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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 03, 1892, Image 1

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! > r M illbrook R ound T able COINTST.ii.]VTl^Y HEVOTTJEO TO THK ITSTTEIRESTS OF^ CElVTIt^JL. HXJgrOHCKSS. YOL. I. M ILLBROOK, N . Y ., SATURDAY. DECEM B E R 3. 1892. m 16. lIliMBisissDirBctory 1 ihe IffS OF THE WliE' FRANKLIN AVRNUE. W . B. SMITH, . General Merchandltw. J . J. DOHALDSON, President, De G. BOEHME, W. C. T. U. Hall and Librarj, ASA LOVELACE, Wattches and Jewelry. W. B. TRIPP, Prosli and S alt Meat. w i l l i a m : g b m m i l l . Boarding House and Livery Stable. ■ A . FRONT STREET. a j . TRIPP, Meat a n a Fish, Fruits and Vegetables. R. T. MONFORT, Justice ol Peace, Hardware and Farm. Machiuery. V . E. H. ANDREWS, Drugs, Soda Water, Ice. W. R. THOMPSON, Shoemalier. F. W', SWIFT, 5 and lO^ient Goods. Plumbing. J. R. HOKTON, _____ Restaurant, Ice Cream, Oysters. •DEAN BROTHERS, . ______ General Merchandisa ______ _ CHARLES 1 SWIFT, ~ ~ Contractor and Builder. PHILIP fl. MERRITT, Notary Public WASHINGTON AVENUE. JAMES BLINl NN, . Blue SILAS S. MARSHALL, Coach and Carriage Paint H. WOODHODSE, Contractor and Builder. NORTH AVENU2. MILLBROOK INN CO., ’ ' Millbrook Inn. JOSEPa\3iO.DMES ■ ^ ^ n e s s Maker. W. a LESTER, , ~i Flo-Srers, Trees and Plants. W, L. SWIFT, Engineer and Surveyor, m i l l b r o o f ; p r i n t i n g c o ., Round Table. Job Printing. 1 :^ SWIFT BROTHERS, Lumber, Coal, Lime, Cement, Gates. ^ BBENEZKR EDMONDS, . Grist Mill; Flour and Feed- POUNTAIN PLACE. f r a n k w e l l i n g , Contractor and Builder. W. J. BEARDSLEY, ^ Architect add Draughtsaai lha efforts of the health authori- liladalphia to stamp out diphtheria RICHARD SCOLES, Cashier, Town Clerk, Notary Public. JAMES REARDON. Stoves, Hardware, Farm Machinery. 0. B. REARDON, ’ Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, Trunks, Etc. , MRS. J. R. HORTON, Millinery and Fancy Goods, J. MILTON OSBORNE, Clothing, Hats and Caps. MERRITT & COLVILIi, Stoves, Tinware and Plumbing. S. VAN VLACK, “ The” Grocer. , CHARLES OLIVET, Shaving a.nd Hair-cutting, VALENTIN RICKES, Blacksmith. S. I. JACOBUS. M. D., OfSce' Hours until 9 a . JI,, 13 to 3 and 7 t o 9. HELEN BOYCE, ^ Boarding House. iphia to stamp by isolation, the victims of the disease tinue to increase. At noon, Heal.h Officer Veale reported thirty-si iy-eight hours. Las leaths wiere dug the effect )f the Chinese are raturoing to a longshoremin. ABOUT NOTED PE0PI3, M me , jANAUseHEK lias for particular pet* inuine pigs. ssiau Czar plays some of the bi^apt its and twangs the ba jo. AN ENGINE’S HOT CHASE. PATAL STEAMBOAT FIEE.‘ forty-eight hours. 62 deaths w returned, and within a year there have been 4,176 cases and l,3 t l deaths, is reported ii cclusion law is bavin of brea.dng up the business of 0 Slope,,ope,, andnd many ( lailey, i Sl a was mysteriously murdered in New Orleans within a square of the Second Precinct Polk a Station. He was seen in conversation with a well-dressed man on Chartres street, near Toulouse street, opposite a chesp lodging house, and suddenly a shot was fire.1 and the well-dre sad man wat ouserved to escape aroun i the corner. He was pui-sued, with­ out success. ----- Rev. John Brown, one of the pioneer Methodist preachers in Illinois, died at the ago of ninety-one years. He was a oativeof Virginia, came to Illiaois in 18 6, and had been a manaber of the Illinois Con­ ference si ice ttea, ----- The house of W. W. Dannenhower, at Sharpsburg, a suburb of Pitisburg, was destroyed by and the occupant, with his wife and child, was burned to death. Angelo and Joseph Zappe, Italians, sen­ tenced in P ittsburg to hang for the murder of Prank Helmstetter, attempted to dash their brains out against the prison wall, a t k r being taUen back to their cells in the county ja.l. Bet 1 men were ssriously injure 1, but were detected before accomplishing their purpo.