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Herkimer County Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1856-1861, September 25, 1861, Image 4

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ALBANY, Old EstablislKMl Hospital. (iXYHEl-RENCH SYSIEM. Qnkh Cares and Low Prins. 1. yu ! j ; t TtiOUbaiia EaileiiU Cur#d .Vnuuory. DPt. TELLER outiUnm'S ti» be cuLflUeii- tially umiauci-eSifsillj con- \ i - »ultM on uUlui n<snl priv- S S S S X i i « , i 5 , \ “ . “ i i Bc'ttver St. Albany, X. Y. i Iwtfiity y^ar4 {Q I this purtkulrtr bruiiili vr pracUci*, fiiubiiii him tu perform curvs .vuch a-s no I uihin' t'hVHicum cutu aud I h u frtOihlivS are iuelt (be- I iua tn<*grrv»>i.N>ijc{“nce ^\lih the nioat emiiieiii P • I : lart iRinuig the SiilVst as \v**ii th“ I'll- >t r-m*MU> tt b'l tht-'-e otli-r inairf-menif: to t^i-uulurtmii.iv-, 4't a q’»i».k iiiiil rupid cure, to be ob- l.u- i- ♦ at no other oOlce lu AMLKK’A. i f i \ ;hilW. Loli'tub.b*, CtUHy Slrktar*, D.la* ui tU* t i.-'-. ai: i Sperni.uic cord-., Uubo, Cb'erateil 'lUniui, SorM Nose, Uciiuer Miin tiom-K, (. ulait 'uits Krup- lu-os, UletTS, Abs'-'t SaCS, and i*Jl other iiii^»Mnlks tbs sysu-m aie perfectly under the control or the l»'.ri»r's m<?iHdncs, um I have ln/on t>‘St> d iu hktb than ^ 0 ,0 0 0 C a ses A n n u a l l y icUh Im r u e u s e Su c c e s s , <U li.eU'd World), f l-'il- >t lor Young rupB, -who by indulging in Stertt Halila, liive Controlled tbnl Eoul-£ubdumg tiiiiid proviruting- 1‘oo r , aestroyieg \k-c, one wtii-.-h C.is o ar L-.nano .-'.eyi 11.11.13, uuJ Ci’oiv is ,01'fl.l’iciioii tlio war.'3 ut our Ujipi tils, oUwUld apply to the I'oi-to.- wnliout i!ei«y. T E L I - E R ’ S G R E A T W O R K tttS: M id du u'iT 'i i MKBIOINES. More Valuable than GoK. DOCT. j m ' T r \ L Y 0 N’S FEEfTOS PEBIODIOAL DROPS I * ^ O K F J B M A E K t e j . 'T ' ^ I I I S tr u l y v a l u a b l e m e d i c i n e n o w fo r X till* A n t time oltcrt'd t'j the AtourUarj l iibllc, 1ms aiul succ',«»sluUy uvtidcu tbocontu It hi laV own I«1U< . ........ own {.lueUiv bT itie been oxtiinsively : nature ut it' ingrtdieuts IT C a NN o T flAltM the most yitilCnte pt-TirUll. o f t l z e :T 5 « ? i5ses, (Or Monthly fckkucfcs,) iroiu ivliui Aor i tiu^o sure* to remove. It Is inii*ossibk* lo en1‘»y tbt. bloom cf bealtb. and Vivacity of spirit-’ uiikss the M<-u~.*s are regular is to the time, the quaniiry and quality. When thoy are obstructed hatuii* n»uk>us h«*r c U miis t'* obtaiu l*»r it some o ther and xml.-ss the. eelli nature arc assisted, the pall MU lu-ually cetpeuehceH DetiH-udoncy, NerTOusn‘-i;s, unuliaaliy consuiiiptnui Us sway and promaUdcU icriuiuate.? a u.i’^cruluc lukv DO N O T B IM PO S E D UPON by those v.-bo buYu n t Uni least uLiim tu iicdh ul £cl. .. and l.uTt ev'-Ti si..Icn the tit'.e of Or. or il. IK ; MEDICINES. TiteJEarlu JPhij steal JMegeneracy A M E B I O A ^ i P E O P L E . J u s t P u b l i s h e d b y D r . S t o n e , Phyulclau to the Ti-ny Luus and Hytrioulc in s t ie n t e . a Treatise »n the C om »| j of £or/y Physical Decline of ,Cr,u)ican Pteple; the Cause of Aerrous Deiittty, ConeuTnvtion and n i Man AIISCELLANEOUS. NEWORK. Y I.EGAL. l O i e c t i o M w o t i s e . Conmmvtion a Marasmus. Cure Rums and Pcalde ...... UNTY OK H. imrsiiuui leieil UidicB L' Ueabliil EiecUuu ir C'.uaity oil the Tuesday succeeUiug the first Monday ol November next, a t w h k h eleetisn tbel.lliowiug otficars will he sleeted, to-wu : \ Secre­ tary of dtttte in ibe place of David K- Floyd Joiica ; a tomplrollsr hi the iiluce of Robert lieniiisto'i; an Ai Ci'lliCiim'JIiClS dvtuUiXig iscieul II ..111 bu ae.il by MiiUbb receiptor Iw o S cerilatii D GUAEnuxs I fall not lo aeud an. O riginal E lectric Oil. g r e a t d i s c o v e r y is n o w c r e a t i n g X a great aenaatlon araong lti-.y Medfw.l EacuUleg t f EaroFO anti Uiia coiuilr.y. It^w lliour# tli* Ivhirflag (not averytblug:) WARRAZrnSB TO £ ia s 4 rr^i\.r/\> Cure Cfoup In one n ight; t e K s j “ 4 S 5 .“.“.j;SoUi . i . T ' ^ , N e i ^ o u s H e a d a c h e ^ j *■ / a i lam GiU’utitr, for lull i«rm : X Cauul Commisi;iou»fr iu ^ ^ I the place nt Bci)ja.mut K. Bruce, v»ho iva« appuiniod tu j(M flii ;be vi'caricy ovea^utued hy the death of jjaumel IL # Jr *1B % I Barnes ; an Inspector oi ^^tul© Pi tsoiis, in the place oi 1 Evert;^t; u Jud|je of the Court af Appeals in • e,^ ; the place of George T rouistodc; ail whose, lerms ot H e a d a e l X 6 . i- term of olUce will e.xpiie on the lust day ul Dccrmbe ^ r.uvt -\5«i» u ^oTi.'if.nr fur llu- Ttrh»Titu*t}i S*ftnTi- liictrti* ibKChc, Burns, :a I Cure Fuloim^ Broken Bre_Et,Salt Ithenm .tn t Jares As , Gout, Sry»ip«iltt, in fiye t< '■ term of olUee will e.xpiie on the lust duv of Defrmber B , ib=.M of p a . , u . . p . „ . . i e . . o c u c f b-., • rtnm or Slci Hecdsche snev be ^reventsd ; and If taken I Cot.vrr Oincfiiis lo us E lectkd : \I wo llembers of At- .msdUtu r e h o f l ^ y ; a M m ^ ^ ^ at the commeneement e trosa pain and siUtness will %s obtained. ij fim t.MiIy ot having derive 1-. ting of lUtir n.jstruuis than Iroi M ind that I Guarantee y.y Dr.OKS TU U IlF Hui‘prt t-ion of the JD-nsrp from wliAXtvver tuus,s, thou^ii cure .sheuM be t ’.ikcn to necer- tarn u prc^naiicv be the cnu'=e, a« the?«cI'rops would be ..“i P r t P a t e M e d ic a l I r e u v a e n U D M i e r-y. ly period; tbonioro i wish itdn.tinctiyuudir-tood that Tha only w.ii h on tlui subject ev.-r lyiiblisn, I in any 1 do not hold my‘Sell ivHi.cmible if I't snoul l jirodui Of.'ii'try, or m any language lor ;.o tetiw. Iil'oiitated ahyrtion when us ’d oiuler suchcircumstauceis. ■withU niaKiiifitouiKiiifitoui engraving',ngraving', sbo, b o , ‘ngng bothoth eiX'-v, lu li nia e s ‘ b eiX'-v, lu lu any p a rt of the world, on the rtealpt of 'ft (.elite, or 6 ,;ot>ies for S i. Specie or bunk hilia perfeciiy sale in a well s^.alod letter. It tells how to dist.ugiiiah preguai cy, and how to avoid it. How to d..st,ugui«:u aeon habits in young men and how to cure them. It coi tains tho Author’s views on llairiinuny. Aud how to chooso a partner. Itte.is how tooursUon'iirbie, iiow to cure Syphilis. And the receipt of the leine.lles us­ ed. HoW to cura Spine Diseases, Xervous I rriutiou, IieslKinJeucy, Lossol Memory, Aversion to Soc.eiy .and I.uve of Solitude. It contains latln rly advice to youni ladie.s, young men, and all contemplating m atrimoui.— I t teaches tb? young mother, or those e.xpectuig to he- t ome m.«trier.a, how to rear their ottsprlng. Hoiv to re- niovo pimples from the fac.-. It tolia hov.