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D e a t h o f A d ju t a n t -G e n e r a l , T e m ­ p l e . — W e are called upon to annoitnce th e deafb o f A d jutant-G eneral R o b e r t E . T e m p le. H e expired a t h is resi­ d e n c e yesterday^ o f a pulm o n a ry con­ sum p tion— wbicjb. lo n g sin c e forbade’ an y hope o f recovery., G eo. Tempi® w a s educated a t W e s t P o int. H e subsequently served with distinction in th e Florida war, and at its close, resigned h is com m ission. T h e breaking out o f the M exican war found brm in the p o sition o f Adjutant-G eneral, under G o v ernor W right. T h is post he cheerfully resigned to assum e com mand o f one o f the ten volunteer regim ents raised to reinforce G en. T a y lor on the R io Grande. W h ilst i n this seryico, he w a s a sufferer from the effects o f th e clim a te, and returned, a fter th e war, w ith a constitution e s s e n t ially im p a ired, i f not predisposed to th e disease which finally term inated h is life. G en, T e m p le, at th e tim e o f h is (Jeath, h e l d t h e of&ce o f A d ju tan t- G e n e r a l, by appointm e n t o f G o v . Seym b u r -«an of^ fice for w h ich his m ilitary education and experience eminently fitted him , and th e duties o f w h ich h e discharged ah l y an d effectively, u n t i l d isah led by sick n e s s . Gen. T e m p le’s death, though n o tu n - expected, n e v e r theless finds his m a n y friends quite unprepared for th e shock. H e w a s rem a rkable for h is ingenious and soldier-like frankness, h is gen tle­ m a n ly bearing, fine social qualities, and vigorous and w e ll cu ltivated m ind.— F e w m en had m o r e w a r m ly attached triends, or better deserved such. H is m e m o r y w ill be long cherished by an extended circle o f d e v o ted friends and rela tiv e s — AWan-^ A r g u s , 31st. “ T h e R u l in u P a s s ion S tro n g in D ea t h .” — A G erm a n w o m a n called a few days since upon .*Mr. W illard, the C ity Poor M a ster, and inform ed him th a t her husband Was dead, and t h a t as G od was her w itness she had* no m e a n s to bury h im . Mr. W illard gave h e r a id ; a few hours afterw a rds She called or s e n t again that her child was dead, and she had no w a y to b u r y it.— A g a in Mr. W illard responded. A fter a tim e, it w a s reported th a t th e wom an h e r s e lf w a s ill, and upon visiting the house it Was found that th e wom a n her­ s e l f w a s in a dying condition, w ith a child clasped to her breast, and on her person w a s found a belt containing § 1 1 7 in coin. M r. W illard investe’d .th e am o u n t for th e benefit o f the surviving child.-^ Such is the lesson which cupidity teach­ es.— D e f. Inq. E lo p e d w it h a n A ctor .— A young married wom a n , w h o se husband resides In W illiainsburgh, left her home a few d a y s since, with her tw o infants, to v is­ it litr parents, who resid« out o f tow n . It has subsequently been ascertained that .she has been in the habit o f v isit­ ing Barnum 's iNiuseutn, where an a c ­ quaintance sprung up b e tw e e n h e r s e lf and a young actor, which term inated in their absconding together to parts nnknovvn. T h e unfaithful w ife did n o t go to th e house o f her parents, b a t , in ­ stead, left her children w ith a neighbor and then fled.— JV. Y. H e rald. To TfeoaE WHO/Dotrax.—3Vfr, ,SylvanUs’ a w e U -kil6^ ^uiiUer city ofi New York, a worthy resHerifc of the Ninth! Ward, k a s been trooBled more or less for fifteen! years w ith Eheumatiem*—has finer ed with R . R . R E L IE F . In fi sen cilr-| ioitth o f ts applied otie night, a» d 4 e Abas up* about, his bnsinesa the next morning. > He tfdn-! ted well I Uiitil the beginning of April tipUed we ll I Uiitil th e beginning o f Ap ril, in' vyhen h e went to Mamarcneck^tcrputHpl treated hccbfdin^. to the old mi w h ichm a d e hiih wdrse—eat,._ ____ -------------- , --------- „ — . , York, took the Ready .Relief and Kej&ulators,, no efihit o f oar® shall be apared to m erit not and wasl cured entirely in thirty-aix hotifs,— On or about lhe> 1 s t Of September, Tie ■wdi ■gain attacked with Rhpum^tism—by the vice o f a neighbor, tried somehomermaden yirs? 4 s TVS e x p e c t e d . We. have always believed that the largest, richest'ahd* best selected stdck of goods, of­ fered at the lowest prices^ would, other thing* being equal, secure the largest trade, and our •experience the pastyeaf,serve.ato dem its truth, . W e haveTjoweyer, burselvi than It reaJ^ is, and dee o f a neighbor, tried soinehomernaa ckoned by the good housewife ■eatne bafrlc^o Reiiv kind phtronage t h u t ^ , ahd cSti sssore them iefahdR e ‘ ‘ “ ' ' ’ ’ fix sr. Tie wds a- —b y the ad- eay, reckoned by the good house; failing cure; but, unfortun^ely foir “builder,, i t did no good. HeliB “ KNow-NoTHiNGisai.” — A m u n icipal election in the borough o f Cham b ers- burgh, P a ., for a m em b er o f th e L o c a l C o u n c il, in th e place o f one w h o had resigned, has resulted thus : W m . H e y - ser, regular D e m o c r a tic candidate, 22“; Jacob N . Snider, a. D e m o c r a t, b u t not k n o w n a s a candidate, 1 7 4 ! - T h e Cham b ersburgh W h ig says that “ not a m a n could be found to acknotVledge th a t he had voted for him , o v whff k n e w th a t he w a s running,’'’’ T h e secret w a s th a t Mr. Snider had been elected by the n e w organization o f “ K n o w N o thiaga.” N e w W h e a t E' lodr '.