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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, November 19, 1892, Image 4

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IteD TABLE. 19., $1.00, A YEAR. r B S r by iting Compan}'. ^ Biggins, H, Huette DAixEIM. Cqrvfjapondojico ol tlio Roiin I Tal le. Among tho improvements which nf'fe being made at Mibllrook, that which ia going on at Mr. C. F. Dleterich’s is wfe'ij worthy of notice. Commencing some threfi yearn ifgo with tlic purchase of about 90 acvb’s l)f iaiid frbm iU’S. iane Smitii, he has added the adjoining property till he )i«w holds nearly a .square mile of land. t obMjgc th« Uni I ago, referring fi^ion mngaaine by Tcntured to predict iu14aootiMt the fash- of the world. Tlio i had a rather comical fuitil- i tlnto in September thelittle B waa changed to the eight a next week the great outinthe same.form i later the PfUt^gMeepm ht page pa]>er. ' And Biotin n , in their g poople, have opened they eaiU the This has been improved by drainage cultivation, and .some line crops 1 been secured. Last year about five thou sand bushels of potatoes were gathered, and other things in proportion. The gar­ den has been prepared in the most ap­ proved manner. A massive wall about 300 feet in length, and ten feet‘lu^ir a bo vV' ,*?.*.* the ground*, w’ith arched' gateway^’, teejs it.on’tbe north ^nxi west, and-tfia whole aurfaco haa been trenched to the depth of two feiet, and enricheOf all atone* being removed! Extensive liot hou- W<wW‘n ..Pair -Mte publio frilBf >to«wi«®h rapacity little of 9ho«pitattty*'which ' at. TheChi- V end very much ol' of diagttat after le oonventiem in June, lyitMiary by landlords, ad ill goomcurical ber oelebration exercises, clipped from the Toledo 1|twrkioh has alwayi been u pair* The most strik- ^!li&^j[NKity ii tho determi of Ibrty-one out of (Brectors, in spite of writ H from millions of people, in fenftheactsof many state legislu- b ln spite o f the law of Congress ; »• gift worth five s dolUra, tho determination to sae wav to open tlie gates ^ of the it The big Qity dailies, Imre made enormous fortimsil by ““ ^thair men to work seven days ‘ p railroads, which ,h*.ve ^^und»y work; and the mieaf who are longing for a chance PQKntheiFdoors everywhere on Sunday I ihror the plan. Tlie directors are feel. SCI have also been erected. A deer park, in which are a number of doer, is located at some distance from the house. . . The mansion is not, like gome of the others, upon a hill-top, but nestles the toot of a knoll, wliicli'shelters it from the north. A tower, however, overlooks this,-and atfordsa ffne vicw'bf the Gats- kills, 30 miles away. Much labor and ex­ pense lias been bt‘stbwed'np«u tlie build­ ing and decoration. Two rooms, which paneled and adorned.yyith^carvings, .etq,,jfiaving^yna8sive miinteisjiand parijuot Bpot^'have^ost oydbl-Aobo.^’'* .'i'b* ^Wposing rock work in tlio rear of th# mansion, with its gnomes and water- fallsi is a thing of beauty. Extensive oxchards of choice trees have been set out, and the valuable' orchards now on the place will have attention some time. Large barns have .tfce'n erected, a mill on the premises grin^ds {ne grain foi. the use of the farm, hares, partridges,and other game have been set free on the grounds, and further extensive plans are being perfected. Mr. Dieterioh, his wife, and son. arc mdst genial in nature,and always cordial­ ly welcome their less fortunate neighbors to enjoy with them tlieir beautiful sur­ roundings. Tliey are heartily interested in the prosperity of MillbrOok. XFABHINGTtM HOLLO W. Miss Margaret Thorne gave tlie people of this place a line talk Sunday, and it is A l c o h o l i n t e e t e e a t m e i i t OP DISEASE. D j ?. E.