- to cure I.eu- (•drihoea, or Whiles, railing of the Womb. D.flamatloii of tho Klinlder. and all diseases of the privates. Mar­ ried pei.soiis and others, w ho ile.sire tu e.icapa the perils of disease*, should enclose the price ul tho work, mid receive a copy by return mail. Thi.s book has received more than 5,600 rpconmieiida- tions trom tho public pri'ss, and iihy.sii-lanH are mending persons In their vicinity to send for it. . B. X.aiHes m want of a pleasant and safe remedy for Irregularities, ob.siruriions, &c.,can obtain Dr. VT- choI'sFemale Monthly Pills a t the Doctor's olllce. No 5 C.AurioN— M amed ladies in certain situations, Sh'tr tySu\;s';ro.’'.«; m r . j K5“1000 boxes sent this nionth—al! have .arrived safe. N. B. Porsou.s at a distance can be cured a t home by addressing a letter to Dr. J. Tciler, enclosing a remit- hance. Me.iicmes securely packed from oliservatio\ Sent to any part of the world. All cases warranted.- No cliargo fop advice. K. B.—Xostndents or boys et ployed. Notice this, address all iett.TS to J. TEU. f r , M D. Ko. C. I ’u vf r StiK 1. Albf.r y , N.. h^ilUNERYGGDS. O I ^ t r a w B o i m e i s s m d l , 9 o c l i e y s , R i l t l b o m s , S i m s , f T ’B E l E N ’S B O N N E T W A E E - ROOMS. No. 45 North Pearl Street, .and .^00 Broadway, A lb a n y , N . Y . To meet the waucs of au incrc.asing trade Sionber has opened, iu uddition to his old i new, spacious and eleg.aut store, Ne, 45 Nort —tw 3 doors north of L'bsiiell, Pierson & Oo.—betiveeu Steuben street and Maiden Isiue. Sly stock Is without c.xception, tb... largest, best as.sortcd and cheapc.st to be fodnl out of New Vorlc. Straw gn.i.is r-'ceiv-ul ili- from the manufactuiirers, and soi.n a r lowtik pairEs ra.ixxiiKV CAN EE BovGHT IX Nsw Y ork . Milliner' sup­ plied on the most liberalil terms.rms. Patternattern Bona.'ts,onu.'ts ?,on- net Blocks, and all M.:'i\-—- H'*—* '• te P B 3. 45 North Pearl St. 5ui) Broa'hvay tvill recaive particular aUentura. ’T M E | M c € A M ® E 1 a M O U ^ E , I-.\DIES- ORDLNAllY, GENTLEMEN’S ORniNARY K E B T a A T t R A N T , Nos. 6G0 ami 532 Broadway. E 3 s r a ? : R - A . 3 N r o E , Xo3, o , i\ud o7 Jarut^s i:=trcct, AUVaiiy. ' T ' l l B p a t r o n a g e o f o i t i z e n s , s t r a n g e r ! X and vi.^itors a t Albany is resiicctfuily solicitv-l.- Xho h.iuse has been fitted up In a manner superior to anv in tho country, aud every delica.-y of the season <-jn bo obtained at this ostablislimvnt on the most rciisonableterins. To travelers on Steamboats -and Railroads thi.s house affords advanUgea over any other. No delay will oc­ cur a.s e w ry or-!er will be served as soon ns given. Prirat»» liartiCi? fnrai.-jUod on tho shortest uoMco wi cverytliiD;< of tho sea^-'D. P. tl.—Xhi.sh.3uS 3 is within a few steps of thoHailro Depot, lioirjg on the block below the Deiavaa IIoii.se the opjicsite sido of Broadway. Alfeaisy P late CoiHpamy, 5-53 B r o a d w a y , A lb a n y N , Y , j y j M a n u f a c t u r e r s a n d d e a l e r s S i l v e r J P I a t e s i S p o c s s s F o r k s , Knives, Tea Betts. Castors, Cako Easkot.s, Coffee Urns. Salvers, Ac. Every artude pei-tuining to the trade kei.t *-oi..stautiy on hand. We ul.so reiuate obi w.un out i hiled Ware, und make it eqa.illy as good as new j ties th.m h all the original .‘(..St. angidyl. noliwak Yaliey Brewery .B . M Y E R S & C O . , 3S3B 2 .2E3W E 1 T R S .Sc 3 N t r A a J D S a ? E Y l , e , IL IO N . H E E K I M E S OTTHTY, K- Y- H A Y I N G c o m p l e t e d Mtholr extensive Brewery, tlio umier- II signed ar« now t?u*ii»g ft )jui>er- X X A N D X X X A L E . which -sWall bo effualif not superior to the most favorite Brands in Marker. Their facilities for tho niauufacti .*rs that amy iMistiira of th.it the quality of the AIo wilt compare favo!vit(iv with any now before the public. Prompt atteiitiuii will I given tu or.ler.s adilre.s3od to J. MXltliS & CO., Brewers .and Malstors, Ilimi, Herkimer Co. Dion. 24. XSeo. 2R’ Y , Y 'lio lesal niiii U ta i l , EK .Y , craiJ, niid FUlNITUSEl Ftm H ITBlE! A T W H O L E S A L E & R E T A I L . A t L ow ep . P b io e s t h a n e v e r h e a r d o f , DE GRAAE & TAYLOE, At either of our threo Stores, &’) B O W E R 1 4 1 B O W E S 3 S 3 C H A T B M S t r t , R e t a i l i s T s w -’s r ' o i i K : c i i ' - s ' . Owing te tliB great decline in our •Whole.s.aje Trade, we have conciu.iod to open our whole stock a t RETAIL for C iss, at a d'scounl of 20 to 30 i*er cent., from our former pric's. Our stock consists of fins R osewood , M ahoi V avt . .an.l W aicict x j K i s r i T ' c m i i ; , Also, Cane and Wood Seat Furniture, a g reat variety. M A T ’S’ I S F 5 S E S a u d All Qualities. We also manufacture a new ailiclu of P a t e n t B i v i n s C r u a i e y Better than any in market, a t Irom ?6 to SIO each. Al8» K nock -D gwv . FrK.\rri'RE for the Wholes Trade .ale _________________________________ apUQiy 1 . 0 0 M. AT Tisas: A FIRST CLASS SEWING MA- JT i. CHINE a t $40. Three styl< s lu lie selected Ir.im. i/vM. Wc'-.'tcr & Co’s uiiiivuiled tiight Stitch Smving MichiiiP, Grover and Baker's noiv style ^lllUt!e Jla- .iih e, and iic.Artliur’s Tiiuscl.-.'s Empire Machine, livery one warr.auted to give sati.sfactiou. B U T O N E N O W . XfacUino Silk and Thread of ail colors, and the bo«t quatiiy, alway.s on Imnu. a 6 Of Ladd. W ebster & OVa JIaehincs mnv bo g. perutiou a t Hartman’s Tailor Miop, Herkimer. Iron and Coal for Sale! ^ H E u n d e r s i g n e d o f f e r s f o r s a l e th e X large st.ack of Iron lately owned by Frederick Fox. a l Now York prices. This i.s .a superior opportuni­ ty for Bl wksmUtis and others to procuie Xro.i oxccod- ingly cheap. S C R A N T O N C O A L ! 5 0 9 T o n s of Scrant'iu Coal a re now being recaiv by (.'an.al. aud persons .lesl.-mis of obtaiob g -i IVirit‘>r’'^ i'lipply can do so now, aud .save the u.o.al co-st of nans ilr'yekfiTiBr Ju'y £6, XSei. T > l h J j H K A P B !— W e h a v e a la r g e XJ sicak of Bill II' ad ptn&r wliloh wa sro p.’op.irod to l*jirl)5itf-r Jferer»M» at.s »tK,rs, m the bo -t st.v’e.-^ fifi 8 T oraort it) the i?ff Wg, ...rtion when used uiuler such circumstance for Dysmenorrhea or [ntlmul ni'instration, it act? like mugic iiro'tuoiug the full aiul uatiual lluw. I i.C o goar- autee my Drops to cure sjieediiy Mi-norrlmi-io, or to produee msiistnutlcn f* weaki-umg to tlw sullerer. 1 coul.i produce bun.lreds of tho best voluntary t.