— T h e first n e w w h e a t flour th is season w a s received' b y M e ssrs. F . A . D u r a n t,& Co. on S a t­ urday last, ■ a n d w a s s o ld for § H per barrel. I t w a s ground at th e celebra­ ted G a rbutt M ill, at W h eatland, about tw e lv e m iles south o f R o c h e s ter. It w a s from G e n e see w h e a t.-^A lbanp Ar~ gus. - ^ W e w T o r f e M T a rK e ts. N ew Y ors , July ?5, 1854. FLOUR—fi 50a7 00 for common to straight state; 7 J2^a7 3 7 fpr choice do.; 7 ^5a7 31|- for mixed to fancy western. Rye flour 5 75. Cora, meal 3 75. GRAIN—'Wfieat— 1 52al 53 for upper lake; 1 79},al 80 for ired’ Missouri. Rye quiet and firm at 1 23al 25, Corn—70a79 for round mixed Hvestern; 72a76 for roitnd yellow.— Oats—45a48 for state and western. PROVISIONS—Pork—12 a l2 60 for mess; 10 37^al0 44 for prime. Beef quiet at 12 QOa 13 CO for country mess; 15 50 for city mess', and 16 00 for repacked Chicago. L.ard 9|a9-|. Butter and Cheese without change tu HOtic^. * i W s r r i n r . At the Stanwix H a ll, Rome, on the evening of the i s t h inst., by Rev, George W . Eaton, D. D., of Madison TJniversity, W . W . CHUB- BUCK, Esq., of Hamilton, and Miss JITRIA ALLIN, eldest daughter of George Trow­ bridge, Esq., of Camden. m m . is village, on Thursday, the 2Qth inst.;, lYDIA NICHOLS, for many years a of this town, aged 77 y ears. I Tuesday, the Ifith-rnsL. M cIN INT TO O S r 1 n this village, ou Thursday, tb JOHN BYRON M IDDLETON, aged 1 year In this Mrs. LY respected citi: In this village, on Tuesday, th e Ifith-insL, Mrs. CAROLINE M c S H , aged 79 years. In th is villi , th e 20fh inst,, and 6 months. and youngest siste \■ \ ■. ~ Graves^o^Jid youngest sister of Q. A Bowe. U P ! P A I T -U P ! f i r s t a n d l a s t c a l l . iote or book account tc ! immediately, as he i isiness without delay- him by note oi the same up h-45> bu! D :^ a prompt compliance with this call wRl btay further proceedings. . ' J G . BURRILL. Dated Herkimer. Ju}y*25, ISJ*!. . 45u 4 A U e ^ R , T E A , MOLASSES, etc,, qhead --- for cash at H. Huyck’c. R o r ^ n f r ^ N* a never > the worthy builder,, it did no good. He lingered in pain until Suqday, September 4th, 6 P ..M ., when he determined to give Rad way’s Ready Relief another tr|ah He sent to the. i-esidence.nf his son-in-law, No. 76 jane street, who constant­ ly keeps a supply of R eady Relief in his houses for a bottle. Ted minutes past 6 P . M ., i t was applied; at twenty .piinutes piast six ha wag free front pain. On. Tuesday morning) the 6th of September,- he called a t the R. R . R , office, and stated that he was entirely cur- . , 4it?* iplalpts, wh« ternal orexterpal—whether Rheumatism,Dys­ entery, oj- F ever and Ague. I t has cured me of eack.’^ , Let thpae who doubt the' eflicac j of the R . R. R ., try it; In a few minutes it will work a great change—^pains it w ill instantly stop— diseases it will quickly cheek, and the causes it will speedfly remove. - R . R . R . Office, 162 Fulton SU, New York. N. B.—For Scrofula, Syphilis, Female Complaints, use R . R . Resolvent. For Irreg­ ularity, use Radway’s Regulators. Sold by Druggists every where. 46w2 TAf, Earl o f Aldborougk and Hollov>ay'j$ P ills.-^A n astounding cure by this miraculous medicine after every qther means had failed See extract from, his lordship’s letter,, ‘‘ Villa Messina, Leghorn, Feb, 21, 11 To Profosgor Holloway.—Sir,— Reg quaint you that your Pills have effected letter dated , 1845.— , ___ __, --- ____ me fi home and all over the Continent had not been able to effect; nay, not even the waters of Carsbad or Marienbad. (Iffigned) AujOEOU- ”—These wonderful Pills will cure any of the liver or stomach. 46w2 disorder tC ^ A Wonde len made ’ treatment diseases of A Wonderful Discovery has recently iade by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the snt of Consumption, Asthma, and a ll [ the l u n g s W e refer to “ D r. C Inhalinj ment a physi( inhaling-—con of which, he has innu-' Speaking of the treat- remarks:—It is evident that healing come in direct contact srialrial cavityavity ol f thehe longs,ongs, andnd ihmhus ae c o t l a I escape tl many and varied change® produced upon them when introduced into the stomach, and sub­ jected to the process of digestion. The Hy- geana is for sale at all the druggists^ through-; out the country.-^From the N . F . Duttchman' of January l4tbt See advertisemisement in another column oi of Medicated Inhalatio o f this paper. 34yl E x e c u t o r s ’ lIT o ii^ e . ihy given-to ail persons' having claims against Cornelius Dplong, late of the' of Little Fallsj in said county, deceased, \t thel same w ith the vouchers to dnO'Ofthe's ‘ to presen t Charles Deloi mg, dnO'Of the'subscribers, exec d deceased, a t h is dwelling hou! tor of the said deceased, at in said tov/n o f Riffle Jails, on or before the A B R A M ^ R E S ^ ^ ^ * } E x e c ttt^ . TO TEACHERS AK» F R I E N D S O F E D U C A T I O N I f Sender’s NEW Series o f Readers. T T ^ E , tbe undersigned, bavin* Bad several V V years experience as Teachers, do ] after a thorough examination, hesitate in ] nounciiig this Series-fhe best adapted in every respect, to the advanceraenf of the pupil, of any we have ever seen. Herkimer, July 17. 