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T H E a H E ^ T W O H E E R Of the Nfneteenlh Centiiry, P R O F S I S O R W O O B ’ S H AIR R E S T O R A T I V E . Q A T S the St. Jjonis,- (M q .) D e m o c rat: ^ Below we publish a letter to Dr. Wooa, of tUWeity, from a gentlemaa in Maine, Which spcatSi glowingly of the auperior merits of his hair tonic. Snoh ovldonco must nave its effect, when coming from a reliable source. If certificates are guarantees of truh the Dr. needs no encomiums, norusoless puffery from the press: B ath , M aikb , Jan. 201856. Professor O. J . Wood, 4 - Co. : G kstiemex : Having my attention called a few months since to the highlj- henoCcial effects of your hair restor- ativ©, I was induced to moke appllcatiou of it upon my own hair, which had beco ao Quitcn gfay, probably ono- third white ; my Whisker? were o f the same character. years o ld; my good' it with the same effect. Tlio above notice I deem due to yop for your valua­ ble discovery. I am assured that whoever will rightly use, as per directions, will not have occasion to con­ tradict my statements. I am a citizen of this city and a resident here for the last fifteen years, and am known to nearly every one here and adjoining towns. Any use you may make of the ahove, with my name attached, is at your service, as I Wish to preserve the beauties of nature in others as well as myself. I am, truly vovrs. A. C- BAtMAJTD- B awimore , Jan. 23,1858. IVOOD’SHAIR KESTORATIVB. Professor'Wood—Dear S ir; Having had tho misfor­ tune to loose tho best portion my hair, from the effects o f tho yellow fever, in Now Orleans in 1854. I was induced to make a trial of your preparation, and found it to answer as the very thing needed. My hair is now thick and glossy, and no words can express my obligations to you in giving to the aflicted such a treas- and universally beloved. WM. DYER. Brookfield, January, 121858. Professor IVood—Dear Sir: Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say, that its effect has been excellent in removing infiamation, dandruff and a-constant tendency to itching, with which I have been troubled from childhood ; and has also re­ stored my hair, which was becoming gray, to its origin­ al color. I have used no other article with anything like the same pleasure or profit. Yours truly, .T w ■p.RAfin least twenty per cent more in proportion than _______ , retails for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a (pmrt,^40 per cent more in proportion, and retails for $3 0.-J. iV’OOD &C0., Proprietors, 312 Broadway, New York, (in the great N. Y. Wire Railing Ihtablishmont,) and 114 iljirket St., St. Ldufs, Mo. And sold by all good Druggists and Fancy Goods Deal- S T A R T l i H f O , B U T T R l / £ ! S U R V I V E OR P E R I S H . The LaCr oix Medical lostilnte J E - B J E I f O B E ^ O S J P J T A I . ! JUST RETURN e F j ’ROM EUROPE. Ko. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, 2^. YbrS:.—Aiming to render ourselves useful in the “ speciality to which we have devoted our energies for the post ^uarterof Hi oentury, and aware that the present era is remarkable for the dif­ fusion of knowledge and tho development of some new and unexpected disco^ry, we have, for the greater part of past year, devoted our time in YISIUNG THE eobopean HcemAiB, avallingonrselves of knowledge and researches of the ment of various diseases to which we have directed our attention. Those who place themsolves under our care Will have the full benefit of 4he many NEW AND EFFI­ CIENT REtrrffiTiy! which we liave beep enabled to intro­ duce into our practice, and the public taay rest assured of tho same zeal, assiduity, SEOBBOIT and atiention being paid to tbeir cases, which has so successfully dis­ tinguished US heretofore as a Physician in oar PECIT- LIAK department of professional practice. In all diseases which affect mankind arising from an buso of the sexual functions— ^whether in the married r single—^male or female—no matter what tho-diseage may be, we will fur*|6h them with new. delightfuUnd pleasant remedies, that will strengthen the whole nerv­ ous system—and that, too, b y remedies that never do the slightest injury under any oircumatances. Young men who are troubled with weakness, general­ ly caused bv bad habits in youth, the effect of which are dizziness, pains, forgetfuless, sometimes a ringing in the ears, weak eyes, wo.akness of the hack and lower P i l ^ Slarried ladies must not use them if they are in certain situations. Price $1 per box. Sent b y mail. T H E E L E C T R O -G ^ L V ^ a J S IC ‘P S O T E C T I K B ’ for married