-sti- raouials, hut the practice of p-iriuliiig bought aud ficti­ tious cues bcl.ire th« public is so pr.rvuleht 1 do fiot deem Itudvte-o'le. My object Is t'3 place my medicine before the pubii.; not alone to make money but t'o do g0!)d. It IS proverbially true of the Aroerltiiu ladies that not ten fierleclly h.ralthy ones can be found in any on« vicinity. R E V r i S E I E T I M E , Let not OisNiSe ilvi-’t’-oy your ('..icrtituiiou. i^cn.l for a bi-ttie of my PKUbfliD’.lL DRul’£!, and you will be sut- IsU-d that 1 um no importer. Tell your ufflicied Inend what rcsiored the bloom of health to your cbix.-kB, aud Iherebv coiiler a favor more valuahk than gold. R E .V I E I W B E R I G U A R A N T E E My Drops to cure Irrcgul.irity of tho MCiisc.sfn.in what ever cause, r taken according lo directiiu.R fwhich uc company each luitt'e.) They will also alleviato aud perinuucntly cure all the various forms <d dia.- ise ar ri'ing from such irregularity, for by remuving tho isiiise nature will herself remove the < ff’. cts. My Drops are prepared solely by myself, nri.f sent (secure frinn ohscrvatioi;) to nny address in the Cnited States or C.ina.lus. on receipt of $5.UU. All can rely uiKiii tUci.\ communications being strictly cc.rifl icntial. One trial will couvliico the must skeptical, and never after will you be induced to try any other. All orders aiidrcssed to D oct . ,IN0. L. LYON, No 6 3 Ciirnra Rr., N ew U avk .\, Oi'.x.v., will meet with pi* nipt atteution. n.aving practiced in the r u n s Uo.spital under instme tions of the rt'iiowneil Ricord of I’aria, und Acton o I/mdon, and after tw(dveycar.sprurli.'e in this country I think it not egotistical bj .=ay 1 ncknowle.lge nr. supe­ rior in this cimnlry, m tho treatment ol .'il.y di.seasc flesh is heir to. Jly practice having led me to pay more p irticuiar attention lo disea.scs of a privat.? nature, such as Nocturnal F.missions,G<imirrliea,Syphllis Gleet, strictures. &c. 1 woiiH say I am prep.are to guarantee a cure in all cases without the use of JleiJciirj or other injurious u.iiieruls. If yon wish to consult by letter, state fully your dis- e.ase, or its svmptems. your age, ami whether in irncd or Single. No charge fur conaaltatinii. A ldre.*'' 1 Street New Haven, Conn. No. G3 Church Street j S i S s S s s ' \ I “* j They act gently o jaa tha bowala,—removtog Costive- For Litarary Meti, 8 t*J«it§, Bailout* F*oifil(i3,and all I Adams and Isaac Pip.jr ; s V i ' S f f i g . M b ' l ' S ”' li'o.r, in ninety-nine e n .e. out of e.-ery one loimleeil all tho above riame.l disorders, and a host ot others not named, as Consumption of the I.ur.gs, and that mosi infi'dtous and wily t..rm t.f Cor.suroptlon ot tne opinat nenn-, know n ii£ Tabes Dr.rsaks; and Tales me&entcr- ica, hav ing their sea! and origin in disea-'c-s of the PWcic Viscera. Hence the want oi success on the p art of iffd school practice in trcaling ejiupUma only. Dr-An drew Stone, Physician to the Troy Lung and Hjgicriie lustltuti-jn, is now eugagoJ iu treating this class of muderu mriiadles with the mcsi n«toni.shliig success. The treatment ailopled by the lustitiitlou is 11C3V ; 1» is based ufion scieulillc principles, tvilh now dl'i t.v.Tc.l renicilie^, without minerals or jioisons. XXia f icilitu-K of cute a le such that patients can be cured a t their hom. s, iu any j.art ot the country, fium accurate descriptions of tle-lr eas;, by letter; und have the niedl- i-iue'' sent them by Mail or FNiircss. Printed Interro- gatorie.s will be lor.varde.l on application. jEjo'Cerisiimiit'ori, Oat.arrb and dtsenges of the throat, Clued us well a l the homes o f pa/fents as a t the Iiislitu- luii, liy Ecri.lirig^the CoM Medlcurad Lthaling Balsamic Vapors, wi use.(e. undnd di dcuted Lthaling Balsamic np!(? directions lt.r their or advice, u direct correspondmee. afS” Patients apply iiig lor inlerrosatmes mii.st iiicloso return stumps, to wtet attention. f-5“The attending Physician ivill bo found at the In­ stitution for cousiiltatloii, from 9 P. M., of each day. Sunday in the forenoon. Addrc.ss, M r . ^ 3 b J % * M M £ ! W PIiysici.aii to tho Troy Lung and Hygienic Institute, and I’h.VB'cian for Discates of tho Heart, Throat, and Lungs. CO Fifth Streol, Troy, N. Y, T O F 2 - ^ I A L E S , O D O O X I ^ E S S S T 0 3 S T E , T ub M atrov . of ths IxsTirmos, Who is thornug! of the many alfli modern origin, ( cI.issof disease uglily re.ad^aml pn.st.'d in the patle-logy 1, will devote cxc.bisive a'ttentl.m to tWs - . S* i peculi.ir to her H.jx. Among the many discas 'S daily met with, and whicli she treats with unheard of siicce.ss, avo chronic inflamatlon and ulcer\ tii.ii of tho womb. j^y- Tho M epicated AsrTjxmNO DorenB ; .a most it portant enrativo, for arousing the nervous force P i ice. $4 and $9. n cmsult iirs. Dcciress Slone, ccnjidently, lersonally. Aildrc.s.s, ilBS. N. O. STONE, M. D., Matron of the Institution, . / s l M R S . W I N S L O W , An exneriPU{*Otl ami Ft?maio rUy?ictan, prospiifi? to tho attention ol Mofchor.^, her B O O T H m a B Y R U P ! F O R C f l l L i D R f a S T E E T i S l K G j Y S I H K J H g r p h t l y f a c i l i t a t e s th e p r o - VV Cl.s? of Teething, bv Fiiftcning tin* p'liiiis, reduc. iiul all iullamations—will allay .ALL PAIN a ic action .and i.s sure TGREGnyATETHK ROWF.IM Depend upon it, motbers, it will give re \ ' r e l ie f In'lUteeA is admin- i s t . . ' 1UOUSANDS OF CASES. It not only relieve.? the child from pain, but invigor­ ates the stomach ami bowels, corrects a..'iility,aml gives time and energy to the whole aysteni. It will almost ‘“itM 'S and overcome coi died, end m deatl rem-edy in the world, hi rrhoea in cUU-irtu, win Ihcr do not let your prcju'lices, nor the prejui stand between you and your suITeriiig el ■ . .................. >'\s ab*:’.iliitely t ..‘urilers the f;u;--rni‘le''oTrrRTIs'^&^^^^^ Oil the out.sido wriiiipi*!'. Sold by drcggi.sta through the arid. I'l iiicipal ofilo.}, 13 c o d .r streU, N. Y. ce 2\' corns pe bottle We believe it tho best atni surest I, hi all ca'03 of dysentery amt .lia- wln t it aidscs Irom teething or other cause. Wc wouM say to every mother who has a child sulV-Ting from any of th.a foregoing ooiiiplaints, do not let your r.reju.lices, nor the prejudice.^ of othT s stand between you and your suffering ebild aud the n lu‘fth.Tt Will bo sure—yes, abs.ilotely sure—to fcdlm the use olf this Mclicirie. if timely us-.i. Fall dircf. IMPORTANT FACIS. 1.—I'hi8 Company being duly iic.discd, their » .aro protabted agalu.st infringamuul J F l i z E k l e <S£ i L y o M , S E W I N G M A C H I N E C O . , 53S4 B R O A in V A Y . N E W Y O R K . M O p e r s o n w h o c o n t e m p l a t e s p u r - X 1 chaFifg u Kwiriji; MucUmo for family or xn:uim ic- *uriug puri'os s, zkould tad t»j .suiid lor oiio ol uiir Cir- uiar.s, whidi ciUiUins cuts and fail dcscni/tloiiH of tlu. jveral ,lyU'B, prices and eamidcs of wtuk, uUof which e sriid by ma 1 froe. Wc dRiin to luive Iho BEST S E W H ie M ACHINES IN T H E T/ORLD TOR fcllUER P.AMIf.Y OR ilANCPACTUfilNO i^LliTOyLk-^. And all a«k is a fair trial. Head tho following I S FACT NO. 