- P. S wift . The value of (jlcolWl in the human system ns an nlimeiit, or force producer, i.s a subject which has given rise to much discussion among medical scientists, and many e.xpoiiments have been made to ascertain its destination economy. Lioblghcld tliat from its similarity? in elieinical composition to fats, and those articles of food known u.s oarbo hydrates it was o.xidiv.ed, or buruod up in the sys­ tem, the sanio as these,and became a heat producer, in his eatiiua'tibn,' standing “second only to fat.\ His theory, accep- ted for a time, was ovprthrbwri' by «^p«- iroents of Sallctnand, Porriti, and Dtircly, who proved that alcoTiol escapes from the body in Ail'' unchanged form, and therefore could not bo looked upon as Slaving .-my value as a food; that is, •• - a producer of heat or force. Other observers, as Austin and Dupro'. mnntuin as a result of their experiments, 'that a portion only o f the alcohol ingest­ ed escapes unchanged from the body, the ftst liaving been destroyed, or burnc up in the system.and .has an aliitn m e n inry v their way cautiousty, publishing arti- sttggcating opening only part of the landings, suggesting a lecture or sermon (f ^ “the grounds, but nut suggesting any fe ^lan which wimld forbid them to collect ‘ i t t y cents at the gates. If the Fair is at all on Sunday, as n money mak- ™E. 5 Pheinc, it moans extra work for ^ttw ands of railroad men, for the Fair for rcsturant keepers, for some .^hibitors, for many sight seers. It ® paeans ^jio European plan of working ^ t. Sunday is to become the policy o r t h o United States, and that tlie workingmen no Igpger.clnim one day’s rest in .iWvcn. It means more power lor capital, p .' less for labor. Eternal vigilance is ^ price of liberty, and no one can afford ,^K)t to use.Jiis i»ffucnr-T, however small, ajgmnst this attempted de>!pcration. .w^J^A®tiier it would be possible to open th« grounds and art gallery on Sunday Restriction a« to make jt. cer- AA>ittfe«t«oonje could make mopoy out of it, Might bo a,(jue#ti<m worth consid- hojMid her efforts to do good may he blessed with success. Mr. D. P. AVlieoler Imi returned home from a visit to friends in Orange, N, J, He also made a flying trip to Connecticut at tile same time, and tepofts a vety en­ joyable visit. Ourbiacksmith is keptbuay nbw-a-days The ring of liis hammer may her heard from early morn till late a t nigh|. He ficOlns to be the right man in the. right The fufinors are making good use of the fine weather to prepare for winter. Crops are about gathered, and poultry houses li.xud in shajie for snow and sleet. Mr. C,*H, Taber and wife liuve return­ ed from their trip to Boston, and New Y( rk, and sjiy they had 'a nice. time, all round. No one attends to liusiness more strictly than Hr, Taber. them has Imrdly hpokwi since the returns from election have been declared, and Tiardly smiled. The other has a l u ^ grin on his face nil the lime, ami the noise he makes—well a bass Drum and two liorsefidilleswcmidbe no comparison. VERB.iNK. Tlie Hev. W. Ackroyd preached in tin's town on Sunday. His sermon was enjoyed. MILLBROOK. tJnioli Thanksgiving service at Mr. Lynil’s Church, Thursday, 11 A. M. ^ The Presiding Elder of the Po’kecpsio M. E.pistiict will preach In the Hare church Millbrook, at 7.30 next Lord's day eve. The sacrament of tlie Lord’l oii^per to be ndniinistored at the close of the service. The sociable held at iliss Boyce’s Ttj*sd%jevening drew a goodly compa­ ny. and $20 toward the jPnstor's salary;. Don’t forget \Life in London.\ Mr. C^idlpan>jLc4)t«renext 'Wednesday eve. admis-sion, 25 cts.. each. $l|r? Scoles is having a water jimiilp ^^oted on his farm. Mr. Charles in in Aihargc of the business. A good .crowd assembled a t the Lodge of K. W Tuesday evening last. '*%OwwiA^p 9 re end and sterh object les­ son#\'d?