ladies, whose health will not admit, or who have no desire to increase their family, may ho obtained as ahove. It is perfectly safe and has been extensively used during the last eight years. Price reduced to $10. The ‘P H Y S IO L O G IC JIL V I E W O F U M R R M G E l a ‘ Private Medical Treatise’ on tha»lnfirmitie3 of youth and maturity: disclosing the secret follies of both sexes of all ages, causing debility, nervousness, depression of spirits, palpitation of the heart, suicidal imaginations, involuntary blushings, defective memory, indigestion and lassitude, etc., with confessions o f a boarding school miss, a conege student, and a young married lady. It is a truthful adviser to the married and thoso contemplating marriage. Its pei-usal is particularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of having hazarded tho health, happiness, and privileges to which every human hoing is entitled. It comprises 250 pages, and illustrated with upwards of one hundred and thirty on- gr-tvings, for twenty-five cents. Sent free of postage. Medicines with full directions sent to any part of tho T’nitfkd States f^aiiadas. bv uatients commuxiicatinsT T 1 5 E History of this great remedy is A tho most wonderful medical revelation that the world has ever known. It is not a history written by one man, or oven derived from the experiences of «ae nation, but consists of a compilation of testim the sick of everycountry—a record, the lik has never been adduced in favor of any di invention since time began. b i l i o u s D ISO R D E R S . In whatever form diseaso-auacks the liver, it is ro- ^ I w d and^term m a ted by this, searching, peinlcss and Let the sick whom tho faeulty have abandoned re- are restored to their proper tone; no matter in what hideous shape this hydra Of disease exhibts iitself, this searching and unerring remedy dis^rses it from the patient’s system. GENERAL DEBILITY A WEAKNESS. f From whatever cause, iowness orarmns, and all otho fo r the following diseases; Asthma, Headaches, Bowel Complaints, Indigestion, Coughs, Influenza, Colds, Inflamation, Chest Disoasei, Inward Weakness, Costivenosa, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia} Lowness of Spirits, Diarrhcea, Piles, Dropsy, Stone and Gravel, Debility,. SecandorySymptons, Tever Jind Ague, Venereal Affections, Female Complaints, Iforms of alikinds. — CAUTION I—None-are genuine unless the words Holloway, New York and London,’^ are diserniWo as a Water-mark in, every leaf of tho book of directions around each pot or box; the same may \be plainly seen I f f holding the Uaf to the light- A handsome reward will be given to any one rendering such information as may lead to the detection of any party or parties, count­ erfeiting the medicines or vending the same, knowing them to l>e spurious. Sold at tho Slanufaotory of Professor H olloway , oO Maiden Lane, New York, and by all respectable Druggist anddealers in medicine throughout tho United States and.the civilized world, in boxes at 25 cents, 63 cents and 51 dollar each. » There is cortsiderablo saving by taking the larger siae. N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every siporder are affixed to each box. A B o o b , f o r B v e r y l > o d Y . . i . £ 3 3 S T A R T L l IMQ O I S C L . O S U R E 5 - DR. TELLER’S great work for the marri­ ed or those contemplating marriage, 200 pages full of ^ P iQ A T E S . ■ Price twenty-five cents— ■ SMit to all parts tmder seal g by mail, postpaid . 50,000 I copies sold the past year. I The single married and tho I married happy. A Lecture J on Lovn, or how to choose ■ a partner: a complete work i on midwifery. It contains 3 hundreds of secrets never •arranted to be worth three ’ No. 5 Beaver s Heallli and Happiness Secured, O O N G E N T R A T E D C U R E , i th e CONCENTRAl'ED GlJfiE A POWERFUL REMEDY A POWERFUL REMEDY TRYITI TRY IT! TRY m TRY IT 1 TRY IT ! TRY IT ! Young Men who are suffering from tho effects of youth­ ful indiscretion can bo surely and permanently restored by using the • CONCENTRATED CURB, O R , A Q U A V I X A E , A.REMSDTOF G reat asd C hmain P ower . This remedy input up in small vials, and can be sent b y mail to any address. A trial will satisfy. Uso it for a week, and eit% ia,ren ? s Coj^]»er V o e S f t o e s article has been betore the pah .1 lie some time, and while its advantages have com. mended it to allwhohavO children, « Stubbing through' the toes o f their shoes with such rapidity as to make serious inroads into the paternal purse, still many have objected to it on account of its unsightly appearance.