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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, March 26, 1914, Image 7

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ALLEGANY COUNTY MSW6. WHITESVIIXB. U. Y. n THINK OP THE MILLIONS -Hiat have been relieved In the p a s t 78 years by Wrlght*s Indian V egetable P ills and decide w h e ther they are not w orth a triaL They regulate the bow e ls, stim u late the liver and purify th e blood. Adv. . And There You Have the Tango. T h is illustration of the tango is credited to an A rkansas City negro: *‘D at tango, boss, am sort of a easy m otion. Ye jis go a stealing along easy like y e didn’t have any knee Joints and wuz w a lkin’ on eggs that cost fo’ty cents a dozen.”—^Atlanta Constitution. Their Breed. \Your father has a lot of very flno chickens,” observed the young man. \Has h e incubators T’ “No,” said the sw e e t young thing just home from boardii^ school, *1 think theyTe Plym o u th Hocks.”—^D^las News. _ Imisortant to Mothera Sbcamine carefully every bottle e t CABTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for Infants and <^dren, and see that It * In Use For Over 30 Years. Ghlidren Oij for Meieher’s Gasiom So Obedient. Stealthily Light-Fingered Sam slipped up behind th e strolling pedes­ trian. “My doctor said I needed a little change, didn’t he?” ho murmured to h im s e ll And then he to o k d t An Economical Man. \We can’t finish Europe. It w ill co s t entirely too much.’ “W e gotta finish it. I ain’t going to let this $4 guide book go to waste.** Constipation causes many serious dis­ eases. It is thoroughly cured by Doctor Pierce’s Pleasant Pwlets. One a laxative, three for cathartic. Adv. Grifi’o Gets Religion. “D owling’s” burned out on Tim es square the Other night, and those who for years had occupied room s above th e fam ous old billiard hall w ere forced to run for their lives in w h a t raim ent they happened to be w earing at that nocturnal moment. Am ong them w a s Kid GrifCo, who w as at one tim e a fighter and is today the best piano player betw een m idnight and on e o’clock in an uptown m u sic hall. “I did a nut trick,” Griffo Is quoted a s saying. “I took tw o flights of s tairs in tw o Jumps, w i’ the fire bitin’ a t me. if I’d been left at th e pos^ you coulda buried m e in a fryin' pan.\ “And w h a t did you get?” asked his friend. “On them stairs,” said Mr. Griffo, “I gets a pair of singed hands and re­ ligion.” U g liness a Qualification. Som e bygone housew ives appear to have regarded ugliness as a quality to be desired in their servants. W hen E liza Coke, daughter of Coke of Nor* folk, w a s about to marry, she wrote to her prospective mother-in-law: \Pray have the goo'dnesB to decide as you think best about the pretty housemaid. I w ish she were less pretty and less fond of dress, but if her conduct and principles are good neither are really objectionable faults. I think our establishm ent w ill be a pattern of mortality, particularly if Mr. Stanhope engages the squinting butler and the terrible housemaid he m entioned to m e.” The Effect. \Well how did you sleep last night? Goethe spent the night there once.” . “Very badly. My husband adoree Goethe, and he w a s spouting him all n ig h t ” Made a Good Bargain. A mine, now said to be exceedingly rich, w as sold by its native African owner for a pair of trousers and a cap. LIFE’S ROAD Smoothed by Change of Food. W orry is a big load to carry and an unnecessary one. W h en accompanied by indigestion it certainly is cause for the blues. But the whole trouble m ay be easily thrown off and life’s road be made easy and com fortable by proper eating and the cultivation of good cheer. Read what a Troy woman says: “Two years ago I made th e acquaint­ ance of Grape-Nuts and have used the food once a day and som etim es tw ice, ever since. “At the tim e I began to use it life w a s a burden. I w as for years afflict­ ed with bilious sick headache, caused by indigestion, and nothing seem ed to relieve me. “The trouble became so severe I bad to leave my work for days at a tim e. “My nerves w ere in such a state I could not sleep and the doctor said I w a s on the verge of nervous prostra­ tion. I saw an adv. concerning Grape- N u ts and bought a package for trial. “W hat Grape-Nuts has done for m e is certainly marvelous. I can now sleep like a child, am entirely free from th e old trouble and have not had a headache in over a year. I feel like a new person. I have recommended i t <'.o others. One man I knew ate prin­ cipally Grape-Nuts w h ile working on th e ice all winter, and said he never felt better in his life,” Nam e given by Postum Co., B a ttle Creek, Mich. Read “The Road to W ellville,” in pkgs. “There’s a Rea* eon.” E v e r re a d th e a b o v e le t t e r ? A s e v r one appears from time to time* They cure s>ciiixi)ne, tr u e , a n d l u l l o f h u m a n intercat. w m a w E W I S E , b e c h e e r f u l , b r i g h t a n d g a y . le a v e to thie fo o l h i s fo ilj ruie^of life, “Be joUy.’ A n d le t y o u r m o t t o b o “ C h e e r u p , ” y o u r VALUE OF SKIM MILK. Many people have an idea that sldm m ilk is not of any* value as a food, which proves that w e do not study food values enough. Skim m ilk has all the valuable properties of m ilk TninpR the cream, which are many. The casein is left, which is the pro- teid food of milk, and is m o st valua­ ble as a builder of tissue. If you can spare it from th e pigs, let th e little people have it to diink inst^td of water. If It m u st bo bought, you *»u.Ti buy tw o or three quarts of the skim milk for the price of one quart of whole milk, and many m o st desirable dishes may be made with it which can not be told from that made of whole milk. For example, the much-liked Indian pudding, which is made of com meal, tw o quarts- o f milk, a cup of suet, su­ gar and a few raisins*and an egg or two. The skim m ilk may be used ex­ actly as w ell, as the fat is all supplied by the suet. M others of large fam­ ilies would do w e ll to study th e value of skim m ilk and buy m uch of it, in­ stead of so much of th e whole milk. A pitcher of m ilk on the table w ill be a great food saver in other more expensive foods. Skim m ilk alone, of course, would be an unbalanced ration, but combined, w ith other foods which supply Its fat, it m akes a m o st acceptable addition to the diet. All the various cream y soups which are made from m ilk can be just as w ell made from the skim milk, and no one need know the difference. For those who u se m ilk in bread it Is also valuable. For w h ite sauces, for cakes, muffins, griddle cakes, biscuit and in fact auywhere the whole m ilk is used skimmed m ilk may be substituted. R ice and tapioca can be cooked w ith skim milk, and it w ill be found! good. W h en baking ham or chicken in milk, which is a favorite dish with many, the skim m ilk may be used at much less expense. Codfish Chowder. — Take a half pound of codfish, a quarter of a pound of salt pork, a half dozen potatoes, three onions all sliced, tw o quarts of skim milk, salt and peppw;. Cut the pork into dice and put into a large kettle; try out until brown, add the onions and stir until yellow, add th e potatoes sliced and sufficient w ater to cover. H a v e the codfish soaked and shredded; add when the potatoes are nearly done, then add the scalding milk, seasonings, a half dozen crack­ ers. Serve hot. I f I sh o u l d h e a« k e d t o n a m e th e q u a l i t y m o s t n e c e s s a r y to th e b e s t ty p e o f m a n , I sh o u l d u n h e s i t a t i n g l y ch o o s e o p tim ism , fo r w i t h It a r e s u r e to b e a s s o c i a t e d a m ­ b itio n , e n t h u s i a s m a n d self-co n fid e n c e . COLLECTION OF DONT*S. Don’t lay a greasy spoon or fork on the stove or table; it m akes a mark and a sm a ll tray or plate w ill hold a number of things and save the table or stove. Don’t pour boiling w a ter over china or glass; it may not crack at the tim e, but it will drop off when least expected. Don’t blacken a stove w h ile hot, or don’t blacken it at all, sim p ly wipe it off with a damp and slightly greasy cloth and it w ill look and keep much better. * Don't put damp clothes in the ham­ per or clothes chute. They will mil­ dew very quickly in warm weather or in a heated house. Don’t use a good knife or spoon about the stove for cooking, for a ten-cent one w ill answ er every pur­ pose. Don’t pour boiling water on grease spots. Moisten the spots w ell first with cold w ater and a bit of soda. Dish tow els which are greasy should be treated in this way to keep them sw e et. Don’t allow soap to remain in tubs, pail or .dish pan of hot water to waste. Don’t put soldered utensils on a hot stove to dry. Don’t put tin dishes into greasy water. It spoils their brightness. Don’t put linen soiled w’ith fruit stains into hot soap suds. It fixes the stain. Put all