^8 m f bcalltif^l village need 'brf»n‘ftVf'e“bU8|tio’''fora provision against 4jfo. Fir^t Highland, and now Pawl. nr# giving Millbrook wnr.iings:warti- ngs hitherto unhccdcd.lf there is anypuh- Hc need of any earthly kind more pressing icc Ihflin this one, we would | | Jiko soi^ebody to name it. A t TBB R oo KD T able Office you ___ & | e | ^ills printed, for Auctions, Lectures How differently the result of ni poor wo have two men in tliis place, will affect different people. For Prof, BurtiiOlow, o f Phiiadelpljia, con clude.s that tiic weiglif of nutho'rltji^ an'e . ttie deductions of exporimont are in favbV pf the view which muiutains tliat arc'olibl, to the quantity of one oimee' to the healthy adult in twenty four hour-, is oxidized in the system, and yields a.cer­ tain amount of nervous, muscular, and gland force. AH e.xccss of this amount is eliminated us alcohol by tlio various chan­ nels of e.xcreiion, tho lungs, akin, kidneys, Granting tlie truth of this proposition, tlie disastrous ell'e-ms of alcohol, ovou in such quantity, upon tlie digestive d glandular system, causing at creased action, followed always by de[irO'- 3or,it WMS tho th i n g to b r in g liim up lo u r in g in w ine o r oth e r purgativc.s, had been reduced to death’s door,it WMS tho thing to hgiiin by gently pouring spirits with an improved dietary. Tliis sy^leineamo to an cud witli the advance moat of tho theory o f Dr.Todd; that all pnont in Ediuburgh of what is called the Bmnonian system of medicine, founded I by one John Benson Brown, who strove to ipstiltute a sy,stcm of incdioiue based on the internal administration of stimu hints and narcotics—chiefly wine, or nun and Opium. That he exerted an influence in favor of the stimulating method of treating dis­ ease Is without any doubt. It suggested a bad idea.which ministered in its bad­ ness to one of tho weaknesses of mankind and he himself, wilh all his genius, fell victim to his own method of treatment, dying at fifty two, of apople.vy,after hav­ ing taken a large close of opium, to which he-'u'tis accustomed. In the early part of tho present centu­ ry the dobut^ nsSjo’thh vAlue of wine in disoaso oontinueBi^ho ' l>factlce at last lapsing, ipto a compromise, and tho rule Being to forbid stimulants during tlic utute attack, or onset of tho disease, tlien \vhon its fury had been subdued, and the ,sick man by bleeding, tartar emetic, and id eunscquently t l i a t I t ‘ th a t a v d l n e .. .' ',, \los depression o f itself a n d th e n foro|re<]U ifroiic- tilt [Hired to bo tre a te d - Iw ldly, and o u t s e t 'w i t h stiin u liu it. H is teaching, wirile d isastro u s f o r a tim e w a s iff thd'Ciid p r o d u c ti v e o f good i'esults. f o r as Dh.:Uiclnti-dsoJi -ol)servos, “ b y exag-' gel'll tli iiiteinl inittcd to more than offset any value which may be claimed for it ns a food, Dr.B.W. Richardson, ofLo nlon, xvliok* resenrclics have given us more light upon thi? Buliject tlmn thoso of any nthur. man, has this to say about the etfect of alcohoi upon tlio body, taken in moderate quant­ ity. It affects tlio blood, making that Iluid unduly thin or coagulating it, accord­ ing to tlio amount that is carried into tlie circulatory system. It reduces tlie poww* mf the blood corpuscles to absorb oxygeh from the air. It Ohungos tlie natural act­ ion of tlic heart, causing it to beat witii undue rapidity, and incitjiising its action so that it is diivim to the pcrftinnance Ol an excess of work. 25,000 extra strokes in 24 liours was the result produced by alcohol in some instances. On tlic minute blond Ycs-:ols,tliosewliioh form the terminals of the arteries, and in which the vital acts of nutrition and production o f iinimiil heat and force are curried on, alcohol jiroduces a paralyzing effect,—hcace the ilimli of the iaee and hands whicli we observe in tliqse who have partaken freely of wine. Tliis lliisli extend.s to all parts; to tlic brain, to the lungs, to tlie digestive organs,&c. Upon IS system iileohol •first state of exliilirntion IS produced, to he followed by corre.sponding (le[ircsbion tho nervous system iileoh<il exerts a doub le action—first flushing it with blood, lyl loss of m u scular j iirdson w as the f ir s t to d e term in e th a t th e r is e o f te liip e T iitu f c iii th e bod y after ta k in g liquo r w as d u e to th e n i'iia tio n ol heat tio m th e la rg e r surface ot bio o d ex­ posed, b y reason o f d ila ta tio n o f th e sm a ll blood-vt.