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Herkimer County Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1856-1861, May 09, 1860, Image 1

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1 / i i i i H . Gh. G B O U G H , . P r o p r i e t o r . o o X T !£ s r > t r TBRM . S : —8 1 , 5 0 A Y i s A B * TOLTJME m i l . HERKIMER, HERKIMER COUlTt, I . T., WEBIESDAI, MAT 9, I860. HHMBE R # g c t k i m t r C c i m t g ^ m o t r a l l a : . 0 - - C E . o T T * a i 3 : , EDITOR PROtRIETOB. H E B K IM E U , H E R K IM E H C0UKTY, N. Y JteRM S — The> B emocuat will be issued every Wedaesday morniag. and sent to ^utErnteersf'^r $1.50 Tvhen p a idin .'idvanecj if not in advance. $1, id . will beohargea. Therp will be no deviation fiora- these ’ • KATES OF ADVEBTISINQ. : S & ; : : : :iS3 S r . 3 S . . 3 - - - - One sijuare 6 m o n t h s , ..................................... 5 00 ! ^ l T w ? d 7 c o ^ k t - w i U be m a d e V t h o s f % advertise b y th e y e ar. « llN T IffiS in all its I t a n d dispatch a n d on i iL a m s o f ’N e o a Y o r f e — By-Aaihuriy. [Every law, tmless a different time sh a u \o presorib ed therein, shall commence and take cIT^’Ct throughout the State, on and not before the wentleth day after the day of it 3 fiscal passage, as certified by the Secretary Of State. Sac. 12, title 4, cliap. 7, .part 1, Revised Stat- '^^[Bvery law so published in the State Paper, may bo read in evidence from the paper in which it shall be contained, in all courts ot ja^tic© in this State, and in all procao ling befora any officer,* body or board, In which it slnli be thought necessary to refer thereto, un­ til three montlis aft.ir the cioso of the sessioain which it became a law. Sec. 8, title 7, chap. 8, part 1. Revis «d Statutes, and laws of 1845, chap. S80.] C hapieh : 117. AIJ^ACF to amend an act entitied “ An act in relation to eral®Wat°ra^aa^d othe1:s5^px=se^ e?n hundred and forty-seven. Passed March 2RIi, 1800—threo-nfths baingpres- The People of the State of H'ew York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows Section 1. Section second of an act entitled “An act in relation to tho sala of bottles ns.-d by the manufac­ turers of i^ineral waters aud others,” passed ttiy sev­ enth, eight-en hunlred and forty-s.-ven, is hereby amendei so as to read as follows: It is hereby Icclarel to ha imlawfulfor any -person or perso IS h.i -eaft'r, with eat the written coaseut of the owner thereof, to ITU with minaral waters or other bev­ erages, any such b.ittle sotmtrlced or stamped, or to sell, dlsposi ol, bay or tr.-iffl.’ in any such bottle to mark­ ed or stamp.-l by him,h .-.- or th. m of such owner there­ of, or'to lltl tho sama with mi leral w.rt;r or other bev- oragi's; a:iy such person .so offending shall be liable to a p?aa!ty of nttv c_>at.s for each and every bjttte so ni!a I, b night, soil, used or triffldwd in, tor tha ff/tt off-:j.s-, I'cl liv 2 dulUrs tor eich aud every h.ittie s.. fi.te-I, 0 i ;gat, sold, used or tiv.fila.k.oJ in, I'or'tvary sub- s»(i'i ut o:r.>ni'.3. in ■ ..iut of any person other Uwn the rightful own-r tucroof, w.th.out such writt.-n. permission as afaresail, using such botties for tho sale therein of any mineral water or other b.‘verag.i, shall be presumotiv, evidence of the unlawf il usi .tnl parchaso of such hot ties, and any s- c’l owa.-'r, o.- giat of such owner, who shalLmaho oath or affirmation before an.v nuglA.-atc- that he has reason to h -Uev'-, and dues b ilievo that any of his bottles, stamped and regi.storecl as aforesaid are being unlawfully used by any p;-rsmi or persons selling or manufacturing minend water or other bev .rages, or that any junk dealer or vender of buttles shall have be taxed by such officer IfsaiDi. ^ Z f , § 10. Section thirty six is hereby amended so as § Qff. When a aistribution sliall bo maipJiy sodt oDl-, ings in his bands, directing him to pay the same to thd Iributing officer, of the ffonds d n 42 of tho Said act is hereby amended s r vised statotes, entitled ‘ of prQceediHgsfor thecollec- provi^iioii^of law in relation to search warr.auts, which are hereby dcchir.:* 1 to fnllv relate to the puriio.ses oi thi.? act; and the magistrate shall have power, in a sum raary w.ty, to bring, or caii.?a to be broupht befoi-o him, . thepersan in whnse-possessioa said buttles m.ayhave been found, to examine into the circumstanoes of his said possession, and if ho shall find, on summary exam for the collection of demands against ships and ves- .