'i.—'fbisfi Macliiu'es make the Ls'k-stitch alike on both Bides, and Uoe a little less than half u.s Lhread .and sl.k as tho chain or loop stitch : ^ “ T h e r w ( n sew Rom on,* to twenty ti^ o 4 thc finest guaze to the he.iviest cloth, uiid even stout, hard leuiher. witliout changing th..- lec.l, uecdl*', er ttinalon, or making niiy adju^imeut or luachiue w lut ever. Is not such a machine best adapt**.! to family use,why not for every variety of light Kewii.g iiianu faeture? For work too heavy for our Familv Ma­ chine, we recommend our larger siz* 3. ACT NO. 4,—These Machines make tXiO most olast'c seam of any sewing machine in use—a fact ot very grc.nt smportance m aewing ela-rtio go..ids, or goods of any kind, on a bias. FACT NO. 5.—No machine la more durable or more simple in its construction, or more e.i.sny midcratood. The reputation of the.so machinc.s wL'.>revcr used will fully demonstralo each of the above r.t.nB. ACT No 6.—These Machines took the Highest Pre­ mium a t the Franklin Institute, I’hilacelphia. F.ACT No. 7.—These Machines took tho Highest Pre­ mium a t tho New Jer..;cy State Fair. FACT N d . 8.—These Machines took the higluM Medal at the American Institute, in the city of N.'iv X'ork, to. gclhcr with the highest Prciiiiura for fine Sewing F.Af T No 9.—Theso M.ichines took tlio Illghe.v't Pro mimns a t the Mochauic.?’ 1 a ir, Utica, N. Y. 'ACT No.lO.—These Machines can do tin. bimb . thing generally, tvhciiever properly exliibitcd in cdmiicli- tiou witli other first doss S.-*wlng Machine... But w c have spa^tie for only one pact more—it L the niust'un- FACT No. 11.—IFf warrant every Machine we sell to give BETTER satisfaction than any other Sneing Ma­ chine in market, or money refunded. I S ^ A N “ :iarcss Staiiions tor_eneral G Use. e 3 . K . K , m j P W I L L s t a n d d u r i n g tb o m o n t h s o f T ermt . —Owing to the rrc«.sure of the tim.-s, the T o F . i r s s a e r s J i ^ O O D O L D W H I S K E Y — Y l l l h e v T gold in quantities of Five Gallons and upwdri'a.to Fitrmura. during Haying and Harvesting, a t from 2o to 31 o«ots per Gallon. FRASSIS PGPI— flejKiuwr D R . S W E E T ’ S ilFALLIBLE ^ LmiMEM*. g r e a t h . , m B H A L R E M E D Y . F o r R h e u m a t i s m , G o u t, M u i ' a l g i , L u m b a - y o . S t i f f N e e le a n d J o i n t s , S p r a i n s r u i s - es, C u is a n d W o u n d s , P i l e s a n d H e a d ­ ache, a n d a l l R lie u m e ii o a n d N e r v ­ o u s iH s o r d e i's. U ' O I l a l l o f w b i c h i t is a s p e e d y a n d i ctTt im rumodj', and never faib. This Liniment is prepared fruin the reeeipe of Dr. Stephen Sweet, of OonTieoticuit, tlio famous bona setter, and has boon ii«vd in hU practice for more than twenty years with tho must astonishing euectss As AN ALLEVIATOR OF PAIN, it l8 unrlvoloa by any pro- paratinii before the public, of which the most sKoptI- ^ '* S ^ : i ^ r ; ! t ^ ; l l '; ^ 4 ^ a j ? ^ e u m n t l c n , a r d o r s of every kind, and in thousands of cases where it has be* u deed it has never been known to fail. F or XEi.*R.\r.(;i. it will allord immediate rchef in every a>e, however (ustrcFSing, It will ri lieve the wor?t cases of Headache iu throe minutes an.l is vrarrarited to do it. from impruder.cQ or exccfs, this liniment la a most happy and unfailing remedy. Acting directly upon lie ncrvou.B tissues, it strengthens and revifitB the ysteni, Fiul rc.storea it to elastieitv ami vigor. F. jr Piua.—.\ s an external remeiiy, we claim that it IP the lest known, and wc cli.'illango the worM to pro- imm.'di-ite relief, and in a majority of cases will eliect a radical cure. liiTN'Y A.vE S ore T hroat are sometlmcB cxtroinely nm.ienant and darigiTcmp. but a timely application oi till* Liniment will never fail to cure. SFR.3IXS .ire som..dimci? very ob.stinate, and enlarge munt ol tlie joints is liable to occur if neglected. Ihe wor‘t case may be eonqured liy lliis l.iiiimcnt m two 3, Pores, Ulcers, Burns and ) womierful lenilliig proiier bie LiiiiineTit, wiiea used ac- PcultlH, y i'I'l rea.ii’.y to tho tie** i.fl'r. Swei't'.* Infillib! cording to dircctioii.s. Alao, and lu.sect Bites and Ptinca. E v e r y H o r s e O w n e r shimldliave this rem-dy a t hand, for its timely use a t tin- nrst Hiipcaran.'ii of Lameness wilt eCP'i-Ually pre- v.-iit tliuso formi.liilile diseases, to wlncli all horses are liaiilfi, a id wliicl. r.'Uder so many otherwise .valuablo bor*!..s nearly 3V..rthIcs. Over four liufKlrud voluntary testimonials to the woadi rful curative prop.'rties of this Liniment have been rcccivcl withi'i the last two years, and rnanyol tin ni from persons in the highest ranks of life O i i s l s o n To .avoid imLiosition, observe tho Signature and I.ike- nusaof Dr. Stephen Sweet on eve,\y label, and also •■Stei.hen Sweet's Infallible Lliimier.t’I blown lu be glass of each bottl^,^wUhnut^whi(-h iimie arc genuine .Solo Proprietors, Norwich, Belt! 1 aimer. General Agent, Herkimer ^ i ^ME.S J . COUK, Sheriff. • persons or sedentary hablta, tfiey are valuable as a j ofcuol .,r - m c l 's H & r or S tai *. * I Laxative, improvins the appetite, givint tbue and vig j A ijiasy , August isi^ js6I j j or to the dSgecii v» organ*, and restoring ths natural j To the Sheriff o f the County o f Herkimer ; , elasticity and « n « n t h *f the whole system. Sir—Notice is hereby given, that a t the Gsiwral Ejec. ; Th. C P H I U O H U A .h . , „ . U -f U , . . . h l S t . K T S l S I«.i0h aoU w L fally .ip e n m .nh ., b .- i i i i | . . . a are t - b . . m i . a , lu-wii : . been in in» m«ny y m rs, during which tlma ihev have ’ A.secretary ol Mate iu the place of David R. Fiord I p . , « „ a {bring {r<m S<ode«Gia, whether originating in the nor , a State Engineer and .Survey.*r in ihe p,!aca of Van H. ■ voHiityBt2iBorrrt'ratderaii*9<i»t*teof theatomacli. i Richraoid ; a suite ircisurer m the pliiLf of Philip ' T»«» are eatireVy rsseUblo in their compositioa,im.l i Dor.vheiiner ; a Canal Comiuissioner in the plaee of hi- b e w a r e o f c o u n t e r f e i t s ’ Electric Oil. 