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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 17, 1892, Image 5

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the Round Table. KILLBROOK PRINTING CO. Single Coplesj 3 cts. P i ,BASE NOTICE tho following adver-' tiHewonts on the 8th page. E, Edmonds,White Lion Flour, Silas D. Hart, Painting, &c. Charles I. Swift, General contractor. Geo, D. Tripp, Homo school. Chas. G. Boehtne, Boots and Shoes. Mrs. J. R. Horton, Millinery. T. J . McGee, Tailor. Chas. E. Davis, Moore’s Mills Store. ' 0. P. Colwell, Ycrhank Store. S- Leach, Painting &c. Rowland Fruit ai^d ProducoCo, Florence, Mason and Builder. P. C, Doherty, Plumber. Bank of Millljrook. James Reardon, Stoves & Hardware. 11. H. Andrews, Pharmacy. L. G. Graham, Auctioneer, W. S. Kellett, AVatchos & Clocks. WASSAIC. Among those who visited New York City this week were Mrs. N. L. Bishop, Mr, and Mrs. E. Brown, Win. Williams, and. daughter AdelIa,Mrs.J.Woolcy, Miss Bertha, also Mr. E. B. Hasted.—Mr. Ih ry Winohostor and Bride of Soutli Amen in passed througli this place Monday, Mis. H, Strang visited Dover Phiins Tuesdav.—Mr. Frank Buckley of Elgin III. arrived in this place Monday.—Mias AnnieSquares is very ill at her homo here. Mr. James Boyce started this mo ruing for Johnston.-G. W. Hoyco is in New York buying Christinas goods.—It is reported tliat a singing school will soon bo started here.—Mr. Louis Buckley is improving Ids house by adding a room ton by twenty five.—Mr. E. J. Pink lia.i n number of men employed on Mr, Fletcher’s residence which is nearing com. pletion.—The Ladies' Sowing Society met withMrs.M.Gidley Wcdnesday.M* ssrs Prank and Perry Lee,who are employed by the New' York Condensed Milk Com­ pany,are painting their buildings at Mil- lerton.—Mr. John Williams of Dover Plains was in this place Sunday. Gipsoy. frophk’S, A stranger would scarcely think that Supervisor Tliorno of MilUirook, always quiet and unpn>tcnthni.s, held the high position in the sporting world that he does. Witii no u<lo he bus gained the front rank among the wing shots of tin w(>rid,and at his beautiful iiomc at Mill brook c.an bo seen the massive and most costly trophies he lins won on both tiisciits. At one time, it is said that he an»t thfed other crack slu t< secured t?4.000 in eusli jiriv.cs at a meet in Pliila- (lelpliia 111 January next. Mr. Thnrne will defend the cluinquonship in a ei'iilesl on Long Island, tho purse to he -■?2,.'3O0 a side. Enterji;\)n. Music and ll>aaciufr. The Millbniok Baii-l reports 30 couples be.sidcs themselves at their Ba l.lloor well •ollt ovti gave Millbrook a good W. C. T. U. Col. Lewis, in his loeture, gave a good deal of valuable information about tho west coast of Africa, and held the close attention of his audience throughout. He says it is a good place to live in, and he would bo glad to go back there, THE CONVENTION. Wednesday morning. A Bible reading by Mrs. R. A. Swift on the subject, “The Power of tho Word of Qo.d:” in tho cre­ ation,in givoing light to the soul: in help­ ing others to know they arc children of God. The treasurer’s report showed a balance of 1142.57, from which the expenses of tho conveiitiou are to be deducted, Mi».Nel8on ^ k c again of tlieNational Convention at Denver, tlie excursions given them by the citizens, tho reception on the arrival b y 1000 or more children at the station. The report on Temperance Literature mentioned 18000 pages of tracts distribut­ ed at the County Fair, and about 20000 in the County during the quarter. Reports of the State Convention at Newburgh weie given by Miss Barmore, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Brill, Mrs. Philip Hoag and Mrs. Nelson. 