^frissed April 7th, 1850—three-fifthsheingpresent. > The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows ; Section 1. The first section of title eight clwpter eight, of part third of the Revised ftatutes is hereby ampul ‘d so th.it the same shall read as follows: '^'l. TVli mever a debt .am.ouiiti i S ’ t t m . n i l l . r . . ocuan-hrmnd vessel, c jpairiug, fitting, 2. For such provisions and stores, furnished within this State, as may be fit and proper for the use of such vessel, the time when the same were furnished.' 3. On account of wharfage and the expense of keep­ ing such v'ssel in port, iucluding the expense incurred in employing persons to watch her. 4. Or waanever a debt amounting to twenty-five dol­ lars or upwards shall h? contracted as aforesaid on ac- or on account of, or for the insarauce or premiums of that the .same shall read as follows : § 2. When tho ship Or v sssl shall depart from tho IKirt at which she was when such debt was contracted, when said debt was cont.-acted in the uitv of New York of such vessel to such port. 1. But in all cases where such debt was contracted in, the said last men^oned cities such lien shall ceaaa im- mediatel.v after such vessel sh.all have so returned, un­ less the porsou liavihg .such lien shall, within twentv ^biii of particulars of his demand or a copy of any written ooutr.act, iinJer which the work may be done, w'ith statemaut of tho am lant claimed to bo due to him from 2. The sail county clerk shall provide anl'koep a ship or vessel, if she have any, and opiosite to them and the said clerk shall in every such case receive tha sum of fifty cents ; such book to he open to public in­ spection an-i-examination. When such ship or vessel shall he other tnan a sea­ going vessel bound upon such foreign voyage, and'shall S S S S i l ' S i T f o’J'S .S S ' S S after the year in which such debt was contracted the s s a s T S f a n s . - S i r “ S i such debt was contracted, and such debt shall in all ca- sf.r4 S r W J . s s r w r S ff “» ”4 f e ' a - S f ? £ en l thereof; “ In ali cases the aftomey for tho attach mg creditors shall havn rcasonabio notice of tho appli­ cation and of the nam^s and residence of the sureties, and a right ta a justification of the sureties proposed, on which justification tho said creditor shall have t'le ^ 8. The fifteenth section of the said act is hereby amended by adding thereto as follows: § 15. Everv .such bond shall ba held for tho common county wherein the warr.an'-'was issued, copies whereof or of each of the same, duly exemplified by such clerk, S i f f s r f i r M ; s «« .ac - -------- fOllOWS : I rotuTii to f P O E T R Y . . Didn’t S^ow ‘W tat it Heaiit. coxjnmiAi. WVB Ho gave mo a knife m e tidy at schoal, Four bjaded, tha handle of pearl; And .great black words on thO wrapper said, “ For tho darlingestrlingest littleittle c irl.”irl.’ l g I wa3 glad I Oh, y es; s ; y e t the crl To my young check came apd went, art thumped wondrously pit irimson blood lbe;^gemeow;?^t‘t whole of E.aid original. FLOYD JONES, Sec. of State. E sactitode op S oience .—I n tlie April number of The CornhUl Magazine', josh re­ ceived, weAfld a coBtlnnafioiv of Mr. Lewis’ hiffhJv iDtercsHi - - Autinairxiire, istie aneede English Cuvier: ; with Professor Ow- !um, when a gentle- a request to be lefora It had quitted ■reat. 1 kni his hands was, doubtless, very great. 1 know mine was; until the reflection occurred that if some one, little acquainted with additions, had drawn a volume from his pocket, decla­ ring he had found it in an old chest, any bibliophile would have been able to say at a glance: “That is an Elzevir;” or “That is one of the TRUchnitz classics, sterreotyped at Owen is as familiar with the aspect ith of animals, living and extinct, as a student is with the aspect of editions. Give the little ones slates and pencils and encourage tbeir attempts to make pictures Drawing will amuse them when noisy plays have lost their zest, or are unseasonable; and the art will b e useful to them in afterlife.- Have them read to each, other stories and paragraphs of your own selection, and save the funny things and p l e a s a n t ones you see in papers and books, to read to them a t your leisure. Ton cannot imagine how much it will please them, and how i t ivill bind them to you. But choose well for them; for the impression made on their minds now will last when the hills crumble. Have them sing together, and sing with them, teaching them songs and hymns. Let them sing all iment and occupation; specified times for each, so that their habits will be orderly. Let them work together— boys and girls—^both need out-of-doors work —while the parent’s eyes direct and sympa­ thise, and their loud voices blend in loving accord. . S H E ? 3 S S S ‘Sifis running a c c e n ts to have been, folly contracted,for the Iie?