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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, December 04, 1913, Image 13

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ALLEGANY COUNTY NEW S , W HITESVILLE. N. Y. . ■ HIGH SCHOOL NEWS A Regular Department, of This Paper, Devoted to the Work and In­ terests of Whitesville High School. Edited Tliis W eek by Clair Rigby and Harold Crittenden. THANKSGIVING PR0GRA:M On W ednesday .afternoon, Nov, 26, a t o’clock the following program ■waS’ rendered by th e pupils., ^ Song—Interm ediate Room. A Thanksgiving Prayer,—iGertrude Grantier. The Pilgrim School—^Alberta Fort­ ner. In 1621—Merle Batterson. The Lost Doll—^Virginia Green. A Recipe—^Winifred Day Thanksgiving—Charles Mitehell. L ittle Pussy—Hugh Fortner. . Story of the -Pilgrims—^II Year Eng- ilish Class. iBeautiful Grandma—^Ora Graves T h e Turkey—iGeraldine Livermore. T h e Reason Why—Carolyn Dex- fom m y ’s* Thanksgiving —^Francis Fosbury. My Shadow—Frances Taylor ■How Stuckey Dodged— Dorothy W ildman. Thankfu)—Dorothy Day. 'One Act Drama—6th and 7th grades There were about fifteen visitors present., New Laboratory A new laboratory 6.4 m e te rs b^ 3.9. meters, w a s constructed in a por­ tion of th e girls- basem ent during the ■Thanksgiving vacation. A. G. Critten­ den. did th e carpenter work. L. B. B a s s e tt plumbed it for gas. The chemicals- and apparatus were moved in Tuesday morning. Literary Society Formed The pupils of the High School room formed a literary society Tues­ day m orning Officers were elected w ith th e following results.. President, Leland Richmond, 24;' Harold Crittenden, 22-. Vice President, F rank Rigby, 26; IMarion Chapin 20. Secretary, Ruth Lewis, 25; Marion Chase, 21. * \ Next Friday Afternoon, ■Friday afternoon, Dec. 5th, the fol­ lowing program wiE be given a t 2:30 p. m. The public is- cordially invited. Reading, Mark Peet; Essay, Oleta Wood; Declamation, Harold Crittenden Essay, Agnes Edwards Debate; Res-olved th a t w a ter more destructive than fire. Affirmative: John Coleman, Frank Rigby. N egative: Cleo, Ainsworth, Laura Forsyth. SOPHOMORE -CLASS The Sophomore Class .and theif * friends-'' were entertained by Mark P e e t and Orlas' Graves -on Saturday evening, Nov. 29, a t -the home of the former. T h e house was beautifully decorated In th e class- colors, nell rose and moss green. The m a in fea* ture of th e evening was a mock wed­ ding. The recent W ilson wedding was im itated a s nearly as possible. A piano solo w a s rendered by . Miss M yrtle -Crittenden and a vocal isolo by Miss Flossie Langdon, besides numerous, selections on th e player piano. .A fter contests and several gamed a dainty luncheon was served. A^ •the midnight hour approached the giies-ts departed declaring th e boys ideal hosts. SAYRE—WILSON At a social m eeting of the Sopho­ more Class of .the W hitesviHe High School a t the home of th e bride’s mother, Mrs. B ertha Fosbury', occur­ red th e m a rriage of Jessie Wilson (Mark Peet) and Francis B. Sayre (Orlas-Graves) by (Rev) Harold Crit tenden. The bridal party entered the parlor to- the strains of the wedding march played by Miss M yrtle Crittenden. The party was led by (Rev) Crit­ tenden. followed by Miss Flossie Langdon who carried the ring on a beautiful silk cushion; then the brid­ al couple followed by their attendants Miss Edna Paddock and Mr. Clarence Stebbins. . They .took their places' under an arch of the class colors where the beautiful ring ceremony was. perform­ ed. The bride wasi beautifully gowned in w h ite and wore a point de lace curtain wedding veil and carried a shower bouauet of the class colors. The groom wore th e ' conventional brown. The out-of-town guests at the wed­ ding were Mr. Harold Peet of Alfred and Mr. •Claranoe A. Stebbins of Wileysville. Person,als —.Beatty iMoorton of Rochester, was. a business visitor at school Tues­ day. —Merle and Francis. Austin of C.an- isteo