1854. J . P. MURPHY, Supt. Com. SchdoR, Town of Herkimer, CHAS. M. W ILBER, Principal Hei kimer Unidn School, ELIZABETH M. HOW L E T T , Assist­ ant Principal Herkimer 'UnidnSuhooJ, H- e . Ha'WLETTv4.J®* f have fexamined the uhdve series' dfiff fully concur in the foregoing recmnmendatiou, EZR A GRAVES, Judge and Surrogate, Herkim er County, 03 ^ Term® o f introduction easy. F o r par- ticutars hddress tvisou ^ P s i u s i t , Publish­ ers, 178 F ulton street; N. Y., or W. H . R UG- 6L E S , Travelling Agent, Cooperstown, N. York. • ; - 46W4? V A L U A B C e F B E I V I I B E Q i ■ ■ ANDf .,•■■■ R R O E E R T i r E O R S A I i E . f r t H E Uf^ersigued, -fishing 1© close Up his X business, now .offers for sale the following property'knd premises, situated in the village of Mohatvk, Herkimer Coqnty,. to wit: EIG H T -ACRES OF LAN D, On which ur6 situated one dwelling house, tWo‘.barns, and d l other raucessary buUdings and conveniences. Also, - A AfALT. HOUSE, superior inducements to purchasers. Possession vvill be given of the M alt House immediately,^u4 o f ihe Grist M ill, saw MRl and Lumber Yard oh tRe first day of January, l8S5, ahd of the dwelling house and laud on the first day o f April next, , Mohawk, July IS, 1854. 46m3 GEORGE RROOMHALL. D A I R Y f a r m F Q R S A L R . rp H E DA j L oraine, Jeffcjisou ^ e M o r - “ e, Jette County, lour miles east > urisville Depot qq the Tl(atertown at Rafl 'Road. Said J a r m ca^ be divid< ich the subscriber ’ _______ 2,300 pounds of Sqgdr in a sedsoh^ has fwo strehms o f living Water ; twowefisandei.steru, •&c„ on i t , with good and convenleutbr^ildiugs. T h irty Cows, \Vdgons, Dairy Hte&suls, |rc., d-c. , will be sold With the Fanri, i f desired. ..n. / . ---------- i “ jade tq^suit the Te?m )uyer: A T :ake. Loraine, J gvven and no, n 3,, J u ly 11, 1S54- SABIN BAKER * B L A N K S r B L A N K S 1 I T>LANK W A R R A N T E E H E E D S , QUIT Claim Deeds, Mortgages, Personal M ort­ gages, Bonds, Supreme Codrt Subpoenas and Sammons, M atriage Certificates, Pppsibn Blanks, Sheriff Constable Sales, LCasei!ij an d a geueraf assortment o f Justices Blanks, including SummonsJ Subp<fcnas, Exedullqps, Venires, Confession of Jhdgiftdnt, .Wamhts, Attechments, Bonds, may be found a t the no efihit o f oar® shall be spared to m e n t not only a continuance b u t an iucteasd th<^r?df.— Gar stock of - Gold and Silver W atches,. Superb 'Fob and Guard Chains, Beals and K e j t , — -________ i Diainond Pins and Rings, Lookets^ Brooches and Ear-rings. »And in shorty every conceivable varieliety oi jw excels We hav« OTL every cone elegant rich and. tasteful jewelry, now any other before offered in this c ity. . ^iMd Pens, of equality and price never ex- Clo’oksy running from 30 hours to 3ff days, prices from $1 to $IO(Iiaf many most beautiful patterns. Ladies^ Reticules, Port Monnnaies, Pocket Books, W riting Desks, Sewing Birds, Combs, Brushes:, Scissors, and a thousand other arti­ cles of fancy goods... - BILTER 'WAKE.—Of thiaarticle, we have the m ost .eXlensjve manufactory, in Odptral New York) melting from 250 to 500 oupces. o f silver p er week, and can-safely guarantee to furnish the best article in . all respectS) to be .procured in this region. 1 Double Silver Plated Goods, o f all descrip­ tions, and vefy best quality, Gun® and Pistols, including Colt’s and! Allen’s Revolvers, W ar­ ner’s repeating Rifles, (a new article,) Saloon Pistols and RMcs, Double and Single barrel Guns and Pistols, Flanks, .^c. HAW L E Y ^ LEACH, 122 Genesee-St. corner o f Liberty. March J 7, 1864, 52yl . H , iitrsrcJK , ^ , Grower P e»lei‘ in lall kiikcts: Also, in all kind?ofIRON,afewdoorssouth ! o f the J a il, Herkifoer, N) Y, BOABB OF HEALTH REOBLATIOKS. At a meeting of the Board of Health o f the vil­ lage of Herkimer, duly appointed by the President and T rustees o f said village, pursu­ ant to “ An Act for the preservation of tfie Public Health,” passed April lo, 1850— Whereas, It is the duty of the Boaxd^ of Health of the village of Herkimer, under ^ h e set and make such regulations for village off thehe health of said i said act, tu mee the preservation o t 1 of Herkimer, this Board b y , and b y v irtue of the pt said act, prescribe awl enact the following regu­ lations, to w i t : First, It shall be the duty of all residents of this yillage,,all owners, agents, and occupai forms,; and grounds, to : s which may be detrimeh lu .iicaiiu, all p u trid meats and decayed veget­ able m atter Of every kind, and bury them' in and keep said bui” 'ngs, ’ots, ' -arms, . to h ealth, all p u trid meats and decayed veg able m atter o f every kin d , and bu ry them' the earth, and keep said buildi l f and grounds, and all cellars, sinks, drains, privies and yards continually cleansed and pu­ rified, and i t shall \he their duty to use lime ; and to drain ofif or fill all stagnant pools of water. Second. All such owners, agents and oc­ cupants ar^ required to obey the instructions, directions and requirements of this Board, or any one of its' members, in relation to the sup­ pression and removal of ^11 nuisances and of­ fensive matter from their said several premises. Third. It shall be the duty of the Health Officer to examine every case o f Asiatic or ma­ lt cholera, or other malignanf, infectious ;ious disease which shall b t reported to his knowledge, and lo give tendance, treatment and care llg« or contagi to him, or coi such medical attendance, treatment to emigrants and other persons who have no fixed and pefmaneufe residence. Fourth, The several members of this Board and the Health Officer, shall be employed b y this Bostfd, or any * iuihorized il members of th is Board r, and such other persons yy th is Board, o r an y of s' members, are empowered and aulhoriz md come in, and upon any prsmis( -e in, and upon an y prer 1 which there shall he any pes- its enter, an( said Village, tiientialor offensive m atter, or any nuisance whatever,, that may hb detrimental to health, and direct, or cause the same to be letnoved and suppressed. And it shall be the duty of all perjKMis tq obey them, or any of them, as the case may be* Fifth. AW complaints in relation to any nuisances should be made in writing and sign­ ed by the cqmplain^^nt.. $ixth. The compensation of the Health Of\ fleer, Dr. P . Pryne, is hereby fixed at $2 00 per visit. Seventh. This Board consider it proper to make known to the citizens of said village that it is declared: by an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, that every person who shall wilfully y io k ie any legulations made and puhlisfied by this Board of Health, shall prisomnent two years. Sesalved, That the above regulations passed by this Board o f Health this 7th day of July, 1 ^ 4 , he published in the Jierkimer Detnoerttf, and that tbe .^ame be published in handbill form, posted in the most publfl IbilL , and posted in the most public places in said village ; and that the same take effect im - mediately after the publishing and promulga-, t|oh of the same. Dated July 1 O', 1854?. JG H N HARTM AM , F . A- H E L M E R , A , W , SUITER, &. e . W ltH E R S T /N H , Board o f Health. E R O E E R T T . ..FG K SALE.. r p H E iuhscriber offers for sale h » -very v ala- X able property, one mile east o f the villagg of F rankfort, consisting of the old established Canal Grocery Storie, o n the aecond Lock east Of Utick, 'together, w ith his dwelling house, barn, shed, and other out honses. and about thre^ iBxes of laad. There is « comfortable and conveiueu-*' dwelling In the basenoentof the Store, On, the premises are two » e l l t and a fettering cistern, and a fine orchard of choice* fruit in hearing, edasisting of apples, plums, peare, cheiriesj 4c* The whole property hct' ing in the best condition, presents an opp< tonity Soi investment sddom offered in 11 section of the country. Term s, whi«*h s reasonablei tvill he made, known on application: to the aubscriheri. o a the p remises. I GEORGE FOLTS. Frankfort, March 8,1854. ^7tf >5g:O L IAN P I A N O S * ' - A F IN E ASSORTM ENT O F BOSTON FIA N 0 6 , with S t without the admirable _ found a t t h e i r ; , . _ ... tw i ......................... .... commodated heje. Prices to uW c»?tQrnets the m e as in Boston, A full supply of second pianos. Piauqs fo let. Music a t whole-, md retail * -Liberal discountt; to the salepnd beral d iscou n T . S. BERRY, w Y o rk. dealer, wholesale and rtetaW* in Sheet and Musical Publications. Piahos Mqsie supplied on liberal erms. 3yl T O T H E P U B L I C * r p H E imderMgPiSd- ’ivould respectfully iqfoa^m the ihliWbitants of H e rkim e r, that he has opened an o y s t e r a n d r e f r e s h - N M e lx by XYarren GasweH, -Mail) S treet, where h e will at all Uipes he foimd to UPOR th o * m ay favor h im with »,call. m ay favc Herkii W I S f l T J I A N & S T E W .A E T , Atsorneys and Couaseiiars at ” JLaw, * Mohawk, Herkimer CounrV.N. Y. J . N. ‘WiOHTMAjfi D. M c I nxyk 6JS tewabt . “ i . s . m o e g a n I ~ ~ A t t o r n e y Sc c o u n s e l l o r a t L a w * \West Winfield. H erkim er County. N . Y. W A R R E N 0A & W E L L , P a n c y 1>«Y ® o o 4 s M e r - ^ f c a u i A; C r r o e e r . C ^ R l s o dealer in Silver Ware,- Watches Jew e lry -''^O J ^ J L O U R and SALT ^ tlm various brands constantly on hand, and for sab S . & R . B A R D , A t t 4 ^ r u e y s dfc C O M n s e l l o r n . [IJ* Office over the Bank. Herkimer. N . Y. r a i l R O A D H P 0 S E , Kept b y J, SmwER Herkimer N ,Y « R A I L R O A B h o t e l , r -LKtcOT, on Albany street. ways he liberally served at ’ ----- mderfi ' ablingund provende es constantly on hand and i» readiness. Herkimer, J u ly J6, 1851. , . J . A , ^ A . W , S U I T E R , Carpet iiilding. H A R L E Y W E S T , Austice of til© Peace* Office in Spinner’s Block, over S tillwell’s f M ohawk, Herkimer county. N. Y. . M A R K B A T O H E L D E R , atANUFAdVlTEUB OV XKD DEAlrER IM A ll kinds of Boots <Sb Sboei For Ladies, Gents, and Children, Alsodt in Skins and Leather Herkimer N . Y . • J O H N H A R T M A N , Fasbioumvle T ailor & Cutter. Also d ealer In a ll kinds of Cloths and ready made Clatlflng, opposite the Bank, HerkL mer, N , Y. _________________________ ______ J , G . B U R R I L L , DEAtEU Ilf Buglisb & American Hardware, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils. Groceries, &c. W M . H O W B L L , J r .. C a b i n e t & C l i a i r M a a n f a c t u r e Coffins furnished on the shortest notice. Herkimer, N . Y. H . H . M O R G A N , Agent for tlie Rensselaer Fire Insurance Company, At the store o f Morgan 4- Stoddard, Herkimer, N. Y. 30tf T H E AM E