^d® fl^lL /o/sSH ^ andfrom“S dite o n h e incurring of the last item of such running account. IS to read 8 7. Whenever any s other avarrant shall is; donsevei adas follows: . . . such warrant slrall be issued no ■ It the same ship or ves- i i S M S i i l # : or the sheriff executing the same, in consequence of the oroceedings fallmg throngh, by reason of technical ir- reuolarlty, not touching the merits of the claim, a new ■reMraatm.ay issue during the-vitality of such lien on Tike proof, before the saine or any other judicial officer, amended hy Btrlkia? out the words “ The name of her last comman­ d'd. Tho fourteenth seettoa o f the said act is hereby amended so as to read s s follows : 514 Upon such bond being executed and delivered and the taxable fees of the sheriff paid, the said, officer A S light M i 8 coyception . — “ There’s where the boys fit for college,” said the Pro- fesaor to Mrs. Partington, pointing to the High School. ■“ Did they ?” said the old lady, with ani­ mation ; “and if they fit for college before they went there, didn’t they fight afterwards?” “ Yes.” said he, smiling, and favoring the the fight was with the i, iiuu uuu the hands.” Batted, did they?\'said the old lady, perastep^j'^^ continued he, “ that they wrest­ ed with then.’ studies, and went out of col- to do< y e y e t the heck came aj my heart thumped wondrously pit-a-pat, it 1 didn’t know what it meant, night ho said Imust jump on his sled, tho snow wasfa falling Ipst; tat las wiS delicious, with th a l shoulder against his own. How gallantly he jumped up to pull the strap for her—by *iao favoring break of fortune it happened tb ?j«’;at the very street e intended to stop. And under all the cir- e can hardly hlai !fe he gave the plump, ujowy pal in his senses would have done the same s tlL „ .,^ ., wag half afraid, h u tho coaxed and coaxed, id got mo on a Laughiligand chatting in merry glee. To my homo his course he bent, And my slaters looked at each other and smiicd, Bali I didn’t know what it meant. TU© years passed on, and they touched: his ©yo ’it ti a shadow of deeper b lue; hisform a manlier grace— they ton a shadow of deeper blue; inlier g Ta ais cbof-k aswafthlor hue. • Wo stood by tha dreamily rlppiingbrooK, When tho day was almost spent. His whispers were soft as the lullaby, And —now 1 know what it Pteanl. SELECT TALES.- BLUE EYES BEHINI) i VEIL. BY LUCY A. EAHDALL. Mr. Edge was M e at breakfast—that was no very unusual occun-ence—and he was a little disposed to he cross—which was like­ wise nothing new. So he retired behind his newspaper, and devoured his eggs and toast, without vouchsafing any reply, save unsocial air. when al last her burden as he spoke, ;;‘And—and maybe you’ll find less difficulty ijl walking, if you’d just take my arm 1” > ■Well, wasn't it del’ \& got the 1 he thotij as he appr fed a little nen'ous, •Kttle incognitia wouldn'tt. bold on quite so tight. Suppose Maria shv.ald he at the win­ dow on the look-out for firt, as she often was, how wdalis/^fi interpret matters!—^He couldn’t make bclieTo.tl at heonly wanted to be poRte to a fair weeping declaratic^g . would be sure to recall the*- As ho stopped at t'*'' ^ turned round to bid tht M-aclieu, hewasastounAc»i to see her lightly up the steps to entc’,‘ likewise! Gra­ cious -Apollo! he burst inti? a chilly perspira­ tion at the idea of Maria’s f'orfor! . “I think you’ve made a mistake, IiDss!” stammered he, “this can't 1 <- your bouse.” . But it was to j late—^hc was already in tho brilliantly lighted halL USitl turning round, threw off her dripping habf'mouts, and made him a low 1 the rusthng t p aragraph, and set, i t came. “ Dear didn’t you say you were going to leave me a hundred dollars for my furs to day?”“ ' “W h a t furs? (Rather shortly it was spok­ en.) “ Those new sables, d e a r; my old affairs are getting shockingly shabby; and I realty “ Oh, pshaw 1 w hat’s the use of being so extravagant ? I haven’t any money just now to lay out in useless follies. The old furs are goad ^ enough for any sensible woman to Mrs. Edge, gbQd, meek little soul that she was, relapsed into obedient silence; she onlv sighed a soft, inward sigh and presently be­ gan on a new track. “ Henry, will you go with me to ray aunt’s tonights?” “ Can’t you go alone?” “ Alone? How would it look?” Mrs. Edge’s temper—for she had one, thbugh it -And Mrs. Edge looked extremely pretty, with tears: in blue 'eyes, and a quiver on the- round rosy lips. “ Pshaw!” said the husband, peevishly. “ Now, don’t be silly, M aria!” “ And in the stage, yesterday, you never asked me if I was warm enough, or put my shawl