440 delegates were present. lOOO new members have been admitted during the year. 63 deaths. At .the public meetings the Opera house was too small lor ihe cntliusiasUq crowds in attendance. A letter was received from J. W. Cham- plin, suggesting a new lino of wofk, which was forwarded to the State President. Jail and Alms House work reported by Mrs. Seaman. At tho County Pair refreshment tables, i|1235. was received; net profit was ^404, Short verbal reports of the local unions showed a large umoimt of work done. The afternoon session began with praise service conducted by Miss Mary Bannore. The question box contained such ques­ tions as, AVhat is the best way to reach the illegal liquor seller, by moral or by legal suasion? How to interest tho Trus­ tees of Public Schools, in tho Scientific Temperance Instruction, so that their luchers will teach it according to law? Should tho W.C.T.H. in any way cncour- a standing army? Answorod decidedly filled, n good tiu,e, and some prolit They gave Millbrook a soronado in advaii expenses. These Celluloid Picture Frasnes Are quite the proper thing—hut if you need nuytliing bettor tho decorated glass frames will fill tlie hill at Amblui Main, St. and 5 Mafkct St. TiiE HATtONAE METHOD OP DUPLICATE wnisT, by C. M. Payne, editin' o f Whist’ ia a great improvement on the original plan, since the price brings it vvitliin tho reach of all. At A imuleu ' s , 254 iMain St., and 5 JIaiket St. I n WIUTING DESKS, LE.VTnEK L.\D T.^ULETS [1 will find a very largo stock and Main Sb, and 5 Market St. '.es at Ambler's Book Store, 254 T he ikon toys at AMnLEii’a Book Stare will be sold very cheap to close them out, as ho docs not intend to carry tilom after this year. Wiiiduilis* Hoferriug to destruction of windmills by ^storms,Mr. J. E. Dean, agent at Fislikill says the Aermotor is warranted * absolu'tely^l'^OiiQ year,and also not to fall in any wind w ^ \h does not wreck biiild- I4 ings. Mr. Thorne,a‘t theCrest.is using th cm * aacl gives them ix good iium g tor chcupiicss and efficiency. UNION EVANGELISTIC’ SERVICES IN MIL^^BROOK. The Rev. Francis Edward Smiley, of Philadelphia, who has been invited by tlio pastors of the churches at Millbrook, h a s accepted tho invitation, and expects t beg ’ \ vices during the past few months in sov- ox-alof the Southern cities—Memphis, Little! Rodfc, Nashville,^Natchez, and ! Borvicos Daily N Rodk, icola. Wo clip tho It of his £ from an account ,^namcd place froi ••Tlieto Is a podullnr olii list's metlioilaln revival 1 tuem some string iJ extract m the Daily News. work, ami 1 traotring large congregations nnd pie to take au interest in tlie seorotollil.s success iu at. in moving tlie 1 pooiile to take au interest in spiritual tlilDgs.TheSH tervloes m s murked liy tUe absence ol evorytlilng tliat savors of seiisatlonnllsm. They prove tlio simple gospel Jias Inst none of its power, and that ' jnsu and Wonion arc ready to hoed and aocept^ 1 ts oilei'of salvatlOB. 'i'ho oltUens of this town will long romenibpr these improHstvi services. Will (Into Ironi them the beglnnine of spirit Dl Tcnpwi-l winscorutloii nnd icul ia lUo eji iroHstvi services. Many THAT YOU CAN GET SlIltUBS, YlNES, KOSE BUSHES, AND ORNA­ MENTAL TREES, OF EVERY VABPTY, ALSO POTTED PLANTS, AND BULBS, GARDEN AND FLOWEtt S<fiDS. CUT FLOWERS AND FLORAL DESIGNS A SPECIALTY^ W. 0 . LesteT, Florist, Millhrook, ,N. Y. A SMALIt LOT OF Choice'Bonds FOR SALE AT BA N K OF M IILBBO O E . age a standing aru in the lu-giitivo. Subject, “The Faitl irga- h f u l A reoitiition follo\v*id by Miss Mai rette Slocum, Soul,’' by Miss Procter. A paper wuS read by Alisa Payne on Loyal Legion work. The great need, she said, is Superiatoiidents. M rsnioag spoke on Mothers’Meetings, and on Social I ’urity. The Loyal Legion oamo in with tlieii Pre.sHlent, Miss C. V. Merritt, and oiiler- tained the convention t\ith songs and recitation. A Re:-ohitiori was adopted endor.sing Air. Cook’s lecture; luul one t>f thanks to Millbrook people. With a .Miort address ■iiitl prayer by Mrs. Nelson the .session closed. ATASniNOTON HOLLOW. Air. AVin. Stricklcii, who has been with Mr. George Badgley the past summer, sailed onTuesday of last week on the City of New York for England, his native place. We shall miss his pleasant face and cordial muuner from our midst. All xyjsli him a pleasant trip.