— But like everythin > ^.AitpOssesaes real merit, impro-^-' were unwilling to introauen mis aruviu uum couid gat up something that would combine the two qualities we have stated. They think, they have succeeded ad- mirahly, and. that their style will soon be adopted by aU.—CT/ce Motning Htratd. T ie above article is for sale, SowYorkprlc^^by^ sty le will soon be adopted by wholesale and retail, at LBW is BP.OTHERS. 180 Gene.'^se street. United States or Canadas, by patients communicating tbeir symptoms by letter. Business correspondence strictly confidential. / ^ “Attendance daily from O- a . h . to 9 r. at., and on Sundays from 2 to S P. M. Dr. L.’s Office is still located as estahlished unde the name of BR.‘ LA CROIX, secl21-4 at No. 31 Maiden Lane Albany. N. Y “ BUY ME ANB I’LL DO YOU GOOD/’ Health and Strength secured by the use of the GREAT SFRIHG AND STTHHBB HEDXCIHEI D R . LANGLEY’S B o o t a n d H e r b B U t e r « . (C O M P O S E D of S a s a p a b illa , W ild C heery , A' iel L ow D ock , P bicklev A sh , T hokocgh - ey, Loss Of Appetiso, ana torpid or diseased Ln disordered stomach, or bad blood, to which all are of less subject in Spriigand Summer. ■ ■ More than 1 , 000,000 persons have been cured by the medicene. It is highly recommended by physicians ov- erywhore. Try it and yov will never regret It. Only 60 ucuts fbir or large Botti*. Bold-ky Dw»lcr»->a Medicine everywhere. Orders addressed to J. 0. LANGELY, Boston. 31m6, IZ S T V iA L m S K . E A r > T H e M i c o r a M d i c a l I n U r m a r y , 1 7 S T A B L I S H E P E X P R E S S L Y bob THE TBBAiatENT Of all diseases arising from the abuse of the sexual organs of both Nale or Pemale, Marrleff or Single, with all their complications. Young men alHictod with seminal weakness are speeff- ily restored to health hy a N E W BF M E D T , only used m this Institution. Th» latast French and E nglish Eemedies used. All dis- •CKOs of tlio genital organs, requiring surgicaloperationg successfully treated. TO FEMdlLES, Tlie -Female Sugar Coated Feriodtcal PiUs fOP il'Peffll’' larities, price One Dollar a Box witn full aircctxons, for use under all circumstances. Jfarried ladies in a certain condition should not use them. Theinvah'ds Guide, a book for all, a guide to health, in plain language, by an eminent physician. Tho great­ est work of the age on diseases of the Genital Organs, with advice to the married and those about to marry, of vital im]X)rtance to both sexes, sent to any address un­ der seal, post free, for 35 cents m cash or stamps. JGSrAll communications strictly private and confiden­ tial. office No. 27 James St., near JIaidea Lane, Albany. Address the Eicord Infirmary, Drawer 75 Albany, F u r n i t u r e ! F u r n i t u r e ! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. H , P . B E G B A A F , 87 Bowery, and 63 Christie Street. ( Wholesale Warehouses,) and 141 Bowery, (Retail Store,) N E W Y O R K . ^ W H E R E ■will be BetaUeS at WhoIeBal© ROSEWOOD, mahogany 'AND WALNUT PARLOR F U R N I T U R E , to Brocade, Brocatelle, Belaine, Hush, and Hair Cloth. R osew ood , M ahogany and E n a m e l e d C H A M B E R F U R N I T U R E , in sets, from Ttventy to One Hundred and Fifty Dollars. Also, Oma ^ a t and Common Fumitnre, in great variety, A large assortment of GILT AND MAHOGANY MIRRORS, Spring andUnrled Hair MATTRESSES, Patent Premium Sofa BEDSTEADS, with Spring and Hair Mattresses at-' tached, &c. - - 0;^Steamboat3 and Hotels Enini8h.ed..,£U Dealers wiU. find it to their interest to give him a cal. atgjjYork) August 1 ,T.859. __________ a u g ^ ll l i l t C O G & S T W J E I X . J C , s S XTEW M e d i c a l S a l t , Get a Oircu- i . V lar. Ask any Druggist about the N ew M emcai . Ask your neighbors about the N ew M edical If sick, try S if not sick, remember the N ew Msn- lOAL S alt . lavalids with chronic and long standing diseases. Should ALWAYS order a chronic package. D. C. TAYLOR & CO.,Gonorai Agents, . 202 Dock Street, Philadelphia. N. B.