round, while Air. Brown. was so very affectionate to 7iis wife! It was mortifying enough, Heni’y—it was, indeed !” “ I didn’t know women were such fools,” said Mr. Edge sternly, as he drew on his over­ coat to escape the tempest he saw rapidly impending. “ Am I the sort of a man to make a ninny of myself doing the polite to ani/ feminine creature ? Did you ever know me to be conscious whether a woman had on a shawl or a swallow-tailed coat?” - Maiia eclipsed the blue eyes behind a little pocket hadkerchief, and Henry, the savage, banged the door loud enough to give Betty, in the kitchen, a nervous starl “ Raining again 11 do beliei ve a second edition of th Idge t o himself that evening, as ' ;ed his six feet of iniquity in the west comer of a car a t tho City Hall. “ Go ahead, conductor, or can’t you?— W h at are yon waiting for ? Don’t you see we’re full, and its dark already ?” “ In one minute, sir,” said the conductor, as he. helped a little woman, with a basket on board. “ Now, sir, move up a bit if you comer, he altered his mind and did move W h at lov as he best( “ Real V most. Bless me 1 what business has an ' old married man like me thinking about eyes ? W hat would Maria say,the jealous little minx? drawn a confounded veil over a tallow C onddct .— A dhere m o s t scru p u lously to ti’uth, and labour to preserve th^ strictest in­ tegrity, simplicity, and Sincerity. Strive to be kind, forbearing, and foigiving as YOU can both to friends and to foes. ver speak evil of any one, on any pre- whatever, conduct. AIo tify lust, sensuality,/and sloth. Shut out all evil imaginations and i thoughts. There—she’s drawn a confoum her face, and the light is as dii dip ! But these were pretty eyes!’, The fair possessor o t the eyes shivered slightly, and drew her mantiUa closer around her shoulders. ’ “ Are you cold. Miss? Prey honor me by wearing m y shawl. I don't need it at all myself.” • She did n o t refuse—she murmured some faint apology for troubling him, but it was not a refusal. “ No trouble not a b i t !’’ said he, with nging i t on the taper shouldi ^ little hand! Ifthere’s anything I admire i n 'a woman its a pretty hand! Wonder what kind of a mouth she’s got ? It must h e delightful if i t corresponds with the hair and eyes. Plague take that veil.” But “ plague, whoever that mystical power may be, did not take possession of th e pro­ voking evil, so Mr. Edge’s curiosity about the month of the blue-eyed damseP still re­ mained ungretified. Have you room enough, Miss ? 1 fear you are crowded, Pray sit a little closer to me.” “Thank you, sir,” was the soft reply, com­ ing from behind the veil, aff Mr. Edge rap­ turously reflect—“Like an angel from the gloom of a dark cloud.\ And his h eart gave a loud thump, as the p r e t^ shoulder touched his own shSggy overcoat, in a nestling sort of lenses woulu nave done the s —^it was such an invitii^ little lily leaf! Out, in the rain anuMarkness, our \two 1™..: ---- •eflection ing pave­ ments. ■ • -Aliow me to car^_yov basket, M ss, as for as our pfiths lie in t i ^ same direction,” said M e Edge.iCOuctsousIy, relieving her of her burden as he spoke, ^’'And—^and maybe thtful! ’Ml’, Edge for- Ms GTamf.doai’, he began to [IS, and -KRli that the lovely wouldn' hold on quite so ______ his : morning—she Aitem u s VSTard Ynoouaters the Octoroon. O nto the W ing , Aperil the ■I’i, 18 & 60. SuRS—^Be preffis this n o atby kongratterlatin Fineus T. Barnim on rezoomin the Show bisi- niss. Hese the bed & front of the wax wurk and startlin kariosify perfeshun—so to speak —& fur 1 Ime trooly tickled to see him rize, FenixIUie, from his* hashes. 1 hain’t larfed so m u t ^ over enuything since the Thayers was hung. Them Hocks kame very neer winding [N. B. agoak,] .old Fineus T. u p .bnthe konk-- ered all oppersisbun & is now sole owxir of the Moozeum whare grate morril dramys is- , acted out to the delite of people from the Rooral dislricks. H e likewize owns the W h a t Is It. H e never ortCr publisht that awful biografy of hisn, as i t .was goiu back on th a perfeshun & exposin the ceerits of 1 of tho noblist callini besidi sa, all hale Old Fineus ' up myself. Ive been Uckfc, b u t i t was dan by dorgs, as in the kase of Lazzarus of old.