R ICAN’S FRIEN D I H O L L O W A Y ' S P I L L S To the CUh T M O S T h mmbly , X the immense patronage which i*ou ] stoM'ed upon my Pills. J take this opportu­ nity of stating that my Ancestors were all American Citizens, and that I entertain for all that concerns America and the Americans' the most lively sympathies, so much eo that I iixtena o f the United States — lu and sincerely thank you for inse patronage which i’ou have he- seif amoi taking premises your climate, habits, ner o f living, intending to establish my- long yott,^ which I have now done, by p in New York. THOM AS-HOLLOW AY, 38, Corntr o f A n n and flasstm Sts., N . Yotic. PURTFI0ATION OF TItE BLOOD, AND LIVER AND BILLTODS complaints . The Citizens of the Union suffer much from disorders of the Liver and Stomach, scarcely any are free foom the influence of these de­ structive maladies, hence life wears fast. The fair sex, perhaps the most handsome in the World, up to a certain period when, distres­ sing to say, T ------- ’— looks, while sad evils may tiually keeping the blood pure, and the Liver and Stomach in a healthy action, when’ life will flow smoothly, and resemble plantain a’ congenial clime', -^ybere an eternal spring ap- peard tb' rei'gn. As it regards the perserya-* tion o f the human frame, and the du’fotion of life, much may he effected, and I say fearlessly, that h ealth and life can he prolonged for many yUarS bejmnd their ordinary limits, i f Hol­ loway’s P itts are .taken to purify ihe blood ac­ cording to the rules laid down for health con­ tained in thb ditecthms' which accompany each A CASE OF WEAKNESS AND DEBTMTt.-OF 50 YEARS standing , CD RED BT HOLLOtVAY’S PILLS. Copy o f a Letter from Captain John John­ son, Astor Souse, New Yorh^ don ted January 5th, 1854. , To P eofessou H out - oway , 38, Corner o f Anp and'T^assau Street?, New York. Sir,— I t is with , th e most heartfelt pleasure I have to inform yon that I have been restored to health and strength by taking your PiRs. For the last t.ed! year-s-, I suffered from a derangment of the'JJver und Stomach, and Was reduced to B . D E N T O N » S VEGETABLE B A i n t I N V I R O R A T O R ! It is universally admitted, that ONE OF T H E MOST ADM JEED ORNAMENTS OF T H E PERSON IS ,»TJ^jE5 j a t A J I R s IJUS AKTIOUE IS X p O R preserving, J- restonng a n d beautifying the hair, causing it to grow luxuriantly and giv­ ing it u soft curlin- iffectl The Iftvi lueutraiizes th |jf disease, clii old age, in pre-. and restoring [uman H a ir, t ies, such as Salt Rheum, Infiamtnations, As • a Toilet Article, for giving the Hair a rich, soft, glossy, and curl­ ing appearance, nothing has ever been discov­ ered to equal its incOBtested—incontestihle virtues. It exhales- the perfume of the most delightful and exotic flowers, and is free from all miiieral properties, or any substance which can color the'skin. or stain a lady’s hat. For BALDNESS AND GRAY HEADS It is pre-eminently beneficial. The use of the INVIGORATOR, -is adopt- ' ed by the first Physiciaps in America ; and it has a patronage add sale unprecedented in the history of the Alateria Aledioa, Profits only on extensive sales. Sold to the trade a t a liberal discount, B aeton D enton , sole proprietor and manu­ facturer, to whom all orders should be address­ ed 123 Foster’s block, Auburn, N, Y. All orders should be money accompanied with the B. DENTON’S NORW EGIAN HAIR DYE. ■ FOR SALE BY TJIE SAME ASENT3 A dboea , N ov , 24 1850. M r . D enton :—That Hair Invigorator that you gave me to make my whiskers grow, has had a desired effect. I felt very bad to see oth- young men with a handsome p air o f whiskers,, and I had none. I have used- Dentop’s Hair “ M A N . K N O W T H Y S E L F . ” An Invaluable Booh fo r 25 Cents. Every Family should have a Copy.^^ AX',** \>\ i i f r. . I ^ N E Hundred Thou- ^ s s n d Copies sold in V edition, revised and — Improved, just issued. Kf?' D R . H U N T E R ’S M EDICAL MANUAL ' a n d h a n d b o o k for the AYFICTED—‘Containing an outline of the origin, progress, treatment and cijre o f eve­ ry form, of disease, contracted by promiscuous sexual lutercouise, by self abuao or by sexual xcess, with advise for their prevention, writ- m in afamilfor style, avoiding all riiedical would of- outline ol result ol ceftcy, or with an < icideUt to females, from the 2essfulessful practice, some twenty years succ p exclu­ sively devoted to the cute of diseases of a del icate or ‘\ \[vate nature. To which is added receipts far the nbove diseases, and a treatise the cure of on the caus- eases of which it treats, graduate o f one of the best Colleges in the U- nited States, It affords me pleasure to recom­ mend him to the unfortunate, or to the victim of malpractice,[practice, ass a sixccessfulixccessful andnd experlerxperienc­ a a s a e ed practitioner, in whose Lopor and integrity they may place the greatest eonfidence. JOSEPH l o n g s h o r e , M . D . UAI. Ge] Ity of the Author of the “ M edical M a N- .L.” Numerous cases, of Diseases of the >ring to p< in some instances where the patient has been tisiderediidered beyondeyoi medical aid. In the treat- b t o f Seminal'weakhes , or disarrangement functions produced by self-abuse or ex- , I do pot know b is superior in juainted •R’itb id deem i t no cess o f venery, I do pot kpo’ the