w ere vsUtorsi a t school th e fore p a r t of the week. — k. new teacher’s desk has been recently placed in th e Interm ediate room. Miss- McCormick is the proud user. —At a m eeting of the Junior Class Monday afternoon it was decided to postpone the Box Social on Dec. 29, indefinitely. —^Wednesday afternoon the High School Basket Ball -team played a gam© against the Town, Team. The High School boys won with a score of 13 to 6. —^A large bin has been, construct­ ed in th e boy’s basem ent and is< now being fil-led w ith coal-. I t is -hoped by all th a t this will have more affect on th e temperaturei of th e school room this w inter than it 'has in previous winters. —Tuesday -evening, Dec. 2, the High School Basket Ball Team play­ ed the Town Team at C-hapln Hall. The game was. a hot one but the re­ sult was- 22-3 in favor of the Town team. T h e girls are now forming a team -and, will soon be playing. —In. a recent lesson in Nature Study the various- kinds of hens w as th e subject of the conversational les­ son. A f ter securing from the Class the nam es of -the Red 'Orphingtons, Plym o u th Rocks-, W hite Leghorns, et cetera, the teacher questioned—“and w h at kind of hens do you keep at your house, Johnny,”. Johnny .answer- -ed eagerly—^“My father keeps pullets. Attendance Record Those in- th e Prim a ry room who have not been absent during the O e r t o K n o w S^^tore S e t t e r * THE WORKINOMAN’S SUIT IF YOU ARE A WORKING MAN—IR YOU MEASURE YOUR WEALTH BY YOUR DAILY TOIL—YOU ARE JUSTIFIED IN BEING JUST AS PARTICULAR IN THE SELECTION OF YOUR CLOTHES AS THE MAN WHO PATRONIZES THE CUSTOM TAILOR. Doubly Guaranteed Giotlicraft $12 to $25 clothes are guaranteed to us and to you by the maker. To this we add our personal guarantee of all wool lasting shape, fast color, and sat­ isfactory wear. How^s that for a square GLOTHGRAFT BLUE SERGE SPECIAL Guaranteed All Wool No. 4310 and fast color $18.50 ll*? Main^Street, Hornell, 3ST. Y. YOU WANT THEM CUT AND MADE TO FIT AND MADE TO HOLD TOGETHER. WE HAVE SUCH SUITS AT $ 10 , 00 , $ 12 , 50 , $13,50 and $18,00 Gl)S VEIT & CO. MAIN AND BROAD 3T5. HORNELL, N. Y. month of November -are: W anlta -Baker “H azel Cramer Elva Crittenden Vada Graves 'Genevieve Harris* C lara Rogers Myrtle- Larkin Ro'bert Ainsworth Cfarlton Crittenden, E a rl Crittenden Francis' Fosbury K e n n e th K e a r. B ernard Mc-Graw Clare jMoGraw Lawrence Nye Don g al Wildman. SPELLING REPORT Perfect in Spelling 'GRADE III ; ■Kenneth Brown Carolyn D'sxter Dorothy Day Alberta Fortner NelS'On Rice ■ GRADE IV Merle Batterson Anna Reynolds D'orot-hy Wildman Leslie W ager W inifred Day -GRADE V Ruth' B a rtlett Flora Swort GRADE VI Laura Langdon Sara. Brown Hazel Baker ■GRAD'E VII Charles Sellers 'Gladys McGraw ‘ Merle Clark A Department Edited F op The; News By Mrs. Anna Cadogan, Etz of Horn,el I Suffrage in iHinpiis The 45th annual meeiting of the Illinois -Equal Suffrage Association just held in Peoria proved an occa­ sion where everybody patted every­ body else .on- the back, for,', hadn’t they gained the vote since l-ast, they met? Indeed, they had, land they nev- -er forgot it for a moment. Jane Addams’ audience required thf street to overflow in. She declared the suffrage but a part of ther world’s struggle for the independence -of wo--* men. Mrs-, Joseph Bowen said women would use the vote as. a lever to oust the pernicious, dance' halls, gambling .and injurious- moving pictures. Lieut- Gov. O’H a ra said- the woman’s lobby­ ing for the suffrage bill was the fin­ est-he-had ever seen. Speaker McKin­ ley-urged th e women to keep -out of political' parties. JNIrS'. McCulloch' urg­ ed th e women to. Jose- no- time in pressing on toward full suffrage. Mrs Trout, -the state president said that s-he had discussed the' subject with Gov. Thomas of Colorado 'and that experience proved th a t you couldn’t buy-the vote of any woman, no m a tter how much she- needed th e money. J. H. 