— So mutch for Old Fineus T, ItisTvitlino^ordenary feeliiii! of Sliagrins indignashun that I rite yu these here liner. Sura of the highest and most purest feelins itch actooate the hurain hart Tias bin to. The Amerycan flag has bin Ive bin nussin a Adder in my Boo- politenc “Wh: sry much oblidged to you for all your less, sir!” *• to N. Y. for to ^ t out my ffamin yaller han- bills fur the Snmmir kampane,-& as I was erOosin & noospaper on'the kars a middel ged man in speckterhuls kuin & sot down nto me. He was drest in black close & was appeerently as fine a man as ever was “*A fine da, Sur,” he did unto me stri way sa. • “ Middlin,” sez I, not myself tho h e peared to 1 there was in. the wurld —‘ da,Square,” I obsarved. he “ How fairs the Ship of keue\<^”‘‘ lost aU ies,” pursued !3,, hui*ui- bluelue eyesyi (they your gallantry towi the merciless little pus3 h b e ^ were pretty!) all in a nance which suppre; roguery. Edge looked from ceiling to floor, in vain search for a loop-hole of tetre a t; but the cars, anA h irngm e il “Yon see, dear,.” said the fcs’atic little la- should meet with such attention iu tho cars, and from my own husband, tool Good gra­ cious, how aunt Priscell t wRl enjoy the “If you toll that old luajO\ •\ said Edge in an accent of desperation,.f I'ercr shedi hear the la.st of it.’’ • “Very probably,” said proTohingty.. A follow don't want to be laughed a t by the world! I say,-Maria-, you shall have the prettiest furs in New ITofit if you’ll only keep quiet ------ ^'ou 5 shall, on m t honor.” Tlio terms were satisfactory, and Maria .pitulated—who wouldn't? And that is the way she got those splcmlid furs th a t filled the* hearts of all her female friends with envy; andpe?'7/ap8 it was what made Mr. Edge such a scrupulously courteous hnsband ever after. It isn’t always best to go through the world prying into people’s motives! Financial Condition of Hew Yorh Editors. ^ The<New the city: Gei siNew York correspondent of the C (S. 0.] Courier thug wi-ites regar ■alth 01 some of the editors of the foi considerable real estate, and he, to-day, otters for sale a portion of it—a tract of fifty acres —for which he demands ^100,000. • The in- merci ____ lent, from ___ come of 830,000 to S40, withstanding this great W( rard Hallock is one o f th e ndst modi and he is what is hard for an editor to at least,)a sira :ee quart which they alone have )0 to 840,000 a year, this great worldly sum lie richest editor we have, James Gordon Bennett, who is estimated at 8600,000, or just double, Horace Greeley is by no means a rich man. though I dare say The Times is not as yet a paying conc< rivals, the Herald and Tribune, when it gets will be when it ge a’few more years on its head and wrinHes on its brow. The Brooks­ es, of the Express, are both becoming rich. They both married money !?outh, one near jonnialistic Aladdin of the New has only to rub his Ledger, and -out com the gold. It is a tight race- between Bonn of the Ledger, and Morse of the Observer, both being high iu the editorial financial graduated scale,, and beating all the nabobs of the daily press hut Bennett and Hai- L anguage fo e the L ad ies . —^The univer­ sal publication of the details of the prize fightight introducesntroduces too our,r, acquaiutanc.escquaiutances man;any f i t ou a m phrases, which, uttered by pretty ladies, would sound vei’y odd< Thiuk of a fair teSi maiden asking her “ boy ” to let her on his “ duke;” think of Mary Ann telling her mamma all about the English prize ring, and how the combatants struck each other aud bunches of fives, upon the cone, the conk, the ____ _ — _____ _ - J, the knowl­ edge-box ; the no.'^e, the sneezer, the snorer, ” - snuffer, the suuff-tray, the nozzle, the zard; the eyes, ogels, the optics, the trampt ontc otitrajed. Ive bin nussin a Adder in my zUm. '^riie fax in the kase is these bere : A fu weeks ago 1 left Baldiiisville to visMn to kommit e as fine a man as its a middlin line over my Ise, larfed niglisterically & lell nn- del’ a seet. I la there slim time & fell asleep. I dremt J£rs. Ward & tbe twins had bin car­ ried orfbyEyenosserhosses &thatBaldinsvill had bin captered by a army of Octoroons.— \When I awoked the lamps was a bumin dim­ ly. Sum of the passinjers was a snorein like pawpusses & the little damsell in the pine gown was a singin “ Oft in the SiUy nite.” The onprinsipuld Octoroon & the erhul man in black close- was gone, and )f a suddent it flasht ore my brane that bin swindild. I ’l boste no more of bein miserbul all of a SI Ide smart. juire reMne of keuentry ?” 'Sez I, “ W e don’t have any Ships in our State—^the kanawl is our b est hoi.” 'sed a minit anfi then sed, “ Air yu r, that the krisis iss withith nss ?”” i w n ? and loolyn i irywhares,” he sed. Bez I “ ‘WTiy how you taWk T and I gut up agin & lookt all round. “ I must sa, my ft-en;” I continered, as I rezoomed my seet, “ that I k an't see nothin of no krisis myself^” I felt sumwhat alarmed, A rose & in asten- irved that if enheylady or there kar had a krisis con- persons they’d better pro- itto onct or suffur the konsequE e observaShun, “ He, he.” “ S et down, my irend,” said the man in lack close, “ yu miskomprehend me. I meen rat the perlittercal ellerffients are orecast 1th black klouds. 