profession. I have been the Author some thirty years, more than justice to him as well as a kindness to the unfortunate victim of early indiscretion, to recommend him as one, in whose profession­ al skill and integrity they may safely confide themselves. A L F , WOODWARD, M. D. “ This is, without exception, the most cc isive and intelligible work published in Young and I had none. I have used Denton’s H a ir pyehensive and intelligible work published on Invigorator s tx months. I have now as hand- the class of diseases of which ft treats. Avoid- some a.pair o f tvhfskera as the best M them.; 1 ^^1 technical term s, it addresses itself to the I no-iv say to those who have light whiskers on jeasoh of its readC’is; It is free from dll ob- qne side and heavy on the other, they can be jectionable matter, and no parhnt, howeverfas- Keceip.ts of the Remedies used, ure Spine Diseases—Nervous Irri- rator is ever us<ed tisfied that your Vegetable Hair Invigo- I a good article, and the best Hair Tonic > for the hair. Rlease send me one q u a r t ; I want u /or my awn use. W , Y. HAVENS. Auburu, April Ifitb, 1851. Dr. Dentop, Sir :—I have used your Hair Invigorator, and found it to be all that it is recommended tq be. perfectly soft and pliable ; and for dandrhff 1. never saw anything that equals ft. I have’ used it on several persons, where their headil were sore from the effects of dandriiff and scur­ vy, and two bottles cured them perfectly tvell and added to the growth of the hair, , LUKE FR E E M A N / JBarbtr and Hair Dresser, American Hotel < Auburn, Dec, 5, 1850, We are barbers, and have u&ed and sold Den­ ton’s Vegetable B a ir Invigorator, and it has giveniven goodood satisfactionatisfaction too allll whoho haveave usedsed itt g g s t a w h u i for the h air, to stop ft from coming hut, and to soften ft and to f o a h |||| grow, and tfi stop the scurvy, or dandrun^rom collecting. - It cleans the scalp from both. J H. b l a n d , I n j ... CHARLES W. SM ITH, f WHOLESALE* AGENTS. Olcott McKesson Robbins, Druggists, 127 Maiden Lane, New York- C. V. CUcbeiwr ^ Co, Druggist 81 Barclay street, New York. D. S. Arnold4- Co., Fancy Goods ond:Tan- kee Notions, I9 Courffandt Street, N e # 'Fork. Pefego §• Bdlkley,’ Fancy Goods and Yan­ kee Notions,- 83 Cedar Street. New York. Wm. H. Lyon Co., Fancy Goods and Yan­ kee Notions 4 Dey Street, New York. A . McClime $ Co., Druggists, 7 2 State St., jDhp’L. Thompson ^'.U o ,, Dfuggisfe, 161 River Street, Trpy, N. Y- S. L . Bradley, Auburn, N . j ; Sold by all* reputable dealers throughout N o rth America and Canada, for twenty-five cents. Bottle® enlarged and the article im ­ proved. such an extrem ity that f gave up raj- Ship, eeting to go to Sea any more, as I never fexpeetmg had tried every Remedy that was rec( hut a i r - ed to me, myself up to dispair, commeqded to no purpose ; and Rod gi\ pair, when I Vtfa's a t last commend- hod given leqded to take yonr Pills, After tiring for three months, the result is that a t I am in better health ~ ' en years past, and IS in m y life. them for three months, the result is th I now In better health than I have been fop eleven years past, and indeed as \vell as evep i was in my life. You are q u fteat liberty m a l^ this, h ^ knaiic] I remain. Sir, These ceUrated Pills fiothi w Ife Ague,- ■ . , Debility, Asthrpaj \ e t know n for the benefit o f others. ®-“, yours respectfully, JO H N JOHNSON, w&adtrfuUy tgica- ‘nitifo.*— Constipation o f t justipatipi Bowels, . Indigestion, Hpd-ache,. Liver Complaints, Jau^lce, ,1 Riles. Reteatioiv o f Urino, Scrofula, or King’s Evil Stone and G r a s f ^ Secondary Symptom* Worms o f all kinds;,- Weakness,, from Venereal Affections:, whaley'- ! in Medicines tl _ ted States, in Boxes hi37lc.!j 87c,,and $ l 50 icb., T o h f h^d Wholesale of the principal ifug Houses in the Unioi?. % « Thefo is a considerable soring by tak- icr > I ing the larger Riz««,> < N, B. DlfeetiOns foiS tients in every disorde m gt lorder are j i to eoc! W h f l y Where, I l f e n B a u i t e . A SEM i-ANNUAL DIVIDEND of five per x i . cent, has beott declared to th e stockholders qf the Ilioa Bank, p ayableon and hfter^tbic first day of August n ext, B . F . CARVER. Cashiei. Dated Hion, J u ly ISth, 1854. B 9 L 1 n % St.- Fran]' Hunt a T O O A R R I A G E B U I L D E R S , - c . « would say that I nave a comhination o f articles thht ifu s e d in boiling or steaming timber, -will .prevent itftom breaking almost totally, if ears have-shown me that I can bend 3wn me 1 snth the difficulty that I had previous toJbtiowiiigof thisiavaluablerem edy. Please enclose One Dollar and send to me by, ail, and I will forward the Redeipf hni ately. The c« Two D o f businei forward th e Redeipf framed The cost o f the ingredients are trifling. >Uars wiU supply a man in ordinary one y ear. Address, H . L . HURLBUT, . Newport, N . Y. Newport, Feb. 1st, 1854. 