stains in cold wa­ ter first. If obstinate, use a little ox­ alic acid and see that they are weU r i n s e d afterwards. Don’t salt meat before cooking. Wait until it is well seared over so that the flavor w ill be retained. Don't use steel knives or forks on fish, as the steel gives an unpleasant flavor to fish. inoculstlofi for Pneumonia. British m edical journals contain es­ pecially interesting accounts of im­ portant research work. Sir Almroth W right, w riting in the Lancet, dis­ cusses the treatm ent of pneumonia by inoculation, and describes the remark­ able reduction of m ortality produced by this m eans among the native m iners o f South Africa, who are par­ ticularly susceptible. TTie death rate among the inoculated w a s only half that am ongst the uninoculated. He suggests that prophylactic inoculation bo repeated every four months. ssSeafei!/ / am W HIGlEYSw SPEARMINT is now electrically sealed with a ^EA L OF PURITY” s o absolu te that it is dam p -proof, dust proof, im p u rity- p r o o f — e v e n air-proof! Give ivgular aid to teeth, breath, appetite and diges­ tion. IPp. the safe besides neliciolis and benefidal confection! I BUY IT BY THE BOX for 85 cents—at most dealers. Each box contains twenty 5 cent packages. They stay fresh until used. It’s clean, p u r e , heaW tful if it’s WRIGI^Y’S. I Look for the spes CHEW IT AFTER EVERY MEAL But He Didn’t Hit Him. The Judge—^What did you hit this man with? Prisoner— didn’t hit him w ith any­ thing. The Judge—But look at him. H e’s In a horrible condition. Surely you didn’t do that w ith your fists. Prisoner—^No, yer honor, I ketched ’im by the heels and bumped 'im agen a brick w a ll a few tim es. But I didn’t hit him w ith anything wanst. WATERY BLISTERS ON FACE Sm lthville, Ind.—^“Six m onths ago our baby girl, one year old, had a few red pim p les com e on her face which gradually spread causing her face to become very irritated and a fiery red color. The pim p les on the child’s face were at first sm all watery blisters, just a sm a ll blotch on the sldn. She kept scratching at this until in a few days her whole cheeks w ere fiery red color and instead of the little blisters the skin w as cracked and scaly looking and seem ed to itch and burn very “W e used a number of remedies which seem ed to give r e lief for a short tim e then leave her face worse than ever. Finally w e got a cake of Cuti- cura Soap and a box of Cuticura Oint­ m e n t I washed th e child's face with very warm w a ter and Cuticura Soap, then applied the Cuticura Ointment very lightly. A fter doing this -about three tim e s a day the itching and burning seem ed entirely gone in two days’ time. Inside of tw o w eeks’ tim e her face seem ed Well. That w a s eight Inonths ago and there has been no re­ turn of the trouble.” (Signed) Mrs. A. K. W ooden, Nov. 4, 1912. Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold throughout th e world. Sample of each free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post­ card “Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston.”—^Adv. Then the Apparatus Is in Demand. A visitor w as being shown through a lid lifting “athletic” club. The chief attraction seem ed to be the liquid gym n astic department. However, there w a s a cheaply equipped gymnasium which showed evidences of disuse. There w a s dust on the Indian clubs and cobwebs on the dumbbells. “Don’t the m embers ever use this e q u i p m e n t ? ” t h e v i s i t o r a s k e d . “Oh, yes, occasionally—^when a fight starts,” w a s the reply. Used externally A ll draggpsts. S5 cenu. Adr. Peace In That Family. A little girl being lost, was taken to the police station, w h ere th e officers tried to learn her name. A t last, after m any vain efforts, one of them asked her: “T ell me, dear, w h a t nam es does your mother call your father?” \She doesn’t call him any name,” the child answered, innocently. “She likes him.” Social usages seem to make a dis­ tinction betw een marrying w ell and marrying happily. Correction. \My poor husband got mixed up im nocently in that shooting affray, and they brought him home to m e half dead.” “No, madam; only half shot” Only On© “ BROMO QUININE” Brilliant Idea. Young Mother —I really don’t know why he cries so. Bachelor Friend—^Perhaps it is his teeth com ing through. Young M!other—^No! He isn't teeth­ ing. Bachelor Friend—Maybe it’s his hair com ing through that hurts him! High Hats. The enormous height of the m il­ linery of 1914 led Jane Cowl to re­ mark: “I know a man w h o se w ife said to him Uie other day: “ ‘Oh, dear, there’s that old Christ­ m as tree lying in the hack yard over a month now, I don’t know what on earth to do w ith it.’ “ ‘Can’t you put it on your new hat?’ her husband asked.” Anybody can dye successfully with Putnam Fadeless Dyes. Adv. Has to Be. “W h at a fine building that i t ! ” “Naturally; it is a police court.”— Baltim ore American. Constipation Vanishes Forever Prompt Relief-Permanent Cure CARTER’S LITTLE LIVER PILLS never fail. Purely vegeta­ b le— act s but gently the liver. Stop after dinner dis­ tress-cure Indigestion/ improve the complexion, brighten the eyes. SMALL FILL, SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE. Genuine must bear Signature ffanted—Honest, Energetic Men In every connlv to sell our big line o f goods direct to farmers. N O T NECFSSA B Y . We folly instruct you. F a r m e r s , la b o r e r s , mechanics, or any men willing to work can make $1,000 to $5,000 a year handlLng our big sellers. Uxclusive territory given. We furnish you the capital; you furnish the team to carry the goods. Be your own boss in a pleasant, permanent and profitable business. Write at once for full particulars giving age and occupation. TH E DUOFORM CO., Dept. 9 NORTH JAVA, N. Y . The Cleveland Arti­ ficial Li^b Company lownoev^ :es of arti- and our service can- elled. Hanufac L e t _______ T every kind o f a m p u tation. We repair all ficial lim b s an not he ezcelli H eadquarters for Braces Fool Arches Trusses Wheel Chairs Elastic Stockings and Supporters Crutches W rite for catalogu e and letters from pleased patrons. 717 Superior Ave., N. E.. CieveiaiKt, OMo RINGING in EARS D B A F iM B S S IN5TANTLY RELIEVED BY THE 0ID DR MARSHALL’S CATARRH SNUFF O t r AT ALL DRUG STORES OB SENT PRE* j U D paid by C.H.KEITH!!H£LE¥EIAND OHIO HQXSIE’S CROUP REMEDY Banish the ‘‘Blues!” If have that depressed feeling i t ’sm o r e than likely tbatyonr'. blood is out o f order—impoverished o r poisoned. There is only < that’s to res' a weak or not make nerve. SiQod blood digestion is bad your food will i nourishes body, brain, heart and Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery Strong, equal to any task or tip to any pleasure. Any Man or Woman Can e a rn $ 5 to $ 6 a day a n d moro Onr product la endorsed by leading physicians ev­ erywhere. We are now opening np the small towns and cities on the biggest moneymaker in the land. Territory reserved for live wires. Inclose 25 cents for sample and full particulars. S a n ita r y M ilk B o t t l e T o p Co.. SOS Broadway Xarket Bldg.,De&it,filch. NEW THINGS FOR OLD L A D I E S —Ask us how you can make faded rugs, carpets, curtains, clothes, etc., like new. Oriental Cleaner removes spots and dirt, restores colors to former beauty and la guaranteed harmless. A fifty cent can will more than save yon fifty dollars, with very little labor. Is it worth yonr investi­ gating? Send for a can and let us prove it. O R IEN T A L C L E A N E R C O M P A N Y 707 E. 103rd Street Cleveland, Ohio 5Q g fountain pen 50 c G r e a test fo u n t a i n p e n offer ev e r m a d e . S ta n d a r d , h’a r d ru b b e r , estab lish e d m a k e . S e n d 50 ce n t s a t once as su p p ly is lim ited , one o n ly t o a fam ily a t t h e i n t r o d u c t o i y price. MONTANA SUPPLY HOUSE, Lewistown, Moni P A R K E R ’S H A IR BA L S A M A toilet prepomtioa o f merit. Helps to eradicate dandmO. For Restoring Color and Beauty to Gray or Faded Htur. 50c. and ILCO a t Druggists. Coughs and hoarseness relieved. 25c, Wte and ti.OO. Sample Free. 9otm J» Brews a Sen, KO. Bo*ton,Maa«. Pettits Eye Salve FOR EYE DISEASES W. N. U., CLEVELAND, NO. 11-1914. 3 C l5-' Reform in Tobacco, No Mysterioas Compounds to Chew M ail Ihucu tobacco is manufaptured o f a combination o f high e s t g rades of Connecticut, Pam^ylvania and Ken­ tucky tobaccos, and prepared by our own original and ecdusive process, neutralizing the n icotin e without chemicals, which guarantees to the con s u m e a standard of unequaled excellence^ and the only anti-nervous, anti-dyspeptic to b a c c o in the market. Mail P o u c h T o b a c c o is alwa 3 rs reliable a n d uniform in quality, does not cause heart- hum or indigestion, is free horn grit, noxious flavorings, and adulterations, making A Clean, Lasting Chew A Cool, Sweet Smoke

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