'Fours Truly, itefully yours, U tY .4A « £8 T DKAF TEN TEAKS AND CDBSD IN ONE NIGHT. M iddleiowv . , N. Y.. July 14,18i». h«—Dear Sir :—I i ,LiiGAL,„ nsorrgagti »a.le< l ' \ E F A U L T h a s b e e u m a d e in th e p a y - jL J mem of the sum ol t wo thousan.J four bun.u c l and filiy sixuoilai'saiid thirty-w ur c'-nis,which isda.uiva to be ilue and unpaid a t the date ol this notice, on a certain morigage healing date the first day m -tpm A.D.. 1801, executed by Susan H arter, execnii is.aud i harles spinner, executor, or the la.=i tvill and te»tajuer.t ol Pe ter Harter, deceased, late ot the ioivu and conMj ul Herkimer, au.l ttate of Nevf York, as pait.ca i f the first'part, to Aaron H arter, of the same place, as ) any ol the second part, vvhicli aal.i mortgage was du.y l e conlea in the ofiice or the Clerk of me counij or l in k . imer, oh the 6th day ol April, 1801, at 3 o ii. i k , 1' M m B ook L. of Mortgages, on pwgo O kc , ic . N ot *. therefore, notice is hereby given, that in puraname . i a power of sale couwmed in .•iuid morigsgu, and rec..f t situate, 1\ing and being m me town ana c kimer alGresaid, known us the homestead aud occupied by the said Deter Harter, al his death, bounded and described In two se].ai cels asfollow.s, to w i t ; The one parcel b.-gm: southeast corner ol the faim uwned by Nicbola- deccaeei, a t the nine (..this death, and ith, and runs tnen.-a ileeU thailit- iitid Quy iteccaeei, a t the tim e (..this death, north forty five minutes east ninelevl BIX links ; ibence eoulb 70 deg. 30 in.u. east 6ev<...c. .. Chaims and lliirteeii links; thence south thirty-iw.j chains aud eighty Uuk.s ; thence north 76 deg w est six chains aud sixty-one links ; tbence north 3 deg 45 min west seventeen chains and lour ihiks; thence n.jrth iS deg. 10 mm. west eight chaliiB and nin.-ly-tvio in..*' lo tile place of begianit.g, containing loitj acres cf lm,d. liie Ollier piece is Uounded on the n»*rth by iainis * f John Hurt'jr, .jn the east also by luuds of said J. • n He-rter and ol George I. Hilts, on the south l.y lands o the parly of the second p a n , and of Nicholas .'m ah aud on the West l.y the pice.\ first above dcBcnb'd. c.au’ taming sixtv-nve acres ol land, he the same in..ie or less\—Will be toid at public auction lU the house notr kept by Elisha Watlibiirn, in the village ot Ke,-x.m* r. on iNiltirday, tiie .5lb day or October next,at lo o', lock A.M.,ol tiiul day .—Dated July S. & R. FotEL, Attorneys. ours Truly, ibe geauino hsv« fir* tigaaturos of Henry C. Spalding turo, Femaio Diseases, jjium a l Hmissiens, In short, every po.ssible form and variety of Soxular Disease, and a t tho snmis time tho general health Of Iho patient Improved, whero any improvement in that respect is Our Dispensary Circular, o f lo large 8 inch by 11 inch letter pages, with full and special w ritten Reply, sent promptly, well sealed, to any address for the cmonnl Of the postage, six^c^^s I^^H^ y yoang man, whether should haxo one. Also, a Circular I’ntendtd for ladies ? . & n r i “n book of throe hundred pages, one hundred engravings, price, I d stamps or money, only 50 cts. and one .3 cent S ^ s ? i f i f r d T s ? r m t Y i S l , u t c i r S of marriage, revealed in any Book in the Ecglish language. Dr. Jackson’s Perpetual P reventive-Send for Circu- ‘“ bt . .Jackson’s Female rills, Sl.-een d /or Circular. Velpeau, or both, will bo in attoadsne Male patients, when desired, will 1 largo, airy, comforoble rooms, eull ^ r f Sthrr: Tho most ample guaranties of our ability and good tains six cents In stamps. Mod'clne and Instructions 6?old by Druggists and at! other dea’.o n iu edi* :r*£ A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on receipt be 2 S C S 3 SrT S All orders should be e.ddrcwsS to HEHRY C. SPALDTKO 48 C e d a r S treet, N e w Y o r k . Q S N A 3 A R E M E D I A L A G E N T . TH I S DEB1CJOU3 TO N IC ZTIM V B J iN T , T f S P E O I A L L Y f f e s i g n e n f o r th e u s e -i-J of tlie Medical Profession and thd Fancity, having superseded the so-c-tlled “ Glcs,” '‘Aromatic,” “ Cor- diai,” “ Medicated,” “ Schnapi«,” oto., is now endors­ ed by all of the prominent physicians, chemists and connoiseurs, as posseaing all of tlioso intt intie raedicl- nal qualities (tonic and diuretic) which belong to an OI.D end PURE Gin. Put up in quart bottles and sold by ail druggists, grocers, e tc., A. M. BDUNOER, & Co, (Established in 1778.) &lo Proprietors, No. 19 Bond itreet, N. T. For sale by D. B. liAP-NES & Oo., No. 1* Parle Sow New Xork. Our long e.xporlenoo and femiliarlty with the-require lenta of DR0GOi3rs,and our superior busluossfocilllle,- nable us to furnish them with choice Liquors for mosi ■in.al and family use. ___________ octSlvl LADD, WEBS TEE & C O .’S I.MPROYED tig h t STO’CH SEWtNO ^AGHir<IESj No. 6uu Broadway, {opposite the St. Nicholas) N E W YORK. wntT rri.vOTTTTra a dwd s.’jwi.'fo Jucni.'iE. T T SHOULD be well made, simple in X iist’iiimtruction.und c.a*iily Kept in ord'-T. ’ I t Should make u tight look Btitb, on both sides of th\ material. I t Should srw^my and all matoriaifi that can bo I t Should be able to use cotton, throad, or allk. diretdly from the spool. 6- I t Should bo able to sew from coarse to fine, and from thick to tliin, with rapidity .Tud without changing tho tension. 6. I t ho u ld be able to make the tension greater or less, on boUl the under aud upp*r threads and witii uniformity. I t Should have a straight needle ; curved ones are liable to break. 8. I h o BTeedle slmuia Lavo perpendicular motion. ihi.s is absolutely necessary for iicavy a. I t Should he capable of taking in the largest pieces 10. I t Should b.,' able to bind with a bln-ier, hem with a homer ; sliouid Btltcli, fell, run and !i if liircad on bota sides of the w..rk, and of u.slug diifcrent colored Uir.'*aa or silk, above or below, to oorrc.aixiud with anv two etd'»r.s of d o th to he united. S M i t ‘■•ommouse sewing lightly al tho first 15. I t Should run easily and mako b u t little noise. If: „.r I t Should jwfbc necessary to nse a screw-driver wrench to set the noodle. - I t Should no< form a ridge on the under side, nor » I t Should not bo “ more trmiWA thnn it. ?o v -2. It Should not bo “ more troublo than it is worth.” G E T T H E B E s T j work to ■ay,NcwA''nrk. Jend for descriptive circulars and samples of w LtL'D, WEBS’TER & CO., 6u0 Broadway,New Yi M 1 5 Q J S 3 JC$S1 l a c j r s s r <3C:5 Y B G • JET. II, bW o rgau, t T A S t h e A g e n c y a n d w i l l r e c e i v e a p JL-I. plications for insurance in the .ollowing Compa- E trtford City Piia Inaurac: PI y a t tho Fo3t Office. HerKSmor, STklmw, Fsl». n , 1S5». :; r > Compa P a t e n t e d I S ' o v e m b e r 1 s t , 1 8 5 9 . ^ H E in e a - ih» distance round k tho Nock; B to B , • ih* Yoke; O to C , tb* Sleev*; I> B , distance aro'jud «»e Body, under » * arm p iti; Jt to JS, th j iMtxTk of S - A . X a X 4 0 X J = ' B Patented Improved Prenoli Yoke S H I R T S . P a t c H t e d n o T e s n l s e r 1 s t . , 1 9 5 9 . A New Style af Shirts, Warranted to Fit, By sending tho above meaenrea por mall, we can gimrantop a perfect fit of onr new style of a i r t , and ^ P\“ States, at « 2 , $ia &o. itc., per dozen. No order for- warded for loss than half-a-dozen Shirts. and Doalcra in MEN'S FURNISHING BALMU BROTHERS. IVhoIeraloTrada supplied on t?o’^ n f u a r t e m r ' l a X J j l S i ^ E I R l IF YOU WANT L um b e r go to S K . o o 2 s d : p i : ^ x * X j * s MOHAWK AND HF.BlfTiffT; 7 i Whoro you will find it a t greatly m E B U C E l ) p n i c l i s . 