—Agents wanted in every city, town, and vil- B B . C O C i O l ^ W E l . E ’ 5 ‘TVTEW MEDICAL SALT exerts, like J. V the vaccine matter, an extraordinary influenc< . JOi’. d o s T g iS f Y e n s ]^ E W M e d i c a l S a l t does just what X V it claims to do—no more, no less—equalizes the Ituids by removing from the system all aterial and ve­ nous obstructions. Sesci-iptive pireulars may be ob­ tained from any druggist-who has this valuable medi­ cine for sale. H r ' , t t o g g s t e w s ■ \ r E W M ed ic a l S a l t is for sale in X V HerWmor, by Bela Palmer, and all entorpr ■’ruggists where the Democrat is read, As it is n atent medicine hut the prescription of an emi hysician, noone should fail to try thC NEW 3lE For tfistimpni.tte and rtirections'gee cireular. FARHER8! FARHER8! I f you-w ant y o u r F E E D a H O T J I T I I E I 3 S T E , * Go to the UTTU FiUS emOH HIUS. F A R M E R S ! ! If you want your GRISTS GROUND WITH ALL POSSIBLE DESPATCH, CaR at the LITTLE FALLS CUSTOM MILLS! F A R H R R S ! If you want A SUPERIO H a r t i c l e OF B T J C K ’W B E E A . T E E O E E , Take your Buckwheat TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS „ To tbe LITTLE FALLS CUSTOM MILLS! JFAJlJlfBMjS ! ^ Do you want good Bread from\ DO NOT F A IL TO TRY “ just once,” after that your wife wiU tell you to go to the LITTLE FALLS GliSTOM MILLS' FARMERS, FARMERS. If you want E Y E E L O E E , N lA E tX AS GOOD AS WHEAT, GfO TO, THE L I T T L E FALL^. C U S T O M F A R M E R ^ / If you want a fiOOD WARM SHED FOR TOUR TEAMS, And good Coal Fire for yourselves the coming winter, Call at the C U S T O M M lliU S ! ! I t X SK INN£K , H ead Mmer, A. R A T H B U N & Co., P T o p rietors, Including a View of Mount Vernon, irT the; Engraving of Washingto! X These splendid engravings are from original paint­ ings b y Hicks, and arc engraved on steel in the bighest style o f Art. They are each 25x35 inches, each con - TximHO SIX s(iijjinE FE*T. So many coarse, miserable pictures have been palmed upon the public as works of art—and especially in cheap, black and muddy en­ gravings—that it is difficult to convince persons of taste that they are safe in ordering what they have not first seen. 'We have paid the first artists their own prices, amounting to many thodbamd doi . i . ab 3, to produce engkatihos eealey beautiful , as weU as THE best portkaits , and that shall be splendid obxa - mekts to any pARLon, J9gf Opinions that can be re- |F * ^ “ihe Bdito “These engravinigsaregenul— tor o f the New York Observer says:— mine works of art—the like- ______ igravin _________ _____ nesses are admirable. The portrait of Mr. Everett will take precedence o f a ll others,” JiSf The New York Christian Mvocate says :—“They :e among the finest engravings we have ever seen, id THE PBBLISHERSABE FULLY RESPONSIBLE OR ALL THEY PROMISE.” T E R M S , ALMOST G R A T IS, Will he sent. post paid , securely packed in rollers— E I T H E R ENG R .RVIN G and a $3 Magazine one year, for $3. D O T H ENG R .dFIN G S : and a $3 Magazine, one year, for $4.. ia^Agents who remit $30 at one time, will have ■“ x tr a copy of each engraving. Tho Magazines a re H A R P E W S , T H E K N IC K E R S O C K E R , G O DEY^S L A D Y ’S BOOK, T H E A T L A N T IC , BLAC K W O O D . J#S“ B y special arrangement, tho entire year’s si -cription to the Magazine is paid over by us to 4h.,„ publishers, and subscribers receive their supply by the year direct from their respective publication ofil- -ccB. The cost of the engravings is paid only by the difference between the lowest wholesale and tho regu­ lar price of the Magazines. ASyEngravihgs sent at once, and sffbsoriptions to periodicals oommenee with current issue, unless oth­ erwise ordered. Money at our risk if proof is retained of having been mailed. First impressions are best therefore send early. Address, 0 , H. BAILEY & 00., (At W m . H all & S on ’ s Music Store.) novSOislOt 543 B hoad W ay , N ew Y oi YER’S SARSAPARILLA. A COMPOUND Eemedy in whitli XX. we have labored to produce the most effectual alterative that can he made. It is a concentrated e x tract of Para Sarsaparilla, so combined with othiz substances o f still greater alterative power as to af ford an effective antidote for the diseases Sarsaparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed that such a remedy is wanted by those who suffer from Strumous com plaints, and that one which will accomplish their cure must prove of immense serrioe to this large class of our afflicted fellow-citizens. How completely this compound will do it has. been proven by experiment on many of the worst cases to he found of the follow­ ing complaints:— ScaoFULA AND S crofulous C omplaints , E ruptions , AND EttupTivE D iseases , U lcees , P implf . s , B lotches , Tusions, S alt R heum , S cald H ead , S yphilis and S yphilitic A ffections , M ekcueial B isease . D kopsv . N eukalgia OB D ouloureux , D ebility , D yspepsia and I ndigestion , E rysipelas ,- R ose or S t . A nthony ’ s • F ike , and indeed the whole class of complaints aris­ ing from X sipurity of the B lood . This'compound will be found a great promoter of health, when taken in the spring, to expel the foul humorawhich fester in the blood at that sense ^ the year. By the timely