'Braley of Pasadena, who proved such a vital force in getting the s-uffrage amendment passed in Ms state th a t he is- called the “fath- ■er of suffrage,” traveled across the continent to tell this Illinois Conven­ tion ho.w well woman suffrage had worked in' California-. He brought greetings! from Hiram Johnson 'and the enthus'iasm with which he was greeted' .added only another touch of joyousness to an occasion replete witl rejoicing. —^At last a woman legislator has been suspended for' six m o nths and the antiS’ can swell up with, proud satisfaction. H e r name is Thekla Hul- tin and this was the- awf'Ul crime she committed; \While in England she went to- a meeting of th e Anglo-Fin- nish Society, a literary and social or­ ganization. \When she went hack to Finland, the Russian Government promptly suspended her from her Parliam e n ta ry duties. —The -census shows th a t there are in th e D. S. nearly three, -times- as many native born women as- all the foreign born men land women put to- geether and yet th e im m igrant vote is listed as* one of th e evils' accom­ panying votes for women. '—The Mayor .of Evanston, James R. Smart, when he welcomed the! del­ egates to the lannual' -convention of the State Federatio-n -of 'Women’s Clubs, said, “When I want, anything done in civic m a tters I call on .Ihe wo­ men. They do- better work than the men. They have the tim e and' they take .time. Many matters- can, be handled much better by the women than by th e men. There, are some things about wMeh men are careless-, but few to which th e women dO' not devote the proper '.attention.” Continu ing, 2Iayor Sm art mentioned a re­ cent health lordinance' passed in the city for the regulation and inspection of resturants, bakeries-, and grocer­ ies. This- had been accomplished, he said, by the -efforts of th e women. —Late last month Lloyd George reiceived a deputation, of suffragists. He told them th a t th e cause was hurf in 'Parliament as the result of the alienation, of the Irish members re- J u s t C ^ i i m BASSETT BROTHERS Hardware and Groceries, Wiiitesvllle, N. V, Now there’s a great deal more to the Christ= mas Season than the mere giving of gifts, Y g o have to eat three meals a day. Just the same. There are hundreds of little articles of food to^be totind at the grocery, with which those meals are more enjoyable. We have taken particular pains, .^io selecting our Grocery stock, both fancyf;and staple goods, to have onlyatiiose articles that -are best and most seasonable, flora than that our stock Is Fresh, We invite your attention to our Flour, every sack of which is guaranteed to give satisfac=> tion, or money back. We deliver the goods, E. D. BRIGGS WhitesviUe, N, V, Busteg’ B row n B reads So W e s e r v e ffianohes suited from the -tbrowing -of -the hatchet by Mrs. Leigh at. -Mr. Red­ mond in 'Dubliin. This statem e n t of Ll'oyd Geiorge aroused even, Mrs. Faw ­ cett, the leader of .the 7-3,000 non-mil­ itants organized Suffragists in Eng­ land, to- the defense- -of the m ilitants. /She (called -attention' to -the fact -that the wi-thdrawn support of the Irish m-embers had caused thg defeat of the Councilation Bill in iMarch, 1912 -and .she as-ked how it could have been caused by Mrs. Leigh’s throwing of a hatchet -the next July? . —i\Irs!. Helen' Ring Robinson who has. delighted- many eastern audiences with accounts- -of her experiences' :as state senator of Colorado, is not the only woman senator in. th-e -history -of the country as she has-, been re­ ported. Years ago in U tah there was a m an named Cannon and M artha hisi wife. She was- h is plural wife and by -and by he put her away. Not long after he ran, for th e senate.