“iscls nlreudy described, a n d w as conseq u e n tly in rea lity a cool­ in g iB'ocfss, the effect o f w liid i he w as mplifauce it struok a note of alarm in the hearts of con.scientious pliysieiuns. and made tlicm anxious wliethcr in cur­ ing the sick by wiiio tlie physican might not bo giving him the first lesson in fatal inebriation'’’ Since the time of Todd tho tone of the profession has boon one of conflict, and sobering down in tlio.se last days to the idea that stimulants if required at all art only tompomry necessities in disease and that men in good health require noiio. A drug that cxeito-s the digestive func­ tions of tho stoinach to excessive action for a brief period, to he followed by u period of corre.sponding depres.sion, and ultinatcly tho loss of digestive power en­ tirely, cannot he oalled a iisofnl renied.' for indigestion, nor used siilely as a ton ic. The same charaetcristic effoe.t, o. temporary excitement followed by i greater reaction whieh is produced In iilcoliol upon all fuentioiis'of tho body, forbids its use in any except temporary comlitions, when heart failure is immi­ nent, and wh-3n as in cases of sliock, in the turning-point of disease, mild aitient to .1 foi'CI,'!, leassort tliehiseive.s* 'While we claim tlie right to use alco­ holic stimulants when in our judgment tlioy lire necessary in order to .«nve life oi to lessen suffoiing, it becomes the duty which every medical man owes to tin comimmity in wliicli he lives, when con- frontodbyaneinergeney.to conscientiously ask himself the qiie-tion whether lie can not meet the difficulty without encourag ing a habit Irauglit with dauger iliclividlial, and direful in its effect: tile home. The luimber of tliosc wlio believe that in tlie majority of instances this can 1 e iiccomplislied, without detriment, ami SIIV wisi Ui UIMJll.SU, stimulation may eimble the patio nas.s IJi(i crise.?, and givq the vital of tniture a chance to reassert thehi: 'Cts upoi power. Dr. lii<-i^|'vltiLinmtive advnntngo to the patient, is eonstantly increasing, and the physician who iniikes ii pnictice in these days ol prcscriliing wlimkey in nearly all case.- of physical or mental prostration wii presently find hiiuselE iLsei ■rted by tin clientele of those to whom the gjiiritos more thoughtiul and iiitellogent portion of tho conmiunity and supported only by I..... . ... w We arc hoping tl n' our sick neighbour, P'lturv of tlm body ducing tho stages .A. Smith of Vorbnuk Village will be “Icoholiciutoxication.utter the fir.-t H able to deiuoustrate by a fall in the tein-become ns iiidispcn! tsnfnws #»r fi... iwwi.. __ 4^1.,. . .. ....... . ..I tiinir iliiilv hrp.ifl. 10 eVjn?* M. A. Smith of Vorbnuk \^il!agc will be well on the way to recovery by the time this i# priitte^L' Drs. Julian and Jacobus j^,..nre^dpjng thgir.Lsst for him. Tkis |:,adie5Aid Society meets at Mrs, C. P. 