-e. ---- In Romo, Ga., a wM'e mau named Wooten, during an altercation with a colored man struck him over the head with the butt end of his double-barreled shot­ gun. The gun was discharge I and Woolen Was s h-t in the stomach and instantly killed. The ne^ro will also die. ----- Jesse Aye in mauuers, voice and methc Tiends of the pacomal likeness. P resident C ontekoin , of the I'aliAh jhamoer of Commerce of New York, has sailed for Italy with the view of morelargsly nteresting his countrymen in the Columbia^ Exposition. i -Q uekn N atalie , of Servia, is build’ lerself a very peautifuljshateau on ' . .................... as a rapid worker. HeoftOa composed the music r f three or four son^ in a single night. He died a t the early age of 31, vet in his brief life he o mposed ovdJf 600 sotigs, s^reral operas, masses, etc. P rince L eopold , of Prussia, the socond cousin of the Emperor o£ Germany, ’Wm toon; part in the recent long dif\ “ betw.enBt ” ’ ------ ' flyin g Oirer the Tracks to Catch a Sun- away Car. As a freight train was pulling out past Sher.dan Station, sevea miles from Pitts­ burg, on the Pan-Handle Railroad, a heavily loaded car, the last of the train, broke loose, an 1 started back on the down grads toward Pittsburg. The operator a t Sheridan telegraphed back over the-jihe all the way to P.ttsburg to look out for the runaway car. A t Ingrain Station stood an engine fired up ready to go When the operator there got word that a loose car was flying back over the track, ha lotifielthe eiigmier and'firem an of the engins, and they prepared to pursue the Wllhin a few motrents the runaway cams thunder.ng aloug at the rate of thirty miles As soon as it passed, the engine Bix of the Deck Passenger Perish— Women in Peril. The steamboat Rosa Lee was burned to the water’s edge a t the wharf in Memphis. Tenn., .six o’l'look the other morning. There were about thirty cabin passengers abroad. Among them were three women and about forty deck passengers. Ail, to­ gether with the officers and crew, were saved except six deck passengers. They were and asleep on the lotrer deck by the engine room, where supposition is tl w the fire start that the flames and perished, sa Lee i supposition is that they were cut off by the hetw< eu Berlin and Vienna, has r at last from the effects of tne race, to the courtesy of Lieutenant Heyd lydt, a allowed td eau rewarded with an imperial for bis refusal to pass the Prince when near Vienna. Rome. Ga., was found murdered in the big road near his home. Col. Ayer took his axe and started to the woods to cut some wqj and being gone longer than usual, some hii 1 amily were sent to look for him. When found he was lying in tbe mk dead, wit i his axe lying by his side, covered with b'ood. ----- G.'Orge Washington Post,the ce ebrated bunco man, and a colleag Tom O'Brien, Rod Austiu and others tinjuished in their.lins, was soatenced to ten Clinton Prison, having been con- robbery in the first degree in bua- S n * X u t ? n hon7s“\u S e t ^ ^ ^ Ihs. ’ iook on her experiences among the juld be dedicated to her, a special messenger was despatched from Balmoral to London with a large autograph photograph of the Queen and a very beautiiul brooch. Both these presents her Majesty wished Miitf Marsdou to regard as tokens of the d a ^ sympathy with the good work of the lattilfr among the lepers. W illiam M orris , the poet, always a ffe^- roujh apparel, uis general get-up being. ^ cido ly nautio il, and it is said that noth&|||. pleases him quite so much as to be toistaken for a sailor. In fact he courts it. Not ■. L a te ■Wholesale Prices years in Cl victed of ri sague of icrs dis- sry in the first degree in 1 coing the venerable John M. Peck, of Al­ bany, N Y., out of $10,000 twd years ago. Jabob Wbiltier forced six dyuami'e oapi into Miss D)ollio Walton’s mouth, in Denver, and made her swaUowthem. ----- Robert Bar­ bour, president o? the Barbour Flax Spin. ning Company, died in Paterson, N. J., of apoplexy. Ha