'T’HE Subscriber has by the assist- X onco of friends ODCO more becom® able to furnish bi3 old cuFtomera with what they may want in -tha lino of LUMBER* SHINGLES, &c ^ v l a g obtained a water-power In Herkimer,and erected ft P L A N I N G M A C H I N J E lols confident that h* con plauB, a n i Piano and il Boards or Plank a t much more favorable prices than usual, viz : For Planing only, « .0 0 per M. feel, lor one timuaand, and upwards ; usual price Planing and Matching Hemlock, Spruce, Fine, white- wood and Basswood, 600 pieces and upwards, 2 cts per piecD, usual price 3 cts. Ash, Oak, Maple, Beev, t cts. por piece, usual prico 4 c tt. Th« subscriber kae M A ^ C H I K E S H O P Where «U kinds of Mil Filing, and general repairing can badoaaon short THE FOLLOWING END0R3EMETS OF SPA L B IH G - C E P H A L I C P I L L S WILL CONVINCE AU. WHO SUFFER FRO.M M D A B A C U S , THAT IS WITHIN these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. SraLPi.\c, they afford umjueslionahle proof o f l.he efficacy of this truly scientific disrovery. M asostiu e , f'OKX., Fell. .7. ISOl. MH i SPiJ.T)nt3. ^ I have Mod .votir Cephalic Pilia, and I LAf- them so ujcRrhat I want yon to sand me tvto .Joilare north Part of thege are for my neighbors, to wlmm i gave UAViffirono, Pa., Feb 6, IHCl- a . C. SPawnto 1 wish you to send mo one box more of your Cepha! PlllB. / Aao* received a gteet de.al o f benefit frost them ' S i w ' S . boxes of your Cophalio H, C. SPAUffifo. Ton will please send mo two bi Pilla. Send them immediately. Respectfully yours. JNO, B. SIMONS. ? . S.—/ have u i i i one hox o f your Pills and find (he eacellent. HEXTir C. FtAlDISG, E 'l. Please find encloaed twenty-five c ents,for wliicliseml mo anetber box oi your Cephalic Pills They art truly the best Pills I have ever tried. A. STOVER. P. JI. Bulio Vernon, Wyaialot Co., 0 BrnTiiLY. M ass ., Dec 11,188 . I wish for some ciroiilars or largo siictvhlils. to bring your Copiialic Pills more particularly before my cus­ tomers. If you have anything of the klud, jileasa scud One of my customors, who Is subject to severe sick headache, (usually lasting two day.s,) was cured o f an attach tn one hour by your Pills, wliiuli I sent bur. sp.a i. y mi. 9. BSTNOLDSBntG, FE-iXraX^Co., OEIO, ) C. Filler, Reynoldsburg. Franklin Co., Ohio. ^ Four Pills ic r k to a charm .—care headache almost in- Truly Yoai», WM. C. FILL!®. TreiusTj, S i m , Jan. 14,1561. Ma. S paldisb . Not long •inc-el sent to you fop a box of Cephalic Pills for tha euro of the Nervou.s Headache and Ck.stivenesE, and received them, and they had so good an effect that 1 was induced to send for more. Please send by return maiil. Uirccl to were made, v is ; Cure of Headache In ail its forms. They have been tested in mur* than ten thousand cassE with ontirs success. From the Democrat. St. Cloud, Minn. If you a re, or have been troubled with the hea.Jaehe send tor a box, (Cephalic Pills,) »o that you may imve discovered. J^om Ike Western B. 11 Gasette. Chicago. III. Ce^touTpili8^‘*'^°^®“ hi3 uarivall Everest; a Judge ef the Court oi Aupeal the p ueo of George F. Ooiustook ; ail whose terms oi service will expire on ihe lust tluy of December aiaxi. A lsu.uJustieoof the Supreme Court,for the Filth Judioial Jiistnct. m the pliice of Wiiiiam J. Bacon, wiiCSe term of ■ nice will exjilre on the lust day oi De­ cember next. ,A.lsu a >eiiaior l.jr the'i wen Uelii Senate Distii-’t, coinpi'isiiig the cuunlit's ol Uerkii fiorKTir UmcEits lo ei ; E i . kotkd •- -Two .Memhera of Assemhly ; a Slierilf iu tiie ijiuce of .lames .}. Cook : a County Clerk iu Uiy iilace of 0. T. E. Van Horne ; uDls- trict Attorney iu the place of Gcorg-e A. llanliu ; two Justices of Ses.sic>ris iu place of Wylli# Avery and P.oh eit Cosier; two Coronei.s .n tho place ol Frinikliu Ad­ ams and Isaac Piper ; all wiiose terms of office will ex­ pire cm the last day bt December next You are without delay to deliver a copy of the above notico lo the SuiaTvii-or or one id l iio A.savssors of each town or ward in your coaniy : .and uiso to caiise a copy bf said notice to lie publislied in all the public new.s papers printed in your county, once in each week uiit ' election. A'mirs Kesiieclfully, D. R. n.GYD JONEt!, Secretary of State. S a l e . ■ [ ^ E F x V U L T h a s b e e n m a d e i n th e . p a y - JL/ mout or the sum of three humired luut tweniy- lour Uollars and UUy cents* which is claimed to be due ut the date of this notice, on a certain inorlgago hear­ ing date the lirst day of February, 1853,executed by Lemuel Swift, ot the town and county ol Herkimer, to Samuel Earl andKoberl Earl, <»l the same place* and re­ corded in tho ofDce of the Cierk of the county of Herki­ mer, ill book IU). yf Mfirtgages,page 520,on the 20th dav of E'ebrua»y, 1853, a t 9^ hours A. M , which .said mort­ gage tia.s been uu;y assigned to the subscribers Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that iu pur.sunnce oi a i>ower of sale tiontained in said mortgage, and of the .statute in such case made and provided, the .said mort­ gage will be foreclosed, and the premises therein des- u ibed as follows, to-w‘i t : -‘All that certain village lot and premises situated ou the east side of Washington street, in the village of Herkimer, and being that part of lowland lot number eleven, in the liernian Fiatte pnteiit bounded ami described as follows, to-w it: Oom- liiencing on the east line of .