'Colweil’s homo Saturday «t 2:30. and the Choir at the Cliurch at 7:30. Mr. Rosell is vi.siting at' JIrs. Rhoda Sherman’s for his health. Mr. Vail, of New York, was tlic guest of Mr. Elias Vail on Sunday last. Mr. F. F. Oakley is buy^ing turkeys for the city markets. ' ■ ^ Fjnftlly,-Mr. Editor, what on cror.nous hotel you hav^ got to be sure, at South -Millbrook. ; MA b b e i t s v i l l e . Mrs, 'Harritet Losee .got her assessment lowered|to $^0O.dQ.TIi#re is t^Llk of some others trying if property is depreciating in value hereabouts. It is said M. D. Andrews ft'tts sold his team of Clydesdales to parties at White Plains; price not public. Threshing is in order this week, here, and menaie viryB3arco.Mr.Dietericli has a com busker, to work by steam, as soon as weather will permit. Apple buyers are plenty and prices are advancing but the farmers are pretty well posted and many are holding till later. Husking is about done and stalks sc- F. Warner, is going into sheep husi- cardless ct tariff or free trade. m,utter the fir.-t Hnsh was o v er.''Thus is e.xprniaod the fuel, that in ij^jitic.- explorations llujso who' have besi -withstood- tho effects of cold' w'Ore total abstain'ers. Upon the muscular system, Dr. Rich­ ardson confirmed by original n.xpcriiiiont the opinion of trainers of athletes, tliat alcohol is not a supporter of muscular strength and cndurunco, the result being the dotcrniinution tliut with the excep' lion of a brief period during tho eai Hosl stage of alcoholic liu.shiug.the muscular force,like the temperature fails under its Influence. ' This, then,is the summary of impurtiai- nnd unprejudiced research into the etfect of alcohol, upon tljo human hOdy:ii-lt' deranges l/m compositidiu o f ' the'' blood, unduly excites the lifeart and 'rCspirration, paralyses* tli6 minute blood-vossols, in­ creases or'decresses, according to the degree of its- application, the functions of the digestive organs, of the liver, and of the kidneys; disturbs the regularity of nervous action, lowers the animal tem­ perature, and lessens muscular power- From this detailed statement of its ifliy- siological effects it is apparent that the sphere of usefulness of alcohol in tho treatment of disease must be ^extremely limited. As in the case of treatment by bleeding fessioit hasp greatly changed on this sub- ither of tho sub­ ject of temperance, during the last cen­ tury. A little more than a hundred years ago,there was the utte’j-?ys' and mercury, opinion in tlie medical p fessioit has ject, independently ultogetli ..t 4^.., --------- -’'•U'iiig their daily bre.id. BAN GALL. ANOTHER DIBASTHOUS FIRE.' Bangall'scoraaiigiiU'scoraa to boo doomedom to dei lla to b do trudtioii by fire. Only a little over s a s i r V c \ - - Dr. Losee’s munsion. On Tuesday morning about 7 o’clock the people here ivere startled by the alarm of ••fire.'iii'e’’ and a thick cloud of smoke .settling over the .village. It was soon discorcred that Dr, Elmore Losee's ele­ gant lion.se was the fated place. A Clo.vd of men, women.'and boys were soon on tho spot. The fire, originated in the attic, und the roof being slate and tin the flame.s did not burst out till most oL.tho frame of tho roof was consumed. Tlio Water »vas all }»i the house, and there was no way of getting i t on to tlie fire .but In pails, and this could nut be done Hast onifugli, as,tho fire had spread over a large surface before help could reach the spot* The amnkb and heat was so intense tlMit no one could get into the garret. 'I'lierefore tiio^ soon ceased trying to save the building and ail hands went to ■ tilings out of the iious-. jept in work caraying tilings out ol Eytrything in the building, va . garret, W’ns saved, inccluding window blinds, windows, and doors. Many tilings were damaged by rough treatment during tho excitement. The cause of the fire'is uhknown, but it is supposed thcroi must have been a defective sjiot in tho chimney in the garret. It wms one of the finest residences in tlie town of Stan- ford.and the house cost nearly .