was boru in Ireland la 1814. He came to this country in 1865. and ( mericau industr] arge linen woi mau. “Avast there,\ criea lae strangok, “don’t I know you? weren’t you at one tuns mate of the brig Sea Swallow?” To be n i ^ taken for a failor was delightful, but to taken for the mate Of a ship boMing m poetic a namd was simply glorious. Yes, I am he,” said Morris, and he locked arms with the sti-anger, piloted him to the nearsw Rehouse and filled him full of food sad DISASTERS AND CASUALTIES The Rosa Lee arrived at 4.30 A. M., and after all fires had been extinguished and the boilers cooled down, the engineer seeing that every thing ■was safe lelt for his home in the southern portion of the city. The night watchman, who went through the deckroom twenty minutes afterwards, disc, vered sev­ eral bales of cotton afire. The bell w.as rung and Clarence Vauker, the. colored ca in watchman on duty, went through the cabin, arousing the sleeping passengers. The fli e spread rapidly, and the upper part of tbe boat was soon in flames. Many pas­ sengers and officers had narrow escapes, aud all lost what they had. Captain Henry Cooper, who was asleep in the Texas, was atvakened by the ringing of the belL He remained to put on his shoes, and was compelled to sli e down one of the iron stanohipus of the boat. The flames had cut him off from the stairs loading down to the\ boiler deck. The Rosa Lee was lying between the RoWena Lee and the Ora Lee, two steamers owned by the same company, both of which were in danger of burning. They were cut loose from their moorings and towed to places of safety by harbor boats. The fire department of the city answered the alarm that was sent in and succeeded in saving the hull of tjie b at. The men supposed to have been lost were laborers employed a t the government works in Ashport Bend. The fire, it is thought, was started by sparla from tbe pipes of the deck passengers CABLE SPARKS. &^nn, extra S9 @ 30 t V ictooia . has conferred ou Lord .. firsts ........... 23 @ 28 Roseberi-y the rana of Knlgnt of the Gar- irsts ......... . ^Su @ 30 ter. derstion of London, h in that city against pa trestle a derei, a ........ _ riuaway near the Point Bridge Station. The engineer ran back over the tender, coupled on to the car, and then began to slow up, but did not stop until it was at the Birmingham. Station in the city, Thera a largo crowd of people had gathered to sea, the pursued and pursuer dome in, greeting both with a cheer. T he Frince of 'Wales is quite a virtuoso on the banjo; the Princess is a distinguished 5pianisto. \ T ii; MARKETS. a fortune various, lated a t from $5,000,030 to $10,000,000 I’.l, ex-presidenb of the lished an extensive Ami was also interested in lat Lisburn, Ireland. He li ly estima ----- Ol.ver P. Pindo'.l, ex-pi Commercial Travelers’ Assc Usiitoil States, and a popular traveling salesman for the po=t twenty yea-s, died in Columbus, O j to, aged forty-five. ----- Afire broke out in the Blossburg Mine, four miles Over a hundred men leaped All the mul a an.i mine cars were destsoyed.? These mines are operated by the A. T. & S F. Railroad, and are the largest in Now Mexico, tl south of Ratto^ a N, M, irk in the n wore a t work in the mine, bat all esca through an abandoned shaft. mge production being about seventy-five cars a day. About five hundred men are thrown out of work.— The Michigan Penin­ sula Car Company’s works, in West Detroit, burned down. Loss will probably be halt a _, with other good citizens, to raid a house of ill-repute in Dau- ~ —Sam Lancaster drank sir beer miltion. ----- Sydney \Wo: killed while on his im was sh)t and way, with other glasses of whiskey in Knoxville, Tenn,, and dropped dead. George Franey, colored, was hanged in Franklin county, Texas, for murdering his stepson.