4boden a fritefuI4torm.” “ Well,” TepUde I, in “ regard to peiiitter- 'nnteonte J^don’Aknow^don’Akaow ass howow b a t what. .c^rfforf J a h b Tuay is as good„asL^>nnpy nf-.e’liaai- (Sieay i^^^^nplraSm fTO liavrounW \'rfey'TW are powerful heavy eaters & take up a rjte X smart clians of room, & besides they air as ugly and revenjeful as a Cusscaroarus Injin jyitli 13 inches of corn whisky in his stnm- mick.” The man in black close seemed to be as fine a man as ever was in tbe world.— He smilt & sed praps I was. rite, tho it was ellermunts instead o f ellerfunts that he was alluding to, & axeci what was my prinseiqmls? “ I harnt gut enny,” sed I—\ not a princer- pul. Ime in the show bisiaess.” The man in black close, I will hear obsarve, seemed to be as fine a man as ever was in the world. “^Eut,” sez he, “ jm hav fe'elings inti & The A n gel of the Heart. rd repulsive surface of “ Gome to me, darling; papa’s cross to- ^ht!” said a young mother, as she extend- her arms affectionately to a little girl of three years, who had left her toys and play­ things, to climb upon her fatlier’s knee. The'cMld hazarded a puzzled took a t that dark, stern countenance, and without a of reassurance, stole Softly to his N o t a word was spoken, and the •gloomy man sat sKd and sullen, liis mind wholly absorbed with the bugy world’s ex­ citement. Although a husband and a fath­ er, he was evidently in no humor to partici­ pate in the pleasures of a “ home eu’cle.” The child not a t all discouraged by the forbidding look of, h er parent, ^crept gea% the opposite cheek while her innocent issed gently the troubled brow. In a teers and axed me ef Isaw that yung lady in the seet out yeiider, pintjn to as slick a gal as I ever seen. Sed I, “ 2 be 'shure I see her—is she mutch sick ?’•’ the man in black clos apeerently as fine a man as ever was world enu( )se was s in the “ Draw eloster to me,” sed the man in ack close. “ Let me get my mowlh mst-your ear. Hush— shese a O ck “ No !” sez Igitting up in a exsite , so ! How long has she fer- 3N.I” leywhares ner, “ yu biu in that way “ Pram her earliest infancy,” sed he. “ \Wall whot upon arth duz she do it fur ?” I inquired. “ She kan’t help it,” sed the man in black close. “ It's tbe brand of Kane.” “ 'WaU, sliecle better stop drinkin Kane’s brandy,” I replido. “ I sed the brand of Kane -was upon her — n o t brandy my Mend. Y n are obtoOse.” ■ Iw a s konsiderbul riled at^this. Sez I, “ My gentle Bur Ime a nonresistanter as a & don’t want to git up no ro’ ly, b u t I kin nevertheles kave enney man’s bed that kaUs me a abtoos,” with whitch remarks I kommenst fur to pull “^ u m o n , ” sez I - - darneed round like a. ^ his seet & axed my par *hat it was' a orf my extiy garminL. ----------- -------- “ T im e ! bear’s a Beniki Boy fur y e !” & I ‘ poppit. H e riz up i lardon—sed it was all must, sa the mi as fine a man as ever lived in the wurld. He sed a Octoroon was the 8th o f a negrow.— - He likewize stadid that the female he was travelin with was formerly a slave in Missjs- iippy; that shed pursliist her freedim &; now wanted to purchase the freedim o f her poor old muther, who (the man in black close ob- ‘ed) was between 8Y yeers of lo all the cookin & washii & had in for 25 Mred to do all th e cookin & men whitch konstitnshi he gased onto my klassic & benei that Ide donate librally & axed me over & see her, which I accordinly a beside her and ibrally & axed me to go lieh I accordinly did. I sot down beside her and sed “ yore Sarvant, M arm! How do yer g e t along ? Bhe b urst in 2 te.ers & said, “ O Bur, Ime ) So retched-^Ime a poor unforlunit Octo- )on.” “ So *I larn. Ture rether moor Boon than cto, I take,”' sed I, fur 1 never seed a put- er gal in the whole endoorin time of my fe. Bhe had on a More Antic Barsk & a Nnpier with Berage trimmins oi lUS xemisuuuo wj'. A J^XWVIVA uiio roon from the inmost-recusses'& my hawld out 50 dallers kcr slap & told buy her old muther as soon as possei losserbul.