expulsion of them f rankling disorders are nipped in the bud. Multit ___ can, by the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from the endurance o f foul eruptions and uleorous sores, through which the system will strive to rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do this through the natural channels of the body by an alterative medi­ cine. Cleanse out the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pim­ ples, eruptions or sores ; cleanse it when you find it is obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Even where no particular disorder is felt, peo­ ple enjoy better health, and live longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the blood healthy, and all is w e ll: but with this pabulum of life disordered, there can be no lasting health. Sooner or later something must go wrong, and the great machinery of life is disor­ dered or ove.thrown. \* Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the reputatiot of accomplishing these ends. But the world has been egregriously deceived b y preparations of it, partly be­ cause the drug alone has not all the virtue that is claimed for it, bat more because many prepar.ations, pretending to be concentrated extracts of it, contain but tittle of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, or anything During late years the public have been misled by large bottles pretending to give a quart of extract of SarsapariUator one dollar. Most of these hare been n-auds upon tho sick, for they not only contain little, if any, Sarsaparilla, but often no curative properties whatever. Hence hitter and painful disappointment has followed the use of the various extracts o f Sar­ saparilla which fi:aodthc market, until the name itself is justly despised, and has become synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend to supply such a remedy as s^all reacuo'the name from the load o f obloquy which rests upon it. And we think we have ground for be­ lieving it has virtues which are irresistible by tbe or- ordinary run of the diseases it is intended to cure. In order to secure their complete eradication from the system, the remedy should bo judiciously taken according to directions on the bottle. DR. J. C. AYER-I- cb., L oweld , M ass ., Price, $1 per Bottle; Six Bottles for $5.'® h Iyer’s Cherry Pectoral, Has iron fbir itself sncli a. renown for tlie cure o f eve­ ry variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount the evidence-of been found to do. Ayer’s Cathartic Pills, fo ^ the cude of >epsia, Indige physic.' ^ HSr Price, 25 cents per Box; Five Boxes for $1. ____ tify tho u nparalleled'hsefolness of t h e s e _____ dies, but our space here will not permit the insertion of them. Tho Agents below named furnish gratis our A merican A lnanac in which they are given ; with a full description of the above complaints, qpd the treatment that should he followed for their cure. Do n o t be p u t off by u nprincipled dealers w ith other preparations they make more profit on. Demand A yer ’ s , and take no others. Tho sick w ant th e best aid there is for them, a p d they should have it. Farm Iiands F or Sale. O K MILES form Philadelphia Railroad in the State of New Jersey. Soil among the best fqr Agricultural purposes; being a good loam soil, with a clay botton The land is a large tract, di­ vided into small farms, and hundreds from all parts of the country are now settling and building. The crops produced are large and can be seen growing. The cli­ mate is delightful, and secure from frosts. Terms from *15 to $20 per acre, payable within four years hy in­ stalments. To visit tho place—Leave Vine Street lYhar at Philadelphia, a t 7J- A. II. byRailroad'for Hammontou or address R. J. Brynes, hy letter, Hammonton Pos ■ Office, 'Atlafitic County, N ew Jersey. 'See full advertise mentjin another column, _______ ^ ________ IK V A tlB S RFAB ! ! t h e ST E A 0 U 8 E MEDICAL IN- A ITEMARY, Established (1830) expressly for the sreatmentof all diseases arising from the abuse of th* texual organs of both Sale 07 Yemale Married or Single, with all their complications. Young men afflicted with seminal weakness are speed­ ily restored to health hy a new remedy only used in this Institation. The latest Wrench and English Remedies used. All diseases of the genital organs, requiring sur­ gical operations, successfully treated. A private circular adapted to the wants of b oth sexes' n any form, can bo had hy enclosing one 3 cent stamp __ r Ail communications strictly private and confiden­ tial. Office No. 7, East Gcaiesoe street.' Address, T he S yeacuek M