— An organization has been formed by the broom manufacturers of Milwaukee, aud notice was given of a thirty per cent. I in prices. The advance effects all ind types of brooms, and takes effect -The safe of the R. J. Gunning Sign Company in the third story of the building at Van Boren street and Third avenue was blowu open, and its contents stolen in Chicago. The amount of money secured by the burglars is not known, but it is thought that it will reach into the thous* (^nds.—r-1 wo men who robbed the bank at Rosiyn, Washington, September 24 last and secured $10,000 were captured a t Arlinj Oregon. ----- ’Dr. Q. A. Bridges, aphysici high standing in Rangley, Mo., announces a case of Asiatic cholera there in the person Of Mrs. Stiyihou Philbrick. The house has been placed under quarantine. ----- ArOhio Hart, of Preiericksburg, Vo., who hs advance grades ai lington, ician of mrg, Vo., who had goo 1 fouud deadlead inn a blinc i ■r es of bil ion, of Bil of railro a vote c£ three hundred and fifteen to nothing. The bill will prevent the consoli­ dation of stock itions to ba held practically i: jjurkey hunting, was fouud dee ----- The first of a ser es of bills presented eompnnies, a House of Represehtatives Wit. G eohl , son of a brewer, of Port Arthur, O rtirio, feT inha a t a t o f ..hefebser and was fatally burned. T tphoid fever is said to be epidem ’c a t St, -ours. Between 900 aud lOtO cases have bjen irted within the last two months. who was bitten is now suf- reported withm the laiit two A UTTIiE son of J . A. Iise, by a dog a t North Danville, Va., is now suf- £ei ing from hydrophobia and is not expected T he three-masted sebooher Ella T. Little, from Walkertou,Va., for Philadelphia, went Dshore on Carter a Bar, on the eastern shore of Virginia, and will be a total loss. A COLLISION between two el* ctrio cars, caused by one of them getting off the track, occurred in Cleveland, O.iio. One man was fatally injured, and several persons badly M bs C hables F. P ahlhas , of Richmond Va., was fatally injureJ by the explosion of chemicals which she war' assisting her hus­ band to prepare for use in a toipedo. Paul- has was sevo, ely burned. W hile driving across the Delaware^ and Lackawanna Railroad track, uearBelvidere, New Jersey, the ’.earn of William Devoe^^of Fiat Brookville, was struck b a train. Di^ voe was k lied and his wife and one child Mere badly injure W hile Robert W’'elder was watching a game of base baU at the Stony Point School House, near Drysviile, Berks county, Pa., a bat flew o ut of another player’s hands; hit­ ting Welder on the head with teniflo foren crushing his skull. His injuries are prob­ ably fatal. S ix lumbermen who arrived at Ott from the Juml eriug shauties report diphtheria is making serious havoc an :e of men their -way to Ottawa, several hundred i The Ontario Government has sentup a num­ ber of doctors with medicine in the hope of checking tte disease, which is of the most virulent type. A jam of 3,000,000 feet of logs and debris in tuo Shohouiish river, lu ‘Washington, threatens the Great Northern Railroad bridge. A Seattle despatch says railroad company has a large force at work trying to break the jam. G riat Northern bridge goe^ it will tase the Lake Shore and Eastern i ride, and the city wagon bridge, located below, with it. The steamers Mamie aud Isabella ware forced to drift from their moorings, and are now in the centre of the jam; and probably totally wrecked. The first fataluy reported » the deatn of J . A. Medora, a labofer, wno was drowned while trying to save stock near Shohomish.’’ ______ _ FIVE LUMBERMEN BURNED. One Deadf One Dying and Plesh Drop­ ping from tte Otters, A fire a t Staadt’s Lumber Camp, Marsh­ field.. Wis., burned five of the eight who oc­ cupied the building. One Anton Mulbackb is now dead and Charles David, of McMillan cannot recover. Two others are burned so, badly that the flesh has dropped ttbdx leir bands a n d : The building,which was a two story struc­ ture, caught fife from a stove and communi­ cated to the 8tair«ay,cutting off «$res< from above. The men awoke in' them iditof Suffo­ cating smoke and jumed .from the windows to the frozen ground below, The pamp was situated four miles below Strafford. The Aoanoial loss is estimated a t fiOJti. of C o u n try P r o d u c e Q u o ted In New Y o rk, 48 BEANS Atm TEAS. Beaus—Marrow, lS92, choicefS 35 @$3 S7X Medium, 1892. choice.... 