— tunate ‘knocker off his pns, his pegs, his stumps, and his foundation, to say nothing of boring, fibbing, and sending him to to grass. Go’away, Clifiper / ' her old muther as soon as posserbul. __ she “ kine sur mutch thanks.” She then lade h er hed over onto my showlder & sed I was “ old rats,” I was astonished to hear this ohsen'ashun, which I knowed was never used in refined society & I perlite b u t emfat- terely shbvd her hed v?ay. Sez 1 “ Marm, ImC trooly sirprize: Sez she,“ g it out. the h 'man.Ive seen yit. Giyems auuthei Had a seleck assortment* of the mos menjious thunderbolts descended dqwi me i cooclent have bin n jumpt up, b u t she ceasec L wild voise cried, “ No, He mever desart yu -le t ns fli togethpr to a furrin shoor!” Sez I , N o t mutch we wont,’’ and I made a powerful effort to git awa from her. “ This is plafie out,” I sed, wfaarenpon she jerkt me back into the seet, “ Leggo my coat yn scan- dalus female,” I roared, when she set up the moss unarthly yefiin and hollerin yu ever heerd. The passinjers and the gentlemunly black close my natral dase. The man in k close rasht up tom e & sed “ How yu to insult my neece, yu horeyhi shone! T u base exhibbiter of low vagehone! Y u base exiiibbil figgurs—^yu woolf in sheep's, close,” & sow I was konfoozed. I was a I'oonytick fur the time bein and offered ^5 reward to sntleman of moreul i livd into. lat my. name The kondi fies te whare. I thare a gi’ reward to enny iiTacter who wood & what town I luctor cum' to me & sed the insultid parties would settle for ®50, whitch I immejitly hawld out, & agane ii ed sumbuddy to statE sum time b'ack. I then asked if there was enny Octoroons present, “ beeaws,”-sez I “ ef there is let um cum along, for Ime in the liss.” I then itercles Sorrerfully yures, A ktemus 'W ard . The Sympathiziiig 'Woman. » I f we were called upon to describe Mrs. Dobbs, we should, without hestation, eall her ^a sympathizing woman. Nobody was troubled with a malady she had n o t suffered. She knew all about it by experience, and could sympathize with them from the bottom of her heart. Bob Turner was a wag, and when, one day, he saw Mrs. Dobbs coming along the rcaa toward the house, he'knew that, in the ab* sence of his wife, he should be called upon to entertain her, so h e resolved to play a lifo tie on the good woman’s abundant store of sympathy. Hastily procuring a large blanket, lie wrapped himself up in it, and tlrrew himself upon a sofa near by. “ Why, ^ o d gracious, Mr. Turner, are you sick ?” asked Mrs. Dobbs, as she saw his po­ sition. “ Oh, dreadfully,” groaned the imaginary invalid. “ What’s the matter?” “ Oh, a ^ e a t many things. First and foremost, I ’ yc got a congestion of the brmn.” “ That's dreadful!” sighed Mrs. Dobbs.-— “ I came vei’y near dying of it ten years Come; next spilng. ^ WTiat else ?”« “ Dropsy,”’again groaned Bob. “ There I can sympathize with you. I was onbled •with it b ut finally got over it.” “ Neural^a,” continued Bob. “ Nobody can tell, Mr. Turner, what Fve suffered from neuralgia. It’s an at?M com­ plaint.” “ Then again, I'm veiy much distressed by inflammation of the bowels.” “ H y „ Dobbs: ‘ __ it, and 1 Ism,” added Bob. t’s very likely to go along with uralgia. It did with me.” “ Toothache,” suggested Bob. “ There have been times, M r.' Turner,” sympathizing woman, “ when I uld have gone distracted with id caressin* worn face, unt bearded she di’ew'her little, 7 down each side of that care they inet beneath the heavy Observe the effect; ’twas electrical; the stern features relaxed, the sullen gloom dis­ appeared, and the whole' countenance assum­ ed a lively, animated expression. • “ le scene was most touching. TTords ,0 express the. exquisite beauty of such a picture. A s the transformed parent drew the little gitl to his bosom and p r i s e d a kiss upon the innocent, u p turned' face, the finer feelings of his manly nature were in his voice as he said, “ No, my child, papa could never he cross with such a lo-ving daughter to calm the heart the world has -tortured into des­ pair.’’ The moral is too palpable to bo un­ derstood. hundred young ladies who dress well otl wise, but'whose shoes are generally for badly fitting and down a t the heel, and wh( stocMngs are wrinkled andl twisted about me leg, n ot one out of that number will make Innate love of neatness prtotj ticed. ___ elegant bonnet, sbawl and dress parading 'BrOadway, and the lady parasol—a five-dollar parasol—to an omni­ bus, and upon her placing her foot upon the step, sir,” said Blobbs gravely, “ I learned more of her true character by the the si of that shoe and stocking than stocking than a y ears visit ing would have given m e ; that lady tost caste by that miserable old shoe and 1w ed, carelessly-worn stocking.” S ot L o ' vengood ’S C olt .— ^Th e first lo c o ­ motive But ever saw, was standing with making safety valves. But, in Ms “skeery,\ cautious way, clambered to the top of the tender to find out “what sort of a beast” it was, whei the engineer slyly gave the whistle lever a pull—shoy-y-y! Sut lit twenty feet distant ''a f\f mnnd- nnd after •nitminff until be to it, .