$9000. It was insured for about two thirds its As this rate of increase of lire, Bangnll needs a Fire Company, Thu family re­ tained their presence of mind and noted cdUsiilrratily, News for FALL SHOES. The russet shoe like the straw li£it, has gone out, if not worn out. It served a good purpose, but the season has chang­ ed, and goods for fall .. .wear have eema A in. It’s useless meet thh ease by sim­ ply changing the hat or coat; these help so far as they go,but the reform must extend to the feet; in fact beginning ■hould s be made hrst chang­ ing the slices^ tlie rest: later if hecessary. The beautiful new goods just placed on our counters are very seasonable and at­ tractive. E. 1). EILDERSLEI^YE & Co U4 Main St. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Wew Underwear ! 1 beg to call your atteiitioii to the finest line of ¥iiitcr Under* wear ever sliowii in this place, ranging in prices from 50 cts. to $2,00. Also a Ini'gc line of NeW outside Sliirls wliicli cannot liO ozcelled in quality imd prices, tliO longest cut and best made shirt ill the market to dny, at the Millbrook Clothing Store. . J. MILTON OSBOBt. Franklin ATenue DJ^MG S T Q I^E , SYD^Y HENRY, M.B. B It II G S , M E I) I e I N E S , P E It V U M E It Y A N 1) F A X C Y ARTI (’ L E S . Saiiirday iVdv. 1{). 1892. . A .-g o o d - s u p p ly . B IA N K E T S ; While w© sell white or gray blankets, tit 75 cts. and $1 a pair, everybody may be supplied. A little more price sets a bettei piiality. Horels an extra heavy white wool blanket, 11-1,with blue, yellow or red honlcrs. only $3.50 a pair. A barffain iu superb qual­ ity, red or blue bordchs. $1.50 a pair Extra fine and handsome, large size, rainbow borders, $G a pair. Extra handsoine . borders V and ijiialities to matchV$6.50 and $8 a pair. Ail wool, very large, very fine, $10, $11, $12 a pair. Those who enjoy fine blankets will appreciate these if they see them. We also mive .v large variety of Robe Blankets for conch covers or f' r cutting up for wrappers or bath robes. Gray tan au4 navy,, with pretty hoNcrs, $3.2N to LVCKEY, PLATT & CO. Albums aud Photo Albums will continue to sell so long photo- Ste long a g r a p h s a r e tak e n . A m b l e r ha line, an d h e is selling th e m cheap, th e m on llic k la r k c t St. side. M iss M am ie S m ith , who has been giv ing lessons in vocal music at the Hall,has invited tho Smith Quartette, and others to give a concert Tuesday ovening. They liave drawn full houses and given good satisfaction in other places. All arc -u'cll known on the concert atiigc. COMORATULATIONS to Ml. uud Mrs. Frank lIiIl'K.konthcbii'tli >ifa daughtm you. A.M.* . . 1. u.o,(yo )IICIIUD$ONtBOirliTdllCO.'S PERFECT HOT WATER HEATER jyo «ofi»r, 'nottmflT. nnrtHii, <rrr«»y merritt X colville , miLLBROOK. N, Y .. KEw mm I have now a com­ plete stock of. under-. Avear, GloA^es,Mittens and YYoolcii Hosiery^ also a good a.s3orfc- iiieiit of, Bed and Horse Blanket. New, Prints, new . Muslin; - new^ I>ress^ goods- and now no- tioiis. I i • Come and see for ’ yourself. W m .F u S m i t h . . G p o c e ries. mDKl W PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. N'cnr W. 0. T. U. Hall, Millbrook, N. Y King’s Windsor Ceniciit. D E Y I H O i r r A E . Many hnihlcrs arc iming King’.i Dry .\lortar for good wiilL. instead of Ihao and suiid. It comcn all ready luixt'd and require# only water to make itrrariT to.'.u'go.qn tho.-Willi. : ' it is linishod\ at tmo lipcrAtion »nll . singlo coatinnkos a much stronger wall thiui twii coat.-'of m-clinarv tnortiir. It dries vv'ry quickly mid in nuuly for finishing in a much sliortcr finm. It will bear freezing in ten liolu-g^ after hciiig put on. Also u full supply of Liiinlu r. Goal, Hard Woods for finishing, and luiildors’ .suppli'os iu geuoral, Large stock always on ham], SW IFT BROS., MILLBRpOK •FW; Swift, FLIJMBIKG, TIXM i kc Heating &c. Good work a specialty. 5 aud lOCt. Counters, Tiuwarc&c. watches & Repaired at short uotice. Orders receivi'd for uenv goods. ikill and see samples and W. S.KclleU, Milllu'nok.

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