edical I sfikmativ , B ox 99: novieyl _____________Syraonsa, N. Y. \CTAVING- a full supply of Cards s A X Paper, the orders of Hotel Keep 10 lowest rates. H. 6. CROUCH, DemooratOffloo.Herki mer \DLEEGHED Groods at Morgan’s for JLl ton cents worth one shilling. I L t 0 i 9 l n o t i c e e f M o r tgage S a le. F I E F AULT has been made in the con- •1—' ditions of a certain mortgage, by the non-pay­ ment of moneys therein secured to be paid, executed by John Morris and Mary Morris, his wife, of the town o f Prankforfi, Herkimer County, State of New York, mortgagors, to Betsey Nurse, of tho city of Xrtica, County of Oneida, S tate aforesaid, mortgagee, dated the 22d day of ^^April in the y ear eiglitecn hun­ dred and fifty-eix, and recorded in tho Cierk^s Office of the County of Herkimer aforesaid, on the twenty* seventh day of December, in the ^ e a r aforesaid, in R e f e r e e ’s aiale. CU P E E M E COURT — H e r k i m e r C ounty .—Philo E by the lands of Joseph Borden, and Nioh and Obadiah Kingsley, containing sixty acres more or less. Also the farm of two hundred and fifty acres, more or less, in Frankfort aforesaid, of which the said ■...............................................■ ■ •chthepar- ider a n ex- 3art. whi *«<.«*, DWVW.JIX,;,*, au\JL vaottxstis u/ tllK lanUB of Freedom Austin, subject nevertheless to the right and interest, whatever they may be, of the Erie Canal, Rail Road Company, and Methodist Society therein, and without warranty of the quantity of land con- ’ ed Within the foregoing boundaries after taking said rights and interest, the party of the first __ said rights and interest, the p a r t y ______ ___ part having purchased with reference to boundarie! and nqt quantity o f land eontained within said boun­ daries.” The said Betsey Nurse, mortgagee above named, being since deceased, and the suhScriber hav­ ing been duly appointed-her executor, and being as such executor the lawful holder and owner of said and authority to collect _ 3 hotel or tavern now or lately occupied and ^ hy George lY. Bertram, and known as “ P riest’s Ho­ tel,” in the village of Herkimer, in the county of Herkimer, on the fifth day of March, A. D. 1860, at twelve o’clock, noon, of that day. Dated December mortgage Sale. JO H N R. W ILLIA M S of the town of Russia, Herkimer County, New York, Mortgagor Obadiah J. Owens and James Owens, Jr., of tho town of Remson, County of Oneida, and State aforesaid are the Mortgagees. The mortgage is dated January the 10 th, 1853, and'was recorded in the Herkimer County Clerk’s office, of record, on the 14th day of February, 1853, at David Moulton, of Floyd, Oneida County, and by said Moulton sold and assigned in June, 1859, to Edmund Morris, of Trenton, Oneida County, who is now the own­ er and holder thereof, which said several assignments are also duly recorded, of record, m the said Herkimer bounded as follows v iz : Beginning’in tho middle of the ner of said lot No. one; thence westerly on the north id to enforce or recover the payment of the moneys „• any part thereof named in said mortgage. Notice is uow hereby given that in pursuance of a power of sale in said mortgage contained and recorded therewith, and by virtue of the statute of this state in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will bo foreclosed oy a sale and the premises therein described sold at public auction on tbe IStb day of February, 1860, at 12 o’clock noon, of that day at the House in the village of Herki­ mer, Herkimer county, N. Y, owned and known as “ Priest’s Hotel,” anil now kept by George W.. Bertram, Esq. Dated Nov. 10,1859. EDMUND MORRIS, Assignee. I, Att’y, Utica, N .Y . Bellinger, reserving and provi^ng nevertheless that the shSS'^ffil tim e lbe a t and pay one third part of all ne­ cessary expenses of keeping and maintaining in repair the dam or dams, bulkhead, gates, walls, and banks, al­ ready built or to be b uilt to secure the regular and suffi­ cient flow of water, for the use of said mills, and to pre­ vent damage from high water and freshets, and the said ---- part, hereby gives his consent that tho tiWGiitv i6ct OH saiu. Moiiawk stroov, on xuo uaau &iuw the lot conveyed h erein and adjmning them and r u n i^ g chincry and appurtenances thereunto belonging. Dated November, 22d, 1859. ^ , WATTS T. LOOMIS, Referee. A. L oomis , Att’y. ________________________ _ E. J. S toddard , S U P R E M E COURT. TTERKIM E E COUNTY.