... 50c Kitchen S e t ..................................25c Laundry S e t ........... i ................ 25c Doll Furniture, 6 p ieces ........... 25c Complete Bath Eoom Fixtures 89c Games Amusing and interesting. All the old ones and many new ones to de­ light youngsters, parents and grand­ parents. Space does not permit of anything further than a partial list. Parlor Base B a ll ......... 50c to $1.50 Shooting the Funny C a ts ......... 50c Table Croquet . ......................... 25c Dissected Animal Puzzle ....... 25c Parcheesi ................................... 75c Compendium of Games, including 4 to 8 games ............. 50c to $1.25 DOLL HOUSE Completely furnished with all the modern doll furniture. Just the thing to go with the new dolly. Will please all owners of doll^. The largest one has real glass in the windows. Prices $1.39 and $2.85

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