- M artha ran -against him a-nd .defe-atedi him and thus she became th e pioneer wo- man: senator whose- worthy successor Mrs.' Robinson has- become. —Mrs-. J. Borden Harriman, the first woman member of the Industri­ al Relations -Commission, and said to be the first woman- -ever appointed by the President as .a member of a federal commission, has come out for equal .suffrage. In -an interview she said, “I can’t see how anyone interest­ ed in th e industrial -classes can -help seeing how necessary the vote isi for them. I was for .s-ev^ral years- on the fence in regard to- this question, but in the various lines of work in which I have been engaged, I have seen that the vote will be the greatest ad­ vantage to wage earning women. :My friends in- the settlem ents tell me that they can go so far without the vote and then they come up against a stone wall. The question of women ■and children in industry cannot be divorced from the suffrage question.” —The Bishop of Oregon, the Rev­ erend Charles Scadding, says that he has been converted to woman suf­ frage by seeing how it works in prac­ tice. He lately returned to his form­ er home in Buffalo and in an inter­ view in the Buffalo Express' said, that the commission form of govern­ ment was giving Portland a most ef­ ficient administration and that the vote of the women was largely res­ ponsible for bringing this about. —In spite of the fact that the At­ torney-Gen era,l of California had de­ cided th a t women were not eligible for jury service in ths.t state. Judge Buck in San Mateo County recent­ ly chose a grand jury composed of eight men and eleven women menj- bers. —Both the U. S. Senators from Tennessee have written Sarah Barn­ well Eliott, the president of the state suffrage association, promising to help get votes for v/omen, and thus two more votes can be counted ■on by the suffragists v/hen th e sub- pect next comes up in Congress. —^Anti-Suffragists v/ho are proclaim ing from the house tops that, the voti for vroman means a loss of property rights and other safe guards with which men have surrounded them, are invited to read and ponder Section 495 of th e compiled Laws of Alaska, 1913. It reads: “All laws, which im^ pose -or recognize civil disability on a wife which is afot imposed on a husband, are hereby repealed; and for any im just unsurpation of her property or natural rights she shall have the same right to appeal in her own nam e alone to a court for re­ dress t h a t h e r husband has.” The wo­ men Of Alaska were given full suf­ frage this- year in the first, bill pas'S- ed by th e Territorial .Legislature, Th'Q .Legislature- then, proceeds, not to take away immunities from women but 'to make- sure that, she has equal­ ity with -men before, th-e law. Edith Irwin; Married Announceme’nts have been received in 'town -of Ihe m arriage of Miss Edith Louise Irwin to John (G. -D-a-vis^ a t the home of the bride’s parents,. Rev. and MrS'. D. C. Irwin, at Friend­ ship, Saturday, Nov. 29th. The New­ lyweds- will b© “.at home” lat their home near Auburn, after the first of Jan-uary. Mrs. Davis, during h e r father’s pas­ torate -at -this place, was. -a popular young lady. H e r many friends' join with The News, in extending congrat­ ulations. ® ,T 0 SEE OR NOT TO SEE That is the question. BEE W. H. RICHMOND Thq W ellsviile Optometrist Next date at Andover, Dec. 31; at WhitesviUe, Jan 2; Wellsviile, Mon­ days, Tuesdays and Saturdays, JIK OELEVAN liOUSE H. A. York Prop. HORNELL N. Y. When in Hornell stop v/ith us. Our table is above par. W e are building a reputation for dispensing the choicest v/ines and iiguors in the city. C. S. BliOBB DEALER IN POTATOES, f-IAY, ETCc HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR ALL FARM PRODUCE. Lr Licensed Undertakers and Ennbafmers for States of Nev/ 'Vork and Pennsylvania AH calls promptly answered.’night or day With an automobile it fakes but a few minutes to r€;ach any one within a radius of ten or twelve miles. Cas­ kets and work fumibhed at lo-ivest pos.sible®priees. Stone and steel vaults kept on hand. Robes and .suits fur­ nished. Flowers and llond designs furnished on request.

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