— Silas R. X X Everett and Elias B. Brown against Elias Braman i others __ ^to pursuance of an order of this Court ide and entered in this action on the 12th day of De- nber, 1859, the following described premises will be lailUS latciv uivucu uy uouuituau vuuivjtu, ucocoacu, UIIU bounded as follows : On the north by lands lately owned by John M. Sliaul; on the east by lands now or lately owned by C. T. E. \Fan Horne, and Daniel Van Home, deceAsod ; on the south by lands belonging to the heirs of Simon Conklin, deceased; and on tho west by lands of tho heir.s of Jonathan Conklin, deceased, excepting -nd reserving from the above conveyance (or descrip- ion) the line of road occupied by the ‘ Fort Plain and if that day. Dated D &AA1UE,L< o. J aauss S. D.tvEXPOBT,Pl’ffs Att’y. B i o U c e . P U R S U A N T to an order of R obert X E arl , Surrogate of Herkimer County, notice is here­ by given to all persons having claims against tbe estate of Calviu A. Griffith, late of the town if German Flatts, in said county, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof to Diantha Griffith, the subscriber, Administratrix, &c., of the said deceased, at her resi­ dence, in said town of German Flatts, on or before the 1st day of June next.—Dated the 21st day of Novem her, 1859. DIANTHA GRIFFITH, Administratrix. p o l i c e . pU R S U A N Tto an order of R o b e r t JL E abl , Surrogate of Herkimer County, notice is here- by given to all persons having claims against the estate of .John F. Slocum, late of the town of Russia, in said county, deceased, to present the same with the vouch­ ers thereof to George Watkins, the subscriber, executor of the will of tho deceased, at his store in the tovm of Trenton, Oneida County, on or before the 1st day of au order of Ilobert oy given, to an persons naving ciairas againsi- i-ue es of Elijali Peak, late of tlio town of Warren, in i county, deceased, to present the same with t^ v o u c i----- thereof to William Kinne, tho subscriber, executor, &c., of the said deceased, a t his residence, in said town of Warren, on or before the 1st day of May next. Dated the 19th day of octobec, 1859. ■VTOXIAM KINNE,. Executor. JY O tice. P U R S U A N T to an order of Robert X Earl, Surrogate of Herkimer County, notice is i by given to a)l persons having claims against the ei Of Jacob Bollinger, late o f the town of Little Falk, ... said County, deceased, to present tho same with the vouchers thereof, to Robert easier, Esq., at his office in said town of Little Falls, on or before the 20th day of February next.—Dated the lOth day of August, 1859. PETER S. BEIUNGER, CATHARINE BEMJNGER, glTtfoblT Executors. R e c e i v e r ’s I V o t i c e . T ^ H E undersigned will pay to tbe X stockholders of the Agricultural Bank„ of Herki­ mer, the unpaid portion of the four per cent dividend. day, January 4,1860, at 10 o’clock, A. 2 December, 2Gth, 1859. E. B. TALCOTT, doc21td____________ Receiver Agricultural Bank. Referee’s Sale. Q UPREM E COURT — H e r k i m e i O C ounty .—Albert G. Story, Plaintiff, ag’t John Sat rly, Erastus H. Pease, Francis -M. Stone, Peter Turu •, Philo BeCd, The President, Directors and Compan; . .1— TT— TnbnTorfihmiKe. L ATIlOll Little Falls, Herkimer County, on the seventh day of January, 1860, at two o’clock in the afternoon, tho pre­ mises described in the aforesaid judgment and decree o f sale as follows : All those two parcels of land sUuato in the village of Little Falls, county of Herkimer,’ on the south side of the Mohawk river, and on the north side of Sloliawk streety and are togetb.er sixty four feet in depth and thirty-fivefeet in tvidth, and are covered hy the paper mill standing thereon^^rectedby Sprague aud Dann and lies adjoining and ne^east of the grist mill lot late o f Christopher P. Bellinger, deceased, together with the use of any surplus water for a paper laill to manufacture paper, and for no other purpose in quantity sufficient to propel on that fall throe engines and a machine for said mill of the size and power of those constructed by Sprague and Dann, in said mil!, said surplus water to be other than that required for the grist miil of said Bellinger, and for a plaster mill to he taken and used without in any manner obstructing the said grist mill of said Bellinger, reserving and providing nevertheless that the said party of the first part and his heirs and assigns shall at all times be at and pay one third part of all necessary expenses of keeping and maintaining in repair the dam or dams, bulkhead, gales, walls, and banks already built or to be built to secure tbe regular and sufficient flow of water for tire use of said mills, and to prevent damage from high water and freshets, and the said party of the first part hereby gives his consent that the said party of .the second