«Jaid street, a t the south­ west i-oruer of the village lot lately occupied by ChauD* cey W. Tabor, aud runs thence southeriy along saiu east'Tly iilieniuely f e e t; tlience easterly in a iine at right angles to said street one hundred and thirty-two fe e t: theiico northerly in a lino parallel tvith said strcei to the southeast corner of said viilage lot^ateiy meupied by said Tabor; thence westerly along sui\ Tabor lot one hundred aitd tliirty two feet, to the place of beginning, conlaining one quarts r of an iUTcof land be the Paine more or h-bs, (This mortgage is given to secure the purchase ol the premises above dose.nbed;” ) will b eseld a t publicai-ction,at tho house now kt jd by Elisha Washburn, in tlie village and county of Her­ kimer, and Mate of New York, on the 2r.th day of Oc­ tober next, a t 10 o'clock in tho lurcnoon.—liated Juiy S & R. E jri ., -AUfirncys. Assigni CO-NSTITUTION SO intoxicating liquors lamra no anmVLied The Biilo of intoxicating hquois as a beverage is h ere­ by prohibited ; and no law siiall b« enacted or be in force, alter the ado])tion (d this aiaendmeut, to a uthor­ ize such s a le; and the Legiplitiuro phall by Jaw CoiBcmT'Cikt HL«soiiatious 'T'O AMEND -i- as to proliiiiit tti boveragv. Resoived, (il the A.=sembly concur). That tho Consti- * this Stato be umcuiied as lollow.s : inii the Legisluiuro shall liy law pro­ le necessary flne.s and penalties for any vioia- tion of tiii.9 provision. Kesalred. (il the Assemliiy conenr), That the foro- gnii'g amoiiuinent ba referred to tlio Legislature to be be chosen a t ihe next general election of Senators, and that iu conformity to section one of rirtlcle tiiirleen ol the Constitution, it bo published for three months pro vious to tho time of .such election. S tatu of N ew Y' ork , ) I.V S exate , Jiarch |;p, iSSL j Tbo foregoing resolntinns were duly iia.ased. “ ■'“ \ A L ’tS S A l o E B , c i . a . S t . ite of N ew Y oiik , | Lx ASSEMBET, April 5, 1861. / Tile foregoing rosolutiuns were duly na.ased. By orclel or the Assembly. HANSON A. RISLEY, Clerk. STATE OF NEW YORK, ) Omen of the tinoKKrAKY of 8 tatk } i have compared tiic jirecoding with tlie original cm file in this ofiloe, and Iiereby certify tlie same to be a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole oi such original. D R. FLOYD JOXE.S, Secretary o f State. I ^ O T I O E o f a p p l i c a t i o n f o r th e d i s - charge of nil jnsolvfiit Innn his debts. imr.suant to the provisions of the third article of the fir.‘5t title of the filth chapter of the second part of the Revised 6tatute.8, Horace H. Burrill, ol the town of Herkhner, nil. Notico first published July 24,1861. Creditors to appear belore Hoii. Ezra Graves, County Judge of aald county of Hcikimer, a t his office in tho town of HerkU mer, ou theCth day of October next, a t ten o’clock in the forenoon, to show cause, if any they have, why an assignment should not be made of said insolvont’s es lute, aud ho bo discharged irom his debts. ‘A. & B. E.AKL, Altorney.s for Insolvent, Front the Nana Wo a re sure that who try them , wil' tawha Vail ‘a J 5 , S - & 2 ; o « *»-A single hottloof SPALDING'S PREPARED GLU Trill save ton times its cost annually. SPALDING’S PEEPAEED GLUE! SPALDING’S PEEPAEED GLUE! SPALDING'S PEEPAEED GLUE I SAVS THE PIECES ! SOONOl ^ ‘‘A Sm-cn i-T Tiira S avib As accidents wil! happen, even in well regulated 1 ilics, it is very desirable to Ipive some cheap and venient vrsy for repairing Furniture, Toys, Crook BtS allSIi ........... l i n t ’s ' ' - *‘*'^“ h ENRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar Street, New York. CAUTION. As eertaih miprlncipied persons are attempting to e s . j 5 s t e s s s s S S i '“ ;r;.L's is cn^ the outside w rapper; all others are swindling P R IN T I N G ! — Manufacturers, Me- A ehanics, Merchants, Lawyeru. Banks, and everv s ^ j w t a g M a c M i a e s J T N I b e m a t t e r o f t h e r e a l e s t a t e o X John Stevenson, late of Ui« town of Stark, deceusiHl Oh readimr and filing the petitUm of Mury Stevenson, administratrix of the goods aud chattels and credits oi the said deceasod, praying that authority may be dered tliat all persons interested in the said estate ap- F. M., to show cause why authority should not be given to the said executor to mortgage, lease or sell so much of tiie real e.«tate of the .said deceased as will he neee.s- -sary to pay his debts ; and I t is further ordered that, all persons having demands against tho said estate ex- hib.t and prove the same at the time and place atore- said ; and it is lurtUer orderoa tliat u copy of llxis or- der he piibiisiied four week.SiSucce.sFiveiy, in tlu* Her­ kimer cimmy Democrat, and be^herwise served, a= the law direct: Herkimer, September 'A'vt C o t ! i ! » H m p i I V C ‘!$. ' T ’H E s u b s c r i b e r w i l l c h e e r f u l l y s e n d A (free of cliafgef to all who desire it, tlie copy of a nple Recipe, l>y wnich he was cured of that dire dls >2 Consumption. atisHed witli the result. Thanktui for bis own co m Gete restoratiou^he is an.xious to place in the hands “S illi full directions, please call on or ad- \.reet’ ’ ncyv York No. 60, John Stre n E F A n L f “ r e „ \ “ m t t e in tlie .L > p3vm.?nt of the sum of fourteen hundred aud sixt , br-lOu doUors Which is claimed to be due and mij.ai.! at the dote of ihisuoiice.onacerlaiu mortgage bearing dale the lllb day of .March, A. D , U.54, execuled by J.-sepn Walind and Peter S. TFulratl, of tho town ofDam.i.e, Il the county ot Helkimtr and Blate cf New York, lo Joseph Relliugcr, of Little Falis, in said county ami le. corded in tho olllce of the Clerk ot lire County of Heik;- mti- in Ikiok D. 1), ot Mortgages, on page 103. i.n the 131U day of Marcli, 1854, a t 1 u'eSo. k. P 'A., wiiicli said ha.i t . gage was given to secure the iiuvuieiit ol the pure!.asj money of tlie morigaged premises hereinaiter detci il.-d! and the same was ulierwurds, to wit, ou tlie bth day i f January ,1850, duly a.=sigued to the subserihers.Tlion ug J. MesicU and Ueiirv Me.sick. Now, therefore, noiu-e tice is hereby given, that in pursuauce of a p.iwvr ol sale, containeu in said mortgage, and reconled tliei e- witli. mid 0*' the .statute in sucli case iimde and provide f t he premises described in undcovered by sai.l mortgi.g.i, to-wit: ‘'All tiiat certain pieceor parceli-f land siuiale, lying and being in the town of Little Falls, in s.iid county of Herkimer, cominouclng a t the Ci-ntre of the creek iit the oasteriv corner of .said lot; runs thence soaili 02 degrees, west 59 78-fOO chaiiia, to thy western corner thereof; thence north 55 degrees, west lu '.o-lim chains; thence north 40 degrees and 48-100 chains, to tin- high, way leading tj Little Fails; tlience along the .smne, min., east 11 35 100 cliaiiis, thence north 40 degiecs 3fi min , east 8 68 100 chains ; thence north 41 deg.ecf 30 min., east 11 89-100 chains, to the north west corner of a lot sold to William Rathbun. Thence along tiie same, south 31 degrees 30 min., east 10 33-100 clniin.s; theui a north 44 degrees SO min., east 9rliainii, to llu- af-rcFaid creek. Thence up along the same to the plui e i.; li.