24m6 HOBSF POWBBS, u p H R E S H E R S , §-c.. Railway- Powers of . JL^ Em ery, ledger, and other manufacturers, fox one and two horses. T h r e s h e r s —With and Without Separat- F a n n i n g m i l l s , c o r n - s h e l l e r s , 'arid s t r a w CUTTERS of the most ap­ proved kinds, for sale by DANA b r o t h e r s . UrieW H A ^ W A R E . uf< H E subsc ± e f S A R j [clfosers wirii nearly alh n eedful'articles in the aboveImei. HeinVitespartieuJat attention to h is v ariety of . OBXLERY.YABLJ! AN3D- BOOKEI, ANB DOOH TEiMMmas. The. following- comprises a smaH -part o f h is stock; Enlve!! ^ F o rks, (yari- Razors, ous'stylosj) Drawing Eiiiyes, oussW les,) Rocket Rniyes, a ,,S , and'4-^de^-' Shears,. Beissors, Shovels, Iron $ C. S., Spades, do- dq,. Hmnmet-5, I l K Files, .Window Sash, Naiis,Cut and WroH, Hat Hooks, W ire, for fences, A t th e Brown Drawing Kiuyes, Butts and Screws, Strap^ Hinges- Nfortice Locks, Rim do, Latches, Mort do, DrawerEccks, Fad do, Grind Stone Cranks, Shovels and T o n g s ,. M ill ^ X Cut Saws, Sheet Lead, Sc;^e8andStoBesdo, , Thimhles, \ , T- RopCjCtc., J.^G. B U R R ILL, Herkim er A p ril 1. 1852. A L W A Y S A T H O M E . ^ » J. office and Residence a few rods ^ ih e New Brick Chui ' ' qndth.eCabqI,. hor has devoted many yei to the treatment of the various complaints treated of, and ‘with too little breath to puff,’ and ‘ too little presumption to impose,’ he has Wl to. the world at the merely nominal price ! twenty years large.— Peo~ thousands of our ^outh, by ” leftce o f the passions, have oiiutioa with- cohSequences upon themselves and p osterity. The constitu­ tions o f thousands who are raising families have been enfeebled, if not broken down, and ir the cure. Any- evil out reulii |r do not know the cause oj fd h Pregnancy, and how to Avoid it. Huiv to distinguish Secret habits And how to Cure them. It contians the Author’s views on matrimo­ ny, And how to choose a partner. It tells how to Cure Gonorrhcce, How to epre Syphelas , And the Receipts of the I How to cure Spine Disoa talion—Despondency—Loss of Memory—A version to Society—And Love of Solitude. - It contains Fatherly advice to Young La- Young Men, ^and ail contemplating Matri- It teaches the Young Mother, or those ex­ pecting to become Mothers, how to rear their Oflspring. . • How to remo-ve Pimples from the Face. It tells how to .Cure Leucorhoea or W hites —Falling of the Womb—Infiamation of the Bladder,- , _ And (.all diseases of the Privates. How to cure Rheumatism—Spine com­ plaints. How to promote the Grorvth of the Hair, And to Prevent ft Failing Off. Married persons and others, who desire I d escape the perils of disease, should enclose the price of the work^^ and receive a copy by iturn mail. This book has received more than S mately to remove humj;n wretchedn< est blessing n ext to 1 on the present and Physicians are leccomi vicinity to send for ft< temperance (ox the use of intoxicatingdrihlcs,) though it has slain thousand® upon thousands , is not a g reater scOUfge fo the huipan race.—- AuTcept my thanks on behalf of the ailicted, and, your do-worker in the good work you are so actively engaged in.” One copy; (securely enveloped,) will be for­ warded free of postage to any p art of the Uni­ ted States for 25 cents, or 6 copies f o r $ l. Ad­ dress (post paid) CO SDEN ^ CO., Publish­ ers, Box iSfe, Philadelphia. BoOkSeilerS, Canvassers and Book Agents supplied on the irosf Ifberhl ferraS. 4 ly l N E W T A 1 L 6 R I N Q E ^ T A B - Ll^HM ENTf Ovpr S.‘ ^ JR.. EarVs Law O^ee, jMain stfmf, Herkimer.- TAM E S DODGE would respectfully inform the inhabitants o f Herkimer, and vicinity, that he has opened a Tailoring Establishment at the above place, where he is in readiness to do a ll kinds of Custom Work in his line in the best mariner, and in t he most fashionable style. CUTTIN G done On- short notice and warranted to lit. W a n t e d .—T wo good Journeymen Tai­ lors will find constant employment ,bj? making immediate appBcatioh to the undersigned. ^ . . JAM E S DODGE. Herkimer, Jiihe L- I85l. _______ INDUCEM E N T S FOE EVEYRY M A N TO B U Y A S U I T O F Q L O T H E S . [ditioa to the Great Bargains heretofore red ai G. G. KINGSLEY’S, there a^e , now 'Still greater oppgrlunfties to save time-add money. During the whole o f the present year person purchasing Goods at this Establishment to the amount o f T E N D O L L A R S , will be en­ title to a f r s t rate S T O C K or C R A V A T ; ev­ ery one purchasing TW E N T Y DOLLARS worth, to a good VEST 5 every onepurchasing THIRTY DOLLARS u-orth to a good p air of P a n t s j every one purchasing FIFTY DOL­ LARS WOBth to a good COAT ; and at the dose o f the year the purchaser o f the largest bill toill be .entitled to a Suit of Clothes worth T W E N T Y ^ F I V E D O L L A R S ! These of­ fers are made in good taftth and will b e strict­ ly adhered to. We are always pleased to show ©ur goods, an^ i f they are not of as good m a terial, a s well made and FULL AS CHEAP as at any other Store in the city we do not expect anybody to buy them. . ^ It may he Tvofth Tememheriitg that this Es­ tablishment enjoys the undisputed reputation of Being the most honprahk one in the city, and that we do not intend to lose the'distinction in this respect which we have so fairfy earned, C . C. KINGSLEY, No. 1J6 Genesee street, 'Utica. A T E N T s t r a i g h t OX YOKES, with X adjustable,sliding hows; • Also, Patent. - Ox-bows, Pins’ and Ox Rings. Moigaa^ New Double Lever Premium, 26yl Cheese\Press the cheapest, the simples most desirable. Price §13. Also, Kendall’s Cheese Press. §15. S-,-, Castast Ironron aridrid Wood-—difier-ood-—d Oorn Shdiers C I a W efli styles-and shses, and feom $6 to $12-^. Straw Cutters—©aniePs fer-famed hani