part and one Wm. J. Pardee, or his assigns may bring in pump logs from said spring for the use of their said sev­ eral paper mills, the surplus ■water of said spring over and above what is wanted for the use of the village on that side o f the river. And also, all that certain other tart of a lot of land being twenty feet on said Mohawk jpreet, on the east side of the lot conveyed herein and ad- Eoining them and running back to the water together with all the fixtures machiuery aud appurtenances tliore- imto belonging. Dated November 22,1859. WATTS T. LOOJUS, Boferee. A. I ajohis , Att’y. .ge § a l e . been made in tlie N S o r t s s L g G riEFAULT having h -«-A payment o f the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars, and the interest thereon, secured to be paid by a mortgage hearing date thefifteenth day of March, 1850, executed by NichoLas P. Casler of xhe town o f . Little Falls, in the County of Herkimer, to Peter B. Casler, o f the same place, and recorded in the office o f the Clerk of the County of Herkimer, on the 3d day of April, 1850, at l l j o’clock, A. M., and whereSs there is claimed to be due upon said mortgage, a t the time of the first publication of this notice, tho sum o f sev­ en hundred and forty-four dollars and fifty-two Cents ${744,52) including principal and interest, and no suit or proceedings at law has been instituted for the collection of tbe said amount, or any part thereof, now, therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power oif sale contained in Said mortg.age, and in pursuance o f the statute in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will he foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described at public auc­ tion at the Hinchman House, in the village of Little Falls, in said County o f Herkimer, on the 15th day of October, 1859, at 10 o’clock, A. M The mortgaged premises are described in the said mortgage as fol­ lows ; “ AU that certain piece or parcel of land situated lying and being on the south side of the Mohawk riv­ er in the town of Little Falls, county of Herkimer, being part of lot No. one in a patent granted to Hon- jost and Henry Herkimer, commonly oaUed FaU H ill Patent, is butted and bounded as follows : to begin on the northwest corner of Peter b 7 Casler’s land which he bought off said lot No. one and running a, northerly course .along the line of Peter Klook’s land to take in thirty acres ; thence a southeasterly 36 along the land now occupied hy Nicholas P . r, to the east line of lot number one and JohnM. otarainier’s land; thence a southwesterly course on tho line of lot No. one, and Gardinier’s farm to the nortU east cpmer of land owned by Peter B. Casler out of said lot No. one ; thence a northwesterly course along line o f Peter B. Casler and the premises hereby ctgaged to the place of beginning, containing thir- , icres of land, excepting and reserving one rod and a half along the line of Peter Klock, for a road.— Little FaUs, July 19th. 1859. PETER B. CASLER, Mortgagee, B F. M axson , Attorney - * PosTPoNEMEST.—The sale of the mortgaged premises ■ibed in the above advertisement wherein Nicholas place designated in the ahove orii Little Falls, Oct. 151^9^ B. F. M axson , Attorney. The sale of the mortgaged premisee described in the above advertisement is hereby further postponed to the 20th day of December next, at 10 o’clock, A. M-, of that day at the place designated in said advertisement.-. Little Falls, Nov. 19,1859. PETER B. CASLER, Mortgagee. B. P. M axson , Attorney. . :e and time of day ment notice.—Dated December 20, 1859. PETER B. CASLER, Mortgagee. B. F. M axson , Att’y._________________________ _ n O N T FA IL to see » SIX T H AN- i - J NUAL ANNOUNCEMENT.” f^H IL D R B N ’S Misses and Ladies’ V J Skirts at M0RG.4N-S. B c I a P a l m e r , T ^ B A L E R in English and American X a Hardware, Drug 3 , Medicines, Paints, Oils, Groce­ ries, &c. Also, Commission Dealer in Fatent Medicines, ■Water Lime and Cement Paint .Herkimer, N. Y. notice. P U R S U A N T to an order of Robert,. X Earl, Surrogate of Herkimer County, notice is ^ hereby given to all persons having-'claims agamrtU*^ estate o f Charles Delong, late of the town-bf Xittle Falls, in said County, deceased, to^w seht the same with the vouchers thereof to Leioy L. Delong, one of the subscribers, who are the' executors, &c., of tho said deceased, a t his residence, in said town of Little Falls, on or before t h e lst day of January, next. Da­ ted the 1st day of ^ ^ GEORGE II. LOTRIDGE. Rxecuters. . i N . - .

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