2 05 @ — Pea, 1893, ch o ice........ 305 @ — Red kidney. 1893, choice. 2 75 ® 3 85 Red kidney, poor to fair — @ — Lima, Gal., per bush.,.. 205 @ 210 Green peas,. 1892, per b b L .... — @ 180 BUTTEB. Creamerv—St. fetenn, extra , St. & Penh., firsts ........... ^ ■Weatern, firsts ......... . S @ 30 Westerii, seconds........ . 24 @ 36 Western, thirds/ ............. 30 @ 23 State dairy—halt tubs, and pails, extras...................... 26 @ 27 Half tube and pails; ists. • 23 @ 25 Half tubs and pails, 3ds. 20 @ 23 \Welsh tubs, extras ......... 26 ® — Welsh tubs, Ists. ............. 23 @ 25 Welsh tubs, 3ds................ 3!) @ 22 ■Western—Im. creamery, Ists 23 @ 25 i W, Im. creamery, 2ds... 18 @ 30 ^ W. Im. creamery, 3ds,. — — Weietera. Factory,fresh, firs T he S'ciiiist Fedei Full cream,color^fanoy Full cream, good to prime Part skims, choice .......... PartskimSigood to prime Partsldms, common.... Full s l ^ s . .................. . State and. Penn—Freeh.......... — @ 2 9 Western—Fresh, fan c y ,.... 26J^@ 27 Freeh, prime.................... 22 @ 25 .inrs AND BERRIES—FRESH. 300 @ 450 per e r b bl,,.. l„ ,...i.. 150 @ 3 75 per bbl ........... 230 @ 3 75 ’ears, Bartlett, per bush.. . . — @ — Seckel, per b b l.... . . . . . — ® — Common cooking, per bbl — @ — Grapes, up river, Del., 51b. — @ — tJp river, Catawba, 3 lb. 10 @ 13 Up river, Concord, 5 lb. 18 @ 20 Peaches, Jersey, extra, beisket. — @ — Poor to fair ............ .. — @ — Plums, up river, per crate... — @ — State, 10 lb basket ......... — @ — Cranberries, Cape Cod, bbl. 6 30 @ 9 00 Apples—Red sorts, b b l,.. Baldwin, p b b Greening, per Bartlett, pi ■1892, fair tc 'U prim e .. ________ ‘ imon to good.. Oid'.odds..~...lI.T....V. 5 @ LIVE POULTRY. Fowls—Jersey, State, Penn. Western, per lb .............. Spring Chickens, local, lb . .. . \Westtem per l b . . .......... „ Roosters, old, per lb ............. 6>i@ — Turkeys, oer lb ....................... 10 @ 13 Ducks—N. J., N, Y., Penn., per pair ....................... 6S @ 100 Southern,per p a ir.....* — @ — Geeee, Western, per p a ir.... 1 87 ® 1 63 Southern, per p air ......... — @ — Pigeons, per p a ir. . ..... .......... 25 @ 35 DRESSED POULTRT—FRESH KILLED. Turkeys—Young, per l b .. . . 13X@ 14 Old mixed weights.......... — @ — Toms, fair to prime ........ — @ — Ohickens-Phila., p e r l b .. .. . 13 @ 16 L. I. hroilem ................... — @ — Fowls—St. and Penn., per lb — @ — Western, per lb ............... 10 @ 10] Ducks—Western, per-lb . . . . 9 @ 12 Eastern, per lb . . . . ........ 15 @ 16 Spring, L. I., per l b .. . . 16 @ 17 Geese—SpringEastern,per lb 17 Squabs—Dark, per doz ........ 1 25 Light, per doz ................ 3 50 VEQEXABLSS. Potatoes—State.psr bbl... reform the franchise 1 rule bill is submitted. T he semi-official Journal Ao’ St. Peters- bourg d nies the? rtpOrt th a t th* Ruadan governniaat ia c^tentplatlhgtlw of the exportation of grain or the imposition of export' duties on cereals. Advice 1 received in Paris from Bogota show that the house of Representatives are considering the request to pioiong the Pan­ ama canal concession. A favorable decision is expected in a fortnight. crpational I sels, those of oi metallism British governme mdn. In this iry Confererce in Brus- f On tho subject of bi- ' others, ■ofliciafij that view On tho subji trying to win over the A priest named Blondol and his sister, whowas his housekeeper, were found dead in a room of their house. A laborer employed ^ the priest to do soma work around the Bouse was mortally wounded. He said the priest ne insane, killed his sister, afterwards ked him and then committed suicide, her belief is toat the laborer killed the If, i l l rers'ey, p e fbbl.... 3 50 @ 4'00 r by,doz. bunchas 100 @ 125 atoes—State.psr b b l 3 00 @ 212 Jersey, prime, per bbl.'