•ip® pans h a n ^ n g a ll around. Sut looked first a t the locomotive, and then at the stove. 'A ;ht broke over his pei-pleMty, aud h e shouted the engineer; \ . “ Oh, yes, I understand it all n o w ; the darn- [ old brute was just snickering^fur her ed old h A Btephenson, do you consider the most powerftil force in nature ?” “ I will soon answer that question,” said h e : “ I t ’s the eyfi of a woman for the ■ ■ sr; for if a fully recovered yet.’ “ Rheumatism ” © “Yes, tha t’s said the thought I the toothache.’ “ Then,” said Bol that I've got the teihyasaurus “ I shouldn't be at all suiprised,” said the ever ready Mi'S. Dobbs, “ I had it when I was young.” Though it was with gi'eat difficulty that he could resist lai ^hing, . great deal from a igh it was with gi'eat difficulty esist laug Bob continued “ I am a suffgi’ing a great deal sprained ankle.” “ Then you can sympathize with me. I sprained mini Mr. Q very badly when 1 But that isn t*the worst ot it. Well, what is it ?” asked 'Mrs. Dobbs, with curiosity. - “ I wouldn't tell any one but you, JL's. Dobbs, hut the fact is”—here Bob groaned I am afraid, aud tho doctor agrees with me, that my reason is affected—that,ia short, I’m a little cra?y!” “ OK Mr.^ 'Turaeri is^ it impossible?’* ex- headAny^eifl” Bob could stand i t no longer; he burst into a roar of laughter, which Mrs. Dobbs taking for the preem'sor of a violent paroS- I of insanity, she was led to take a hur-- N ational C cstoji .—N o t of_ spitting, al­ though that is one, and a serious offence, too; but of “ treating” or, in other words, “standing drinks forflie crowd.”' The Phila- ’ ’ ’ ■ i Enqidrer claims that this ci\''' g in’ good fell ilf the drink ) thirds of t lunliy. It says: From considerable observation, we believe that the species of national superstition by which it is considered neeessary tq a$k body to drink, and t ' ......... ' compt pected tb partake of it, when in nine f out of ten they would rather n o t . . Oiirfollow countrymen have not that innate taste fov alcohol which in itself would account for the' immense number of bar rooms eyeiy^here gstooishing the traveler,'and it is'believed that the universality of their patreffiage arises chiefly from the vulgar custom of .“treating.” The only explanation of that is,that it becomes a question of money, and all must pretend full iiockete and liberality, though it b e j n this small way. I f there were no false'pride involved, and every man paid Ms, own shol tip l t - ------- and it is certain. ....— .— accessions to their ranks. Erl?X*'±LL?x& ffects op M ental D epressions . ssions, sorrow, grief, despair _i of deranj Al ut* XJ4JL*. depressions, sorrow, g .are sometimes the disordered stomach:s disordered stomach and bowels. The pro­ tracted operation . of soitow is exceedingly liable to induce dyspepsia, and all its-reonse- -Mental and fean its-reonse- irt of the mces. There “is*hardly any part of the ..v^Jy, or any function in fact, that grief wUl not injure or derange; b u t no part or function feels its depressing effects more than the stom­ ach and other digestive organs. 'We could refer to dozens of medical authors lyho tell- us that long-continued grief and. anxiefy of mind weaken the tone of the stomaeli, destroy the appetite and digestion, and ©eeasioh a it;GUlUU U1 uU«'t iuUix vtiu. ------ There is no other force in nature that cotdd do that.” ‘ ' Men pursue riches uncer the idea that their -possession will set them at ease, and above theworid. But the law of association often makes those who begin by loving gold aS^ a servant,-finish by becoming-themselves ito slaves; and independence -'withoat wealm m at toast as common a s ■a'ealth without inde­ pendence. “John, whatis a gentleman?’•’ “Stub-toed oots, short-tail coat and a high shirt collar. len Xrisli- ______lie some On Ms coming in the farowi' said: • • '. ’ - “■Well P at,'did you give him the eora ?” , “To be sure I did.” ■ ; - “How did you give it?” ^ ' “ A ti ’ sure just as you tould me—in the “How much did you give?” “'Well, you see, the cratlmr wouldn’t hoifiq stDl, and kept a switching >horft so th a t I couldn’t get above a fist fuU in- both ears.” it was in 1 I can rem e m te. Fust my , d den mv tnudder married again, and den ■ ‘ marriedEt ---- ajLlU MUW 4. all,nor n e home,nornuffin^ ) no parentsmts n t Dt cahnol The curse creature. ------ - ------ -- « tious m!M,nor riches the ^ovetons man, bOr- pleasures the .voluptuous mam , Mm. ------ take off the weariness of one pleasme fay a- ' ler, forafter a few evaporated t t __ jd , and the min --------- - — . — the satiMaetton, and all the mam

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