—Your Verbank contributor was a little fast iu saying-A Cadman lectured at, Washington Hollo’ on Frid.ty night. Ho was not here. Wo woifid much like to have heard him but through some mistake by somebody ho was not here.Look out down there atVer bank; roniernber wliat David Crockett said “Be sure you aru right, then go ahead.” John Green has fiiiislied his time with Mr. Alorehouse.aiid ia now trying to learn the blacksmitliing busine.«s with our blacksuiilh. Jacob says he takes hold of the work very handy indeed for a be­ ginner.—Jlr.Halstedand family have gone to tho Bridge City to stay tho wihtev,and have lolf thoii* residence he have lolf thoii* ro.sidenco hero in Oliarge of thoir farmer,Mr.Greon.Wni.is a good care­ ful hand to look after things,and perfectly compotent.Tliey made Some very nice im provenieiits before they loft,in theirsitting and dining rooms,such as putting in steel ceilings and beautiful closets, which adds much to the looks of tho already beautiful rooms.—Mrs. John Green has been visit­ ing friends tho past week in the north part of tho County. —Mr. Edward Traganza is homofor tho winter with his mother: complains somewhat of a throat trouble Horse trading has been in vogue iu this place (he last week. E. Clement lias made two trades. Ed. is a hustler in tho horse buisucss. He has a very nice young horse now. Dewitt Morey and John Dennis have also made several trades. I tell you the busi- ness has been red hot.—Wo notioo there is not so much beer passing through this place as usual. Is the demand falling off.or are they afraid it will freeze on the road? We hope tho former is the reason.—Mr. Biillishashismillinshapenowsohe does gri-’.ding for all that come, in good order and with despatch. * great convonionce to surrounding farmers.'—We understand his millwright has gone to Philadelphia to .secure a, circular saw for the saw-mill department. No cider barrels around there now. January 13.1802, DO roy KNOW fiifttiTRie ' WiNiKfi. nAfiE' nrsiii House Lot ON MERRITT AVE. FOR SALE OR RENT as soon as completed. Will bo ready by January IfJt. Inquire of CHARLES I SWIFT. LOT WANTED! A Lot of about 100 ft. front and of good deptli in or near Millbrook. Call on or address, stating cash price, and location, 1 W. J. RBARDSLEY, Architect Alillbrook, jj y. HOLIDAY PRESENTS that are useful for Men, Boys, and Child* ren, fine OTcrcoats, snits, Ulsters and Trousers. Fine shoes, slippers, rubbers, attraetiye Neckwear, silk handkercMefs, mufflers, collars, cuffs, and full dress sbirts. Silk Umbrellas in Fancy and Natural hand­ les. Gloves for dress, walking, and driving. Hats and Caps in Fur, Silk, Plush, and S c o ^ Trunks and Satchels everything for a man or Boys wardidw- During the Holiday sensoii we shail Imve special Bargain Sales on Tuesday and Thursday of each week, when ail goods will be offered at Special Low Prices. Call on us noxy* 0 . JACKSON & SON. MA 1 N 0 . MATTEAWAN. ’TIS A BLOT On hom e life—the dust, the labor, the back-aches of broom work. CHRISTMAS W ill do away with it If it brings the housewife a new style BISSELL CARPET 5WEEPER Carving' Sets, Scissors, Pocket Knives, Sleds, Skates, Tools for boys, Tools for Carpenters, any of these will l)c a good Fresent, beside these we have Tools for the farm­ ers, such as Fodder Cutters, Snow SllOTClS, &.C, Deyo & Andrews, 840 Main St. DOES TTOUE KEROSENE OIL • BURNBRISHT? . Do your people want some that does ? Yon can have it if yon want it. Water White 160° is the state test for safety,not illuminating power* we liave got the cheapest water white 150° inthe market, and we have also got the best burning illmninating oil to he had if you want it. Fishkill Landing Oil & Gasoline Depot, Northeast corner Long Dock, Fishkili-on-Hndson, n . y * B enjamin .H ammond . A nLlLBBOOE E 01 AN(X! ASD OIHEE TA1E«. BT A. L. D0NALD80B. Pleasing Stories, pleasingly bound. A dainty Ohiistmas gift. Cloth hinding, 75Cts. Half white, $1.00. For sale by Mrs, J. K. Horton, Beading: System. HOPEW.ELL BRANCH. Hopewell,7,(K, 10 4S a. Jn, PougUkeupslc, 9 fiO a. in., 4 45 p. n . Hopowoll, 10 23 a. m., 6 25 p. lu. Ponglikeopale, 8 29, 11 24 a. in. & C. No Sunil.iy train. Tr.'ilna le.ive Hop Comieet with X. I Dr. L.P. Stanbrough, D entist . I. O. 0 . P. Building, Mattcawnn. N. Y. lertaiiiing to _____ Ml warranted. The saving ih a specialty. Fresh nitrous oxide gas administ­ ered fnr the painless extraetlei tf Ail work appertaining istry preformed Hi a skiiftil man­ ner and warranted. of the natural teeth Silverware, Rogprs, Gorham, and other Standard Manufactures. Plush Case Goods. Clocks. Oak Framed Cabinets, 8 day, f 4.00. Nickle Alarms at 79 cents. Other bargains. Repairing promptly executed and Warranted. Engraving dono on the premises. Jewelry and Watches of all descriptions. ^ Prank W. Colwell, THE WATOHMARER, Odd Follows’ Building, Matteaivan, S. VAN VIACK. G rocepies. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Near W. 0. T. U. Hall, Millbrook, N. Yf N. D. & C. R. R. Traioa going north, leave Now York, 7 30 a. m ** I)iitcbos 8 Jan •* ^nttoawan itoores Ktllls 10 lo 10 10 Vm-littuk 10 35 10 17 Oak Summit 10 so lo 23 Sliimrook li 13 10 33 Eangall 13 n 10 4s [•liie t’Kilr Atr. MUIartca ■Leave Sunday . rooclil ■ Trains going south. •Alillorton 5 30 A.SI. 4 00 rinoPiatas 9 oo «33 •* 4 &a Bantall »33 e 41 \ 119 SniUaook 10 23 e BS “ 6 37 Oak Summit 1038 703 \ 5 43 Verbank lOSfi 7 oa \ s oi Moore’e n 13 7 17 \ s 01 Hopewell 1218 7 30 '• c S3 Mattoaw'iln n o 8 02 \ c 57 l)nt.Juiic. 130 8 Oi) '• 7 04 Now York lOKA. M. 041 9 20 ti'ninloavoa Diitclic.-m Junctional N.Y.C.&H.B.R.R T k a iv . 3 L eave G oing N oktii . ■ Dutchess Junction. Fishkill Landing. 914 a. i^. ByraciWo Express .......... ...... 0 19 p. m. *U43a.ni, Pouglikcopslb Local.............u 44 a.m. ......p,W. Chicago Express ................. 12 u p . ......p .m . North ami West Express.....! asp.m. 4 OB p. ni. Poughkeepsie Local............. 4 U p. m.' ...... P. m. Trey Special...........................6 01 p.m. *5 27 p.m . L«oalExpress......................*632p.m. 6 w p, m. Poughkeepsie Local... - ....... o 44 p. m. ....... p.m. Local Expws*........................*825p,m. . ... p, m. <Hilcago E xpress .................. 1100 p. m. ...... a. m. Night Express .......................... 22o».m. T r a in s L kayk going S o u th Plshktll Ismding. Dutchess Junction 64Sa.m,' HoughkoepsieLocal .......... . 049a.m, 143 a, m .' Poughkeepsie Express ....... *SUa.m, Local Express.........................B lo a .m 9 so a. m. Local E xpress. . ...................... a. m. nN s p .m , HSratogadtutieaSpecial,,.. p.m. 134P, m. Local Express ................ p.m. 1* p, ra. North Shore Limited............ . p, m, ......p. m. Albany A NT, Y. Locnl ........... 4 45 p. m, SMlp.nj, SpecialN.Y.Exptes.i . ............... p.m . •7 IB p. la. Albany * N- Y. E xpress.... 7 ai p. m. »«M p.3i. Local E xpress. . ........................... * Bunsen SuBday, OREAT ALTERATION SALE! Elore’s good news and a huiianza for the people. Owing to tho cxtonaiT*' alteration wo contoinplato making to our store, we have inaugurated a gi*' gantic Sacrifice Sale of every dollar’s worth of Clothing in our establish- nient. The encroachment of tho builders and mechanics will put room a t a premium, so you will readily understand the immense reduction we haT«( made from the low prices that prevailed throughout our entire catabliair EVERY SHIT, EVERY OVERCOAT, EVERY ULSTER, E-VERY GARMENT, IN OUR ESTABLISHMENT SACRIFICED. DON’T INVEST A DOLLAR IN CLOTHING UNTIL YOU VISIT US. WE WILL SAVE YOU DOLLARS . ON EVERY PURCHASE, Tho make and charat-ter of our Glotliing ia too well known to cotnuMm^- upon. No house in this city shows, or pretends to show, such high gtada-' make of Clothing as wo do. HEBE’S YOUROPPOBTUNITY. Don’t Miss It. mnm brothers , m mm m most couplets clothric smELisHRSEt miss STATE. 802 & 304 MAIN STREET, POUGHKEEPSIE. RONDOUT STORE, UNION AVE., STRAND AND CANAL STl. Pranklm Avenue SYDNEY HENRY, M.D. DRUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUMERY AND FANCY AUTIGLBS. When iu Poughkeepsie,visit Sampson Brothers for Good Clothe.s, Hats and Fiiinishings. It will pij,y you ta step into the Bargain store, and see what you can get for 10 ots* A first class plnmb^ ing and tin shop in connection. F. W. Swift, MillbrooK, N. Y„ Andtewi? bnildingt

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