., 3 00 @ 3 12 Jersey, interior, per bbl. 1 ^ @ 1 87 L. L, in bulk, per bbl.. 3 35 @ 2 37 Cabbagejli. I , per 100, ....... 5 OO @ 8 00 Onions—Eastern.yellow,bbl. 3 35 @ 3 73 Eastern; red, per b b i.... 3 33 @ 3 50 State, per bbl................3 00 @ 3 50 Squash—Marrow,per barrel, 1 73 @ 3 OO Cucumbers, pickles, per 1000 — @ — Long Island, per 1000.... — @ — Tomatoes, per c r a te.......... — @ — Lima beans, fair to prime, bag — @ — Eggplant, Jersey, per Dbl.. — Swiet potatoes, Va., per bbl. 3 76 ; South Je Celery, near DRAIN, ETC Flour-City Mill Extra ....... Patents ................ . .... Wheat—No. 2 Red ................ o iv^ Stete,.. Mixed Western... Hay—Good to Choice, Straw—Long Bye ....... LfOrd—City Steam.... LIVE STOCK. Boevte. City dressed........ 5J^@ Milch Cows, com. to good... 23 00 @50 OO Calves, City d ressed......... 8 @ 12 Sheep, per too lbs ......... . 3 OO @ 4 25 Lamte, per l b . .. . ^ Barley—Two-rotvw . Corn-'Hngraded 1 Oats^No. 3 White TRAGEDY OF DESPERATION. An Alsatian H o tter K ills Herself and Tour Starving Children, A horrible tragedy is i eported from Mul- iusen, in Alsace, Germany, A woman by lename.hf Kem, the wife of a bahjeute maker,.had been driven to desperation bj- misconduct of her husband. OnSatur- last there was no food in the bouse and little ones were crying for bread. J Kern, driven to distraction of her children, as well as hi four youngest in a wheelbarrow fifth child to follow her. She wheeled tha barrow through the\ town, the people ■who saw wondering, but not suspectiii woman -was about to commit crime. She went straight to the cemetery and w.heeled.the barrow to the cemetery chapel, There she came to a h alt and took the little Cute out of the barrow. She knelt down-herself and caused the others to kneel ion by the suffering IS her own, pub the ir and told and she offered After praying the a sharp knite. Di ip a prayer t mothe Lite. Drawing one of the ch toward her she quickly cub its throat, just as quickly cut the throats of the ■’■*■■-children and reached ' arose and drei I of the children ■«S! WORK AND WOEKEBS. The trainmen of the Illinois Central Rail? road have made a demand ter pay pver- T he miners of Springfleldf Illinois, sub­ district resumed work, an amicable ad­ justment of the wage dispute having bSea ' made. R eports from Homestead are that tha old men generally hope to be in theirtenaef places by January. The Beaver Falls men were all reinstated except about six. T he Rev. Father Cuddihy, a Roman Cath­ olic clergyman, of Milford, Massachusetts, has undertaken to Bring Hboiita settlement of the granite cutter’s strike. Ho said tfaie recent strikes have Seriously affected have Seriously i irity of the town. M iners aud laborers employed by the Lehigh and WUkesbarree Company, neat Wilkesbarre, Penna,, complain ttiaci\ey Wilkesbarre, Penni working but little c _ many of them are suffering saries of life, while others, t credit left, are n ‘ ance committee dent Lauall to learn it si bs done to relieve them, give the m atter his imi ia„ complain that th i quarter lime; ' for the. B the. hecas- liava soma 0 promisw :e attentiOE m atter 1 THEmiaei-sof the Pine _ ___ oses^aft of tie Lackawanna Iron and ' \ Scranton, Penna., num- (di'ate ----- - ----- - , le Brook and 6i< for cutting cro s headings they. were, in­ creased from 50 cents per yard to $ l 41, La. borers and all other employes about the and breaker of the- company ware- increases of from tea to thirty cents'per day. iKnights of Labor Assembly inSt li--, a resolution advocating the abolition the mil.tia was voted down and one of the mil.tia was vot adopted indorsing the popular system in vogue in Switzeiland. Tha assembly de­ clared itself opposed to the closing of World’s F air on Sunday and 'refused to A TERRIFIC EXPLOSION. Three Mea K illed and Nine Injured, Three of Them ratally.i. A fearful powder explosion occurred shortly a fter noon a t the Blanch Coal Mina^ located a t the west end of Colliers, W. Va. Twenty-five kegs exploded, causing the in­ stant death of three miners and the seriouB wounding i irred - w, wWWs occurred ten ml'tsttai ig of nine others, threeof Fhom.wUl probably dU. __ , John Hully, a miner, is missing, but it is ’ « o t known whether he wsa ^abduiat fits time of tha explosion’ornof. The explosion Jeocurred m 4etnntui«*&ett diimer, wlA_ .