Jndand Mills, Vege- jgetable Boil- W'heel-harrows, Shovels,* ^twles, Foflts, Grindstones, and all o ther article's Used on the •^hemometer Churns, Fanning does noV prove ?ts recomurerided, may bere- tnrned aisi-the price will be refunded. rery article ’ furnisked a t our store w hich nol prdve jts recomm Ice will b e re DANA BROTHERS, . No, 91 Genesee street. D a W a ’f e R O T H E R S , \A M ANUFACTURERS and wholesale ’and xVX retail dealers in Agricult cultural ydgserip- O L D E S T A e . L l S H E O H O S P I ­ T A L —O N T H E F R E N Q H S Y S T E M . T \ R . L I S P E N ' - X J a R D , the old man’s friend and yo.ung man’s com­ panion, continues to be consulted on all forms of private ©ia- at his old q eases, at his ters. No, 5 Bee street, Albany, b Y. By the aid of bis matchless : dies, he cures : T 1 week.]ly; farranted. UiY\ Recent 1 Dr, L, « dreds w e e k no mercury used, and cures = R ecent cases cured in six iploys no students—separate rooms for consultation. N, B,—Letters by mail received, and packages by Express sent to all p arts of the world, TO T H E LADIES.—Dr. Lispenard is the sole agent for ©r. Yichois’ Female Alonthly 'Pills, Among the many thousand boxes of these Pills annually sold, not one complaint has ever been made against them. Ladies in a certain situation should not use them—the ■ticulais of which will be found on the di- nade against them, lation should not 1 of which w ill be fc •i-ections accompaning each box. Price §1 Sent by mail lo any part of the world. Office open*day and evening. All cures warranted. No mercury used, and secrecy inviolable. Hospital open from 7 A. M. to 9 P . M. and on Sundays from l lo 4 P . M . No charge for advice, ledicine t Good board and private rooms for those who Wish to remain in the city. D r . MSPBKARD’S aUEAT WORK. A P-miVATE MEDICAL TEEATISE. ANJD DOMESTIC MIDWIFERY. The only work on this subject ever publish­ ed in anyly Country,ountry, orr in anyny language,anguage, for 2-7 c o m a l b cents. Illustrated with Magnificent Engra­ vings, showing both sexes, in a state of nature, Pregnancy, and Delivery of the Feetus. 27th Edition.—Over 200 pages—sent under 'o f th e ‘World, seal Post Paid to any the receipt of 25 cents, ipt of 25 cents or 5 copies for SI.— :cie or batik bills perfectly safe in a well seal- it Tells how to distinguish commendations from the public Physicians are leccommending pers press; and ■sons in their C. W. LiSPENARD, 5 Beaver Street, Albany, N. Y. THE GREAT PIANO AND AIUSIC ES­ TABLISHMENT. H O R A O E W a t e r s , 333 Broadway, New York. rp i J E BEST AND MOST IMPROVED 1 P. ------- - L PIANOS AND AIELODEONS. T. Gin- !7JT Sf Cn.’s World’s Fair Preminm Piarms instruments is too well knowrr to need further commendation'. Gilbert’s Boudoir Pianos, an elegant instrument lor small rooms. Hallet 4- Gumston’s Pianos, of the old established firm of Hallet:allet ^ Co,o, Mr.r. W . beingeing soleI ^ C M W . b sq J e above Pianos, can offer ther agent W e x ^’ay is the largest depot for Musical ts in this ebiiutry, affording an op­ portunity for selections not to be had else- ■ w here. Second-hand Pianos at great bargains, Prices from- $60 to $175. Every instrument fully warranted or the money refunded. MELGDEONS. Goodman ^ Baldwin’s Patent Organ M eb- deons, -with two banks of keys—a swe ------- Cful - - -------- - . . . . . . eet and lartin^s unrivalled Guitars, Browm’s Harps, Flutinas, Violins, Brass instrui powerful instrument. Prices from $75 to ^ S, D. H. W . Smith’s celebrated Melod( Martin’s unrivalled Guitars. Browm’s Hi mts, 4*c., |-c. *ianos and Melodeons discount to Cler- inas, Violins, Brass in Dealers supplied with Pia at factory prices; 12 | per cent d gymen. ■ MUSIC. This l |s t comprises the products of the gi’eat masters o f both the American and European continents, and is receiving constant additions by a n extensive publicaflon of the choice and popular pieces o f the day. Dealers in Music, and Teachers of Seminaries wishing to pur­ chase any music published, or make arrange­ ments for continued supplies of M r. W ater’s new issues, will find it to their interest to call or forward their orders. Music sent to any •part of the Union or Canadas, postage free. las, postage free. ACE -WATERS. L I V E A N D L E T L I V E . F. -B babit s just returned iortmenr, of. ©BY G003>S, GR0CEB.IE.S, Drugs and Medicines, Paints and Oil, Kails, Hardware and Cutlery, consisting in p a r tp f fthe following articles, viz;—French, Englftk and domestio Broad Cloths,. Cassimeres, skin, T-vi'eeds, Plain Silk and Wonted Vest- , Syrups, )visions, cheap a t whole­ sale* or retail as can be sold west of Now York. Mohawk, September 28, 1853. 4tf whole- TAKE n o t i c e . j ^ L L persons indebted to the undersigned by and h e hopes his late cus -to this call with cheerfulness. l|is r i O $ n t I o |k W o i l c c * r p H E eowpartnerahip heretofore existing be-- X tween the undersigacd under the name of J . M . HMser Co., Is this day disssired by mutual* consent. A ll persons iadebts-i to said film are requested to call soon* and settle, by note on othenvise. Either p arty is authorjged to settle the affairs o f the-firm. Dated Frankfort, April 2 2. 1854, j : m . h u l s e r . ■ ' W ILLIAM DYGERT, • DAVID BAKJIR, '• S4

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