-- ginning, contairi'.ng one hundred and twenty-tive 33-100 acres of 'and,” will be sold at Public An. foil at the house of Efiisha Washburn, in the villag« ol IJn,-. k-imer, on Tluir.sday, tlie 20th day o^Sei.temb.-r next, at S. & R. E abl . Attorneys. jfio r t s a g e S a l e . ,T h a s b e p n m a d e in th e T^EFAULT has been A J p»yment ol the sum of four hundred and liiirty. .six dollars and fioventv lour cents,wbivb isdanned to ha duo a t the date of this notice,on acertaiu mm War number seven, in Heudersou’s Patent, bounded os' fol­ lows, viz : Commencing a t a slake iu vbe ceulrc M tuc road leading by Alvin Weatlierbro’s late tav-ra and at the north-eaBt corner ol'Josoi»h P e trie’s lot. at..’ uaib theuce along said ci'btro of said road north thirty two and a half degrees east one chain and sLxty three Ibence south forty degrees east tlirec chama and iwt uly four links, theuco south nineteen and a hail degree* east Boventy-eight link.s, tbencf south forty-fma- de­ grees west forty-seven links, then* ** u«>rth fifty cue and one-fourth degrees west three cbaihs and sewLty liuks to the place of beginning, coutaining si.xty-idue rods .’f and wife, by deed bearing .late >Iay 2, 1 f 3«, and r< cord­ ed in the Clerk's office of Herkimer couuty, .\pril 36 1838. and the aliove descripGon bemg Uie Him.. a.s con- it'by Elisha W the county of 1, ?xt, a t teu oVI( . . . ------- * , iUENKY^R ^t^tK tRSO N , &C , oi Oiiaries Fox. dectiised. S lieiiff’s Sale. (BOUNTY OF HERKIMER, ss:— By virtue of au executiua is.sueil out of U n * t'U- preme Court of the Suite of New York, to me dm ete I and delivered against the goods aud cl in the village of Illon, in the Coiiuty ot Herkimer, mcl bounded ns follows : Commencing at a point in tho centre of tlio road leading south from the iSrie Canal, between El phalet Remiuglon’.s laud and land.s lat.-iy owued by Daniel Dygerl, deceased, a t a piiiiit sixcliaiiis ■ and sixty-eev. n links southerly from tlie inside of t'le south wall of the Erie Canal ; running thence north 47 deg. 40 min. we'fet along the south side of a htre.-t, oiio hiindrea and forty feet, lo a sta k e ; thence south 42 deg. 20 mill, west seventy-eight feet toastake ; thence Boulli 47 deg. 40 mm. east one liundred aud forty (cct to the centre of said r o a d ; thence north 4’2 deg 20 min. east along the centre of said road, seventy-eight leti to the place of beginning, contauiiiig about 4o rods of land, more or less, excepting however ten feet in width taken off from the northerly side of said lot. taken off for the Btroet. iieiug the same premises conveyed to the said Hartson by .Asa Laudphere and wife, by deed, dated May '2d, 1853, and recorded iu tlie Herkimer County Clerk’s office, in book No. 63, on page 6S’ — lIionHoteLin‘'tlmTluageo^^^ By F. -A. BELJiEit, Deputy. JAMES J. COOK, Sheriff. SlxeriSfi’s Procl!iiiaa.Eio«L. OTATE OF NEW YORK, C ol 'N' ty O OP HsRraxER, K The xmdersigned Sherifi of said County, in conformity to a precept to him m this bi-l.alf directed, by this his proclamatiou, requires all peTe.-ns bound to appear a t a Circuit Court and Court of uy»T and Terminer, to be holden at the Court House in the Town of Herkimer, in and for said County, on the 4th Monday (28th day) of October next, at 10 o'clock ICES, to re- n in a tio ^ H B W A R j D ! m pTA REWARD—I beg leave to < { P X V W liiiorm uiy fiiei-ds and tuo commuuiiy, that from recentaiTauemcnls made by me I NUW oiler tho above reward In good faith, which shall be paid iu cash to any Chemist of good and responsible .standing in thislitate, who will a lter a carefui analysis of tlie Brandies, Wmes, Gins, to ., NOW for sale by me pro­ nounce against their p urity ; kuowii'g from experience that our citizen’s in general labor under the impression (with good cause) that pure liquors can he had only iu tract, lor my supplies in these articles, do slake my reput.aionasa.M an, my Integrity as a merchant, that if the liquors NOW sold by mo as pure, a re not so, then none can he tiau Irom off tlio Vineyards in France, or from uny part of the world. As a proof of my sincerity I challenge chemical con­ tradiction, and invite all to come and test for them­ selves, when they will learn that Now, bi,-„ever be- lore ’ pure liquors can be purchased in Herkimer by I H 2 W E I L K170W N AKD CELEBEATED ROOT DR. PALMER y^ I L L be in HERKIMER, Septem- y » ber 2d, and will lake Rooms a t one of the priu- eip.'il H.-teis, where he can be consulted at all houns. Ho has travelled a great many years for the purpose of curing Cancers and Fever Suies. He 1ms h id a long If not too far advanced, aud still can he cured. ’ P U R S U A N T to a n o r d e r o f E z r a U Graves, Surrogate of Herkimer Comity, notice is hereby given to all persons huvuig claims against the estate of Leonard Ackler, late of the town of German Flalts,iu Slid comuty, deceased, to present the sumo » ith the vouciiers tUereol to Jacob Ldiek, suhscriher, admiiii.strator of the said deceased, at his dwelling house, iu said town of German Flatts. ou or belfire lua 'J'Jd day of April hext. Dated Herkimer, the ICth day of .September, ISOI. JACOB LDICfv, .Aiirmui'tratur. Notice, PURSUANT to an order of Ezra X Graves, .vnrrogate of Herkimer couuiy, notice is hereby given lo all persons having claims against tiie sta tj of John Oarlock, late ol the town i,i German Flats, in said county, decease , lo present the suina wuh the vouchers iiiereot to John McCredy, the sub- senber, executor ol the will oi the said deceased, a t fug dwelling hous , in said town ot Gciman tlaie,on or be- 24th d a V o fJuL * '1 8 6 1 the 6m “ e- - mc CREBY, Executor P U R S U A N T to a n o r d e r is s u e d b y X E zra G raves . Surrogate of Herkimer Couuiy, no liue Is hereby given to aif persons having claims against the e state ol Hez-.-kiah A. Brown, late oi the town of Columbia, iu Faid County deueased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to J. F. i.owland, llie sub­ scriber, one ol the admini.strators of the said deceased at his dwelling house ill said town of Columbia, on or before the ISih^day of October next,—Dated the 16th H e r k im e r C o u n ty. p L E R K ’S O F F I C E , ssN o t i c e is ?clockA°M ^ “ m-iday, the 8d day of October, a t l u

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