— dentia'. for had If occurred ten numtlsi later, tbe deztructiou of Ufa-would in att probability been something, awful. Tbs force of the explosion was terrific, fits ground being shaken as though by an earth­ quake. The force of tho explosion ia shown % the distance some of the men were blown. \Wesley ' Anderaon’s body was thrown through the a ir a distance of 100 yards. It is supposed that the explosion was caused by a piece o. fuse -wh ch became ignited in some manner and conveyed tha fatal spark to the boxes in which the powder cans were kept. The scene a t tne mouth of the mins fol­ lowing i ho explosion was one of great ex­ citement. Ths entire population gathered and t i e wumeu, supposing at first tnat moi of the men were in the mine than reall I to nave gone m before the a ir was i That some of those who were in the m n» we: e not suffocate 1 to death is due to ths presen/e of mine of James Clark and James Bordon, who got tie outside floor of the shaft, which had been blown from its hinge# ai d replaced it. . Tbe mine belongs to H. C. Smith, of New Cumberland, VV. Va., a n l \Wm. Smtlh and John McNutt, of WellsviileJ^O. About fifty men are employed in the'mine, which haii leen in operation since May. 1891. SHOT BY HIS HTTLE SON. Au Ohio Parmer Fatallv Wounded by the Child P u lling the Trigger of a Gun, eiiding near Van James Near, Wert, Ohio, was fatally s! Neer had loaded ling near\ Van >t by' his 5-year* old son. Neer had loaded ono barrel of his shotgun and as he was about to load tho other barrel, the child came up and, un­ noticed by the father, raised the tbe oaded b a rrel lammer of in the face. Wales Went- th hjjif Certain E n g lish ,iHagess a re creatinif quite a commotion over the fao t th a t the Prince of W ales ittsteact ot the funeral of Alfred Lord Ten.Uyson w ent to tho Ne\wmarki ....................... absence would be lee Tennyson LCe3.•^* B is ivont 6'f sue] funeral of i Inipdrt«aee a s that 3 ___ g\one a day's''spbl*t td’'a1;terf^ t e a 'day’s duty. H a d i t he^a 'the-ffi^eral of a socond Golly Cibber attendance,m ight mean hypocrisy, butthfete copld' be no ran to interfere. Ha was in time to i the fifth child before thq mother had suooeedeJ in inflicting a fatal blow upon it, ^ h o u g h i t was wounded by a cut from tho injure the against her own grasp the weapon from h e r , __________ ___ drew the knife across her throat and fell, with the life blood gushing out, on the ceme- .tb. Motfaor and children, will be bur a commou grave. T he New York Superior C that the pension of $37,600 i tors ot the New York Lite ! the company, Mr. Beers; ----- mainder of bis life, is iUogal, and be paid. _______ _ SiK G eorge T beveltan , Mr. Q Spci etary for Scotland, puts it al He says we may read books, read newspapers. Insurance com- (tiring President adstono's lUt righh prince of Anglo-Saxon song, and t title he earned and \did h o t inherit. Somewliat VaEtji0u5a.\r. fcoli'•'6t le aaturi talSi '• who -<lied in sumttier, ■ is -so well - !hed for thuhlfc may he accepted ' if.' ,. IWr Jallnrnrh; story is to the efflect thaV‘'wften friend condoled with-him dilf the los df his second \Wife tire’.nataraHst ana sred, with a heavy. sight-XiYes, yei? yoti say, she was A good wife* - t,” he added, as if he felt com- .1 palled to speak the whole truth, “aha 'i ver took kindly- to the . dnitnalft. hy, even in winter, she woulda*1t,..] let the snakes sleep uudet the bed.”

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